I Survived 100 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In A Cave Only World

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200 DAYS IN A CAVE ONLY WORLD: itvid.net/video/video-q-DFbh2NJTc.html

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In this Minecraft video I survive 100 days in a Minecraft Hardcore Cave Only World. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had. This was played on the latest 1.17 Snapshot.

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Iron Farm Tutorial I Used: itvid.net/video/video-T6R6YB4Mbyc.html

Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! itvid.net/u-Creolesb...

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Commenti 7 793
Ubistro Eatery
Tined glass is breakable without anything👍
6ix9ine 14 ore fa
Others in danger: aaah help mere aaaaahhaha SB: ..........
StaffyBLOX 14 ore fa
5:46 how does he stay so calm in that situation
Skeleber 15 ore fa
Bro your beard is awesome 😎
Shin Shin
Shin Shin 18 ore fa
Omg he has reached 2000 days guys
morecooperation 18 ore fa
Well you bet your subscriber goal so 😀
Lil Flopper
Lil Flopper 23 ore fa
At this point… I hope he knows you can wax copper
SickSquid8564 Giorno fa
Sb: builds a 3x3 gold platform and starts to place a nethrack block on the middle. Me: nervously sweats. (If u dont get it just think herobrine)
Ravi Sachdev
Ravi Sachdev Giorno fa
huh dumb you are mad
Slothy suburbs
Slothy suburbs Giorno fa
This man needs 10 million agree with me
MM KING Giorno fa
My guy literally just beat the enderdragon in like 10 days he's too good for minecraft
Nils Gevers
Nils Gevers Giorno fa
That witer😮
jacksucksatlife barry
you are getting so much netherite is because you are mining in the chunk border
Abby Plug
Abby Plug Giorno fa
"my pickaxe is almost broken shouldn't use it for awhile" , casually mines his shulker_box with it
Abby Plug
Abby Plug Giorno fa
This poor pigs sacrifice will not be forgotten, not by my stomach anyway -- sb737 2021
judy pollard
judy pollard 2 giorni fa
I love the game that SB plays
Lydia Elswick
Lydia Elswick 3 giorni fa
Why did you not get the beet root seeds you could’ve planted them in the crops so you could’ve made food if you got the beat root seeds
Jingque Cordero
Jingque Cordero 3 giorni fa
Fun fact:you can play megalovania with amethys block
M. Alif Rayyan Zainul Akmal
I mean sugar😶
M. Alif Rayyan Zainul Akmal
Im just asking
M. Alif Rayyan Zainul Akmal
How did u get paper to make fireworks but u said u don't have sugarcane?🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔
M. Alif Rayyan Zainul Akmal
I wanna ask something
jaynarayan jk
jaynarayan jk 3 giorni fa
17:58 when you dont realise that you are on hardcore
Scarybrainz rl
Scarybrainz rl 3 giorni fa
I'm amazed by these vids 😮
Superepic2434Playz 3 giorni fa
Make a part 3 plz
Superepic2434Playz 3 giorni fa
The world is cool so keep and try to live
Hamid Elmahfoudi
Hamid Elmahfoudi 4 giorni fa
Hhajnqkjbah Huavhuqqjshjjj jwj
Hamid Elmahfoudi
Hamid Elmahfoudi 4 giorni fa
Hamid Elmahfoudi
Hamid Elmahfoudi 4 giorni fa
Verlany Alves
Verlany Alves 4 giorni fa
someone from Brazil?
Unscenic inc.
Unscenic inc. 4 giorni fa
Casually enchants a diamond hoe with, efficiency 5, mending and unbreaking 3 on day 69
ChesStuff 4 giorni fa
SB: this might be my hardest challenge yet Also SB: *does better than me in a plains village*
BruhAidnyo 4 giorni fa
Sb: Day 36 already has diamond amour. Me: day like 200 and haven’t got a single diamond
Moose Gaming
Moose Gaming 4 giorni fa
Did anyone notice that he was building up 91 blocks on the 91st day? 26:23
Ivy Phillips
Ivy Phillips 4 giorni fa
for your house instead of copper put red wool
Tracy Lankford
Tracy Lankford 4 giorni fa
This guy has to be the best builder in Minecraft
Trainguy 00
Trainguy 00 4 giorni fa
Me watching the video: Tinted glass basically doesn't let light through SB in the video: I just realized that it doesn't let light through Me:🙄
Wyatt Tolliver
Wyatt Tolliver 5 giorni fa
Bruh almost has 3mil now 😂
Tia Gallacher
Tia Gallacher 5 giorni fa
Omg how did you survive the enderman
dumbass 5 giorni fa
i love how sb on day 10 looks so calm while he almost died to an enderman, and after that stressful situation he just said: that was very close indeed
samosaurus hart
samosaurus hart 5 giorni fa
Who remembers don't dig down bc I do XD
최경옥 5 giorni fa
I can not belive he didnt get suit up achivement lol
Random guy who travels around youtube
The cave looks like the nether.
Xx_AK_47_xX 5 giorni fa
Bro u needed to be at 500Million till now ,
Darksidegamer 5 giorni fa
what is the seed sb
exn_mIrrSoN_53 5 giorni fa
22:59 what a funny number
Rayyan Khans
Rayyan Khans 5 giorni fa
It’s like I want to like the video a billion times
Rayyan Khans
Rayyan Khans 5 giorni fa
I loved this video soo much
Ryan 5 giorni fa
It's like I'm kidnapping a baby villager in the middle of the night without anybody noticing SB737 2021
Joseph Dowd
Joseph Dowd 5 giorni fa
SB's serious face 5:50
MohannadPRIME 5 giorni fa
I watched this video over 27 times and I'm still not bored, good job on making an amazing video SB 👍👍👌
Th0mizGG 5 giorni fa
If u place torches down then friendly mobs will spawn
Clayton Dulaney
Clayton Dulaney 5 giorni fa
He went into creative to get those Dimonds they don't drop as ores
Suhaas 18
Suhaas 18 5 giorni fa
He has silk touch
Jonathan Peterson
Jonathan Peterson 5 giorni fa
You can stop copper oxidizing by using an axe on it every now and then
Clodagh Thorisson
Clodagh Thorisson 6 giorni fa
You are one of my favourite ITvidd
ProvenTiger8838 6 giorni fa
Him casually mining diamonds with half a heart
Fredrik Helsing
Fredrik Helsing 6 giorni fa
Uh tinted glass is 1 way glass
Meredith Shaw
Meredith Shaw 6 giorni fa
(Me) surprised to see The Terrain to get full diamond armor in 7 days. (Also me) sees you get it in 2.
1337a 7 giorni fa
Does he deleting all those 100 days worlds?
Dipankar Roy
Dipankar Roy 7 giorni fa
love the vids
Eva Downs
Eva Downs 7 giorni fa
Pigstep is not copyrighting
Eva Downs
Eva Downs 7 giorni fa
Sumathi Senthil kumar
When I started playing Minecraft I watched your gameplay First and that time You teached when u create a Minecraft world we want to break wood
Ediblewater1 7 giorni fa
SB dose realizes that he can unoxidize the copper with an axe. Right
Albi Biba
Albi Biba 7 giorni fa
Snappleberry25 7 giorni fa
can we just talk about the background intro music like literally nice music.....
Huali Li
Huali Li 8 giorni fa
Where is the warden
Javier Lico
Javier Lico 8 giorni fa
You speed run this
MaybeMikeWazoski 8 giorni fa
I’m just saying you can wax copper blocks for them to stay the same color
litlmislate 8 giorni fa
Sb737 can you vs dream in a battle
digitalassassin1 9 giorni fa
You're the best ITvidr ever sb737
mokshith pr
mokshith pr 9 giorni fa
Please can you make a video of how to play minecraft
Jeriah Vixen Bartolome
Can you do 200 days in the cave only pls
blastergirl109 9 giorni fa
SB: Why is there no food Melon seeds: am I a joke to u Edit: i mean beetroot seeds
Abenla Belho
Abenla Belho 9 giorni fa
Abenla Belho
Abenla Belho 9 giorni fa
In one day he got full 💎💎
dudeee i need the seed of your world
thomas sa
thomas sa 10 giorni fa
you sad the baby villagers were pillagers.
xXTechnoGlitchXx 11 giorni fa
The fact he starting his shield at 5:45, and didn’t panic- I would’ve died right then and there XD
Anar Purevsuren
Anar Purevsuren 11 giorni fa
Nether is very useful in cave only hardcore world Many reasons why: Bone block Fossil For Farming Nether Fungus mushroom for ur first tree grown Enchantment books in a Bastion Speedrun Ender pearls and blaze rod In a Fortress
BEAR FOX SIMP 11 giorni fa
SB737 Oh i just found the rarest item in the game, alright so anyways.
Johan Darmstadt
Johan Darmstadt 12 giorni fa
Love your vids 😘
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 12 giorni fa
You: finds diamonds on the first day Me: doesn’t even have iron armor
Zachary Kayle Soriano
The real name of call of duty is COD
Zachary Kayle Soriano
Play call of duty
Zachary Kayle Soriano
You found daiamods befor iron
Zachary Kayle Soriano
You are very good at minecraft be cost in day15 you killd the enderdragon
Eshan Iqbal
Eshan Iqbal 12 giorni fa
Ay yoo sb didn't know tinted glass let me tell you what it is tinted glass is not like glass it can be break by your fist and you will pick it up
Sarah Wang
Sarah Wang 12 giorni fa
Kollani did this series as well!
lionel reswara
lionel reswara 12 giorni fa
Day 35 you must have missed smite 5 bruh
Nam Hoang
Nam Hoang 12 giorni fa
"...And PIGSTEP!?... That it we can end the video now we have completed Minecraft" -A culture man
NightmareX 13 giorni fa
Tinted Glass Is Glass Where There No Way Light Can True It
Spacecraft gaming
Spacecraft gaming 13 giorni fa
He set a new world record: Full set of diamond gear in under 4 Minecraft day
Benedict Nava
Benedict Nava 13 giorni fa
SB737: *goes into the end and kills the dragon in day 15* Me: *on day 10k and still haven’t killed the ended dragon*
Aleksandra Feduke
Aleksandra Feduke 13 giorni fa
You are a god at Minecraft!
Inventive_Tocib 13 giorni fa
SB737 defeats many Withers together and DreamSMP can't beat 1 also together 😅 PS: He is one of the best youtuber
Barathi koppireddy
Barathi koppireddy 13 giorni fa
Bruh full diamond on day 2
CameRules 13 giorni fa
“Please don’t take that out of context.” -Sun Tzu, The Art of War
CameRules 13 giorni fa
I tried this, and I sucked I was killed by a skeleton
J Fording
J Fording 13 giorni fa
sb mabe you shoud make holaween video
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