I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World

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This week, Matt and Thomas ordered pizza and asked the delivery driver if they had a passport. If the answer was yes, then they asked them what their dream destination is...and actually went.
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Commenti 8 155
Yes Theory
Yes Theory 6 mesi fa
Subscribe y’all! Much love and thank you for watching ❤️ - Thomas
Youngkillerboy05 YT
Youngkillerboy05 YT 13 giorni fa
Yes Theory I live in Australia I can’t see you guys 😐😔 can you come and visit me please 🥺
fortnitedude 396
fortnitedude 396 22 giorni fa
fortnitedude 396
fortnitedude 396 22 giorni fa
fortnitedude 396
fortnitedude 396 22 giorni fa
fortnitedude 396
fortnitedude 396 22 giorni fa
Megan McCulloch
Dude I love that he said Alberta Canada that’s were I live
craig mcgrath
craig mcgrath 4 ore fa
amazing gesture by you guys, grab life by the balls-- well done !!!!
Paul M
Paul M 14 ore fa
Great video guys ! Glad you went to bacareto da lele hope you went to Tonolo, best bakery in Venice !
Miguel Shoter
Miguel Shoter 14 ore fa
7:52 I gotta say yes
Shawnda Rixey
Shawnda Rixey 15 ore fa
My first step. Get passports for my kids and myself. Oh and my sister.
SinGaming Giorno fa
YES my favorite song 12:18. called C'est La Vie by Siine
Gigantlantic Giorno fa
why does he look like Brian ( TheGamingTerroriser )
melody guerriero
@4:56 tell me why the first thing that popped in my had was “THAT HAS TO BE THOMAS FROM THE FUTURE” . . . . . . Anyone? 🤦🏽‍♀️ okay nvm
Trap Bobby
Trap Bobby Giorno fa
Moral of the story: get a passport in case some crazy kids want to take you around the world
Dom Giorno fa
Gaga in the first 5 seconds of the video... her impact is immense I'm telling yall
Mikayla Hoyano
Mikayla Hoyano Giorno fa
out of all places... alberta? why
d e de kaikai
d e de kaikai Giorno fa
so now the new way to be succesful you need to be a pizza delivery guy all thanks to mrbeast and yes theory
Emmanuel Penaloza
Okay but like when is this gonna happen to me?!
Edgar Michaus
Edgar Michaus Giorno fa
"Eating pizza with the pizza delivery guy" lmao
Miesvors Giorno fa
''so we are taking a waterboat to venice''
Jana Komárková
"They thought I was being kidnapped" Thomas: "Seems to be a pattern"
Emmett Kennedy
Emmett Kennedy Giorno fa
When the cocktail girl looks like Charlie damelio
Paul Maier
Paul Maier Giorno fa
I wanna fly to my best friend In south africa but I‘m pretty scared of the flight ._.
Those poor souls without passports only confirms what people have told me around the world, that Americans don't travel. Get out there people It is a huge world! Even if it's just to Mexico or Canada...
Rik Giorno fa
The moment where content makers are going to whine about their viewers not being subscribed is the moment i instantly click every video.
Laya Al-Ibrahim
Laya Al-Ibrahim Giorno fa
I just subscribed
frog Giorno fa
florence is more beautiful lol
Vincent Dave Bustos
Try visiting Bohol, Philippines we have much to offer yoy guysss
Squid Seltzer
Squid Seltzer 2 giorni fa
"We're taking a water boat" What I thought it was a land boat
scifi vampire
scifi vampire 2 giorni fa
I need to get back to writing.
2 giorni fa
That reminds me of spider-man far from home
Nisa Zuberi
Nisa Zuberi 2 giorni fa
Imagine saying u can go anywhere in the world and u want to go to Canada LMAO
Kisha T TØP
Kisha T TØP 2 giorni fa
Hornos Dolores María
His photograph are just WOW amazing
Heyitslori 2 giorni fa
whats up with the english subtitles... it deadass seems like automated subs
Bobby wilson
Bobby wilson 2 giorni fa
Wow u cud have seen me there on holiday
Reir 3 giorni fa
Hi there Idols , i'm a huge fan of you guys all the way from Philippines ! What my only dream is to visit ROME ITALY, a catholic here thou the reason why I wanna go there. Ofcourse , God bless you guys ! and hope YOU'LL NOTICE ME 👋
Stefan Pecha
Stefan Pecha 3 giorni fa
Those guys are so kind fam
XUI RONZI 3 giorni fa
11:57 the amount of times i crossed that bridge when I was there haha
Trish 3 giorni fa
You have not, Because you ask not.
Trish 3 giorni fa
Hold up... so out of the 2 million views, 1 million are not subscribers. So out of the 5 million subscribers, only 1 million watched this video.
Rebecca 23
Rebecca 23 3 giorni fa
Even though I hate to say that but, my next step should be to study for my exam and not lie in my bed...
sandesh hegde
sandesh hegde 4 giorni fa
Even I'd say Yes to that. But the Visa process would take months. *cries*
Ben The Benny God
Ben The Benny God 4 giorni fa
**hugs pizza guy in boxers**
Nika 4 giorni fa
I live in Croatia which is like 3 hours from Venice and ive been like a dozen of times and its not that big of a deal if you asked me... should have gone to toscana
Kavi Arun
Kavi Arun 4 giorni fa
You really awesome
Emma Liv Bork
Emma Liv Bork 4 giorni fa
you should find tourists and ask if you can join them on their flight home and like visit them where they live (it would be fun cause you´d probably end up going to some small town like instead of touristy area)
kim jong un
kim jong un 4 giorni fa
Ruslana Popal
Ruslana Popal 4 giorni fa
Why is no body asking me if i want to go? 😂😂😂 so many places i would love to see... great job you are doing guys. Love the videos.
kabir Singh
kabir Singh 4 giorni fa
She looks like charlie d amelio 10:34
ROCKY M 4 giorni fa
9:00 what a boomer
austin wilson
austin wilson 5 giorni fa
MrBeast: buys pizza delivery guy a house Yes Theory: takes their delivery guy anywhere. im in the wrong business
Laura Diehm
Laura Diehm 5 giorni fa
Such a fucking beautiful video omg :') Thank you for that :)
Jimi Yabu
Jimi Yabu 5 giorni fa
Take me too
Tollom 5 giorni fa
I’m from Alberta I’m happy you didn’t come we’re I am from it is currently-45 degrees Celsius
ElMann 04
ElMann 04 5 giorni fa
I live in Saskatchewan canada right next to Alberta Canada
Shanna Robertson
Shanna Robertson 6 giorni fa
Why does pizza boy remind me of Zach Efron?
soph szn
soph szn 6 giorni fa
9:45 was literally charli damelio
Joean Mark Hiolin
Joean Mark Hiolin 6 giorni fa
mapapa SANA ALL ka nalang tlaga. Who's Pinoy here?
Joseph Sanchez
Joseph Sanchez 6 giorni fa
if i watch one more video of you telling me to subscribe i'm unsubbing lol
Stephaynator 6 giorni fa
New subscriber here and idk if its been said but Thomas lowkey-highkey look like Dylan from Dylan is in trouble
IDK what 2 do
IDK what 2 do 6 giorni fa
Y.87 6 giorni fa
I changed my mind I want to be a pizza delivery guy
aiza lang
aiza lang 6 giorni fa
Hayy mapapa SANA ALL ka na lang talaga.hehe
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