I've never seen my twin brother so scared..

Lucas and Marcus
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I've never seen my twin brother so scared..


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9 ago 2018

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Commenti 19 849
Lucas and Marcus
Lucas and Marcus 9 giorni fa
Cox Family
Cox Family 9 giorni fa
Talejah Herrera
Talejah Herrera 9 giorni fa
Lucas and Marcus is that really your phone cuz I called it
Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards 9 giorni fa
Lucas and Marcus how are you
stacy lol
stacy lol 9 giorni fa
You to bober
Aarogya Gurung
Aarogya Gurung 9 giorni fa
I have good Thursday and You?
Rosa Ventura
Rosa Ventura 7 minuti fa
( _..) too long and boring
Alyson Armentrout
Alyson Armentrout 18 minuti fa
Hope y’all are safe
Its Zahra Al
Love u guys
Zachary Walling
This gave me cancer
Wanda Fields
I'm coming for you
Ninja X
Ninja X Ora fa
Take a shot every time they say i dunno, what the heck or what's going on Also theres a youtuber name Robertidk he made a video about this check it out he explains everything very good
Eric Gong
Eric Gong 2 ore fa
it was faaaaaaake this hole time
Dolan Barua
Dolan Barua 2 ore fa
so funny
Eric Gong
Eric Gong 2 ore fa
I think this is not fake I think it's real whoever thinks it's fake you are a bummer
brianna brown
brianna brown 2 ore fa
They got me
Jazlynn Barnett
Alex they were scared
Shannon Brennan
At 8:35 I got so scared 😂❤️
BlueFroyshi 2 ore fa
I don’t get anything in this video..
Shyanne J
Shyanne J 3 ore fa
Amy Diaz
Amy Diaz 3 ore fa
Alexxxx you got me sooo good
Hainsley Agyare
I’ve been in this problem before
Cemal Dogan
Cemal Dogan 4 ore fa
It was so scary it was funny at the end
Eryn Loves unicorns
Lucas and Marcus please can I have your phone number please please please please Please please please please please please
SamGamer38012 4 ore fa
yup you to lucas and marcus!!
NGabz 4 ore fa
*I DoN't KNow*
Kayla Robeson
Kayla Robeson 4 ore fa
What the f***
Keila Garcia
Keila Garcia 5 ore fa
Has anybody notice sometging about their videos???That they only take 10 minutes
Madison Mattingly
Some random number called me once i Just blocked them
Honeybee Graceful
Hope you find your friend
Avcdo 5 ore fa
This shit is so funny who believes this crap?
Werid Girl number 2
Werid Girl number 2
Still hate u
slime masters
slime masters 6 ore fa
I mean him or her
slime masters
slime masters 6 ore fa
slime masters
slime masters 6 ore fa
Hay tell the him or her stop or I will call the cops
doubleagentNiko 47
I think its the scary monster guys be careful
Katie Benitez
Katie Benitez 6 ore fa
That was creepy.. This is my face (;-;)
Newton Ave
Newton Ave 7 ore fa
It was probaly a hater and wants too demontise ur channel
cat in panda onzy
hi lucas and muscas I love ur vids but u have made my day as I cant get that my dog died of cancer just a few months ago out of my head his name was fudge and he was a 16 year old springer spaniel
Allie Boy
Allie Boy 7 ore fa
These guys autistic ?
John Paul
John Paul 7 ore fa
Scrub ass clout chasin
Emma Producer
Emma Producer 7 ore fa
This is as real as Alex’s phone number in the vid
Nice Bucket
Nice Bucket 8 ore fa
it is jake
Lindsay Rohacs
Haha haha yo Alex
lakiya  Cooke
lakiya Cooke 9 ore fa
I love u guys u are the best ITviders
lucasplayzgames Ramirez
I love your videos and you guys
mustafa mustafa
mustafa mustafa 10 ore fa
Maybe it Jake paul
Cristian Renters
Jaiden Walton2008
Is he better
Cleo Samuel
Cleo Samuel 11 ore fa
Amal Pgs
Amal Pgs 11 ore fa
Marcus and lucas you can give me you nmber phone in my IG
A M 11 ore fa
Click bate
Jailee Allen
Jailee Allen 12 ore fa
No Alex pranked then guys hold up wit the hate comments
Taylor plays Roblox
Stop doing hate comments don’t even say anything if ur gonna be rude
Alexis Strickland
Done i love you guys😗
Regina.D Dickenson
This is a prank
I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I do not know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know hahaha lol
michelle rodriguez
That scared me to
Fifi XD
Fifi XD 12 ore fa
Daniel Zhekov
Daniel Zhekov 13 ore fa
Marco Star
Marco Star 13 ore fa
I think thats my mom
Nur Sandra
Nur Sandra 13 ore fa
Set up
huda bokari
huda bokari 14 ore fa
I will kill you
jamie Gately
jamie Gately 15 ore fa
Lol when marucas got pushed in the pool
Lexi Toyaaa
Lexi Toyaaa 16 ore fa
Lol I knew it was going too be someone you new
playmobillgirls playmobillgirls
I feel sorry for you Lucas!!!!Love you guys!
Cherry Sweets
Cherry Sweets 17 ore fa
Umm, why is there hate comments now kind of...
Rachel Conneely
Rachel Conneely 17 ore fa
The camera on the phone
zurpyderp 18 ore fa
*-Idontknow-* Edit: if you came from Robert... Hi
caleb valdez
caleb valdez 19 ore fa
That scared the life out of me
David Grant
David Grant 19 ore fa
Done. That was a good one from Alex. It made us all scared.
Shelby Kincade
Shelby Kincade 19 ore fa
I can't.
Juan Gabriel Reyes Zarate
what is Lucas and Marcus phone number
Elyssa Solon
Elyssa Solon 19 ore fa
Hey guys can u do 3am challenge at siri plss
juan Hernández
juan Hernández 20 ore fa
I am not that person
Gabriel Valentin
Richard Meece
Richard Meece 21 ora fa
The man said the your dance is stooped and he said that Marcus face is ugly wollyone.
Fussy Boo Jones
Fussy Boo Jones 21 ora fa
240 is a place in md
CuteWolfStar Star
I’m watching this at night and I’m a little scared 😰😰😰
Chung Thang Hui
Chung Thang Hui 22 ore fa
Joshua Parrish
Joshua Parrish 23 ore fa
I love your vids
heidi amera
heidi amera 23 ore fa
Can you go on tour some time in Minnesota Detroit lakes
troublegg 23 ore fa
This video is as real as my dad. And my mom. And my brother. And my sister. They’re all gone now...
AnnieAreYouOk MJ
Lol it was a prank it’s lit guys nice prank Alex!
Shane Sadecky
Shane Sadecky 23 ore fa
These kids r retarted. Everything is fake and there not funny
zurpyderp 18 ore fa
....you mean retarded...
Ruben Saldivar
Ruben Saldivar 23 ore fa
who was that guy who pushed you in the water dobre twins
Ruben Saldivar
Ruben Saldivar 23 ore fa
my name is..jovanni
Lejei Lorennij
Lejei Lorennij 23 ore fa
The room you're right by I saw a person
Trevor Altonson
Trevor Altonson 23 ore fa
*gake and fay*
Vette Phillips
Vette Phillips Giorno fa
I'm your biggest fan! From Jackson
Dora Eacobar
Dora Eacobar Giorno fa
good one ale
Dora Eacobar
Dora Eacobar Giorno fa
Viridiana Vazquez
Lucas and marcus is it a prank
Danielle becker
Danielle becker Giorno fa
I feel so bad for lucas
dont do des!!!!
Christina Ding
Christina Ding Giorno fa
Wait when u were FaceTiming Alex u asked him “were u the one who egged our house “and he said yes does that mean he was the one who egged ur house with a friend 😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😰😰😰😰😰😰😥😥😥😥😥😓😓😓😓😥😰😨😱😱😨😰😥😓😰😨🤔🤔😱😨😰😥😓😥😰😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
naomi naomi
naomi naomi Giorno fa
I think he should change the phone number bc you showed it to us.
Cecilia Trieu
Cecilia Trieu Giorno fa
Egypt Burton
Egypt Burton Giorno fa
shaun Humbert
shaun Humbert Giorno fa
your so stuped....the clickbait needs to stop PLS UNSUBSCRIBE
Cesar Alvarez
Cesar Alvarez Giorno fa
Hahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahaha am laughing sooo hard
Savage Mello
Savage Mello Giorno fa
This is how u know I'm a number 1 fan I tried calling him but sadly he didn't answer
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Giorno fa
Dolans are better
Brett da best
Brett da best Giorno fa
Sub to me Brett da best
OSIRIS 075 Giorno fa
This shit is so scripted. SO FAKE IS FUNNY
Prossimi video
7 giorni fa