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wooo go youtube love u
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5 dic 2019




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Commenti 20 698
LazarBeam Mese fa
im trying to stop the fake spammers I really am :(
J1 wavey 14
J1 wavey 14 14 giorni fa
Shivan Mohanty
Shivan Mohanty 15 giorni fa
No worries
CleverPoo 20 giorni fa
your voice is off
jepic the random
jepic the random 21 giorno fa
Nice computer setup btw respect the bloody legend Yeet
VeNoM Oasis
VeNoM Oasis Mese fa
Don’t worry
Diego Lozano
Diego Lozano 8 ore fa
Jhon Viznay
Jhon Viznay Giorno fa
Jhon Viznay
Jhon Viznay Giorno fa
Dragon Aimer
Dragon Aimer Giorno fa
How much did the setup cost?? Trying to get a gaming pc
GamerCat156 2 giorni fa
I love watching Lannan’s videos so much and i’m glad he’s making it great out there on youtube and yeeting😂. I’ve been trying to start a youtube career for 3 years now and streamer for a few weeks now and the fact that anything around my house barely works and that we have to scrape up money just to pay the bills and people thinking i’m trash because of how i look just discouraged me so much. I want to be great like LazarBeam but I don’t think I have any chance. I just wish i could be noticedZ
Attila Toth
Attila Toth 4 giorni fa
i so want your merch but my parents wont let me
Sledge _jk
Sledge _jk 5 giorni fa
Lazer beam if u curse the FBI will rush in
S1ren 6 giorni fa
Pause on 0:34
Jacob Mcnamara
Jacob Mcnamara 7 giorni fa
is it just me or is lazarbeams lip bleeding?
Special forces
Special forces 7 giorni fa
Lazarbeam in ITvid rewind Jason in the clip that was featured Jason is so proud of you
Ominous Player
Ominous Player 7 giorni fa
When lazarbeam comes in to rewind: 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
CrayZ Games
CrayZ Games 8 giorni fa
What are the specs for the PC's
ScytheBlader ツ
ScytheBlader ツ 8 giorni fa
remake the bloody legend shirt pls thx
Alexander Mathieson
Make more Fortnite videos plz
Britten Haynes
Britten Haynes 8 giorni fa
Good job you made it safe place you are honestly the master of ITvid now yeek
Flamingos Stuff
Flamingos Stuff 9 giorni fa
What’s his electricity bill
alastair Currie
alastair Currie 9 giorni fa
Lazar a have a friends dad that works with your bank can u friend me in fortnite
Creeperboxer 492
Creeperboxer 492 9 giorni fa
Intro:*comes in camera* F**K If you're wondering about the F word, We just got to make sure COPPA doesn't get us. Me: Seems Accurate.
crepper1002 vlog-gameing
You should call it scuffed review
Sharpshoot3r537 11 giorni fa
Hey lazar what custom PCs do you have ???
lonely Cereal
lonely Cereal 11 giorni fa
Tupid 11 giorni fa
3:14 that wtf killed me lol
Coppa caught lannan there goes 2,000,000$
Lonely Liamster
Lonely Liamster 14 giorni fa
This website it like supreme
Awesome Liam
Awesome Liam 14 giorni fa
Lannan eacott you say??
PSF Holoシ
PSF Holoシ 14 giorni fa
When he says his cables are messing Me:/-|\|\|\|\|[/__=-'
MooseGaming MKG
MooseGaming MKG 14 giorni fa
That hurting me brain ahhhwaaahh
Free Styel
Free Styel 14 giorni fa
I love lannan like if you do
Jadrian Davis
Jadrian Davis 15 giorni fa
"I kissed a boy an i liked it" - tiktok lazerbeam that is why there is James Charles
The Doorguy
The Doorguy 15 giorni fa
Nobody: Lannan at the beginning of the video: FUCK
Rosalina Flores
Rosalina Flores 15 giorni fa
Coppa already did it flip
fortnite gamer_yt
fortnite gamer_yt 15 giorni fa
Hey lazarbeam i just realized that you are in the ITvid rewind and ninja is not
Slav Petrus Bogdan
Slav Petrus Bogdan 15 giorni fa
Hi sisters
Slav Petrus Bogdan
Slav Petrus Bogdan 15 giorni fa
Slav Petrus Bogdan
Slav Petrus Bogdan 15 giorni fa
James charls
Harley Harris
Harley Harris 15 giorni fa
Basta Basta
Basta Basta 15 giorni fa
Miles Sazon
Miles Sazon 16 giorni fa
Who's watching this before world war lll
TristenPlayz YT
TristenPlayz YT 16 giorni fa
6:55 what happened to Disney Channel Lazar? ( jk )
Oscar Mendoza
Oscar Mendoza 16 giorni fa
I don’t know if he unpacked it at the time I’m posting this but where’s the giant enter button
Matthew Tidwell
Matthew Tidwell 16 giorni fa
That beginning was ... unexpected
Byron Contreras
Byron Contreras 16 giorni fa
Byron Contreras
Byron Contreras 16 giorni fa
H/A Salute
H/A Salute 16 giorni fa
Best F*** in history
Lindsey Hasbrouck
Lindsey Hasbrouck 16 giorni fa
>has 12m subscribers >still edits his own videos what a pog champ
Guest Infinite
Guest Infinite 17 giorni fa
I will strike you again, this is your last warning.
coolcatgames 17 giorni fa
R a D z
R a D z 17 giorni fa
I just realised that Lannan uses Adobe Premiere Pro
Miserable Hulk
Miserable Hulk 17 giorni fa
While you displayed your setup I was in the back drooling 🤤 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Jennifer Cooper
Jennifer Cooper 17 giorni fa
Like If Lannan should move to the U.S.
- Mollymolston -
- Mollymolston - 17 giorni fa
What happened to month rewiew
Galaxy Claw
Galaxy Claw 17 giorni fa
Guys like if u think lazarbeam should make a fortnite clan called the yeet clan.
Bad time trio
Bad time trio 18 giorni fa
8:22 I actually vomited in the toilet 1 like = 1 less vomit for me
dylanpro 202
dylanpro 202 18 giorni fa
Can I have the link to all the setup
dylanpro 202
dylanpro 202 18 giorni fa
Can I have the link to all the setup
staystoneybruh gang
staystoneybruh gang 18 giorni fa
F the 3k dislikes
Chewbacca 18 giorni fa
How does LazarBeam have haters? 3K dislikes ?
Chewbacca 18 giorni fa
Let’s make this video get more likes then ITvid Rewind 2019.
Owen Miller
Owen Miller 18 giorni fa
Why is there blood on the wall?
Wizard In a nutshell
I bought the Merch.
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