Iconic Ruthless Aggression moments: WWE Top 10, Feb. 16, 2020

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Look back at the 10 moments that defined the Ruthless Aggression Era of WWE before the premiere of the new series “Ruthless Aggression” on WWE Network.
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16 feb 2020




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Commenti 80
Kervin De Guzman
Kervin De Guzman 9 minuti fa
For me the greatest era of WWE. So nostalgic.
Legit Moonwalker
Legit Moonwalker 6 giorni fa
This era will always be my favorite, my childhood 🔥
Johnmon3000 9 giorni fa
Cent should be top 1 cause that’s when it all started
Keon Carr
Keon Carr 11 giorni fa
Top 4 championship title Reigns JBL 280 days as WWE Champion Batista 282 days as World Heavyweight Champion John Cena 380 days as WWE Champion MVP 343 days as united states champion
Andrew Boergert
Andrew Boergert 14 giorni fa
The stable evolution should be on this list and there's a lot more a lot bigger things that happened than brock Lesnar suplexing the big show like the return of the deadman Eddie Guerrero beating brock Lesnar for the wwe champion the return of hbk hell the elimination chamber but no you had to put brock Lesnar on the list
John McFadden
John McFadden 14 giorni fa
Batista is the real animal back in the ruthless aggression era.
Marc Spera
Marc Spera 16 giorni fa
You missed the ending to Wm20 with Benoit and Eddie, redo the list idiots
Cruz Viveros
Cruz Viveros 16 giorni fa
Attitude era and ruthless aggression era will always be on top of the list 👍
Faraaz Khan
Faraaz Khan 18 giorni fa
Ruthless aggression era > Attitude era.
Tiakitai Runanga
Tiakitai Runanga 19 giorni fa
It's a shame many great moments have to be left out of it, especially the WrestleMania XX one. It's not the WWE's fault, it's just the circumstances surrounding that guy.
Mohammed Mahomed
Mohammed Mahomed 20 giorni fa
We will never see an era like this
wrestling Buster
wrestling Buster 21 giorno fa
Goldberg ♥️ Arrives Just Spear Rock 👎👇🏻👇🏻 Kene Unmasked Chosk Lamp RVD♥️👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher 26 giorni fa
15 days until May 19
Eythyn Hoban
Eythyn Hoban 26 giorni fa
When Maven eliminated Undertaker at the 2001 Royal Rumble
Betterman 29 giorni fa
2:27 the Hulk Hogan's reaction is the Best of the video.
Angel Yala
Angel Yala Mese fa
Please Vince die so one of you're stupid family members can take over and bring back the best era in WWE history 😩
Reshikrom 813
So glad I was born just in time to grow up with this.
ariff mazlan
ariff mazlan Mese fa
At 4:25 guy makes a ring for his friend. “You wont believe this dude, i see kane unmasked infront of me”.
Jack Jerry
Jack Jerry Mese fa
10. John Cena Debut 9. Edge cashing in at New Year’s Revolution 2006 8. Eddie Guerrero’s frogsplash Cage 7. Bill Goldberg Arrival 6. Kane’s Unmasking 5. Randy Orton winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam 2004 4. Shawn Michaels superkicks Shelton Benjamin 3. Batista turns on Evolution 2. Paul Heyman betrays Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series 2002 1. Brock Lesnar suplexes Big Show at Smackdown 2003
andres felipe
Benoit wins the world heavyweights championship is maybe the best moments in the wwe history...
Benoit winning at WM30
Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher Mese fa
Oh gosh! There is the birth of the brand extension, DX vs the Spirit squad at main event, Brock Lesnar attempting the shooting star on Kurt Angle and still beat him. The birth of the "you suck" chants, Eric Bischoff coming to the WWE to be the Raw GM
trapxsoul Mese fa
Man I'm so glad I was able to experience this era of wrestling. I was born in 95 so I didn't really get to witness the Attitude Era during it's prime, I remember probably the ending of it which was like 2001, 02? This era was so damn good though, I know most people put the AE at #1 but the RAE is right up there with it.
JR’s commentary was the best thing about ruthless aggression era
Legitimate Deal
How about Triple H got Crippled Crossface in Wrestlemania 20?
Abhijith I S
Abhijith I S Mese fa
3:59 the shittiest pedigree ever
Jukeboksi Mese fa
Goldberg, sell your own god damn move damn it!
Lee Kok Whei
Lee Kok Whei Mese fa
Ian Cruz
Ian Cruz Mese fa
This some really great top list of the rithless aggression era actualky. The kane masked reveal was perfectly done.
Danish Khindri
All 10 makes sense 👍👍👍👍
CR P4L Mese fa
WWE nowadays is too soft
Savage Af
Savage Af Mese fa
The days where I actually rushed to do my homework so I can be able to watch wrestling on school nights
kishan gautam
Nope that is on now way the hell the no.1 moment ,na their are better mate of fact in this very list only who should be no.1
Papa Kaho
Papa Kaho Mese fa
They should never break the character of kane
Trajoan Mayberry
My Top 10 RA Moments 10.Triple H Turn On Randy Orton 9.Rey Mysterio Jump Off Cage 8.Batista SD Draft 7.Vince McMahon Car explosion 6.DX Reunited 2006 5.Raw Vs.Smackdown 4.Brock Lesnar Won WWE Championship at Summerslam 3.John Cena Raw Draft Pick 2.Brock Lesnar & Big Show Ring Collapse 1.Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero Celebrate At Wrestlemania XX
today i watched goldust vs cody rhodes in AEW it was a 5 star match and a emotional ending both of them will be legends
Daquan Curry
Daquan Curry Mese fa
Lmfao these are pops wwe could never recreate
Maizie Parmenter
I remember being so mad and crying when edge took cenas belt lmao
M G 2 mesi fa
Nope! The most iconic momment in the ruthless aggression era was the match between eddie and triple h that turned into smackdown vs raw. Im dissapointed at the fact that it wasnt even mentioned in the top 10 here
Ricky Sulistyo
Ricky Sulistyo 2 mesi fa
that Sweet Chin Music was picture perfect
freethinker127 2 mesi fa
Rumors have it Shelton Benjamin is still lying unconcsious in that ring to this very day.
PRABHUDEVA P 2 mesi fa
no undertaker??
Williams Dobe Zoabli
🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 was a good day for the new update update thanks
Williams Dobe Zoabli
🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 was a good day for the new update update thanks
DatCarGuy310 2 mesi fa
This era should definitely come back! The new baby era is so predictable and boring now
Juls Marabe
Juls Marabe 2 mesi fa
Where is jeff hardy swanton bomb on randy orton? The raw before royal rumble.
Daniel Oconnell
Daniel Oconnell 2 mesi fa
The lord is pissed off
Daniel Oconnell
Daniel Oconnell 2 mesi fa
Goldberg vs Roman Reagan's at wrestlemania
Daniel Oconnell
Daniel Oconnell 2 mesi fa
Frog splash
Kush Soni
Kush Soni 2 mesi fa
Cena always best for ruthless aggressions No one compare him
senior fathead
senior fathead 2 mesi fa
Kane losing the mask was not the right decision.
Zedrik Allen
Zedrik Allen 2 mesi fa
Where's WrestleMania 20's emotional ending?
Zedrik Allen
Zedrik Allen 2 mesi fa
Where's WrestleMania 20's emotional ending?
Zedrik Allen
Zedrik Allen 2 mesi fa
Where's WrestleMania 20's emotional ending?
Shafayat Hossain
Attitude Era or Ruthless aggression Era?
Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed 2 mesi fa
Phillip Anthony
Phillip Anthony 2 mesi fa
I'll go on the record here and say that was the best of all Litasaults. That distance, that height and that hangtime were primal. 👌
Harvey D
Harvey D 2 mesi fa
Matthieu Leman
Matthieu Leman 2 mesi fa
Jasondave Sarra
Jasondave Sarra 2 mesi fa
Cena's debut should be in no. 1 cause ever since he showed up ruthless agression got more intense
Aizen 2 mesi fa
Ruthless Aggression moments
Proud Kiwi
Proud Kiwi 2 mesi fa
You know I grew up with the attitude era. But this was my favorite era, this is the golden age of WWE for me. Priceless memories
Juan Pablo Torres
Let's make this the most likes video of 2020
Eddie Guerrero defeating Lesnar at No Way Out, Undertaker returning as the Deadman at WM 20, Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy Ladder match("climb the ladder kid") Orton's first world title win, Cena rap battles, Bradshaw becoming JBL.
Victor Oliveros Absalon
el puesto 7, que Lita haga eso en mi cama, y sobre mi, y que nos aconpañe Trish
Pritam Mitra
Pritam Mitra 2 mesi fa
Mysterio's rumble win...not wrestlemania,rumble
Victor Negrete
Victor Negrete 3 mesi fa
Remember when wwe was REALLY good
Daniel McCloskey
I'd have flip-flopped the first two.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 3 mesi fa
2:26 😂😂
Jatin Guru
Jatin Guru 3 mesi fa
Why WWE is not understanding that we want an extreme era that has never been introduced in the history of wrestling. Being a fan I have a request to WWE please create a damn badass storylines with extreme matches with damn Fu**in segments.We want better wrestling with extreme moments.Nowadays WWE has become lame in compare to before.
Mpho Khoele
Mpho Khoele 3 mesi fa
I was born in 2001⚡ The end of Attitude Era 😭 And the start of Ruthless Aggression era 😍😍 I'm blessed in an era like this one 🔥🔥🔥
Pravin Bhai
Pravin Bhai 3 mesi fa
Ruthless aggression thanks for Jim Rose. Because this 👉JR👈man is chosen all superstars
신시 3 mesi fa
6분 6초 케느님 머리가 있었구나 ㅋㅋㅋ
Sergio Barreda
Sergio Barreda 3 mesi fa
Benjamin still looks his chin after that mega hyper super kick from shawn
A Mile Away
A Mile Away 3 mesi fa
I would've added Eddie winning the WWE Champion at No Way Out 04' as the #1 moment, surprised it didn't even make the list.
WIMPY KIDD 3 mesi fa
It's about time their talking about ruthless aggression
yourbudjerry 3 mesi fa
Took all the way to number 1 to get one POP kinda sorta....nah, half of what the Rock and Roll Express you to get just coming to the ring back in the 80s.
rabbitearsguy 3 mesi fa
Forgot Batista was a wrestler lol
LTC cherno
LTC cherno 3 mesi fa
Ahhhhh The HHH Reign of Terror. Unless you were a big fan of his it was a rough time.
IcyInferno11 3 mesi fa
Number 1 should’ve Eddie been and Ch *redacted* it winning their first world title
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