In Living Color- Jim Carrey as Vera de Milo in 'Buffed, Beautiful, and Bitchin''

Kay Owens
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I LOVE JIM!!!!!!!




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Ash Warn
Ash Warn 9 ore fa
Jim Carrey is the best god bless him
Glen Mosqueda
Glen Mosqueda 11 giorni fa
So funny made me and my daughter laugh hard woke up everybody and had to rewind and show them they are so laughing much-needed laughter during this crisis of coronavirus outbreak lockdown San Antonio Texas gotta love Jim
T H McC Mese fa
I love him!!
thaisdpb DP
thaisdpb DP Mese fa
Jim Carrey always makes me laugh out loud as Vera de Milo
slcRN1971 Mese fa
Loved these skits with Vera DeMillo. My son was a teen when we watched this show together as a family. Once he surprised us by re-enacting Vera DeMillo, he was such a good mimic, it was like Jim Carey gave us a live performance........we still laugh about this today in 2020. (He wouldn’t allow me to take a picture of his rendition).
Fletcher Howse
No pain no gain
yoy boi
yoy boi Mese fa
this wo-MAN is a contortionist!
acidtooth Mese fa
the ultimate feminist bodybuilder
Lord Marvin
Lord Marvin 2 mesi fa
Which is the character who’s a dead ringer for glozelle
First Last
First Last 2 mesi fa
In Livin Color is great, check out the movie that some are in: Earth Girls Are Easy. I Love the 'cos im a Blond' song !
Mike Purcell
Mike Purcell 2 mesi fa
See how those big breasts just weigh them down
Matt 2 mesi fa
Justin M
Justin M 2 mesi fa
More thought, inteligence and humor was put into almost any ILC skit then the current "joke" that is snl
Mokimanify 2 mesi fa
This will always be funny . timepess
Sara Novak
Sara Novak 3 mesi fa
Omg 😂😂😂 I just came across this this is great
Rassera Amemiya
Rassera Amemiya 3 mesi fa
Who's watching in 2020 and Laughing Their Fucking Asses Off?
mister b
mister b 3 mesi fa
That voice tho
The rebels gang is gang
i was there tue Lol
Akito kun
Akito kun 3 mesi fa
PotOfGold420 3 mesi fa
2:50 wat them dating websites b like
MzShaybutta 3 mesi fa
I remember watching this in Jr High.. We would literally be suspended or expelled for the mess we said....lmao
MoKaH 310
MoKaH 310 3 mesi fa
There will be no other IN LIVING Color, not even a replica🥺😔 who still watching into 2020 though🥰😍
Flickering Light
This is the best workout video on YT. 💀
Bridget the Herbivore
What. A. Woman 🤤🤤🤣🤣
BoutiqueBuds Co.
Men dressing as women, Hollywood for ya, and crazy Canadians, sad that people think Jim Carey is USAmerican, really a coo-kie Canadian, probably why he seemed so goofy and odd to USA citizens.
Hanzo 4 mesi fa
This was a joke back in 1990 now in 2019 it's accepted mainstream.
Charles Cooke
Charles Cooke 4 mesi fa
Very funny
HaiSun Gahd
HaiSun Gahd 5 mesi fa
1:00 kills me everytime! How the fuxk did he do that😂🤣😂🤣😭🤧😂🤣
Lucero Farias
Lucero Farias 5 mesi fa
Who needs a Kylie lip kit when you can burn your lips off.
SirParcifal 5 mesi fa
when Jim Carrey predicted the new alleged "women in sports" today LMFAO
Michael Yitzhak
Michael Yitzhak 5 mesi fa
jessie gaff
Gracelyn Tedder
Gracelyn Tedder 6 mesi fa
I was a poor excuse for a woman
rilla46 6 mesi fa
This must make Democratics heads explode now
Elizabeth Doxtator-Morenberg
I'm a Democrat. The only thing that exploded was my gut, from laughing!
Jen Greg
Jen Greg 5 mesi fa
rilla46 the whole cast is exclusively Democrats
Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly 6 mesi fa
This wouldn't be permitted today. The LGBTQ crowd and Bruce Jenner would get offended
Kevin Rosario-Castillo
I’m gay and this shit is hilarious
G Glow
G Glow 5 mesi fa
Jelly Belly this is predictive programming. He’s telling us most of them are transgendered.
Abby Crites
Abby Crites 6 mesi fa
Just one more snl...
Fandom girl
Fandom girl 6 mesi fa
I lost it when he just fell back
Elaina Zimmerman
I did too
Daniel Kinsman
Daniel Kinsman 7 mesi fa
Sthore in the morning lol
Anonymous Anonymous
Vera was given the Womens medal of bravery for wearing that bikini on Television.
Anonymous Anonymous
Not long after the production of this beautiful show featuring Vera, She was charged with entering a women’s restroom while chanting Hillary 2020. The charge is whatever Trump decides dynamically.
Vixinaful 7 mesi fa
Holy crap I gasped when he..she (lol) cracked the arm. A laugh much needed 2night. :D
Leandro Lara
Leandro Lara 6 mesi fa
Same I was inhaling the blunt and cracked up at that part lmao
cyprezz 7 mesi fa
mgtow bought me here.
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 7 mesi fa
Jim Carrey Vs. Chris Farley, who wins? 😂
jc 17
jc 17 7 mesi fa
carrey, not even close lol
Joe Kaiju Abrams
LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sigma Grey
Sigma Grey 7 mesi fa
Sandman sent you here, didn't he?
DaidriveCJ 7 mesi fa
He did with me. Haha!
Nice. Good old humor without cuss words. the real deal
Avian Edits
Avian Edits 9 mesi fa
Aurelia Tanusaputri
Sow owld :3
B Mann
B Mann 9 mesi fa
Marc Kurtz
Marc Kurtz 9 mesi fa
jim carry is so cute
Teodora ._.
Teodora ._. 9 mesi fa
😭 Like and reply if you miss Freddie Mercury. ❄ Like and reply if it's snowing in your country. ✌ Like and reply if you believe in peace. ✍ Like and reply if you love writing. ❤ Like and reply if you love Jim Carrey. ⚽ Like and reply if you love playing soccer. ⛹ Like and reply if you love playing basketball and dodgeball. ⛷ Like and reply if you saw Copper Mountain movie with Jim Carrey and Alan Thicke.
J L 9 mesi fa
Jim is my favourite human. I always laugh when he’s on the screen.
Pete Olivarez
Pete Olivarez 4 mesi fa
John Ritter for me.
Renan C. S. Maia
Renan C. S. Maia 10 mesi fa
A voz de anabolizante! 😂😂😂
It's MA'AAM!!!
High Overlord Snarffie Beagle
it's that "MA'AM" guy from the GameStop video where he keeps yelling at everyone for calling him sir, the voice is perfect
ERGSEG 11 mesi fa
In Living Color was crazy. There’s no way a show could do this today. 😂😂
jonathan bennett
@Name you said it. Too many people of all genders, races, sexual preferences, religion have killed comedy as we knew it. Richard Pryor would be shamed out of the spot light. Look at controversial comics that have stop doing stand up in the past couple of years because of public backlash. Lisa lampanelli comes to mind. She was hilariously raunchy. Very raw made fun of everyone and always had a mix of everything in her audience. She stopped doing standup because it wasn't accepted by the masses as in too many people bitching about her content. I found her to be hilarious. Crying funny and very sharp comic
jonathan bennett
Agreed, but thank god my generation got to enjoy it Hilarious stuff
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 4 mesi fa
@Astro Gillette, and Proctor & Gamble, sadly. 😞
Astro 4 mesi fa
@Edward Gaines nah bro if anything its the oppposite, what woke person do you know that supports the trans thing ?
Name 4 mesi fa
@Олег Арасланов I know, I support people living as they choose but we should still be able to make jokes about everything. People are too sensitive nowadays.
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson 11 mesi fa
That stretch gets me every time.
Flint Ironstag
I bet professional female bodybuilders want to kick Jim Carey's ass.....
Jaquesha Holley
1:55 - 2:04 🤣 2:49 - 3:22 🤣🤣🤣
Coocoo Puffs
Coocoo Puffs Anno fa
Anyone watching in 2019?
jonathan bennett
No 2020 😁. Ace Venture when nature calls was just on, and Jim carry was getting his ass kicked by Tommy Davison and called white devil with the spiked hair. It reminded me of this character he did
Anaika Joseph
Anaika Joseph 3 mesi fa
Derrick Reynolds
Why can’t I watch a older video without seeing someone say thing this same sentence every time. I get it, you want likes.
Jo Jandy
Jo Jandy 5 mesi fa
Is it 2019 already?
M KKrupp
M KKrupp 7 mesi fa
From Tasmania Australia. Jim Carey - a funny guy!
Scott P
Scott P Anno fa
Jim Carrey used to be funny! UNTIL He started Talking Politics! GOODBYE!
whoo else
whoo else Anno fa
Pull it, really pull it...AHHHHHH!! LOL!
Victoria Salas
Dj Lou
Dj Lou Anno fa
Its Maaam!! 😂😂😂
WIESNERX0042 Anno fa
its time for Jim to answer to this
EyeGodBody 0
EyeGodBody 0 9 mesi fa
Liga DQ
Liga DQ Anno fa
You mean better looking than Bruce Jenner as a woman
john colambo
john colambo Anno fa
SJWs, insulting or offending anybody???
Ray Patson
Ray Patson 5 mesi fa
In-N-Out Anno fa
Reminds me of the dude that tried to return a video game at GameStop.
Ellipses Anno fa
This made me very uncomfortable but at least now I know I'm a Jimsexual. So any Jims out there hit me up, idc what u look like it's the name that does it for me
Alexander T
Alexander T Anno fa
seconds in and Im already loling.. Feminists wouldnt allow this to exist today.
Alexander T
Alexander T Anno fa
3:33 I died with his belly
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall Anno fa
It's ma'am!
Kefteris Anno fa
δεν πιανει μια μπροστά στη Μαρία Στεροιντς
Ratchet Kitchen
the close up of those lips has me sooooo weeeeeak... ROFLMAO #tooodleLOOO! ROFLMAO
Alena Shelest
Увидела отрывок в инстаграмме. Что ж полная версия тоже заставила улыбнуться один раз😁😂😂😂
Black Knowledge
T Missing Link Videos
Just love him so funny!
Miles North
Miles North Anno fa
I had an uncle (now aunt) who's struggled with transitioning, and I'm very insulted...naw! I'm kidding about the whole thing to make a point. But how can the left keep libtard Carrey in their club with this on his resume? Good for goose, good for the gander. Let's also change all proper nouns to not offend. For instance, the British director of the movie "The Birds" (among others) must now be referred to as Alfred HitchPenis. The 43rd president of the U.S. heretofore (including all textbooks, present and future) must be address the man as George W. Pubic-Hair-Mass - and his VP Penis Cheney. I'll let the newly created Director of Political Information Correctness know about any others. Pfft!
HangOutLate Anno fa
Yo I think Jim really broke a bone when he went down.. 😄😂🤣 You heard that sound 😧😮😲🤕
Alena Shelest
HangOutLate of course , no! Just special effects , another arm
Luis Calvo
Luis Calvo Anno fa
los mamadolores
Luis Calvo
Luis Calvo Anno fa
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