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This video is not mine just copied it but this is my true footage------and I did not copy and paste this one video this are only the clips I got so please no HATE


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Commenti 292
ZapperII 6 ore fa
2:31 the flash
Lightning Studios
Lightning Studios 2 giorni fa
1:14 everything: AHHHHHHHHH Car: *this is fine*
Ghasts Lover
Ghasts Lover 2 giorni fa
At 0:21 The Sign Fell And They Thought Ghosts Are Haunting Lambert Airport
RhettTV 5 giorni fa
1:13 how tf is that car not blowing away????
Dat gurl De bomb
Dat gurl De bomb 6 giorni fa
I guess stay in the car since it didnt fly to de sky or somethin
ckyle108 games
ckyle108 games 6 giorni fa
0:06 *FBI OPEN UP*
i3Artist Khalifa
i3Artist Khalifa 6 giorni fa
Fun Fact: If a tornado looks like it isn't moving, that means it's heading in your direction.
Daynn Miller
Daynn Miller 7 giorni fa
Daynn Miller
Daynn Miller 7 giorni fa
4:00 House:I wish I was built in the mountains danmit
DSX12kid kámè64
DSX12kid kámè64 7 giorni fa
For those wondering why the car doesn't move and everything else gets ripped into pieces, the car is stronger and much heavier, so the tornado was not able to pick it up. The car ACTUALLY does move slightly, but not enough to be noticed. I feel this comment should be pinned, as this will answer the probably most asked question. "Why doesn't the car move in the tornado?" *_#PhysicsAreTheBest_*
Princess Joselyn
Princess Joselyn 7 giorni fa
Where I live theres no tornados, we live near mountains. :D
Mr Farm Boi Man Thing
Princess Joselyn I don’t have tornadoes mostly I only get tornado watches
Master Thomas
Master Thomas 7 giorni fa
First tornado Knock* Knock*
Chicago galaxy
Chicago galaxy 7 giorni fa
Nature is scary
So did the house alarm on the first of the video scare the tornado away or not?
Annaliyah fagen
Annaliyah fagen 8 giorni fa
4:46 it’s been fun but now I’ve got to go
Cason_ _
Cason_ _ 9 giorni fa
Lmao i live in oklahoma storms are on the daily im used to it 😂😂
Cason_ _
Cason_ _ 7 giorni fa
@DSX12kid kámè64 wdym
DSX12kid kámè64
DSX12kid kámè64 7 giorni fa
You should move to Kansas to be safer
David Medford
David Medford 9 giorni fa
That's gotta be terrifying. I've always wanted to see a tornado in my life time but this footage kinda makes me want to reconsider.
David Medford
David Medford 8 giorni fa
@A.K looming I live in Baltimore, Maryland. We almost never get tornados. The only way I would probably see one is if I moved or traveled to tornado alley. I've always been fascinated by tornados but I hate seeing the damage and death they cause. I have no plans of seeing one anytime soon. Hopefully.... Lol
A.K looming
A.K looming 8 giorni fa
David Medford I’ve been in one they are scary as hell please reconsider
Lauren Cooper
Lauren Cooper 10 giorni fa
2:31 imagine just turning a corner and there's a big fuck off tornado there
ENDER l 11 giorni fa
Lexi Chan
Lexi Chan 11 giorni fa
That is crazy how the cctv camera was still running after a giant tornado
Life with Ryleigh Stevenson
2:56 : Tornado:comes in through door shoes: damn it i wish i could just run away
Mr Farm Boi Man Thing
Life with Ryleigh Stevenson XD
Rabid Robux_spender
Rabid Robux_spender 12 giorni fa
Hey guys I might think houses survived but u were wrong grass did too
Dan Boutin
Dan Boutin 13 giorni fa
How the hell did the car in the third one stay unscathed
Gaming Pruh
Gaming Pruh 13 giorni fa
On 1:34 the car is just like : They see me rolling they hating. While the other stuff are just getting rekt
Lily Martin
Lily Martin 14 giorni fa
1:30 a whole barn moved but not the car!
Damian_ai9 14 giorni fa
Looks like a carboard house
rockstar freddy
rockstar freddy 15 giorni fa
2:17 sorry but you can’t just lock a customer out well nvm he came in now run
Samurai Films
Samurai Films 15 giorni fa
1:27 the car is still there
Faceless 09
Faceless 09 16 giorni fa
That’s just sad very sad..
Samslittlesailor 2016
At least it was polite enough to use the door in the beginning
;-;You smell broke;-;
Shadow_WOLFIE Purple
I hope your ok and I hope that isn’t real for u
Wcr Ominous
Wcr Ominous 16 giorni fa
Who else heard that clicking and thinking there's something wrong with you
Daddy Falcor
Daddy Falcor 17 giorni fa
*Door gets blown in* someBODY
Irrelevant 17 giorni fa
The eerie music adds great effect to the video.
Scouting 19 giorni fa
Lambert Airport is the second clip.
Tokyo Drift
Tokyo Drift 19 giorni fa
If there's tornado near me I go and watch it. If I die. It means my time has come. No need to fear death. Its something we all must go through sooner or later.
star and fox
star and fox 8 giorni fa
you can still try to be smart and not put your life needlessly at risk like a moron.
tempo1889 19 giorni fa
The music makes the tornadoes more terrifying. And I don't know what brand of tires are on that car but when they say that they really hold you to the road they clearly are not lying.
Cylarxes 19 giorni fa
If a tornado happend I would probably be a smart dude and try book a flight to the country next door as fast as I can
LeeLee8686 2 giorni fa
Most flights wouldn't be taking off in that weather lol
Ashley Darpino
Ashley Darpino 4 giorni fa
@Cylarxes waterspouts lmao 😆
Jazmine Casteñada Medrano
Cylarxes hmm. That might not be safe cause of how all the rain is hitting. But I get what you are saying . You would leave that place 😂
Cylarxes 5 giorni fa
@Jazmine Casteñada Medrano hmmmm BOOK A CRUISE!
Jazmine Casteñada Medrano
Cylarxes that’s not as smart as you think 😂 the flights will be cancelled because of the storm and the tornado can sweep you off your feet
Sister Cheetos
Sister Cheetos 20 giorni fa
1:28 that car isn’t moving at all
Vince M
Vince M 20 giorni fa
This music is horribly eerie and depressing...
ATM MONEY 20 giorni fa
We just had tornado in Ohio Dayton men it was scary now this town has full of mess 😢
Dark_Animals&More 17 giorni fa
ATM MONEY really I live in Ohio how long ago was ut
Corrie Mayne
Corrie Mayne 21 giorno fa
I hate watching these but I keep doing it 🤔😣
tomas.alvarado alvarado
When nature does....
tomas.alvarado alvarado
makenzie keene
makenzie keene 21 giorno fa
Nobody: Me:HOLD ON TO THE TREE nobody:trees get blown away Me:shit
Gerald Johnson
Gerald Johnson 22 giorni fa
Lady in the shoe store: NOPE. Me: IM GONE
Oof Oof
Oof Oof 22 giorni fa
Mom can I play outside?
Hernaldo Duarte
Hernaldo Duarte 5 giorni fa
Everytime when when its cloudy, my son says he rather be inside
Gemma Denton
Gemma Denton 22 giorni fa
1:39 indestructible car!
Painting & Stuff
Painting & Stuff 25 giorni fa
Just took cover from a tornado 2 hours ago here in Cleveland, OK. 5/22/19
DSX12kid kámè64
DSX12kid kámè64 7 giorni fa
8 years after the Joplin tornado.
HomeGrownPyro 20 giorni fa
Glad yas are ok. Just took cover 10mins ago here in PA. Weather is crazy anymore around here
carl sarmiento
carl sarmiento 26 giorni fa
Poor trees
D K 26 giorni fa
Employee: Must Lock this Door! Tornado: F your door. F this window...and F this window in particular!
David Morgan
David Morgan 27 giorni fa
Crap music
Mr. Tadakichi
Mr. Tadakichi 28 giorni fa
1:05 Car: nobody gonna tell me to move!
Hande Erçell
Hande Erçell 28 giorni fa
What is this sound name?
Odette Badr
Odette Badr 29 giorni fa
1:33 How is that car still sitting there wth o.o
DSX12kid kámè64
DSX12kid kámè64 25 giorni fa
The car is heavier than the shed, so the tornado wasn't able to pick it up.
I’m from Japan I get hit with Tsunami’s & Earthquakes 😭😭
DSX12kid kámè64
DSX12kid kámè64 7 giorni fa
Tsunamis and earthquakes are the most common in your country. However, the country I live in has more tornadoes than any other country in the world. Yes, I live in North America, and yes, I live in the United States. The state I live in is Kansas. I live in the Stevens County seat, which is Hugoton, Kansas. Come here. Sure we get hurricanes and tornadoes, but state NEVER gets hit by Hurricanes. So if you are going to move to the United States, move to Hugoton, Kansas. We seem to never get earthquakes or tsunamis. We might get some at one point, but that's SUPER rare. I hope this will solve your tsunami/earthquake problem. Hugoton is a small town. We have nice schools, too! Come here! It's safer!
Kat the Meif’wa
2:16 if those people moved a second later they would have been really injured
Kingbooger94 Mese fa
This music track sounds like its being tased...
impalaSC Mese fa
1:05 trees and structures getting ripped from the ground... Car doesn't move an inch.
rockstar freddy
rockstar freddy 7 giorni fa
Lies it did
Brock Maine
Brock Maine 21 giorno fa
Well look what way the wind is blowing and also the car is in front of the garage so the wind couldn't fully hit the car
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee Mese fa
I can’t believe people actually try to chase these things man ,,, out of everything dangerous in the world I would say weather scares me the most because it just does what it’s going to do , there is no stopping any of it , and it’s so. Unpredictable ,,, just got goosebumps , god bless all of those killed or affected by these tragedies. My heart goes out to you all
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee Mese fa
Yeah I get it but I think after one chase I would go back to building houses and count myself a lucky man for having lived through it . I would say 100% of the chases they are all nearly killed , although I’m sure they are being as safe as they can but tornados are unpredictable and can change paths in an instant . There have been quite a few deaths from storm chasing . Even the best of the best there is fatalities . I remember when tim samaras died during the el Torino tornado ( Rest In Peace tim ) and he was one of , if not the best . If you do it , I get it . But be really careful . And thank you to those who have gathered all of the data and stuff that not many people would do . The thing that I don’t understand is yeah you can get all of the technical info that you need from a tornado but in reality you can’t predict what it’s going to do next in time , you know what I mean ? Because the tornado is still going to take the path it will take and do you really think that after gathering all of this data that you can really predict exactly where the tornado is headed ? Mother Nature throws curve balls man , just when you think it’s headed this way bam it turns right on you and it’s over , as proof of my theory look at the Moore tornado , they thought it was going to go this way and it went that way , don’t get me wrong I am very understanding of what they do and respect it , I just couldn’t fathom being there in real life and watch a mile wide e5 tornado rip apart anything in its path and feel safe lol thanks for the comment , I’m definitely open to more discussion if u want to reply , and I say again I’m not trying to be defensive, I’m just head spun about why someone would wanna do this
Jen Mese fa
Chasing is the only way to learn anything about them and to try to predict them sooner
Brendan McCarthy
0:44 here I’m thinking the car is gonna take off.. nope.. no damage at all. But everything else got destroyed.
Was that an ATM flying at the speed of sound? (0:30)
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Mese fa
What airport was that? Never seen TSA employees move so fast..ever! LoL!
Sophia Tran
Sophia Tran Mese fa
I was in a tornado and I didn’t really care.. When all the girls having a breakdown Guess the popular girls have something embarrassing.
Yoshi Boyz
Yoshi Boyz Mese fa
You have something embarrassing too. One you probably did cry. 2 you do gacha. 3 your name is your youtube account.
Lisa and Angel the bunnies
The 3rd one was 1 day before I was born
Milky Way
Milky Way Mese fa
1:15 everything is toys and the car is a weight and I’m the tornado
Ohio glitter Twister
Fun fact: Tornados have a smell.
CraxPlayZ Mese fa
1:27 China but the car was made in Germany
Razor Mese fa
0:44 that car didnt even budge..
whole wheat owos
Phil Swift: i cut this boat in half Tornado: hold my beer
whole wheat owos
*Were gonna need alot of flextape...*
I Am The One Who Knocks
@ 0:48 That car is sitting there like: "a tornado? So what, I'm not going ANYWHERE!" All while EVERYTHING ELSE is getting pulverized!
Nathaniel Vaughn
0:06 F.B.I OPEN UP!!!!!!!
Damian Pena
Damian Pena 21 giorno fa
RaZ stang
RaZ stang Mese fa
At 1:42 I'm questioning my self how did the house get obliterated and the car in the same spot like the car is super heavy or that car was saved by god
Edwin Douglas
Tornado siren:goes off Me:stay asleep Tornado siren:gets cought in tornado Me:gets caught in tornado
Kitty itty me Williams
Tornado vs car car wins
Super Sonico
Super Sonico Mese fa
Make no mistake, we’re still nature’s bitch.
Gabriel Collis
1:39 it looks so beautiful outside
Nathaniel Vaughn
1:18What my room looks like 1:40 thats more like my room
Tara G
Tara G Mese fa
What’s up with the annoying ass tapping?!
Dazzielle Winchester
Tara G they’re cctv cameras and security cameras. Not exactly the best quality but effective none the less
Necrosoro1 2 mesi fa
These tornadoes show us that nature is mankind's greatest enemy, but as long as we stay the course by fighting back with burning fossil fuels, deforestation, strip mines, dumping chemicals in the ocean and making nature's creatures extinct we will break nature's resolve and we will win this fight!!!
Jevon Mendoza
actually by burning more fossil fuels it just makes the tornadoes waaaaaaayyyy worse, but yeah all that other shit checks right out 👍👍👍
Konglomerant 2 mesi fa
Moral of the story. Don't build cheap homes in Tornado alley...
Chris Little
Chris Little 2 mesi fa
I’m watching this in the middle of a tornado warning where I just ran down to my basement
Bernard Sanchez
Bernard Sanchez 2 mesi fa
His says get a tape ans on a table to protect
Zia Watcher
Zia Watcher 2 mesi fa
0:43 to 1:41 escalates so quickly, it goes from a beautiful day with a little breeze to OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK RUN
Stoner Boy 420
Stoner Boy 420 2 mesi fa
That car is the strongest thing I’ve ever seen 1:38
Lightning Studios
Lightning Studios 2 giorni fa
It’s Made of Nokia
Edmond Taverdyan
Edmond Taverdyan 6 giorni fa
those dunlop tires
Ye Olde Krabs
Ye Olde Krabs 8 giorni fa
Well it’s on handbrakes, it won’t move
daniel zamora
Hr proably had the emergency brake on it
Ikajo 2 mesi fa
I wonder if there might be a way to build houses that are more resistant to tornados... from material to shape. Maybe a more rounded structure, deeper into the ground, sloping roofs. That sort of thing.
Ikajo 2 mesi fa
@Cool Cookies XoXo In places with a lot of snow they build the roofs to be steeper to avoid the roof caving in from the weight. In Japan they have developed technology to make buildings more resistant to earthquakes. One would think similar thoughts would apply to areas with a lot of storms. Hurricanes, tornados and such.
Cool Cookies XoXo
Ikajo I agree it would be a lot safer especially for tornados that are very destructive.
Saher Farhan
Saher Farhan 2 mesi fa
Not cool to have.
Quentin Vega
Quentin Vega 2 mesi fa
The music just makes this more creepy than it already is
iKoilo 2 mesi fa
3:37 When your mom starts doing your hair, (her the tornado and you the house)
Allen Tripp
Allen Tripp 2 mesi fa
2:39 that's a lot of damage!
0:05 rip door
QueenMoonlight QueenMia018
Lol isn’t it funny how at 1:35 the car didn’t get damaged at all
AMY FERRIS 2 mesi fa
2:00 "Let's make sure the tornado doesn't open these huge glass doors!"
rockstar freddy
rockstar freddy 15 giorni fa
Gojiboiearth 1964
Rip house
Those security guards just hate water that’s why they’re running
The Q news
The Q news 2 mesi fa
I remember the trailers being tossed around. That was in Dallas
The Q news
The Q news 2 mesi fa
Everything but the car was blown away
Darling and Jeffrey ?????
Your doom is here to kill us all
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