Inside Old Trafford: Man Utd 0-5 Liverpool | Amazing away end scenes as Reds hit five!

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Get the best view of Liverpool's Premier League victory at Old Trafford, thanks to goals from Naby Keita, Diogo Jota and a Mo Salah hat-trick..

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24 ott 2021




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Commenti 5 559
Military Update
Military Update 2 mesi fa
look how the fans came to give full support to the players, it looks really amazing 😃👍👍👍👍
Snake John
Snake John 7 giorni fa
@Axka Naufal youre black guy dont know about football, man utd is king of come back
Axka Naufal
Axka Naufal 7 giorni fa
@Snake John :) well you're dreaming too much, if rangnick can't bring progress for MU to the top 3 in short time... Well that means god is not on your club side mate... But on pep, klopp, and tuchel's FC
Snake John
Snake John 7 giorni fa
@Axka Naufal rangnick is better than klop and pep
Axka Naufal
Axka Naufal 7 giorni fa
@Snake John well I'll be just waiting mate, wonder what rangnick can do for united
Snake John
Snake John 8 giorni fa
@Axka Naufal man utd is king of comeback you were see man utd premier league winner this season!
NuclearWinter 2 mesi fa
It blows my mind how the Liverpool fans matched and even out cheered the man utd fans in their own stadium. Incredible
Mad Red
Mad Red Mese fa
@Tha HUMONCULOUSIUS your from Rhyl ya cabbage
Mad Red
Mad Red Mese fa
@Tha HUMONCULOUSIUS your ma was good
@Mad Red Says the non-English Kopite.
Mad Red
Mad Red Mese fa
@Steven Kelly Speak English u blurt
Steven Kelly
Steven Kelly Mese fa
@Mad Red Moss side are poo
aiman haaziq
aiman haaziq 2 mesi fa
love how MU fans booed Liverpool players and later on booed themselves and their whole club, hysterical!
surya fukuro
surya fukuro 21 giorno fa
@Arcangelo Ogbonna are you sure about that? Mu approximately have 75 million fans, but manchester's population is 2,75 million. So where 72,25 million MU fans come from?
L.F.C. Broadcaster
That is what I was going to say
Urbano Valdez
Poetic justice lol
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah Mese fa
Classy as always 😏
Dylan Morgan
Dylan Morgan Mese fa
@Arcangelo Ogbonna Good for you, my point still stands.
Step Esc
Step Esc Mese fa
The "Inside" series is marvellous, never seen something like this before. Real good quality, exciting, superb. there is no shame in being jealous of this as a German Liverpool fan.
Patryck Mese fa
Liverpool ist auch einfach ultra nice man
Satria Soneta
Mo Salah is one of the best players at the moment. Nothing exceeds his skills. Mo Salah is loved by football fans around the world.
Tash Franc
Tash Franc 2 mesi fa
Love how the fans started off booing our players and ended up booing their own!😄
Shane Walter
Shane Walter 3 giorni fa
@shootingstar is that seriously the best you have to offer this world? Lmfao
shootingstar 20 giorni fa
English man r the most disrespectful ppl and also full of egoistic ppl
Susan Gitonga
Susan Gitonga 21 giorno fa
🤣🤣Soo sad
Monkey Cracker
Monkey Cracker 23 giorni fa
WannaMax 29 giorni fa
Kuben Blisk
Kuben Blisk 2 mesi fa
Who would've ever thought Old Trafford would sound like a home game for Liverpool!!
sebastian alegria
It was probably one of Mo Salah's best performances ever, where Man Utd surrended to Liverpool, which was so inspirated scoring goal by goal in the 1st leg. If you ask me about CR7's incident, i think that he should have received red card for kicking an opponent on the pitch in a frustrated manner.
Patryck Mese fa
Yeah that's definitely a red card
Rajkumar Binoybhushan
Ronaldo is overrated.. he sucks the way he treats opponent players.. no fuckin respect...
SmugSmuggler 2 mesi fa
Definitely a clear red card. He overreacted at the score, understandingly. But not in that fashion.
Arghya Paul
Arghya Paul Mese fa
9:28 This is the best angle to see what Handerson did there, passed the ball with the outer side of his boot so that it curves towards Salah Exceptional!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Haren Mohanraj
Haren Mohanraj 2 mesi fa
9:33 Van Dijk celebrating as soon as Salah touches the ball.... gotta love it 😁😁
Sinovuyo Gasa
karl Erasure
karl Erasure Mese fa
My God, you have eyes like a falcon 👀😊👍👍👍👏👏👏
Jose A. Lucas
Jose A. Lucas 2 mesi fa
Fred trying to fight Konate is one of the best things I've ever seen 😂😂😂 man couldn't even push him an inch 😂😭 7:57 for those who were wondering
Mostafa Awad
Mostafa Awad 23 giorni fa
@Steve Marshall size difference of each team was hilarious. They try to fight and yet they look like dried raisins
Mohamed Rizhath
You meen keiatea
Jimi Aksara
Jimi Aksara Mese fa
@Min Robertsoncarlos is better than Shaw
Sure thingy
Sure thingy Mese fa
What's funnier is penandes trying to get involved and embarassing himself
Malligrub Mese fa
Haha, he literally swiped him right
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 2 mesi fa
Honestly could see Liverpool winning the PL and CL this season, loved the way they dominated Man U, Respect from a Leeds fan
Jason Myers
Jason Myers 2 mesi fa
City and Chelsea are looking great too though. I think West Ham might have a big say in where the title goes this season. Moyes has them flying. It's been good seeing Leeds back in the PL bud.
Subramanian Lakshman
Amazing performance. Bobby and Mo. In fact the entire time and the Hendo pass. Loved Konate flipping Fred and Van Dijk chesting CR7 and Robertson pointing his finger for the same cause.
Jambul 2 mesi fa
I think Keita is main player this match. Keita, Bobby and Salah.
Hades 2 mesi fa
Firmino created alot of chances that day.. He's such a baller.
Deto Qcney
Deto Qcney 2 mesi fa
07:55 miniscule Fred trying to pick up a fight against towering Konate gets me every time
Nadine P
Nadine P 2 mesi fa
Watched, cried, cheered during the game...but this clip up close reaction makes me 😭 with excitement and joy seeing our fans and team best ever in Man U stadium 😊 🥳♥️. Forever Liverpool to 🌎♥️💪🇯🇲
Michael Cooper
I cried with laughter at Utd's defence 🤣
Phil Elliott
Phil Elliott 2 mesi fa
Love Henderson motivating and rallying the players even at 4-0. Proper captain. Also, Konate and Fred is comedy gold.
Alfred Malam
Alfred Malam 21 giorno fa
@I'm hacking your bank account , OMG, LOL
I'm hacking your bank account
Fred looked like a little toddler begging to get his toy back LOL.
Alfred Malam
Alfred Malam 22 giorni fa
Koneta manhandled both Fred and Fernandes, he gave the "taming of the shrew". He told Fred get back here, little boy! that so funny
Adi setiadi
Adi setiadi Mese fa
😂😂😂 BRUUUHHH 5-0 🤣
Shambhu Kattel
Shambhu Kattel 2 mesi fa
You got it bruh😄
Røuff 2 mesi fa
Love it seeing lads didn't provoke the home fans in their goal celebrations as I'd seen Ronaldo's teams did at several chances. Great men.
Richard Mayne
Richard Mayne 2 mesi fa
The shots of Alisson stretching his legs all game, shows how much he had to do 🤣
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 2 mesi fa
Honestly could see Liverpool winning the PL and CL this season, loved the way they dominated Man U, Respect from a Leeds fan
serry ciok
serry ciok 2 mesi fa
Whoever is the editor deserves a raise getting in the Jones and Ronaldo business best angles 🤣😂😂😂 Konate just laughing 😭
serry ciok
serry ciok 2 mesi fa
I'm late on this but anybody see Ali at 12:08 copying Klopps celebration to the fans. Wholesome stuff I love to see. Camaraderie in this team is amazing!
Joner Football
Joner Football 2 mesi fa
inject this video into my veins !!!
Michael Labram
Michael Labram 2 mesi fa
It's art.... 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️
Breakfast Yummy
Breakfast Yummy 2 mesi fa
Василий Пагмитов
1_Chaloem 2 mesi fa
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash 2 mesi fa
This series is the best man. To experience everything so finely and in such detail, I wait for it specially after every big/intense match. The best run ITvid channel without a doubt.
Vlad Vax
Vlad Vax 2 mesi fa
@The Daydreamer i hope they will bring it back soon.
Mufaro Mawere
Mufaro Mawere 2 mesi fa
@Ole Gunnar Conte i think its perfectly reasonable to celebrate our team doing well rn. Every team has its ups and downs and we'll stay through the bad to enjoy now... I don't know who gave you the impression of us being cocky but don't forget in that 7-2 loss united had lost 6-1 the day before. So yeah, we've recovered, they haven't, stop fighting us, tell united to get a new coach.
Fatan Sameer
Fatan Sameer 2 mesi fa
@Ole Gunnar Conte Karam على الحياة الحقيقية وليس اللعب الكارما لما تاذي الانسان بنية متعمدة وليس لعبة عليها اتفاق من هو الفائز ومن هو الخاسر انك لاتفهم معنى الكارما
Ole Gunnar Conte
there will be a time Liverpool will get karma back. just see later. not always Liverpool will laugh, win every game, every team will definitely have time to fall and rise. karma definitely comes on liverpool or any toxic team. So calm down and see the karma one day will surely hit liverpool. need to be reminded liverpool once lost 7-2 to ASton Villa so don’t think your team is a strong team. .
Fatan Sameer
Fatan Sameer 2 mesi fa
@Dwid نعم لغرض الاحباط تكسير المعنويات
Maibu Ebrahim
Maibu Ebrahim 2 mesi fa
What a great video, really brought the atmosphere to the screen, the fans were brilliant, 0-5 and we didn't even play at our best. Not including the "oli's at the wheel" chants I thought showed class and humility, well done the editor.
Yousif Okasha
Yousif Okasha 2 mesi fa
Egypt’s Mo Salah becomes the all-time leading African goalscorer in the premier league, and the first player in premier league history to score a hat-trick against Manchester Utd at Old Trafford !! He absolutely killed CR7’s bright star this match & nailed the tittle of "THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD" ❤‍🔥
bill papaspiropoulos
YOU NEVER WALK ALONE !!!!!!! I wish the best for this team , my heart team since i was a young boy. WITH LOVE FROM GREECE.
Deto Qcney
Deto Qcney 2 mesi fa
Congratulations, you have a strong team, you deserve it and deserve to be happy. Salah is #1 Thank you.
Joe Goddard
Joe Goddard 2 mesi fa
You’ve gotta love how inclusive United’s fans were, not only did they boo our players and manager, but their own as well later on… 🤣
Domino XFishing
Domino XFishing 2 mesi fa
Joseph Salmonte
Joseph Salmonte 2 mesi fa
It brought a tear to my eye. Touching 😭
Jhs 2 mesi fa
Bruce Heri
Bruce Heri 2 mesi fa
@Blutch mourinho laughed out loud🤣🤣
James Ashcraft
James Ashcraft 2 mesi fa
I guess as long as Klopp is in charge LFC is on the field to do damage! Love it!!!
Cecile Bayubay
Already 1 month, but still couldnt get enough of this moment when we crashed Man U in their own field😛
C Dixon
C Dixon 2 mesi fa
The way Konate drags Fred back with one arm 7m 58s. The kids a beast.
iiiTechnoDuckxX 2 mesi fa
I cried laughing watching Fred struggle to try and throw Konate around after the terrible foul on Curtis Jones. Tiny Fred giving it all hes got and Konate just using a single arm like Fred is just a small child...
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager Mese fa
konate will eat him alive
Moghal 2 mesi fa
This is what happens when everyone in the team plays for the badge and respect the fans. I love this team, our manager and the passion with which we all play. Long may this continue. Love you Liverpool, you mean the world to me. YNWA.
S Mc
S Mc 2 mesi fa
Quality upload of a quality performance!! Konate swatting Fred away like an annoying wasp made it even better😂
Darren Walton
Darren Walton 2 giorni fa
Seeing this game played a week before my birthday was the most amazing present I could've asked for.
Angel Wings
Angel Wings 2 mesi fa
I can’t get enough of this on repeat 👏 Unfortunately can only like it once!
Divvock Origi
Divvock Origi 29 giorni fa
One of the most beautiful moments following this wonderful little club :)
andybyrne50 2 mesi fa
Henderson’s pass was absolute skills ,what a player ,what a captain…YNWA
Venn sim
Venn sim 2 mesi fa
@EoinMD totally agree with you. World class not necessary just skills alone, but with leadership, temperament, influence, decisions making etc. He has good vision and passing too. For me he’s the perfect captain!
Saroj Dulnakij
Saroj Dulnakij 2 mesi fa
@phil hewitt Sure!! It was the happiest day of my life. 😉
Jack Ray
Jack Ray 2 mesi fa
But he can’t do rainbowflicks so he’s not good
phil hewitt
phil hewitt 2 mesi fa
@Saroj Dulnakij we will be talking about that pass. We will be talking about this game as well for a long long time
EoinMD 2 mesi fa
@andybyrne50 Totallt agree. Hes a the defintion of Klopps mentality monster.
Chillink Studio
Chillink Studio 2 mesi fa
the fans were so amazing...wish i could be there someday
Nessen Govinden
That pass from Hendo to Salah...a peach of a ball! not talked about enough
Jack Ward
Jack Ward 2 mesi fa
The match was insane but 12:05 is still my favourite part haha
Maalik Cadow
Maalik Cadow Mese fa
I watched the game as I was high I thought it was a dream in the morning So I had to watch it again What a night ❤
Japet s
Japet s 2 mesi fa
Firmino is sensational, always helps the midfield and attack, and makes the opponent's attack stop in the middle of getting the ball and so on.
Charlie Kelly
Charlie Kelly 2 mesi fa
His pressing, Brazilian flair and overall football intelligence is absolutely amazing
Charlie Kelly
Charlie Kelly 2 mesi fa
@Khansa Galih defensive striker who demolished united 😆
Charlie Kelly
Charlie Kelly 2 mesi fa
Prob the most underrated player ever
Red Panda Agency Entertainment
He is my favourite player.
Edwin Thompson
Edwin Thompson 2 mesi fa
Not a lot of people, especially outside LFC truly appreciate how important Bobby is to the team. His workrate, intelligence, craft and unselfishness is second to none. For me personally he is my favourite player.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 2 mesi fa
Honestly could see Liverpool winning the PL and CL this season, loved the way they dominated Man U, Respect from a Leeds fan
Alex Reindeer
One of the best match in Football History
kjracing 2 mesi fa
Been watching this everyday. COME ON LIVERPOOL!!!!!
Aya Hassan
Aya Hassan 2 mesi fa
2:42 before the match 🥺❤️❤️❤️ What was his feeling!
خالد خالد
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Liverpool for making me happy with your encouragement.
Peaceeeeee 2 mesi fa
I know it's not possible but if we had some of the Liverpool players on England team we would be bringing it home 😉
Muta is my puta
Muta is my puta 2 mesi fa
1:27 the way Adrian startet booing too just to joke around was actually pretty funny, and this whole video was funny, especially when you hear the manu fans booing at liverpool when the busses arrived etc. and just knowing the results of what actually happened. that we won 5-0 over manu.
Adi setiadi
Adi setiadi Mese fa
Ds Teoh
Ds Teoh 2 mesi fa
I can watching these clip all day long and still keep going without reason , it’s just very enjoy and excited to watch 😜😜😜
almond white
almond white 2 mesi fa
As an African it feels my heart with joy to hear OLD TRAFFORD reverberating with the cheers "MO SALAH MO SALAH!!!!!!
Egyptian Pharo🇪🇬
@King We are not Arab
King 11 giorni fa
@Egyptian Pharo🇪🇬 Arabs are not white
Snake John
Snake John 21 giorno fa
@Egyptian Pharo🇪🇬 arab people is not for africa
Egyptian Pharo🇪🇬
@Snake John shut up the whole north africa is white since our ancestors ancient Egyptian untill now
Snake John
Snake John Mese fa
African belongs to black people
Derek Oconnor
Derek Oconnor 2 mesi fa
The best one I’ve seen so far, travelling reds a credit to the club
Aya Hassan
Aya Hassan 2 mesi fa
What a team! What a " SALALH"❤️ 👑
Amine Souissi
Amine Souissi 2 mesi fa
I love Hendo what a real captain amazing personality also , Mo Salah is from another planet 🌎 may be SATURN 🪐 😂😂 just amazing , I think Alexander Arnold can play as a number 9 Next game why not the guy is playing as a Midfielder😂 , Jurgen Kloop is full of motivation
Obaydah 2 mesi fa
Rub it in!!! One of the GOAT games in the modern LFC era. 👏
Urken Karakulov
Urken Karakulov 2 mesi fa
Firmino is always the one to start the action before each goal. What an important player!
Miyuki Bokuto
Miyuki Bokuto 15 giorni fa
Liverpool’s trio’s controlling tower
Lj 88
Lj 88 2 mesi fa
Yeah he is a playmaker
Muhammad Imdad
Muhammad Imdad 2 mesi fa
Yaps. Agree. He deserve to get starting line up.
glitch adapt
glitch adapt 2 mesi fa
Also keita
MAKE NZEE 2 mesi fa
Yeap. I think he is more underrated player but in system Liverpool one of the important.
Muhammad Anis
Muhammad Anis 2 mesi fa
I got goosebumps from Start to the end.
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas 2 mesi fa
Been to old Trafford so many times in the away end since the mid seventies can't believe I missed this one my god the mancs like there booing
Nompilo Buthelezi
Love it when the fans sing for Mo Salah🔥❤
Joe Blak
Joe Blak 2 mesi fa
Love watching this again...especially looking at Fred tried to pull Konate...not even an inch he move...🤣🤣🤣historical game...
Omar D
Omar D 2 mesi fa
As an Arsenal fan, Liverpool what a team. A great collective of players and fans!
Noname mr
Noname mr 2 mesi fa
Respect ❤
Johny sinister
Johny sinister 2 mesi fa
As a man united fan, I totallyagree with you
Yulia Dewi
Yulia Dewi 2 mesi fa
0-5 at old Trafford 10-0 at Anfield YNWA ❤️❤️❤️ Liverpool
Yulia Dewi
Yulia Dewi 2 mesi fa
Respect to Arsenal fan YNWA ❤️❤️❤️
Grace Christina
Grace Christina 2 mesi fa
As a scouser n Liverpool fan me family from london are Arsenal supporters and I’ll always support arsenal as long as ur not playing us 🤣❤️
Non Serviam
Non Serviam 2 mesi fa
Thanks boys, most enjoyable 90mins since the Barca comeback
Joe Zealand
Joe Zealand 11 giorni fa
The amount of times I watched this video can't be said😍
Jason Kuan
Jason Kuan 2 mesi fa
I simply enjoy every single second of Man Utd's humiliation at Old Trafford, well done lads!
Muhammad Yunus
Congrats Liverpool, you deserved won the match 🔥🔥👍👍
Layth Barzangi
Layth Barzangi 2 mesi fa
Konate handling Bruno and Fred like a seasoned nightclub bouncer handling a pair of drunks. Hilarious!!! 😂
Farock Afero
Farock Afero 2 mesi fa
Xolani 2 mesi fa
Abdisamad Hassan
AlvinMasli Gaming
It feels like LFC brought Christmas and New Year to October. So happy!
Ado1295 2 mesi fa
Those booo's at the start make that spectacular victory even more sweater 🤣
Yerassyl Onggarov
At 12:05 The boo starts and Klopp gives his yes!yes!yes! What a charisma!:)
sartika kartika
sartika kartika 2 mesi fa
Thanks a lot, Mo Salah & my dream teams !!!
Jazzy Sundays
Jazzy Sundays 2 mesi fa
Konate pulled back Fred with one arm so effortlessly, like how I lift my cat from the ground. The dude's a beast!
Mahmoud Hakim 2015
@aris igit 😂😂😂😂 i like see this 😂😂😂😂
Natalie Chen
Natalie Chen 2 mesi fa
@henry chandra 7:55
aris igit
aris igit 2 mesi fa
I think if fred versus konate in the Smack Down WWE . he will be going to hospital.
Dermot Moriarty
Dermot Moriarty 2 mesi fa
@flying Ya and about 4 feet taller than those Utd players :P
flying 2 mesi fa
@Dermot Moriarty he is 1 cm bigger than van dijk hehe
Kk Thirteen
Kk Thirteen 2 mesi fa
And finally Man Utd created another history in hometown 👏
مدفع الالعاب جيمز Cannon Games
Salah is a real beast.🌹💕. Cant be touched. Unstopable player 💯
hairiz zamzam
hairiz zamzam 23 giorni fa
Perfect game perfect atmosphere perfect performance perfect supporters perfect Liverpool lads. The best male singers are all the male supporters singing in unison in one voice in every songs. Period perfect!
Great Fans for Great Club, Perfect Manager who make this lovable system, Clob is Great Coach and he place the love between all this Players from different Nations the First one in Liverpool is the Manager and for sure the Fans is the main base for this Fantastic Picture we see this days, Players is the best in the world, For Salah i would tell him you doing good job bro and god bless you and all your Team and wish you all the best for next games
Challenger 20
Challenger 20 2 mesi fa
The fans in that corner against 70,000+ fans, you can feel the passion that burns in a Liverpool fan. YNWA ❤️
Challenger 20
Challenger 20 2 mesi fa
@Ascblidt You reckon that it could say the same for the Man City game today. Another few thousand I reckon left the stadium. 😂😂😂
Glenn Chua. Hian Beng
I think our own Liverpool supporting fan let say 5000+ cheering much louder than the rest of the Man U fans! I would estimated 60,000. What a sweet lovely day for all our liverpool fan ! Haha!
Jonathan Tang
Jonathan Tang 2 mesi fa
@Ascblidt 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣
to ri
to ri 2 mesi fa
but still loud
محمد الضيف
@Ascblidt 😂😂😂😂
paraic canavan
What a result THANK YOU L.F.C for making my day YNWA.
Nguyen Le
Nguyen Le 2 mesi fa
Henderson's pass... just spectacular...
MJ B 2 mesi fa
The truth.. I am an old school Liverpool fan but to see Man U lose like this hurts because in the ends warriors needs enemies. I respect Man U like no other club
Michael Dankwa
Michael Dankwa 2 mesi fa
My captain can defend, pass, score and lead, Henderson is the name YNWA🔥🔥💪
Lunch 2 mesi fa
The reaction to our coach arrival is pretty enlightening. A few soft boos, but mainly their supporters filming our players in adoration. Such is the state of their club and ours.
petespinkypigs 2 mesi fa
@Lunch...You have said exactly what i was thinking
Exactly. I noticed it too. Some were booing while some filmed our players😍
raimesey 2 mesi fa
The boos were pretty weak weren’t they? They had already accepted defeat!
mohammed roshan
mohammed roshan 2 mesi fa
Nah I heard siuuuuuuuu
Liverpool 4 Ever
I'm still feeling angry about stopping the score at 5 ! we must have continued to 8 whatever it takes ! 😡
Bos Sha
Bos Sha Giorno fa
An amazing boy Mo Salah
Kapten Tsugoro
Kapten Tsugoro 2 mesi fa
Whatta amazing game...!!!
Biju EP
Biju EP 2 mesi fa
Never get tired of watching Konate handling Fred and Fernades :)
Poquito 2 mesi fa
Hendo's pass for that 5th goal looks so much better from this angle, what an incredible assist.
Dan 2 mesi fa
Wasn't that a fairly straight (although very good) lofted ball over the top? Was again top quality though
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones 2 mesi fa
Hendo did a similar pass to Mane Vs Chelsea (Stamford Bridge) in the 2020/21 season, but it resulted in a sending off (Christiansen) when Mane was clean through.
Dan 2 mesi fa
Reckon it's better than that Salah pass. I think it's like Gerrard to Sturridge in 2014 vs Fulham. Insane quality!
Harry Kane
Harry Kane 2 mesi fa
The theatre of dreams have become the theatre of nightmares
Lim Tat
Lim Tat 2 mesi fa
just like salah pass to mane on previous game
pynjop kupar
pynjop kupar 2 mesi fa
i admire fred so much..this confidence i need in my life
A Miah
A Miah 2 mesi fa
We shouldnt have taken it easy, we should have scored 10 and engraved this into history forever.
Inder Ghandial
Inder Ghandial 2 mesi fa
The boos at the start of the video honestly are embarrassing 🤣🤣🤣 they went from booing our players to their own team!
C Kreuzer
C Kreuzer 2 mesi fa
What a team!!
Tootsie Nairobi
Tootsie Nairobi 2 mesi fa
You gotta be ticked by Man U fans - booing at the start : our boys at the end : their boys It felt like a stroll in the park for our boys.... what a feeling....and I was watching from home... our fans at the game... wow the atmosphere was electric thank you Mr Klopp - love you n all our boys and our Club! Class Act
Vybs Violated You
Mo Salah Mo Salah running down the wing Mo Salah Mo Salah the Egyptian king 👑 👑👑
Evnard Gaming
Evnard Gaming 2 mesi fa
I love how every Liverpool player comes with airpods in
George Morrison
George Morrison 2 mesi fa
That roar from the traveling kop when mo scores his third. I could just watch and listen to it all day. 😎
Parth Parmar
Parth Parmar 2 mesi fa
Great game but let’s treat every game as the important one and not get ahead of ourselves. Come on Liverpool we can do it this time again!!!!!
Parth Parmar
Parth Parmar 2 mesi fa
@Beela you r right but let’s not get overconfident for the next matches is all I am saying because we r in a great run of form and don’t wanna ruin it by overconfidence
Khaled Rabee
Khaled Rabee 2 mesi fa
صلاح كان يملا طبق الكشري بالشطة كي يزيد حجمه ويشبع ....صلاح من قلب الريف المصري البسيط الطيب .....صلاح كان يسافر بالاربع والخمس ساعات يوميا في رحلة شاقة ومتعبة ومرهقة يوميا وبالقطار (وما ادراكم بطبيعة القطارات المصرية التي كان يركبها) ليتدرب وليراه فقط ويعرفه مدرب ما او يجد فرصة جيدة في فريق جيد......صلاح تحمل وصبر وهو طفل صغير مالا نتحمله نحن الان......ولسنين .....صلاح كانت امه هي من ترسله بالقطار ...وتنتظره في المحطة حين يعود ..ويوميا ...ولسنين......ذلك الطفل بداخل صلاح مازال موجودا وحيا ...ومازال يصر .ان يراه العالم ويعترف بموهبته....ذلك الطفل لم يشبع بعد ......لم يعط كل مالديه بعد .....ولن يكتفي حتي يصعد قمم جبال العالم ويقف فوقها ...ليراه ويعترف به كل اهل الارض Note: please translate it in your language and read it
Idan A Hasan
Idan A Hasan 2 mesi fa
Yup let's win the next one & the next & the next until we're champions
Beela 2 mesi fa
Who’s getting ahead of themselves, it’s a historic win, we are allowed to enjoy it
David Maggs
David Maggs 2 mesi fa
Except this was utd away. This is going in the bank with the Barcelona game. Been waiting for this for a looooong time!
Mshari Ehsain
Mshari Ehsain 2 mesi fa
Your glory lasts, Mo Salah
Itsjustmetho *
Itsjustmetho * 2 mesi fa
I'll end up coming back to this video time and time again. It won't ever get tiring to watch
Joseph Adjetey
This was just joy to watch 🤣🤣🤣
El Chapo Guzmán
Liverpool fans to Klopp reaction...this amazing!
L V a l u e
L V a l u e 2 mesi fa
I Love how the Manc's was booing us from before the team even got out of the bus. I expect nothing less, and it sweetens the win in magnitude.
Tony Leong
Tony Leong 2 mesi fa
what goes around comes around
Myla Tan
Myla Tan 2 mesi fa
the funny thing is they're booing at their opponent the ending story they are the ones booing
Brian Jones
Brian Jones 2 mesi fa
... and then booing their own at half time was hilarious.
Lara Amer
Lara Amer 2 mesi fa
Salah .... Keep breaking records ... Keep us dreaming 😍YNWA
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