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These lipsticks are created with a blend of murumuru butter, Shea Butter & Mango Butter.
They are also infused with Sunflower Seed Oil that helps give my formula the creamy, moisturizing feel. It also contains Collagen & a custom blend of fragrance that kind of smells like vanilla butter cake.
*Sorry in the video I said "Avocado Oil" I mixed it up with a different product i'm developing!
They are also vegan, cruelty free & made in the USA!


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myra g.
myra g. 6 giorni fa
tbh and idc what ppl think of her or this launch... I kinda feel bad for her cause you can tell she was legit excited for this launch just for it to turn out the way it did. The colors were so pretty and the packaging was so cute!! She’s still one of my few fav youtubers you can just tell she’s a very sweet, geniune person. Idk how to explain it but I can just tell. I don’t get why she gets so much hate nobody is perfect.
anna nguyen
anna nguyen 11 giorni fa
ashleyyy 16 giorni fa
"The ingredients are INCREDIBLE." yeah, i will admit, hair and sharp metal does feel good and cushony on my lips
Ashley Trejo
Ashley Trejo 16 giorni fa
I’m so behind in the Makeup game! Starting fresh and I just saw this video for the first time but please correct me if I’m wrong... Are all of your lipsticks sold out for good? This is the perfect lip combo. I’m all about nudes! 💕
Kate Quech
Kate Quech 18 giorni fa
Honestly it´s sad that they are´nt available, the lipsticks had such nice colors ❤️. Also it´s sad to see how excited she was to launch the product knowing how everything ended up for her.
Diamonds Diamonds
Diamonds Diamonds 18 giorni fa
Oh my goodness This is very exciting for this women And she will do very good & love this💜
Kirstin Gorman
Kirstin Gorman 23 giorni fa
I'm so obsessed with all of your pallets, holidays collections & of course your own personal line!! I only own the first pallet currently but all I know is when I get the $ girll shit I'm gonna buy it alll!!!! Also your so sweet & loving of your fans. Not a lot of people are like that so I just wanted to say thanks!!! It means the world. Also you've inspired me to possibly making a brand of my own just seeing your amazing success & just how humble you've stayed throughout the whole process. I've been feeling so lost not knowing what I'm going to do with my life career wise. You helped me find my path. Stay awesome jaclyn 💋💗
Whit Lauren
Whit Lauren Mese fa
I really hope she can revive these somehow. I love lipstick.
Zahra K
Zahra K Mese fa
Love how she knows the drama makes her money so she kept the videos up and put a bunch of ads in it. Shows your true colors
Angela Mese fa
I think Jaclyn pushed these lipsticks too fast and the lab fucked her over.
Bilbo and Barney
Who’s watching in 2020 and is so proud of her 🥺🥺🥺
Louisa Watson
this did not age well
Allison wsc
Allison wsc Mese fa
Why is she sitting on the floor?
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez 2 mesi fa
I love Jaclyn hill she’s amazing
Ammarah Ayaz
Ammarah Ayaz 2 mesi fa
No body get tired of listening to mums story ❤❤❤ May you mum live long and have a beautiful life and you Just bought your pallet and came to check out you and fell in love 😘 you go girl Wish you the best life and success
bhargavi jaladanki
*This Lipstick's name is ''Perfectionist'' because true to it's name, I'm a perfectionist* . Oh jaclyn Jaclyn Jaclyn!!!!! Hold my fuzzies, hairies, holes and molds
Sheirynette Vega
Top seller ? Opsss girl..opss.
Aza Beletskaya
Aza Beletskaya 2 mesi fa
Aza Beletskaya
Angela who are you talking to?
Angela Mese fa
Get a life
Chloe Kit
Chloe Kit 2 mesi fa
6:32 wtffffff is thAt????? Soooooooooo cringey
Happy Person
Happy Person 2 mesi fa
8:46-9:09 aww I feel bad bc this rly flopped
Shtee Vale
Shtee Vale 2 mesi fa
What is this woman on?
Ellen Ripley
Ellen Ripley 2 mesi fa
oh wow it's been a year since lipstickgate! legend still says they're harier than Dr. Phil's head
Trina Moitra
Trina Moitra 2 mesi fa
Custom scent called “expired af”. 😂😂😂😂
Stephaniexenia 3 mesi fa
To this day i still want to try these!!! Please jaclyn remake these at a better lab and come out with the same colors 😭 i need them ... i really do!
Maia Pohi
Maia Pohi 3 mesi fa
The lipsticks are beautiful I’d actually buy some if I could find where to 🥺
Angela Drummond
Angela Drummond 3 mesi fa
We defo walked away trusting your brand...was contaminated as hell. Maybe the 84yrs you claimed to have taken to create these, was the contributing factor of the mold, hair and the major flaws found in the lipsticks SIS! You also forgot to mention, all the plastic and hairs when you were explaining the ingredients. It ashame because the shades and components are stunning. I wish you would re launch these without the contamination. As I genuinely loved some of the shades.
Jade Moreno
Jade Moreno 3 mesi fa
You spent 5years on your lipstick line and they were expired when u released them. Last recap
klk1900 3 mesi fa
Hopefully they didn’t get mold and pubic hair on isla and all that nasty shit in the lipstick
klk1900 3 mesi fa
You can tell by those emails. She has poor work ethic. It reminds me of somebody that’s addicted to opioids. They wanna so shit 3 days per month. But they have so many ideas all the other days. She acted like it’s a joke and she just has a terrible work ethic and doesn’t understand what it takes to have a business. You have to put 16hrs per day in until you sustain. Then you get to fuck around. She doesn’t get that.
SusieSims Mese fa
@Angela How is talking about her terrible product "obsessed"? Why are you so bothered? Get a life & grow up Miss Bothered.
Angela Mese fa
Why are you people so obsessed with this? Get a life and grow up
Ciera Hughes
Ciera Hughes 3 mesi fa
"So you can really trust my brand and get to know me by something as simple as a lipstick" Wow, that statement, just like the lipsticks, really didn't age well.
hireatt 3 mesi fa
real title : *introducing my non-hygienic make-up line*
resptheair 3 mesi fa
Titanic 2020, are people still purchasing Jaclyn's shitty products?
Paige Moretuzzo
Paige Moretuzzo 3 mesi fa
Hi Jaclyn yeah pls bring these back
L DeeJay
L DeeJay 3 mesi fa
Little did she know this was going to be her downfall.. poor thing
Amanda King
Amanda King 3 mesi fa
Anyone else still low key want to try these shades?
Angela Mese fa
I do. I hope she makes them again and releases them with a better lab
José Gregorio Nolasco Rodriguez
Eres un mentirosa
José Gregorio Nolasco Rodriguez
No sabemos en qué laboratorio de mala muerte fue hecho esto, que mal por todos nosotros
José Gregorio Nolasco Rodriguez
Que desgracia, quiero mi dinero de vuelta.
Samantha Sandoval
Sergio A
Sergio A 3 mesi fa
Nada puede malir sal
Katrin Iurian
Katrin Iurian 4 mesi fa
It’s so sad to see her be so hyped about a lipstick brand that is gonna be a HUGE fail.
Angela Mese fa
You guys are really disgusting people
Legend1508 4 mesi fa
Jaclyn: "You have no idea, how much is about to happen!" And: BOOMMM!!!
Karmen O'Shea
Karmen O'Shea 4 mesi fa
Love the shades you came up with! I hope you re-release them because I want to buy all of them! Love you Jaclyn!
Alina13 4 mesi fa
One very positive thing to take away, she had a dream and it came to fruition. To all the downers, it’s possible.
lowkey pancake
lowkey pancake 4 mesi fa
17:05 she's a perfectionist guys
lowkey pancake
lowkey pancake 4 mesi fa
This is cringey
Beemen 4 mesi fa
Anyone know where can I get that top?
Aza Beletskaya
Aza Beletskaya 4 mesi fa
itvid.net/video/video-QC___TQSq0Y.html You were working on lip sticks since 2015... how did you just decide to launch them and they are complete shit? If you were working on then since 2015 than why were they shit?
Aza Beletskaya
Aza Beletskaya 4 mesi fa
She probably had them since than than they got moldy and gross... but didn’t care she only wanted money
tlwest21 4 mesi fa
I would never read the comments if I were famous.
Soo Hyun
Soo Hyun 4 mesi fa
jaclynn: there was small little things me: oh like the hairs? okey
stacey krass
stacey krass 5 mesi fa
Does anyone know where this top is from ?
Karen Gonzalez
Karen Gonzalez 5 mesi fa
Pobre mujer, que pensara cuando vea esto?? Pena? Por que yo si🤦🏼‍♀️ q
Katherine Grassie
14. Your clothes are always on point.
sarah key
sarah key 5 mesi fa
I really wish this would have went right instead of left. I seriously wish they could have just been amazing, I wonder what it would be like..
Brittany Dugger
Brittany Dugger 5 mesi fa
She was so cocky in this video, only to be thoroughly smacked back down to earth with a quickness 😂😂😂
pee pee poo poo
pee pee poo poo 5 mesi fa
why do people care more about the packaging over the actual product like?? idgaf if the box is holographic i’m gonna throw it away
pee pee poo poo
pee pee poo poo 5 mesi fa
she has not had any luck creating makeup she needs to just sell her brand and go
Kate Marie
Kate Marie 5 mesi fa
I really hope the lipsticks are re released!💜💜💜
Adiella 5 mesi fa
Ok but let's just talk about how beautiful Jaclyn looks in this vid. She went into depression and started self medicating her self using alcohol bcs of her depression.
Citra VS
Citra VS 5 mesi fa
When You just Talk way Toooooooo Much ... .... 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Molly Mason
Molly Mason 5 mesi fa
“ I wanted to start off with basics, and then build from there so you can trust my brand and get to know me by something as simple as a lipstick.” Yikes.
SydneyLoves Makeup
#JaclynHill #JaclynCosmetics
kate carew
kate carew 6 mesi fa
Sheesh, no pressure Isla 😬😳😬 Speaking from the future...don’t hitch your success to a baby who hasn’t even breathed air yet.
Lauren B.
Lauren B. 6 mesi fa
I hope you relaunch your lipsticks!!
Alyssa Haley
Alyssa Haley 6 mesi fa
Anyone here 2020🥰
Ziwei Wang
Ziwei Wang 6 mesi fa
Mel 21
Mel 21 6 mesi fa
I've never watched her before, so I'm just curious..... is that how she usually does swatches of something. I mean wow I've never seen someone launching their own products but NEVER getting close up on swatches and stuff like applying the product. She didn't even do a close up on those swatches. How sketchy!! I did wonder is she really did know or not about the lipsticks. This seems like prove to me.
Laura Lopez
Laura Lopez 6 mesi fa
I cant believe how this world is full of fucken rude people. Guys at least she try to do something in life. All of you fucken idiot's talking shit about her what do you do "NOTHING" to become successful. Failure is part of becoming successful and that's what she was doing. People wont understand that cuz they dont understand "success"
Chloe Cusimano
Chloe Cusimano 6 mesi fa
6:33 what in the f*ckkkk is that dude
CaramelDiva7 ASMR
Hello Beautiful 💞💞💞💞
y a n m a r i n
y a n m a r i n 6 mesi fa
I'm so mad. Why is there more dislikes than likes? I'm upset. Jaclyn is not only making this right for you and some of you are complaining when you don't EVEN BUY the lipsticks! That doesn't concern you. Obviously. It's so kind of Jaclyn to give you a refund and a new lipstick! Even if you're lying! That is the most genuine and kind-hearted thing EVER. give her a break guys, like she said this is her first launch. So how would that make you feel if you decided to complain WHEN IT DIDNT CONCERN YOU?!?!?!? Ugh, ppl these days are so stuck up and want WHATEVER they want. Ew. This lady is nice. 😡 Btw, this is from her video abt her lipstcks
Elline_ 6 mesi fa
'It's so kind of Jaclyn to give you a refund and a new lipstick.' No it's not 'so kind', it's what any profesional business should do.
Sarahfields_28 6 mesi fa
I am not into drama at all. I just now stumbled onto all this and OMG... watching this makes me so sad that I can't buy these!!!! I can't wait for these to come back please so I can support Jaclyn and wear amazing lipsticks.
brenda Stephenson
Girl I get so many compliments honest to god the truth.....I'm so afraid to run out 😭 it's the most beautiful nudes ...I tweet them every week to please bring them back lol
Isha Biswas
Isha Biswas 6 mesi fa
You look like Mrs. Trump lol
Fhdhdhddb Dhdhdhfhfhf
my FAVORTIE SHADE is lip infections its perfect for EVERYONE. OOOOOO and dont ever for get the one that gives you that SHARP look to it!!! its called theres shit in my fucking lipsticks bitch
NOVA KASHI 6 mesi fa
She need her ass beat for scamming a lot of people&&then again for scamming a lot of people with her "highlight holiday collection" which she copied from Fenty beauty from Rihanna like....u need ur ass whooped for not being honest with ur fans ur supporters u need ur ass whooped for not giving people refunds for making people physically sick stop doing this to people who did support you!
Nora Waglau
Nora Waglau 7 mesi fa
Sry i dont Wand Any infections yk
That Chick
That Chick 7 mesi fa
Watching this after all the drama.... ooof sister
dyhia lellouche
dyhia lellouche 7 mesi fa
you talk a lot not saying much
Keeeping up with Keeks
Watching this video after the fact is actually really sad she was so excited for this launch and talked so highly of it.
Citra VS
Citra VS 7 mesi fa
And She shifted to That rented mansions 10k $/NIGHT while people still waiting for the REFUND. You’re such a. B.S influencer JH !!!!!! Refund The money !!!!!
Annah Hinman
Annah Hinman 7 mesi fa
this video aged well
Natasha Newlands
some of the comments😩 creased😂😭
Hazel Tabu
Hazel Tabu 7 mesi fa
Omg I want to try those😍😍
Kichanna Pahardo
Bruh, those are melted, comtaminated with hair and other solid stuff in it, alot of people who ordered got contaminated and some people even got their lips injured
Maddy Is sad
Maddy Is sad 7 mesi fa
Videos recorded seconds before disaster
Riya Patel
Riya Patel 7 mesi fa
You are so pretty!!! I can’t even..
Einet R.
Einet R. 7 mesi fa
I cried for you, I’m so proud of you!! Especially with the lipstick dedicated to your mom. This really hits home. 💕💕 you are so inspirational. Thank you for being you Jaclyn and being a boss!
Isha Biswas
Isha Biswas 6 mesi fa
Nanni Ahmed
Nanni Ahmed 7 mesi fa
this gonna be our best seller 😅
Victoria’s makeup box
I hope she goes to a new lab and re makes these cause I still want them💋💋
brenda Stephenson
Same ...I bought them and still use no issues. My only issue is I get compliments and I have to tell them you cant buy it 😭😭😭😭
Francine Kuri
Francine Kuri 8 mesi fa
Yeah they're vegan all right. If you take the cat hair out.
Kimberly Welch
Kimberly Welch 8 mesi fa
Working at MAC on food stamps? Oh wow, is that true?
David P
David P 8 mesi fa
That scream f annoys me
lori s
lori s 8 mesi fa
So i guess she didn't learn from this bc her highlighter reveal vid is twice as cocky as this...spends 30 minutes talking about herself and her emotions before getting into the actual goods....WE DON'T CARE...it sounds like she's making excuses for bad product before the reveal even happens...SHUT UP AND GET TO THE SUCKY PRODUCT 🙄
Kichanna Pahardo
Sad :(
Krystin Burn
Krystin Burn 8 mesi fa
Packiging does not always have to suck because your product sucks
Krystin Burn
Krystin Burn 8 mesi fa
U are overrrr reacting bitch
Natalia 8 mesi fa
My sister died because she tried her fucking make up
brenda Stephenson
@Kichanna Pahardo ofcourse not lol dont be a sheep please
not julia
not julia 8 mesi fa
bet ya wish you renamed it now
Biggest scammer of all ITvid history looooooool
Kichanna Pahardo
How does she even have fans ://
Rizki Permatasari
Watching the first 5 mins telling "my product, my name on it.." in the future be like........ 👀🙄
Yasje 030
Yasje 030 8 mesi fa
0.75 ur welcome😊
Marie L
Marie L 8 mesi fa
In 2019 how TF do you mess up a lisptick launch..I saw them & they were disgusting omg..I would never now buy anything from this line...ever lol
Kichanna Pahardo
She scans everyone and yet people supports her
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