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Nude AF, Amazeballs, Obsessed
That Girl, Sofia, Perfectionist
Fussy, Control Freak, Hot Toddy
Ambition, Independent, Bada$$

These lipsticks are created with a blend of murumuru butter, Shea Butter & Mango Butter.
They are also infused with Sunflower Seed Oil that helps give my formula the creamy, moisturizing feel. It also contains Collagen & a custom blend of fragrance that kind of smells like vanilla butter cake.
*Sorry in the video I said "Avocado Oil" I mixed it up with a different product i'm developing!
They are also vegan, cruelty free & made in the USA!


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23 mag 2019

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Commenti 35 337
Ms. Right
Ms. Right 13 minuti fa
She talks soooo much
Hope Bullard
Hope Bullard 41 minuto fa
Sorry, I don't trust you, or your lab! Or your lipsticks!
Biatch P
Biatch P Ora fa
Painful to watch now this video once the drama hit. She should pull the line and refund everyone then go back to the drawing board. Her rambling video from the other day just made herself look worse. Be interesting to see if she comes back on with another video in response to all the comments she is getting ❤️ from 🇨🇦
Cygne Vara
Cygne Vara 2 ore fa
Oh...🤭...watching this June 17th, and...it’s just bad
Ashley Bilger
Ashley Bilger 3 ore fa
I hope your idea of putting lipstick on newborn Isla feet went out the window 😅😅 wouldn’t want your toxic product on her sweet feet.
Amie Tao
Amie Tao 3 ore fa
Wait...what happened to the number of dislikes? Last I saw dislike was 106K and likes was 130k something. Today it's 19K dislikes And 222K likes. Did I miss something here? 🤷
nastyvy 4 ore fa
9:29 huh...i wonder why 🤡🤡
rip wherearetheavacodos
when does it show the lipstick being crusty like explainnnnnn tell meeee
pinkstate 4 ore fa
she put her heart and soul into the collection with a hint of hairs and mold
Bunny Montay
Bunny Montay 4 ore fa
I'm sorry but half the lips are basically the same color and why isn't there any close ups
lelechim 5 ore fa
Anyone got some binoculars so I can see those lipstick swatches?
lelechim 5 ore fa
Jaclyn, considering that you spent years on your line and are such a perfectionist and wanted it to be so perfect, the launch was unforgivably poor. And why would you not show the product and swatches up close, or on lips?
Jéssica Uh
Jéssica Uh 5 ore fa
22:24 Well...I don't think the mommy will do it anymore. Mysterious hairs and bacteria don't go with babys
Tasha H.
Tasha H. 5 ore fa
Why did we get zero product shots close up? Can't even see the colors in the tube, just you rubbing them all down your arm and off in the distance swatches. Not helpful.
ih8yhooall 5 ore fa
piece of shit
Ha Ha
Ha Ha 6 ore fa
Sorry, trash...
71gym71 6 ore fa
Jaclyn 20:04 I want this to feel expensive in your hand Everyone : oh like a fur coat ?
Mayra Rodriguez
Welp you tried. At least you’ll always have a job at QVC.
Amy 7 ore fa
35 minutes of bullshit
Grey Carver
Grey Carver 9 ore fa
came here after the “apology”... this is hella awkward 😬
To visualize what is going on in lipstick please refer to video on YT What Does Mold Look Like? Ask a Vancouver Mold Specialist 6.16 - mold in bread graphic - literally describing everything What is going on in lipstick. Rhizoids in Depth, (shown by Smashbrush in her video where she cuts lipstick vertically in 28.30 minute) growing out sporangiophores (hairs) which are seeding black dots - spores I hope a lot of people will see this and See it' HARMFUL. There is no fuzzy gloves, no air bubbles! Lets call it properly as I mentioned above. Sincerely, moleculary-biochemical biology bachelor.
Francis S
Francis S 10 ore fa
Can we just take a moment on Jaclyn's top? It's giving me a Tackyville, Florida vibe. lol The saying was so true that you can't buy style and good taste . juzzz saying.
lea mash
lea mash 10 ore fa
It's a real disaster! there are a lot of hairs in lipsticks go see the videos on it's title! Horrible! Catastrophic recovery !
ms sjw
ms sjw 11 ore fa
No no please don't do give aways. Not with those lipsticks. We're good. Thanks no thanks.
Lexi Fiscina
Lexi Fiscina 11 ore fa
Jaclyn hill foreshadowing her shitty lunch for 35 minutes straight.
Virág Anna May
Virág Anna May 11 ore fa
How is it vegan if it contains collagene? Just asking...
Anastasija Spasić
would've made more sense if she hadn't filmed this video saying how much testing and effort was made smh
Grace Phipps
Grace Phipps 13 ore fa
17:27 Everyone: not it’s not Everyone is the world: no it’s not
Grace Phipps
Grace Phipps 13 ore fa
Omg lmao imagine if it got bacteria, hair and clumpy holes that would be crazy
Grace Phipps
Grace Phipps 13 ore fa
I want you to walk away feeling like you know the product and you TRUST the product
Zeekee Reen
Zeekee Reen 13 ore fa
If THAT'S the kind of product she came out with after calling herself a PERFECTIONIST, I wonder what her MEDIOCRE looks like. 😂 Give up on your makeup mogul dream, huntiieeee. You ain't got no credibility for it.
Dawn Master
Dawn Master 15 ore fa
Itll pass jaclyn I still love u!
Dawn Master
Dawn Master 15 ore fa
Packaging looks awesome though!!
Fatima Almansori
i love jaclyn i knew about the drama and all but still going to spend my money on her lipsticks
Lexi Fiscina
Lexi Fiscina 17 ore fa
8 years later from your vision and it’s SHIT, sis.
Angie Sanichara
Angie Sanichara 17 ore fa
So weird watching this now for the first time.
Noor Hasan
Noor Hasan 17 ore fa
Who came back to dislike?
Donna Rerecich
Donna Rerecich 18 ore fa
She needs to have someone write a script for her.
Nitya Mohan
Nitya Mohan 18 ore fa
I love this video now 🤣🤣🤣🤣
kiwigirljacks 20 ore fa
Apocalipstick 2019 ☠️
Lavender Quintin
Jaclyn you're everything but a perfectionist.
Robyn 22 ore fa
That swatch from 30 yards away was super helpful thank you!
Robyn 22 ore fa
Lipstick with zits and ingrown hairs 💩
Soki Osonura
Soki Osonura 23 ore fa
Take a shot everytime she says undertone, beautiful and skin tone.
Jaclyn is in the wrong profession. She should’ve been a politician.
Sydney Kings
Sydney Kings 23 ore fa
Dani_Is_Terrible 1
Damn girl goes hard lmao 😂
Jo Anne
Jo Anne Giorno fa
mcheesey123 Giorno fa
Anyone know where her top is from?
Camila Flores
Camila Flores Giorno fa
damn watching this after all the scandals makes me embarrassed for her
Squishy Jeanne
Squishy Jeanne Giorno fa
i feels really bad for her honestly...she's really excited for this launch and it's a huge mess...i dont think that she's putting expired lipsticks on purpose..is it really expired? or is it because she puts her products in a high temprature so it's kinda ruin her lipsticks..that's too bad, i think the colors are really pretty...
Kate Riggen
Kate Riggen Giorno fa
You might want to find a new career...
Llv14 Giorno fa
People need to relax. She will fix this problem so just give her chance. People are so dramatic.
Hamza Khurram
Hamza Khurram Giorno fa
You look better w/o makeup
Dulce Alvarez
Dulce Alvarez Giorno fa
Mom is probably my favorite!!!! Haven’t even bought it yet but I can already tell I’m gonna be obsessed
Carlinha Guevara
This is the same woman that thought shadows produced in China were a quality product.....
Curvybarbiej Giorno fa
pretty much with this video is just reading in between the lines everything she said that her product "wasn't" it really was.
Evelyn Garcia
Evelyn Garcia Giorno fa
If it’s Jaclyn Cosmetics why does the lipstick have a JH. Are they from before your divorce?
Anna Trieu
Anna Trieu Giorno fa
I wonder if she uses the makeup she made...
Perfectly Imperfect
I really hope they didn't put that lipstick on the baby's feet.... she's going to need to get shots so she doesnt get sick🤢🤧🤒🤕😷
Smelly DOnut
Smelly DOnut Giorno fa
absolutely hilarious how u bashed a girl for a valid concern on twitter. i definately will NOT be feeding my hard earned money to your mouth sis
simran khan
simran khan Giorno fa
I believe that you r completely duplicate your complete face is makeup only you don’t have natural beauty that’s why u hide your ugliness with make up and Mam your attitude is just so irritating 😢😢m sorry for that ....guys be natural be real ......inside beauty is better than face beauty mam ..you should have donated that money
LEYLA90 Giorno fa
Why is she swatching sooo far lmao. Bitch bye. Everyone and anyone who supports this woman lost all their brain cells lmao
Y0JA Giorno fa
She rubs it a million times on her arm, and even from afar it looks dull af..
Nevea Areklett
Nevea Areklett Giorno fa
She didnt cook this shit up herself........that lab needs to be sued.
Angie Beaver
Angie Beaver Giorno fa
The longer the video plays the more embarrassed I am for you Jaclyn...SIS DELETE THIS...everything you say is the exact opposite of what went down....the product is not great, *ITS A FAULTY PRODUCT* at best...your saying you were spending so much time, energy and would not put out anything less than perfect but It was anything BUT perfect...its so far away from the camera so we cant see the hairy holes, or melted lipstick...and whats up with the missing sticker on the "Bada$$" shade!?! *WTFF JACLYN NONE OF THIS IS OK AT ALL* ...You can do better... ...Do Better...
Angie Beaver
Angie Beaver Giorno fa
I honeslty thought she would attempt a "added exfoliant" excuse.
Just_ Ken
Just_ Ken Giorno fa
Lmfao how ironic she had a shade named gossip !!!!!
Angie Beaver
Angie Beaver Giorno fa
Ya know...her rehearsing her into for this in the shower *3 yrs* ago makes alot of sense...im thinking that might have been her blowing her own whistle on her own brand subconciously without even knowing it...also, Jaclyn honey, at this point, I dont think *you could even give the lipsticks away* js.
Magdi lenka
Magdi lenka Giorno fa
Lol still excited about your brand?
Ona aa
Ona aa Giorno fa
watching this makes me laugh now
Katie Kline
Katie Kline Giorno fa
Jaclyn, my heart really breaks for how things have turned out with the launch of your brand. I’m sure it wasn’t what you envisioned or even remotely expected to happen. I really hope one day you can look back on this video and see your dream really come to life in spite of the turn this launch took. Above all, don’t give up! Everything happens for a reason and life lessons can really hurt. But we’re so much stronger and better for it on the other side when we don’t lose hope. Hang in there! There are many out there who still want to see you succeed.
fatima ali
fatima ali Giorno fa
7:04 "huge HUFUNGUS giveaway"
Rana 1016
Rana 1016 Giorno fa
What if someone sabotaged her?
Yvonne Hernandez
I honestly just want to know where her blouse is from. Anyone?
Annie208.rattay Giorno fa
Serious question, why did she keep her ex husband’s last name/keep her married initials on the packaging?
kitty kat beauty
You had 5 years these should of been the best lipstick ever. How do you f up so badly.
Veronica Munos
Veronica Munos Giorno fa
You're a terrible lier, and a manipulative person......
Veronica Munos
Veronica Munos Giorno fa
Stick to putting makeup on your face..... You're not good at making and selling makeup!
Morgan Skove
Morgan Skove Giorno fa
Noilyn Alpizar
Noilyn Alpizar Giorno fa
Thought the real purpose of A SWATCH was having a CLOSE UP of the tones... not a kilometric shot of them
emancipatedpunk Giorno fa
“We had to do a test where we held onto the products for months and months and months” girl, was selling those samples the test?!
Urza. Giorno fa
Her lipsticks look like the nasty patty from spongebob
ghiligoliana 1990
Titanic Jaclyn Hill: 1 week
moosemieser Giorno fa
Seems like you spent all your time, money and effort on the PR and packaging and hired a crappy lab with zero quality control. P/S you will be a one product failure
Anne Marie Rovere
Gross, stop proselytizing. You used to be pleasant but now you're way too full of yourself.
The Riot
The Riot Giorno fa
Wow, amazing how many of you are foul generic mean girls. Who ever succeeded the first time around? I hope the next time you fail at something, or make a mistake, no matter how little or big the failure may be... post that on fail on ITvid so people can knock you down off your perfect pedestal. How sad it is that people are so eager to tear someone apartfor trying, but resistant to being supportive or compassionate.
Vanessa Luftikussi
This video is so ironic when you watch it now
ScarlettDuchess Giorno fa
Hi, this is my new package. There are bonuses in my lipsticks. Get ready for a surprise.
YITS PLAYS Giorno fa
It seems some of your custumers got a piece of Tipsy the dog.
Brianda Petatan
Brianda Petatan Giorno fa
Aww I wanted some but after all the drama going on I won’t be purchasing anymore 😞😞
Mike Messier
Mike Messier Giorno fa
this is like a Greek epic tragedy. With lipstick. And youtube videos. And so forth. But seriously, I hope JH comes out of this okay. She seems like she is trying her best ... she will bounce back.
Eat With Aishu
Eat With Aishu Giorno fa
she try to become kylie and it flops so dont compete with any one be what ur 🤣🤣🤣 girl
Bella Bo
Bella Bo Giorno fa
$295 for abox of mold and bacteria. 👎 no thanks!
Rose Veganrose
Rose Veganrose Giorno fa
She was talking about putting that lipstick on that poor baby’s feet 😂 girl she gonna get fungus
Ryann Foucault
Ryann Foucault Giorno fa
omg i havent watched your videos in a while but i am cause of the lipstick shit, STOP INJECTING SHIT INTO YOUR FACE. your cheeks r huuuge
Leon Aran
Leon Aran Giorno fa
She doesn’t have a heart and soul, that’s why this didn’t work out for her. She put money into it instead.
Sarah Yaqoob
Sarah Yaqoob Giorno fa
You are the worlds biggest hoe your products suck ass
D V 2 giorni fa
4:50-5:22 🙄 ok girl. Ok, suuurrreee.
Samuel Pedrosa
Samuel Pedrosa 2 giorni fa
35:39 of introduction (i.e. Flowery words, positivity) --- flops in a week.
Fifi Lagi
Fifi Lagi 2 giorni fa
This video should be deleted because it's embarrassing her
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