iPhone 11 Impressions: A Familiar Sequel!

Marques Brownlee
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iPhone 11 is actually... CHEAPER than the XR it replaces. What a time to be alive.
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Commenti 16 814
Polar Apple
Polar Apple 6 ore fa
That's a really crappy phone.
Kashi 7 ore fa
Does this have the same fat bezel like XR?
Noah 12 ore fa
To call it a 720p screen would be incorrect, it's higher than 720 but still lower than 1080. Closer to 1080 than 720 actually...
I'm glad to see some intelligence in the comment section. To clarify the "closer to 720p", consider the notch kills off more than a couple pixels and the corners also shave off some pixels. Calling this 720p is actually being generous IMO. Only a true dipshit would try and convince everyone the less than FHD can sometimes be equal to FHD. Kinda like magic. Apple magic. Make people believe then make those same people influencers with millions of viewers.
Solobea Giorno fa
see through camera bump is probably to make the actual camera bump look less large
Ronald Bird
Ronald Bird Giorno fa
Ok I phone 11 is out.. now time for leaks for the iPhone 12
Tanay Shahu
Tanay Shahu Giorno fa
Full Review please!
Mohit Patel
Mohit Patel Giorno fa
This is probably the ugliest phone
Mono Bear
Mono Bear 17 ore fa
Mohit Patel hey
Exflixic Ak
Exflixic Ak 2 giorni fa
I like the phone camera but the tech is feels same as max lol
Renz_HD 2 giorni fa
Apple is testing y'all brand loyalty with this mess.
Jody Freeman
Jody Freeman 2 giorni fa
4:39 as we all know, mkbhd has 3 arms and 3 legs.
Richard Fila
Richard Fila 2 giorni fa
Why is your vocal audio so poor in this vid?
Trevor Hennebery
Trevor Hennebery 2 giorni fa
i’m contemplating getting a galaxy S10 from having an iphone. i also have an apple watch. what should i do? just get the 11 and stick with apple or take the jump?
okada 1234
okada 1234 3 giorni fa
色の質感が分かる動画でした。 感謝してます ありがとうございました😊
XD A_A 3 giorni fa
is purple too gay for an adolescent to use
Tatiana Ostrik
Tatiana Ostrik 3 giorni fa
The best use of the I phone 11 is cooking😂😂😂😂
Tatiana Ostrik
Tatiana Ostrik 3 giorni fa
I bet they literally just added an extra camera to the i phone 11 just to get people that want to flex on others to buy it😂😂😂Can't wait to have a good laugh😅
Yoongi the 1000 year old turtle
yes, its not much of an update except the camera.. but for someone like me, that has an iphone 7 this is a huge update (i ordered the 11) so honestly cant wait for it to arrive
hiper aktif
hiper aktif Giorno fa
Update to android. You can feel more hugehuge update.
M. Nurhaikal
M. Nurhaikal 3 giorni fa
Wtf Apple. Still 720p What a fucking shame.
1000 subs with crap MC vids
I will now hate on Apple for likes Apple sucks this is why:
Anuradha Sharma
Anuradha Sharma 3 giorni fa
in night mode u will be visible
todd vincy
todd vincy 3 giorni fa
years later people will say upgrading from XR....cus XR gang is strong and the numbers are high
Fuctheworld NJ
Fuctheworld NJ 3 giorni fa
An 🍎a day keeps doctor away. But takes kidney away!!!
Neil 4 giorni fa
Well atleast it's 699$ comparable to other flagships
soofyan the band
soofyan the band 4 giorni fa
and here i m with cracked screen iphone 5s holding in my hand (y) 5s is a legend
Ravikumar Sydney
Ravikumar Sydney 4 giorni fa
Sony xperia 5 best one...
Ravikumar Sydney
Ravikumar Sydney 4 giorni fa
Comments are disabled... Our official you tupe channel.... IPhone.... Apple.
Za Khum
Za Khum 4 giorni fa
You know if you aren't disturb by that huge notch in 2019, you're a true.. iSheep!
Amanda Soderlund
Amanda Soderlund 4 giorni fa
i just returned my XR because the camera was so shitty (out of focus, bad white balance). no wonder they did nothing different with the 11 but change the camera.
Victoria Nguyen
Victoria Nguyen 4 giorni fa
I was gonna get the red one but i kinda really like the lavender one. Idk which to chose😬😬
PTRK 5 giorni fa
Beam? Lol samsung already had that in 2012 with the galaxy s3🤣
frutotrela 5 giorni fa
Hunny Xaj
Hunny Xaj 5 giorni fa
Hello sir. I want to know about iphone xs max vs iphone 11. Which one is better. Can u please reply my comment
JonSnowIII 5 giorni fa
This camera focus people have is so stupid. Like, as long as it’s a normal, clear image- great. But these mfs make phones. Focus on the processor. Focus on the speed of it. Focus on NEW features. How about making a battery that last for days. Shit, I would pay 999 for that shit!
ducc 5 giorni fa
It doesn't look bad. I'm not mad at it, not at all.
Maraa Mulan
Maraa Mulan 5 giorni fa
It’s so funny when you say camera pump
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith 5 giorni fa
Can someone tell me how difficult it is to transition from and iPhone with a home button to one with Face ID
Terry Mulcahy
Terry Mulcahy 5 giorni fa
Thank you. Green iPhone 11 seemed pastel?
Jaracz23 5 giorni fa
This phone is A joke... 🤣🤣🙈🙈
Jrmjuve10 5 giorni fa
This puts this phone well in competition with the galaxy s10e which I thought was a good deal. Since I prefer android I can't wait to see what samsung does to their "e" model next year.
jayoncé 5 giorni fa
That yellow one is mine. Already pre-ordered. But damn that mint green is sexy as fuck, I think I might switch to that one
spicytango 5 giorni fa
Never ever buy a iPhone again after slowing the iPhones scandal!
RHW Channel
RHW Channel 5 giorni fa
I never buying an iphone, can i buy know?
Jolliee Guy
Jolliee Guy 5 giorni fa
Slow, Fies!
William B
William B 6 giorni fa
Cmon iPhone ya robbing people just a different camera and a13 chip what a difference
Ezugo Obuekwe
Ezugo Obuekwe 6 giorni fa
If you’re on the upgrade treadmill, then it’s on you. At least try to keep your stuff for a year or longer.
EMMA DEAN 6 giorni fa
Samsung will be the soon introduce a transparent phone
dap fllap
dap fllap 6 giorni fa
2030 Kids : Mom can I have the new I icamera. Me : You know when I was your age Apple used to make phone. Kids : WHAT ? 😱
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 6 giorni fa
Anyone else think all these "new" phones are crap? "It's going to look and feel very familiar..." lololololololol but wait! They've added some new"key" features! Oh good, so you mean they've finally started catching up to the rest of the smartphone industry. Wonderful.
Vikrant Doshi
Vikrant Doshi 6 giorni fa
Always liked the quality of your video man...👍 Now seriously waiting for @JerryRigEverything to tear this phone apart.. Lol
Ying-Yang 6 giorni fa
I'm just poor
Timmy Twatcop
Timmy Twatcop 6 giorni fa
StarBoy 6 giorni fa
The only thing stoping me from buying an iphone is the shity LCD display and that it does not have a micro sd slot
Estong Armstrong
Estong Armstrong 6 giorni fa
Who else notice Samsung S10+ is better. Subscribe to my channel anyway.
Johnny B
Johnny B 6 giorni fa
should i buy the red one?
RamboNoBlood 6 giorni fa
Please do not fall into buying this just because it exists. If you have a fair phone already, there's no need, it's a bit of a childish tendency you must grow out of. This is not a significant change from what you probably own already. -likewise if you're younger or being begged by your child to buy it.
kumar 6 giorni fa
Is it come with 5g ?
Sreekar Gunda
Sreekar Gunda 6 giorni fa
Where do I watch the podcast?
Dominic Lombardi
Dominic Lombardi 6 giorni fa
I haven’t had an iPhone since the 6 and this doesn’t seem like a very innovative model compared the XR. It really seems like Apple’s pixel 1 lol which is what I have currently. That lower price seems fair though. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to get this since my grad school has forced me to get an iPad. The compatibility is too good to pass up
olgxsh 6 giorni fa
I hope someone can help me: everyone is compairing the iPhone 11 w/ the XR, wasnt the X better than the XR? So compairing this three phones. Which is the best one? Which should i buy?
Monkeybubba 5 giorni fa
@olgxsh the 11 is the same price as the xr cause it is pretty much just an upgraded xr, the X has a better display and its bigger and I believe it has a faster processor but you have to look that up.
olgxsh 5 giorni fa
@Monkeybubba thank you for ur answer. So the 11 got worse specs than the 10? Or is your decision is made of the price and the specs combined?
Monkeybubba 5 giorni fa
The 11 pro is the best one, but out of those 3 phones you would want to buy the iphone X. The iphone 11 is just the iphone XR with more cameras and a faster APU. So basically the XR is at the bottom of the tier list, the 11 is above that, the iphone x is above that, and the iPhone 11 pro is on top
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