iPhone 11 Impressions: A Familiar Sequel!

Marques Brownlee
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iPhone 11 is actually... CHEAPER than the XR it replaces. What a time to be alive.
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Jacob Nunoo
Jacob Nunoo 4 giorni fa
Do iPhones 11 sold in the US come with a dual sim not esim? Thanks
ギドラ 10 giorni fa
They realised too late that the oled should be held back for “pro” line premium products. That’s why the x and xs were discontinued.
Laura Jones
Laura Jones 16 giorni fa
Is anyone else disappointed in the screen colors and some blurring?
Joejoe 20 giorni fa
Everybody in the comments jealous of how good the iPhone 11 is 😂
Sam 27 giorni fa
Harshvardhan Sharma
Harshvardhan Sharma 28 giorni fa
Best camera Best battery life Best performance Premium Build quality Good Ram Management Powerful A13 bionic chipset What do you want?
Adam Macias
Adam Macias Mese fa
Marques is very smart to record the video and audio separately. So annoying when people do first impressions while it's super loud and rushed!
Hello 911? Yeah someone trying to attack me with an iPhone I was just sending you a poomoji
Akshay Sunil
Akshay Sunil Mese fa
Greetings from the future
sylohYT Mese fa
im usimg an iphone 11 and i can get used to the bumb but its still annoying when you first get it, also this thing gets hot fast so be careful
Rahul M. Prathap
Even if there are disadvantages to iphone, you won't mention it.
Eddie Wow
Eddie Wow 2 mesi fa
Upgraded from a 16gb 6s Plus because apple forced me to. Took up 5gb for system and another 5gb for other. Left me with just 6gb for apps and whatever I need on a daily. 11 at 64gb was a good upgrade. Not too flashy but runs exactly like the Pro version. Not to mention i didnt need to finance as i payed this phone in full, this phone has a very good price point. If you need a good camera, buy a damn DSLR.
Kyler Ferry
Kyler Ferry 2 mesi fa
Was worth it going from my 6 lmao
MrT 3 mesi fa
$700 for a phone and this is after a "price drop".
Arianna Poli
Arianna Poli 3 mesi fa
I love it
Sameer Shirsekar
I subscribed you, nice video
Have you tried the Huawei Mate 30 Pro ? Thanks !
Vocaality 3 mesi fa
I'm using my OnePlus 7 Pro rn. Kinda wanna completely switch to iOS
Pranav 3 mesi fa
Oneplus is better
Topu 3 mesi fa
iPhone 11 is def attractive for its price value with its newer A13 bionic chip and new features. Nothing too drastic about its design as usual, other than its new camera (bump) setup with an extra lens being an ultra-wide lens 😉
Tulio Viloria
Tulio Viloria 4 mesi fa
Not going to buy it either...
Jayden Ape
Jayden Ape 4 mesi fa
After having the 11 for almost a month it really is a serious upgrade coming from a 8 but the x and 11 have similar tweaks but 11 is definitely the go to if you don’t wanna spend a ton of money 🪐🪐
Jayden Ape
Jayden Ape 4 mesi fa
After having the 11 for almost a month it really is a serious upgrade coming from a 8 but the x and 11 have similar tweaks but 11 is definitely the go to if you don’t wanna spend a ton of money 🪐🪐
Aman Dubey
Aman Dubey 4 mesi fa
Watching this on my new iPhone 11 at 1080p😛
mark jarwet
mark jarwet 4 mesi fa
I am watching this video on a iPhone 7
Arvind Peraka
Arvind Peraka 4 mesi fa
Please recommend some Apple Watch bands for less than $20
Sachit Nagpal
Sachit Nagpal 4 mesi fa
Johny Ive leaves and the next iPhone is the first iPhone with an ugly design ! Design was the one and maybe only thing they were always amazing at
Mojazzz 4 mesi fa
The notch is so ugly
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren 4 mesi fa
I do wish the notch was smaller so you can see the battery percentage instead of having to swipe down.
Chlo Chlo MareBear Playz
Wow, I’ll only have this phone in my wildest dreams 😓
AHS Society
AHS Society 4 mesi fa
YAWN, what else?
Madona Donadio
Madona Donadio 4 mesi fa
decent job... Thanks heaps for this. iPhones are really fun. 💛
kuganeswaran ganesan
Marques.. does iphone 11 plays song on top of the phone's speaker?
gautham vasudev
gautham vasudev 4 mesi fa
iPhone 11 series is hard evidence of a perpetual 'jobs' vacancy...
Perfect for people who didn’t upgrade. The Xr compromised a bit too much against the X, this doesn’t. Most people buy phones through carriers, and T mobile offers this with no down payment. Perfect time for me to upgrade from my 8.
Ravens Flock
Ravens Flock 4 mesi fa
Best part about this phone it's made the xr cheaper so I can get the same phone with a less resolution camera for cheaper.... Nice
Varun Vedasagar
Varun Vedasagar 4 mesi fa
Apple... Get ive back please....
Sameeron Chatterjee
Is it worth upgrading to an IPhone 11 from an iPhone XR? Please help?
Coffeeandyogurt 4 mesi fa
I think the camera is the only difference.
Elizabeth Maldonado
The iPhone 11 is the same as the XS tired of the lousy design 😒
Nehan Khan
Nehan Khan 4 mesi fa
Please tell me I'm not the only one who laughed out loud when I heard the work...slowfies
Michael Willever
Watched this on my iPhone 11. Crispier than expected. 👍🏼
Joshua Fox
Joshua Fox 4 mesi fa
I still have the iPhone 4s ! Absolutely love it but can’t do much with it anymore due to updates and stuff so going to upgrade to iPhone 5 or 6 I think 🤔
Craig hawkins
Craig hawkins 4 mesi fa
I’m rocking the iPhone 7 so I think it’s time for a upgrade
Jon 4 mesi fa
Abrar Abu-Baker coming from the SE it’s awesome! A lot faster, but part of that could be bc it’s a new phone. Picture quality is amazing!! I just need to get use to the size. Face ID is awesome and I like being able to charge my phone wirelessly. I recommend getting one !!
Abrar Abu-Baker
Abrar Abu-Baker 4 mesi fa
@Jon how is it ? I want to get it lol
Jon 4 mesi fa
iPhone 7! HA, I’m rocking a SE!! Going to pick up a 11 tomorrow. Just don’t if I want a pro. Only reason for the pro is I like the smaller size, or I was planning on the 11 128gb model
Mark Kazmier
Mark Kazmier 4 mesi fa
Craig hawkins me too. Getting the 11 Sunday.
Polar Apple
Polar Apple 4 mesi fa
That's a really crappy phone.
Kashi 4 mesi fa
Does this have the same fat bezel like XR?
Noah 4 mesi fa
To call it a 720p screen would be incorrect, it's higher than 720 but still lower than 1080. Closer to 1080 than 720 actually...
I'm glad to see some intelligence in the comment section. To clarify the "closer to 720p", consider the notch kills off more than a couple pixels and the corners also shave off some pixels. Calling this 720p is actually being generous IMO. Only a true dipshit would try and convince everyone the less than FHD can sometimes be equal to FHD. Kinda like magic. Apple magic. Make people believe then make those same people influencers with millions of viewers.
Solobea 5 mesi fa
see through camera bump is probably to make the actual camera bump look less large
Ronald Bird
Ronald Bird 5 mesi fa
Ok I phone 11 is out.. now time for leaks for the iPhone 12
Tanay Shahu
Tanay Shahu 5 mesi fa
Full Review please!
Mohit Patel
Mohit Patel 5 mesi fa
This is probably the ugliest phone
Mono Bear
Mono Bear 4 mesi fa
Mohit Patel hey
JuicyCarrot WRLD
I like the phone camera but the tech is feels same as max lol
Renz_HD 5 mesi fa
Apple is testing y'all brand loyalty with this mess.
Jody Freeman
Jody Freeman 5 mesi fa
4:39 as we all know, mkbhd has 3 arms and 3 legs.
Richard Fila
Richard Fila 5 mesi fa
Why is your vocal audio so poor in this vid?
Trevor Hennebery
i’m contemplating getting a galaxy S10 from having an iphone. i also have an apple watch. what should i do? just get the 11 and stick with apple or take the jump?
okada 1234
okada 1234 5 mesi fa
色の質感が分かる動画でした。 感謝してます ありがとうございました😊
XD A_A 5 mesi fa
is purple too gay for an adolescent to use
Reuben Enriquez
Reuben Enriquez 4 mesi fa
XD A_A looks decent with a black case 👍🏼
Exciting Content
The best use of the I phone 11 is cooking😂😂😂😂
Exciting Content
I bet they literally just added an extra camera to the i phone 11 just to get people that want to flex on others to buy it😂😂😂Can't wait to have a good laugh😅
Yoongi the 1000 year old turtle
yes, its not much of an update except the camera.. but for someone like me, that has an iphone 7 this is a huge update (i ordered the 11) so honestly cant wait for it to arrive
Brooke Makes Stuff
Brooke Makes Stuff 17 giorni fa
Same here! I jumped from a 32gb 7 to a 128gb 11 (purple 😍) and it’s night and day honestly. Fantastic experience all around.
Yoongi the 1000 year old turtle
Alexander Zarate it arrived a week ago! i absolutely love it very impressed. and i got red its super pretty :)
Abigail Calderon
Mocha18 I still have the 5
Ramen 4 mesi fa
all of the flagship androids have iphone tier camera quality for less money. might as well change
Mocha18 4 mesi fa
Yoongi the 1000 year old turtle I still have the 6s, I think I’ll upgrade to the 11 now
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