Is Nikola Jokic the best passer ever? 

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Nikola Jokic might the best offensive player in the history of the NBA thanks to his GOAT passing. This detailed film breakdown & scouting report analyzes how the Nuggets MVP is pushing new boundaries in 2023, ranking his passes in a single game, and illustrating why he might be the best passer to ever play basketball.
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Ben Taylor is the author of Thinking Basketball, a Nylon Calculus contributor, creator of the Backpicks Top 40 series & host of the Thinking Basketball podcast.
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Footage in this video is owned by the NBA and its partners. It is intended for critique and education.
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i’ll never understand how people say that jokic is boring, he’s a 6’11 270 guy that that doesn’t miss shots and creates passing and scoring opportunities out of thin air
His passing is so entertaining.
@Farragutsfinest 11 mesi fa
I will never understand how people don’t consider him as a top 3 player or even that he should have won MVP…
@Travsice 11 mesi fa
It's all xenophobic ppl
It's because he's not fast and jumping out of the gym.
@kriztover697 11 mesi fa
Nikola is something we’ve never seen. I hate that a lot of people are missing how great he is. Legend
@miked2543 6 mesi fa
There have been other great centers who were amazing passers. Check out Arvidas Sabonis..
@ronpapi9539 6 mesi fa
Luka Doncic!
@ronpapi9539 6 mesi fa
He was Man amongst boys.Einstein was in awe of him.
@ronpapi9539 6 mesi fa
See Bill Walton!
@ronpapi9539 6 mesi fa
If he had any facial hair or tattoos then he might be recognized .
The reveal that this entire video full of highlight reel passes was from just this 27 game part of the season was quite the exclamation mark to this essay. Fantastic video.
@IMSLIMEFR 5 mesi fa
bruh he so fye fr i see why he got a ring
@devinmoose 11 mesi fa
The man has a top 10 passes compilation from ONE game. Absolutely ridiculous. Truly a special player.
@tongobong1 10 mesi fa
Luka is better passer and player than Jokic.
@rcy8510 9 mesi fa
More absurdly, this compilation looks like someone's career assist highlights.
@@tongobong1 where is his mvp then💀and tell me what position the mavericks are..not first like denver for sure
You forgot to take your medicin again?!
Jokic just posted his 6th straight post season game with a 30+ game-score, breaking MJs record of 5 straight. He also topped Jordan's record for highest average game score in a 5 and 6 game stretch in the post season. Currently, the greatest playoff run in hostory.
@kostastube2010 5 mesi fa
What Jokic does is inhuman. But, in MJ's case you have to account that in his era, the total score was way lower.
@trhansen3244 5 mesi fa
Jordan was way way way way WAY better than Jokic.
its kinda different, its like saying harden is a better scorer than kobe because he averaged more but because of the pace difference kobe would average closer to 40 if not above in todays game, and jordans an even better scorer than kobe
@@crystalizedExposed In Jordan's top 2 and Kobe's #1 scoring season they actually scored more per 100 possessions than Wilt did when he scored 50.4
​@@kostastube2010 It's Game Score, we're not talking about Points Per Game, Game Score I think takes into total the 5 stats (Pts, Rebs, Asts, Stls, Blks). Jordan is easily the best scorer this game has ever seen. But impact wise, Jokic has an argument
@TheLeftyGrove 10 mesi fa
He's damn good. He really is a throwback to Magic/Bird to me, both insane passers as well, but in a way that's positionless. Just as Bird and Magic couldn't easily be pigeonholed as players, neither can Jokic. My late dad, who watched a ton of basketball his whole life, asked me early in Jokic's career, "Have you seen this guy Jokic for Denver?" A couple weeks later, Denver is on, so I look for this guy and call my dad and go "You mean this kinda doughy looking big guy? Looks like Greg Ostertag!" Well, I found out quick he didn't play like Greg Ostertag, lol. He's a one-off guy like Bird and Magic, and it looks like he's going to reach their heights, too.
@vlesmeries 6 mesi fa
Man that brings back the days of Stockton & Malone. I couldn't figure out who he looked like but you're right on the money. Greg could be his dad lol.
@TheHighway420n 6 mesi fa
Ostertag...lol...ostertag was great on sega genesis😮
@ronpapi9539 4 mesi fa
IF NBA Basketball rules were enforced, The Joke would be a bench warmer.Bullying and Traveling are his game.
@Jordan123151 3 mesi fa
Yeah, I like how everyone's losing their minds over long bounce passes, behind the back passes, full court passes, like Bird and Magic weren't doing that 40 years ago. People need to let players finish their careers before slapping "Greatest ever" on shit. Bird was on pace to be arguably the greatest all around player ever before he fucked up his back. 3 straight MVPs. Then he paved his mother's driveway.
@jeonghyolee6092 11 mesi fa
Aaron Gordon averaged 13 points while shooting 45% before going to the Denver. He is now shooting 61% while scoring 17 points. It’s not because of his development on his games considering he already played 7 seasons in Magic. Nikola Jokic transformed his game to another level just by passing. Thanks to Jokic, Aaron Gordon went from inefficient jump shooter to one of the most dangerous rim attackers in nba right now. Pure greatness.
@Comedyvibes 11 mesi fa
Jesus Loves you and wants you to accept him as your Lord and saviour
@flipsolo 11 mesi fa
100% Joker has unleashed AG's potential.
Gordon is the perfect partner for Jokic. He finishes Jokic’s passes and defends where Jokic can’t.
@alexspace9878 11 mesi fa
Credit to AG for buying in to the nuggets style of play and being willing to change too.
yea but don't downgrade the man's effort he's putting into his game.
@yunan9610 9 mesi fa
Just like how Jokic unlocks Aaron Gordon's performance, Gordon also makes Jokic's game to a new height. They mastered the low post passing game together
@ronpapi9539 5 mesi fa
George Gervin was the Goat.
I've never witnessed Wilt's dominance (aside from limited old footage), but Jokic is the most skilled "Big" I've witnessed during my 40+ years of existence.
@onjadar 8 mesi fa
I literally love this video for the fact that it showcases Jokic's passes and reading of the game, something that a lot of NBA highlights still don't understand. This video focuses on what Jokic's game is really about: reading the game, NOT scoring, as somehow 99% of other highlights videos seem to focus on. I'd just like to say that. Thanks Thinking Basketball, you really are putting thinking back into basketball.
@flipsolo 7 mesi fa
100% That's why I love this channel b/c it goes beyond the stats (basic AND advanced), and he actually demonstrates how Jokic is such a special player.
@trhansen3244 5 mesi fa
Yeah, I love this video any time I am having trouble sleeping.
@samlelowitch 2 mesi fa
Jokic is, in his quiet, low-key way, one of the most extraordinary basketball players ever to grace the NBA.
I mean he can give u 50 . Rebounds everything has to got double teamed most of the time than passes. Makes his team better and is unguardable
Very hard to pass like this. It’s a sixth sense. He passes it in rhythm of his teammates, not like other “pass-first/playmaking” players that pass as a bailout and get an assist. This is very difficult to do.
@baltejbains3342 11 mesi fa
Don't let his passing distract you from his 25pts/11boards on some of the most elite shooting splits in the league. No one is better than this dude on offense right now.
@Astelch 11 mesi fa
Giannis. The guy single handled 1v5 against Boston to a game 7
@baltejbains3342 11 mesi fa
@@Astelch giannis had and still has a much better and deeper team around him so I can't agree he did it alone. But as an overall player, giannis is better than jokic due to his defense.
@Astelch 11 mesi fa
@@baltejbains3342 no way he has a deeper team he was gassed game 7; from playing two ends of the floor
@baltejbains3342 11 mesi fa
@@Astelch that doesn't mean he doesn't have a deeper team lol. Just compare their rosters. Jrue holiday, brook, portis, serge, grayson, etc. All better than the dudes jokic had around him after murray and MPJ got injured.
last year 27 14 on 66 ts lol
Magic pretty much invented the passing game that the other players you’re mentioning employ. Jokic is clearly the best at this aspect of the game because of his size and his threat as a scorer which requires the opponent to focus on him thereby creating the opportunity to make the incredible passes he makes. Hats off to his teammates that are always expecting the unexpected and finishing the play.
@drzed6647 2 mesi fa
I'm all in for Jokic as the best passer of all time, regardless of position. I watched Magic, who I thought was the greatest, and I watched Bird, and I watched Stocktan, who ran the same action for 20 years, efficiently, but did he have highlights,? did he throw passes you had never seen before? Nash, I confess his career with Phoenix came at a time when I was not watching NBA, so I don't know. But for me, when I watch Jokic, he throws volume, super efficient winning dimes, and he also dishes balls you have never seen, passes that raise you out of your seat, laughing with tears in your eyes, at the sheer sudden beauty of the moment. He is the man for me, the greatest passer of all time, period.
It doesn't get any better than playing with a team mate with his mind set.I played in a mens league after college and was asked to fill in for an injured guy from a team that played together for 8 or so years. It was a joy. I moved without the ball a lot and whenever I was open even for an instant the ball found its way into my hands. I never had so many easy buckets in my decades of playing.
@lanelesic 11 mesi fa
Should have included a few of his full court quarterback type assists. Love the comparisons with Larry Bird.
@b.m.8547 6 mesi fa
Jokic is incredible. With his passing, I feel he's in the pantheon with Larry and Magic.
@ronpapi9539 5 mesi fa
Chamberlain, Dr.J and Walton.
@ronpapi9539 5 mesi fa
Learned from Luka Doncic.
@ronpapi9539 4 mesi fa
He got tips from Luka Doncic, the best field general of all time at only 24 yrs old.
@gntov989 11 mesi fa
It's so interesting to see how many opportunities Gordon has been getting since he started playing with jokic
@vauneoso3292 11 mesi fa
I think the Jokic Gordon pairing is so underrated. Their games where made for each other. If Mal can get consistent mins playing AG I think that’ll be a nice addition from them too
@gntov989 11 mesi fa
@@vauneoso3292 yeah forreal, Gordon's off ball game is underrated as well. His cuts are usually on point
@iknowklaus 11 mesi fa
Best choice of his career
When they traded for him, they went like 8 wins straight and had number 1 offensive rating immediately. He was made for Denver
A shot-creating stretch 5 who passes like Magic Johnson will do that for you
There's one pass in particular in these playoffs that really blew my mind. Nothing flashy, but I slowed it down and watched it a million times because Jokic literally started his pass before his teammate even started the cut, giving juuust enough time to beat the defense. No other player at all in the nba could have made that pass, and nobody even tries these and would rack up so many turnovers if they did... the guy really is an incredible passer. Great vid 🙏 the real MVP
@ronpapi9539 6 mesi fa
Ie.. LUKA Magic.!
I am ex basketball player. After the first original Dream Team stopped playing i stopped watching basket. Jokic has brought smile on my face once again when i watch basketball game. He is just amazing.
@HikoSeijuroXIII 10 mesi fa
It's heartbreaking watching his teammates brick shot after shot on his tremendous passes in the beginning segment.
@t1g3rstyl3 11 mesi fa
I never realized how closely related some core skills (vision, passing) are in water polo and basketball until Jokic. He has changed the game.
@dawb86 10 mesi fa
Coordination (everything lol), feinting (basketball, boxing, fencing, football, soccer), footwork. (basketball, dancing, football, boxing, soccer) A lot of sports have similarities in technical style that will help you become good in others. I can't think of too many where having good vision won't be a huge asset...
@maxwp12 6 mesi fa
Indeed. he also looks like a water polo player. He’d definitely be incredible at it
@ronpapi9539 6 mesi fa
He travels on almost every play to the hoop.Refs turn a blind eye to this.
Well my friend. Did you know Serbia (the official inheritor of Yugoslavia) is the most successful men's water polo national team in history right there with Hungary?
@ronpapi9539 6 mesi fa
Watch Jokic's feet as he bullies his way to the hoop often taking multiple steps called.....Traveling.
Jokic literally turned Gordon into one of the best finishers in the league. Aaron had the ball all the time in Orlando and had to take all the shots and was never efficient, now he just gets to the spots he needs to and Jokic finds him. I know it’s a simple way too look at it, but going from a 44% FG scorer to a 54% FG scorer on only 4 less shots a game is insane. He’s by far the best player in the league and makes every single player around him look like an all-star
@JonnyLin7 11 mesi fa
Another effect that probably comes from Jokic's passing is that it seems his teammates are much more willing to be active off-ball. Watching Denver play, his teammates are much more willing to run in transition, cut off ball and move. Knowing your star is going to hit you if there is any sort of opening makes it just makes it so much more worthwhile moving. It's why Denver constantly has some of the best offenses year after year with Jokic on and that guys who were known as limited offensive players before like Gordon and Bruce Brown are now having breakout seasons.
@Ricky-oz4ic 11 mesi fa
Give this man a medal. You got that on point. I didn't even thought about it.
Another way I've seen Jokic's presense rub off onto his teamates is by making them be more adventurous with their own decision making. Take for example Aaron Gordon who has a beautiful Jokic-esque pass in almost every Nuggets game that I have watched this year that if not for Jokic he probably wouldn't have been able to do on such consistent basis. In that sense I think Jokic is a player who almost forces his teammates to have a two-man game with him, making them reconsider all the options that were unavailable before, and thus unlocking their full potential as players.
@MeIrakli 11 mesi fa
Brilliant point.
@t4d0W 11 mesi fa
The big in the modern NBA is always involved in so much action like box outs, spacing out or the various screens that is opens up the wings to do move around as well. Not to mention what they can when they get the pass where they turn into give and go guys or hand off threats where they can roll to the rim or pop out to shoot. Its just that when u get a big who has the touch and floor vision like Jokic, every cutting/relocation opportunity is always a chance for offense. Even Jokic borrowed a page from Bird where he'll just throw a ball up at the rim and with his size/strength in the post, he'll just outmuscle everyone else and use his soft touch to get the putback and the EZ basket (with like 2 Offensive rebs credited to him in the process).
@dawnstar81 11 mesi fa
Reminds me of great hockey centers, that make bang on average wingers have breakout seasons because of the passing. Best example is Mario Lemieux who made Rob Brown have double/triple the amount of points he had at other teams, sometimes even banking shots of Brown, who was just standing there, into the goal.
Don't know about the best but he's working his way into the conversation with Bird and Magic. Looks like he's passing the best big men, Bill Walton and Arvytus Sabonis. Either way, it's great to see a player who plays the team game rather than the me-first, Michael Jordan, pass only when you're in trouble game.
@FkTheUFC 6 mesi fa
…He’s the best.
Teammates will just stand around if they don't think they'll receive a pass. Jokic rewards them for moving around, getting open, and cutting to the basket.
I don't really have deep knowledge of Basketball tactics on a high level, but in Football (soccer) this passing technique is used quite a lot by talented midfielders, the theory, in short, they don't target the player they want to pass to but the free space between the lines they anticipate the action before happening, and an advanced defensive team will always mark the spaces and not the attacking players.
I see Jokic as more a big centre forward who holds up the play. In the clips of Magic and Bird they were passing quickly on the break, whereas Jokic slows down the play and uses his size and strength to hold off defenders until someone else makes an attacking run so that he can pick them out. He’s really really good
@lucpaesmusic 6 mesi fa
Jokic to me looks like a giant Bobby Firmino if you compare it to football players.
I needed a video like this. I don't watch much NBA games apart from the highlights, and I could never understand why Jokic was so highly rated since he didn't have that "athleticism/highlights" factor like a lot of the other high-flying, posterize plays the other top dawgs possess.
@Tuntira 6 mesi fa
Same here, primarily due to the timezone difference, these videos help me understand the conversations. This guy is a literal cheat code
I wanted to add a detail about his passes, he shots them a specific speed such that the players close by cannot react fast enough, but far enough so that his target can react in just a split second. Its insane. Not every pass is like that but here is a perfect example while he is in blue, 9:55.
@ToddAndelin 5 mesi fa
that number one pass wasnt just a sloppy under the legs let it go type thing it was oblique and angled towards the basket close to Adams so close that Adams basically screened his own player trying to chase down the ball. Jokic is a top 5 player ever.
I love how much Ben enjoys Jokic's passing, I feel like every Jokic vid on thinking basketball is like at least 70% jokic passing highlights, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
@vauneoso3292 11 mesi fa
Agreed 💯💯💯
Seems likes he’s only interested in best flashy passing which is why Stockton or even Chris Paul aren’t even mentioned. Stockton less the league in assist 9 straight seasons averaging as much as 14.5 and had tremendous assist to turnover ration at high volume yet not one mention. Only counts if you do behind the back pass I guess.
@@Homer-OJ-Simpson I get it now, you're trolling lol 😂
@eciohc75 11 mesi fa
@@Homer-OJ-Simpson He explained how passes bend defense when hitting tight windows. Those two passers are what I call "save passer with high USG". The impact of a passer don't just relate to assists counts.(I'll assume you never check potencial assists, secondary assists) The diversity of passes also matters. Stockton makes mostly entry passes while in static position. Paul is mostly a PnR passer. Not trying to disrespect those two.(CP3 is one of my favorite) But we all know how those two will start a possession 90% of the game. Magic, Bird, Jokic just make all kinds of passes in the move, pose, PnR(roller and ball handler), transition,etc. The unpredictiabilty and constant pressure the players impose on defense is just different.
@coledorillo6685 11 mesi fa
@@Homer-OJ-Simpson he does cover them during his podcasts about the best players and best passers all the time. This video is just about jokic though. Tldr; high risk passes create higher value. Most players can rake up low value assists by doing and easy pass or just sending it to a superstar. Elite passers create their own windows.
Agree with your analysis. I think in the end will come down to how many championship rings he earns and his longevity in the league. As a Nuggets fan I would totally enjoy another 7 to 10 years of watching him and his teammates who are all quality players that could contrinute to any team making a legit run at the title.
@tiptonbrett 6 mesi fa
Imagine seeing prime Joker at center, prime Bird at Forward, and prime Magic at the point. The ball would move so quickly it would be impossible to defend.
@TheTechAdmin 5 mesi fa
I don't watch sports, any, at all. But I know enough to say with conviction that people like Nikola Jokic change and evolve whatever field they decide to be a part of. I wish I could see 10 years into the future with his existence, and without it. Because I really think the entire sport will change as much a single athlete could.
@marlolozada6322 10 mesi fa
My idea of an accomplished player is in the passing. His consciousness of where his teammates are is really astonishing. Makes the game so much fun.
@EconAtheist 6 mesi fa
I don't think he has the greatest *innate* passing skills ever... but he's still the most successful volume passer I've ever seen because of how he's always optimizing the threat that comes with his ridiculous mid-range shooting percentage. True center with a lifetime 2.8 assist to turnover ratio? Bonkers!
@keemohog7464 11 mesi fa
This mans game seems so simple, but when you watch closely what he does you start seeing how complex it actually is. He is seeing plays and passes way earlier than anyone on the opposing team, his passing IQ is out of this world, like literally never seen. True greatness right there.
@angahbg9089 11 mesi fa
Thats i have been saying bro... A defender may think they have defended Jokic well when he pass out of a shot but, passing the ball was Joker first option from the first place...
@hamoiq908 11 mesi fa
Yeah it’s genuinely like watching a genius when you break it down. Because at normal pace it just looks like an easy pass most of the time, but actually jokic is always finding and creating the most perfect small gaps whcih are always enough to lead to an opportunity
@GatsuKS 11 mesi fa
That's why average casuals dislike him, they can't see all the subtle things he does.
@t4d0W 11 mesi fa
With how people have consumed the NBA for decades people think the best passers always dominate the ball when at times its just the latter. The fun part is watching how Jokic can see all where the play is going without touching the ball. In part because he's heavily involved in the spacing when he's setting a load of screens or just relocating to the perimeter. So him just getting a pass and giving a quick touch pass to a scorer at the basket is just him directing the flow.
wilt does the same thing
@eli.h.weiner 11 mesi fa
Such a cool breakdown. Can you please do one on Giannis' playmaking? Feels like far and away the most underrated aspect of his game. Never really hear him discussed as an elite big man passer but he makes passes only a few can make (such as game winning assist to Grayson the other night against Toronto)
@lianghe1401 8 mesi fa
If it is all up to fans to vote, Joker would probably never won a single MVP. Most fans are only amazed by the explosiveness of athletic freaks such as LeBron and Ja, or unbelievable deep shots of Steph. Jokic's plays are meant to be reserved for those really understand the game. While KD was complaining about his team mates at the Nets, this big guy was leading his mediocre guys crushing all the teams in the conference. Given his age, he might join the names like MJ or LBJ being argued about "who's GOAT" some day. We'll see.
The one thing that demonstrates his ability to hit the barely open man who is most often ignored is the foul that accompanies the shot. The defender is so caught off guard he has no alternative than to foul.
Unbelievable play.. he does so many things right.. it’s been a long time to see the skill this player has.. so fun to see and watch.. love the results..
@macedindu829 6 mesi fa
Jokic has some of the best skills in the paint as a big man. And he's also one of the best PGs in the league.
@dunmatta2670 11 mesi fa
Just watching his Grizz highlights, Jokic may not have had a monster triple double in terms of metrics but he was just toying with them. That's how you dominate a team.
@vauneoso3292 11 mesi fa
Had the same impact against the grizzlies as the 40,27,10 night. The man is anazing
@dewman7477 11 mesi fa
Points aren’t everything I’d rather get an efficient all around stat line with less points than a high scoring game on bad efficiency
@berlin4103 11 mesi fa
Still had historic 13 13 13.
@daddyfuse50 11 mesi fa
@@dewman7477 Its moreso that watching the games will tell you the real story. He was absolutely as dominant against the grizz as he was when he dropped that huge 40pt triple double. You would have to watch the game to know it tho
@thard9989 11 mesi fa
If you watch the first half, you'll realize that the refs gave Joker and the Nuggets 20 free throws but only gave the Grizzlies 3. And the refs also were against the Grizzlies the game before against Oklahoma City. The referees manipulate the game because of sports betting and other vested interests. "Dominate" as long as the refs rig the game against the better team...
@bigdaddycraze 8 mesi fa
Great video. Great breakdown of Jokic. Great run down of the best passers in history. Would have preferred a mention of all time assist leader Stockton in there too.
What a wonderful job putting this together, with exceptional dialogue that was both informative, and just plain fun to watch! Thanks so much!
@danvu8627 11 mesi fa
I don't watch basketball, but you have convinced me. I feel that I might share this trivial knowledge if some bball discussion ever pops up in the future, wondering what others think of Jokic. GJ on the video. This seems to at least be more interesting of a talking point than talking about how Shaq overwhelmed with his power and size.
@marlo2303 6 mesi fa
It's probably impossible to make a top 10 list of his career passes and be 100% happy about it. You'd have to leave tens, maybe hundreds of them out. Phenomenal baller.
@geomac2071 6 mesi fa
He certainly reminds me of the great Larry Bird . This guy has the court vision of a point guard. Laser pint point passing is incredible. It's like having two point guard instead of .
@andrewf0784 11 mesi fa
His teammates must love playing with him. Willing passers like him make the game fun and foster positive atmosphere and chemistry. He is the reason Denver is doing so well right now.
@chanty2192 11 mesi fa
Denver is hot in the regular season all the time.
@_forest6270 10 mesi fa
Look at AG, playing much better than playing in Orlando. Look at Barton, dnp in Washington🤣
@412yinzer8 10 mesi fa
Absolutely. They all know that if they keep their head and hands up, Jokic will find them for an easy bucket. What's not to love about that?
@mr.westin1313 7 mesi fa
@@chanty2192 this comment isn’t aging well lol
fr, you rarely see someone slacking on the nuggets offense because even if they look covered they know that if they keep running Jokic will find them
4:35 was insane. You don't even think about trying that unless your someone like Peyton Manning (elite NFL QB) or Xavi Hernandez (elite midfield footballer).
@sebby007 10 mesi fa
Great work on the breakdown. The fact that one segment is from one game, and the video from one season, is almost unbelievable.
@theproffesir 11 mesi fa
It's so rewarding seeing all the credit Jokic gets now. Nuggets fans spent 3 seasons telling everybody that would listen that this guy is SPECIAL. Still some holdouts, but the people that hate on Jokic are either trolls or don't know what they are watching. His greatness is undeniable and guys like Nick Wright are going to ride his coattails to a successful career in the media hating on him for the next 12 years.
@ronpapi9539 5 mesi fa
Nick Wright is correct.
@recaiarslan965 10 mesi fa
Players who play slower have more time to look around. that's why players like jokic and alperen cover their slowness with awesome perimeter control features
@JayZoop 11 mesi fa
His skills are off the charts, but I question if he can makes these passes during the Playoffs. Usually defenders are more alert during the playoffs. We shall see. I'm rooting for him to win a few Championships.
@Dartagn 6 mesi fa
Well here we are, the day of a possible sweep of the Lakers and a near guaranteed spot in the NBA finals. No more question. He made these playoffs look easy. I am looking forward to facing a Heat team that is playing out of their minds right now. Should be fun.
@JayZoop 6 mesi fa
@@Dartagn I'm starting to pay attention to him more. I was watching his highlights and he does blind passes on par with Bird and Magic. I"m blown away by the eyes in the back of his head.
@babobereta 11 mesi fa
Greg Popovich described him perfectly. He is just so good, it’s not fair everything he can do. And what I love the most is his unselfishness, I mean he could go for a scoring title every single season and average 30-35 ppg easily being the efficient scorer that he is, but he doesn’t care about his numbers and just wants to get his team going and win the game. He truly is one of a kind
@aquatazer 10 mesi fa
@@marcdaddy33 Russell is undoubtedly the greatest winner of all time due to his selflessness, and Bird I can see as unselfish, but Jordan is one of the most selfish players of all time. He’s undeniably the GOAT (or in second place in my opinion once LeBron breaks the scoring record), but he is not known for his selflessness and team play. Jokić, Duncan, and Russell are the prime examples to me of a superstar, MVP, and some of the greatest ever who are undoubtedly selfless and simply want their team to win.
@karmakaycee 10 mesi fa
In as much as he doesn't care about his numbers doesn't mean he could average 30-35 PPG easily. Relax, there's nothing stopping him from doing both. Y'all say anything these days.
@babobereta 10 mesi fa
@@karmakaycee Lol this season he is averaging 25 points shooting 63% on 15 FG attempted per game. With that efficiency he could increase his FG attempts to 20-25 per game, easily get 10-15 more points and go for a scoring title. But Jokić doesn't care about his numbers and just wants his team to win, thats what makes him so unique. MVP without a doubt
@kennethward4985 10 mesi fa
Popovich is an unrepentant Racist.
@@marcdaddy33 EDIT: "Yes, Bill and Bird were truly unselfish. Add to the fact that Bill had an unbelievably stacked team that Wilt could not overcome along with great coaching that would explain why he's the greatest winner" That same roster you're talking about, despite them having multiple HoFs such as Bill Sherman or MvP winner Cousy and HC Red Auebach etc they couldn't win a chip at all until Russell came along. And the same was true when he retired too, as BOTH player and head coach. Hasn't been done since. Bill Russell won at every single level of basketball from HS all the way to pros. Bill is undoubtedly the greatest winner of all time, stacked roster or not. Had to include this (edit) since people (like @RG) may get confused as to what it is that I'm specifically referring to. Nothing more/less smh lol.
@GBV1436 10 mesi fa
I think he's one of those players who's deceptively good, because he looks awkward, but has good court vision, excellent passing skills and is a good shot. Players who get their teammates involved are dangerous opponents
@chevy11786 5 mesi fa
I’ve always loved players that have great vision and feel for where their teammates are at. Glad Denver finally got there.
Shooting, Passing& Handle : He truely invented the point center position ! He shows how could Sabonis had evolved if he cames to the NBA earlier, even if Sabonis were taller, lighter and had good jump in his youth !
This dude is incredibly special. His IQ is off the chart! He makes playing basketball at the highest level look easy. And he is not even athletic. So major respect! My MVP no doubt!
Okay, thanks for the video. I went from hoping he always turns it over because I'm a Warriors fan, to a fan of his passes...those are awesome. I still hope he misses all of his shots.
P.S., I love his shot pass.
I like to dream of Jokic and Dončić playing for the same team one day. Anyone else dream this?
@Jacob23615 2 mesi fa
40 years ago Yugoslavia was a country and they would have played for the same team. All those countries split up into Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia ect
Love this. Jokic is from another planet. Also, everyone else named here is probably too. All of them unreal. In my world, a great pass is greater than a great score. I will make an exception. Jokic's shot in the last 24 hours was amazing.
@sessahme 11 mesi fa
Often times players with unique skills catch teams off guard in the regular season but in the playoffs teams get a chance to adjust and counter. I would like to see more success from Jokic in the playoffs before I crown him king.
@diegomejia7716 9 mesi fa
It is amaing to see new jewels on every new generation of players. I am more from Nash and Kid era, but this guy here, he is def. the best one of his generation.
I always believed that practicing without dribbling encouraged an eyes up mindset and a more 'let the ball do the work' style of play.
@houssamk777 11 mesi fa
We take this type of players for granted. until it’s too late, appreciate greatness while it’s still here !
@dusk6159 11 mesi fa
And this is together with Lebron too, in the league at the same time. Pure blessing
@karlosperez2179 11 mesi fa
I thought the same thing i never got to see Kobe play but definitely watching the joker live is on my bucket list
@justindavid9979 11 mesi fa
@@karlosperez2179 Watching him in the game against Memphis 3 days ago was a rare privilege. His 40/27/10 triple double game 5 days ago would have been magical to watch as well.
@AlshehriAhmed 5 mesi fa
Hand in hand with Jason Williams, except that Nikola’s less flashy and more efficient. I can’t describe how outstanding Joker passing is. Too good.
Fantastic video, well done. Jokic is just unique, hell of a player!
@SansibarRacing 11 mesi fa
Wow this is a brilliant video + great analysis! It's fascinating to watch amazing passers. Best part of the game to me. Thanks for sharing 👏
@jp3813 6 mesi fa
In terms of the top 10 highest total assists in a season, John Stockton holds 7 spots including #1. As for the top 10 highest assists per game in a season, he holds 5 spots including #1 as well. He also led the NBA in assists for a record of 9 straight seasons after becoming a starter.
Thank you! I can't believe this whole video is talking about great passing and only one mention of Jason Kidd and no mention of John Stockton. That's just blasphemy. I realize Stockton may not be so popular these days politically but if we're talking pure basketball he deserves at least a mention in this video.
He's remarkable, the best passer in the game today but the narrator is missing one big point. It's how many bad passes HE DOESN'T MAKE. Even with tough passes to receivers who look covered, he doesn't force the ball. The GREATEST EVER - He's in the handfull of greatest with MAGIC, BIRD, COUSY and PISTOL PETE. That's all one needs.
@Airestotle09 11 mesi fa
He IS the definition of Most Valuable Player. Everybody gets better and the whole team reaches new levels with him on the floor
@Don_Winchester 11 mesi fa
You mean losing in the 2nd round to better talent 😂
he has zero significant W's in his career. this team is a paper tiger that will be mauled by someone come playoff time
@ursula3438 11 mesi fa
@@BridgeCityPassagesMurray and Joker eliminated Kawhi and PG13 from the bubble.
Yes probably until they sweep out by gsw :)
@luf4rall 11 mesi fa
He doesn't move that fast but he easily gets to his spot with good footwork.
@aksentue 6 mesi fa
And best thing is that he still has that part doing it for fun :) a playmaker in a body of a center , so proud of him :)
@theprisonier 5 mesi fa
Probably the most team player. Not thinking in what he can do but what is good for the team.
This video is awesome! Really great insights and you provided a genuinely unbiased and fair look at some of the best players we know. Great watch.
@toeey1 11 mesi fa
Never heard of this dude but damn, he's got one hell of an assist
What's great with this is his skill doesn't depend on athleticism and will probably age well throughout his whole career. We're just so blessed to see this for as long as we're able to and I don't think it's declining anytime soon.
the problem with him tho. i felt like if he finally win a ring with nuggets he will retire on the spot or just wait out his contract then went home to serbia to chase his other dream as the biggest horse jockey ever.
@jakubcygan8265 11 mesi fa
@@kevinkertarahardja1836 lol you had me in the first half, not gonna lie
@jml-rj5re 11 mesi fa
The greatest like Bird, Magic could barely dunk and won with their minds. Jokic's value is literally off the charts.
@aliabdi4060 11 mesi fa
He doesn’t play defense and folds in the play offs. He’s just white hype that’s all. The refs favor him and Luka.
@aliabdi4060 11 mesi fa
@@jml-rj5re Bird dunked often. Secondly Mike was greater than both put together.
Jokic regularly gets 10+ assists in a game, but he'd be leading the league in apg if he had better players around him who could actually finish a lot of those plays off
Great passer no doubt, but give his guys a considerable amount of credit, their not just standing around. Their cutting off the entry passes on the backside and give and going old school. With all the space opened up by the gimmick shot and no defensive understanding of the concept of man ball relationship, the game looks pretty easy for the Joker.
I watched Larry Legend's entire career in real time, whenever possible. LB's passing was always the best part of his game. And folks, I gotta tell ya sumthin'. Defense wins Championships. There's no "I" in "TEAM." Like Red said long ago, "There's still only one basketball." I can't pay any higher compliment than to say this guy they call "The Joker" just looks like a mirror-image of Bird MOST of the time. Sometimes, he's better and IDK how to describe it. He also has the second or third-coolest nickname ever. "The Truth" is #1. Jokic is is ab-so-lutely TERRIFYING to contemplate in a seven-game series unless we start tripping people.
@tastyneck 9 mesi fa
This is an obvious statement, of course, but playing with a player like Jokic encourages movement, cuts, breakouts, etc. from his teammates because they actually get rewarded for doing so... which opens up Jokic to more passing opportunities... which rewards those players even more... and so on, just feeding back into each other. So awesome.
This guy has the best touch ever, it's unbelievable and unguardable.
@madirts1 11 mesi fa
It all comes down to his mentality. He said, "If I score, only I am happy. But if I pass and they score, two people are happy." He's the best TEAMMATE of all time.
the 1970s celtics had some of the best players ever.....with a few fabulous passers
6:08 HE DEFENDED!!!! THAT'S INSANE. Since Jok said, he knew, so he didn't jump.
Clearly the MVP of the league. Pretty sure Nuggets would not even be competitive without him. He is not only great individually, but makes everyone else great around him
Can't be the MVP because Embiid kills, kills, him every time they play. Murray is the MVP take him Dever would do what they have done the last two years.
@@envisionstudios4800 Except CLEARLY he is the best for his team and makes everyone a lot better. Embiid is a great individual player, no question, but a guy like Jokic is far more valuable for his team than Embiid is for his team. That is the entire point you don't understand. There are probably 25 players that are better 'individually' in the league than Jokic, but not one is better at making his team better. Not even close.
@@travisjazzbo3490 I like your point, but it is not true Jokic couldn't win without Murray every year Murray is not there he loses, so is it him, or is it, Murray. Let look at the equation no Murray lose, add Murray wins.
@@envisionstudios4800 OK Little man
@st0jakob893 11 mesi fa
those one handed touch passes have me wondering if he ever played any water polo.... crazy stuff
@howard5992 11 mesi fa
He's the best because his passes are so " clean ". He hits his mark effortlessly and is basically making the play (controlling the play). Bird and Magic back in the day were" finding " the pass much of the time, and to a degree it felt "forced" more often. Team-mates just weren't expecting it as much and/or were somewhat less prepared.
Magic and Bird were the greatest at touch passes.Magic is the king of bounce passes.He made his no look pass look second nature.Magic was with "Showtime" so he did a lot of passes with flair.Magic was great with pick and roll or give and go.He can do any pass in Jokic wheelhouse and make it look better.Magic is the ultimate floor general,controlling the flow of the game.Having said all that ,Jokic is very special.He makes the game look so simple.I grew up on Bird and Magic so I may be a little bias,but I do recognize how much a generational talent Jokic is.
@howard5992 11 mesi fa
@@chrismcknight5395 Yeah. I may not be giving Magic enough credit for his smooth play.
@ronpapi9539 Mese fa
You're not paying attention to the greatest playmaker ....Luka Doncic.The Joke learned from him.
This sorcery requires sky high levels of trust from all the Nuggets players. Players trusting Jokic to find them, and Jokic trusting the others to make the right cuts.
@mrsankow 11 mesi fa
Totally. They all have to be so aware. Those passes must seem to show up out of nowhere in real life
@mrsankow 11 mesi fa
Some of those bounce passes are completely hidden from their eyes until it shows up in thier hands
@flipsolo 11 mesi fa
@@mrsankowRight! It must be so much fun playing with Jokic. You make a cut and get open, and the ball just magically appear in your hands!
@taroachang 11 mesi fa
yeah, always think some of these laser beam pass right on the face out of nowhere could be bone fracture for ordinary people 🤣
@oleg1466 11 mesi fa
If u see every interview he is in, it is always humble. He also never forget to include his teammates efforts everytime they praise him. That's how u get ur teammates to trust you
You did not cover Penny Hardaway and it's absolutely clear that even though his career was cut short, he was a GOAT passer..View his montage from memphis to the NBA
I watched this video a couple weeks ago and have since tried to pay 100% of my attention to Jokic even when he’s not near the ball and it’s insane.. dude sees shit before it happens.
@ronpapi9539 Mese fa
Also,watch him shuffle his feet as he travels in the paint.
He’s a really good passer but I’ve seen a few others play in this league and pass like that too. He’s damn good
@itskmillz 27 giorni fa
he is mind boggling good. The audacity of some of his passes I don't think anyone would even consider attempting.
@ItsHughMungus 10 mesi fa
I think out of any player, I always rewind Jokic clips the most by far
@yeahitsme1401 11 mesi fa
For me personally, what makes him the greatest is just his large arsenal of passes. Sure Magic and LeBron they have no looks and drop passes but there's just some passes The Big Honey makes that NOBODY in basketball, past or present, would even think about trying. It's amazing how much he elevates his teammates, and for that he could win an MVP every couple of years and I think it'd be truly well deserved.
@Gravijahz 11 mesi fa
It's hard to know with older players because of their huge sample size, and the flashiest being what is remembered. Jokic exists in an age where you can easily see any pass ever made quickly, players like LeBron only lived partially in that era, and players like Nash, etc before it. Let alone Magic or Bird. Edit: Jokic is in that pantheon, of course. Picking one of them is basically impossible.
@luisvergara6502 11 mesi fa
Get Lebron out of the conversation. We're talking best passers
@Gravijahz 11 mesi fa
@@luisvergara6502 LeBron has been commonly cited as one of the best passers ever by players, analysts and all kinds of other people. He has routinely been called the player with the best natural vision ever. You don't have to agree, but that puts you on the outside. If legends, current players, etc etc consider him one of the best ever, I don't think a random dude has much sway. watch?v=t8tnELrsoeU but hey let's have some fun.
@@Gravijahz i agree Lebron is a phenomenal Passer but compared to Alltime Great passer he "stinks" up none the less one of the best passer from 2008 until now. so he is in an Elite company cause my Goat lists are seperated by eras too hard to com pare imo. so yeah is a top 3-10 passer of his era, depends on how you look at it
@Industrious420 11 mesi fa
@@jacobscholtissek2410 put the haterade down kid
@TheTechAdmin 5 mesi fa
4:23 It's his "situational awareness" that is astoundingly genius.
@nevalelapena 7 mesi fa
The most unbelievable things about Nikola are the "top career assist compilation" ... at age 26 those are hours of unbelievable assists, and often most people need some commentary to understand the complexity of what's happening... he's comparable only to few years of Steve Nash apex in Phoenix or late Dallas, and, i think, most recent years of Lebron... he's literally the 6'11 reincarnation of pistol Pete, there's no CP3, no Jason Kidd, no Magic J. ,nobody who can handle the comparative, no mention to the fact he's doing that every single night since his rookie year
@ronpapi9539 5 mesi fa
Doncic taught him!
@nevalelapena 5 mesi fa
@@ronpapi9539 i didn't remember this comment, maybe is a little bit hyperbolic reading it now
@ronpapi9539 5 mesi fa
@@nevalelapena Jokic is a bully who travels to the hoop while the Refs turn a blind eye.
@nevalelapena 5 mesi fa
@@ronpapi9539 WOW... That was really, really funny ... A bit too much troll, but so much fun!... you forget his notorious trash talk
@ronpapi9539 5 mesi fa
@@nevalelapena I call 'em as I see them.I know the Truth hurts , but there's always Two sides to a coin.
@bruceg 11 mesi fa
Great passing is my favorite part of the game. Don't forget about Pete Maravich.
@Idlavirf 7 mesi fa
As a playmaker myself, would like to emphasize his skill on 5th pass based on your order. I think Joker took into account that Jaren J. Wasn’t looking back when he launched that pass, so he gave a very soft-landed bounce pass to Gordon, which was easier to receive. Had Jaren looked back and saw it was coming, I believe that Joker would launch a faster yet harder-to-receive back door pass. Just simply the fact that he took Jaren’s position into consideration, amazed me!😲👏🏼
@ronpapi9539 6 mesi fa
He wasn't very good at passing until Luka Doncic came along.
@tallkc2072 Mese fa
@@ronpapi9539 you didn't watch him early on then
@ronpapi9539 Mese fa
It won't take long for teams to figure out the Joker.
@ronpapi9539 Mese fa
@@tallkc2072 He travels on almost every trip in the paint.Refs turn a blind eye to his aggression.Dont take my word for it, watch him as he double shuffles his feet which is traveling.
@tallkc2072 Mese fa
@@ronpapi9539 if the refs don't call it, it works. James Harden been traveling for a decade and he's still one of the greats at his position
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