Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!

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So many people ask me all the time about my race, ethnicity, or nationality; I decided to finally take a DNA test and check out my Ancestry! 😄 Time to see if i'm actually Asian or not 😳 Join me as I check the results! ❤Expand me❤
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Hey! My name's Imane, but you can call me Poki/Pokimane :) I'm a content creator, and I mostly play Fortnite and League of Legends, but I also love to dabble in other games, as well as some ASMR on my 2nd channel.
Edited & Produced By BeeCoy ➡ twitter.com/HumbleBee93
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Tobias - Something
Outro Song: D'Andre Martin - Look at My Life
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Commenti 100
Pokimane 9 giorni fa
Thank you all so much for watching
Jed Renzo Amon
Jed Renzo Amon 2 giorni fa
Yow poki ugh earlier i got a text from u that i won an i phone xsmax is it true or just a chain message
xx LLAMAZ YT xx 3 giorni fa
Team francais on est la
Ahmad_ Gamez
Ahmad_ Gamez 4 giorni fa
At least you are arabian like me
Icecreamlxver 18 minuti fa
Omg she can speak French
Hera Prod HD
Hera Prod HD 2 ore fa
Pokimane is a baby, is a adolescente Because she is so cute And I like pokimane by french fan
Tonisha Austin
You are cute
Classic Gaming1
I’m from Morocco 🇲🇦
darkspace001 gaming
wait so pokimane is black......
77 Clan
77 Clan 2 ore fa
Poki u was right all along :O
Ferresmash 3 ore fa
I unsubbed, I only follow asians
Matt Capizzi
Matt Capizzi 3 ore fa
Your mother is incredible!
South African people can speak french and thats a fact
Ivan Moreno
Ivan Moreno 5 ore fa
Imagine 5 pokis walking together
Luis Martinez Colom
Omg I’m spanish
MR Gaming
MR Gaming 6 ore fa
She french
Blossom 6 ore fa
Im also an arab but from the middle east and im half asian bcuz my mum is from the Philippines Love u poki
Zombiefied 6 ore fa
only watch cause has pokemons
SUSAN0024K 6 ore fa
Hii Imane Why do u talk french with your mom and not arabic?
Brooks Lang
Brooks Lang 6 ore fa
AA_ Iroquois
AA_ Iroquois 6 ore fa
You're just female Drift0r. (Or Drift0r is just male you?🤔)
Hazardous Blader
What's the n word means
soulshot 6 ore fa
poke u was right all along
Hazardous Blader
You are really cute pokimane!😍😍😍
BruceDaGamer 7 ore fa
i rlly thought those DNA test were gonna say she’s Japenese
Wetosi 7 ore fa
Wtf? Is Poki nibba???
Kuhhcow dragon
I talk arabic
Kuhhcow dragon
Do you talk arabic or berber
Porkybees 8 ore fa
Kamuka nya si kyline alcantara
tina cooper
tina cooper 8 ore fa
im doing my french homework lmao
Onofre Grande
Onofre Grande 8 ore fa
BISH where??...... Pokimane 2019
(Billion) Thanakorn Yang
Im chinese
Louie Egan
Louie Egan 8 ore fa
Polo can say the n word
(Billion) Thanakorn Yang
Im asian
Mr. PotatoHead
Are you French Canadian
jellyDart 8 ore fa
Pokimane is a cute egg. Saved you a whole mins.
Khor Crazy
Khor Crazy 9 ore fa
Confirmed your Asian
Khor Crazy
Khor Crazy 9 ore fa
Less subs than Lachlan but gets more views Just proves your better
Both Both
Both Both 9 ore fa
poki gets uglier but thiccer
Murdu 9 ore fa
both of my parents took a dna test and they both are 100% finnish... so i'm 100% finnish too lol
Yodi Ardianto
Yodi Ardianto 9 ore fa
now i want to take a test too
christopher hampton
I love you pokimane
Pulsar GD
Pulsar GD 9 ore fa
pokimane:sardinniaa i dont know how to say that me: srysly?
adam makled
adam makled 9 ore fa
Poki you're so cute
itsMakzLele 10 ore fa
we knew u were everything.
SEKER CE 10 ore fa
She's so cute when she's talking in French Omg 😍😍😍 Ly poki
RioT DOOMraider
RioT DOOMraider 10 ore fa
I love u poki
Boundless Atilier
What's Kendrick Lamar's DNA?
Worst Gengu
Worst Gengu 12 ore fa
Arabian ? I dont think so :c
David Kanyaru
David Kanyaru 12 ore fa
OMD I am African
Ortho Mart
Ortho Mart 13 ore fa
The Spanish/Portuguese is likely due to berbers (morroccans) colonizing Spain and Portugal for a couple hundred years in the 1300s or so
Space Bro
Space Bro 13 ore fa
Dun dun dun DUN
BUCK2TH 13 ore fa
Didnt see that coming
Jacob Noh
Jacob Noh 14 ore fa
r u korean?
JB Alob
JB Alob 14 ore fa
@6:21 look at that arm
Lucid boat
Lucid boat 14 ore fa
So does polo get a n pass
ghost craft
ghost craft 14 ore fa
Waiiiit so pokis black? She can say the n word we’re doomed
You’re French
Matin Tat
Matin Tat 15 ore fa
Im iranian 😁
Marfy 15 ore fa
I just want some Poki ASMR
lava _pizza
lava _pizza 15 ore fa
So pokimane has earned her right to say the n word even tho shes blacker then me im still blacker then her AND MORE british so bish where you at and im west african SLAVE TRADE ANYONE
ツEx sparks
ツEx sparks 15 ore fa
Mother let me long time long time fucky fucky sucky sucky 1 tounge Hong Kong
Onyx Robinson
Onyx Robinson 15 ore fa
I hate you vid just die poki please die
Kaden Song
Kaden Song 15 ore fa
WTF african i never would ever think this
Chase Carrico
Chase Carrico 15 ore fa
Your asian
Th3B1scuitM4n// F0rtn1t3 G4m3Plays
I’m actually adopted my cousins accidentally told me
Jordin Hawkins
Jordin Hawkins 16 ore fa
Is she black
GladeNightcore 16 ore fa
Poki:*sends dna test* Result: THICC
beast slayer07
beast slayer07 16 ore fa
beast slayer07
beast slayer07 16 ore fa
The people that love their own comment
beast slayer07
beast slayer07 16 ore fa
I found out im 2% black Nigerian water
Jacen Reyes
Jacen Reyes 16 ore fa
Poki u wasssss rite al along
atamagashock 16 ore fa
This is great...I love how innocent you are about all this, calling your mom first, it’s great! Hope you found everything you were hoping too?! And whatever you may be, it works for you, cause you are stunningly beautiful and the best of all, full of energy and a fantastic personality
Aldous Joshua Espejo
pokimane wears pokemon
kaneki ken
kaneki ken 16 ore fa
Hayman Hong
Hayman Hong 17 ore fa
blah blah
blah blah 17 ore fa
I know how to speak spanish
dragon pvp
dragon pvp 17 ore fa
Her real name is imane
Yahia Belhadri
Yahia Belhadri 17 ore fa
Tizi-Ouzou , Algeria , they have the beautiful girls like u 😂
Berd 17 ore fa
Arabian? Hmmm
Joshua Goodsell
Joshua Goodsell 17 ore fa
I’m from 30 years in the future Poke was right :o
Baraa Khan
Baraa Khan 17 ore fa
Wait mushkel is a French word
Baraa Khan
Baraa Khan 17 ore fa
The French language sounds so slick
Josh 737
Josh 737 18 ore fa
“Moroccan myth”
Wait you speak french nani?
Deep 18 ore fa
Lykke Hartvigsen
I feel bad for her.
Deep 18 ore fa
Wtf ? Why ?
RusticBB8 18 ore fa
Of course she can say the N world
tristan carlson
tristan carlson 18 ore fa
So You can say the N-word
Gunman777alex 18 ore fa
Why are you talking French does your mom not speak a lot of English
Ninjax Warrior
Ninjax Warrior 18 ore fa
Estib Escobar
Estib Escobar 18 ore fa
Spoiler alert She is not Asian!! But from ###### and that is located in #####
AyeMeta 18 ore fa
Remember when she said the N-Word? Yeah she had the right too...
Icomicazi [1360]
Wait so she’s black? Yoooooo mind blown 🤯
Its " I took a DNA test" not "I take a DNA test" sorry to be a party pooper
Banana skin tryhards
Why do people ask if shes asian she doesnt look asian to me
Junior Gonzalez
Junior Gonzalez 19 ore fa
Your mom do not look like u
Infernal Nightmares
Poki has an n word pass
BEDWARS 14 19 ore fa
Omg tu parle bien français. Je connais bien de youtuber populaire mais il parle tous bien anglais mais pas le français
Spartan FAM3
Spartan FAM3 19 ore fa
I am watching this thinking I’m so mad she never dated myth 😂😂
Juan Daniel Checo
Is that the acer helios 300?
mcpepro201511 _____
My mom is from algeria so am i so we know french arabic and english me smart
KenjiAnimations 21 ora fa
Pokemaine is Black!
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