Is the NEW 2022 Nissan 400Z a sports car worth the price?

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The ALL NEW 400Z is highly anticipated by enthusiasts around the world and we are all hoping Nissan will deliver. The exterior of the new Z features plenty of styling clues taken for the 240Z, 280Z, and 300ZX. On the outside you will find 19in wheels, and massive rotors and calipers. On the inside you will be greeted by the tri-gauge pod on top of the dash, and all new infotainment system and 12.3in digital gauge cluster. Under the hood enthusiasts are hoping for a 3.0L twin-turbo V6, but the great news is there is still the availability of the manual transmission. Is the NEW 2022 Nissan 400Z going to be worth the price?
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28 feb 2021




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thealonestargazer 30 minuti fa
Got a 87 300zx as a daily. I see no charm in this thing, lights are fine, body is flat and ugly, looks like pacman Edit: Fucking touchscreen and electric instruments, trash
İhsan Eymen Konal
Hz.Adem'den gelenler +1
eren Ora fa
eren Ora fa
Alavez 4 ore fa
AT are for Commuter and Supercars, MT is for performance cars like this.
kadir ahmadli
kadir ahmadli 6 ore fa
if the base price is going to be 35k this going to kill every damn sports car in its segment.
Raiti's Rides
Raiti's Rides 4 ore fa
You are so very right!
Southern Cross
Southern Cross 12 ore fa
370 looks better
F R O S T Yツ
F R O S T Yツ 13 ore fa
Dear nissian just scrap the idea of this ugly piece of💩 the new nissian blows sorry if you like🤦‍♂️
James Witt
James Witt 14 ore fa
compare this to the 2020,2021 supra in price and this thing is the choice alllllllllll day
James Witt
James Witt 14 ore fa
They missed the mark with the styling. Thank god people will throw a nice body kit on this thing to put it near its potential. Specifically the front end, bumper (obviously)
youngb1ood 16 ore fa
I feel like the headlights make the car look more on the cute side than aggressive compared with the 350/370z. Hell, the ND miata headlights looks more aggressive.
arcanine 917
arcanine 917 17 ore fa
that front end grille is horrendous
smart man
smart man 18 ore fa
I wish if they add yellow on the steeringwheel
smart man
smart man 18 ore fa
love it
Paul Julian
Paul Julian 19 ore fa
Now i love that
Pandamonia 21 ora fa
Still not better than the 300zx
Carlo Carlito
Carlo Carlito 21 ora fa
Where are the tee tops ?
a skor
a skor Giorno fa
The new supra is trash compared to this. Toyota betrayed its legacy and fan base by allowing BMW to build their supra.
Carboy Dorifuto party
@a skor hows it selling terribly? The car itself isn't a volume seller like toyos Camrys and etc so they're not built in large numbers as is anyway and is even outselling their own homemade coupes since. None of their engines can make power as easy as the i6 in the mk5 even if it's made by bmw. Compared to really any modern toyo engine it is alot easier and alot cheaper to mod and make power out of a mk5 than it is with a modern toyo V6 or V8 reliably. Plenty of mk5s going around with way more power than stock easily being dailied or taken back to back to the strip have shown they can take a beating with not much of any issue. Even then it's pretty clear the made a good move teaming up with BMW since people rarely ever beat any of their other rwd platforms like they're currently doing with the mk5s(other than the 86s)
a skor
a skor 16 ore fa
@Carboy Dorifuto party A few holes in your response... Supra is not selling well, sales numbers are terrible. BMW engines are crap--fact of life. The "quicker" comment is subjective because you're comparing a new gen engine/performance to that of something in 1990s. Even then, a last gen supra puts out near same performance as this newest one. Betrayal to legacy? You cant take a Toyota icon and put a BMW engine in it. Toyota has MORE than enough on shelf parts to build their own sports car. A Toyota engine, no matter which, would have been more reliable and likely more "open to mods" as you say.
Carboy Dorifuto party
How so? It's quicker,easier to mod,faster,handles better, cheaper by 10-15k compared to its last gen new,and is about to outsell its last gen. How's it a bad car when its clearly doing well? And whats this legacy exactly when people rarely ever talk about any other gen than just the mk4 alone even tho it sold the worst out of any of the older gens and even got yanked out of markets before it ended production?
a skor
a skor Giorno fa
"You're not drinking in my Z" lol
Xander Bn_
Xander Bn_ Giorno fa
We need that "datsun" badge on the new z.
xAnonymousx Giorno fa
Dear nissan please make this car with at least 400hp and under $40,000 MSRP
7ound Mckayy
7ound Mckayy Giorno fa
I wanna sethis car in full black
Jonny Nobody
Jonny Nobody Giorno fa
See? Car makers already going back to classic styling. We need manual trans and classic ebrake handles!
Xavier Coelho
Xavier Coelho Giorno fa
But whats under the hood?
Moose _26
Moose _26 Giorno fa
Great review!
EvilJigglyPuff Giorno fa
This car is beautiful
Alexius Corylus
Alexius Corylus Giorno fa
Hello BMW z400
Johnny Trejo
Johnny Trejo Giorno fa
The only problem I have with this 400Z is the headlight design and tail lights! The Z has to stand on its own, and look distinctive from other sports cars , which it has. But now - Will people not look at this new car and think is this like a new Tesla? from the front headlights. Or is this the new looking lMustang? from the rear tail lights. I love the Z. I have 17 yr. old 350z and the original owner. And saw the concept Z , that have the 370z body with the I infinity Q60 twin turbo Engine. I thought that would the 400z , now seeing this car - I’m not a fan of it! Sorry
Darthen X
Darthen X Giorno fa
Joe do you prefer this over the new Supra?
dexburwell Giorno fa
I want one..... the grill tho 😬
Bodie B. 123
Bodie B. 123 Giorno fa
I am blown away. Truly if the price point makes sense it's going to be tough not to buy one. Can't even compare this to the BMA or I mean Toyota Supra. I've owned Toyota since 1971. But when it comes to the Supra... What a sell out. This Z is amazing.......... Thanks
Morgan Walsh
Morgan Walsh Giorno fa
I feel like they are going for a cross between the 240Z and the Mustang Fastback modernized
Toro 2 giorni fa
I can see stradman buying and build this car
Raiti's Rides
Raiti's Rides 2 giorni fa
Good call!
Sivarao210 Prorez
Sivarao210 Prorez 2 giorni fa
That clean back scope is simply perfect
Raiti's Rides
Raiti's Rides 2 giorni fa
BIG DUMMY MANE 2 giorni fa
I have the down payment coolin' in my savings account right now. This is a day one buy for me. First modern sports car that gets me excited. Cannot wait for Tomei exhaust to hit the stores :)
Raiti's Rides
Raiti's Rides Giorno fa
Very cool!
木村のらむき 2 giorni fa
vulture tribe
vulture tribe 2 giorni fa
start saving money guys
George's Miniature Cars
I've seen this car on many videos. 🤔 This video just convinced me on the new Z! Love it!😍👍
Luxeee 2 giorni fa
daaaaamn I really fuck with it not gonna lie
wayne h
wayne h 2 giorni fa
i dont mind it but in my opinion i think the gr supra is still nicer , the front to me is a little bland
Mehroz Ahmed
Mehroz Ahmed 2 giorni fa
This shit looks like an Aston Martin and a LFA had a child
hevechvy 2 giorni fa
I've had a 86 300 single turbo, a 300 twin turbo and a 350 convertible. this new Z is butt ugly. I'm done with nisan.
Raiti's Rides
Raiti's Rides 2 giorni fa
We will see how it pans out!
brent wells
brent wells 2 giorni fa
Def a huge improvement over the 370z! It looks awesome!
1st Amendment Right
If the price is right.... Take my money 🤑
RETRO RETRO 2 giorni fa
where the fok is the noise ??? electric z ? lol
JonatDonat 3 giorni fa
I wonder of a new Nissan Silvia S16
nuffflavor 3 giorni fa
400Z with my Q60 Red Sport engine setup.
Ocean Strat
Ocean Strat 3 giorni fa
The new Supra isn't on anyone's radar. I've never even seen one on the road. Or maybe I have and thought it was a Corolla.
Carboy Dorifuto party
They're not being made in Corolla numbers so they're aren't that many on the roads.
Mazda Hydrogen
Mazda Hydrogen 3 giorni fa
I can already imagine how "she" goes to Wangan itvid.net/video/video-FGfLTnqZUlM.html
cmag3175 3 giorni fa
As an original owner (passed down from my dad) of a 1977 Datsun 280z, I can’t explain how this car gives me goose bumps. The design and the appreciation of every line this car has is insane. Great job Nissan!
ktkt2349 3 giorni fa
Take my M4, ill have this instead lol
noise117 3 giorni fa
Not gunna be 400z, thank god, so dumb to keep changing numbers, its confirmed to be simply the "Nissan Z", next best thing to calling it by its Japanese name "Fairlady Z"
NAZIGOP PEDOtRump 3 giorni fa
Front missing aero....???
Kohan kye
Kohan kye 3 giorni fa
$35,000 converts to $45,000 aus But for some reason it will actually sell for $60,000. Damn Americans get cheap cars
River Bons
River Bons 3 giorni fa
I hope the 400Z platform will be shared with Mitsubishi to make a FWD alternative under the Eclipse badge. Similar could be said with a GT-R being a 2 door Evo. I'm glad Nissan is coming out of it's shell with this! I'm hoping that at least we get some new non-Crossover BS from Mitsu but who knows..
Harvz B
Harvz B 3 giorni fa
The front and rear bumper looks boring.
Karen Lewis
Karen Lewis 3 giorni fa
You go over alot of details, but damn, you sound like such a sleazy car salesman
angelisone 3 giorni fa
Fire the car designer.
TimmyTimmy 3 giorni fa
Dear EU...FUCK you and your emission bullshit.. I wanna my 400z ..but we cant get it here in Europe.Only hope is import :D
HoboFive0h 3 giorni fa
Aye Nissan better hurry up before they join Pontiac 💀😂😂
Voss 4 giorni fa
that thing looks sweet, first of these new gen sports cars i can truly say. props to nissan 👏
Mike Hotaling
Mike Hotaling 4 giorni fa
You are at Nissan, do I expect you to say it sucks or that you don’t like anything?
eivis13 4 giorni fa
That 12 inch screen looks nice, but can you pi (arduino) it?
Kool-Aid Man
Kool-Aid Man 4 giorni fa
Y’all are smoking crac get a scat pack and all your problems will go away!! Trust me you don’t need this bs
-2SteppinShiba 4 giorni fa
Now this is a fairlady, still doesn’t compare with the looks from the s30 and z31 in my opinion but they really pulled it off.
NiGHTS1980 4 giorni fa
I love the retro modern design. They have taken a lot of cues from the 240Z with the overall shape and tail lights. Love the interior design but the best thing is, turbo's are back! Finally!
RastaD 4 giorni fa
it may have been said already, but I think Fairlady is ready for primetime in America. The Bronco is ready to relaunch to the moon. We are tired of spreadsheet cars. While I may be shooting myself in the foot as a desirable buyer, I think the "Fairlady Z", along with a smart campaign, could recapture something America is wanting right now. But heck, give me a 400Z at $35000, and you already have a customer.
CANNON GAVIN JR 4 giorni fa
AWD would'nt hurt it guys!
Big.Mac.Blythe 4 giorni fa
This will mark the end of the super thicc z's
Big.Mac.Blythe 4 giorni fa
"Its been a few years since the last redesign" Its going to be a whole DECADE bruh
Fredy Vergara Show
Fredy Vergara Show 4 giorni fa
Ah yes
Annon Skeete
Annon Skeete 4 giorni fa
6 speed rwd and twin turbo v6, amazing.
Hairy Prints
Hairy Prints 4 giorni fa
3:13 looks like it’s a special version of the movie cars
Seth S
Seth S 4 giorni fa
When it drives off it looks like the back of a mustang
Arwand Rasheed
Arwand Rasheed 4 giorni fa
Cant stop looking at the GTRs behind
Art 4 giorni fa
Is this the guy that says "I'm going to zonk his because I don't like..." if so Ive seen alot of the other videos.
bliglum 4 giorni fa
Always thought the 370Z greenhouse would've looked better blacked out... Finally the platform is reaching it's final form!
Raiti's Rides
Raiti's Rides 4 giorni fa
This is so very true!
ALEX A 4 giorni fa
so fucking excited, even if I can't afford i.
Raiti's Rides
Raiti's Rides 4 giorni fa
Starts at $35k
Lin Xu
Lin Xu 4 giorni fa
looks good but i don't how i feel about the electronic dials, prefer the traditional rpm and mph dials
Caius Wolf
Caius Wolf 5 giorni fa
Was gonna get the new Supra but might hold off and try to get this Japanese beauty
Greg Deep
Greg Deep 5 giorni fa
So clean 🔥
Scortd 5 giorni fa
the datsun 2021
Bomb Chu
Bomb Chu 5 giorni fa
Even though this Z has many classic designs/inspirations from older Z's, it looks much more modern than the current 370z. Already looks like a timeless design!
Jeff Bustos
Jeff Bustos 5 giorni fa
We all know that Nissan has the worst transmission so what are you doing about that
Master NY
Master NY 5 giorni fa
Sooo sad to see Nissan down to this point. All other car makers are show casing their production ready Icon Electric Cars, but Nissan is showing us a "Prototype" Z. This should be the Fully Electric Z car with 500 HP! Miss the old day Nissan :(
Osvaldo Valencia
Osvaldo Valencia 5 giorni fa
I think is going to be 40k
Osvaldo Valencia
Osvaldo Valencia 5 giorni fa
@Raiti's Rides have u add the sales tax on top of that? lol
Raiti's Rides
Raiti's Rides 5 giorni fa
Actually starts at $35k
DrSeckzytime 5 giorni fa
$35k? 400hp/380ftlb? 6spd? Won't keep these cars on the lots for long, and would be a massive success story for Nissan if they can keep up production. Would become an enthusiasts king choice for sure.
Amadexmilby 6 giorni fa
"Its got a samurai sword that will cut up the competition" 😆😆
jayr122001 6 giorni fa
I like it in a metallic silver
Michael D
Michael D 6 giorni fa
Nice, but the rear and tail light section is a bit bland. Could have been sportier looking.
Crypto Elite
Crypto Elite 6 giorni fa
I’m really surprised that so many people like the design of this Z. I’ve been a Nissan enthusiast for decades, had a 240 and 300 tt, drive an Infiniti now, have been waiting for the new Z and find the front very disappointing. So boring compared to the rear. I think Nissan made a mistake on this. I’d only consider bc of hp manual combo, it’ll probably be fun to drive.
Stephen HENDERSON 6 giorni fa
Love grill
Noel Gonzalez
Noel Gonzalez 6 giorni fa
I was bored with cars... until now. Damn it Nissan, TAKE MY MONEY.
JUN_R33 6 giorni fa
Joe I'm waiting for the Z probably a nismo version but my concern is I'm a tall guy 6'3" and I don't know if I fit inside there, I drove a Toyota a90 supra and I fit not very spacious but fit
Colin Hawks
Colin Hawks 6 giorni fa
I absolutely love this color!
Raiti's Rides
Raiti's Rides 6 giorni fa
I am so glad that you like this one.
Matthau San
Matthau San 6 giorni fa
I want one.
STU377 6 giorni fa
Got to be one of the best 'bang for buck' sports cars.
burningknuckle26 7 giorni fa
Must cop
Cody Beck
Cody Beck 7 giorni fa
I really hope they fixed the bugs on the infotainment system. My Platinum Murano and Platinum Reserve Titan both have issues.
Andreas P
Andreas P 7 giorni fa
nissan giving us a RWD fairlady Z manual and beautiful. WHAT YEAR ARE WE IN
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