Is This Guy’s Boss Even Real? - Key & Peele

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An office worker begins to question whether or not his boss is a real person.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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18 nov 2019




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twisted9100 Mese fa
Great skit There is an autograph signed by Eminem on eBay asking MrBeast to buy it for 25K lol
Steve Adams
Steve Adams Mese fa
I love these guys!
Sarah Brockie
Sarah Brockie 2 mesi fa
Subscribed ❤️❤️❤️❤️ subscribe back!!!! I post funny videos like these!!! I'm borderline retarded and smoke crack with aliens💪👽🤘🤣
Star Trek Theory
OK, that was funny.
Jon 5 mesi fa
@Pancakes Comedy, it's subjective.
Austin Forrest
Everybody gangster until the mop starts moving.
Negative 1
Negative 1 23 ore fa
Well I didn't see that coming
jcsoxx Giorno fa
Come on man, Key & Peele the movie
Temna Senka
Temna Senka Giorno fa
This is some freaky-ass Coraline shit.
W4RSCR34M Giorno fa
everybody gangsta till the mop starts walkin
Juan Tony
Juan Tony Giorno fa
In my high school, I never seen our principal. I didn’t know if we had a principal or not.
Ricardo Bravado
Ricardo Bravado Giorno fa
I did not see that c😂ming...oh my I'd have run away...a live mop😅😅
juanjunior39 Giorno fa
Holy shit. I'm gonna have bad dreams now
Dinrandir Giorno fa
Thought the skitch was over untill that mop started to shout! Didn't see that coming
Jake Giorno fa
Watching this a second time knowing that everything Key's character is doing is earnest makes it even better lol
Someone123 2 giorni fa
N O T H A T 'S O K A Y !!!!!!!!!! I ' L L D O I T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adhish eswaran
adhish eswaran 2 giorni fa
Proof once again peele is one of the best when it comes to the horror genre...
CptObvious 2 giorni fa
this one basically mopped the floor with my expectations
kabutha kabutha
kabutha kabutha 2 giorni fa
That is some scary shit😂😂😂 love key n Peel
Andres Cremades
Andres Cremades 2 giorni fa
Key does a great acting there: gestures, voice. etc. Really cool!
D Howard
D Howard 3 giorni fa
This would have made a better Twilight Zone episode. I've been disappointed so far.
Andre Klein
Andre Klein 3 giorni fa
Bruh that some shit form Coraline almost done did shit my pants
Pyro Head
Pyro Head 3 giorni fa
Would of been funny as hell to see a Keegan clone slowly turn a desk chair around say say "Dafuq you want?!!!??"
Thomas Holden
Thomas Holden 3 giorni fa
I never once questioned the existence of Mr. Mahina. I've worked those jobs.
Suryo Ardi
Suryo Ardi 3 giorni fa
This is should win short horror story on youtube
Lego Gamer
Lego Gamer 4 giorni fa
Everybody gangsta until mops start evil corporations
Spider-Ant 4 giorni fa
That was like fricken Coraline dude 😹😹😹
Coco J
Coco J 4 giorni fa
This scared the shit outta me.
Jordan Zane
Jordan Zane 5 giorni fa
And if you could have all that done by tomorrow that would be great. Thanks
Darslit 5 giorni fa
I like how he says it’s, “The situation has been, Mahina-nized.”
ALEX 5 giorni fa
“This whole thing is Mehinanized”
Iron Blunt
Iron Blunt 6 giorni fa
Just another day in the wizard city
Nnanna Kalu
Nnanna Kalu 6 giorni fa
Juelz Bandana
Juelz Bandana 6 giorni fa
That boss would mop yo ass on the floor
chill bane
chill bane 6 giorni fa
this reminds me dilbert episode
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson 6 giorni fa
I remember this sketch!!! I loved it!!!
Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera 6 giorni fa
this is like that courage the cowardly dog episode
kalzium bones
kalzium bones 7 giorni fa
No, he is not real. He is a fictional character
Ashara Jodie Prospere
Peele looks like ice cube in this one
-Gemberkoekje- 7 giorni fa
This reminds me of cave relgions. Where the elders used to claim they speak for the gods in a cave where only they could enter.
An Dru
An Dru 7 giorni fa
Mahina means weak in Filipino.
Raed Mohamed
Raed Mohamed 7 giorni fa
This is the way you want it to be so don't matter what I do or say or if I work so hard or I don't have boos
Abdallah Daqqouri
Abdallah Daqqouri 8 giorni fa
I hope I don't have nightmares about that.
Jin N Juice
Jin N Juice 8 giorni fa
What's fun is that i had a boss who had a patch just like that on his head
Jay Lew World
Jay Lew World 8 giorni fa
Wasn't expecting that twist
dioco maglinte
dioco maglinte 8 giorni fa
In Filipino MAHINA means WEAK so hmmm
Chad From Cosco
Chad From Cosco 8 giorni fa
Scarier than most of Steven kings movies.
Villa Donetsk
Villa Donetsk 9 giorni fa
Loving his hair island!!
Hive Mentality
Hive Mentality 9 giorni fa
Literally Key in this skit is my actual boss!! Lololol!
RaZiel X
RaZiel X 9 giorni fa
"no that's okay!! I'LL DO IT!!!!"
Louie V. Baby
Louie V. Baby 10 giorni fa
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 10 giorni fa
Did you turds label Alex Jones as a domestic terrorist. That would be fucking hilarious.
Remeez Jackson
Remeez Jackson 10 giorni fa
One of their greatest sketch of all time
frodo baggins
frodo baggins 10 giorni fa
in our language Mahina means weak 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eric Coombs
Eric Coombs 11 giorni fa
Mr. mahina is a monster!
Erik Mendoza
Erik Mendoza 11 giorni fa
Rail Ondi
Rail Ondi 11 giorni fa
"Mr. Mahina works in misterious ways" sounds familiar right? Is this about religion?
TheAverybboniface 11 giorni fa
"How's that"
Ram Bro
Ram Bro 12 giorni fa
How did he grow those pubes on his head? lol
Kenzo 12 giorni fa
Snowpiercer (2020)
subside ML
subside ML 12 giorni fa
Ahhh I don’t care if cardio only burns calories!!!
Christopher Ryan Lawrence
It's like finding an Easter Egg each time Jordan Peele does the " and what" juke in a skit. lol it's his signature. You can find it again in the crosswalk button skit lol.
Survivor 009
Survivor 009 12 giorni fa
So my question is: Based on the ending, was Kenny being honest when he said he enjoyed the 9 minute walk?
Manny Zozaya
Manny Zozaya 12 giorni fa
Did J. Jonah Jameson change his name to Mr. Mahina because he was terrible at the bugle? Sounded like he really wanted pictures of spiderman lol. Just got goofier cause he turned into a mop creature.
Jayde 13 giorni fa
2:40 That “And what” part killed me 😂😂😂😂
E.M []
E.M [] 13 giorni fa
The end was weak, I was expecting some clever move from the bad hair cut guy
buffcanuck83 13 giorni fa
Funny video. 👍😆
glen2003 13 giorni fa
Mr. "Mahina" In our native language that means weak😂
That's no moon
That's no moon 14 giorni fa
Someone's watched to much coraline
Andreas Lindberg
Andreas Lindberg 14 giorni fa
This is basicly the plot of the movie "direktøren for det hele" or "the boss of it all" by Lars von Trier. Recommendable!
Shawn Gilbert
Shawn Gilbert 15 giorni fa
I was not expecting that ending lol
artz Arr
artz Arr 15 giorni fa
Now that's what I call getting high!!!!!
Poor Boss
Poor Boss 15 giorni fa
Mahina means weak in Philippines
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez 15 giorni fa
It’s just seems a little confusing to me as to why Mr. Marhina should give a fuck where we park.
Elisha Nossoughi
Elisha Nossoughi 16 giorni fa
0:46 “Me personally, I enjoy the nine minute walk” That cracked me up! 🤣🤣
Chossen One
Chossen One 19 giorni fa
This joke is about God doesn't it
MastaSmack 19 giorni fa
Thanks. That was awesome.
Richard Luo
Richard Luo 19 giorni fa
Key's haircut tho...
Republican Carl Jr.
Republican Carl Jr. 19 giorni fa
The hair alone is unreal.
Jake 20 giorni fa
Ah finally, I have a name. Mr Mahina is the guy who fathered Jesus and wrote the American constitution
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams 20 giorni fa
Why was the boss scarier than most horror movies. That’s tuff LOL
Elvynd 6 giorni fa
@Cesar It's the janky movement. It's also why CGI can't beat stop motion in scare factor.
Cesar 9 giorni fa
Who knew stop motion mop dolls could be so horrific
kafcin 10 giorni fa
It's because Keegan is just an amazing actor. Way better than Jordan.
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 15 giorni fa
Patrick Saints
Patrick Saints 20 giorni fa
Wait till you see Mr mahina's brother Mr Malakas Translate Filipino to english
Daniel Castaneda
Daniel Castaneda 21 giorno fa
That low key scared me lol
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