Is Timo Werner the FASTEST player at Chelsea? | Fan Q&A with Kurt Zouma

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Is Timo Werner the fastest player at Chelsea? Who is the most skilful player in training? Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma answers your questions!
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25 set 2020




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Commenti 100
It doesn't matter
Andy Gibson
Andy Gibson 10 ore fa
His English is really impressive seems a really cool guy
arugula channel
arugula channel 12 ore fa
Aziz AFIF 19 ore fa
Maguette Cisse
Maguette Cisse Giorno fa
So simple !
Allan Ramsammy
Allan Ramsammy Giorno fa
Pogba lmao
Ben Bennett
Ben Bennett 2 giorni fa
The van damme movie is kickboxer
Imran Majid
Imran Majid 2 giorni fa
Happy birthday
Dahir Webby
Dahir Webby 2 giorni fa
7Crazy Football
7Crazy Football 3 giorni fa
Are you kidding me?
Len Weston
Len Weston 3 giorni fa
Pour a bowl of coffee and dip sweet bread!
Usama Khan
Usama Khan 3 giorni fa
- what do you think about Kepa? - it's a disgrace
Adeola Adeogun
Adeola Adeogun 4 giorni fa
Love this guy
ŚLEPY WIDOMY 4 giorni fa
*yeah he speaks French so I'm helping him with French*
Jonathan Sheppard
Jonathan Sheppard 4 giorni fa
If I was asked that question..5:15 I would of said me because Messi doesn't do stepovers...so zouma I hate to say it but u don't know messi bro(no hate)
Can 1905
Can 1905 5 giorni fa
zouma and kante the most likely players in the world
Zouma est vraiment bizarre son sandwich au jambon dans un chocolat chaud . Et non c'est pas une chose française, c'est une immonde chose dégueulasse tout simplement .
Abdullah Ali
Abdullah Ali 6 giorni fa
5:43 did he just say “Dickhead” 😂😂😂
Garry Galloway
Garry Galloway 7 giorni fa
"Who is the worst defender at Chelsea?" We saw you against Southampton. "Is it Ruediger, Christensen or yourself?"😒😒😒😒😒
lfcblaze 7 giorni fa
Bread and coffee thing is definitely a French thing 😂
The DigBick
The DigBick 8 giorni fa
Toast in tea is the one
PŪŇŞHĒŔ ! 8 giorni fa
5:43 “the goal of the dickhead for sure”
Pasya Rasta
Pasya Rasta 9 giorni fa
Halo Kurt Big Fans Form Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
amlik 9 giorni fa
now i can tell why everyone is always around him he’s a funny guy
carl cederhorn
carl cederhorn 10 giorni fa
Chelsea is pathetic or rather their transfer buisness make the game look like a joke.
rmbb _5k
rmbb _5k 10 giorni fa
4:12 that's not a French things to dip the jam in coffee 🤣🤣stop lying about us
Xey 11 giorni fa
I always find it funny when players speak about pace and then you check there fifa cards and It's like EA don't have a clue haha
Kelvin Guan
Kelvin Guan 11 giorni fa
Need to defend better
samir moroccan
samir moroccan 11 giorni fa
First time i see the dreaming vid haha this guy is hilarious
joey severin
joey severin 11 giorni fa
İ loved kurt. So chill guy. He is my second favourite player along side Virgil Van Dijk
Aidan Wienand
Aidan Wienand 11 giorni fa
I came to see the big man himself....Joe Thomlinson 😂 💪🏽Subscribe to VYB 😍
Mike Nike
Mike Nike 12 giorni fa
Nice guy, sadly not a very good defender, always a mistake in him.
Mike Nike
Mike Nike 11 giorni fa
@Shahadat Uh huh, great back pass and then he stopped. Had h actually tracked back, he could have stopped the goal.
Shahadat 11 giorni fa
Zouma had to carry Christensen against Southampton
Carl Carlo
Carl Carlo 12 giorni fa
Kurt Zouma is so cool!!!
Manka Mohamed
Manka Mohamed 12 giorni fa
I challenge you not to smile through the whole video 🤣🤣🤣
Rose Kanu
Rose Kanu 13 giorni fa
top boy is mine too
Hayley Lee
Hayley Lee 13 giorni fa
What a lovely happy smily guy kurt is 😁 loved him wen he was at everton 💙
____________ 13 giorni fa
He is such a nice guy
Saurani Sumasafu
Saurani Sumasafu 13 giorni fa
who remembers from him playing with KSI
kekko Giordano
kekko Giordano 13 giorni fa
1:30 zouma hai la mia stima
Nazario Dos Santos
Nazario Dos Santos 14 giorni fa
Im portuguese and i do the sandwhich thing all the time.
LankyBoi 14 giorni fa
5:41 "goal of the d*ckhead" hahaha
faze alooy
faze alooy 14 giorni fa
Does he have a lithp ?
Abdollah 14 giorni fa
Zouma is a funny man
SK SERIES 14 giorni fa
Ngolo kante does it in their home he is shy
Mike Rotchburns
Mike Rotchburns 14 giorni fa
This guy's gas 😂
X A D 14 giorni fa
First time i see a French footballer who don't have the french accent xD
Frxdz 15 giorni fa
You can only like this if you too hate coleslaw
mr unkown
mr unkown 15 giorni fa
how many times did my man say simple hahaha. still love him tho
Micheal Wright
Micheal Wright 15 giorni fa
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Wathsun Ramesh
Wathsun Ramesh 15 giorni fa
1:31 proof that there are pineapple on pizza haters. I hate it on pizza as well. Good job zouma
Adam Patocka
Adam Patocka 15 giorni fa
He had me at pineapple on pizza
Nidzamuddin Abdul Kadir
This is my fav player all time in chelsea. Since he move from st ettinne , compare to koulibaly . I still with zouma
Leon Hardt
Leon Hardt 15 giorni fa
Very sympathetic guy
Me to 10k subs
Me to 10k subs 15 giorni fa
Me to 10k subs
I like Soccer
I like Soccer 15 giorni fa
Terrible editing. Poor
I like Soccer
I like Soccer 15 giorni fa
I also dunk pb and j in hot chocolate, and I’m an American 😋
Ilooise Omohinmin
Ilooise Omohinmin 16 giorni fa
His accent is a mix of French and English! LOVE IT!
StevoB 16 giorni fa
Goal of the dickhead 😂😂
Ernie 16 giorni fa
What did he say in 3:33? There's him, there's ... ?
Langdon Playz
Langdon Playz 16 giorni fa
Dieuveut JR
Dieuveut JR 16 giorni fa
l like how tammy Abraham dress
YaYa Toure
YaYa Toure 16 giorni fa
an AMAZING GUY. very nice smile
Robert Mustafa
Robert Mustafa 16 giorni fa
I thought he said it could’ve been the goal of a dickhead
I.O.S 17 giorni fa
Cool guy so super chilled!!
Callum Christie
Callum Christie 17 giorni fa
5:41 goal of the dickhead ahahah
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 17 giorni fa
I have to admit Zouma has surprised me he's actually not a bad defender at all coming from a Liverpool supporter
IkhanoPlays 17 giorni fa
Vetle LF
Vetle LF 17 giorni fa
5:40 Goal of the what?
ST TH 17 giorni fa
goal of decade ...u shithead!!
Dennilson Brown
Dennilson Brown 17 giorni fa
I bet if you hang around zouma..you will all laugh alot
Luigi Pellegrini
Luigi Pellegrini 17 giorni fa
Zouma the ROCK!
Jerry 17 giorni fa
4:00 wow that's unexpected actually, i thought it's a common thing to put ur bread/sandwich in your drink and im not french
Wiwin Rose
Wiwin Rose 17 giorni fa
They must have very bad pineapples in England 🤔
Conrad Evans
Conrad Evans 17 giorni fa
Looked at the top comments on ig saw some quality questions but they didn’t ask him them😭🤣
Random Swift
Random Swift 17 giorni fa
05:39 Zouma: If i scored that goal that would be the goal of the year, the goal of the Di**head 😂
Kelva 17 giorni fa
he says for sure like klopp🤣🤣
King Conor
King Conor 17 giorni fa
jo he is such a nice guy wow
Jordan Hall
Jordan Hall 17 giorni fa
"Goal of the dickhead"
TheRealGDOG 18 giorni fa
You can't put a clip of TAA scoring a freekick against chelsea, before a video of a chelsea player, cmon man
*legend Frank Lampard*
Zuma my profile
Lewis Barrigan
Lewis Barrigan 18 giorni fa
That would of been goal of the dickhead
Lewis Barrigan
Lewis Barrigan 18 giorni fa
Zaid Mulla its what it sounds like he says
Zaid Mulla
Zaid Mulla 18 giorni fa
What 🤣
ManOfWar 18 giorni fa
Love this guy
Keegan Pafford
Keegan Pafford 18 giorni fa
Ebenezer Oswald
Ebenezer Oswald 18 giorni fa
Putting pineapple on pizza is a disgrace 😂😂😂😂
Byranitar 18 giorni fa
Absolutely love this guy
Abhigyan Khargharia
Abhigyan Khargharia 18 giorni fa
He's just a really nice guy. Wow
Arixn 18 giorni fa
5:43 did i hear that right😳
Bottled Water
Bottled Water 18 giorni fa
4:05 “the other day” I swear Tammy posted that like a year ago lol
Leonardo D'Amico
Leonardo D'Amico 19 giorni fa
Mom! I find a Hazard. Zoumaaaaaa!
bey sen
bey sen 19 giorni fa
1:35 Drogba Flashbacks
Reinout 19 giorni fa
I love Kurt🤩 one of the best centerbacks in the world
TheRapscallion 19 giorni fa
Zouma's smile tho 😂
Sisa Official
Sisa Official 19 giorni fa
I'm surprised by the fact that his accent sounds so african.... he sounds like a guy from around here 😂😂
Gibran Wav
Gibran Wav 19 giorni fa
Z3thr0 19 giorni fa
Bruh, who megs him in training.. I didn't understand him..
542_Aswin M
542_Aswin M 18 giorni fa
Drew G
Drew G 19 giorni fa
all the french players seem so nice, pogba, zouma, kante and giroud are all great in videos
Diogo Monteiro
Diogo Monteiro 19 giorni fa
What a great guy
Omar Hosny
Omar Hosny 19 giorni fa
he is so humble i love this guy
Rice is nice
Rice is nice 19 giorni fa
Wow rüdiger most funny, im disappointed as a german, we have to be unfunny :D
Kanye West
Kanye West 20 giorni fa
Best defender in chelsea!!
Samuel Mebrahtu
Samuel Mebrahtu 20 giorni fa
Did my man said chicken 🍗
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