Ishq Murshid - Episode 07 [𝐂𝐂] - 19 Nov 23 - Sponsored By Khurshid Fans, Master Paints & Mothercare 

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Ishq Murshid - Episode 07 [𝐂𝐂] 19 Nov - Presented By Khurshid Fans, Powered By Master Paints & Associated By Mothercare - HUM TV
A journey filled with love, passion, and twists awaits! ✨ Don't miss to Watch #IshqMurshid, Every Sunday At 08Pm Only on HUM TV! 💑
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Cast :
Bilal Abbas Khan
Durefishan Saleem
Farooq Rind
Abdul Khaliq Khan
Written By Abdul Khaliq Khan
Directed By Farooq Rind
Produced By Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions ✨
#DurefishanSaleem #FarooqRind #AbdulKhaliqKhan #MoomalEntertainment #mdproductions


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18 nov 2023




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@HUMTV 21 giorno fa
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@alisial8488 21 giorno fa
Please week 2episode please
@suhail_Skhan 21 giorno fa
Itna SBR nii kraya kro yrr😢😢😢😢
@zoyaabbas693 21 giorno fa
Hafty me 2 episode chaiye yaddi deyo
@asifkaleem-tb1tw 21 giorno fa
@user-st1sk9lp3e 21 giorno fa
@alhamdulillah18971 20 giorni fa
When you wake up, don't immediately use your phone. Drink water and make wudhu. Pray for fajr no matter how unintentionally late you were. Then sit on your prayer mat after salah and make a lot of dua. Read the Qur-an for at least 10 minutes. Do these every morning and you will be mentally, physically and spiritually lively, healthy and happy In sha'Allah. May Allah help us to eradicate our laziness.❤ Ameen 🤲
@sam_g1836 20 giorni fa
Farigh, u ppl piss me offff
@tereiraady 20 giorni fa
ameen 🫶🏻
@xssoko2885 20 giorni fa
@reshmabanu3362 20 giorni fa
Insha Allah ❤
@manomughal6926 17 giorni fa
Best leader _ Mubammad (S.A.W) Best lyrics _ Azan ❤ Best Guide _ Quran Best request _ Dua Best tour _ Haj ❤ Best success _ namaz Best daughter _ Fatima bibi ( R.A.)
@user-ys5du4mr2r 16 giorni fa
@user-wz4xr2nw3q 15 giorni fa
@saeedsiyal2438 13 giorni fa
@ZuraizAwan-sv6ht 13 giorni fa
So true
@MushahidDesire 12 giorni fa
@Asad_. 20 giorni fa
Ishq murshid is not such a unique drama but the role played by Bilal Abbas as Fazal Baksh winning the hearts of million people ❤❤❤
@sabreennaik960 17 giorni fa
Yes truly amazing.I just love Bilal Abbas.
@vlognadiramjad3660 17 giorni fa
Yes definitely
@arunsrivastava7804 17 giorni fa
I entirely agree. He is an actor par excellence!
@Abubakar.66 12 giorni fa
Excellent compliment
❤ right ❤
@alihamza3250 17 giorni fa
This is not a typical love story drama, this is a MASTERPIECE 😭❤️
@EGEducationHub1 16 giorni fa
Absolutely true 👍
@Islamicartoon5555 16 giorni fa
*صبح کا آغاز درود شریف سے کریں* *اَللّٰھُمَّ صَلِِ عَلٰی ,مُحَمَّدٍ وَّعَلٰٓی اٰلِ مُحَمَّدٍ کَمَا صَلَّیْتَ عَلٰٓی اِبْرَاھِیْمَ وَعَلٰٓی اٰلِ اِبْرَاھِیْمَ اِنَّکَ حَمِیْدٌ مَّجِیْدٌ* *اَللّٰھُمَّ بَارِکْ عَلٰی مُحَمَّدٍ وَّعَلٰٓی اٰلِ مُحَمَّدٍ کَمَا بَارَکْتَ عَلٰٓی اِبْرَاھِیْمَ وَعَلٰٓی اٰلِ اِبْرَاھِیْمَ اِنَّکَ حَمِیْدٌ مَّجِیْدٌ*
@alaggg 14 giorni fa
😂😂😂 tuu rou q raha hai
@Islamicartoon5555 14 giorni fa
@@alaggg 😿
@Asad_. 16 giorni fa
This drama gives vibes of 90's love story...so pure, so innocent ❤❤
@SparklingBeauty- 16 giorni fa
You nailed it! Bilal Abbas's performance on Ishq Murshid is next-level amazing! 😍🌟 Bilal Abbas's extraordinary skills in Ishq Murshid. Truly unmatched talent! ❣️
@HasnainAhmed90s 18 giorni fa
Pakistani dramas and OST is on an other level. There is no match of Pakistani drama industry in this universe. ❤
@shammakitchen 18 giorni fa
Only Ishq murshad drama lovers can feel the happiness of every Sunday🥰♥️👌💫
Mujhe DJ drama bahut pasand hai
@Navidaziz127 17 giorni fa
Is there available episode 8
@shamsaramzan7179 13 giorni fa
@Asad_. 17 giorni fa
True fact : 99% people watching this drama just for Shibra and Shahmeer scene 😂😂😂😂
@Mhmd_-vs8kw 4 giorni fa
I'm also watching for politics scene
@henaahsan0786 21 giorno fa
No one can beat Bilal Abbas acting ❤️❤️😘
@munna_8283 21 giorno fa
Remember the name FK👑
@abdussamad3055 21 giorno fa
Feroz khan can beat
​@@abdussamad3055Why Feroze fans behave like this everywhere?? This character Fazal Baksh & Shahmeer Sikandar only suits on Bilal Abbas ❤
@SorsandaSando 20 giorni fa
@@ayiishaahfatemaah7091 exactly 😍🥰
@albertcamus7684 20 giorni fa
You are absolutely wrong, it is a special drama which has been winning the heart of the people throughout the world , I am watching it from New Zealand and you making same comment again and again prove yourself wrong. Its total team work not Bilal Abbas!
@ankhan2833 7 giorni fa
8:55 😂😂 Real Fazal Bux (waiter) is performing so good ....Epic scene, bujjey ka pata nahi hay tum log zinda kesey ho...kamal dialogues and performance😂😂❤❤
@syedzadi_3116 21 giorno fa
Only ishq murshad dramma lovers can feel the happiness of every Sunday🥰❤️💫
@shamsakhtar9499 21 giorno fa
No I have many more things to do...which gives me happiness....
@MDTuhinHasan-mc1xh 21 giorno fa
@saadpathan3789 21 giorno fa
I can't halp but a like 😊
@rameezhassan9137 21 giorno fa
@squarecenter-bx1mv 21 giorno fa
@Asad_. 18 giorni fa
"Hamare dramo ki trhan mene mazar pey nh jana*😂😂😂😂 WHAT A LINE❤
@FatimaKhanfk 18 giorni fa
kamal bat ker di😂
@HafizaZainabSultan 10 giorni fa
Is Kam k liye Fk kafi h 😍Bilal Abbas ko ghori charha Dena bhae😊❤
@aliakram8960 18 giorni fa
Speechless.... From music to dialogues... From story to cast .... From direction to cinematography everything is just perfect hats off 📴📴
@RJ-ty3ot 19 giorni fa
Sukaina siding with her Fazal bhai and calling him sweet was the sweetest 🥰...loved the way she laughed and murmered "jaise woh karega tumse shaadi" and "kaha woh aur kaha tum" 👌😉
@musfirashaikh279 16 giorni fa
The real Fazal Baksh’s acting 😂🔥he made me so laugh while he was serving in the hotel😂❤
@Amazing_Manu 21 giorno fa
Hafte me 2 episode to hona hi chahiye 😊
@sajnikhan9078 21 giorno fa
ma bhi Yahi likhne wala tha 😅
@armanali5996 21 giorno fa
Main to kehta hoon.. 1 no. Se lekar Last episode tak hona chahiye..😂 kam se kam.😂😂
@muhammadsiddiq3598 21 giorno fa
ye ek bhi band karna chaheye tumhain dusray ki pari hai.
@ZainiVlog22 21 giorno fa
@user-yt9eq4nh6n 21 giorno fa
Hmara kahny sa konsa ho jani😂
@fayazsachedina5038 21 giorno fa
Fantastic script and dialogues, terrific direction, acting is superlative...absolutely loving every moment.. infact, I can repeatedly see each episode as they're all progressive and so funny unlike other serials which drag and repeat ....please don't disappoint us by dropping the standards
@sarahali5608 19 giorni fa
True! I'm watching again😂♥️
@lizsamuel5957 15 giorni fa
Inki story line bahut achi hoti ...
@RJ-ty3ot 19 giorni fa
Sukaina and Shibra making faces on Fazal's "Not at all funny jokes" was too funny 🤣🤣..and Fazu looks extra cute when he's trying hard to impress Shibra with his dry sense of humour 🖤👌...
@buttsabchk 14 giorni fa
Only ishq murshad dramma lovers can feel the happiness of every Sunday 😘♥️😘♥️
@Asad_. 18 giorni fa
No one can beat Bilal Abbas acting ❤
@MHKhan-hn2vr 17 giorni fa
Nobody can beat Bilal Acting+Beauty 😍❤
@alihadipendu9836 21 giorno fa
No one can beat Bilal Abbas acting ❤❤
@AdilKhan-gt2cj 21 giorno fa
right Check. Pyar k sadqy Ishq murshid. Difrent character
@saquib84 21 giorno fa
You forgot about feroze khan
@iqra-ul-quran 21 giorno fa
@nisaqayoom8475 21 giorno fa
Right yrrrrr
@TasbhiaNaz-ld6jj 21 giorno fa
HEyeee ❤️🔥
Congratulations team Ishq Murshid!! This episode is trending 1 in Pakistan on ITvid that's a huge achievement🎉👏
@alirehman4858 21 giorno fa
We get so many dramas where some “romantic” scenes/moments/troupes b/w leads have been so overused and repetitive that seeing the Bhutta scene and then desi chai scene was such a breath of fresh air. This is where the drama really stands out. It’s the presentation. Shout out to the director and writer for not giving us same thing just with different pair. Fazal Baksh/Shahmeer just happy that Shibra is finally talking to him at least and the way Bilal Abbas switches b/w Shahmeer and Fazal Baksh in between scenes is so clean and crisp. During the call with Shibra, every time she was speaking it was Shahmeer listening and when it was him talking it was Fazal Baksh talking back to her.
@farheeniqbal489 21 giorno fa
Yeah that's why I'm watching a pakistani drama after a long❤
@Your-Psyche-Spot 20 giorni fa
Yup the call scene ❤
@abdulmalikyt1234 18 giorni fa
The fighting scene between Fazal baksh and phopho was epic 😂😂😂😂
@AdeelAhmed-tb7tq 21 giorno fa
Congratulation toHimtv, To drama produser "ishq Murshid", To writer, To director, To all performers, especially Bilal Abbas along with all team,and once again golden words for drama production Hum tv.
@nusratzahoor4399 20 giorni fa
@sirajhassan4000 17 giorni fa
Yeah, congratulations, team ishq murshid .. But you have to release at least 2 episodes in a week please
@SparklingBeauty- 14 giorni fa
Only ishq murshid drama lovers can feel the happiness in every night of sunday😍❣️
@inshahussain1913 21 giorno fa
Never seen an actor like Bilal.. He's so versatile that he easily fits into every character❤.. His presence in this show has added charm to it!!
@cookingwithruhi 21 giorno fa
@yabrgon 21 giorno fa
@user-rg7lq9kw7p 21 giorno fa
Bilal Abbas Khan is the best choice for both of these characters Fazal Baksh & Shahmeer Sikander! He's phenomenal🔥✌️
@Asad_. 16 giorni fa
To anybody reading this, I pray that whatever you constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind may clarity replace peace and calmness fill your life🌹
@sohilasif7704 19 giorni fa
Such a great portrayal of politics and love without any vulgarity & nudity. This has to be one of the best serials...
No one can beat Bilal abbas Acting in this serial Love from India❤️🇮🇳
@ReviewsCorner-Azi 21 giorno fa
bilkul. i agree
@Shahee.A 21 giorno fa
@Unknown-fo8tu 21 giorno fa
Also dure fishan acting
@ehtasham695 21 giorno fa
Bhai bara dukh hoya India world cup har gya
@ruchipunj3014 21 giorno fa
@Asiya___g 15 giorni fa
Only Ishq Murshid drama lovers can feel the happiness of every Sunday ❤
@uzshani 15 giorni fa
______•||🖤||•______ 💐°مخلص لوگوں کو بیوقوف کہتی ہے دنیا"!👍🏻💯 😒🤷🏻‍♂️
@user-js7rr5sg6h 14 giorni fa
Where is episode 8
@comedyshow1123 14 giorni fa
Eip 8 Kahan hai yarrr
Ep kitny bjy aye gi...?
10 15 mins me hoyega shayad
@khansapatel6264 21 giorno fa
No one can beat the acting of Fazal bakhsh and shibra ❤❤❤❤❤❤
@Haseeb_writes273 2 giorni fa
No one can beat the acting of "Fazal bakhsh and shibra ❤❤❤
@distantpak786 21 giorno fa
Amazing chemistry between the two. I want episodes of this serial like 10 hours each. Love the plot. Hope it stays the same if doesn't get any better. Hopefully, it doesn't become a drag like some other serials - 200 episodes.
@DubalTTechY 19 giorni fa
Only ishq murshad darmma lovers can feel the happiness of every Sunday 🎉❤😍
@serenityupheld7880 16 giorni fa
“Hamare draamo ki tarah mujhe mazaar pe nhi jaana “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I know where’s it going 🎉😂
@HafizaZainabSultan 10 giorni fa
This is just feroze's department....no one have stamina like Fk 😎❤
Only Ishq murshid Lovers can feel the happiness of every Sunday night💜
@user-ni1wr5rh2d 21 giorno fa
Yes 😂❤of course 😊
@user-hc6nn7ft2h 21 giorno fa
Batmez every night feels when wife 😂
@irfanrafy5545 21 giorno fa
Han g mujy har time intzar rehta ha
@user-zx9ur7pe4c 21 giorno fa
Sb pagal
@khanzaddie6386 21 giorno fa
@ammy_babar 19 giorni fa
Only ishq murshid lovers can feel the happiness of every Sunday night ❤🎉
@kissazehra4081 18 giorni fa
😍😍 yes
@kamranramzanvilogs 21 giorno fa
Pakistan... I have to admit you guys are great in music... Love from India🇮🇳 💟
Hillarious expressions by bilal at each point😂
@Asad_. 18 giorni fa
Ishaq mursad darama can lover feel the happiness of every sunday night 🥰❤
Every scene of bilal is mind blowing😂
@ShanzaAyub-wx8ht 21 giorno fa
Everything is temporary but "only ishq murshad lovers can feel the happiness of Sunday" is permanent 😂😂😂
@ShanJutt-nl5is 21 giorno fa
@ayubaliaf7390 21 giorno fa
Ap In sa request kara ka jaldi kia kara intazer nahi hota ha 😅😅😅😅
@ShanzaAyub-wx8ht 21 giorno fa
@@ayubaliaf7390 😂
@FarhanKhan-zj6nn 21 giorno fa
Bhtttt intizaar karna parta hai yarr seriously
@ayubaliaf7390 21 giorno fa
Kia pata ap ke bat mann jay pleez are you frome
@RJ-ty3ot 20 giorni fa
Original FB to Shahmeer: Baji Dar gayi, Bilu bilu something haat, coding...🤣🤣👌👌👌..Shahmeer, FB & Faraz and this scene was totally hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣.....FB's hilarious dialogues and Shahmeer & Faraza's reactions to those dialogues left me in splits..
@AWSPakistan177 19 giorni fa
Only ishq murshad dramma loverscan feel the happiness of every sunday❤❤❤
@amrakhan355 7 giorni fa
Bilal Abbas and durefishan Saleem ❤❤❤ outstanding acting ❤️ feeling love 💕💕 happiness 😊
@Jahaniyan 21 giorno fa
Best line “ hamare dramo ki tarah mene mazar pe nhi jana”😂
@HafizaZainabSultan 10 giorni fa
Us k liye feroze khan kafi h😊😊❤
@Asad_. 13 giorni fa
Only Ishq Murshid lovers can feel the happiness of sunday night ❤❤❤
@user-sh4zz9mk4r 21 giorno fa
No one can beat the level of the Pakistani drama and their OST❤❤
@nazirahmed2495 21 giorno fa
Bhai story unike hi toh hy or kiya chaye
@nainachaudhary5176 20 giorni fa
No one beat Bilal acting 😊
@RJ-ty3ot 20 giorni fa
That part where Fazal was sleepy, as he woke up early in the morning to go to Mosque with Mr Suleman, and was about to walk upstairs back to his room almost in his sleep and suddenly he realised, he suppose to go with Sulemam Sahab so turned back and started following him, that tiny scene cracked me up🤣🤣🤣...I can say this over & over again that Bilal's comic timing is unbeatable, he can effortlessly make you LOL😂😂👌
@user-dh2ss1ll3d 10 giorni fa
Book scene was hilarious 😂😂😂
@asisahrahmah6903 18 giorni fa
Wow, it's been on for 3 days and it's still trending 1st on ITvid Pakistan, congratulations to all of you who have worked hard for this drama, you deserve it. Thank you for cheering me up Dure ❤
@RJ-ty3ot 17 giorni fa
Fazal&Shibra's unofficial Bhutta date & tea date made my heart flutter...both were looking super adorable while eating bhutta🥰... Fazu : mein zehar lagta hu na? Shibra: nahi, itne nahi.. Hayeee, waiting for the day when Shibra will happily drink this zehar 😌😉..absolutely loved the way Fazal made Shibra to apologise nicely 😆.. I know Shibra isn't in love with him yet, but I loved the way she was looking at Fazal while on unofficial chai date with him 🙈...she was irritated , yet the soft looks she was giving him🤌, she is warming up to him..Cheers to many more date scenes of these 2👍
@creativecool73 21 giorno fa
The background score, tittle song is so beautiful, the way Bilal is playing this character, so charming 😘❤️ Amazing screen presence, the entire drama is on his shoulders, story is very typical and simple but it’s only because of his character sketch, it’s just so endearing ❤️ I think this is Bilal’s the best performance 🙌🏻. He deserves all awards. I do not want to compare but somehow he reminds me of SRK of Fuji, Circus, and multiple initial roles of 90s when I see Bilal’s amazing acting here. Anyway superb writing and acting.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
@sarahferguson2614 14 giorni fa
Please don't insult Bilal Abbas by comparing him with so called superstar and over actor. sorry to say but it true.
@SoniyaAnwar-lg5hp 14 giorni fa
​@@sarahferguson2614totally agree 💯
@aimansaeed4614 20 giorni fa
Only ishq murshad lovers can feel the happiness of thursday night😊
Sunday night not Thursday
@RJ-ty3ot 18 giorni fa
Fazal sleeping outside to get natural air conditioner, hayee poor boy🙈...Shibra making bhutta, Fazu looking at her and their eye lock with second part of OST playing in the BG, sheer poetry in motion 😭🥰😍😍...I'm so excited because many more scenes of these love birds are coming our way🖤
@zeeshanraza5173 16 giorni fa
The way Fazal said to sukaina - meri behan😸☺️☺️ cute
@debjaniray6042 20 giorni fa
After so long I've found a drama where I don't feel the need to skip even once!!
@Noor_ayy 15 giorni fa
One week passed but the episode is still on trending❤
@farhanshaikhsk 20 giorni fa
There is no break, what a role Abbas has played.😅❤❤ 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
@nishtrclony4890 20 giorni fa
Only ishq murshid drama lovers can feel the happiness in every night of sunday
@SparklingBeauty- 15 giorni fa
Ishq murshid is not such a unique drama but the role played by Bilal Abbas as Fazool Baksh winning the hearts😍❣️
@aroojfatima6222 21 giorno fa
In Love With This Couple,With This Drama, With This OSt😩❤️‍🔥
@NimraIjaz-pv5ot 12 giorni fa
Ishaq murshad script is so much funny.....Bilal Abbas lines !!!❤❤❤
@ForlifeNA 21 giorno fa
Fazal wanted to celebrate shibra's happiness by eating the sweet but shibra's questionable gaze made him put it back and hold on😂
@farheeniqbal489 21 giorno fa
@farhanaafsar3014 20 giorni fa
@riyadhossain7618 20 giorni fa
@md2469 20 giorni fa
yes such cute scene..bilal cutest
@zenabhamid6608 20 giorni fa
So so so cute and beautiful drama. It has both entrainment and serious issues. Hope it stays like this instead of going towards only stress and tension. Which usually happens in Pakistani dramas. We don't need stress in dramas it is already plenty in our lives.
@XA_RA 20 giorni fa
20:04 this scene ❤ Their conversation
@kyagundabanegaretu 13 giorni fa
36:34 this scene and Bilal's smile ✨
No one can beat bilal abbasi acting ...
@Asad_. 16 giorni fa
Bilal Abbas and Ali Gul make the best scenes😂😂😂
@nanu5173 21 giorno fa
Bilal Abbas's acting skills are absolutely amazing! He brings so much depth and emotion to his characters, making them truly come alive on screen. Whether it's a serious role or a comedic one, he always delivers a stellar performance. His talent and dedication to his craft are truly commendable. ❤❤❤❤ Bilal Abbas is not just a talented actor, but he's also incredibly cute! His charming smile and adorable personality make him even more lovable. It's hard not to be captivated by his looks and charisma. He definitely has a lot of fans swooning over him 😍❤
@AliMuhammad-cy1ri 21 giorno fa
Look at yourself my dear Why do you admire someone, you are the moon 😊
@nudratnayab9571 21 giorno fa
He did negative role in chiekh, what a superb acting
@gsraza3197 21 giorno fa
@kamleshvatish1201 19 giorni fa
It’s a very cute story line thank you to the writer…not to forget the director who has got best out of Bilal Abbas and Dure- Fishan and her younger sister in this drama ,”Ishaq Murshid “
@AdeelAhmed-tb7tq 20 giorni fa
Deserves a high rating and getting it,superb serial of 2023 is" Ishq Murshid" presented by Humtv.
@Ellannvlogs 17 giorni fa
Only ishaq murshad lovers can feel happiness after watching ❤❤
@homelicious 20 giorni fa
Only Ishq murshid drama lovers can feel the happiness of every sunday 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 bohttt zabrdast drama hai yrrrr bilal abas bohttttt achaaa actor hai aur bohttt cute b hai❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@user-df4md2cb3g 18 giorni fa
Only ishq murshid lovers can feel the happiness of every Sunday night
@iamArsh1 21 giorno fa
Pakistani serials are far better than Indian serials ❤
@user-zs3pp2cw2x 21 giorno fa
There's no need to bash indian daily soaps all the time just keep watching those Pak dramas you'll notice that you are getting tired day by day they depict toxic male dominated stories always violets women rights and justify them such as tere bin pyaar K sadka
@SorsandaSando 21 giorno fa
@mdmojeebkhan1153 21 giorno fa
me bhi India se hu Mujhe Pakistani drama dekhne ki Adat hi gyi Hai.... Ye kaise chhutegi pta nhi.
@iamArsh1 21 giorno fa
@@mdmojeebkhan1153 same here 😂 but I love my india ♥️ hate Indian saas bahu serials and some movies.
Exactly ❤❤❤
@user-sl5zr9ug4y 21 giorno fa
Lot's of love from 🇮🇳! Bilal 's acting just like woww ❤
@fairy957 19 giorni fa
Ali Gul is playing his role very well ❤ Enjoying his scenes 😂
@KausarSaadat 16 giorni fa
Bilal Abbas appears again on screen with his outstanding performance after qurbaan.
@Samprita-im3nw 20 giorni fa
Phenomenal acting by Bilal.. Seriously I'm really impressed.. Lots of love from 🇮🇳❤
@dummygaming1 10 giorni fa
I watched 6 episodes of this in after 5 pm to 12 pm ❤ Best Drama ❤
@sama3569 21 giorno fa
The way he looks at Shibra from the roof… his eyes and expression was mind blowing…. Amazing performance by Bilal Abbas as always…. He’s truly the SRK of Pakistan 😄
@aimanrani7278 21 giorno fa
SRK is famous but when you compare someone with another person it's not a compliment coz in a way you are saying that the other person is the measure of the best hence the the person being compared can never go above. Bilal is Bilal not SRK.
@Mrs.A-S 21 giorno fa
We don't want SRK in Pakistan
@SpyStar-ru4kf 21 giorno fa
You can't afford srk that's why you don't want
@sama3569 21 giorno fa
@@aimanrani7278 in my opinion if some young actor is compared to great actors like SRK, it surely is a compliment for him coz whether you like it or not, but SRK is a mark, he has a big name and standard in acting and he’s called the king of romance so you can’t deny what his level and achievements are…he has made a name and is considered on a high pedestal so there’s no harm in comparing young actors like Bilal with him… all these new actors are inspired by SRK and that’s pretty fine!!! So one should take it positively plz
@aimanrani7278 21 giorno fa
@@sama3569 yeah I understand but some people get offended by such remarks.
@BangtanGirl512 20 giorni fa
fazal : meij zehar lgta hun😢 Shibraa ' nahi itnaa b nahi😂😂😂 his expression so Cute ❤
@rafyrafy1393 15 giorni fa
so cute😊
@biya4404 20 giorni fa
I'm feeling goosebumps watching this drama❤😂
@Asad_. 19 giorni fa
OST makes this Serial more interesting ❤😌
@amarswadesh6140 16 giorni fa
*💘If it's possible 02 episodes a week, still 01 episode a week is a big jokes with the audiences. But if not possible, no problem.💘*
@Lucky-00126 21 giorno fa
Don't irritate by voting for 2 episode's😂becox everyone knows nothing will happen😂
@khankainaat 21 giorno fa
@banoqudsiaquotes 21 giorno fa
Right 👌👍🏻😂
@BilalBilal-nx3be 21 giorno fa
@BilalBilal-nx3be 21 giorno fa
@ilyaswafa3104 21 giorno fa
Yes 2 and 3
@khansapatel6264 21 giorno fa
I have never watched this kinds of innocent romantic drama at before.❤❤❤❤❤ Today episode is just bomed 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Love from India always 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
@ridafatima5689 20 giorni fa
This role is made for Bilal Abbas Khan 👏👏👏
@RailwayPakistan 16 giorni fa
Good story with the combination of Love and Politics. Superb acting, best drama.
@Mindmazequiz227 18 giorni fa
I love pakistani dramasss because they have real story of life..we learn from pakistani dramass❤🎉
@ProAdnanStudio 18 giorni fa
Quran is the best for solution of every Problems❤❤❤❤❤
@user-jw3sf4qp9r 18 giorni fa
Bilal abbas khan is such a versatile actor , he performs every character so well , it seems that he is made for every type of role
@user-zk9fs7vk4w 21 giorno fa
36:57 onwards is another vibe of ost and scene both 😍💫
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