ITA vs. SRB - Full Gold Medal Match | Women's U20 Volleyball World Champs 2021

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Relive the full match ITA vs SRB from the Women's U20 Volleyball World Champs in Rotterdam (NED).

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Commenti 0
Antonio Locci
Antonio Locci Giorno fa
Già dagli inni si capisce chi vincerà!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Giorno fa
Khin Zaw
Khin Zaw 2 giorni fa
I. LikeNumebr 12playerfrom italy team hername Frotini outstanding bestplayer
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 giorni fa
Alguém sabe em qual classificação aquele time horrível do Brasil ficou?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 10 ore fa
These young women under 20 play much better volleyball than professional players in the Philippine Volleyball league!
Khin Zaw
Khin Zaw 4 giorni fa
seamysteries 4 giorni fa
If we look beyond any emotion, it must be said that Italy as a whole has shown a composition of very prepared and determined athletes. Not only 12, 13 but also the 2 all excellent strikers with continuity and success, but also watching the games played by the libero and the setter, I didn't think I saw such young girls. I think this young team can easily play in any European championship and in the world in A league probably not to win but to worry many well-rated teams and they have an average age of only 18.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Giorno fa
Parabéns Itália, o próximo é do Brasil
Nicolò Minardo
Nicolò Minardo 5 giorni fa
che gioco, che intesa tra di loro e che colpi di attacco!! una squadra così giovane ma così forte non si vede spesso
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 giorni fa
Italy Stupor Mundi
Noel MercialesYT
Noel MercialesYT 5 giorni fa
I like the game so much better they were very much taller
Антонина Семенова
Россия молодец!!!
Angelo Novello
Angelo Novello 5 giorni fa
Non solo il calcio maschile fa sognare le notti magiche, ma anche gli sport che ci fanno essere orgogliosi, nell'ambito femminile
Dani Danii
Dani Danii 5 giorni fa
MaxStorm 5 giorni fa
rahmat efendi
rahmat efendi 5 giorni fa
My favorit team junior is Italia
Dussadee B
Dussadee B 5 giorni fa
Jos xax
Jos xax 5 giorni fa
U 20 MÀ NÓ ĐẬP 3M ẦM ẦM...
heymikey1981 5 giorni fa
These young women under 20 play much better volleyball than professional players in the Philippine Volleyball league!
Rancel Jave Esposo
Rancel Jave Esposo 5 giorni fa
Sa true lang HAHAHA
Hidiyaki Kliuka
Hidiyaki Kliuka 5 giorni fa
are they using cheaper camera? the shots isnt as good compare to seniors. no color commentaries too
jair sales
jair sales 5 giorni fa
Parabéns Itália, o próximo é do Brasil
jsn nan
jsn nan 5 giorni fa
เก่งพอ พอกันทุกคน อิตาลี
-- 5 giorni fa
-- 5 giorni fa
Italy Stupor Mundi
Alper Ozkaya
Alper Ozkaya 5 giorni fa
Che bello Bella meravligo Bella Brava great tutti grazie championse cazzooo 😍😍👏👏💪💪🎉🎉🎉🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹👊👊👊👊🍾🍾🍾🍾
Angelo Novello
Angelo Novello 5 giorni fa
Brave ragazze l'Italia si fa onore
Riccardo M.
Riccardo M. 5 giorni fa
Campioni del mondo 🇮🇹 Che anno per lo sport italiano 🔝
Veronica Pascucci
Veronica Pascucci 4 giorni fa
@-- anche loro
-- 5 giorni fa
e i Maneskin?
Nunny Beliveber
Nunny Beliveber 5 giorni fa
เบอร์ 9 อิตาลี ใช่คนที่เล่นชุดvnlที่ผ่านมารึเปล่า ?
seamysteries 5 giorni fa
yes, and with her in the vnl played the sister of the n.17 Nwakalor Sylvia, very strong opposite, here was Linda younger and 10 cm. highest.
Anne Bispooo
Anne Bispooo 6 giorni fa
Jogão ( Servia x Itália ) As gurias jogam como atletas principal força, garra, determinação. Quando eu olho a nossa base🇧🇷 da tristeza. Falta de respeito com uma história tão bonita.😔
Vôlei Mundial
Vôlei Mundial 6 giorni fa
Esse base da Itália é futuro da seleção italiana,que ganhará muitos títulos importantes,se os U.S não atrapalhar pq eles também investem pesado na base, quem não investe vai ficar pra trás.
ayel_ le
ayel_ le 6 giorni fa
Italy again 😂
Charlie Lorenzo
Charlie Lorenzo 6 giorni fa
Viva Italia
Ivan Volkov
Ivan Volkov 6 giorni fa
Italy is the favourite and worthy to win.
Superman 6 giorni fa
Sebia could win 3 rd set.They had 3 point lead 14-17.
Superman 6 giorni fa
Italy number 4 is like a man.😂
Alumbraré Tulife
Alumbraré Tulife 6 giorni fa
Italia 60 millones de habitantes manda un equipazo U20,,,, Brasil 213 millones de habitantes no tiene un equipo U20 que este a este nivel.
Superman 6 giorni fa
Italy had black players.Are they coming from america ?
lazios 5 giorni fa
@Superman Honestly I can't answer accurately because I don't know how it works, anyway I think the children (or even the grandchildren) are already included in the 6mil; in Italy there is not the *ius soli* (as in the US for example) but the *ius sanguinis* so probably that people (ie children or other) result as "foreigners residing in Italy" until they become (officially) italian citizens and this happens at the age of 18years (but I repeat that I'm not sure about this). In any case by the numbers that I read (I searched on the net), I think the percentage is what you wrote; someone says 8%, someone else 10%, others even more (so I think 9-10% on the total is correct), ciao.
Superman 5 giorni fa
@lazios That means 6 m foreign born people and their italian born children are living in italy.That means 10% of italian population.
lazios 5 giorni fa
@Superman From african countries (so not all the blacks, from Africa only) are more than 1 million and I'm talking about registered immigrants. Total legal immigrants until 2020 (from every continents) are almost 6 millions of people (to these should be added the irregular which are supposed to be between 500,000 and 700,000 people). I hope you understand despite my "eng" (sorry).
Superman 6 giorni fa
@cesare julius how many black population in italy.
cesare julius
cesare julius 6 giorni fa
The parents of these black girls coming from Nigeria and Senegal, but they were born and raised in italy, so they are italians!!!!
indigenous savik tamu
Congratulations Italy
Dariusz Dudka
Dariusz Dudka 6 giorni fa
This year belongs to Italy don't we? Chiellini and Bonucci must be proud.
Startseva Soap ASMR
first eurovision song contest, then euro 2020, and now Italy's success in volleyball! Congratulations, Italy ! you've suffered heavy losses because of the corona, but 2021 is still your year! Love from Turkey love u so much İtalian culture and peoples 🥰🥰🥰
Beatrice Palloni
Beatrice Palloni 5 giorni fa
And in the 2021 European Athletics Under 23 Championships Italy is the first place in the medal table.
Paolo Cocuccioni
Paolo Cocuccioni 5 giorni fa
And we won basket Olympic pass for Tokyo against Serbia!
Rafet Demir
Rafet Demir 6 giorni fa
absolutely very true 👏🏻
oldwindsorblues 6 giorni fa
Per un palleggiatore mettere in terra la palla che vale la vittoria di un mondiale è un sogno quasi irrealizzabile, averlo fatto... da non dormirci la notte per tre mesi! Grande Gaia, grandissima Italia!!!!
Neung It
Neung It 6 giorni fa
Christian Caiumi
Christian Caiumi 6 giorni fa
Very happy for the italian team even thinking to the interviews of the serbian players after the match won by Italy in the preliminary round, when they said that the match was not important because they were already qualified... Very presumptuous behaviour, and during the final match was clear that the serbian players were searching for excuses such like inexistent calls of the line referees, in a situation where they were facing an unexpected difficulty. Bad job of the serbian staff and superb work of the italian one, looking at the enthusiasm and conviction of the italian players. Congratulations girls, and now go on the same way!
59vlada 5 giorni fa
@Christian Caiumi I think you need to get life. Does it really make you feel better about yourself when sticking labels to others? If it does, you better change your ways. Serbia could have won this match with better coaching, does that really disturb you so much? If it does, well - I already said it.
Christian Caiumi
Christian Caiumi 5 giorni fa
​@59vlada I simply told what happened after the match in the preliminary round, and what i've seen on the field during the final. I can imagine that this disturbs you because i think you're serbian... But, you know, accepting criticizes is a sign of intelligence and it's the first step to improve yourself and win next time. You should advice to the serbian staff to be less presumptuous and not undervalue the opponents... But if they prefer to continue loss next match too, better for the other teams! What you think?
59vlada 6 giorni fa
You'd be better off if just enjoying your victory, instead of trying to make it even "bigger" by portraying other teams as bad sports. Does that really make you feel good?
jajaz 422
jajaz 422 6 giorni fa
เก่งสมรางวัล โดยเฉพาะมือเซต
john samuel
john samuel 6 giorni fa
Italy is the favourite and worthy to win.
Petrus Sutandi
Petrus Sutandi 6 giorni fa
Serbia no.11 Beautifull.. 😍
Amedeo Pizzicato
Amedeo Pizzicato 4 giorni fa
Yes pretty but nothing special
Limited FOX
Limited FOX 6 giorni fa
🇷🇸 😭🤣
princess 6 giorni fa
Enough Italy! 😂That's enough😂
the last Elena
the last Elena 5 giorni fa
Appetite comes with eating!!!!!! ❤️🇮🇹❤️
-- 5 giorni fa
ayel_ le
ayel_ le 6 giorni fa
Ahahhahahaha 😂😂😂
Volleyball World
Volleyball World 6 giorni fa
This is their year! 🇮🇹
Asdar hidayat
Asdar hidayat 6 giorni fa
Belanda kalah ya lawan russia
It would be more exciting if Japan🇯🇵 Vs Italy again..Congrats Italy
WrOn ChMa
WrOn ChMa 6 giorni fa
ว่าไม่ได้​ อิตคือปังทุกนาง​ ปุริเย่มากก​ ถึงไม่ใช่ลิปก็เหนียวกันทุกนาง​ สต.คิดว่าไม่มีใครเล่นดีสุด​ แต่ทุกคนเล่นดีเท่ากัน​ ขึ้นอยู่กะตัวเซทด้วย​ ว่าตัวเซทจะเซทให้ใครมากกว่า​ คนนั้นจะมีโอกาสตีและทำคะแนนมากกว่า​ แต่ใดๆคือตบสู้ทีมชาติชุดใหญ่ได้เลย​ ถ้ามีประสบการณ์​มากกว่านี้​
Bench Zhong
Bench Zhong 6 giorni fa
I love Vita Akimova.... Perfect combination with Arina Fedorovtseva!!!
Volleyball World
Volleyball World 6 giorni fa
La dolce Vita! She has such potential 🤩
Bench Zhong
Bench Zhong 6 giorni fa
@cesare julius agree to that, especially on reception... She is still yoing though
cesare julius
cesare julius 6 giorni fa
Fedorovtseva need to improve a lot her skills, above all reception and defense!
Aisi555 6 giorni fa
why the cup and medals presented in reverse order...hmmm...it will be better if they were not lifting the throphy right after the match
El Argento
El Argento 6 giorni fa
Italianafricans champion! Congratulaciones!
Mario DiSarlii
Mario DiSarlii 3 giorni fa
@Amedeo Pizzicato Provo a educare le bbestie
Amedeo Pizzicato
Amedeo Pizzicato 4 giorni fa
@Mario DiSarlii Ma gli stai a rispondere pure?
Mario DiSarlii
Mario DiSarlii 5 giorni fa
@El Argento Do you happen to live in a psychiatric hospital? Because it is quite evident that you are not well. Paola Egonu was born in Cittadella (Padua), in Veneto. Miriam Sylla was born in Palermo, Sicily. Sylvia and Linda Nwakalor were born in Lecco, Lombardy. Loveth Omoruyi was born in Lodi, Lombardy. Julia Ituma was born in Milan. Bintu Diop was born in Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa), in Tuscany. They were all born in Italy and raised in Italy, speaking Italian better than me, with a clear regional accent, studied in Italy and learned volleyball in Italy. They are Italian in all respects and your idiocy cannot change the reality one iota, dear psychiatric patient. Wake up, girl, accept reality, get up to date, peoples evolve, change physiognomy, as it has always been since the dawn of time. Nationality has nothing to do with skin color. LeBron James is descended from African people, but he is from the United States, just like Scorsese who is descended from Italian people. Pogba and Lukaku are descended from Africans, but one is French and the other Belgian. Argentines are descended from Spaniards, you don't even know the history of your country. Judging by your channel, you should be from Argentina. But according to your retrograde logic you are not Argentine, you are Spanish. You are not South American, you are European. Brazilians are largely descended from Africans. Go study history, study anthropology, ethnology, and learn something. Stop being a racist fool, evolve, you ridiculous chicken.
El Argento
El Argento 5 giorni fa
@Mario DiSarlii Yes, of course, african girls raised in Italy... hahahaha
pemme inox
pemme inox 6 giorni fa
congratulaciones a te, pirla!
นายภาคิไนย บํารุงเชื้อ
Paolo L
Paolo L 6 giorni fa
Potete spiegare il titolo? Vince l'Italia 3-0 e scrivete 1-2 per le serbe? E comunque congratulazioni alle campionesse!!! Forza ragazze! Forza azzurre!!!
Alessandro 6 giorni fa
Avessero messo un "final 1-2 place" sarebbe stato più utile, alla fine !
T N 6 giorni fa
1-2 non si riferisce al risultato della partita ma al posto in classifica, prima e seconda.
Federico Canessa
Federico Canessa 6 giorni fa
ma sei serio o hai dei problemi mentali?
Olga Bernyk
Olga Bernyk 6 giorni fa
Finale 1-2 posto, non 1 a 2 per le serbe.
m lena
m lena 6 giorni fa
Ancora Italia? 😂🥳😍
Maurizio Velati
Maurizio Velati 6 giorni fa
Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion 6 giorni fa
Bravo Italy 🇮🇹
Chatchai Chatchai
Chatchai Chatchai 6 giorni fa
Italy's libero is so good💞
Marcelo Bianchi
Marcelo Bianchi 6 giorni fa
Parabéns Italia!!!!
Jose Alfredo Soriano Vaquerano
Bonito partido! Grandes promesas para el Voleibol! Gracias por el gran espectáculo de alta técnica y calidad, felicitaciones a Italia por ser ahora las campeonas , Serbia por ser gran medallista de plata y Rusia por el bronce, saludos desde El Salvador en America Central.
Leo Nidas
Leo Nidas 6 giorni fa
Alessio Blackout
Alessio Blackout 6 giorni fa
Martina Leporati
Martina Leporati 6 giorni fa
Siiii Italia cazzoooo😍😍quest’anno è un anno d’oro per noi italiani🔥🇮🇹
Washington Oliveira
Alguém sabe em qual classificação aquele time horrível do Brasil ficou?
Anne Bispooo
Anne Bispooo 6 giorni fa
Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva 6 giorni fa
Time horrivel msm
fabiana2222fds 6 giorni fa
7 talvez ganhou do time mais horrível da República Dominicana
Dragon Soy
Dragon Soy 6 giorni fa
Wow Como definen las jugadas. Con tremendos misiles super sonicos :) Lndas jugadoras de volleyball
Serena Vitali
Serena Vitali 6 giorni fa
Bichita Gomez
Bichita Gomez 6 giorni fa
y Brasil a que hora juega la final?
Leo Nidas
Leo Nidas 6 giorni fa
italy or africa
MJJ 5 giorni fa
Every racist is stupid person.
pemme inox
pemme inox 6 giorni fa
ecco qui un altro pirla! arrivano a grappoli! grappoli di pirla!
Abi Gail
Abi Gail 6 giorni fa
@Asdar hidayat it’s a continent.
Luca Lambertucci
Luca Lambertucci 6 giorni fa
You are not Leonidas, you are Ephialtes. You betray human and sporting values.
Shanmugasundaram Rajeswaran
Leo Nidas dont be racist,sport is sport,ItalyU29 is awesome,we can see these Angels inSerieA
Le tengo una envidia lindo a Italia , porque esta coronación es parte del fruto de una buena Liga Italiana de voley femenino/masculino , ademas del trabajo de la confederación italiana de Voley.
Edgar Chavez
Edgar Chavez 6 giorni fa
Para tener envidia debes de luchar siempre por finales en tu confederación. Apenas llegan a 8 octavos a ramas femenino.
segnujnosreg 6 giorni fa
Alex Nardi
Alex Nardi 6 giorni fa
These italian young ladies are ready for Serie A :) terrific game
ALEX XELA 6 giorni fa
Yeahhhhh grandi!
angelo Anselmi
angelo Anselmi 6 giorni fa
stefano valdisserra
italiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa campeao do mundooooooooooooooooooo
Francesco Lanciotto
Miklos Nemeth
Miklos Nemeth 6 giorni fa
What a heroic play from the wonderful Serbian team to keep up with the unbeatable Italian team. I think after all the matches I've seen during this U20 Italy was a bit above all other teams, no question. My favorite players because of their style on this U20 were Julia Orzol (16, Poland), Branka Tica (18, Serbia), Giorgia Frosini (12, Italy), Beatrice Gardini (13, Italy). It was a bit surprising to see four European teams in the final four. I've watched the USA and Brazilian team, too, they are very strong too, no question, they were not that lucky these days.
Umbul Sawunggaling
Umbul Sawunggaling 6 giorni fa
Not excuses bro, just an expectation that the final should be The Best vs The Best. As I mentioned before, the best composition for Serbia Team is as in semifinal. I agree that Italia is too good for Serbia, they played almost perfect, even they can defeat any opponent in that tournament. But if Serbia played in their best way, I am sure that the match more interesting to watch.
59vlada 6 giorni fa
@Umbul Sawunggaling Agree, Uzelac (#7) or Savic (#14) would be better a choice than Cvetkovic (#10), who ended up with -6 net points, but who is for no obvious reason always favored by the coach. He made some other hard to understand decisions but, hey, coaching is a part of the game, so no excuses - Italy played the best volleyball here.
59vlada 6 giorni fa
@Shanmugasundaram Rajeswaran I've seen Akimova when she appeared in Sparta last year (Russian Superleague) and one could tell right away - as young as she was - that she is an exceptional attacker.
Ali Eryılmaz
Ali Eryılmaz 6 giorni fa
If Fedorovtseva played with Akimova, then there would be a great chance for Russia to have a victory over Italy.
Umbul Sawunggaling
Umbul Sawunggaling 6 giorni fa
@aleksandra filipovic I love Serbian Team so much, unfortunately I didn't see the best way to play in final. No.10 was unable to overcome the blockers. So Tica has no pairing, and opponent become easy to guess the setting direction. In semifinal there was another option, she is Uzelac (7). Uzelac can spike from first or second row. I think the best team-composition for Serbia was when in semifinal. Second thing that may be (just maybe) a good option was maximizing the midle blockers. They have a good chance to attack since they are tall. But It didn't work properly. Regardless with The Serbian Team profile, Italian Team played almost perfect. Congratulation Italian Team, and highly respect both teams. They have reached a high grade of this championship.
Cardillo Maria Sole
Spazio Vuot0
Spazio Vuot0 6 giorni fa
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