Jackass Forever | Official Trailer (2021 Movie)

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Brian Posey
Brian Posey 52 secondi fa
this fucking made my day!
MountDoom 4 minuti fa
XYDogAustria 5 minuti fa
Ok mal gucken bei 1:00 Stop oder langsam Laufen lassen Cameramann Maske im Gesicht alle anderen Nein nur der Links noch Findet den Fehler gg
captain unsinn
captain unsinn 7 minuti fa
OMFG YES!!!! :'D
The Asian
The Asian 7 minuti fa
if my life (simplified) was made into a movie, this would be it.
XYDogAustria 8 minuti fa
Ach du Heilige Mutter Gottes...gg
Woody 11 minuti fa
This seems like a gift from God. Comes out the day I EAS let's goooo
¥human¥ 16 minuti fa
Lucas harris Vlogs
Lucas harris Vlogs 49 minuti fa
Never saw this coming
veizour 52 minuti fa
I guessing some of the old cast ran out of money from their prior movies, so now you got jackass 4... ... Not that I'm not going to watch it or anything... 🤣
Where’s bam tho
It not going to be the same with margera kicked off for real he was the glue even though he is high as shit.
Tovarisch Ora fa
Thought number 1. How are these guys still alive? Thought number 2. If I was a specialist of an insurance company, I would never agree to insure them
Im feeling bad about Bam.
Karma Ora fa
Madison Daniels
He was fired back in February 2021.
Poetin NL
Poetin NL Ora fa
You guys need to stop please God
alternative title: Darwin Award Tryhards - still failing, luckily.
canbe anything
read the warning at the end
Matthew Jay Evans
Three things: 1) Love the trailer 2) I miss Ryan Dunn. I wonder if they are going to do some sort of tribute thing to him in the movie? 3) So sad that Bam won't be a part of this. He got fired for being stupid. Oh well.
blu menthal
blu menthal 2 ore fa
This gives me nostalgia, i remember watching Jackass dvds in the 2000s. Such a good time (and sometimes disgusting lol).
Dejan Pavlovic
Hahah i really want to see how bear thing ended
Thomas Apollo
Thomas Apollo 2 ore fa
Machine Gun Kelly, Stev O.... I will never watch this shit
Kadi Rebel
Kadi Rebel 2 ore fa
I would rather watch Bam Margera skate in a video, than watch Jaskass Forever. And I think Bam would prefer to skate than do stupid stunts, you know Ryan Dunn got a blood clot from the horse pulling him on the floor because of this stupid film. Rest in peace Ryan, 1977-2011
championchap 2 ore fa
Love you guys! No Bam this time around though?
Kyle Salisbury
Yessss I love it 👌🇬🇧
Michael Chadwick
Looking forward to this... I think Dunn would have absolutely loved this.
Escobarioli 2 ore fa
1:09 lmao tyler the creator was made for jackass
Jayden 2 ore fa
Where’s bam?
Madison Daniels
He's fired.
nijuo joing
nijuo joing 2 ore fa
All of a sudden, Johnny Knoxville is like 80. What the fuck.
I'd love for this movie to not include Bam Margera but definitely include the remains of Ryan Dunn.
Gefilta Fish
Gefilta Fish 3 ore fa
When the stunts are so vivid.. you can just feel some of their pain just by watching it.
Eagler 3 ore fa
Idiocracy at its finest
Priscilla Brown
Sees the warning at the end... Me and anyone else with half a brain: Well yeah, no shit...
nijuo joing
nijuo joing 2 ore fa
@1:52 Alfred E Neuman (Mad Magazine)
C0okiee 3 ore fa
This will make Amc stock price moon. Now i understand why people said hold.
Sand Castle
Sand Castle 3 ore fa
still trying to die i see
سلمان فيصل
aw manu made me rember the dudeson :(
Yose Destrukcja
Where is Bam ?
David Humphries
Got fired from the movie for using drugs which was against his contract.
Jonah Whale
Jonah Whale 3 ore fa
Just not the same without Bam🤨
Angus Bruce
Angus Bruce 3 ore fa
Lets go Poopies!
Joe Vachon
Joe Vachon 3 ore fa
Every single stunt in this trailer was in the previous movies.............................................................
The True Crime Show
Bam Bam went broke and needs more cash, huh? The finale will be his death at the end.
Nick Markovic
Nick Markovic 4 ore fa
Is bam in it?
NiGHTS 4 ore fa
somebody told me they did the cannon stunt before but I cant find it
Loco Lotion
Loco Lotion 4 ore fa
Granpas who desperate about money.
Art Greg
Art Greg 4 ore fa
The bear stuff is not a good idea
Jan Jan
Jan Jan 4 ore fa
Mom: Son, you are always home at the computer, why don't you go play with the neighbourhood kids! The neighbourhood kids:
Foxtrot 67
Foxtrot 67 4 ore fa
@1:52 Alfred E Neuman (Mad Magazine)
DK San x
DK San x 4 ore fa
Bro there is something so wholesome about there being people willing to get fucked ip for the jackass guys and even the old crew willing to take some more hits for their fans. Fucking steveo johnny and the rest of you guys are the best man.
JhonDiick 420
JhonDiick 420 4 ore fa
Fck yeaaah!!!😝👊
Dmitri Akivaev
GetAGrip Jayhoo
tzi zing Boys will make some money
mr.bas1c tv
mr.bas1c tv 5 ore fa
That steve O canon, i find it cool more than a laughable stun. Damn, and the pose he made its like entrance to a legendary boxing match or something
Alex Aronson
Alex Aronson 5 ore fa
Mrmurder75 5 ore fa
I wanna see it now, not October 😔
Sales Freightco
Jackass comes in with the ultimate save of comedy - so refreshing to see - other than todays dried up and tasteless comedy - BRAVO Jackass!
Tim 5 ore fa
Is this still a thing? All these are what? 50 years old!?
C Hobson
C Hobson 5 ore fa
Young people have no idea how much us millenials pioneered slackerdom and VLOGs!!!
nah nah nah nah
I'm ready for this.
chaouz 5 ore fa
How are these guys still alive it’s impressive
Anthony Lowe
Anthony Lowe 5 ore fa
I am so happy I needed this !
dddodin 6 ore fa
Where is Ryan Dunn?
dddodin 4 ore fa
@Dirk Mcgirkin why they didn`t dig him up?
Dirk Mcgirkin
Dirk Mcgirkin 5 ore fa
6 feet under
Piet De Vries
Piet De Vries 6 ore fa
Missing Bam Margera!! I know he was in bad shape when planning to shoot this movie. But maybe he could have been helped a little more by his jackass friends?
David Humphries
He was fired from the movie for using during production which was against his contract
Nick Harrison
Nick Harrison 6 ore fa
Can’t wait!
Beavis Butthead
OK the return of JACKASS is when things start getting better ITS OK TO LAUGH AT DUMB SHIT AND NOT BE OFFENDED ALL THE TIME
HeavyZottel 6 ore fa
Me: And i do try this at home The last scene: a bear enters Me: oh maaan, we dont have bears here 😂
Ranti Liestiyanti
Where's bam ?
Jonas A
Jonas A 6 ore fa
"Performed by professionals" seems to have more than one meaning.
FPV FREAKY 6 ore fa
Lol can’t wait . I love you guys 👌🏼😂
Lazarus 6 ore fa
Who is going to go see this in theaters?!
ben carter
ben carter 6 ore fa
Is it only me that thinks this is kind of sad at this point?
Weekend Living
Looks amazing
Teehee 6 ore fa
Without Bam being a spoilt kid and pissing on everything this might actually be good!
MrBillo4 6 ore fa
So sad bam is Not part of it
David Humphries
His own fault
Pello B
Pello B 6 ore fa
Their biggest achievement is staying alive to this date
Christian Wiik
where is bam?
David Humphries
He was fired for using during production
Oran Lupton
Oran Lupton 6 ore fa
so hyper to see tyler in this
Blue 6 ore fa
Man I'd give anything to meet the Jackass crew just once in my life
Даниил Денисов
Long time ago when I was 10 years old I played the game on PSP and now I'm watching you on youtube
Tom Musick
Tom Musick 6 ore fa
CKY > Jackass. Let it die.
Don Brogan
Don Brogan 6 ore fa
October, you're making us wait till October....you bastards.😆😆
Zachary Gamble
Wow a good movie is actually coming out in 2021
DeLastDon 7 ore fa
No Bam......
josh c
josh c 7 ore fa
Oh god why did you think this would be a good idea to bring back?
Tola Issachar
Tola Issachar 7 ore fa
we already tired of stupid shit...
Handsome Hans
Handsome Hans 7 ore fa
I lost it when I saw eric andre. This is amazing.
Only Science
Only Science 7 ore fa
Humble Dandelion
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 7 ore fa
Where’s Bam?
Justin 7 ore fa
Why the fuck is Bam not in the new movie?!
13th Evergreen
Thank you
alanlaero 7 ore fa
Will miss Bam, wish he had his shit together for the movie😫
Lenard Miller
Lenard Miller 7 ore fa
Can I request that there be not as much testicular juices in this one please?
Justin Kruger
Justin Kruger 7 ore fa
It was funny 15 years ago but now it's just sad about as sad as when Hulk Hogan Wrestled Ric Flair 1 last time. It's as sad as when Jessica Simpson gained 150 pounds after filming the Dukes of Hazzard and then blamed it on her thyroid lmao!
Mengstab G.michael
John 14:6-7 [6]Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me. [7]If you had known Me [had learned to recognize Me], you would also have known My Father. From now on, you know Him and have seen Him.John 3:16-17 [16]For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life. [17]For God did not send the Son into the world in order to judge (to reject, to condemn, to pass sentence on) the world, but that the world might find salvation and be made safe and sound through Him.2 Corinthians 4:4 [4]For the god of this world has blinded the unbelievers' minds [that they should not discern the truth], preventing them from seeing the illuminating light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ (the Messiah), Who is the Image and Likeness of God.
Mengstab G.michael
Hebrews 9:27 [27]And just as it is appointed for [all] men once to die, and after that the [certain] judgment,
leeroy4980 7 ore fa
Miss Ryan though…….
Kill-Shot 7 ore fa
There will be no Jackass 4 without Steve-O,Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the OG crew.
Silence Dogood
Steve o and Chris Pontius on wildboyz made me laugh the hardest I did in my life. I can’t believe Knoxville is 49… my generation is becoming old people! Our time is short!
C V 7 ore fa
bam? :( where is bam?
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