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Thanks to Dave for approaching me with this idea and helping me step out of my tiny little comfort zone. (lyrics in description)
Get the song on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/empty-single/1396093848?app=music&ign-mpt=uo=4
Behind the Scenes: itvid.net/video/video-xR3hrZS2c0A.html&ab_channel=Boyinaband
Why I don't have a face reveal: itvid.net/video/video-VhEATqXnXCI.html&ab_channel=JaidenAnimations
Support if you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder: www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/contact-helpline
Mirror mirror on the wall
Tunnel vision on the flaws
In the scale of things it’s unimportant
So no talking but it’s still an intrusive thought
Tried hard to correct it
But nothing was effective
No-one else seemed so obsessed with it, things were desperate
Until the voice crept in
I can help you, trust me, you’re ready
It seemed dangerous
But it said to have faith in it
The secret is to just be empty
Didn’t know if it was wise to listen
But what could it hurt to try?
And at first it was working
But then things were emerging
Cracked lips and Tired eyes
I’m hungry with no appetite
I’m shivering and shaking, and I tell myself it’s fine, but
You can’t fool your body, you can only fool your mind, yuh
I just need to be empty
Hide from anybody who’ll prevent me
Just fill up on water and shame
No, I’m not hungry, I just ate
I’ve developed a taste for this
Endure the neverending ache
Convince myself I’m in control and it’s not
All that voice that makes me sick
Inside it’s empty
Ana- I know it’s wrong
I’m looking but I can’t see myself
Inside it’s empty
Ana- I know it’s wrong
But it’s so hard to stop it alone
Been getting even worse
All the days begin to merge
Just a blurry haze and now it’s
Almost second nature to ignore the urges
Can’t trust my own nature
Every calorie a failure
Gotta push the intake down every day
‘Cause the voice comes back to say
You want to eat? Bite your tongue
Don’t want to stay an embarrassment
just have to stomach it
They don't know what you want
A tug of war against common sense
don’t wanna believe that I’ve overstepped
But it’s so overwhelming
And I hope no-one can tell
‘Cause the numbers keep decreasing
This ordeal is becoming routine, check
Arms back neck thighs Suck it in and Pinch my sides
The scales are betraying me, the mirror is a lie, yeah
It all comes down to numbers
I know it’s wrong but
Just because you know you’re colorblind
doesn’t mean you can see the colors
Fine, I admit I’m addicted
But the hunger feels good, how do I quit this
I know I could die, I’ve seen the statistics
But the voice is with me through thick and thin
I can reach out
To someone not like me
If you ask for help it doesn’t make you weak
I can reach out
ignore what the voice tells me
I can help my mind learn to trust my body

(dave is such a nice genuine guy i appreciate all he's done to help me. thank you dave!)

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Jobelle Valin
Jobelle Valin 33 minuti fa
-no one talked about how lil birdy almost lost his owner-
Ken Tan
Ken Tan 51 minuto fa
We’re here for you jaiden, always
Stewart tv
Stewart tv 2 ore fa
This song saved my friend thank you so much jaiden thank you so much
cutie cupcake 204
Girl you are beautiful no matter what. I can relate but then I realised I may think I'm ugly but I'm not I just need the right mirror to see it 1 like= self confidence for Jaiden 1 dislike=1 vote to go to hell
sarah beardy
sarah beardy 5 ore fa
a Terminator
a Terminator 6 ore fa
Once this actually happened to me and I ended up telling sombody exactly like me
South-Pokey 2 ore fa
Colorful things Skyy
17k people : dislike Me: what the hell?
Stewart tv
Stewart tv 2 ore fa
I know like what
DJ Pixy
DJ Pixy 7 ore fa
Noooo why the sandwitch!!!! Why did you not give it to me???!!!
「 Fluffù 」
Jaiden no! Please you’re perfect! Don’t you’re making it worse
Bunker Jonsey
Bunker Jonsey 8 ore fa
2:08 lol am I the only one who thinks of *arms, back, neck, Fuck.* lol
mpr pro
mpr pro 9 ore fa
In 4:09 her face shows for a split second
AzureRithim 9 ore fa
everyone:crying Me :hold my tacos
Dopey :/
Dopey :/ 9 ore fa
Kjordan Garlitz
This is what an eating disorder is like...
Why would we judge her
Jonathan Poteat
Jonathan Poteat 10 ore fa
I am empty
Eat Jin
Eat Jin 11 ore fa
lol rip sandwich
Mika-hime 11 ore fa
"numbers, it all comes down to numbers" I know it's not about that, but this applies pretty well to social media comparisons and Jealousy.
co ol
co ol 12 ore fa
This is deep
Prince Apollo
Prince Apollo 12 ore fa
"You want to eat? Bite your tongue." ouch that one hurts
Dolls and dolls And more
I felt this.... like really felt this....
mõichî 13 ore fa
All the dislikes were supposed to be- " *Dis I Like* "
Gacha_Rosé And potatoes :3
This is my 10th or 11th time listening to this just this year 2019
Eva games
Eva games 17 ore fa
What a strong messege, people should not think about other people badly because of weight. Nobody knows about the inside. You, yes you, just remember not to worry about your weight loss, or at least don't over do it.
Danytus 17 ore fa
why is this song simmilar to my life? i can't sleep from that.
ゾエ 19 ore fa
I do the same thing as jaiden...THIS SONG HIT HARD pls anyone who does this too of starving yourself don’t end up like me. Jaiden and everyone else can push out of this and for those w other problems,FIGHT IT love ur self 💕
I hate People
I hate People 4 ore fa
ゾエ dont say that but yeah same
ゾエ 19 ore fa
I sound so cringe 😂...😭 ;)
Justin Rodríguez
You or so cool fans love you ☹😔😔😔😓😓😓😓😞😞😞
Justin Rodríguez
This hapend to me to
Justin Rodríguez
This hapend yo me to
KB Collisionヅ
KB Collisionヅ 20 ore fa
The words ring true in a powerful way. I just can’t get on board with the music. Feels like a dramatic musical that cheapens the suffering in someway
Tilki Bey
Tilki Bey 21 ora fa
jaiden: *exists* anorexia: im gonna end this womans whole career.
You cant fool your body you can only fool your mind Dang...
The Narwhal
The Narwhal 23 ore fa
Imagine how many times Ari maybe ruined the video by his squeaks of anger
TheOGS ¡¿¡
TheOGS ¡¿¡ Giorno fa
This song is literally me
Dahoom Ey
Dahoom Ey Giorno fa
U can’t fool ur body u can only fool ur mind: that hit me super hard
MiaDreams :3
MiaDreams :3 Giorno fa
I actually like the feeling of being hungry in my belly *heyyyy (twin) sissssster*
Haseeb Khan
Haseeb Khan Giorno fa
I wish I had eating disorder I am soo fat 😔😭😭
NiGhtMaRe YT
NiGhtMaRe YT Giorno fa
Don't let your mind take over.
NiGhtMaRe YT
NiGhtMaRe YT Giorno fa
This is my life but a good song.
CBFandRAMOffical *
Amazing worth it
Lau Ban Wah
Lau Ban Wah Giorno fa
Is no one going to talk about how nice her handwriting is??????
Estelle Wood
Estelle Wood Giorno fa
I can reach out to not someone like me. Wow 😮
GMD Tsunami
GMD Tsunami Giorno fa
Caught her face 3:47
MangoLimeade Giorno fa
What’s wrong with our brains??
Todd Campbell
Todd Campbell Giorno fa
I think i am soon going to be suffering i barely eat breakfeast and say i eat lunch but dont and i have like a apple for dinner and at night i am starving but know i cant get food but this video makes me not want to starve myself
Gerbil Giorno fa
1:29 you better have eaten that sandwich Edit: SHE JUST WASTED A PERFECTLY GOOD SANDWICH
Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen Giorno fa
This song is pretty cool :D
Shazam gaming Yt
*you can’t fool your body you can only fool your mind * That hit me i don’t have anorexia but I do have depression and I can tell that’s a really hard and sentimental saying
Erica Caccamo
Erica Caccamo Giorno fa
I really like the song you are my favorite youtuber
Sabala Yasmeen
Sabala Yasmeen Giorno fa
Things that make me cry: -this song
Heh auto tune wins
The Super Bros Entertainment Entertainment
Dang Jaiden so dark
Maria Gomez
Maria Gomez Giorno fa
I hate how I went through this and now have to go to therapy and constantly be watched when it comes to eating
Me: What's 3+7? Jaiden: Numbers! it all comes down to numbers!
Me: What's 3+7? Jaiden: Numbers! it all comes down to numbers!
Corinne Elliott
Corinne Elliott Giorno fa
Jadin and boyinaband that song helped me a lot ☺️
it's da mangoflam
The people who dislike this are going straight in to a puddle of shame
Full of hatred
Full of hatred Giorno fa
Jaiden noooooooooooooooooooo
meiswierd alien
meiswierd alien Giorno fa
Hey Jayden if you read this you don't need to do this I went through the same and I've learned to love myself so why don't you tell yourself all the good things about you
Sulfur 16
Sulfur 16 Giorno fa
yeah... thats what its like...
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