Jamie Dimon, Chairman, President, and CEO of JPMorgan Chase

Stanford Graduate School of Business
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Jamie Dimon, the Chairman, President, and CEO of JP Morgan Chase, joined us for the inaugural session of the 2017 - 2018 View From The Top speaker series.

Dimon discussed topics ranging from the dangers of bureaucracy to the validity of Bitcoin, to how dangerous a temper can be in the business world.

When asked how he ensures a fair and equal workplace, he said, “When you have an environment of trust and respect, people can shine. Go out of your way to make everyone accepted and you’ll build a great company.

Find more conversations with global business leaders on "View From The Top: The Podcast." www.gsb.stanford.edu/insights...

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30 mar 2023




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Commenti 986
Sudha G
Sudha G 3 mesi fa
Jamie is one of the best CEOs ever. I had the privilege of seeing him speaking live during my internship at JPMorgan, wow what a man. He's part of the reason why I chose to return as a full time analyst at JPM. I aspire to work closely with him one day, but time is of the essence. He could soon retire lol
Justin Cesarski
Justin Cesarski 12 giorni fa
Really? The same JP Morgan that manipulates commodity prices on a regular basis? He and his trader cronies belong in jail. Educate yourself.
parsa janaki
parsa janaki Mese fa
hey what did u study in college? thanks
Jeffrey Gillespie
Outstanding interview. It's unusual to see a young interviewer handle themselves so well and ask the right questions and give the interviewee space to talk.
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 5 mesi fa
He didn't ask the right questions he wasn't paying attention at all he just had a script
Saber 5 mesi fa
Outstanding? He just asked a list of questions, not once did he develop a single note this Jamie brought forth. Idk wtf ur talking about lmao, this shit felt so artifical.
Holly Amar
Holly Amar 9 mesi fa
@Katherine haha. but agreed lol
Tarik Anno fa
@Katherine lmao
Katherine Anno fa
@Benji I want to know to! he is very handsome
Bashar Beiruti
Bashar Beiruti 4 mesi fa
What a great man. Heard him speak as an intern at JP Morgan and was immediately impressed by how he speaks and his natural charisma and leadership
Bashar Beiruti
Bashar Beiruti 12 giorni fa
@Justin Cesarski thank you. To you as well.
Justin Cesarski
Justin Cesarski 12 giorni fa
@Bashar Beiruti just remember who/what you are supporting in good conscience. Have a nice day
Bashar Beiruti
Bashar Beiruti 12 giorni fa
@Justin Cesarski That was never the subject of my comment. Nor do I feel the need to explain or defend myself . I’m not interested in politics or anyone’s personal agenda, let alone that of someone who wants to pick a fight. Please find someone else who wants to engage.
Justin Cesarski
Justin Cesarski 12 giorni fa
@Bashar Beiruti if you were well educated you wouldn't be so naive. How is the banking system doing right now. Enlighten me?
Koopa 3 mesi fa
Some people may not like Jamie Dimon but you have to give him credit for gaining power and keeping it this long. He brilliantly navigated the financial crisis and groomed the best people to work with him. 👏
General Tso
General Tso Mese fa
Why "brilliant"? He's skirted or violated every banking regulation and basic ethics in pursuit of untaxed profits -- Isn't being a cheat and crook common as mud? ?
Kelvin Nguyen
Thank you Jamie for reminding us how lucky and how amazing our system is. We must continue to spread the message!
Jayden Garrett
Jayden Garrett 9 mesi fa
Yikes. You must be 12 or really have no understanding of the financial system. If You/I were to use rehypothecation we would be in prison for counterfeiting.
Mr Hills
Mr Hills 5 giorni fa
Crypto user could top 1B by the end of 2023 as nations continue to adopt Bitcoin Buy the dip, and HODLfor the long term.Bitcoin Always comes back.
matthieu dawson
​@Antoine Macharak oooolk😊kkooo mm llo😅😅 de😅 on😅ooooo oki o ooooo lookoo😅 mm😊😊 pp😊
Byron Westbrick
Byron Westbrick 5 giorni fa
You can easily look him up on the web, he has years of financial market experience.
Byron Westbrick
Byron Westbrick 5 giorni fa
​@Gerald Vincent I agree. Based on firsthand encounter with a fiduciary counselor *GREG T. MARTIN*, I have $385k in a well diversified portfolio which has grown by 3x with compounding, venturing doesn't necessarily boil down to money but you also have to be informed, be patient and back it up with good hands
Gerald Vincent
Gerald Vincent 5 giorni fa
I think it's brilliant to use brokerage advisor for investing! Prior to speaking with an advisor I was actually suffering an investing nightmare during the economic crash in March 2020. In summary, with the help of my advisor, I have so far grown my initial $120k investment to over $550
ngugi daniel
ngugi daniel 4 mesi fa
Jamie is a brilliant thinker and a straight shooter. I love Stanford for bringing this events together..
MyGoi 7 mesi fa
An interview that olds pretty well. His wisdom is just timeless
James Byrne
James Byrne 23 giorni fa
Be prepared before meetings, reduce beauracracy.
Benno7844 5 mesi fa
Can you provide a couple of examples of his wisdom in this video?
Saugat Malla
Saugat Malla 11 mesi fa
So well informed, and knows so much stuff and can present it effectively.
Panda15 10 mesi fa
@Brian Gurka he doesn’t care about politics though outside of helping him make money. A natural born banker
Brian Gurka
Brian Gurka 10 mesi fa
Exactly. I wish he would run for office. Would vote for him in a heart beat
David Oganov
David Oganov 2 anni fa
I wanted to applaud this man several times on the way.. Great interview 👏
Koopa 3 mesi fa
@fer stadthagen I had more trust in our government and justice system for some reason, now I’m starting to wonder 💭
Koopa 3 mesi fa
@fer stadthagen why do you think he’s not in jail?
Koopa 3 mesi fa
@Robert Dixon this sounds really serious. Why isn’t he in jail then?
Lorem Ipsum
Lorem Ipsum 2 anni fa
This is one heck of a talk - Dimon is very clear and confident about what he is saying. I love it. There are also a lot of good points to take note of.
Globetrotter 11 mesi fa
Incredible and talented yet down to earth. We need him in the WH.
Sachidananda Naik
I agree 100%. He should be the secretary of treasury !
jl dotson
jl dotson 11 mesi fa
Awesome 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 love ❤️ his approach to how he handles taking care of his staff and the consumer .A no nonsense type . Very down to earth and he keeps it 100%.
Peter Griffin
A man who owns his mistakes and vows to fix it. Mr. Dimon has my respect! 28:20
The Traveler Wonderful world
I am a HUGE disciple of Jamie Dimon. His point blank honesty with no BS is what I am fully following now.
Koopa 3 mesi fa
@jzhang what did he lie about?
Callum Howard
Callum Howard 8 mesi fa
Follow Jesus. You will never regret it
Mac 8 mesi fa
@jzhang Elaborate?
jzhang Anno fa
Dude lied when it really mattered unfortunately
Angela M
Angela M Anno fa
Self-awareness, temper control, empathy and not bullying, recognize people's strengths and weaknesses, important traits of what a true leader should be.
Joshua Scott
Joshua Scott 5 mesi fa
Literally everything you just listed was so the followers feelings don’t get hurt. They literally have almost nothing to do with being a leader. Qualities of a leader: Competence, assertiveness, strategic, inspiring, effective, strong. Couldn’t give two shits less if he’s empathetic or has “temper control”
台北爆破手 6 mesi fa
@Ric Flair bro u are literally everywhere internet troll
yonder 6 mesi fa
@Lalilu Lol
Neldite Maria
Teddy Chodon
Teddy Chodon 8 mesi fa
He is just amazing ! Thank u for being a real man in the world . Lots of respect and love ❤️
DR C Anno fa
The greatest bank CEO of his generation. Such a pleasure listening to this. So much wisdom, guidance and advice in it, for new or very seasoned professionals. He comes across so very very well as a leader and as a human being. Thank you for this. (Great interviewer too).
khakis69 Anno fa
This man is so intelligent; he left those Stanford kids silent through his knowledge
Harnessworx 11 mesi fa
The speed and articulation of how he speaks is evident of his sheer mindpower and thinking ability. He can take complex situations and in real time break it all down mentally and make his decision. When most people are analyzing data he is already taking the next step-a guy like him is very hard to outsmart-you can’t beat a guy at chess if you only know checkers.
Daniel Hutchinson
@Maggie H They may have had a Chase Card in their pocket that would vibrate like a Dog's Bark Collar, whenever they thought impure thoughts.....
Maggie H
Maggie H Anno fa
He is their idol. They are entranced by this man who is so full of his own importance. This is what their thousands of dollars spent on education got them.
Daniel Hutchinson
Bagd Biggerd We are dancing closer to the edge of Capitalism. Few dare to even entertain that thought....
Samuel Adu
Samuel Adu 2 mesi fa
Such a brilliant interviewer and interviewee. Both persons really owe my respect.✌️
Mo Mo
Mo Mo 10 mesi fa
Wow, what a great interview. Love hearing from smart CEOs. Nice worldview and business perspective.
Iceyluo2002 5 mesi fa
It's such pleasure to listening to Jamie's answers and insights, find so much charm and intelligence on this man. fantastic
John Lincoln
John Lincoln Anno fa
A brilliant mind - straight talking and no BS! My kind of leader!
ZhengGamer 11 mesi fa
@mOh everyone is still human and makes mistakes, just because he did that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a brilliant mind
Kunal Ketkar
Kunal Ketkar Anno fa
One the most candid CEOs of all time
curious Anno fa
Some people are really gifted with an amazing brain.. ..so much information accurately presented without a single pause ...i will never be able to speak like him even if i memorized what he is saying for 6 months..
Harnessworx 11 mesi fa
True-he lives and breathes doing what he loves so its effortless to him
D Browne
D Browne 6 mesi fa
We need more leaders like JD at the top running large organisations. Very inspiring
Benno7844 5 mesi fa
What we need actually less corp, less plastic etc, why do we need more tech unless it’s related to curing cancer or whatever?
Benno7844 5 mesi fa
How do you know how it’s run?
D Z 7 giorni fa
Love how he shot down leadership skills for young people lol these young kids all want to be the boss. They want to go from graduation to ceo. I absolutely loved Jamie's response to that. A knowledgeable straight-shooter he is interested in
Gpa Bui
Gpa Bui Anno fa
Great CEO! No wonder JPM is doing so well.
Qing Xian
Qing Xian 8 mesi fa
Love hearing no nonsense and straightforward answers.
NZSki 8 mesi fa
“What leadership qualities do you look for in young talent”. Dimon: there’s no leadership qualities at that age. Love it. So true. It takes time (business leadership qualities).
NZSki 18 giorni fa
@General Tso You think a young person has (business) leadership qualities? Come on! Impossible until you have experience. You may have the potential to be a leader - in the community, clubs, or at home - but until you've experienced corporate life for some time do you have the ability to be a leader.
General Tso
General Tso 18 giorni fa
J Dimon is wrong on this point
Lucy 2 anni fa
It's awesome to see physical laborers get a better score than programmers or something.
Kevin Anno fa
A man that demands respect.
Sridhar Turaga
Sridhar Turaga 2 anni fa
Very insightful and the way he articulated the ideas is terrific.
Ms Sheikh
Ms Sheikh 2 mesi fa
One of the best CEO's of the world. Best of the best.
David Bicknell
David Bicknell 2 anni fa
One of toughest things is to get rid of the one who doesn't cut it, it took me a year to document a guy out who was a minority. He came back a year later and interviewd at Irving Trust with my first boss. That guy called me and i told him the truth, the head of Personnel came to see me and he bailed me out, that was Bill Eiseman
N Ala
N Ala 2 anni fa
Real good. I should have started listening to the business leads sooner. There are some good learning opportunities for SMEs and other individuals. 🙂
A J Anno fa
Brilliant interview! He really talks the big game about immigration in the US, it's ironic coming from a CEO of a firm that doesn't hire/sponsor international students.
John Iii
John Iii Anno fa
They would have no need to. Too much expense and risk. It's a prefered employer so easy to find people. They have a very diverse employee base in the US but you already have had to go through the immigration process. That's hardly unusual as preferred employer.
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson 10 mesi fa
Proud of you Jamie
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 2 anni fa
This was fantastic. Seems like a very smart and reasonable man.
Intelligent down to earth and very knowledgeable about his roll
Dipty Prakash Swain
Jamie is giga chad of banking industry 💯💯.
Philipp Heller
Philipp Heller 2 anni fa
Excellent interview.
Jake Dovey
Jake Dovey Anno fa
Brilliant stuff. Big fan of Dimon.
Jean Pierre
Jean Pierre 11 mesi fa
God bless this guy and the United States of America ❤️
Augustine Gyawu Adjei
Fantastic interview!!!
Kyle Rolle
Kyle Rolle 8 mesi fa
He could actually be the president with the erudite disposition he has in economics, finance, world affairs, attention to details, decision making and delegation of the right people for the right reasons and most of all understanding of the America system and enough about the world. That's someone who is equipped to help consolidate the positive growth of a country.
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Anno fa
This man is a generational talent. I feel sorry for whoever has to fill his shoes one day...
David Mandell
He is Benedict Arnold......
matai Turner
matai Turner 2 anni fa
Good to hear from a top thinker on world affairs makes so much sense I had no idea choice one
matai Turner
matai Turner 2 anni fa
I didn't know he was on Trumps Team and I'm a Trump supporter and he needs to be in power to change things dems don't want that so nothing changes it gets worse
Pastor Evilasio
Pastor Evilasio 2 anni fa
Muito legal meu irmão...Vida longa, paz e prosperidade, alegria acompanhada de graça, Thank you Jesus.
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa Anno fa
I had the pleasure speaking with him I don't know if he remembers...what a delightful gentleman. Lots of respect and love.
The Wolf
The Wolf 8 mesi fa
@Steven They are the reason he’s miserable. Jealousy can do that to you.
Steven 9 mesi fa
​@Ric Flair billionaires aren't the reason why we miserable
@Ric Flair they rejected your cv?😭
Ric Flair
Ric Flair Anno fa
Please, he’s a criminal who robs from the poor to add to the rich.
Emile Anno fa
The ratings are removed and all of the comments are positive. Perfect atmosphere to listen to one of the world's most powerful men. 👍🏻
Javier Reyes
Javier Reyes Anno fa
perfectly charming chairman you wouldn't even guess he's a felon and magnate of an oppressive company
Shashank Salian
Great conversation, had several takeaways from it.
Fantastic interview.
NIKE Risk Everything
He is very true about bureaucracy.
fer stadthagen
Time stamp?
Amy Jordan
Amy Jordan 2 anni fa
Giannis Antetokounmpo Mixtape coming soon! 🦌💪🏼
Lucy 2 anni fa
UW actually has a departmental exam for which Engineering major you could study. That's amazing (because my uncles literally were meant to study really impossible stuff).
Brian Gurka
Brian Gurka 10 mesi fa
What a legend
Mohsin Aziz
Mohsin Aziz Anno fa
I'm from Pakistan and the list he mentioned at 21:00 is accurate af. It's the reality and beauty of America that places it in the world where it is which most of the people at least in my circle tend to ignore.
Gary Pereira
Gary Pereira 10 mesi fa
This man is my commander in chief ... Brought me back from dead ... #yousiraretherealgenius
He is amazing!
Dominique Schwager
I really enjoyed listening to Jamie Dimon. For me, his leadership approach differs to a lot of other CEOs. This guys mentality is absolutly awesome and he does not care what other people think about him or his actions. He is just doing what he thinks is right and that seems pretty awesome to me!
M K Anno fa
He sure cares what the CHCOMS think about him
Karma tashi Gurung
I come here at least once in every 4-5 months to hear him
Jroc834 2 anni fa
Jamie Dimon is a true business leader
subho23x Anno fa
@Brian you got rejected by JPM?
Chaz Hagenes
Chaz Hagenes 2 anni fa
Michael Stone
Michael Stone 7 mesi fa
Well said, Jamie
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 5 mesi fa
This man is literally so cool
m7thena 8 mesi fa
Excellent interview
Nico Pacheco
Nico Pacheco 2 anni fa
100% correct about Bureaucracy
Bariya Prahlad
Amazing! What a personality he has
Cameron Edwards
Cameron Edwards 6 mesi fa
Great Interview Jamie is the GOAT
Varun 2 anni fa
Wow! Am glad ITvid algo recommended this. What an incredible chap.
fabiosky Anno fa
thanks to JD for his precious words!! xpecially bout trust and respect, main reasons of conflicts. in many banks and companies there is no respect ,because of the career way of thinking and competition,in fact, with no respect many dont shine ,so medium and high level Managers can make their careers runs better ,with no obstacles.lol.lol. ciao from Italy.
Jin Li
Jin Li 6 mesi fa
smart guy.. a person who understands what he is talking about.
Pastor Evilasio
Estou aguardando no Brasil nas suas iniciativas com relação a minha pessôas meu irmão...Deus já falou com você a meu respeito.
Ali Sheikh
Ali Sheikh 10 mesi fa
Amazing interview
Katherine Calderon
chills that whatever he said 3 years back, are our our present today. what a great leader jamie is!
Will Swift
Will Swift 9 mesi fa
@MrBunny ? you mean fractional reserve banking?
MrBunny Anno fa
@Samarth P and also letting them taking bigger and bigger risks and putting world's economy and people's lives at risk
Hugo 3 mesi fa
This man is my idol
Neal Mesidor
Neal Mesidor Anno fa
He’s so authentic
General Opinion
JP Morgan will be safe, sound & strong whilst this man run it. No bullshit
write2yibo Anno fa
'i dont care about the cryptocurrency', 'the council isn't effective'..... love how direct the man is :) thrumbs up
Good, great interview.
Clare Smithy
Clare Smithy 9 mesi fa
Most people venture into crypto to be millionaires, meanwhile i just want to be debt free
H 7 mesi fa
@Andy Obiorah How are people supposed to use Crypto in areas without internet access? How are markets going to use such a slow currency? How are people going to get refunded for fraudulent charges? Nobody is using crypto as currency, last time I checked that kills the economy.
medhat yassa
medhat yassa 8 mesi fa
gotta think bigger.
luke ben
luke ben 9 mesi fa
We all deserve to be rich and have financial freedom, not necessarily working for someone, never give up on your dreams
Darlington Sam
Darlington Sam 9 mesi fa
@Lionel Theophilus Anna s Wilson
Darlington Sam
Darlington Sam 9 mesi fa
@Lionel Theophilus her availability is open to Facebook👇👇
Marcus Mommsen
What a brilliant mind you have #JamieDimon...
Rick Randall
Rick Randall Anno fa
I just *LOVE* Dimon's put downs of bitcoin !
John Sanson
John Sanson 9 mesi fa
Crypto is now his preferred alternative asset class 😁
Chris Paul
Chris Paul 8 mesi fa
Jobs will pay your bills business will make you rich but investment makes and keep you wealthy the future is inevitable.
Koopa 3 mesi fa
I disagree. Happiness makes you rich and keeps you wealthy. Without a strong mind, money and wealth is not inevitable.
Philip 4 mesi fa
Fake comments lol
Tom Brady
Tom Brady 8 mesi fa
@Christopher Hobb hopefully not in that order or this must have been a tough year.
Dr Robert
Dr Robert 8 mesi fa
Every family has that one person who will break the family financial struggle I hope you become the one
Investors motivation
Small steps everyday!
saksit247 Anno fa
No one will deny that he is a smart guy (in a sense that he knows where to position himself/his company to take advantage of the system in place). But I do sense a lack of responsibility and a lot of assumed entitlement on his part.
Alex Anno fa
Not assumed really. It took him a long time to get there. I, personally, would “expect”.
KZ Anno fa
Awsm guy! Love n respect sir frm India
Projekt S
Projekt S Anno fa
I love how fast he talks
Antonio Mayers
His speech is fluent, clear and to the point. Not just a ramble of words
Projekt S
Projekt S Anno fa
@Darkclaw175 yeah New Yorkers talk fast but he ain’t average by any standards
Darkclaw175 Anno fa
Just your average new yorker
Brice van der Post
Try 2x speed
protop rom
protop rom Anno fa
22:34 - 25:08
Eric L Krepps Sr
Being a land owner is one of the most difficult things to obtain for some reason.
Cwenga Cenge
Cwenga Cenge 2 anni fa
What a man!
David Bicknell
David Bicknell 2 anni fa
You are a good explainer like Reagen, you don't want the Presidency which is good, but you are needed so make it happen.
Rich Littlejohn
Rich Littlejohn 29 giorni fa
Excellent 👍
Joshua Scott
Joshua Scott 2 anni fa
I want to be around this environment...
Tuan Anh Nguyen
He LOVES to talk, but in fact many things he said are right. In this case, it is forgivable to say shitty things sometimes. There are people that just want to vent it out so they feel emotionally stable from the inside or want to do that intentionally for certain purposes
Hallie Pick
Hallie Pick Anno fa
Love you Jamie you cool as heck God bless you sir :)
saroj kumar Jha
saroj kumar Jha 7 mesi fa
Heartiest greetings to you sir.
Uinise Faustina Foo Chong
We can't afford this many iconic names in one story
JdJ 3 mesi fa
The idol of student wanting to go into banking/finance
Reminds me of JBP. Ask something, and he can go on and on. You just have to go back in order to comprehend. Long On JPM
Jacob Zaranyika
Jacob Zaranyika 10 mesi fa
Thank you🙏. I will watch this in full later.
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