Jannik Sinner GOD MODE Against Andrey Rublev | Miami 2023 

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Yet to lose a set in the tournament...
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27 mar 2023




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Cla_Disney 6 mesi fa
I can't get enough of Sinner's ball striking, it's so strong yet so precise, and his serve in this match was impecable, I don't think I've seen him serve this well ever! His dropshots are also becoming a real threat. I can' wait for his next match, let's go Jannik! ♥
rdberg1957 6 mesi fa
His groundstrokes kept Rublev off balance. Sinner kept moving him around so he couldn't get on balance to strike back.
puremaze 6 mesi fa
Like Alcaraz, he increased his first ball speed by 15kmh compared to last year. Honestly he and Alcaraz are starting to put the big 3 to shame. Psychologically it will be tough on Novak.
Lim Qi Hui
Lim Qi Hui 6 mesi fa
@puremaze lets not get ahead of ourselves when they havent even beaten a 35 novak at a grandslam yet, putting the big 3 to shame is a joke of a statement
Joseph 6 mesi fa
@puremaze Okay now. First of all, which big 3 are you talking about here?
Marcos D.P
Marcos D.P 6 mesi fa
@puremazetake it easy mate. First, there is no big 3 no more and they yet to beat nole in a GS or nadal at RG. Best of 5 is a different match
Ace 6 mesi fa
Crazy performance from Jannik. I hope he can keep this level of intensity to the next round. Forza 🦊
Brahmsianer 6 mesi fa
"Sinner should head down to south beach later and walk on water", what an epic quote 😂
Andrew 6 mesi fa
Rublev was not playing badly - he just was not given much of a chance to play today. Forget the ranking, Sinner is already playing like he is in top 5.
N G 6 mesi fa
Yes, but he's never been top 5 because he usually doesn't keep this level costantly troughout the season, I really hope he will
Prempiti Tantipool
​​@N G He is one of the most consistent players on tour. See his GS result.
Andreee... 6 mesi fa
​@N G He doesn't keep that level consistently not because couldn't get it but because he was kind'a fragile with tendency to get some injuries from time to time. If he get his head for a whole season without any injury, he could be there at top 5 for years even decade without falling lower! Jannik is magnificent player!
Novak undisputed goat
@Prempiti Tantipool if he was consistent he would be in the top 10 . End of story
N G 6 mesi fa
@Prempiti Tantipool I think that good GS results don't show constistency, they show that he's clutch, competitive and killer. I love sinner but he needs to make the final step to become consistent top 10, hope he will soon
Luca Boscia
Luca Boscia 6 mesi fa
I’ve noticed a massive improvement in Sinner’s serve lately. He’s playing incredible tennis and I can’t wait for the alcaraz rematch🍿🔥
Milo Sc__
Milo Sc__ 6 mesi fa
Mi sembra che ha messo su 3kg di massa muscolare nella massa superiore del corpo per migliorare la battuta, oltre a spostare un pò in avanti il lancio della pallina e abbassarlo
P B 6 mesi fa
Sinner is serving very well! His change of tactics to play more powerful tennis is paying off. Rublev had literally no answer to his blazing ground strokes today.
puremaze 6 mesi fa
He put on 5 kg of muscle. Really impressive, he and Carlos both, physical beasts with IQ and precision.
matisms 6 mesi fa
@puremaze yep he looks bigger
EffeElle 6 mesi fa
well, he still was around 60% of first serve. Usually he is around 50% of first serve (last match vs Alcaraz). I say that if he manages to bring his first serve above 70-75%, then he can beat everyone everytime. This match he served good in the first set, but he needs to improve his serving percentage.
Awesome performance from Sinner. Love to see it. Just on another level, especially that first set. Everything working! So dominant, just taking charge having that strength that belief keeping the pressure on and steering ahead how champions and the best and the best do. Jannik proves himself even once again how good he is already. Even with so much left to improve which is terrifying. Hoping for a really big run here.
RamZar 6 mesi fa
That's probably the best he's played! As long as Sinner keeps the injuries away he will be a perennial Top 5. His drop shots are much better now and used very strategically.
Teddy 6 mesi fa
That Alcaraz vs Sinner match is looking like it’s about to be amazing if it happens. When Jannik is in that type of form, he is damn near unbeatable.
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
You can see greatness in Sinner in this game. If only he can play like that consistently.
Paul Kazakoff
Paul Kazakoff 6 mesi fa
Yeah I think he could beat the best of them with this form.
puremaze 6 mesi fa
Well it is easy to play an opponent who has a stereotypical game where you know where the ball goes every shot.
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
@puremaze You make it sounds like Rublev is a pushover. He isn't. He is consistently in the top 10.
Carl Liu
Carl Liu 6 mesi fa
My two favorite players… Really hope to see them winning a grand slam…
Rich truth Seeker
Rublev won't win a grandslam. Sinner has a chance .
Vlad Radu Andrei
sinner will and defo can, rublev never ever ever(and i like him alot)
striker15 6 mesi fa
saying rublev will never ever win one is a but harsh, he's still good enough to have one really good GS run
Xawee 6 mesi fa
@Vlad Radu Andrei I think there is a chance but its small... I feel like Rublevs problem is mental, if he has somehow a dream GS he could win it but those odds are slim
WF 6 mesi fa
Such a shame that these two had to play against each other that early on. Sinner is just extremely underrated right now - literally; he should have a much higher seeding.
Joker 6 mesi fa
He will soon
HideMyTracks Use4Net
He is seeded as per what he brings on the table. Like so many other newgen players he is inconsistent. Be it him, FAA, Rune, Hurcaz, Rublev, Fritz etc. they all are candidates for Ferrer 2.0 Alcaraz and Medvedev are the only two consistent guys right now. Of course no need to mention Djokovic.
Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath 6 mesi fa
@HideMyTracks Use4Netactually Jannik is very consistent, he always has high winning percentages. He’s just gotten a bit unlucky with draws and injuries
HideMyTracks Use4Net
@Thomas McGrath May be for you. Not for me yet. He will reach 3rd/4th or QF but most of the time not beyond that. Has poor showing in GS in general. Can't blame injuries for losses as it is player's and his team issue. Can't blame draws either. Someone is going to get a tougher draw and someone an easier one. Fans of other players too cite the same reasons. In general players needs to rise above this draw and injuries if they want to see themselves in top3 for longer duration, else they will keep on going on like this, reach deep in one or two tournaments and fizz out in earlier rounds in others.
robin kalousek
robin kalousek 6 mesi fa
Even Alcaraz will have serious trouble shall Sinner play like this. Enormous hitting
artur lenzen
artur lenzen 6 mesi fa
Finally Sinner is showing the consistency that he needs to be a top player!!
davide rossi
davide rossi 6 mesi fa
If he is not injured he is always a costant player
Juan Jose Cordova
What are you talking about, he's one of the most consistent players on tour😅
artur lenzen
artur lenzen 6 mesi fa
@Juan Jose Cordova I'm talking about the consistency of a top 3 player, a goal that he still hasn't reached
Juan Jose Cordova
@artur lenzen well that's because hea not a top 3 players yet. His rise has been meteoric but it has still been overshadowed by Carlitos. Given his age and consistency he is right on track. Winning tournaments and beating many of the top players. So you're comment still is only half baked
artur lenzen
artur lenzen 6 mesi fa
@Juan Jose Cordova But that's what I'm saying: He's on a great way to be a top 3 player, because he is getting more consistent beating other top players and winning tournaments. Before this year that wasn't always the case, so now he is showing the necessary consistency to do it.
stuart stevenson
Strong performance from Sinner, his game is progressing well over the last year.
Aldo Perelli
Aldo Perelli 6 mesi fa
To be fair, Sinner has always performed great against top players, including Novak and Tsitsipas, where he lost in the 5th set. Shame he's serve is weaker than those players serve. Because when you get to the 5th set and you're tired, the serve makes all the difference. He needs to improve there, but his backhand is already top class
Zeus 6 mesi fa
When Rublev wins, he looks impossible to beat. Till someone exposes his game, like today. The same is true with Sinner. He looks extremely difficult to beat, but Djokovic, Alcaraz, and Tsitsipas (with his variety) will expose Sinners' game. Although the Italian is closing the gap very fast, he will soon be a GS winner.
GSM 6 mesi fa
hey i dont watch pro tennis too much so i was wondering what holes you see in rublevs game. i notice he has a very one sided baseline game but are there other things
Gabriele Lomonte
This amazing match between two giants of tennis deserved more than 2:42 minutes of highlights!!
Nikko Krättli
Nikko Krättli 6 mesi fa
Outstanding level today... excellent in return, agressive with his shots, using more the dropshot, great at volleys... sublime. Good practice for possible match up agains Alcaraz!
Дмитрий Пономарев
Alcaraz on another level now. His drop shots will kill Sinner. Too strong now.
Paolo Fabbri
Paolo Fabbri 6 mesi fa
​@Дмитрий Пономарев Unfortunately I think you have a point there...
Pietro Jacopo Lodi
@Дмитрий Пономарев when alcaraz was at his highest, us open 2022 the not really best sinner almost got him, let's see
June Jamie
June Jamie 6 mesi fa
Sinner is getting better & better. Another crazy high level match!
PLUTUS 6 mesi fa
Sinner looking extremely dangerous! Like Djokovic, he has no weakness from the baseline: almost two forehands. And hits the ball even harder, albeit with inferior movement. And he was serving well into the 130s. Let’s see how Alcaraz and Medvedev deal with him :-)
Andrei Rzaev
Andrei Rzaev 6 mesi fa
5:0 against Daniil. Feels like he’s knows for sure how to deal with him
Robinson Cruise
Robinson Cruise 6 mesi fa
Forehand more powerful than novak and much much better at drop shots but backhand far less consistent
Pietro Jacopo Lodi
@Andrei Rzaev Jannik has never been this good before
Andrei Rzaev
Andrei Rzaev 6 mesi fa
@Pietro Jacopo Lodi he was like that when they played last time when he swept away Stef who had a massive run in AO
ACA 6 mesi fa
@Andrei Rzaev 0:5 against Daniel not 5:0
Mazu Zuma
Mazu Zuma 6 mesi fa
Sinner in this tournament he’s such a Beast 🇮🇹😳❤️
Patricia Gauthier
Coucou comment allez-vous ?
Neo 6 mesi fa
Alcaraz and Djokovic are usually able to get the better of Sinner, mainly because of their movement. They don't give Sinner the time to prepare and load on his groundstrokes. Because once you give Sinner the time, there is no stopping him.
Patrik Marflák
Patrik Marflák 6 mesi fa
With both Alcaraz and Sinner improving rapidly (especially the serve and return, and in Sinner's case also variety) I think Djokovic will have a tough year. He might get a few more slams, but I would be surprised if the rejuvenated competition allowed him to get over 25. I also wonder how Nadal will be able to cope with these guys when he comes back after such a long break.
Sandeep Thilakan
Finally Sinner has got the confidence to change directions almost every shot. Otherwise, it was pretty much always ripping cross courts.
XZ Chen
XZ Chen 6 mesi fa
Sinner's footwork is on a whole different level!
Alex justme
Alex justme 6 mesi fa
Que jugadorazo sineer...entre Carlitos y el vamos a ver muchas grandes batallas.yo no me atrevo a apostar en contra de ninguno de éstos dos monstruos... cuando uno parece que está por encima viene el otro con un juego más increíble aún. A disfrutaros señores!❤️👏
Luis Endymion
Luis Endymion 6 mesi fa
Ahí le has dado ¡A disfrutar con ellos!
Bastián Riveros
Cuando mire el cuadro dije: hasta aquí llego Rublev, seguro le darán unas clases de tenis
Erika Guadarrama
Sinnner 🎉
Alex justme
Alex justme 6 mesi fa
@Erika Guadarrama 👍
adipolida 6 mesi fa
I'm by no means a tennis expert, but the key to defeating Sinner is, firstly, a lot of variety and secondly not allowing him to load up on the groundstrokes. Because once Sinner loads up, he's going to obliterate the ball and is most likely a winner.
Astro 6 mesi fa
monsoon 6 mesi fa
yeah, and rublev having little variety and being pressured to hit higher balls than usual gave sinner exactly that today
William 6 mesi fa
Tbh Sinner not really having weakness, like Alcaraz. His defense and serve have improved, you need a high level to get past him.
Aidan Emmy
Aidan Emmy 6 mesi fa
The only way to beat Sinner is to become one 😈
HR Chiu
HR Chiu 6 mesi fa
You need to be a saint so you can beat a sinner.
Toprak 6 mesi fa
It’s all starting to click for Sinner, I hope big things are coming!
bigrobsydney 6 mesi fa
Forza! Loving the power of this young man, backed up by excellent movement.
lowkey. 6 mesi fa
if he brings this level against alcaraz its gonna be a us open vibe match hopefully both come thru i want that battle in the semis 🔥🔥
Manjunatha K
Manjunatha K 6 mesi fa
He shows his potential in recent form like a champion 👍❤👌
Just Tennis
Just Tennis 6 mesi fa
Incredible hitting from sinner on both wings, Rublev did not play badly.
Moh'd Salmen
Moh'd Salmen 6 mesi fa
That point at 1:39!! Left to right, Andrey had no chance
Dano 6 mesi fa
Love to see sinnner popping off. hopefully he can keep this up year round
Paul Kim
Paul Kim 6 mesi fa
Sinner and Alcaraz (and potentially Rune, but not quite yet) are really establishing themselves as the players to beat in men's tennis. Zverev, Medvedev and Tsitsipas kinda got stuck between two great generations of talent without ever getting to dominate for an extended time, although they are still far from done
Daniel Marotta
Daniel Marotta 6 mesi fa
"Jannik Sinner all business today and business was very good"..love it !!! 🙂
Malichka 6 mesi fa
"Sinner should head out to south beach later and walk on water" 🤣 So great to see him play like this. FORZA!
Juan Dois
Juan Dois 6 mesi fa
Rublevs game exposed by Sinner. Rublev game plan is usually outhitting the opponent from the baseline, but when you're against a true baseline, heavyweight like Jannik, you'll need more weapons...a la Alcaraz.
Jonas 6 mesi fa
Since I've noticed that Rublev only cares about sending the ball back quickly, I cannot unsee it. It's like, ideally you want to give yourself time when you need to, and accelerate to take time off your opponent when you want to. But Rublev only does the latter, even if this isn't working, he continues to send the ball back fast and the opponent is like "oh thanks I guess now I have an open court to finish the point because you can't recover"
Adeyinka Adegbite
He's not used to the ball coming back, that's why he doesn't recover very dangerous against a player like Sinner who stays so low and takes the ball on the rise
TennisUnleashed 6 mesi fa
Sinner really stepping it up, some added strength and better movement......just one major area left to improve in for the short term and he's a top 5 player. -Jason Frausto
hk srm
hk srm 6 mesi fa
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.... Jannik Sinner
Cyrano DaBurgerack
The faster MIami courts suit Sinner's game, he doesn't have to engage in too many long rallies and he can play more offensively He will also have a better chance of beating Alcaraz should they meet.
Stratisfied 6 mesi fa
Sinner will get bigger and stronger and that's a scary thought.
leskvin80 6 mesi fa
Not scary for me and for the other fans!😅
Nouhaila Massaad
not scary for the king carlos alcaraz
danguee1 6 mesi fa
@Nouhaila Massaad Oh, no - after years of unhinged Novak, Roger and Rafa fanboys popping off about their heroes - we've got a new generation of Carlos vs Jannik vs Holger vs ?? coming through. You are so lame, man....
Pietro Jacopo Lodi
@Nouhaila Massaad alcaraz is literally just 3-2 in the h2h
GIO Rossi
GIO Rossi 6 mesi fa
Sinner is already in top 4, what a beast
mpkxify 6 mesi fa
An Alcaraz-like performance from Sinner! Picking up a thing or two from him.
Elysium 6 mesi fa
sinner looking bigger and stronger physically, probably focusing a lot more in muscle development, way to go if he wants to contest alcaraz in the future (not an alcaraz fan)
he looks at least 10 pounds heavier than a few months ago. And it was needed! it helps his game tremendously!
Francesco Zito
Francesco Zito 6 mesi fa
Semplicemente fantastico Jannik.
Daniele Musmeci
Daniele Musmeci 6 mesi fa
Sinner ci darà grandissime soddisfazioni, già si stanno vedendo dei progressi nei pressi della rete, ora manca solo di migliorare un pó il servizio e avremo un giocatore fortissimo per i prossimi 15 anni
Rudy Lara
Rudy Lara 6 mesi fa
Sinner was magnificent! Its only a matter of time before he wins a grand slam tourny #andiamo 🎾❤👍
Paolo Kocis
Paolo Kocis 6 mesi fa
Sinner doesn't hit the ball, he bursts it!
Avinash 6 mesi fa
Hope he gets his title this time!
Moorish Brooklyn
Awesome tennis by Sinner.
piner74 6 mesi fa
It's time to prove that he can maintain that level.
ron Watts
ron Watts 6 mesi fa
Sinner/Alcaraz: It's crazy how fast "top" players can be "relegated" by others, but that's how I feel about Rublev. I like Rublev's great attitude, and 2 years ago I thought that maybe he's going to get a few GSs soon.....But with Novak still playing well; the emergence of younger guys like Sinner and particularly Alcaraz.....then "older" guys like Medvedev (3-4 others) definitely in the GS hunt, the GS PIE is being cut into ever small pieces. I hope I'm wrong, because RUBLEV is such a pleasure to watch.
ShockWave ZERO
ShockWave ZERO 6 mesi fa
Jesus! It's just one of those days where it didn't matter how good Rublev was playing, because the opponent was just on fire. This was just straight up demoralizing for Rublev. Hopefully he can recover quickly and realize that it was just one of those days.
Hemax raghav
Hemax raghav 6 mesi fa
Sinner is top 3 atm. After alcaraz he has the fastest and accurate game
marco Jj
marco Jj 6 mesi fa
28 winners and 8 unforced in 18 games against the world #7 who served 73% of first balls. Just unbelievable.
Enrica Norelli
Enrica Norelli 6 mesi fa
Grandissimo Jannik! Continua così!
Tan Tennis
Tan Tennis 6 mesi fa
Sinner seems to play rising balls more than his usual rhythm
G Copperhead
G Copperhead 6 mesi fa
Man I want him to win Grand slam already ! May He find it in himself to win against alcaraz !
Juan Jose Cordova
Awesome display of power and placement.
Rob Luginbuhl
Rob Luginbuhl 6 mesi fa
Sinner is fabulous to watch!
Christos 6 mesi fa
The true top 3 players in the world, irrespective of ATP rankings: Djokovic, Alcaraz, and Sinner. Followed closely by Medvedev. Then, the rest of folks.
Nathan 6 mesi fa
Na. Novak, Medvedev, Alcaraz.
Nathan 6 mesi fa
Medvedev got a better chance of beating Novak. + He's playing the best tennis of his career.
I am a very big Sinner’s fan and I still think Medvedev is better. Sinner has to improve the first serve % and once he does that he is ready to be a top 3 but for now Medvedev is still better than him
(*The SuperHero Teacher*)
I call them the Big 4
William 6 mesi fa
@SUSANA MONTOYA JARAMILLO I feel that Sinner & Alcaraz are very similar stylistically, there is not much between the two. Alcaraz has just a little bit more of everything except consistency over Jannik.
Andrea Palomba
Andrea Palomba 6 mesi fa
0:58 🤌🏻🇮🇹 out of this world Jannik!
Pim Van Os
Pim Van Os 6 mesi fa
This prooves how insanely good Alcaraz is playing atm.
florian b
florian b 6 mesi fa
Right 🎉🎉🎉
What Sinner is not far away for Alcaraz level. Their matches could go either way.
striker15 6 mesi fa
@SUSANA MONTOYA JARAMILLO I somewhat disagree. When they play each other, their styles are very evenly matched, but that doesn't mean the players are equally good. Alcaraz has proven to be much better vs other players, while Sinner still needs some big tournament wins to show that.
rhoclouds 6 mesi fa
@striker15 ​ not true. their matches have been really close with sinner actually playing better for most of them and giving in. one less double fault and sinner beats alcaraz in new york to win the us open. he would have gone 3-0 against alcaraz for the year. their last few matches have been extremely close with sinner choking victories despite alcaraz having the court advantage (alcaraz loves slow courts). sinner can wake up one day and have the consistency to beat anyone on tour. last year was his first actual run at wimbledon and he almost beat the best grass court player of the decade, on a court he wasnt even comfortable on that year. i dont see alcaraz doing that. i just see him with consistency on hard court and occasionally clay. he already statistically has one of the best backhands and forehands. djokovic says he has one of the best returns on tour. let the kid cook. his time will be here soon. imo his peak will be higher than alcaraz
Novak undisputed goat
@rhoclouds so much copium and If if if . Woulda shoulda coulda. Alcaraz is better than sinner. There's a reason sinner hasn't even won a single masters 1000.
3.pixelz 6 mesi fa
Rublev always plays a solid game. Just need his clutch muscle to kick in after going early rounda in a tournament. Jannik and Medvedev plays a similar type game.
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy 6 mesi fa
They are completely two different players sinner and Medvedev, Sinner is a very super aggressive player
Paolo Imperiale
Paolo Imperiale 6 mesi fa
absolutely GOD MODE
Grupo Riisa
Grupo Riisa 6 mesi fa
He embodied the spirit of Roger Federer today, really made Rublev look like he's levels below
Continua cosi', grande Jannik !!!
delbroox 6 mesi fa
Forza Jannik!!!! Amazing!!!
david sallette
david sallette 6 mesi fa
It’s becoming more difficult to tell who is better Sinner or Alcatraz. The only certainty is that no one else is even close.
KS 6 mesi fa
Only strong forehand is not enough tools against Sinner, give him good pace to strike back too
José Basterrica
Sinner sigue creciendo no es facil.ganar a,Rubkev
Em. A
Em. A 6 mesi fa
Forza Jannik 🇮🇹
Y Campbell
Y Campbell 6 mesi fa
If Jannik can string some of these performances together...
William 6 mesi fa
Solid avoidance of the Rublev forehand, made his life hell
Sinner will soon be top 5. Main threat to Alcaraz
Level, Set, Go!
Level, Set, Go! 6 mesi fa
Gonna sound crazy but you can already see Alcaraz's style changing men's tennis. The conventional baseliner strategies of hitting virtually every shot cross court, not going for winners too early, and mostly avoiding down the line, are going to be irrelevant soon. 2022 Sinner wouldn't play a match like this. Like Mouratoglou said, Alcaraz plays every shot to "hurt" his opponent, and that's what Sinner did here. The days of mindless rallies are coming to an end, and tennis will be better for it.
Kamal Antil
Kamal Antil 6 mesi fa
Sinner plays well on fast courts.
Κώστας Αργύρης
This version of Sinner is beating Alcaraz and only losing to Medvedev (bad match-up for him)
SDV 6 mesi fa
Djokovic, Alcarez, Medvedev and Sinner are the top four players THIS YEAR
Gurustarr 6 mesi fa
Go Jannik 🦊
Hu M
Hu M 6 mesi fa
I knew Sinner won just by the title.
satyagraha a
satyagraha a 6 mesi fa
Troppo benne Jannik !
Ruggero 6 mesi fa
Simply another level respect rublev
Yanis Moreaux
Yanis Moreaux 6 mesi fa
Sinner is a little bit more muscular ... and a lot of better from the Baseline
gilga mesch
gilga mesch 6 mesi fa
Grande Sinner💯💢💯🔝
rvt secure
rvt secure 6 mesi fa
Sinner backhand is very good
Diego A Finol
Diego A Finol 6 mesi fa
1:56 "Sinner should head down to south beach later and walk on water" LMAOO
Kofi Ofosu
Kofi Ofosu 6 mesi fa
By Rublev, that Sinner will not be forgiven.
SniP3r_HavOk 6 mesi fa
Jesus Sinner was on monstrous form today
Parth Shrivastava
He's Jesus and a Sinner?🤔😂
Lotus 6 mesi fa
Sinner's problem was always fitness on a good day, he could play like a top 5 player but his body isn't strong enough to stay consistent yet
danguee1 6 mesi fa
But he's definitely getting stronger. He's clearly doing lots of gym work and he seems to have lots of running left after all his matches...
fegelx x
fegelx x 6 mesi fa
“Sinner should head on down to south beach later and walk on water” 😂😂😂
cosvideo2008 6 mesi fa
hahhahaha 😂
Remixable100 6 mesi fa
dude was dominating
joseba basarrate
It's time for Rublev to step up and improve his game. He needs more variety or he won't be able to fight for the big trophies. Come on Andrey!!😊
guay bique
guay bique 6 mesi fa
Giddy touches 🙌🏽
Mary Abura
Mary Abura 6 mesi fa
😂"Jannick should probably head to the beach and walk on water," commentary.
Airfabio 6 mesi fa
I hope he will be like this against Alcaraz too.
조성표 6 mesi fa
Sinner and Alcaraz are next big 2 already. Djokovic, Nadal at clay, Medvedev at hard court, can make a good match with these 2. Maybe Rune if he is continually improved? Other next gen guys barely beat them with condition issues of these two.
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