Jannik Sinner vs Daniil Medvedev Highlights | Nitto ATP Finals 2023 Semi-Final 

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17 nov 2023




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Commenti : 877   
@tennistv 22 giorni fa
Jannik Sinner: The First Italian To Reach the Nitto ATP Finals final! 🇮🇹🥕🦊
@joeyves7133 22 giorni fa
@harryp3804 22 giorni fa
Carotamente ❤
@snowycotton8889 22 giorni fa
Of coz 1st because he was the first to semis 😅
@Tuzzz94 22 giorni fa
Why the fox symbol?
@cedricbigare5166 22 giorni fa
How to screw the purpose of a video in one single comment...
@alessandrothe150 22 giorni fa
Jannik now goes 11 consecutive wins against top 10 players and 5 consecutive wins against top 3 players. Monster!
@SkyLarkk128 22 giorni fa
That's acc crazy
@FM-tw9sb 22 giorni fa
Well that's too much, he has 8 consecutive win against top 10, still incredible.
@alessandrothe150 22 giorni fa
@@FM-tw9sb right. Wrong count👍
@CL2- 22 giorni fa
No way, that's insane. Love sinner
@pdiseris 22 giorni fa
Number 1 soon. Sure of it.
Humble, determined, polite, concentrated: an example for the new generations, not only when it comes to tennis.
@andrewb8235 22 giorni fa
Sono d'accordissimo e per questo lo apprezziamo in tutto il mondo, non solo in Italia.
@Mars-lp8yd 22 giorni fa
Yes! All the things Djokovic is not! Sinner and Alcaraz are the future and they will be appreciated like Rafa and Roger are throughout the World!
@markwarner2928 22 giorni fa
That’s why after earning the first good money he transferred himself to Montecarlo!! Quite an example indeed…
@dktky5658 22 giorni fa
@@Mars-lp8ydBy Rafa and Roger you mean 2nd and 3rd best in history. 👍®️⚡️
@RaphaelBas1995 22 giorni fa
Three consecutive victories over Daniil now. Jannik has well and truly turned this rivalry around. Congrats to both and onward to the final!
@atelos1 22 giorni fa
I wish Djokovic success in the final!
@ivan73ivan73 22 giorni fa
@francescob.9284 22 giorni fa
​@@atelos1esatto ha vinto troppo poco in carriera 😂
@nimra1984 22 giorni fa
Jannik played absolutely lights out in last set, have no words. No fear after losing tiebreak. That takes insane mental strength. Just incredible 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
@bumba5897 22 giorni fa
Tbf medvedev played really poorly because of his injury
@trolley4388 22 giorni fa
@@bumba5897 Yes, but Sinner injured him, hitting him with balls.
@bumba5897 22 giorni fa
@@trolley4388 is that a compliment to sinners playing or an allegation of violence
@CL2- 22 giorni fa
@@bumba5897 If you can take a set off someone, you're not really injured
@andrealzzr9363 22 giorni fa
Right now Sinner’s able to go to places where very few can. He seems to always find a next level within the game. Impressive. 🔥🔥🔥
@novakgoatovic 22 giorni fa
yes but Novak will still beat him!
@loziomario 22 giorni fa
@@novakgoatovic : Jannik already won. He's young. If he loses "today",he will win "tomorrow". His tennis is already as good as the tennis of the first 3 top players.
@skandalbrate7946 22 giorni fa
@@novakgoatovicyou did see the match few days ago right…🤣
@aldobonaso3481 22 giorni fa
@@novakgoatovic yeah Sinner literally beat Novak in the ATP Finals in Turin a few days ago 🤣🤣
@rabisml1234 22 giorni fa
Siiner, alcaraz, Medvedev will rule tennis after novak retires...sinner, alcaraz will be probably top2 with Medvedev no3 player for may be next 5, 6 years....
@baskas13 22 giorni fa
no matter how the final ends, Jannik got confidence that he can beat anyone. hoping for more fun next year with more top contenders
@novakdjokovic826 22 giorni fa
If he loses the final he would be just labeled a choker. Going undefeated just to crap himself in the match that matters most.
@blistering2900 22 giorni fa
​@@novakdjokovic826you will lose 😅😅
@mommalissamundy 22 giorni fa
Sinner, Alcaraz, and Djovovic are in a different league! ❤
@cypresscempr3s399 22 giorni fa
@@mommalissamundy Alcaraz didn't, Djokovic smash him.
@lesp315 22 giorni fa
He WILL lose. Joker is generous, but he has limits.
@vitoiacobellis419 22 giorni fa
Sinner! Such calm, consistency and mentality. Let’s take a bow for the tennis of the future! 🎾
@jm7804 22 giorni fa
He's going to be tough to beat in the final. He's playing at another level than we've seen from him before. I'm particularly impressed by his movement, shot selection, and ability to reset after a point doesn't go his way.
@nortexoid 22 giorni fa
Yes, but his "celly" for every point is annoying.
@airkuna 22 giorni fa
Never gonna be as good as the big 3..
@jm7804 22 giorni fa
@@airkuna That's what people said for years about Novak as compared to Rafa and Roger. How'd that turn out?
@airkuna 22 giorni fa
@@jm7804 nobody said that about novak..
@_Kirtap_ 22 giorni fa
Winning the Atp Finals in your home country would be insane! I hope he takes it all!
@SuperNino111 22 giorni fa
This crowd is so anoying...
​@@SuperNino111​​@SuperNino111 oh yes. It Is annoying because you are a Medvedev fan? Or maybe a Djokovic fan??? I like ti be annoyed by the crowd . Hope they Will annoy me in the final, too🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@abracadabra6129 22 giorni fa
@@SuperNino111 Just like you 😄😄
@James-Cook 22 giorni fa
@@raffaelecafiero3608 be un po' è vero... non siamo i tifosi più rispettosi diciamo
@nimra1984 22 giorni fa
He’s doing so well handling the pressure from his home country. I hope he can stay calm. It must be very hard.
@exmelt53 22 giorni fa
all in less than 2 months: two 500 titles, beats Medvedev 3X in a row, is 17-2 w/ 11 top 20 wins of which 8 are top 10 wins, ends Novak's 19 match winning streak, and now a maiden ATP Finalist. Jannik Sinner! you're blowing my mind.
@huzcer 22 giorni fa
great run but nobody will be talking about ATP 500's when looking back on a career. Will have to take the title to put a marker out there.
@andyb4071 22 giorni fa
​@huzcer it's simply impossible to make a positive comment these days
@huzcer 22 giorni fa
@@andyb4071 I said "great run". but tell me what importance is placed on ATP 500's tournaments when looking back on a career ... - that only happens if that was near being the highlight of it... Never heard Sampras go on about that ATP 500 he won etc Sinner needs to take the title here to make his mark - there is no harm in saying that. if he doesn't then the run has come to an end with no memorable title to show for it.
@kaushikdr 22 giorni fa
Sorry, let’s also include his Masters 1000 win
@trolley4388 22 giorni fa
@@andyb4071c’è sempre qualcuno che deve rompere i coglioni. È un po’ la metafora della vita.
@AstroooooX 22 giorni fa
Sinner's tennis level right now is god-tier. Could you believe 6 months ago any person beating Novak, Carlos and Daniil consistently back to back to back?
@TaoChen100 22 giorni fa
3 wins in a row vs Medvedev over the last few weeks after 6 losses in a row is wild!!
@novafire9 22 giorni fa
the russian aint yawning anymore
Meddy is clever, but his style is not complete imo
Sinner is evening out the H2H real quick. He’ll probably even take the advantage within the next 2 years
@WouterZtube 22 giorni fa
Sinner’s backhand is like a rocket. Beautiful play
@bobbyearles4230 22 giorni fa
It’s an unbelievable shot. It’s hard to argue that anyone has a better backhand than Djokovic, but I might take Sinner’s.
@janparchanski9242 22 giorni fa
@WouterZtube And the FH is not too shabby either :)
@Mars-lp8yd 22 giorni fa
@@bobbyearles4230 Sinner has more speed, therefore it is better.
@bobbyearles4230 22 giorni fa
@@Mars-lp8yd I'm not sure I agree with that. Power isn't everything. Djokovic has unlimited versatility with the backhand. He can place the ball virtually anywhere within inches. He can go down the line and crosscourt better than anyone. And you can't really read where he's going. I think it's the best backhand of all time. I used to think Andre Agassi had the best BH ever, but I think Djokovic has surpassed him. Sinner is right there though. Let's see if he's able to hit some big backhands in clutch grand slam situations though.
@Jannick999 22 giorni fa
​@@bobbyearles4230yes, you sre right, but still Sinner has beated him
Fun fact: Sinner has won all the matches with players that he has a negative h2h, the turn around is insane
@steven7846 22 giorni fa
Sinner is mind blowing. Explain to me how he can hit so hard, and make so few mistakes. His backhand down the line was devastating. It's very very rare to see Medvedev so far from the ball. He's definitely a very serious contender now
@Zeus-ei1ik 22 giorni fa
Sinner literally toying with world number 3, Medvedev in the 3rd set. The range of strokes and the power generated on Sinners two-handed backhand is superior to most players forehand. I bow down to anyone who can beat Sinner, literally playing like it is a video game. It has to be God-tier level. Well, his potential opponents, Djoker and Carlitos, are both capable of that.
@HADES-jw7kn 22 giorni fa
Great comment! I agree, As the tennis commentator Robbie Koenig says "You have to be playing nearer to the Gods"... to defeat Sinner in this mood.
@adin137 22 giorni fa
Apt description...video game tennis. That's how well Sinner is performing.
@loziomario 22 giorni fa
Sinner already beaten Alcatraz. He can do it again.
@jaysunzow 22 giorni fa
he has the best groundstrokes on the tour
@asmanrzair8789 22 giorni fa
He wasn’t toying at all. In fact, the first two sets Daniil was playing way better and was toying Sinner. The thing is that in the third set Yannik raised his level while Daniil flopped completely with more double faults and 40% first serve in. He was slightly injured also which was confirmed right after the match. In reality, it’s still a very close matchup where all matches could’ve gone both ways
@Kedbuka 22 giorni fa
Won't be long now: Sinner will be No. 1. He's on fire, playing at a super high level
@harryp3804 22 giorni fa
Not really , not anytime soon maybe after Novak retires and if Alca on injury
@lilyleon1475 22 giorni fa
Why does it have to be a "super" high level. What's wrong with just "the highest level", or "the highest of levels"?
@huzcer 22 giorni fa
will have to see how it goes when it moves back to outdoor.
@victor-536 22 giorni fa
@@lilyleon1475 You can say it however you want
@@huzcerSinner could reach the same of even better level than Alcaraz he doesn’t need Alcaraz to be injured to win against him
@luigidemartino8216 22 giorni fa
The fact that incredible returners like Meddy and Nole in two broke him only one time shows how much improvements Sinner has made with his serve. Until last year it was so volatile, highly inconsistent, but now it is a weapon.
@dottorcarlone 22 giorni fa
Yes but today the 1st serve percentage was absolutely not there, 50% only of 1st serves in…at this level can punish you…today has gone allright, but …he needs to put in more 1st serves
@black_nebula 22 giorni fa
Against Meddy yes. Haven't seen him hit like this in a while. Against Novak, I suppose, he isn't playing that great but would be nice to see it again in the final
@robertolovasco4477 22 giorni fa
@@dottorcarlone With a not say good but decent first ball of serve Sinner would have demolished Meddy in sets today
@edo2347 22 giorni fa
@anthonator1033 22 giorni fa
Nah carlos will destroy him in the finals
@edo2347 22 giorni fa
@@anthonator1033 Let's see if Carlos can even go to the final
​@@anthonator1033carlos lose against djoko
@bojana8583 22 giorni fa
Djokovic will win it again..
@trolley4388 22 giorni fa
@@anthonator1033 Charlie has to beat Dad Novak first.
@_Kirtap_ 22 giorni fa
The mental strenght of Sinner is just insane! Hopefully he will follow the tracks of Rafa and Novak.
@huzcer 22 giorni fa
Aiming for Nadal's tracks at the ATP Finals is not the path.
@milanavujicic6854 22 giorni fa
Just don't elevate him too much to the stars and pressure him, let him build his career slowly. It certainly has potential.
@heronzapata3006 22 giorni fa
Me gusta el tenis de Medvedev pero Jannik esta en otro nivel ahora mismo, se habla mucho de Alcaraz pero para mi Sinner será quien domine en los próximos años.
@jonathanchen1026 22 giorni fa
Those backhand down the lines are a game changer for Jannik!
@lesp315 22 giorni fa
Everything is a game changer nowadays.
@adrienmy1143 22 giorni fa
Sinner, beaucoup l'ont cité comme "fragile". Ce gars est le future numéro 1 mondial et un problème pour tous dans les 10 prochaines années.
@dirceuzimmer4969 22 giorni fa
Anche io credo molto in questa possibita
@chrissoubibi 22 giorni fa
un robot en remplace un autre
@andrewgale9133 22 giorni fa
Doit encore faire des preuves en grand chelem, mais oui il progresse vite
@manuelgarrido5602 22 giorni fa
!@@chrissoubibi Hahahahahah Je ne l'attendais pas celle là! Mais, elle n'est pas fausse, cette affirmation.
@leotaurus4265 22 giorni fa
​@@chrissoubibic'est un peu vrai mais c'est le monde moderne qui veut ça ! Les nouveaux champions ne font que s'adapter...
@nimra1984 22 giorni fa
Take a bow Jannik, a future champion of the sport. Thankyou Italy for producing greatness. 🧡
@serbianwarrior385 22 giorni fa
😂😂😂Future champ that hasnt won any big tournament except Beijing or something like that 😂
@nimra1984 22 giorni fa
@@serbianwarrior385 Do you know what future means?
@trolley4388 22 giorni fa
@@serbianwarrior385 The concept of ‘future’ is precisely this. Not yet today, but tomorrow yes. Didn’t you really know?
@luciobecker2637 22 giorni fa
​@@serbianwarrior385Sinner won Toronto, Master 1000. Give him time. And take your time before writing nonsense things.
@cachandocanada6507 22 giorni fa
Sinner is becoming the best player in the world. Love his game, that backhand is pure fire!
@user-ks5js5oi5c 22 giorni fa
Sinner the fighting spirit like Lleyton Hewitt. Very good inspiration. He progress like a thunder. The new joker !
@stephenharvey3219 22 giorni fa
That last set from Sinner was something else.
@user-zi7br9mc8d 22 giorni fa
Jannik a gagné. Époustouflant.. magique. Super jeune homme magnifique tennisman ❤
Great play, Sinner!
@loziomario 22 giorni fa
yes,but take in consideration how many unforced errors did Med.
@drewkramer2998 22 giorni fa
Jannik just has effortless power. It’s crazy!
JANNIK THE FUTURE GOAT 🥕🇮🇹 He is destroying everyone this year. This guy is something else. None can beat him. He became a machine!
@patrikmarflak6559 22 giorni fa
What a level of tennis by Sinner! His mental strength is amazing, the way he run off in the third set after losing a set and the 8 minute break was brutal. Gotta give respect to Medvedev as well though, don’t remember if I ever saw him playing so aggressive, some of his forehands had crazy pace and he deserved to win the second set. But Sinner’s defence and holding the baseline was too good, the way he reset the point after some mighty strokes from Meddy was unbelievable. He made Medvedev as mad as he himself usually makes his opponents. That’s why Medvedev made more errors. But I like the fact he tried to beat Sinner in fast paced rallies, it was super exciting to watch. Hope he will play this aggressive style more in the future.
@joshcollins5305 22 giorni fa
Sinner's backhand today was amazing. Never noticed it as much!
@DLundgren22 22 giorni fa
His backhand went up a level this year. Possibly the best in the game right now.
@jonathanchen1026 22 giorni fa
He could always hit it big! He just usually went cross tho. Now he’s using the down the line much more!
@patrikmarflak6559 22 giorni fa
Yeah, he has the best down the line bh right now.
Actually his backhand has always been his best shot in terms of consistency and placement. Even when the forehand was not as reliable and deadly as it is today. Of course if you only watch the highlights you will most likely see a forehand missile or stuff like this, but if you watch the complete game you can easily see how much of an asset that backhand is.
@HermanWaldorf 22 giorni fa
the one at 4:52 is out of this world
@shmalex6544 22 giorni fa
Medvedev really gave everything he had to the very end even while he completely forgot how to serve in that last set. Congrats to sinner the skinner . I ain’t never seen a mothefuck hit a backhand so fresh and clean.
@Irfan87 22 giorni fa
You know what they say, Jannik hits the ball so cleanly you don't have to disinfect it afterwards.
Sinnerhits the ball so cleanly, the ball becomes holy.
@Maliilse75 22 giorni fa
Most beautiful double-handed backhand I've ever seen. Easily the best one on tour at the mo.
@cristiano06. 22 giorni fa
The pride of Italy. Best sportsman in Italy at the moment
@pq8856 22 giorni fa
E Bagnaia
@cristiano06. 22 giorni fa
@@pq8856 a mio parere non c'è paragone nè sportivamente nè mediaticamente. Forse Paltrinieri se la può giocare, ma anche in questo caso mediaticamente c'è poca storia.
@FilippoAlfareLovo 22 giorni fa
​@@pq8856e nessuno dei due che citi Gimbo??
@eloaccio 22 giorni fa
​​@@cristiano06.Dal punto di vista mediatico se si parla di sportivi potrebbe esserlo Jacobs, purtroppo le ultime prestazioni non esaltanti come alle olimpiadi (che comunque l'argento alla staffetta ai mondiali dietro gli USA è tanta roba per l'atletica italiana) lo hanno fatto un po' calare, adesso Sinner è veramente sulla bocca di tutti, come sportivo si, Paltrinieri è l'altro top mondiale attualmente in giro assieme a Tamberi...
Sinner is unstoppable now!!! Down the line and cross court backhand accuracy!!!
@yaamccartney7191 22 giorni fa
This kid will win a slam next year. His game is almost complete. He is quick, smart shot selection, patient, has angles, and can hit bullets. His game has matured.
He’s improved and improving in such an unbelievable way….
@bonoklis 22 giorni fa
Sinner sublime! Also really enjoyed watching Med play more aggressive
Jannik is insane on this tour🔥🔥
@P.080 22 giorni fa
Seeing Medvedev no longer yawning at the changeovers and that letting Sinner dictate to him he pace, well, it's priceless. 🇮🇹
@insanepolarbear 22 giorni fa
Exceptional tennis from Jannik. He's going to be a tough cookie to break in the final with the crowd behind him. Regardless if it is Novak or Carlos it's going to be one hell of a final.
@christhompson9128 22 giorni fa
Sinners ability to stay focused and compete Thru the full match is extraordinary. He plays every point like it’s his last. BZ!
@diannefuller2507 22 giorni fa
Have every confidence in Sinner to lift the trophy.....he deserves it 100%
@rodrigoaquino4062 21 giorno fa
Ojalá 👌
@gabrielflores4993 22 giorni fa
Muy contento con el nivel que esta demostrando Sinner, saludos desde Chile.
@ronwatts5827 22 giorni fa
Sinner is the real deal...what a run he's on. That said, I'm a Daniii fan, but at times it appeared that Sinner was playing with him.
@Eyohna 22 giorni fa
Sinner is playing his best tennis of the year at the perfect moment
@Joao-id4dn 22 giorni fa
Perfect moment would be in a Grand Slam.
@eFMe-fk1xh 22 giorni fa
This is half truth. Sinner is simply improving as a player, not just his form.
@MoorishBrooklyn 22 giorni fa
Man! A fierce matchup. Tough battle. Good win by Sinner.
@unfixablegop 22 giorni fa
Sinner's returns of serve are amazing.
@mikellopez4718 22 giorni fa
Poco se habla del reves de sinner, me parece que ha mejorado mucho el control del golpe
@gideondshira 22 giorni fa
The faster court surface makes the match so much more exciting! More tournaments need to make their surface quicker.
@Jingoa 22 giorni fa
There's a trade-off with faster surfaces-serves matter more. Unfortunately, in a regular tournament, this would mean more servebots. It's only great here because none of the players (besides Hurkacz) got here by servebotting thanks to all the slower surfaces.
@DLundgren22 22 giorni fa
Meddy was more aggressive today than I've seen him in a while but Sinner was just too much. Guy's on fire. Possibly the best backhand in the game right now.
@amc657 22 giorni fa
Brilliant Sinner well done young man. Rooting for you to win this ATP FINALS.🤞🏼🙌🏽❤
@phantomthrills2540 21 giorno fa
Sinner is incredible. Nice to see the new guns show what they got. Future of tennis looks bright. 👏
@filipporosso2153 22 giorni fa
Vamos! Sinner, orgullo de España!
Da italiano, non posso non essere orgoglioso delle qualità umane e sportive di questo ragazzo 🇮🇹💪
@olivierevano8486 22 giorni fa
Bravo Sinner. Belle victoire et belle progression.
@Stray396 22 giorni fa
I'm a Nole fan through and through, but THIS is Sinner's moment. actually rooting for him to meet Alcaraz in the final, and then for him to run the gauntlet and take this title. Would be an unforgettable moment!
@therealsouthpaw 22 giorni fa
Sinner will come to regret allowing Djokovic to advance from group stage, though. Alcaraz's level today was much higher than Medvedev's, but Nole destroyed him, while Sinner had to go the distance with Medvedev (granted, he did bury Daniil in the deciding set).
@achopage1 22 giorni fa
​@@therealsouthpaw Sinner beat Djokovic in the group stage. what are you even talking about
@therealsouthpaw 21 giorno fa
@achopage1 Sinner could have eliminated Djokovic from the tournament by losing to Rune. Instead, he beat Rune and Djokovic advanced to the semis. Nobody has ever beaten Djokovic twice at the finals. In 2015, Federer beat him in group but lost to him in the final (the situation Sinner is facing), while in 2018, Zverev lost to him in group by beat him in the final.
@tykarmz5675 22 giorni fa
Sinner is playing UNREAL tennis right now. Kudos to the young man
@abracadabra6129 22 giorni fa
No lunch break, no spa treatment, no break to go pee, no controversy with the public....need we add more??? Simply Sinner the winner in pure class....and tomorrow however it goes will be a success.
@philbofettiArchive 21 giorno fa
Man he's so cool. Watching Sinner play is just a joy.
Sinner undoubtedly steps up the gear at each point, making a stunning impression with his mobility and dynamism on the court. The full dedication lucidly enables him to gain these sorts of encounters and showdowns against the potent players. The belief and reliability of Jannik Sinner elevated throughout the whole season in order to demonstrate a more resilient and efficient performance than most of the rivals. Besides, I had estimated that I was plainly going to be competed above three sets due to the power and performances of these two robust competitors. It embodies the quality and evolution of this sport. Also, reaching the final in ATP Finals on home soil is absolutely special for Sinner. Many congrats to my second favorite tennis player!
@fidanzogaj6440 22 giorni fa
Woow Sinner! What a player has he become 😍😍
@ahaddou7079 22 giorni fa
His power on both wings is scary 😮
@Cla_Disney 22 giorni fa
As an Italian tennis fan since forever I couldn't be happier and more proud of what Jannik has been accomplishing lately, a dream come true to finally being able to witness an Italian being the world n.4 competing with the best players in the world (and beating them). Semplicemente strepitoso ♥🇮🇹
@constantin194 22 giorni fa
Sinner is playing astonishing tennis right now! I'm just a bit afraid of his physical form: he has played long and physical match all the week and wether he play Alcaraz or Djokovic in final it will be very physical again! Hope he will recover well to be ready!
@nimra1984 22 giorni fa
Same! Really hope he recovers fully
@luigibadiali9461 22 giorni fa
@@nimra1984 Let's be serious guys, do you think the other two will rest tonight? I'm Italian, but Jannik was lucky enough to play first. Tonight I predict a bullfight between Carlos and Novak... anyone who says that Djokovic is the favorite is not honest.
@dottorcarlone 22 giorni fa
@@luigibadiali9461si ma sinner ha giocato quasi tutti match sulle tre ore..tutti tranne tsitsipas al terzo, e si sa che non ha un fisico molto resiliente..è migliorato tantissimo sotto quel punto di vista, ma è sempre un incognita, oggi alla fine del secondo set inizio del terzo lo vedevo parecchio provato fisicamente
@maxovedo473 22 giorni fa
Novak e' di sicuro favorito contro Alcaraz in questa superficie: diciamo al 70% ma contro Sinner io dico 50 e 50 . Poi tutto puo' succedere perche' il livello e' alto@@luigibadiali9461
@pieroc5514 22 giorni fa
​@@dottorcarlonesì ma nel terzo sembrava indemoniato
@maxdgr 22 giorni fa
Those backhands by Sinner in the 3rd....fulminating bombs Fognini style 👍
@MrEnoch101 22 giorni fa
So proud of Sinner, im excited for when he wins his first grand slam and goes to world no1 it might be a lot closer than we think ❤🎉😊😊😊
ВЕЛИКОЛЕПЕН СННЕР, СТРАХЛТЕН бъдещето на тениса в следващите години!!!❤❤❤🎉🎉
@pirillo7069 22 giorni fa
È divertente vedere le partite di Sinner, esprime un tennis d'attacco anche da fondo campo. Gli scambi avvengono a velocità sostenuta, di questo ne giova sia lo spettacolo che il tennis in generale.Se migliora la prima battuta... forza Jannik! Ps: ora vi saluto che mi vado a comperare una maglietta arancione😂
@RikhasiBookstal 22 giorni fa
Sinner has the mentality of never giving up...he's drowning him into a deep ocean and doesn't give Medvedev a chance to breathe properly...what a machine he is!!
@morad9195 22 giorni fa
Sinner's backhand was on fire 🔥🔥🔥
@ParekhitB 22 giorni fa
Such rampage on the court! This Sinner is actually far more dangerous than a lot of players higher up the rank. He showed immense maturity, incidence and self belief in the last few matches. Absolutely stunning performance. Good to see his serve is also getting better. It’s going to be an interesting finals!!
@huzcer 22 giorni fa
"better than a lot of players higher up the rank"? there are only 3 ahead of him.
@rabisml1234 22 giorni fa
​@@huzcerI think there is only one ahead of him now.. And that's novak......sinner has solved Medvedev puzzle......and alcaraz should not beat sinner.....alcaraz exploited Medvedevs deep court positioning to hit drop shots and win points, he also serve volleyed to some success.....alcaraz can't do that against sinner....sinner plays closer to the baseline and looks for any opportunity to come to the net,, so drop shots won't work on sinner..... serve and volley will also not work against siiner becoz sinner is a fantastic and aggressive returner.......so any alcaraz tactic that worked against medvedev won't work against sinner....so sinner has huge advantage over alcaraz.....that's why sinner has positive h2h against alcaraz...
@rodrigoaquino4062 21 giorno fa
Buen análisis 👌
@huzcer 21 giorno fa
@@rabisml1234 will have to see over the year. Conditions from indoor to outdoor fast to outdoor slow to clay to grass mean players perform differently against each other
@huzcer 21 giorno fa
"interesting" but the real Djokovic "A Game" was impossible for Sinner.
@alexexplorer6031 22 giorni fa
Sinner's backhand is so lethal
@user-rn6gv9xf5i 22 giorni fa
Sinner tiene todo lo necesario para quedarse con estás ATP Finals, vencer a un jugador cómo Medvedev en tres ocasiones hablá mucho del nivel en el qué se encuentra actualmente.
@thomashumphrey7395 22 giorni fa
Sinner is the best player in the world right now. he deserves to be No, 1 soon and claim some majors.
@PiotrWolski-eo7wq 22 giorni fa
Jannik Sinner is playing some great tennis especially from the baseline and at the net. Wow! Medvedev did not exist in the 3rd set. With this kind of game if he is consistent he can win a GS next year. Bravo! 💪 🥳🌟
@sportloving5947 22 giorni fa
Sinner is clearly playing the best tennis of his career. Faster hardcourt seems to suit him. Can't wait to see him against Djokovic in the final. Hoping both of them play lights out tennis and best player on the night wins.
@natabrito4355 22 giorni fa
High level of tennis from Sinner, impressive
@SB-mo3kz 22 giorni fa
Silent waters run Deep! This proverb goes for sinner! Very happy to see him emerge to this! 😊
@luciobecker2637 22 giorni fa
Med played a very high level second set, but Sinner's strenght of mind is so high that russian needed a tie-break to get it. And in final set, i was really surprised to see Sinner letterally destroying Med. Greetings from Rome Italy
@asmanrzair8789 22 giorni fa
Obviously he was destroying because Meddy got slightly injured and his first serve was terrible with only 40% first serve in which is not acceptable especially against aggressive players
@CyrilB-bg6by 22 giorni fa
Agassi d’aujourd’hui il prend la balle tôt sur chaque frappe, frappe fort et en plus il a une couverture de terrain incroyable glisse appuie fermé ouvert pour moi c est vraiment le futur numéro 1
@peace4myheart 22 giorni fa
Man, Sinner is on a roll. Great for the home country as they have something to cheer for
What Sinner was lacking, pre-Darren Cahill, was the mental toughness... he used to pull the trigger too soon and spray the ball around. Now since that has fixed, the only thing preventing him from dominating tennis is the raw physicality required in a gruelling Grand Slam BO of 5 duel. If that is fixed, it's pretty much lights out for the rest of the competitors, considering Nole and Rafa are nearing the end.
Yes I agree, he is cutting those unforced errors, much better selections and variety, and the crème de la crème for me is his mouvement. it is not an exaggeration to say that he is moving just as well than Medevdev or Djokovic.
@alburaq3290 22 giorni fa
He also fixed his game. He's way more comfortable at the net, his volleys have improved, he's changing directions more often. He's hitting short angles to open up the court instead of hitting hard every time. He has fixed his serve. He fixed his conditioning and endurance. Crediting mental toughness is a cop out, he has improved in every aspect of his game.
@dottorcarlone 22 giorni fa
I don’t think mental strenght was the thing to improve, Sinner has always been very very mature amongst every player and especially those of his age, the problem was fitness condition, many times in the long run he lacked the resiliance to be lucid in close matches, that was the problem along with the serve that he has improved, he’s also improved tremendously the net game, in the final against medvedev he went to the net something like 30 times, and also he now plays different angles. Of course Sinner wont ever have the variety of alcaraz, he wont ever play that game and we can t pretend he plays like that but boy he s tremendously improved also footwork he moves amazingly, he ll be a very very though one for the next ten years, and next year he is ready to win his first slam. Well tennis is in good hands with him alcaraz rune and if they catch up, fils and shelton
@omnamo-uf9th 22 giorni fa
​@dottorcarlone Your points are valid, but it seems like you haven't watched Sinner enough. Choker Sinner was his nickname for a while. Are you forgetting the '22 US open match against Alcaraz?
@astro6020 22 giorni fa
​@@dottorcarloneBeing mature and dignified is different from being mentally tough. Djokovic is neither mature, nor dignified, he can be a petulant child when things don't go his way...but he's the mentally toughest athlete of all time. Sinner has choked away so many matches.
@petertrite438 22 giorni fa
Saya suka gaya bermain Sinner,menakjubkan.
@ziogoku 22 giorni fa
What an unbelievible player...Sinner is a dream
@eloaccio 22 giorni fa
Pazzesco come abbia strapazzato per lunghi tratti il numero 3 al mondo nonché sua ormai ex bestia nera, anche se perdesse contro Djokovic per me ha comunque già vinto perché ha compiuto un impresa storica per un tennista italiano, perché a 22 anni sembra avere davanti una carriera piena di grani successi e perché sta riuscendo nell'impresa di fare parlare e appassionare milioni di persone al tennis in un paese in cui oltre al calcio al massimo si è sempre parlato di formula 1 e moto GP...
@RamZar50 22 giorni fa
Sinner just keeps getting better. His confidence and mental toughness are key. He will get better and a strong contender for the No. 1 ranking and Grand Slams in 2024. Medvedev played very well with some long rallies. Hoping for a Sinner v Djokovic rematch tomorrow but against Alcaraz will be fine too. Love to see a first time winner of the ATP Finals specially Sinner in Italy.
@TennisFan97 22 giorni fa
Forza Jannik, to the Title! 🇮🇹🏆
@woogy4952 22 giorni fa
man i almost died from heart attack watching this match
@nimra1984 22 giorni fa
I came back to life in third set
@ps-bi2sr 22 giorni fa
SO glad to see Jannik get to the next level....also glad to see Medvedev keep his composure, as it can only help his game.....What a match!
@stefanjonsson9314 22 giorni fa
Very smooth technique and great anticipation from Sinner. I thought Medvedev should wear him down in the decider but it was the other way around. Sinner looks so thin. He is only going to be stronger in the future.
@HENRY-SHAW123 22 giorni fa
Sinner with such a clever and firm play, he will have a bright future in tennis.
@jamestierro1234 22 giorni fa
unbelievable, the pace this guy can produce on the backhand side
@Present4 22 giorni fa
The Sinner we have been waiting for.
@user-po5zg9gs1x 22 giorni fa
@KRATOS-ix2dm 22 giorni fa
Great game by Sinner. But actually looking at the game, first 2 sets were very tough for both, sometimes Medvedev was better in those 2 than jannik, and in 3rd jannik obv winner. So good game from Meddy still
@Marc443 22 giorni fa
I missed dropshots and variation in the secind set. Jannik took over Medvedev’s game. I am so happy that he won at the end. Hopefully he wins the trophy tomorrow!
@3.pixelz 22 giorni fa
Jannik ending the year off solid! Love to see it!
@DjTinnio 20 giorni fa
Reminds me of Agassi somehow. Very nice Tennis to watch, from both. But Sinner's is just that bit more hard hitter style, and i love it.
@talastra 22 giorni fa
A Sinner-Alcaraz final would be awesome, a genuinely symbolic passing of the baton to the future defining rivalry in tennis for the next decade (if everyone stays healthy). I always expect Djokovich to win though.
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