Jayson Tatum Talks ECF Game 6 WIN, FULL Postgame Interview 🎤 

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Tatum Presser
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26 mag 2023




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Red 4 mesi fa
I am going to be honest. I was always a Tatum doubter, but if the Celtics manage to pull this off, you will have made me eat my words Mr. Tatum.
quaoar 4 mesi fa
Im a Lakers die hard since the 80s and I have accepted the Celtics can come back
PickemMMA 4 mesi fa
I think celtics will pkay a lot better in game 7 even though they all did great tonight
MiliDaGoat 4 mesi fa
@PickemMMA we did horrible bro, we shot like 26% from 3 hopefully we bounce back in boston! may the best team win man!!!
Justin Caballero
You sound like a Tatum drider 😛😅
2pac 4 mesi fa
Well guy have 0 fg first 3 4rth q...and today dissappeared second half 0 for 8. So it's a bit stretch saying he is that guy 👍
roby_1ne 4 mesi fa
Tatum's reaction in the first 20 secs of this vid is pretty much how everyone is feeling about this series
Ammar Hafeez
Ammar Hafeez 4 mesi fa
If Boston goes on to win, and then somehow win the Championship.....that shot will live on in a lot of Celtics minds and hearts lol. Down 3-2 to Philly, Down 0-3 to Miami, 0.1 seconds from going home......What a story. I hope it happens lol, cuz itll be a hell of a story and memory.
Paul Reed
Paul Reed 4 mesi fa
c4choze 4 mesi fa
Greatest fairy tale story ever written. Great actors and great entertainment.
SAZ Raz 4 mesi fa
Nuggets would destroy the Celtics in 4.
First Name Last Name
If Boston wins the championship, Tatum the real MVP, the best Celtics player ever becomes the GOAT, just like that. End of story.
Paul Reed
Paul Reed 4 mesi fa
@First Name Last Name hold up you have Bill Russell
Peter Leach
Peter Leach 4 mesi fa
He presented himself the best way possible in this interview. He kept it real every question. Professional every question. Egoless every question. Lucky to have him🍀
Glen Dotson
Glen Dotson 4 mesi fa
Incredible game, hate to see anyone lose when both teams compete like these two teams did.
This series will be better than the championship
Delwin 4 mesi fa
I was hoping for overtime lol
Just Here
Just Here 4 mesi fa
@ENVY ME ENT. FLACCO tbh it probably will
P ALBERTO 4 mesi fa
Memoria day game!! In a city full of veterans. Boston will be rumbling! ☘️☘️☘️
The Lone Wanderer
the roof will be shaking at TD, there will be lots to celebrate and honor on monday. I pray and hope for a finals trip in 48 hours too!
Enthused 4 mesi fa
Wow that is an absolutely insane stat. Tatum, Brown, Horford and Grant Williams went a combined 0-17 from 3 in this game.
Heyd 4 mesi fa
So happy for JT and D White. Coach mazzulla Proving anything is possible. C’s in 7
Kenzie Nicole
Kenzie Nicole 3 mesi fa
This ages well 😂😂
Keith 4 mesi fa
Tatum and I both shocked af that they won this game only hitting 7 threes.
Brandon Robinson
Imagine what happens on Monday in Boston when they are hitting the 3s or not taking them
Craig Alan Eleazer
Love this team! A little luck is a part of all championship runs...
Jon Myers, The World's Best Mediator
JT has come a long way, in his presentation and maturity. Great to see. Real calm, and leadership. D White reminded me of Bird stealing the ball against the Pistons, passing to DJ. :)
Meljonah Mwawesi
I used to Doubt this man but DAMN.. He is so great for his Age. He was putting it all on the line and leading by example I ended up rooting for them it was crazy 😂 But yes, I'm a Tatum fan now coz he plays unbelievable basketball
Jorge M
Jorge M 4 mesi fa
He's only 19 too
The Basketball Expert
Clown if you’re a Tatum doubter. That means you must’ve been a KD doubter when he age was 23-26. Cause KD played worse in the playoffs during that stretch and age than Tatum. Look at the Numbers. Kd PER from that stretch is 22.6, -6 PER from his regular season during those years. Meanwhile Tatum PER increases in the postseason. Tatum has a 24.6 PER this year from a 23.7 PER in regular season.
The Basketball Expert
@Jorge M What’s your favorite player I can find a stretch where everyone of your favorite players, had bad stretched in 4th quarters & more. No player was damn near perfect in their career besides MJ and Bron from 2012-2020.
Meljonah Mwawesi
@The Basketball Expert lol, I never watched Tatum live that's why I doubted him. Plus I don't watch Celtics games.. been a Dallas Fan since 2004. But yeh, I'm a clown for doubting on this man's career up till now.
The Basketball Expert
@Meljonah Mwawesi bro doubt KD, doubt Kobe when they were young then. Be consistent w/ your doubt. I can mention other greats if I look up the stats. Oh yeah Dirk! Dirk had some meltdowns when he was young in the postseason.
DeltaWye123 4 mesi fa
@JaysonTatum You guys did shoot the ball well. Very well from INSIDE the three-point line.
Nicholas Moore
Nicholas Moore 4 mesi fa
Don't take this win for granted. Close it out in game 7 . Let's go celtics 💪
Maxima Pelayo
Maxima Pelayo 4 mesi fa
3wins in a row but 4th is still HEAT hahah saddest part.
Sebastian Porras
We really witnessing greatness, nobody noticing
Juan Solorzano
Juan Solorzano 4 mesi fa
Thank God Joe called a time out this time 😮‍💨
mexod 4 mesi fa
♡Freshna Productions♡
Good call Joe
Just Here
Just Here 4 mesi fa
He’s improving as a coach and everyone was give him slack it’s time to realize he’s gonna be a great coach in the making and they’d be stupid to fire him win or LOSE GAME 7 but if we win game 7 and lose the championship it’s really be stupid to fire him
Darran Jones
Darran Jones 4 mesi fa
@Just Here They fire coaches to appease bruised ego stars, the stars get to be all "it was the coaches fault not mine" even when half or more of the blame was on them, the celtics honestly dont seem like the throw under the bus type, I think they'd be accountable enough to not need a fallman to save their egos.
Juan Solorzano
Juan Solorzano 4 mesi fa
@Just Here agreed , Celtics in 7 🏆🍀
Sg415 4 mesi fa
It’s y’all time to shine Celtics lets go!!!🤞🏽☘️🙌🏼
Rshadio 4 mesi fa
His game reminds me of T-MAC so much.....both are long skilled smooth players that can rip you to pieces if you keep your head down. And he has time to get better. It's gonna be scary once he completely finds his game. I'm telling you, if he could avoid injuries, he could possibly take over.
Light 4 mesi fa
His already better , bro just needs to know how to game manage like lebron or curry or jokic and it’s OVER FOR THE LEAGUE
Jay Are
Jay Are 4 mesi fa
Except Tatum is an A+ on defense and mcrady was like a C-
Marcus Garvey HOU
@Jay Are exactly but I do believe T-Mac was more skilled and graceful offensively.
Jay Are
Jay Are 4 mesi fa
@Marcus Garvey HOU Tatum is levels above tmac as an overall player... Period
Andy Kapp
Andy Kapp 4 mesi fa
N no o where near T-Mac. Fools get caught up in the moment. Tatum has never shown up clutch in the playoffs. T-Mac was unstoppable offensively. Tatum not so much.
Anthony Salvador
Tatum struggled the second half, but he played hard still. Has been my favorite player since his rookie year. Get the chip this is coming from a Lakers fan. It was a team effort from Boston
Dead357 59
Dead357 59 4 mesi fa
I was hoping the lakers would have one a few in that denver series. Playoffs have been 🔥🔥🔥
pimpmastaa101 4 mesi fa
JT needs to show up for 4 quarters in Game 7
Jay Are
Jay Are 4 mesi fa
They were doubling Tatum the entire second half... He made the right decisions and passed the ball And hel continue to do that if they continue to double him
Roberto Jr Yson
Roberto Jr Yson 4 mesi fa
i believe in you guys, Jayson, jaylen,derrick & marcus, you could be the great NBA players of all time, finish the heat on game 7.
James Rankins
James Rankins 4 mesi fa
They gave Jason Tatum a phantom rebound!!!! Blew up my ticket!!!!
Ice.Lex35 4 mesi fa
That buzzer from White is a 100% series changer. If it didn't count, the Heat will move to the NBA Finals. Since White made it, the Celtics is now in a favorable position since Game 7 will be held in their homecourt. They now have a chance to make history as the only team to comeback from a 0-3 series😱😱
Dwight Yawg
Dwight Yawg 4 mesi fa
No way
Nvbc14 4 mesi fa
Damnn think youre onto something with this
Ermanno Sorricchio di Valforte
and that, is the inside stuff!
EagIez 4 mesi fa
I wish this was game 7, this series is making me stressed 😭
Enthused 4 mesi fa
I love this team man but it frustrates me so bad when in the 4th quarter, every game they give up these 8, 10, 12 point leads. Turnovers, lazy 3 point shots, poor defense, fouls etc. Like does Boston stand a chance against Denver if we win game 7? I KNOW they can win a championship if they play to their potential for a whole game like they did a few games ago when they nearly won by 30. That's what Celtics basketball can look like, even against elite competition.
xysst2seedy 4 mesi fa
i’m not sure if he told you guys but he’s excited about getting another chance
Lynne Erickson
Lynne Erickson 4 mesi fa
Bostonians don’t give up . we believe ☘️💚7
Dwight Yawg
Dwight Yawg 4 mesi fa
Heat in 4
THEE Zavala Balla
@Dwight Yawg😂😂😂
Desirae Thomas
Desirae Thomas 4 mesi fa
This series -March Madness at it best
Jason Avery
Jason Avery 4 mesi fa
This is going to be a future 30 for 30 documentary on ESPN
sixis 4 mesi fa
Elimination game Tatum is a real thing people
qboy313 ace
qboy313 ace 4 mesi fa
Mr. Inconsistent
Thanh Tao
Thanh Tao 4 mesi fa
Tatum gotta find himself in the 4th quarter of these playoffs.
TLang 4 mesi fa
He’s had some crazy 4th quarter scoring games this run you casual
TLang 4 mesi fa
Def just listens to the media
Walrus Grande
Walrus Grande 4 mesi fa
@TLangreal talk! 🗣
1.7M views 4 mesi fa
@TLang imma Celtics fan and he def doesn’t show up some 4th quarters
SparTuchas 4 mesi fa
Scoring wise, he's struggled in the 4th, but he's been good in the other areas most of the time. If it wasn't for his 4th quarter in game 6 against Philly, Miami would probably be in the finals already.
John Doe
John Doe 4 mesi fa
Nice team playing Jayson. I hope the Heat come back and that Butler plays out of his mind on Monday, but let the best team win.
bruce lau
bruce lau 4 mesi fa
So so happy for JT and the rest of the Celtics team But man what a hell of a season Down 3-2 to Philly , down 3-0 to Miami , I mean just unbelievable I’m still in disbelief but yeah we going to a game 7 Monday night Just another opportunity
tim stile
tim stile 4 mesi fa
Tatum is the most likeable superstar In the league... does nothing but ball as hard as possible in season and off season
the406seadonkey 4 mesi fa
I love Tatum (when he isn't petulant) and am an avid Celtics fan, but in no way is he even barely likable even half of the time.
Kana Jingly
Kana Jingly 4 mesi fa
As a Celtic fan during the 2008-2012 Big 3 days, Tatum is far from being a highly likeable superstar , particularly considering that Kobe was his idol. Couple this with the fact that we have guys like Giannis and Jokic who seem way more mature than Tatum. I don't think he is necessarily a bad guy, but maybe lacking maturity in some areas.
Jay Are
Jay Are 4 mesi fa
​@Kana Jingly buddy ur not even close to a Celtics fan you have any idea how psychotic it is to pretend to be a fan of a team just to try to make ur comment hold more weight 😂😂😂
Zach Shannon
Zach Shannon 4 mesi fa
I love you back tatum but please be more aggressive in the 4th, especially when we are in the bonus
Stephen a the Goat
You my brother have to be more consistent in the final 5 minutes lol
Walrus Grande
Walrus Grande 4 mesi fa
It’s not about consistency. Heats main objective is to not let Tatum beat them. He is contributing greatly throughout those minutes. Spoelstra said it himself that they assigned Strus to just make sure 0 didn’t touch the ball at the end of the game.
Walrus Grande
Walrus Grande 4 mesi fa
@Ayden jimmy butler had anywhere between 4 to 8 FTs he shouldn’t have had off of clean blocks throughout the game. Tatum was fouled multiple possessions that they DIDNT call it. So…. Let’s cool on the excuses.
Whatts 4 mesi fa
you my brother dont know anythin about basketball.
Mirage475 4 mesi fa
It’s not consistency this time. No one gave him the ball
The Basketball Expert
Do you think Tatum is going to be the next GOAT?
Marcus Cornelius Aurelius
Tatum is a God. This entire Celtics team is built of Gods.
Judus Hope
Judus Hope 4 mesi fa
I think the world manifested game 7😂💯
Just Here
Just Here 4 mesi fa
What I heard that I liked jayson tatum-“ I can’t believe that sh**” and “it’s far from over” That’s right Celtics and tatum stay humble don’t act like the rest of the foolish fans thinking. It’s over stay focused
Avia Forrester
Avia Forrester 4 mesi fa
I'd go if I could.🎉
RAH 4 mesi fa
Derrick White, from Parker, CO, single handedly saved the Celtic's season.
TaydoeDaGoat23 4 mesi fa
They only made 7 3s😭 In Boston they might make 27 3s💚Celtics in 7☘️
Dead357 59
Dead357 59 4 mesi fa
They definitely hitting 15 or more
Black Lyfe
Black Lyfe 4 mesi fa
Let's make history
Kelvin Mutai
Kelvin Mutai 4 mesi fa
Can't help but think reporters need to prep better for these interviews..."how did it feel to watch 3 FTs drop and go down?"...I mean really?!? 🤦
Bruce Michael Grossman
Heat should’ve closed them out when they had the chance. Now they face a motivated Celtics team at home. It’s not gonna end well.
Grant Roth
Grant Roth 4 mesi fa
Imagine how motivated jimmy butler is right now, I’m telling all tall when he steps on that court on Saturday no one is stopping him
Ana Cervantes
Ana Cervantes 4 mesi fa
Point the biggest skeptic and make them a believer 🔥
IceBerg 4 mesi fa
Go out like Kobe 👍🏾
Natedawgg 4 mesi fa
Derek white saving tatum’s career can’t lie
shotbyronald 4 mesi fa
Boston in 7 …. The heat chocked and blew it like the Seahawks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
MAX AJ 4 mesi fa
Congrats to the Boston Celtics.. idc its over
Agasaki Lo (Agallah)
what a day that derrick white saved the celtics thats a headline
Jonathan 4 mesi fa
This was an epic game for the ages
Whoisguardian 4 mesi fa
Not so hard to win when your team shoots 34 free throws 😂
Davis 119
Davis 119 4 mesi fa
Jimmy butler was playing like D’wade back in 2006 when he played the playoff’s
KM94 4 mesi fa
I feel for athletes man one second people hate you next second “they’re rooting for you” 😂 dudes in the comments now love Tatum huh???
BXI 4 mesi fa
Yeah these people switch up day to day.
Lurk 4 mesi fa
i like the heat but at this point the celtics deserve to win game 7
Ivanzter 4 mesi fa
I’m a beat fan becuase I live in Miami, but I agree..
Sonjm$ 4 mesi fa
Jimmy Butler thought he was on his way to the finals and than white took his soul away with that shot 😂 unbelievable how they gave Jimmy buster that foul dude flopped unto horford and he got the three point foul that was really dumb of the referee who called foul I was angry jimmy is always bumping into players and gets fouls that's cheating to me smh they wanted Miami to win but failed 😂
Pradyumna Reddy
Pradyumna Reddy 4 mesi fa
Biggest winners are Nuggets. Regardless of which team goes through, they will be emotionally and physically exhausted.
Abbas Momin
Abbas Momin 4 mesi fa
LETS GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VizzygotEm 4 mesi fa
Sweater zesty lol but good win 😂
D W 4 mesi fa
Zesty is the default setting when comes to the way players are dressing these days 🤣
Pe lee
Pe lee 4 mesi fa
You know for a fact he didn't find that mf in the men's department fsfs
Jay Are
Jay Are 4 mesi fa
It's "zesty" to care about what another man is wearing so much
L Scott
L Scott 4 mesi fa
Saying zesty as a man is just not ok
Junior Lewing Koo
Heat Nation an Jimmy Butler will crush both the Celtics an Denver to win the NBA Title this year. It's now or never for the Heat
"Jason, how does it feel to pick out your own outfit for the first time?"
shotbyronald 4 mesi fa
I bet Tatum is part of the parlays money makers making sure people don’t cash in his great games lol
KM94 4 mesi fa
Miami celebrated too early 😂 Cancun on 3 1,2,3 Cancun lol. It’s not too far from Miami as well
Tatum went ghost those crunch time minutes. Idk. He be in the shadows in those crunch time moments. I figured he gettin over this. Just ball out and give miami 43 and win game 7!!!
The Basketball Expert
You must think Tatum is the next GOAT right?
Jay Are
Jay Are 4 mesi fa
You mean Tatum was being doubled the entire second half of the game... And part of the reason tatum.isca better player this year than he was before is because he absolutely refuses to force shots when teams are overplaying him
QWERTY 4 mesi fa
Exciting ass ECF but ima keep it a bean…whoever wins the nuggets getting them out of here in 6
Ivanzter 4 mesi fa
A Prezii
A Prezii 4 mesi fa
I miss kobe
Left hand dribble
Tatum needs one more heartbreak before he breaks thru. I know that sounds tough, but this game 7 loss if/when he underperforms it will help him find that extra gear. That 24 will manifest and next year he will be MVP.
Pierre Du
Pierre Du 4 mesi fa
he's wearing the number 24 today, why am i not surprise.
badmon15 4 mesi fa
Never seen a player be saved so many times by a ref
Logan B
Logan B 4 mesi fa
Jimmy Butler exists
Mirage475 4 mesi fa
Cry more
Jars 4 mesi fa
Jimmy butler is similar to mj in one way 😂 they both get a lot foul calls
Jay Are
Jay Are 4 mesi fa
When was Tatum "saved" by a ref? Lol
Eric Frias
Eric Frias 4 mesi fa
So u never heard of lebron?
Eric Yattaw
Eric Yattaw 4 mesi fa
It's good that you didn't get the ball tatum you always throw bricks at the wrong time
Jay Are
Jay Are 4 mesi fa
Tatum is statistically the most clutch player EVER in the NBA... Go to bed
c4choze 4 mesi fa
Wwe/Nba boston redsox celtics congrats to winning the championship
Pe lee
Pe lee 4 mesi fa
Great game! But that shirt kinda zesty ngl 😂
KM94 4 mesi fa
James Manning
James Manning 4 mesi fa
Max Johnson
Max Johnson 4 mesi fa
Lol these guys are fangirling like the heat after game 3, this sport is mostly psychological....get your bets in on heat peeps
Whitey TV
Whitey TV 4 mesi fa
Nah I'm a warrior fan's but man , I believe that the Boston win the eastern conference finals that's it!!!
Trojan 79
Trojan 79 4 mesi fa
Celtics are a bigger and more talented team.
Leonardo Rodriguez Jr
Then missed free throws hurt for sure
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin 4 mesi fa
They may need to blow them boys out cuz Tatum be gassed in the 4th. They are awful in close games in the 4th.
Jay Are
Jay Are 4 mesi fa
Tatum wasn't gassed in the 4th AT ALL wtf were u watching? Lol
Tiffany Jones
Tiffany Jones 4 mesi fa
God did!😂
ZelB84 4 mesi fa
Solid game. I hate how we as a society have become comfortable with unprofessional actions in press conferences. Foul language should have no place
Bismark Guerra
Bismark Guerra 4 mesi fa
Mamba #24, Not by accident 🫡
Kana Jingly
Kana Jingly 4 mesi fa
Tatum passes the ball so he will never be Mamba.
Glen d
Glen d 4 mesi fa
Only D. White and Michael Jordan did what he did
badmon15 4 mesi fa
Tonight was eventful
2pac 4 mesi fa
Well guy have 0 fg first 3 4rth q...and today dissappeared second half 0 for 8. So it's a bit stretch saying he is that guy 👍
Sir puss
Sir puss 4 mesi fa
True but without him they would have lost. Even his teammates understand that.
Mark Cmpbl
Mark Cmpbl 4 mesi fa
Had the most points and rebounds for his team , the 2 most important stats , he drew 3 defenders on the last play because the other team knows he is that guy (unlike you) which allowed smart to get off a good shot with minimal time left that went in and out and which opened the lane for white to have no one near him and crash the glass cuz they were all covering jayson .
Just my opinion
Just my opinion 4 mesi fa
A see-through lace knit jersey sweater😂 paired with a Richard Mille.
Moses 4 mesi fa
This guy loves saying, “it was a blur”
MFFL MDPiddy 4 mesi fa
Let’s not forget it’s 8 seed Miami vs 2nd seed Boston lol IF they take game 7, they will get killed by Denver
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams 4 mesi fa
Another 50 bomb in game 7 please?
ace1 4 mesi fa
I told yall Boston will win this 😅😅😅😅😅😅
DODGERS 818 4 mesi fa
Great game 😮..RIP KOBE 🪦💔..818
Jaren Bacy
Jaren Bacy 4 mesi fa
That 24 is for Kobe bean Bryant nice sweater r.I.p. the great mamba
Dwight Yawg
Dwight Yawg 4 mesi fa
Now relax & choke in Game 7
PuRRoGoldTV 4 mesi fa
24 ?? Better not be for mamba .
Field Marshal P
Field Marshal P 4 mesi fa
NBA RIGGED so yes, we get a game 7
Ashton J
Ashton J 4 mesi fa
Celtics fans will go back into hiding again after game 7 like they did after game 3 😂 miami in 7 bums
Bee 4 mesi fa
Nice Richard Mille 👍
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez 4 mesi fa
Tatum has been better than butler
Derinnegan 4 mesi fa
WW 4 mesi fa
My official top 3 todays nba…1.Giannis. 2. Ja. 3. JT
WW 4 mesi fa
Aidan C
Aidan C 4 mesi fa
Ja at 2💀😭😭😭
Tguane 4 mesi fa
Ja at 2??? u smokin smokin
Cikolino 4 mesi fa
@WW 1.Jokic, 2. Tatum, 3. Giannis
BXI 4 mesi fa
Ja? The fake thug?
Mr. Clutch
Mr. Clutch 4 mesi fa
GOAT list MJ>Kobe>Curry>Tatum>LeDiva
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