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Jelly Roll - "she" (Official Audio)
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See the sunrise in her eyes
before the cold November rain
If you only knew her smile
never know that she’s in pain
Nobody ever saw it comin
it started with a little pill
One thing led to another
Since then it's all been downhill
She was the life of the party
She was the one everybody
Used to wanna hang around
I bet they wonder where she is now
I wish I woulda known
Before she was too far gone
I’m afraid to lose her now
She's afraid of comin’ down
I don’t wanna say goodbye
But she can't get herself to stop
I know that it’ll take some time
But im scared that might be something that we don't got
Now everybody knows it's somethin’
They see the writing on the wall
And she feels like she's flyin’
While we’re all watching her fall
She was the life of the party
She was the one everybody
Used to wanna hang around
I bet they wonder where she is now
I wish I woulda known
Before she was too far gone
I’m afraid to lose her now
She's afraid of comin’ down
She's afraid of comin’ down
#JellyRoll #she #SheFindsHelp #WHITSITTCHAPEL


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28 nov 2022




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@aprilb3376 Anno fa
I'm so grateful for 8+ years of sobriety. I've lost so many friends to addiction and so many are still stuck in that hell we call addiction. I'm grateful for my Rock bottom. I wouldn't be alive if I had never hit it. Thank you Jelly, you always hit home with your songs. Much love from a recovering addict in Memphis Tennessee!
Congratulations on your sobriety! Stay strong!! March 12th I will have 15yrs.
Congrats on your soberity!
@Pauldad1692 Anno fa
Congrats! I’m approaching 10 yrs myself. Stay strong and Enjoy this beautiful life for yourself and those we have lost along the way!
@Mimi-tu2ih Anno fa
20 years clean and sober. And I’m 73 years old it’s never too late. Honey. I’m still the life of the party. Now I just remember the party 👍🙌🏼
You're awesome! Betsy
Jelly Roll I used to be "She," for about 20 years. It started with having chronic migraines and the first pain meds they put me on. Lortab,stadol nasal spray and eventually fentynal patches. In 2009 I went cold turkey at home and it was pure HELL! I've been off them for 14 years now. They finally came out with a shot called aimovig that has been a beautiful miracle for my life and my family as well. You're the sweetest man and artist. Very deep soul. I thank God multiple times a day for saving me from myself ❤ Music is my life! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself! I hope just 1 person will read this and and maybe it'll help someone ❤
I can relate to this song. My daughter was an addict overdosed 3 times. I think the 3rd time really scared her. She been clean for 9 years now. Recently married and my first grandchild will be born any day. I am a very very proud momma. I pray that they all find their worth and give the addiction up.
Tell her congratulations and keep up the good work
@marygoff3332 6 mesi fa
Hoping you are enjoying that sweet grand baby. 😊❤
This dude has been doing it for 15 years...glad to see he finally reached the masses and still kept it real without by signing a major record deal..did it all by his damn self. Most real dude you'll ever meet...Doesn't think he's better than any other human..Just a regular guy who knows how to make damn good music!
@chewy739 8 mesi fa
His music hits different than most music now days. If him and Chris Stapleton did a song together it would break the radio
@kellimiracle7803 14 giorni fa
Or Kid Rock❤
Thank you so much for this song! It brought me to tears. I’ve lost so many friends to overdoses. I’m so blessed to have made it out alive. I still struggle daily, but I push through my cravings. Not for just me, but my beautiful four girls. I couldn’t leave them without there momma. I’m 516 days sober today. We do recover!
You're doing great ❤️
Keep pushing, we are all.strongerthan we think!!! You got this! Chrissy from Philly
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Youre doing amazing !! :)
Hell yeah
Carry on your reasons have all the power to go to the next day if you fail forgive yourself remember why and what you love to see another chance keep faith within you and strength we can do this battle love u love this life
@cyndeeh Anno fa
Dude...I'm 60, and I realize what a blessing you are to this earth....and to so many. Wow.....over 10 yrs clean. Please keep blessing us with your music.
@Don-vw4cq Anno fa
I feel the same I'm 54😃
I am 50 and I feel same. Clean sense 06. He's amazingly true in his words for this worldwide epidemic.
I'm 57 my son introduced your music to me and I found myself. My Father passed earlier this year and your song still my hero helps me..keep singing jelly go get yourself rested I will be here waiting when you come back to us..the song she hits me on the head..dont let tritt bother you or steal your joy.. hes jealous.. new generation new music..xoxo jelly and bunnie
Feel the same. I'm 63 and clean since 2003
49 and clean since 2005! #614
The first time I heard this my 22 year old daughter played it for me and it brought us both to tears because just a few short years ago this was me and I look back on it and feel so much grace because I got away from the demon of addiction and even though I fight every day to stay sober I can relate because I have lost so many people to it..... Thank you so much for touching so many❤
Men to that!!!!
Amen to that
@hmgreer01 Anno fa
Dude, you are an angel in disguise! I've lost my father to drugs. Almost lost my brother to hardcore drugs. Most of all I lost my evil twin (my cousin) who was clean over a year but she took her life by overdosing on her drug of choice. Your songs and testimony resonates with so many, please never stop. Much love and support from South Carolina!
Feb 16th marks my 3 years of sobriety! Almost Every single song of yours hits home. Thank you for all that you do!
Its amazing how so much power can come from a song..these kind are never just music..its a lyrical upheaving that so many ppl need to hear..so many can relate to..might even save a few lives..even if its just 1..its worth it..bless everyone who can relate to this🙏🏼❤🙏🏼❤
From a former addict, this song hits deep! You did again brother! Much love and respect! WE DO RECOVER❤️
Always will be an addict..recovering addict
No such thing as a former addict, one wrong event and former because present, you’re just recovering, stay strong and live for the one who hasn’t made it back yet
@Sandy21230 Anno fa
Yes we do I was an addict for 20 years I have 12 years clean and I`m never goin back to being that person again. Thanks for a great song
I was addicted for 25 long hard years to pain pills and I’m so blessed to still be here . God delivered me April 4, 2019 after last arrest . I’ve lost way too many - This song really hits home
One of the hardest battles you can ever fight! 😢
I kicked the pain pills and alcohol in 2009, when I lost my husband to suicide. Thought I was going to die too. Thank you Mr Jelly, you know that the struggle in real. You are my inspiration and my light.
Congratulations! April 1st 2019 is my recovery date, we picked a good month💜 so proud of you and so happy you're still here!
@jefflee03 6 mesi fa
My recovery date is April 22, 2013 what a great month
@marygoff3332 6 mesi fa
this hits hard asf, both of my parents struggled with addiction for most of their lives. Sadly my dad lost his battle w addiction when I was 8 years old. My mom got clean in 2017 and was clean for 5 years. She was doing so good until she met another addict, and he made her relapse, and shortly after she relapsed she passed away. She passed away 3 days before my 16th birthday. It’s only been a month n a half n I miss her so much. I miss both of my parents, I hate addiction it took my parents from me :(
I am so sorry honey. Please take care of yourself.
I'm so sorry honey.So very 😢 Please take care of yourself and I hope you have some one to talk to 🙏🏻❤️
Hang in there buddy it gets easier
@moparman420 Anno fa
Im sorry brother just remember there watching over u and just live your life the way that would make them proud
Oh you sweet baby girl... if you need anything I'm a stranger but I am here for you honey... I'm so sorry to hear that.. you're a beautiful girl , please listen to Christian music. The start of self healing is there... ♥
@DRV5011 Anno fa
OMG!!! What an amazing song! Absolutely this song will win awards, but more importantly it WILL SAVE LIVES!!! I have been a Police Officer for 18 years and am tired of making the weekly and sometimes daily calls on people losing their battle with addiction. It is my promise to you Sir, from this day forward I will make sure that I play this song for everyone I encounter that NEEDS to hear it! May God continue to bless you!
@Bodyrockz09 Anno fa
Thank you for all you do
@DRV5011 Anno fa
@@Bodyrockz09 thank you for your support!
Amazing comment I appreciate your service sir
That's awesome!!!
That is awesome. Thanks for your service. I wish more were like you!
Today is officially my three year mark of walking away from my addiction. I feel so blessed to be where I am nowadays! My fiancee and I have worked sooooooooo hard to get where we are today! I thank God that we had each other to lean on through this! And @JellyRoll your music is my therapy! You have a way with words you reach into our souls and touch hearts with your words!!!! Thank you for doing what you do!!!
Still good?
@kari9760 8 mesi fa
Jesus delivered me from addiction, I’ve been working on my sobriety and I keep backsliding, this song hits hard!
More Jelly goodness. Bubba is necessary for this time and generation. He has got me listening to new music again. So as he keeps making new tracks, I keep listening….
As a father with a daughter with addiction i listen to this with tears rolling I wish I could hug all of you, thank you Jelly Roll for this song love ya brother
Don’t ever give up ! Stay positive
@@ragstorichesresale4378 I’ll never give up on her, thank you so much
As a man who's struggled with this monster for the better part of 25 years, I can tell you in the most gentle, supportive, and empathetic voice, that it may get worse before it gets better, but as long as you never ever give up on her, it will get better. I have a daughter too... she's almost 12 and I'm scared to death for her. So say a prayer for me, and i will do the same for your daughter and you while we listen to this beautiful song and shed a tear/s. Keep your head up brother
@@clemfoley959 thanks brother I sure will hugs to you and yours I’ll never give up on her and trying to help as man people as I can have a very merry Christmas
@@carysimpson4485 my thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter. I know the agonizing pain of loving an addict/alcoholic and we just wish that we could love their disease away. Sadly, we cannot. My sister lost her battle with addiction Sept 12 2014 and then seven months later my brother succumbed to his demons on April 21st and he took his life. I'm the one who found him. It has taken every ounce of strength I have to not go back to that lifestyle. I myself am a recovering addict/alcoholic and celebrated 10 years clean September 6th and 9 years sober on Nov 7th. I hated who I was, and who I had become. An empty shell of a human being. I knew that my kids and myself deserved better so I fought to get my life back. It was hell, but so worth it. My kids have had a very hard life and lost so many to addiction. In March it'll be 3 years since they lost their dad to an overdose. This song really hits home and has me crying at work. May God watch over your daughter and keep her safe. Happy holidays.
Jelly, My dude! Lost my dad to overdose 3 years ago to the day! You got a grown ass man crying. Man i miss him so much! He left a note saying (do better than me son!.). Well I've changed everything in my life. I'm a plumbers apprentice and a few more years I'll be a certified plumber. Love you pops and I wish you were here to see me know! I know you would be proud but it just ain't the same!
This made me think of my older sister, she was an addict on and off for 25 years, and suffer from mental illness some years she did amazing and did really good and other years she struggled very hard, this last time she had 18 months working on staying sober and rebuilding many relationships, unfortunately on March 17 2022, she lost her battle and gained angel wings. I miss her so much, but I'm not worried anymore bc I know she at peace out there in the universe.
After my wife passed away from an overdose I knew right then I had to get sober up so I can be the best father I can be to our daughter I couldn’t leave her as an orphan so thanks to jelly’s music for saving my life bc your music is what help pull me through that tragic times every time I felt weak and wanted to kill myself missing my wife your music would put meaning back into my life
@MrZonnie Anno fa
I lost my spouse. I wish I could have seen it coming. Now all I see is pictures and my tears😢. Thank You so much for this wonderful yet heartbreaking song. Yet another banger, yet another song to help us all! Peace and love always!
@lalajo8741 Anno fa
So sorry
Im so sorry i lost my husband and my grandson has been heartbroken ever since
@jellyroll this sing hits so hard for me. Thank you for being you and sharing your amazing talent with us. I don't think you understand just how much you mean to alot of us.keep being you!
Love love love!!!!! I will not stop playing this!!!! Love you Jelly! And everything you have become! Lost my best friend to an overdose 3 years ago and she left behind a beautiful baby boy! This song means so much!
I lost my Mama to addiction at age 17 - almost 6 years ago now. RIP MAMA. The life of the party.
I feel this song in my soul. I just lost my friend of 40+ yrs to addiction. It’s like this song was written just for her.
You never disappoint !!! I am coming up on 3 years in Recovery! You, I have to thank fr! You continue to save me! It’s amazing how ONE person you’ve never met has come in & saved so many ppl. You should be very proud of yourself. I’ve been here since before you blew up! I love you jelly & Bunnie.. ❤
This song gives me chills. Had a good friend who lost her life to addiction a few years ago and it reminds me of her. I had a dream 6 months before her death she overdosed and I wish I would have done more to try and get her sober. RIP S.M ❤
@wendie733 Anno fa
I lost a very dear friend 18 years ago to an accidental overdose. This sure makes me think of her. I miss you Irene. Thank you Jellyroll for all you do!!
This song hits home hard. The truth behind the reality of my past addictions, and how it hurt my mom and everyone else.. I just imagined my mom the entire time I listened and thought about the hell I put her through. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I pray for every single addict out there. 🙏🏽
@shyblonde Anno fa
I wish my Momma was still alive to see that I have overcome my addiction! I broke her heart in so many ways!😭💔
@@melissasims371 I’m sure she sees you and is so proud. But I hear what you mean. Stay with it. I hope you forgive yourself one day. Wishing you the best.
@@melissasims371 she sees more that you do now now than she ever knew before so keep making her proud and keep up the good work. my mom's gone too and I put her through hell with my addiction but you need to knowing your guardian angel played a hand in getting you where you are today and your mom definitely sees you have overcome your addiction.
@@daronmainville9214 thank you so much. It has been one of my hardest battles that I still fight. But I will not quit.
I needed this. I’ve been sober for 5 years. I hit rock bottom but I’ve come so far. Thank you for bringing this to light.
I’m so blessed that god helped me out of the pit. Depression sucks! I’m the happiest I have been in a long time the calm the peace Jelly Roll Save Me helped me we all have demons but at the end of the day demons are demons I’m so blessed God found me and said snap out of it. I pray for your mom never give up on her 🙏❤️
Damn you wrote this song for my family! My mom literally was the life of the party. She passed 4 years ago from her addictions. Thank you for this song.
This song reminds me of myself! I'm afraid of getting clean because I don't want to face reality it's too painful! But it seems like I can't get high enough anymore to escape reality! I just feel lonely and list right now!
This song hits home..thanking God for almost 4 years of sobriety..I pray for everyone else that is still struggling..there is hope and we do recover..thank you for this beautiful song 💕
My mom sent me this song and told me to listen, I just celebrated 3 years on Nov 18, this song as well as many others of yours, hits home hard. Brings me to tears thinking about everything I’ve been through and put others through. Your music brings me peace and a reminder that I am worth it. Keep on keepin on Jelly!
Congratulations on the 3 years! Given the percentage of people who will not make it out alive, you are a warrior! Please, for all of us still in the grips of this insidious predicament, keep it up... and say a prayer for us.
Congratulations keep up the good work. You do matter.
You are worth it Savana ! It's one day at a time for me since December 28, 1998, living clean and making amends. Peace.
Congratulations, keep moving forward and working on your sobriety 🕊️
My 19 year old daughter died of a fentanyl overdose 2 years ago while I was in prison for the 3rd time. That was a breaking point in my life, it's sad that it took me losing her to turn my life around. I love this song because it reminds me of her and who I used to be. Thank u jelly for ur music u r my hero.
I was a bad addict for a great deal of my life....lost out on the best 14 years of my daughter's life cause I wouldn't come down. Raised a son who has seen some horrific shit in his 19 years but I can say I beat the worst of it and I have almost 13 years clean of drugs! Recovery is possible. Thanks Jelly another soul crunching hit!!🖤 Much love Bubba!
@Andybetz.99 Anno fa
Hi Heather
This hit home!! I'm so blessed to have almost 3 years sober!! Your songs have been a blessing to my heart ❤️ 💙 . I'm so glad I got to met you jelly roll and I appreciate you waiting for me to get a break at lazerport fun center in pigeon forge tn. Thank you for the opportunity to get a picture with you!
Hey guys, I just wanted to stop by to send some positive energy to all of you! These past years been very tough to me. Ive been challenged mentally, emotionally and certainly spiritually. I feel like i’m finally finding myself and who I was once before when I had peace. I am thankful to come across a channel like this one that shows me that we are really all one in the same. We all have these daily struggles that we deal with that can keep us up late at night but just know that you are not alone. Knowing that I can come here and openly express myself and see others doing the same gives me hope that the world will indeed be a better place but it starts with us. We have to set an example for others and I know we can do it. Peace and Love to ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.
@Bodyrockz09 Anno fa
Love you too!
@ HANIE MOON THANK YOU FOR SHARING AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have lived 3/4 of my life thinking I was the only one that felt a certain way or went through certain things and as I would never wish any of it on another person it does give me a certain comfort to know I’m not the only one. We all go through things in life some more than others. But I’m always happy to share my story because I have come to learn that someone,somewhere will benefit from it in some way. So again thank you for sharing your thoughts. Stay positive, & God bless you
@sleigh8333 Anno fa
I've never had a song make me feel so many different emotions at once I've lost so many to their demons this past three years this song hits home on so many different levels looking back and feeling the pain of my family while I myself was in active addiction this song is everything I'm grateful I made it out but not all of us are that lucky 💜 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
I've waited for this to drop. Everything you sing has gotten me through some of my hardest days and reminds me a lot of why I stay sober!! Thanks Jelly 🥰
Yes it is hard but it has helped me to
Wow, to stay sober is one of life's greatest achievements. You are a very strong person.
@howzechris1 Anno fa
The song that helps me stay sober by jellyroll is called somebody save me or save me.....
Keep choosing life girl. You deserve it ❤
Thanks!! I got sober September 3rd of 2018 and it's been a hell of a battle to keep it that way
@MovesmySoul Anno fa
I'm coming in for a landing getting sober. You inspired me with this song . I'm 41 and I start college jan17th is my first day of classes.. I don't think I would have without you....
My mother passed away from an overdose three years ago I have been waiting for this song and it gave me everything I needed
Hitting my year sober in 2 weeks! So thankful for you and your music ❤️
Jelly ...my man!! This is such a great hurt piece. Automatic tears!! ❤️ But your music, saves my SOUL, every single day!! #SoMuchLove to you and Bunny!! #OneOfYourMostLoyalFans ❣️❣️
This song was sent to me by my daughters boyfriend.Seriously hits home right now. She wants to be sober so bad, she is fighting her demons .I just pray she makes it through . I love her so much . I have faith . GOD BE THE GLORY .
Lost the one woman I truly loved from.addiction in 2011. Wish I could have saved her 😪 This one hits different, Thank you Jelly Roll
@Sammi-tube Anno fa
Sorry for your loss💙
Sorry for your loss
@Coonass Anno fa
I just made 2 years Jelly. Thanks a million for the tuned that got me thru the hard times. Your music has been my therapy for many many years now....but it all hits different now that I'm clean. Keep doin your thing bro, many out here rely on ya to get us thru the struggle.
@rickd6218 Anno fa
God is good I tried to get off drugs but always fell backwards, I cried out to Jesus and he delivered me. I pray my kids and your never experience that
@sunnied2552 Anno fa
11/15/2021, my mother lost her battle to alcoholism. Thank you for this song. Thank you for making “she” feel loved, despite her addiction. While done.
@Steph-sh2ix 10 mesi fa
This song came out 9 months after my best friend lost her battle with addiction. I come from a family full of people battling addiction. This song has been on replay since it came out. Jelly roll has been my role model since 2012. I am forever grateful for him and what he has became. helping so many of us and now seeing him become a very big artist. WE LOE YOU JELLY.
As a recovering addict this song hits me right in the feels! I know this song will help a lot of women in active addiction fighting those demons. There is hope and a beautiful life is possible! Thank you Jelly Roll, for an incredible song 🎵
I've never waited for a song to be released in my life until now. This song hits me extremely close to home. I'm struggling and I needed to hear this to remind me what's really important in my life. It's been really hard the past year and a half and I'm not the same person I use to be. I miss the person I was, I don't know where that girl is now....
I feel the same way. I pray we all get the help we need
Don't be afraid to keep looking! There's no failure til you quit trying. That girl's still inside you, waiting to be better! I'm 8 months sober and it gets better everyday! Praying for you
Hang in there sis! I just got sober November 13th, 2022 after a 10 year addiction. It was the scariest thing I've ever done but I'm so glad I did it. It sounds like you're ready, you just have to have the mind-set, it makes it so much easier. I'm starting to find the girl I used to be and you can do it too!! We're all here praying for you. I don't really know exactly what you're struggling with, but if it is drugs, don't worry. Detox only last about a week. It will be the toughest week of your life, but when you come through to the end and you see that bright beautiful light, know that you are a warrior. You fought the devil and WON!!! Then that girl that you missed so much will come running back to you happier than ever!! Sending you love and many prayers ❤️, YOU GOT THIS!!!!
I read your comment and it literally took my breath! I’m going through the exact same thing. I’m afraid of what may happen if I don’t find some piece of me soon. I’ve isolated and gained so much weight, so now I’m in pain daily and feel useless. I’m scared!
We all on that same train right now. I hate who I've become
This song reminds me of who I was in my 20’s. Drinking WAY too much and so fucking sad and miserable. I barely drink now, best choice I ever made for myself. I used to be almost too far gone and I’m so thankful I’m here to say I never made it fully there. This song will help so many. All your songs do. Thank you, Jelly ❤
@ericcothern Anno fa
Lost my sister to addiction. Your music helped me get through it. Much love, brother 🎶🎵
What a beautiful song.Brought tears rolling down my face.I lost a family member this year.She committed suicide.She just couldn't see how much we all loved her because her addiction had such a hold on her.She had such a great future ahead of her yet she couldn't see the forest because of the drugs had ahold on her.
@krystal5135 Anno fa
I'm sorry for your loss.
This reminded me so much of my best friend who passed away almost 6 years ago. She was just 12 years old. I miss her so much and there is no second of my day that I never think of her. She was the most loving, charming, gorgeous girl anyone could know. She saw suicide as her way out. I miss you lea💚
@shena1256 Anno fa
Lord Thank you for my sobriety! It is the most precious gift I ever gave to myself. I lost myself for a little while. I didn't like myself much less love myself. This song speaks to my soul! If you are still struggling to get clean don't give up! You are worth fighting for and I pray that you get there. Take it day by day or second by second if you need to. If you fall get back up. Don't beat yourself up about it. Just keep trying. You will get there!
How is it that every song you release is so damn personal to me?! It's wild! Or maybe it's just therapeutic music.
I hear ya, been saying this for years now. It's like he writes from my soul. Truly Therapeutic Music
Therapeutic music for lost souls
I agree 100%! Every damn song is very personal to me! When I heard the “preview” of this song I was like damn he’s singing about my life again. This song hit home big time for me!🥺
Same John, SAME!
I feel the same way! This song and hollow!!!! Sings to the soul!
@junebug5883 Anno fa
Hits the core of all of us, love it! Promise, this song drops at 6pm tonight, and it's going to be a chart topper!
This one hits home. I spent over 2 decades using and abusing drugs and alcohol. I'm just over a year sober and I'm so grateful for it. Thank you for your music Jelly 💖
My son loved your music, in fact he is the one that turned me onto your music. I found him deceased in a dilapidated shed on an old dirty mattress on 10-4-22. This song may have became his favorite song had he been here to hear it released. I don't sleep because all I see when I close my eyes is him laying there dead. He died from Fentanyl poisoning. Maybe you can also do a version called "He"
I lost my wife to addiction. Lost her on March 10, 2022. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her. This song reminds me of her. RIP my angel. I love you and I'll see you on the other side 🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺
I held my husband of 21 years had last night as we listen to the song I am an alcoholic I have pushed away my adult children and can’t even see my grandchildren I struggle and see Christ every day but I must tell you Jelly Roll I wish I could meet you because you’ve saved my life on many occasions with your music God bless everybody everywhere
I've been dying to hear the whole song, and lawd have mercy!!!! Jelly certainly pulled my heartstrings!!! I was clean for 13 years, than my son's father was murdered. Instant relapse for the past 2 years. I'm only a week clean, but I'm gonna keep pushing!!! Thank you for ALWAYS making music that everyone can relate to!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
You got this.
@Xoxo_nina Anno fa
It’s not “only” a week, it’s 7 long days, 10080 minutes, 604800 seconds…that’s a lot of time! It’s amazing and congratulations!! U can do this!!
Keep fighting the good fight ❤
I hope you stay strong for your son. Nobody is perfect. Good luck
As a mom with a daughter who's a addict but denies it. Please Please Please Stop That's nothing but Poison. I Also would like you to Listen to John Prine SUMMERS END I pray and wish you all The Best. Remember one moment, one hour, one day at a time. You Got This ✝
Wow!!! u never cease to amaze. Thank u for that. U really don't know how much this is going to help someone very close to me. And is currently Fighting for her life rn. Because of addiction, depression, and denial to everyone including herself. She is so loved and this is perfect. And I just need her to know that. Again thank you.
You're helping more people than you will ever know. Don't ever stop what you're doing.
Man….Jelly Roll, my opinion of you has transformed many times. First a fun guy with personality, then a good musician, next an actual deep artist, and finally an inspiration for us folks who have battled those demons. I say all that to say thank you. Blessings to you and your family brother.
My daughter just sent me this song, I was an addict for 20+ years, I have 4 yrs clean, but this mostly hits me hard bc my younger sisters both had a very serious drug addiction it took my 1 sister in 2014 and the other just this past April. How I wish they would have seen who they were as beautiful women and the beauty in the 4 children who lost their mom . You are an amazing artist and each song is personal in its own way!
Thank you for this song. Can relate on so many levels watched my daughter get sentenced yesterday she is now clean and safe. My husband passed away in March and I went to a road of hell but am sober and loving every minute of it. There is hope and peace when your ready. Thank you for this song
@74kindra Anno fa
I have been checking since midnight to see if this had been released yet. This song is a lyrical masterpiece. 107,622 people lost their lives from overdose in 2021. My daughter uses fentanyl. I had no idea until my granddaughter was born in 2018. I thought she would do whatever needed to get her daughter back. My granddaughter came home from the hospital with me and I adopted her Dec. 2020. It is so hard as a mother to watch her self destruct and I can't help her. It eats away at me 4 years later like it was yesterday. Everyday I worry is today gonna be the day I get that call that something has happened. She was my best friend and I miss her so fucking much.
I pray so hard for you and your family. I can't imagine that pain. My husband is a recovering addict. And that has been one hell of a journey...but my child,?? that is beyond heartbreaking. That baby is so lucky to have you and so is your daughter. Sending love and prayers to your family! Stay strong
@74kindra Anno fa
Thank you so much! Hardest thing I've ever been through. I feel like I'm failing her and as a mom that's so hard.
Be there for her. Don't enable but sometimes all we need is to know someone normal is there with us. I'm 3 years clean and that's what I needed. Sober support from FAMILY. not other people who struggle with the same illness. I'm so sorry for your grand child and you. Be there for her
Praying for her and you. I swore a lot of things. Id never use a needle. I'd never use fentanyl. I'd never use around my own. By the grace of God I'm clean now but I'm not naive. I know I'm one more Shot away from the devil and I have a huge mess of life to clean up. I have my kids but I was so close to losing them too. I'm sending you, your daughter and grand daughter so much love forgiveness and strength
@Jodessa1 Anno fa
I'm so sorry, I'm bawling thinking about the pain you all have endured. You are a beautiful human, sending strength!
Song reminds me of my wife. She beat addiction and stayed strong. She got addicted from pain. She became the person she was before it. I wish she was still on earth now. She beat the addiction but lost to a different fight. She got sober enjoyed life but it got cut short.i miss her every day. I'm proud of her breaking free and becoming the person she was before it took over
You helped me through dark time my guy. I'm so happy for you. I was there in the begging.
My what a song you can tell words are from the heart. I've suffered seeing some friends and sadly family.hope it's ok to say God bless you for this.peace and safety to you.
I've always hated being the sibling that sat in the corner watching everyone else. I watched my grandfather smoke all those years, finally succumbing to lung cancer. I watched my father become the alcoholic, expediting his diabetes to the point where one night, he never woke back up from his drunken stupor. But the hardest to hit me, was the one I never saw. Getting that call out of the blue that my baby sister passed away from a heroin overdose I never knew she even used. That will be 8 years ago this coming February. I now have another song to play that fateful day, right alongside "One More Light", by Linkin Park. Thank you, Jelly!
Three years of sobriety now!! Your music has got me through so much shit in life!! Thank you for always keeping it real and relevant even when it gets hard.
@mike8162 Anno fa
Another banger bubba you have changed my life 2 years ago i went through a divorce I was so lost and broken but your music has been my redeemer it keeps me moving forward I got to see you live 3 times in 2022 and will be seeing you again in 2023 thank you jelly you are truly a generational talent
Same that therapeutic album got me thru me divorce well and stayed clean so my Lil man could have 1 normal parent I never got into no pills thow but too many people I know battle that sickness
My mom intentionally took her own life with pain killers and this song helps me daily thank you so much jelly!!!
@MrTiffbass Anno fa
I lost my best friend years ago and I swear this song is written for her. She was the life of the party. Her smile n laugh was contagious. Everyone wanted to be around her and it all started with one pill. Thank you for writing this song. I have listened on repeat all morning. I love and miss you Audge💗💗
Well that one hit. I remember being the "she" in this song! I have 4 years and almost 10 months but I could become her again if I don't continue to recognize how it all plays out in the end and continue to grow in my faith as well as stick with the ones that have stuck with me! I hate having to watch those I love turn into people I don't know just because I can't cosign for them anymore :( all I can do is pray we DO have the time!
My husband was sober 6 years and relapsed 2 months ago. He’s been in rehab twice and in a sober house now. Doing good and trying to help keep others from relapsing again. We are separated but try to communicate on friendly terms because of our adult children!!
Another amazing song. You always hit home with me. Almost 5yrs clean by the grace of God. Keep up the great work Jelly, so inspiring. Thank you
So happy to finally hear this! As an ex addict and being 2 months clean this hits home so much because I always keep going back and relapsing but this is my go to song! Jelly Roll you saved me with this song!✝️💜
Congrats ,That's Big..Prayers to You 🤘
Que Deus abençoe vc sempre minha linda Love Brasil
Congratulations and Keep ur head up!!Keeping Moving forward, I have 7 years Clean,Trust me its Possible!!!When I turned 30 I didn't have a pot to piss in.I literally had nothing, I'm 38 and have a Car ,A Job and A 4 bedroom house,A Fiance,A 1 year old babygirl and 2 step daughters that are 4 and 5..If I can Change my ways anyone can..I wish the very best for you,,Always remember you are worth it!!
@KAD88 4 mesi fa
10 years and 23 days today. Song give me chills . Lost my Daddy when I was 6, he was 29, my uncle, so many friends lost & so many stuck in the cycle. U speak to the addict in me. That scared little 14yo girl who just wanted to feel like everything would be okay. 😢thank u for doing YOU.
My daughter has been an Addict for 13+ years, has o.d. on a few occasions but God has bigger plans for her. THANK YOU FOR AN ABSOLUTELY PERFECT SONG ❤😎
Fucking jelly roll did it AGAIN 🙌 writing lyrics we can relate to over and over again!
@BunnyLuv444 Anno fa
The fact that he knows the struggle of his fans makes his music hit so damn hard!!!!
Jelly Roll, this song is just another reflection of your amazing talent! 🥰 Thank you for being such a genuine person! Thank you for making REAL MUSIC! 💪💯❤️ I love you and I want you to know that you deserve every bit of fame you are getting plus infinity! You and Bunnie are out here building empires together!
I'm currently almost 4 and a half months clean and I did the jail and institution thing and I'm grateful to have got the help I needed because I was on the verge of death
To have a voice that's heard embraced and celebrated as am addict is such a success Jelly. I can't even imagine the lives you're saving. This song is like someone wrote it about me and my addiction. This so g has helped me to explain to non addicts what it was like for me in active addiction and its such a powerful tool as sometimes most times my voice and words go unheard and unbelieved because of my past. God gave you a gift and tool to help spread awareness and understanding from which comes forgiveness. 🖤🖤🖤
This song is many of our anthems! Geez i am so blessed and happy to be in recovery! Life is so worth it and i am so grateful to have made it when so many others have not!
@mandir.185 Anno fa
I feel this song in my soul... thank you for being you ❤ you are truly a blessing 🙏 ❤ 6 years strong 💪 ❤
I'm 45. I've spent more of that time than not under the influence of something. Mostly meth and a hard core drinking. But have done everything and not at moderation. I can say today January 5th will be 3years sober. Never listened to jelly until about a year ago. Everything hits close and helps stay sober. 💯 thanks for the support through the music.
Jelly I’ve been clean now for 19 years if it wasn’t for my daughter, dad and god I wouldn’t be here. Once I found out my girl was on the spectrum and it was going to be hard to card for her I had to get my shit together. Besides I lost two best friends one in which I had found & tried to save. Believe me there has been days where I wanted to use. This song 🎶 is certainly going to help me get through some dark days. I sure can resonate with the music 🎶 you put out. Jelly want to wish you & your family a wonderful holiday season and god bless 🙏♥️
@lnfx777 Anno fa
I lost my husband 7 years ago not from a overdose but from the side effects from years of drug abuse. I miss him everyday Jelly Roll your music touches my heart and soul & makes it easier knowing he was clean for over 18 months when he left me. Much love & respect!
@sugarsore Anno fa
What side effects?
@KR-xj8lu Anno fa
9 years clean 🙏 we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us
Thank you for this song. My sister is struggling right now. I'm scared to lose her not only from drugs but from the abuse when they are coming down
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