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Jelly Roll
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28 nov 2022




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Becky Ballou
I've never waited for a song to be released in my life until now. This song hits me extremely close to home. I'm struggling and I needed to hear this to remind me what's really important in my life. It's been really hard the past year and a half and I'm not the same person I use to be. I miss the person I was, I don't know where that girl is now....
Ashley Hildebrandt
Thank you so much for this song! It brought me to tears. I’ve lost so many friends to overdoses. I’m so blessed to have made it out alive. I still struggle daily, but I push through my cravings. Not for just me, but my beautiful four girls. I couldn’t leave them without there momma. I’m 516 days sober today. We do recover!
Kelsey Parker
Hitting my year sober in 2 weeks! So thankful for you and your music ❤️
Celeste White
From a former addict, this song hits deep! You did again brother! Much love and respect! WE DO RECOVER❤️
I can say this with confidence now. Jelly Roll is easily one of the best artists of our time. It's not just the unbelievable level of talent he has, it's the ability to reach out with his music and grab ahold of your soul.
Feb 16th marks my 3 years of sobriety! Almost Every single song of yours hits home. Thank you for all that you do!
Janet Williams
This is an amazing song. Extremely well written. It should hit #1 easily.
June Bug!!!
Hits the core of all of us, love it! Promise, this song drops at 6pm tonight, and it's going to be a chart topper!
Sunshine Howell
You never disappoint !!! I am coming up on 3 years in Recovery! You, I have to thank fr! You continue to save me! It’s amazing how ONE person you’ve never met has come in & saved so many ppl. You should be very proud of yourself. I’ve been here since before you blew up! I love you jelly & Bunnie.. ❤
Jennifer Snitker
Just like that YOU did it again Jelly Roll!!!! YOU are a blessing to our ears! Your songs reach deep into our souls ✨️ I don't know how you do it Jelly Roll but keep them coming ❤️
Kyle Henderson
As a recovering addict this song hit home , lots of people to be missed ❤️
Justin Clark
Jelly! My brother! Fire ass song! Your music is so relatable. You always find a way to speak to us. I appreciate your ability and desire to put out meaningful songs. Much love man!
Amanda Gimm
This song is so good. It hurts so much. The teaser clip came out the week I had lost her.. I cannot believe she's gone... I hope she's found peace ✌️
I lost my spouse. I wish I could have seen it coming. Now all I see is pictures and my tears😢. Thank You so much for this wonderful yet heartbreaking song. Yet another banger, yet another song to help us all! Peace and love always!
Capt Knuckles
This song describes my wife exactly, we lost her few years ago. I wish I would of realized before it was too late. Thank you for making music that makes me never stop thinking about her, she'll forever be in my heart. 😭
Tina-Marie Metevier
I have been waiting for this song to be released. I feel like your singing about me.. celebrate 30 days today.. It was a hard year trying to get clean and stay clean.. but November 1st i put myself into treatment..thank you for making this song ❤ and for all your music every song hits home but especially this one.
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Jelly. Thank you for always being so real. Thank you for always being so genuine. I wanna say thank you for all you do. I appreciate you and your truly needed in todays world. Thank you so much for your music. Not just your music but your life you share with all of us. Thank you for being so true and what music is all about. Proud of you jelly and thank you so much. Just so y’all know. Your wanted your loved and your needed in this world. Much love to each one of y’all.
Rani Zeltvay
My mom started using 8 years ago, and every word hits home like nothing ever has before. Thank you for this.
April B
I'm so grateful for 8+ years of sobriety. I've lost so many friends to addiction and so many are still stuck in that hell we call addiction. I'm grateful for my Rock bottom. I wouldn't be alive if I had never hit it. Thank you Jelly, you always hit home with your songs. Much love from a recovering addict in Memphis Tennessee!
Hanie Moon
Hey guys, I just wanted to stop by to send some positive energy to all of you! These past years been very tough to me. Ive been challenged mentally, emotionally and certainly spiritually. I feel like i’m finally finding myself and who I was once before when I had peace. I am thankful to come across a channel like this one that shows me that we are really all one in the same. We all have these daily struggles that we deal with that can keep us up late at night but just know that you are not alone. Knowing that I can come here and openly express myself and see others doing the same gives me hope that the world will indeed be a better place but it starts with us. We have to set an example for others and I know we can do it. Peace and Love to ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.
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