Jelly Roll - Son Of A Sinner (Official Music Video)

Jelly Roll
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Jelly Roll - Son Of A Sinner (Official Music Video)

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I never get lonely
I got these ghosts to keep me company
I took the rearview off this old Ford so I only see in front of me
Now the past is out of sight and out of mind
Swore I changed, now I’m back chasing these white lines.

I’m just a long haired son of a sinner
Searching for new ways I can get gone
I’m a pedal to the highway if you ever wonder why we write these songs
‘Cause I’m only one drink away from the devil
I’m only one call away from home
Yeah, I’m somewhere in the middle
I guess I’m just a little
Right and wrong

These backroads got me
These pills pretend to be my friend
I’m done for the last time
I’m lying to myself again
I always say that
Now I’m on my way back here somehow
I should know by now

I’m just a long haired son of a sinner
Searching for new ways I can get gone
I’m a pedal to the highway if you ever wonder why we write these songs
‘Cause I’m only one drink away from the devil
I’m only one call away from home
Yeah, I’m somewhere in the middle
I guess I’m just a little
Right and wrong

Mistakes I made I paid for them in cash
Walked a million miles on broken glass
I’m feeling like I’m fading
My hearts been slowing breaking
Might pop a pill, and smoke and maybe drink
Talk to God and tell him what I think
At first He’s gonna hate me
But eventually He’ll save me

I’m just a long haired son of a sinner
Searching for new ways I can get gone
I’m a pedal to the highway if you ever wonder why we write these songs
‘Cause I’m only one drink away from the devil
I’m only one call away from home
Yeah, I’m somewhere in the middle
I guess I’m just a little
Right and wrong

#JellyRoll #BalladsoftheBroken #SonOfASinner


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18 nov 2021




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Commenti 9 515
Jelly Roll
Jelly Roll Anno fa
Pain is an international language - we put a lot of thought and time into picking every individual to play a part in this music video- to show that all walks of life - race - religion and background experience some sort of struggle - I hope this video means as much to you as it did us.
Trey Cain
Trey Cain 4 mesi fa
Keep up the good work man!
Spencer Griffith
Love it bubba 💚💚💚💚💚
Ronnie Turk
Ronnie Turk 7 mesi fa
@Erin Cieslik he’s Awesome for sure!!
Rick Brown
Rick Brown 8 mesi fa
Thank you
Addison Brabb
Addison Brabb Giorno fa
My dad died this Thanksgiving and this was one of the songs he would continuously listen to. I'll always think of him when I hear Jelly Roll.❤
A S 2 giorni fa
Anyone listening to this: You’re doing great. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been. Your Heavenly Father is waiting for you. ❤
Reece Harter
Reece Harter 11 ore fa
Man, it sure doesn't feel like I'm doing great
Mark Beach
Mark Beach 2 mesi fa
My son passed away the 16th of December. He was only 16 months old. Out of all the lullaby's and baby music...this was the only song that would calm him down for a nap. I will play this at his service, and this song will forever hold a special place in my heart. I don't know how I will ever make it through this. I do know your music helps a lot. Keep up the good work brother.
JC 2 giorni fa
I’m so sorry for your loss I couldn’t even imagine . God will get you through it brother 🙏🏼
A S 2 giorni fa
Hi, Mark. You are a Son of God yourself. Talk to your baby. He’s still with you. Souls travel together through this world and the next. He really is with you. We love you!!
Michelle Hilderbrand
Wow so sorry for your loss prayers for you
Tara3834 5 giorni fa
I’m sorry for your lost 😢
Cody Buettner
Cody Buettner 8 giorni fa
We all love you Mark! I’m so terribly sorry for your loss.
Brie H
Brie H 2 mesi fa
Today has been a very hard day for me. I've fought to stay on Earth for 33 years, but every day feels like it just gets harder and harder to keep going. Blasting Jelly Roll right now is helping me cry these tears out so I can keep going. Jelly Roll is heaven sent in my eyes. His music speaks to my soul and helps me more than he knows. Thank you, Jelly Roll 🙏💗
Joshua Vandal
Joshua Vandal 22 ore fa
Jennifer Rogers
Jennifer Rogers 3 giorni fa
Brie H. I feel ya, been there & still there only difference is I’ve been hanging on for 51yrs
FrankWhite 4 giorni fa
@Brie H you keep fighting till you can’t open your eyes anymore! We all have your 6 sis!
Alan Nelson
Alan Nelson 5 giorni fa
@Brie H 💯👍❤️
K Dgaf
K Dgaf 20 giorni fa
this song sang my life rn, currently fighting my demons but angels got my back!🖤
love each other
love each other 15 giorni fa
I am too, I wish u well
Zeducation 8 mesi fa
Just heard this for the first time today. Amazing
steven plummer
steven plummer 26 giorni fa
I hope this man makes it far. Never in my life have I ever heard a song that turned my gut and made me cry like this one. Hits so close to home. I’ve listened to it on repeat for 2 days now
donna wassen
donna wassen 7 ore fa
​@Jake Lindsey I heard this song a few weeks ago such a song what a message I don't, drink or do drugs but I can feel c compassion for those that do, he's, delivering a message to all that d o and there hope for all who have fallen by the wayside just have faith.!!!
Jake Lindsey
Jake Lindsey 3 giorni fa
Yeahhhh I don't realize it yet I NEED TO REALIZE IT BROOO 😥🤞🙏💙😮😮😢😢😢
Grace the Westie
Grace the Westie 3 giorni fa
Listen to his song Favor. It's great. I love this song.
Kayla Saville
Kayla Saville 7 giorni fa
😊🎉❤❤🎉 3:50
Becky Jolly
Becky Jolly 3 giorni fa
Thank you Jelly Roll... for your music.... I feel everything in my soul..every word that comes out you heart and mouth.. you are appreciated.. Love to you Brother..Hollar🖤🩶💯💥💥💥💫💫
Viera Morris
Viera Morris Mese fa
I only recently found this song,haven't been listening to music for awhile now. I've been listening to it every chance I get. My youngest son passed 5 years ago Christmas day and changed my life forever. He struggled with addiction since he was a teen he died at 33 by suicide. This song reminds me of him. Love and miss you so much Seth
Bobby Grammer
I'm 106 days sober. I was homeless for 3 year and did time in prison. Jelly Roll is outstanding. I relate to his music well. It's pushing me to get better. Thanks for the help .
Seth Giorno fa
"At first he's gonna hate me, but eventually he'll save me." I can't tell you how much hearing that line hurts inside. I resonate with that all too well.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 13 giorni fa
Some songs just touch your soul. This is definitely one of those
Hector Gomez
Hector Gomez 5 mesi fa
My father was murdered when i was just ten years old i am a product of the streets i struggle with alcohol and drugs i never said this out loud before this song gives me the courage to say it out loud and to not be ashamed of my demons! Thank you brother! I hope you know how much your music helps people like myself! Godbless !
A S 2 giorni fa
Hi, Hector! GOD BLESS YOU! You’re doing great!!!
natalie from normandy a
Hector, it’s 5 months later but I’m praying for you. We all have our own struggles. Know there’s always someone to talk to and nothing to be ashamed of. ❤
Deskins Family
God bless you brother
R. Hagan
R. Hagan 2 mesi fa
@Thomas Katona pray for strength and courage. God loves you ❤️.
Kohl Rachlin
Kohl Rachlin 3 mesi fa
Stay strong a friend is always a call away. I'm sorry about the loss of your father
Boots Frazier
Boots Frazier 28 giorni fa
Jelly Roll you saved my life more than you could ever fathom or realize thank you for helping me through things that have taken me years to get through and endure. I've been a Private military contractor, I've worked private security, seen a lot done a lot but no materr what your music keeps me going when time are the hardest. I will forever be indebted and grateful for the things you do for me and other. Thank you from the bottom of what heart I've got 👌
Roger Plott Jr
Roger Plott Jr 28 giorni fa
No matter who you are or whatever situation your in I think everyone can relate to this song in one way or another.
floyd semlow
floyd semlow 22 giorni fa
I think you're wrong on this one Roger 🤣💯🤦
Savy Lace
Savy Lace 22 giorni fa
yes, i also believe what u say, and im 60 yrs old
Julia Mese fa
After what seems like forever, Jelly is FINALLY playing on local radio! Imagine the thrill of hearing this song playing on my radio in my little bitty town and it NOT coming from my phone lol. Go Jelly!!
rolljelly929 @gmail com
This is to thank you for the love & support towards me on my page I really appreciate you and can’t thank you enough. I can’t meet with all of my fans but i make out time to chat with few write me with the email address above to stand a chance for meet & greet💕💕💕
Peter Mosher
Peter Mosher 11 giorni fa
I’m just now finding your music Jelly Roll, and in it I’m discovering the hope that I misplaced years ago. Thanks for that. Peace
Kristine P
Kristine P 5 giorni fa
When I'm having a bad day. This song helps me to keep going.
EarSight 4 mesi fa
I'm watching this in a rehab center right now I just began my journey on recovery from nights of vomiting blood and forcing more and more alcohol down my throat, the endless nights of hell and despair that my addiction has caused me and my family.. it helps me to know there are people like you who actually care about people like me.. makes me feel less alone in my battle, much love man and please keep doing this you're saving lives, ik you helped save mine at least 🙏
Tom Dower
Tom Dower 18 giorni fa
Stay strong
Alaycia Earl
Alaycia Earl 18 giorni fa
Hey, I am hoping you are doing better, and if you ever relapse you can always get back up, you are incredibly strong for even trying to get help, it takes a lot man, God bless.
Lindsay Bly
Lindsay Bly 18 giorni fa
@David Rayborn I’m 6 years sober as well and it’s been one hell of a ride ! I’ve lost everything and gained it back and slipped up 2 times and still made it out ! Now I’m quitting smoking and I can do this !
Lindsay Bly
Lindsay Bly 18 giorni fa
How are you doing now ? I’m 6 years in recovery ! It’s possible babe . Your doing just fine
Kroenerkreations 18 giorni fa
Let’s hear how long people are sober for the ones on here still struggling! I myself am proud to say 20 months of alcohol free.
Steven Young
Steven Young 2 mesi fa
Promise you brother God has never hated you, even at your lowest He has been there with arms wide open.
clippzy fn
clippzy fn 15 giorni fa
@Tim there is go to church
Tim Mese fa
This is of course assuming there is a god
mamachar1 6 giorni fa
Beautiful Video, Beautiful Message. Jelly Roll, Keep On Keepin' On 👍
Music_Lvr 7 giorni fa
I've never really been into country music but I really love this song going to check out some more of his music.
Dan's Hunting for Collectibles.
Your songs mean so much to me. This past year was extremely tough for me and it was your songs that pulled me out of my dark place. I'm so happy for all the recognition that you've been getting. You're music is so amazing and I'm sure I'm not the only one who your songs mean a lot to.
Joshua Grace
Joshua Grace 8 giorni fa
I enjoy this country song. You have done an amazing job at making this song sound so beautiful. 😢😊
Bunnie Xo 🪄
How does someone evolve so beautifully 🦋 So proud to be on this journey w/ you angel 😇
David Talley
David Talley Mese fa
His music helps me through my life
June Cortez
June Cortez 2 mesi fa
Heather Renae
Heather Renae 3 mesi fa
Y'ALL, WILL YOU PLZ HELP MY STORY REACH JELLY & BUNNIE? THANK YOU Jelly, I have Terminal Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer and meeting you and Bunnie is my #1 on my bucket list. I live in Ohio, would you please meet me?💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Glenn Morris
Glenn Morris 4 mesi fa
You must be so proud of him. This song speaks to people on many different levels. And being on the Opry was the bomb.
J.D. Franklin
J.D. Franklin 5 mesi fa
I love ya both!!! Thank you for being you. and yall stay blessed ❤
Aubree Marie Kelly
Aubree Marie Kelly 9 giorni fa
So excited to see you on the CMT music awards this year 💙 you deserve this award man you've come a lonnnnng way 👏
Jellyroll066 gmail com
This is to thank you for the love & support towards me on my page I really appreciate you and can’t thank you enough. I can’t meet with all of my fans but i make out time to chat with few write me with the email address above to stand a chance for meet & greet💕💕💕
CamJonesZone 2 giorni fa
Love your work Jelly Roll, keep sharing, keep motivating, keep doing you💪💯💪
Mary Vu
Mary Vu 16 giorni fa
My daughter sits in prison and had me request your songs so she could hear it on the radio ,great music..
Martin Morales
Been on repeat for awhile now. Seems like everyday gets a little harder but this song helps me get through it.
Ira nelson
Ira nelson 2 mesi fa
This song explains everything I am currently going through thank you Jelly Roll for a Great song ❤
Carl Bicknell
Carl Bicknell 3 mesi fa
It's great music that has gotten me through hard times, 565 days sober !
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 22 giorni fa
Congratulations bud! I need to get on that road. Hope I see you there one day..
CowGurlup90 28 giorni fa
I am so proud of you ❤️
Kevin Hinkle
Kevin Hinkle 29 giorni fa
I’m at day 1 😔
House scrapper
I only wish my husband could have won his battle but we lost him December 25th 2022. I'm glad you are winning your battle
Tammy Mese fa
1 day at a time! That's awesome! Never look back, you're not going that way!
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor Mese fa
So love the feel of this masterpiece... Stumbled upon it, as I wage a war upon the pain I feel for the state of humanity... This song adds verification that we need each other's strength... never lose your fire...
Kammi Doddato
Kammi Doddato 23 giorni fa
You saved me !! Jelly Roll. My parents both died & IT sucks !! I LOVE YOUR MUSIC ❤️THANK YOU !!
Donald Wolcott
Donald Wolcott 2 mesi fa
My parents died within a month apart, I’m losing my marriage and I can’t keep the negative shit out of my head. Jelly Roll, your music keeps me from ending it all. You came to Houston on October 1, my dads birthday (the first since his passing) your music broke me down and helped so fucking much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
OGMasterMiner 2 mesi fa
This is true music. It touches the nerves, and the very essence of the soul. Pain is so real and usually there is no relief from that pain, but songs like this give you that 4 min of wow finally someone understands!
Bigg Speaker7
Bigg Speaker7 13 giorni fa
This is by far one of my favorite songs fasho 💪🏾💯
Not Now
Not Now 4 mesi fa
This song resonates with functional addicts more than anything I've ever heard. Can't stop listening to it.
mariyaa111 10 giorni fa
Trampas 14 giorni fa
100 percent
Kristen Corriher
TimmyTwoTone 4 mesi fa
Agree 💯 ‘High functioning’ addict here…
zac BRANHAM Mese fa
No love without hate, no joy without sadness, no highs without lows. We live through the bad to enjoy the good. Your music helps me. I believe you are a real musician in a sea of nonsense. Thank you for your efforts. Much love.
Dylana Tilley
Dylana Tilley 14 giorni fa
Your words are something else! Every song hits home. You are a man of his words. Got all of your playlists on Spotify on repeat to get me through the workday! PS got my other half hooked on ya! Really looking forward to see you live in concert in Mississippi!
Sherrie Griffin
Sherrie Griffin 2 mesi fa
❤❤ Congratulations man! You deserve this and everything that is coming!! ❤❤
Patricia Mendoza
I lost my son to addiction 3 weeks ago and this song keeps me going. I am heartbroken beyond imagination. This song says it all for him.
Ayana Medley
Ayana Medley Giorno fa
Praying for you mama! 🤍💋 we love you and keep your head up as possible as you can!
Patricia Mendoza
Patricia Mendoza 10 giorni fa
@Tammy Spencer My sincere condolences for your loss. Praying for you. Im sorry
Patricia Mendoza
Patricia Mendoza 10 giorni fa
@Rachel’s Re-Awakening I am so sorry you are going thru this. I was a tough kind of love. I regret not saying I love you more often.
Tammy Spencer
Tammy Spencer 11 giorni fa
Sending hugs from Pensacola, FL as I know the pain well. I lost my youngest son, Luke, on 1/6/22 to suicide. 💔
sam keels
sam keels 16 giorni fa
Peace be with you Pat ..
Laura Philyaw
Laura Philyaw 2 mesi fa
Apparently I'm still running a couple of years behind. I don't have time to sit still and listen to music like I used to. I was just recently introduced to Jelly Roll via my daughter on Christmas day. I'm not mad!!! But I must confess...I had heard of him but the name threw me wayyyy off. Lol now I'm in love!!! Those lyrics are something to be proud of and as for me, you got me where I live!! GOD BLESS YOU!! Keep doing what you do.
Brantley Gilbert
Hello, how are you doing today? Thanks for your love and support❤
William Matson
William Matson 6 mesi fa
I am a 60 yr young man, heard this song once and I can't go one day without hearing it. Thank you for hitting my heart and soul!!
jellyroll860 @ gmail com
This is to thank you for the love & support towards me on my page I really appreciate you and can’t thank you enough. I can’t meet with all of my fans but i make out time to chat with few write me with the email address above to stand a chance for meet & greet💕💕💕
Rock Girl
Rock Girl 4 mesi fa
Me too ✌️
Steve Azulay
Steve Azulay 4 mesi fa
I too, listen to this everyday. Sometimes I cry...sometimes I am joyful. Song of the soul. Thank you, Jellyroll!
Lauretta Gambella
It makes me cry for my son every word hits to the core
jordan clark
jordan clark 5 mesi fa
Ain't that the truth.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 10 giorni fa
I love Jelly Roll songs I can feel his soul spiritually I hope someone out there makes sure he’s alway in a good state of mind ❤ keep making great hits never stop ❤
Kim Kracher
Kim Kracher 2 mesi fa
Love this song...keep singing country Jelly Roll
Brandon Michael Bennett
I love your lyrics and the lyrics are clean and fire
Beth Sanchez
Beth Sanchez 16 giorni fa
this hits home I lost my son 1/15/23 Zachary Stephen Hagan...it fits him so perfectly we played it at his service.
Dav Gonz
Dav Gonz 14 giorni fa
I am so sorry for your loss
Tracy Burns
Tracy Burns 14 giorni fa
So very sorry for your loss... words just don't feel like enough.. sorry. 🕊️💜🕊️
CanadasVeryOwn 4 giorni fa
“Cause I'm only one drink away from the devil I'm only one call away from home.” Man, this line hits hard.
April Lowe
April Lowe 2 giorni fa
​@turba Dean 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏
turba Dean
turba Dean 2 giorni fa
Find joy in the simple things in life, and count all your blessings.
The Booth
The Booth 4 giorni fa
Im there with you comrade, Im right there with you 😒
Christain Fullard
One of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time💛 jellyroll never disappoints
rolljelly929 @gmail com
This is to thank you for the love & support towards me on my page I really appreciate you and can’t thank you enough. I can’t meet with all of my fans but i make out time to chat with few write me with the email address above to stand a chance for meet & greet💕💕💕
Michelle Wilson
Michelle Wilson 12 giorni fa
Cannot wait to see you when you come to Jax! There is nothing more exciting than thousands of people singing your favorite song! ❤ 🌎
Ian Moore
Ian Moore Mese fa
Music for the soul 🖤
Speak it big man!!! Love it brother 🤘🏻❤️
Teufel Hunden
Damn!! Finally some good music!! What a great voice!!
Taylor Vernon
I struggle everyday with walking the line I’m meant to walk. Lost my life long best friend this year and some days feel like it’s an impossible uphill battle. Music like this helps me pick my chin up and keep going. Thank you sir for doing Gods work.
Pamela SC
Pamela SC Mese fa
God Be with you. 💕
Rene’s adventures82
Stay strong
Mary Luke
Mary Luke 7 mesi fa
If you don’t feel this deep down in your soul you aren’t listening to what is being said. Beautiful song!!!! Let’s get this to #1!!!!
The Truth
The Truth 5 mesi fa
Survivor OfMany
Survivor OfMany 5 mesi fa
Played today on “The Bull” in H town
Chris 5 mesi fa
Cole Johnston
Cole Johnston 6 mesi fa
@Bike4Jesus just saw them both last week in Chicago. Such a good show
Levi Croft
Levi Croft Mese fa
This song... The words I've been trying to find to describe my life
Lela McGuire
Lela McGuire Mese fa
Love this song your songs definitely inspire me to keep going your Song Save Me was the first song I heard by you it hit me hard and word for word describes the way I feel. Keep up the hard work you're amazing
Brian Newman
Brian Newman 2 mesi fa
Love you man! Sincerely from from a sinning son, of a sinner. I so love how this video shows that by the grace of god ,them some of us could be be any one any day. ❤️❤️❤️
Lynzi 2 mesi fa
I love this song ❤
Tera Claxton
Tera Claxton 2 mesi fa
Love you and your music! ❤
Northern RedNeck
After 12 years of Opioid addiction this song changed my life. " These pills pretend to be my Friend, I'm done for the last time, I'm lying to myself again " !! So Powerful !
TJD1018 4 mesi fa
@Joey Reynolds amen brother❤️
Star Nevaeh
Star Nevaeh 4 mesi fa
@A Belincoln 🐥
A Belincoln
A Belincoln 5 mesi fa
@Star Nevaeh 🥑
Star Nevaeh
Star Nevaeh 5 mesi fa
@Joey Reynolds Amen God works many miracles. 🙏 keep up the good fight. God 🙌 bless you 🙏
Star Nevaeh
Star Nevaeh 5 mesi fa
@A Belincoln what are you saying?
Jake B
Jake B 2 mesi fa
Heard you on the radio Jelly way to go big bro it’s been awesome to watch your journey keep it going!
Keifer Dennis
Idk if you’ll see this Jelly, but thanks for this song. I hope will keep making them like this.
Erin Grundy
Erin Grundy Mese fa
Daughter of a sinner! Thanks for making music that touches souls! Cheers brother! This song resonates with my life
Teresa Madsen
This is becoming my favorite it just touches me I love it
Mr_Secondaries 2 mesi fa
such a relateable, and powerful song.
krash money93
krash money93 7 mesi fa
I’m a recovering addict with almost 700 days clean and this song reminds me that, “Cause I’m only one drink away from the devil” Ty Jelly Roll! You help people like me! Keep doing you brother!
Melissa Badgett
Melissa Badgett 4 mesi fa
Congratulations on 700 days sober
Ohioguy223 4 mesi fa
We got this man 💪 10am with teary eyes but we'll push thru!!!
I got a little over 3 years under my belt (10/6/2019) keep up the great work my friend.
Jacob R
Jacob R 4 mesi fa
Congratulations, man really tuff but one day you're going to look up and say, " Dang man, 3000 days when that happens. stay safe and find that good life my friend.
James Shaw
James Shaw 4 mesi fa
So happy for you jelly roll keep up the great work never heard of you till I watched fighter and the kid and Brandon shop talked about you
Yvette Martinez
Love it. Never heard of your music but I got trapped to hearing it ..AMEN
James AnDrew
James AnDrew Mese fa
I love this song. It's how I have felt off and on throughout my entire adult life. Especially after my Dad passed away 5 years ago. GREAT LYRICS! This song hits home for me and is definitely my favorite country song, and one of my favorite songs period! Thank you for singing it so beautifully Jelly Roll
Holley Hagerty
Holley Hagerty 2 mesi fa
Thank you Jelly for writing this song. Touches me in so many ways ☺️ being broken isn't such a bad thing, lessons 💕
rolljelly929 @gmail com
This is to thank you for the love & support towards me on my page I really appreciate you and can’t thank you enough. I can’t meet with all of my fans but i make out time to chat with few write me with the email address above to stand a chance for meet & greet💕💕💕
Alexandria Walsh
Alexandria Walsh 29 giorni fa
With every lyric a legend is being created. Every song a hit and you and Bunnie are an amazing team luv yall. Love all your music and will be seeing you if you come to Milwaukee again. Keep staying true and real Jelly ❤️
Jay Pitargue IInd
Love the your songs Brother, keep doing what your doing!!! God Bless
Will Monteith
As a surviver of war, attempted suicide and abuse this song hits me in more ways than I can count. Thank you for your contribution to my Playlist and to the music world
bread 4 mesi fa
Thank you for your service, and I am so happy to know you’re still with us. We all love you
Marty Angell
Marty Angell 5 mesi fa
Stay strong brother!
Will Monteith
Will Monteith 10 mesi fa
@Todd Dorr no bub I'm just human
Todd Dorr
Todd Dorr 10 mesi fa
I'm so sorry, your a hero bro
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee Anno fa
I am always here for u
Pauls Voice Over
Believe it or not, this is my first time hearing this song on 1/26/23 at 513 pm and I'm in tears. beautiful!
Kenneth Voller
Been probably 25 years since a song hit me like this one. THANK YOU
Mama O
Mama O 2 mesi fa
This song and his voice woke me up from a nap while on a road trip with my husband! 💗 it! Thanks for sharing your humble life story & God-given gifts, Jelly Roll!
David Sherwood
David Sherwood 2 mesi fa
Been sleeping on you jelly roll.....I'm sorry that I didn't take the time to listen to your amazing music....hits so close to home brother!
TxHeathenALO 21 giorno fa
ive listen to this song every night after work since first hearing it and gotten me to a point where i can say this sinner is loved. problem is theres always a but and mine is even tho i can say im loved and accept that it doesnt change the fact how i still think this world would be no diffrent without me here
Sopheab Keo
Sopheab Keo 5 mesi fa
I herd this song for the first time the other day while driving home, and out of nowhere I started crying my soul out, it’s amazing how these words can touch so many people .. thank you jelly roll
Alechia Richardson
Love this song
kyle prince
kyle prince 5 mesi fa
Saw him in Seattle on Wednesday. One of the most loving & zero fighting shows I’ve ever been to. He does amazing on stage. If you ever get a chance to see him. I suggest you go. You’ll laugh and shed some tears. He puts you through all emotion in 2 hours.
J. J.
J. J. 5 mesi fa
Ditto! 🇺🇸✝️
Chris Chrool
Chris Chrool Mese fa
This man's music heals, PERIOD 👊
JoAnn Marlowe
Love everything you've done, gives me peace
jenz 2 mesi fa
you've got the gift of speaking into the heart
whispers_hope 2 mesi fa
Your voice is extremely vivid and clear and hits me to my core. Thank you, Jelly Roll.
Mike Neal
Mike Neal Mese fa
Love your music brother.... Keep it coming.... Thanks
Atlus Anno fa
I’ve had this song on repeat since it came out!! love your music brother
Bruce Huffstutler
Huge fan...
PugMomma 💗
I'm a Huge fan of you both! Jelly & Atlus just hit different.. No one does a Jelly cover like Atlus. Atlus is absolutely incredible & to see Jelly respond that he's a fan! WOW! A collab would be out of this world!! #Respect 🥰
ScottyT Anno fa
Two amazing artists! Massive fan of you both! love to see a collaboration!! Would be 🔥
Bridget Marden
Bridget Marden 15 giorni fa
Not a son but a daughter...... this ong hits me hard. Definitely on my funeral play list.
Coley Thompson
Coley Thompson 2 mesi fa
Incredible message. Also, me being a musician/ guitarist that plays in and out of dive bars, I’m blown away at the composure of the melody of this song. The ambience brings chills to my body! Great job guys!! Damn good song!!
Vicki Graham
Vicki Graham Mese fa
Amazingly heartfelt song. I don't know why I heard it only recently!! It speaks volumes about the pain I/we have felt at times. And the video is beautiful!
Charlie Eells
This really hits home base. Thank you kindly!
Billy Do Rite
Billy Do Rite 2 mesi fa
Such a great tune to make ya think about where i have been and where i am now. people can change it takes work
Richard Gosney
This hit fuckin home. Since I've come home from the service I've felt completely lost. I know why you write these songs jelly. Thank you for what you do.
Thomas Palmer
Thomas Palmer 3 mesi fa
Hang in there brother!!! Fellow AF vet!!!!🇱🇷🇱🇷
David Alexander
David Alexander 4 mesi fa
@Richard Gosney thank you for your service brother. As a Navy Veteran myself I know how you feel, us Veterans have a hard time getting used to how things are out in the civilian world. I got your six brother.
Jason rhoads
Jason rhoads 4 mesi fa
Welcome home soldier. Thank you for your service.
Random Thoughts
Random Thoughts 4 mesi fa
And THANK YOU for your service! Keep your head up brother! 🇺🇸❤️
Marty Angell
Marty Angell 5 mesi fa
Thanks for your service!
Christopher Fowler
Literally just started to country in my mid 30s. Being someone myself who coming up on three years of sobriety and chasing Jesus, this song is so beautiful. I really appreciate this song.
Karmah Harris
Karmah Harris 25 giorni fa
Thank you for all your blessings... I'm forever at your mercy Lord... 🙏 #BYGRACETHRUFAITH
street Glidin
street Glidin 2 mesi fa
This song has single handedly got me thru some custody issues with my daughter and her mother. This song can be interpreted in so many different ways. I love this song! Thank you sir!
Jack Giorno fa
Love it bro keep your head up and keep praying for peace
Levi Mitchell
Levi Mitchell 2 mesi fa
I was so happy to hear him come on the radio!
Brittany Lanning
'At first he's gonna hate me but eventually he'll save me' -fucking love this line!!
JOHN WAYNE 8 mesi fa
Cody 10 mesi fa
My personal interpretation of this line is that he has a lot of questions for God, a lot to get off his chest. That conversation and those questions aren't all going to be pleasant, and the conversation might get a little heated - but in the end, it's going to be ok.
Samuel T. Moore
@Korbey Shields God doesn't, but in his mind at the time, God does. God hates the sin and sometimes we confuse that for God hating us. It's human, normal, and we're only saved by grace.. nothing else!
Jeff Hamrick
Jeff Hamrick Anno fa
Me too honey keep your head u thats. What i do
Lay Lay
Lay Lay 26 giorni fa
rolljelly929 @gmail com
This is to thank you for the love & support towards me on my page I really appreciate you and can’t thank you enough. I can’t meet with all of my fans but i make out time to chat with few write me with the email address above to stand a chance for meet & greet💕💕💕
Teresa Riggs
Teresa Riggs Mese fa
This guy deserves alot of recognition for his music it hits the heart of alot people that that suffers pain and addiction
rolljelly929 @gmail com
This is to thank you for the love & support towards me on my page I really appreciate you and can’t thank you enough. I can’t meet with all of my fans but i make out time to chat with few write me with the email address above to stand a chance for meet & greet💕💕💕
applemonkey_187 27 giorni fa
cant wait to go to your concert this summer.never thought music could save me,but yours saved me from doing that thing that i could never undo
Ericka L
Ericka L 27 giorni fa
So glad you made it through ❤
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