Jenna Ortega Admits She Didn’t Recognize Herself As Wednesday Addams 

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Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall spoke to “Wednesday” star Jenna Ortega about the popular Netflix series based on the “Addams Family.” She opened up about the physical transformation for the role and what the show’s creator Tim Burton thought of it. “The bangs came into play which he really really loved.” Jenna said. Adding, “I remember on the first day looking in the mirror and not recognizing myself and then you do it for 8 months and by the then you’re just thinking, ‘Get it off of me.’”


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1 dic 2022




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Commenti : 186   
NotMørïaĥ 5 mesi fa
I feel like everyone is acting like this is her first good, big role, but she's been so good for so long. Like her performance in The Babysitter Killer Queen and in The Fallout were both so beautiful and so well done
susanstorm 5 mesi fa
She was amazing in the movies Scream 5, X & tv series You also 😍
Alexander Romero
Yeah but can’t deny this is the most successful thing she been apart of as a lead
NotMørïaĥ 5 mesi fa
@Alexander Romero yeah it definently is, but honestly, I wouldn't even say it's her best role it's definitely up there, but I'd say her performance in The Fallout was better that's just my opinion tho
Darren Hasting
Darren Hasting 5 mesi fa
I never heard of her til now.
Twenty One Tortas
first saw her in Babysitter Killer Queen and from then on I loved her acting especially when seeing her in other roles
Dena Rendall
Dena Rendall 5 mesi fa
I can’t explain how fond I’ve been of Jenna since the Disney days. I just feel like I really resonate with her. She’s so likeable.
ebbyking123 4 mesi fa
yeah ikr. i never knew her name when she used to pop up on the disney channel on my tv lol. i was like 11 at that time ig.
David Clark
David Clark Mese fa
I think Jenna’s version of Wednesday is the best new performance on TV. It doesn’t hurt that she is also drop dead gorgeous.
Flower’s cave6
Jenna is fit for horror and comedy. I remember watching from stuck in the middle, but I forgot about her, so glad she played wednesday or Else those memories would be gone
Same with Richie Rich, that was a childhood show of mine and now I’m the same age as her back when she played the role of Gracy. time flies
Ondřej Matějka
It's nice to see that people like we with dry dark humor exist somewhere, just not in my village, not in my region, not in this country. I see very negative trend in last years, when you say some dark humor, you are considered toxic and bad person which is just wrong, we are not toxic, other people just don't understand to us. 😀
Blank 5 mesi fa
Hi fellow dark humor lover, we exist everywhere people just tend be a little more dry when it comes to jokes
spaghetti lover
spaghetti lover 5 mesi fa
i think it depends on what kind of jokes you mean. jenna’s jokes are probably harmless and would not offend anybody, it’s just that they’re a bit shoking
Ondřej Matějka
@spaghetti lover Here in my country, we say that dark humor is like legs, someone has them and someone not. 😀
Чебабчичи Кингмэн
@Ondřej Matějka god, I love this
RoboVac 5 mesi fa
@Ondřej Matějka You sound like a victim.
Rae Rae Badfingers
That sense of humor prepares you for real life, I swear. Comedic way to get to the acceptance stage quicker 😅 power through life
Twenty One Tortas
how to get that sense of humor? what else can you do to be prepared for life if it's not your thing?
Naomi Peterson
Naomi Peterson 5 mesi fa
I love Jenna’s work 🖤🖤🖤
Britt in the D!
Britt in the D! 5 mesi fa
Thanks for sharing this delightful, down-to-earth chat with us here! Totally Jenna, down to the 20-second manicure. Could not love this more! Cheers, Britt
Amparo B.
Amparo B. 5 mesi fa
Such an elegant interviewer
Funnee 5 mesi fa
Agreed, a good and experienced interviewer is necessary for a good and enjoyable interview.
I love how humble and confident she is. You can tell she's a powerful woman with a good head on her shoulders. Probably had parents that built her up and taught her to believe in herself. I believe if more parents did this the world would have more Jenna's in it.
Mirah Moon
Mirah Moon 5 mesi fa
I was so hoping that she could step outside of herself to see her own magic and fantastic work
MrGriff305 5 mesi fa
She's being humble, and she's still very young to have that perspective.
she played the role of wednesday so well, she was the perfect actress for the series, Jenna you are amazing
Andy K.
Andy K. 4 mesi fa
She is the classiest act. Love her.
CutiePaty1996 5 mesi fa
Loved the person conducting the questions. Super natural!
Nicholas garrick
I follow jenna since the series stuck in the middle. And the role of wednesday, and genre so well chosen for jenna She is such a talented actress congratulations on the work, and the success 💖💖🎆
emily meyers
emily meyers 5 mesi fa
Me too
M. 5 mesi fa
I feel like jenna will have an amazing future and I just can't explain how FANTASTIC she is!
Mrqs 5 mesi fa
She’s extremely talented and articulate.
Andy K.
Andy K. 4 mesi fa
She obviously has fabulous parents.
Frank W
Frank W 4 mesi fa
Jenna is very beautiful and she played Wednesday PERFECTLY!!
Eleven 011
Eleven 011 5 mesi fa
she's so libra energy i feel like me and her are kinda similar in a way from what i've seen and know about her despite not personally having met her in real life
clue less
clue less 5 mesi fa
I mean shes perfect, her playing football ties it all together.
kbknowno567 5 mesi fa
I want a second Wednesday !
cheehee mint
cheehee mint 5 mesi fa
woah the interviewer is so nice and kind
gillian nebesny
gillian nebesny 5 mesi fa
Excellent series hope there is a no 2 ! All I need is the thing on my shoulder lol ! I laughed and cryed alot the best ❣️💯💋
CASSIAN 5 mesi fa
Jenna Marie Ortega was ALMOST a professional soccer player? That's so on brand
Brayton Ewell
Brayton Ewell 4 mesi fa
I am honestly so much like Jenna! Though the year afterwards, my birthday is literally 6 days prior to hers and even my favorite pizza topping is the jalapeño. I am also, funny enough, more of a negative person like Jenna, and there is much else as well.
ItsNochi 5 mesi fa
real glad that i found wednesday. kinda stopped following jenna after i grew up so its cool to see her again 😁
zendaya🤎 5 mesi fa
zendaya being her fashion icon is iconic 🤭
fw1421 5 mesi fa
I can’t wait for season 2 starts…..if they do a second season.
Caleb Federico-Dyer
Amazing Talent!!!❤❤❤
noktuernal 🥀
noktuernal 🥀 5 mesi fa
Loved the show, was shocked to find out she was in Jane the Virgin since I watched that last year, haha! Also, I need her to give a tutorial on the nail painting honestly, I take hours on mine. XD
peperoncino 5 mesi fa
She's good actress.
zunaira faiz
zunaira faiz 4 mesi fa
i like the interviewer, very professional and excellent at asking questions
Colombiana 4 mesi fa
She is perfect!! Her personality❤❤❤
Very talented young girl loved her in Scream 5 I can’t wait to watch her in Scream 6 March 2023
GreysCouples 5 mesi fa
When she asked Jenna what her favorite pizza topping is I was just thinking “I swear girl if you say pineapple…”
Lulu B
Lulu B Mese fa
I thought she was going to say pineapple.
GreysCouples Mese fa
@Lulu B same 🤣
Armando Ucles
Armando Ucles 4 mesi fa
Her parents raised her right and as a latino myself, we don't give each other special treatment. We love hard and we will call you out when you act up or have to bring you back down to reality.
Allen Trice
Allen Trice 5 mesi fa
She's new who's what's going to be Wednesday Addams for her own show!
Cédric Balan
Cédric Balan 2 mesi fa
She's beautiful ❤
Michelle Gutierrez
Jenna so stunning
jyn88 4 mesi fa
My first time seeing her was in "You" and thought she was a talented actress. Something about her that I liked.
ebbyking123 4 mesi fa
yo she's the cutest girl ever. gosh i want her so bad.
Siddharth Gupta
Siddharth Gupta 3 mesi fa
That's nothing. I failed to recognise myself as Thursday. Sometimes I even fail to recognise myself as Saturday.
Mirah Moon
Mirah Moon 5 mesi fa
Your work is incredible, Ortega
Caleb Federico-Dyer
Caleb Federico-Dyer
Hope Brown
Hope Brown 5 mesi fa
I naturally do Wednesday face 😂
Sirène Noire
Sirène Noire 5 mesi fa
They’re both so pretty 🤩
Thomas Hoffmann
Thomas Hoffmann 3 mesi fa
Successfull in everythin! Luv her!!!!!!
The Liamster
The Liamster 4 mesi fa
I love Jenna, she’s my celebrity crush
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim 5 mesi fa
Remember God loves you♥️! John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Please repent, change your life around and live for Him🙏. He is coming back soon😊.......
Joy Enejo
Joy Enejo 5 mesi fa
God bless you 🙏 ❤ 🙌
Allan John Salgado
Netflix sends Wednesday to destroy the competition. She annihilate House of Dragon and Rings of power in just days
Luke cologne
Luke cologne 5 mesi fa
In my opinion she is overhyped but this also shows how good the marketing for the series was that it build such an hype
Mishél 5 mesi fa
she pretty calm, not overhyped
Eduardo Armenta
Eduardo Armenta 5 mesi fa
I disagree. I seriously doubt the show would have gotten as big as it is now if she wasn't the lead. There's something magnetic about her performance, it was as good as it could have been.
Amy Hartman
Amy Hartman 5 mesi fa
Did she also play the role of Goody with some type of screen play tricks to make Goody look more child like? I just cant find out who Goody's actress was and they look so much alike only Goody looked about 4 years younger then Wednesday..
bintang 5 mesi fa
Yes it's her too
Carl Anderson
Carl Anderson 5 mesi fa
I thought it looked like her in some shots, but I thought it was someone else since she isn't credited on IMDB. But I checked again and no one is credited, so I had to check another source to find out for sure. She should get credit for both roles. I didn't know her from her earlier roles, but she's really good.
Prof Dave
Prof Dave 5 mesi fa
I think the early scenes with Goody when the outcasts were burned in the shed was Jenna, but when she talks to her directly in the later episode, I think Goody was CGI.
Aleksandra Pietrzak
I can't get rid of the impression that she looks and sounds like Shakira's younger sister in that interview. 😁
gosu gosu
gosu gosu 4 mesi fa
very nice personality :)
emily meyers
emily meyers 5 mesi fa
I’m literally sad dumb I didn’t know that teacher was Christina ricci until after I watched the whole show
Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers 5 mesi fa
Same. My excuse is that her hair and glasses hid her face! 😂
David Ferrari
David Ferrari 4 mesi fa
I'm Italian, she looks like any of my friends from Italy, specially from the southern Italy!
ANJUDAGME 5 mesi fa
Where can I find the full interview??
roblox. toca boca lover
I wish I could meet Tennessee so nice he looks looks really beautiful I wish I could meet her
Terion 5 mesi fa
Яка ж вона гарна!
Lukas Guerra
Lukas Guerra 5 mesi fa
Just found out she played soccer, just marry me already 😩😩😩
Worm 5 mesi fa
Football *
shes been a revelation
Peter Macansky
Peter Macansky 5 mesi fa
Samantha B
Samantha B 5 mesi fa
She sounds like Christina Ricci
Lolam 3 mesi fa
Good interview
Unknown 4 mesi fa
I remember her from the little rascals
Harsh Gupta
Harsh Gupta 2 mesi fa
Umm yeha, i can definitely agree on this. Jenna and Wednesday are 2 different entities 👀
Mr D
Mr D 5 mesi fa
I wonder myself where will be season 2 filmed…🤔 Also in Romania??
Caique Ortiz
Caique Ortiz 5 mesi fa
damn im in love
Vignesh Mese fa
gwjsbm 5 mesi fa
She reminds me of Jessa Duggar Seewald lol
Georgi Cojo
Georgi Cojo 4 mesi fa
Romania, baby! I'm curious if she liked it here, even though she said she experienced a cold winter ..
Oswaldo Perez
Oswaldo Perez 5 mesi fa
Jenni Ortega does the gone girl Ben affleck hand chin 🤦‍♀️ movement
Joanna Raichel
Joanna Raichel 5 mesi fa
Wednesday is good this is good video
Reza Ebrahim
Reza Ebrahim 5 mesi fa
She sounds like Shakira a little bit
Eve 5 mesi fa
She looks like Jessa Duggar
Bruno Guerra
Bruno Guerra 4 mesi fa
Manjusha Sahu
Manjusha Sahu 3 mesi fa
Host was nice
condorre 123
condorre 123 3 mesi fa
chaz lol
chaz lol 5 mesi fa
i play soccer too my chances went up
mike odonnell
mike odonnell 5 mesi fa
is she proof its over for Kat Dennings?
Gloria Telli
Gloria Telli 3 mesi fa
I love you my friend Jenna Ortega by gloria
Jason Gumchurch
Jason Gumchurch 5 mesi fa
hzd 5 mesi fa
Babe wake up, new jenna ortega interview posted
Grace Moody
Grace Moody 5 mesi fa
I'm up
Kanika Stallworth
The Black woman is fine ❤️😍
Northwinds 5 mesi fa
They kinda look alike Naru from Prey
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos 5 mesi fa
Harley Diaz: I'm Wednesday
Moose 5 mesi fa
I just saw that clip on ITvid from Stuck in the Middle. What a crazy coincidence!!! She was meant for this.
Anna 5 mesi fa
Ya it fits but that is not the reason Disney said that
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos 5 mesi fa
@Anna I know
mukova Bobuk
mukova Bobuk 2 mesi fa
Яка ти гарна
Haemon 5 mesi fa
i am once again asking for wenclair
Bryan 5 mesi fa
Sam Greenwood-Quy
Suspect person tbh. Definitely not right.
J P 4 mesi fa
job Just remember. .. jeena
rayray 5 mesi fa
smaddA yadsendeW sA flesreH ezingoceR t’ndiD ehS stimdA agetrO anneJ
David Salazar
David Salazar 5 mesi fa
I like spicy food too
Seppy 5 mesi fa
why americans say whensday not wednesday
Rob Wight
Rob Wight 4 mesi fa
I just want you know I just please have texting my best friend Is Julia all about that I just I was in Denmark I was roller coaster ride in Denmark Copenhagen I was I look like the scary person going on I just made my face like Wednesday I was screaming so hard of from the show for Wednesday she is very good at it and good job Jenna Ortega Good as Wednesday
Zant Slash
Zant Slash 5 mesi fa
Shes wierd like me fr fr
NADEEM KHAN 5 mesi fa
Jeena new Delhi ki tarah alone aakela baithe rho hona sath me to or help support de
NADEEM KHAN 5 mesi fa
Nadeem jb ek do girl kh tb others new Delhi hone lge
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