Jenna Ortega, Emma Myers, and Hunter Doohan Answer To a Nosy Cookie Jar | Wednesday | Netflix 

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Jenna Ortega, Emma Myers, and Hunter Doohan (and special guest "Germ") take turns answering the mischievous questions of our Cookie Jar. Does Jenna like sandwiches? What's Emma's favorite Pokemon? Is Hunter good at chess? Find out this and more.
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Jenna Ortega, Emma Myers, and Hunter Doohan Answer To a Nosy Cookie Jar | Wednesday | Netflix
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Smart, sarcastic and a little dead inside, Wednesday Addams investigates a murder spree while making new friends - and foes - at Nevermore Academy.


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30 nov 2022




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Federico Crobe
Federico Crobe 5 mesi fa
I’m so happy to live in a world where Jenna Ortega expresses a fervent hate for Dance Monkey
Aimee 5 mesi fa
It's not a bad song by itself. But having it play every 10 minutes on the radio? Let's be real, even the most diehard pop fan would be sick of it after that. Which is sad, because Tones and I is actually really talented and I'd love to hear more from her. That's the main issue with pop really, it's just overplayed and done to death. It's a big part of why I got Sirius this year after just listening to local radio for so long; quite frankly, we need a little more variety on the radio, and I'm quite happy to finally have some good rock stations to choose from because the local broadcaster just does not cut it.
Loki 5 mesi fa
it is bad. i dont know why i just hate it
Paula Luzuriaga
Paula Luzuriaga 5 mesi fa
Dance monkey started coronavirus I’m pretty sure
neath 5 mesi fa
fr i have no idea why i hate it, to the core just like her
kmerjo 5 mesi fa
Ask to seduce Miss
It's funny how sometimes Jenna can't seem to break out of her Wednesday character. I love her quick responses to everything.
Noor 5 mesi fa
Fr she is still in the role
Veronika 5 mesi fa
that´s just how her personaliy is hahah, people apparently compared her to wednesday a lot her whole life, for that reason she felt great being cast as her :D
miki 5 mesi fa
that's just how her personality is! in an interview she said she's been compared to wednesday her whole life
Netflix prolly told her to act a little for this one.. (watch other interviews of her)
Duda Silva
Duda Silva 5 mesi fa
@Veronika but I just watched a 2020 interview of her and she seemed like a totaly different person, she was smiling a lot, talking different, and here she barely smiles. She might have changed since then, of course, but I can't help but think she is acting like Wednesday on purpose (or maybe because she was told to by the showrunners)
Stare At the Stars
Jenna’s smile when Emma said “You have 69 post on instagram” is hilarious 😂
xSxmplyCleo 5 mesi fa
Finally, someone noticed it!
Noah 5 mesi fa
u have 69 likes
Kayla 5 mesi fa
@xSxmplyCleo What does it mean??
xSxmplyCleo 5 mesi fa
@Kayla oh you little innocent person
XtopherMartin 5 mesi fa
I noticed that too 😂😂😂.
mylaxxrosexx 4 mesi fa
I love how Jenna still kind of acts like Wednesday outside of the show. It really makes me happy.
Sirish Sharma
Sirish Sharma 18 giorni fa
It’s just because it takes time for actors to get in or out of their role for a while…it’s completely normal and happens with almost every actor who likes to play their character at a certain depth.😊
mylaxxrosexx 18 giorni fa
@Sirish Sharma well i love that! it shows they really love their role
Eduardo Armenta
Eduardo Armenta 5 mesi fa
Finally someone stood up to that cookie jar. I'm glad it was Jenna too, seeing her channeling her inner Wednesday off screen is all I wanted (well, that and a Season 2 of the show).
Corb 5 mesi fa
arep 4 mesi fa
you’re in luck, it just got renewed
Husky 4 mesi fa
I like you very much.
FaZe-AdamGG 3 mesi fa
lol ikr
SecretSecret 2 mesi fa
143 lol
amelie 2 mesi fa
and then she remembers shes on camera and stops 😭
Mrcoolguy153 5 mesi fa
Sarah Lamb
Sarah Lamb 5 mesi fa
Haha I was just about to comment to see if anyone else noticed I don’t blame her though I would’ve done the same
Mrcoolguy153 5 mesi fa
@Sarah Lamb wouldn’t we all lol
The Greendalewitch
Wait. I didnt notice that. Anyone got a time stamp?
Cy'Yanna’s World 08
@The Greendalewitch 1:41
Fear Drxypo
Fear Drxypo 5 mesi fa
@The Greendalewitch 1:44
Itsezyyyy__ 5 mesi fa
I love Hunter and Jenna’s chemistry irl bc this whole time she looks angry and dead inside then he makes her laugh and it’s kinda cute
spongebob 5 mesi fa
he’s gay btw if you’re shipping 💀
The world revolves around me
@spongebob And married 💀
Anónimo :0
Anónimo :0 5 mesi fa
Está casado💀💀💀
bianca 5 mesi fa
idk about this person but i hope everyone knows that we are allowed to love seeing them together (omg friendship between boys and girls exist) and we dont need to explain every single time that YES we know hes gay and married
Nada banana
Nada banana 5 mesi fa
@bianca I often see people describe chemistry as friendship
Lifegoeson100 5 mesi fa
“I’m so sorry to Pink and her child, this is not about you,” Hunter seemed so sincere 😂 Jenna had beef with that cookie bunny before they even started 😂 And Emma seems like such a sweet soul 😄
Amanda Alves
Amanda Alves 5 mesi fa
What is the song?
Lifegoeson100 5 mesi fa
@Amanda Alves I honestly have no idea 😅, I haven’t listened to Pink in a long time
Blahblah1734 5 mesi fa
@Amanda Alves most likely cover me in sunshine
Nasir Koshin
Nasir Koshin 4 mesi fa
@Amanda Alves I thought it was "Just Like Fire" lol
Mikkele 4 mesi fa
@Nasir Koshin I thought it was "Family Portrait" :)
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis 5 mesi fa
Hunter Doohan is a classmate I had through 7th-12th grade! Such an awesome dude! Great so see how successful he's become!
Kid Wonder
Kid Wonder 2 mesi fa
Wait really?
AdorablyAmanda 2 mesi fa
Lightning4tz Mese fa
Wait for real?
Rahaf Saleh
Rahaf Saleh 5 mesi fa
The fact that hunter's last name means black and percy's last name is white and they are the two sides of the Wednesday love triangle is so hilarious to me
Anónimo :0
Anónimo :0 5 mesi fa
Ellos no estan en un triángulo xd
sillyjordan -quit
@Anónimo :0 they are xD
Tasha S-G
Tasha S-G 4 mesi fa
@sillyjordan -quit Technically no, a love triangle in this would be something like, Wednesday likes Tyler, Tyler likes Xavier and Xavier likes Wednesday. It's Technically a love arrow since both Tyler and Xavier love Wednesday.
Me I
Me I 4 mesi fa
Wednesday's aesthetic is just black and white so... sounds about right
@Tasha S-G Tyler never had feelings for Wednesday, except hate. He wanted to get close to her so he can fool her easier.
Saurock87 18 giorni fa
Jenna reactions are very cool in a few seconds she change Wednesday mood to friend mood. 😂
JoeyWitter 5 mesi fa
The chemistry between the cast is so good. You can tell they genuinely enjoy being around each other and probably got really close while filming
Yatchi Jisung
Yatchi Jisung 5 mesi fa
Rightt I love them so muchh
Vilius 5 mesi fa
Are you joking? Bahahah. They are so stiff and formal here lol
egg 5 mesi fa
@Vilius you need to see other interviews where they talk about other stuff and showed some videos of a party they had together
Vilius 5 mesi fa
@egg I'm sure they are good friends. Just saying that in this interview they did not excuse enthusiasm.
egg 5 mesi fa
@Vilius oh yeah for sure actually 💀
Miss Niya
Miss Niya 5 mesi fa
The way Jenna and Hunter held each others hands so casually at 3:59 shows me how great of a relationship the cast has with eachother it’s amazing
Daily DWD
Daily DWD 5 mesi fa
Or maybe more
LLJProductions 5 mesi fa
@Daily DWD he is gay and married 💀
chaeyoungiee¡ 5 mesi fa
@Daily DWD he's gay and he's married LOL
Funnee 5 mesi fa
@Daily DWD stop your fantasies right there
Random4 5 mesi fa
@Daily DWD Cease immediately. He's gay and married
Henry Buck
Henry Buck 5 mesi fa
Jenna’s smile when Emma said you have 69 posted on Instagram cracked me up😂😂
Susi Valencia
Susi Valencia 5 mesi fa
Same hahaha
Sofix Youtube
Sofix Youtube 4 mesi fa
Also when Emma says "Enid Sinclair and add a few more letters" Jenna smiles and then shakes her head it's super funny
I’m just getting to know Jenna Ortega and I’m starting to think she’s more like Wednesday than I originally thought she’d be. 😂
s 5 mesi fa
in some ways, she is. but overall, she’s actually a cheerful and socially awkward person, that’s why she gets compared to wednesday a lot
Wolf productions
I love how Jenna is dressed kind of like Wednesday would in the black and white and the way she picks up the rabbit in 4:44 it's funny because I feel like that's how Wednesday would pick up a decapitated rabbit
JoeyWitter 5 mesi fa
Hunter holding his breath at 4:58 and being interrupted by Jenna and just going “skin” is so funny to me idk why
Wheein Here
Wheein Here 5 mesi fa
He put his hands down after he was done reading, but he has his hands up when she asks that. Little editing mistake there, cause she probably didn't actually ask while he was doing it.
Wheein Here
Wheein Here 5 mesi fa
I'm guessing she actually asked at 4:56, right after he mentioned the organ. And that's why they cut to the chipmunk.
Sonia Singh
Sonia Singh 5 mesi fa
I died laughing too. Lol
Xbladey 5 mesi fa
It wasn't funny ଵ˛̼ଵ
person 5 mesi fa
Jenna smiling after Emma read, "You have 69 posts on instagram" just makes cackle.
joe bond
joe bond 5 mesi fa
Rohith R
Rohith R 5 mesi fa
Jenna is giving of the "Mom energy" consoling , encouraging and apprectiative of her co -stars
Deon Spates
Deon Spates 4 mesi fa
Jenna's face expressions are priceless!
Peregrine 5 mesi fa
Emma: Charizard! Epic dragon! Jenna: Mewtwo! Powerful reincarnation! Hunter: Sq-squirtle…
princess hibana
princess hibana 5 mesi fa
Samuele Bertolini
He's so me tho 😂😍
Kevin 5 mesi fa
I love the fact that Emma is as colorful as wednesday outside the role
★ tue
★ tue 5 mesi fa
I really admire hunter, his personality is so different from tylers and the part where he got closer to Wednesday and told her that she „had lost“ really scared and surprised me.. I think he deserves a lot more praise for his acting
JoeyWitter 5 mesi fa
His acting skills are insane. Somehow he got us to loathe and love him simultaneously
SHREK LOVER 5 mesi fa
It's so amazing that jenna ortega smiles and her laughs are so cute She's a really good actor to be honest that's what I really think
Madin 5 mesi fa
The way he switched back to his 'good' personality was woah!!! I had to rewind
UItraVice 5 mesi fa
Emma Myers started off being the kind of character I thought was gonna annoy me but honestly her character became one of my favorites. Her smile is just contagious and honestly she could do a great Harley Quinn style smile like none other. Really hope to see her in more movies and shows here on out. Also Jenna Ortega was an amazing Wednesday. Personally her take on it kept really loyal to what a teen version of Wednesday would be. Rebellious yes but still dignified. Great show all around.
Mystical Lad
Mystical Lad 5 mesi fa
She's my favorite character from the show
Ash Eclipse
Ash Eclipse 5 mesi fa
I used to love Jenna's old show stuck in the middle. She was so smiley and cute. After Wednesday you can see that even when their not filming Jenna is so emotion less and doesn't smile much like she used to. She being in character even in interviews is amazing to me.
ERROR 404 5 mesi fa
I didn't even realize they were the same person until they mentioned it on the show 😭 I loved both her performances though!! she's a great actor
Drishti Shah
Drishti Shah 5 mesi fa
She is actually like this in real life, she said she has been compared to Wednesday all her life. She was smiley and cute in Stuck in the middle cause she had to be but this is her true self making her the perfect choice for Wednesday
ᕼᗩᑎᑎᗩ 5 mesi fa
@Drishti Shaham i the only one thats kinda sad that shes like Wednesday 😭 like I expected her to be more quirky happy smiling a lot,yk?
1sa amor
1sa amor 5 mesi fa
@ᕼᗩᑎᑎᗩ personally i like her more like wednesday. cause when she smiles, yk it’s genuine
@ᕼᗩᑎᑎᗩ i like her like this
Lavy the savy
Lavy the savy 4 mesi fa
Emma Myers is the most precious person on earth.
J Mattson
J Mattson 5 mesi fa
I love how she has a total Wednesday moment and smiles when Hunter talks about "people on fire" 😂
Kay MK
Kay MK 5 mesi fa
The way hunter makes jenna laugh 😭❤
Erik Danielson
Erik Danielson 5 mesi fa
Emma and ESPECIALLY Jenna losing their absolute shit over “Hunty” is cracking me up
Emmy Langford
Emmy Langford 5 mesi fa
Not really but ok
Yatchi Jisung
Yatchi Jisung 5 mesi fa
Lmao ikk
liracaaah 5 mesi fa
Brianna James
Brianna James 5 mesi fa
this interpretation has me dead...they didn't find the shit that funny lmao
cigaro 5 mesi fa
i read this comment before watching and i expected more
dazaimaru 5 mesi fa
4:46 the way Jenna wiped her hand after touching the creepy cookie jar 😂😂😂
I love how jenna holds the bunny and its called germ that's so adorable
Nivas jo
Nivas jo 5 mesi fa
I wonder what’s the story behind it.
its ahamster warmie
Justin Langley
Justin Langley 5 mesi fa
Is it just me ? Or does Jenna look absolutely perfect in this video ! Her outfit and makeup compliments her so well 😍😍 I'm in love 🤣
mkdfan 5 mesi fa
This cast is so lovable! I hope they all have huge careers ahead of them.
Jenna Ortega _mi_patrona
How beautiful Jenna held Emma's hands what a beautiful friendship
Aelita Mcgarden
Aelita Mcgarden 5 mesi fa
Jenna roasting Cookie Jar was so funny and right to me XD
BluAru 5 mesi fa
"I want nothing to do with this guy."
Ashanti Loston
Ashanti Loston 5 mesi fa
Peregrine101 5 mesi fa
There was a bit of Wednesday Addams coming trough there.
musk’s first name
“He came in acting like he was all that, like he had all the answers, and he’s been nothing but wrong”😭😭
Kawthar 5 mesi fa
I laughed so much when Hunter said "Hunty"
Emma Papworth
Emma Papworth 5 mesi fa
i love how everyone in the cast gets along so well with each other
we1rdc0re x dre@mc0re
She literally smiled when she says Jenna, you have 69 posts on Instagram. She just smiles🤣🤣🤣
These questions are the definition of “Never let them know you’re next move”😂😂😂
Dai1lest 5 mesi fa
it's crazy how much different Hunter is from Tyler...he is a fantastic actor along of course with the beautiful Emma and Jenna...Emma is just brilliant in her own respect and what she did in the show...all i'm saying is the more and more i see of Jenna the more i just keep falling for her...this cast in general is just amazing Tim did a fantastic job with all of the main characters he chose IMO
JoeyWitter 5 mesi fa
It’s so interesting how Hunter speaks differently when acting as Tyler. He’s so charming on screen and off
Diskode48 5 mesi fa
I saw him in your honor which is way closer to his normal voice here so in Wednesday his voice being like that threw me off so hard LMAO
cswtx 5 mesi fa
yeah his voice is more feminine in real life. he makes his voice deeper in the show.
Diskode48 5 mesi fa
@cswtx ye and it also has a really weird tone to it
Nid 5 mesi fa
Hunter is gay. He has the pitch but he can make his voice more deeper if he really wants.
tosvus 5 mesi fa
Jenna is really staying in character on this one.
O Z 5 mesi fa
I love Jenna’s beef with the cookie jar 😂
YunjiroRP 3 mesi fa
1:44 i absolutely love how jenna smiled when emma said the number 69😹😹
First Last
First Last 5 mesi fa
i love how jenna has a quip for everything that came out of the jar: "I'm vegetarian" "I don't like sandwiches" queen
“And this is Germ” had me dead 💀
Mike Martinez
Mike Martinez 5 mesi fa
lmao jenna breaking character at 1:44 is gold. that smirk 🤣
Fantasy Land
Fantasy Land 5 mesi fa
I thought it was just a smile
Grayson L
Grayson L 5 mesi fa
Saw that too lmao
💙Caty Cat💙
I thought that was hilarious
WizardlyCat 5 mesi fa
@Fantasy Land she was smirking cause of 69 lmao
RolyPoly 5 mesi fa
@WizardlyCat noice
orla 🤍
orla 🤍 5 mesi fa
Jenna smiling after Emma said 69 posts on instagram (1:43) was so funny to me.
Bella 5 mesi fa
Could do explain what it means?
ata m
ata m 5 mesi fa
They did a good job with the casting. Emma Myers was my favourite besides Jenna Ortega. Emma portrayed her character so well.
Madhurhit khamaru
Jenna Ortega, She is just awesome ❤️
Ang Celine
Ang Celine 5 mesi fa
"Keep going your doing great" got me dying,and when Jenna and hunter laughs while looking at each other cute when Jenna laughs it's so cute and after she laughs she can keep the straight face again so quickly
Niyati Vaghela
Niyati Vaghela 4 mesi fa
Man I love the smile and innocent face of Doohan
חיים של אופק
I just love when Jenna said “ keep going you’re doing great “ when she felt he’s uncomfortable 3:54
bella 5 mesi fa
she probably also did it bc she knew what sound he was gonna make lol
Indigo Blue
Indigo Blue 5 mesi fa
But either way, it’s great when a friend helps you and makes you feel comfortable and I think that’s what she was doing to him😊
Sean 5 mesi fa
It kinda almost looked like flirting but he's happily married to a guy so I doubt it. Doesn't mean she might not like him though, secretly🧐
cheesysandwich 5 mesi fa
@Sean he's married already?? damn
ava avocado
ava avocado 5 mesi fa
@Sean Whoa he’s gay? No hate towards him but just shock and thats fine and he’s married already
Jatin Gupta
Jatin Gupta 5 mesi fa
I just love the bond between them, you can genuinely see they love their time together with each other
Will Artherton-Hopkins
I love how she was just acting like Wednesday the whole time 😂
carmenJE tan
carmenJE tan 5 mesi fa
i love how when Jenna said to not say sweet dreams she was like scarred of some sort and quickly grab Emma's hand
SummyNotSummer 4 mesi fa
Germ is just everywhere with Jenna when she’s in that studio.. 😂
Blackbohnster 5 mesi fa
Jenna is half Jenna and half Wednesday here and I´m here for it.
DOGintheHOODIE 5 mesi fa
I like how she tries not to smile like Wednesday. She’s definitely the perfect role of Wednesday.
Stephen Sharma
Stephen Sharma 5 mesi fa
Bruh Wednesday is acting like jenna
DOGintheHOODIE 5 mesi fa
@Stephen Sharma No sh, lol (don’t take it seriously, I’m joking)
Stephen Sharma
Stephen Sharma 5 mesi fa
@DOGintheHOODIE mhm now tell me a way i can watch this without complicated payment procedures and a netflix account as i own no credit cards or a subcription
DOGintheHOODIE 5 mesi fa
@Stephen Sharma Ask google
Stephen Sharma
Stephen Sharma 5 mesi fa
@DOGintheHOODIE too meawch effurt
RobbieMason 4 mesi fa
Jenna must be a method actress . Even though she smiled sometimes she was very wednesdayish this interview
jenna.myfavourite 🤍
I love how at the song one Jenna grabs Emma’s wrist so worriedly 😂
justshotMD Mese fa
Jenna said she would be Mewtwo (not so popular Pokémon) and then she said she doesn't know what Squirtle is 😂 I love her
Wanda Cole
Wanda Cole 5 mesi fa
She is almost in Wednesday character and it's so hilarious.
Cece Acland
Cece Acland 5 mesi fa
I love how the start of the question has the tiniest thing to do with the end of the question😂
Kosmo 5 mesi fa
"If someone played dance monkey, your getting kicked out of the house" never agreed with a statement more than this
iziahh 5 mesi fa
Avery Webb
Avery Webb 5 mesi fa
I totally agree
SudW 5 mesi fa
fr fr
True lol, and also watermelon sugar whatever the fuck it’s called😭😭😭
Janae 5 mesi fa
I like the song tho 😭
Jenna looks so serious in this interview I don't know but I love her way♥️
Lilian Arnold 🏳️‍🌈
I love how in the middle Jenna is just like " *CLANK* sorry" and hunter just waits patiently
Rasmus 4 mesi fa
Its so cute how Jenna takes Germ to the sets🥹
B Cho
B Cho 5 mesi fa
I see many comments about Jenna but not much about Emma so I might as well make one. Emma I loved your character as a werewolf so much in the episode! Hope to see you more on other movies as well in the future!
Now,i get the answer why they choose Jenna Ortega as Wednesday... Honestly, i feel that she just only changed her name for only series...she so good for it and prefect...i can't even imagine any other actresses instead of her 👏🏻
LB Studios
LB Studios 5 mesi fa
Jenna looked like she was trying to act like Wednesday in that video 😂
Derek McAdam
Derek McAdam 5 mesi fa
I guess she promoted Wednesday
pearlstapes 5 mesi fa
She said that she has been compared to Wednesday her entire time and I see why now lmao
Dennis Mallon
Dennis Mallon 5 mesi fa
@pearlstapes 💯 Exactly she is a living embodiment of Wednesday
Rebecca 5 mesi fa
I love her tho
lego3322 5 mesi fa
Its kind of weird bc in other interviews she was fun and laughing, being totally different from the Wednesday . maybe it's the makeup and outfit that made her act without realizing it in this interview. Lol
Three cutie girls
The cast is hilarious 😂😂😂
wednesday addams.
I'll continue to say it: Jenna is *PERFECT* as Wednesday.
Doohanedits 21 giorno fa
The way hunter did the side eye when he read out hunty 🤣
Brittany 5 mesi fa
I’ve never felt so proud to have the same heated hamster as Jenna until now. Godspeed, Germ.
Stranger Videos Edits
Gerrmmmmm YASSSSSSS I love how Jenna always has germ with her in some of these interviews!
CASSIAN 5 mesi fa
Jenna should do a Hot Ones interview with veggie chickens of course, just so we can see her face as the scoville scale goes up. That would be something.
SHAUN GERALD 5 mesi fa
Make it happen @FirstWeFeast
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia 5 mesi fa
Why is “veggie chickens” so cute to me lol
Child of Time
Child of Time 5 mesi fa
Yes I would love that
What i watch
What i watch 5 mesi fa
hot ones is the best
CASSIAN 2 mesi fa
Isabel Marie
Isabel Marie 5 mesi fa
Jenna smirking at the 69 joke is killing me
BUVAN KARTHI M 3 mesi fa
i feel so bad for jenna because she is stuck doing the sad face im glad she smiled
0:41 The way she was holding emmas hand lol 😭❤️
JoeyWitter 5 mesi fa
Wednesday is ICONIC and Jenna is so talented. I love all these interviews
BenjaminK 5 mesi fa
Barbara Ford Barbara take your medication now!
Karlo 5 mesi fa
Jenna always in character as Wednesday even here!!!
楊曜孺 2 mesi fa
Oh my god, their expressions are so funny.
Yezil Calderon
Yezil Calderon 5 mesi fa
Am I the only one who thinks germ is a vibe like he just straight chilling 😌
Tune Squad Jack
Tune Squad Jack 3 mesi fa
Jenna’s definitely in character here😅😅😅
MsAudrey 5 mesi fa
Emma: you have 69 posts on instagram Jenna: *smiles and look at camera then acts like nothing happed😂*
Ceejay ThizzLink Rigmaiden
She takes that stuffed animal everywhere during this promo and it's so cute. I need the backstory on why lol
Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik 5 mesi fa
I didn’t notice but that’s so cute
Joanna Mysluk
Joanna Mysluk 4 mesi fa
We question NOT the presence of the comfort Germ. We WELCOME and EMBRACE the comfort Germ.
same bro
Sofía M
Sofía M 4 mesi fa
Name germ
Vixen 777
Vixen 777 5 mesi fa
Jenna is incredibly beautiful and unique! I love her personality !!!
"Jenna. you have *69* posts on instagram." her smirk is everything 😂😂
Shirou Emiya
Shirou Emiya 4 mesi fa
' Take this guy's head off' just killed me 😂😂🤣🤣
Food Reacts
Food Reacts 4 mesi fa
The Fact Jenna and Emma are my favorite from the show says something, there awesome
Bacon plays
Bacon plays 3 mesi fa
I want to be an actor because of watching Wednesday😂😂😂😂😂
David 5 mesi fa
Jenna really hate that jar.🤣 BTW Jenna comforting Hunter is the cutest thing.
Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega 5 mesi fa
I love when she said “Jenna you have 69 posts on instagram” and then she smirked 😭✋
Small girls Big change (MKLVGVAP Dreams)
did anyone notice when Jenna said her power would be like Mewtwo's, Mewtwo's power is physic and in the show Jenna plays Wednesday who also has physic powers...what a coincidence.
Megan S
Megan S 5 mesi fa
4:47 his face when he reads “Hunty” I’m dying
Kalpana Ghosh
Kalpana Ghosh 5 mesi fa
The best part when Jenna smiled as Emma said "You have 69 posts on Instagram" in and in ITvid like infinity
„ Jenna, You said you wanted to beco- ” *Cookie Jar Noise* „ Sorry. ” Had me dying
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