Jenna Ortega Spills On How She Came Up with Her Viral Dance in Wednesday [Extended] | Tonight Show

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Jenna Ortega talks about making scary movies and working with Tim Burton on the iconic dance in Netflix's Wednesday.

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Jenna Ortega Spills On How She Came Up with Her Viral Dance in Wednesday [Extended] | Tonight Show
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15 dic 2022




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Commenti 7 403
Allie Dodero
Allie Dodero 3 mesi fa
her talking about choreographing the dance scene, practicing cello and fencing, and even making a spotify playlist for wednesday… you can really tell how much she cares about her character and it paid off so much
frank gallagher
frank gallagher 16 ore fa
Wheres her golden globe???
Aaron David
Aaron David 7 giorni fa
ya its all about the art. thats why she on every video for social touting every american company that exists . or wearing wet hair and bras for magazines. she has no say and she wants it that way. yep she cares about art and integrity
Mary Harper
Mary Harper 20 giorni fa
@Goodnight Munchie WHY!
Mary Harper
Mary Harper 20 giorni fa
@Goodnight Munchie WHY.
Elihi Thomas
Elihi Thomas 2 mesi fa
She was extremely good In this show. Can't wait for season 2!!!
Sean C
Sean C Mese fa
Сергей Терехов
Прости если нагрубил тебе.
Mese fa
@Сергей Терехов Okay, no need to be quite that rude
Сергей Терехов
Use a translator
Сергей Терехов
Используй переводчик
yuh 2 mesi fa
She's just so refreshing and pleasant to be around. Well spoken and articulate, humble, doesn't fake a laugh and overall just keeps it real. I hope the industry won't take that away from her. She's gonna be one of the greats
Tune Squad Jack
She’s so humble, cute, and talented. Hearing her talk extensively about how much research she’s done for her character is also very admirable on her part
Proud Liberal
Proud Liberal 2 mesi fa
Some people are just naturally gifted. If you love your work, it isn't work anymore. It becomes infatuation and you lose track of time because of your immersion. This is exactly how I perceive her preparation for this role. She will be a hot commodity for producers and directors for future projects because of it.
DeanoDino 24 giorni fa
No, season 2 is cancelled.
CJC 3636
CJC 3636 Mese fa
I think she's actor level where in 5 years whatever she's playing won't look a thing like Wednesday. And she'll nail that, too.
Alysia Williams
Alysia Williams 2 mesi fa
@Winoa Vivian You know what it really kind of does!! Especially with her liking horror movies!!
Winoa Vivian
Winoa Vivian 2 mesi fa
Seeing her talk on The Tonight Show honestly really it just seemed Jenna was playing herself. She seems much like Wednesday as person as well just with more humor. Tim Burton put the right actress for the part.
Lunchbox Larry
Lunchbox Larry 2 mesi fa
Kind of like Denzel Washington. I don't think he has a worst movie. The guy is plain ol Brilliant
Letícia Miranda
It’s so funny watching Jenna getting praised on her job, she always looks shy and modest about it, even with cast members, when she is literally a genius and deserves all the recognition for it. I’m totally fascinated by her
padtrick keys
padtrick keys 20 giorni fa
Agreed 👍 she's honestly amazing
Absorber 3 mesi fa
bro she’s so well-spoken, love her sm ❤️😭
frank gallagher
frank gallagher 16 ore fa
Seems like all celebs are more well spoken than us common folk. I kno i dont use 90% if the vocab celebs use. I think you have to have like a more than normal iq to even be a celeb
Yorouko 3 mesi fa
@Edwin ummmm are you sure about that 🤨🤨
kevone 3 mesi fa
@Edwin creepy..
Alisha 3007
Alisha 3007 3 mesi fa
aren’t u the guy with the girl voice
4viewing 3 mesi fa
Can’t believe how mentally mature she is. She’s passionate about her work, she puts the effort into it, and she’s got such a clear grasp on the quintessence of the character she’s portraying. Amazing.
Manuel Nunez
Manuel Nunez 3 mesi fa
Jenna listens to The Cramps?? AND she's into horror?? Love this girl. She rocks.
Earl Hollar
Earl Hollar 22 giorni fa
In my opinion what makes Jenna perfect for horror movie, is the way she wears her hair. Along with her makeup and that devious look in her eyes!
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 3 mesi fa
A rare actress in Hollywood. Cares about source material. Along with a great director in Burton. Great stuff.
Jeanette Harsough
She’s so humble and real she’s just someone talking about their job which they obviously love
Dazzling Dexter
Dazzling Dexter 3 mesi fa
This girl did so much work for this role. She deserves an A.
YuSoken Hakxa
YuSoken Hakxa 2 mesi fa
shes cloned.
Emjay Dee
Emjay Dee 2 mesi fa
More than that hehe
Moana Subs
Moana Subs 2 mesi fa
@Jessika Starr mismo, me sorprende la gente que dice todo eso literal " wow, está haciendo su trabajo, es tan increíble merece Un A"
Urooj K.
Urooj K. 3 mesi fa
Piyush kalonia Gamer and vlogs
@他 I also like her she is very beautiful and her acting is way too good I need to watch more of it but s2 I don't know when it will come 😢
Ceroar Mese fa
Jenna Ortega is an incredible human being! It still blows my mind that weird and goth and geek and all these things that when I was a kid were SHAMEFUL and embarrassing are now mainstream and cool. I was obsessed with Tim Burton when I was a kid, especially Betelgeuse, as well as vampires and other things people thought was weird. I even remember convincing myself I was a missing member of the Addams Family that my actual family had adopted to which my mum responded, "if you were adopted we would have given you back!" 🤣 She portrayed Wednesday perfectly and her commitment to the character is unlike anything I've ever seen. She's beyond fabulous!
H!lda Gaming
H!lda Gaming 7 giorni fa
He said he was not a dancer but he danced very well and when he watched himself he was happy he's really cute. ❤😊
nhlpa17 2 mesi fa
This girl is a star. I swear it. She is very talented.
Hearing a young person mention artists like Siouxsie Sioux Lene Lovich Nina Hagen fills me with hope for this generation ! choosing The Cramps was a stroke of genius also loved that she paid homage to the original Wednesdays moves within her routine
mal o muse
mal o muse 3 mesi fa
She's so humble. She's not fazed at all with the hype and fame. Love it.
Shaelyns_world 21 giorno fa
Shes an INFP
VAG_GRIG Mese fa
Don't forget she's an actress, she can pretend anything.
NickyAm Mese fa
Not yet
mkl5126 Mese fa
@Carlos Hernandez I knew her from stuck in the middle
Jason 2 mesi fa
Love her character and how much she researched for Wednesday. No matter who reimagines Wednesday’s dance and the background music..hers is above all others. And let’s give credit to The Cramps which no one else has.
Buster 26 giorni fa
She does Wednesday perfect . And her dance was perfect .
Lunchbox Larry
Lunchbox Larry 2 mesi fa
Not only is Jenna Ortega a Great actress. She is Freaking adorable
connie citriniti
This girl is totally awesome.. Beautiful...talented...committed and super humble... She is going to be a phenom!!
Noodels 2 mesi fa
A legend !!!
Kenneth Turner
Kenneth Turner 2 mesi fa
It was a nice series. Jenna, Burton, and also the entire supporting cast did some great work.
Rea Fajardo
Rea Fajardo 3 mesi fa
she deserves the recognition everywhere, i wish the interview is longer her charisma is so captivating!
Dont read my name! 👍
Welch Productions
What charisma?
Adam 3 mesi fa
@Goodnight Munchie No, if she was black she wood look weird
Paranormal Traveler- Pennsylvania
@cringe sh1tignore them. They’re trying to stir up division and issues
Danny 3 mesi fa
@Goodnight Munchie what on earth is the point of your comment?
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh 3 mesi fa
She actually deserves an applause her dance was superb
Shane Brimson
Shane Brimson 18 giorni fa
You can tell just how passionate she is about her work ♡♡
Matt Lucas
Matt Lucas Mese fa
She's the Michael Jordan of movies. She's a LEGIT G.O.A.T. EVEN AT 20. THAT'S INSANE!!!
Jeen Gyim
Jeen Gyim 2 mesi fa
She’s really good at what she does..hope for the best in her future
BLINKSTERS 2 mesi fa
How she worked so hard for this role, no wonder it became viral
Basicallyabush 3 mesi fa
I love Jenna’s personality, and she’s also unreasonably beautiful and talented.
Alano 3 mesi fa
@Junior Deleon he wouldn't have said no either in the babes Meg Donnelly, you either I think, as if to activate you like in the movie american pie like Jason Biggs did, me either, I wouldn't have said no😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉
Sxrgs 3 mesi fa
@Meowbahhwhy tf u sayin meow? Weird ahh jhit
Junior Deleon
Junior Deleon 3 mesi fa
His sitting there imagining her in his bed That's all😂😂
# PackWatch
# PackWatch 3 mesi fa
Shes pretty talented for a mexican
grimaldo99 12 giorni fa
Wow Bellisima and talented, you cant keep your eyes off of her, they couldn't picked anyone better for that role. She has everything. 😍
Daryl Daryl
Daryl Daryl 2 mesi fa
She is great and we all love her.
Diversos 2 mesi fa
Jenna's expressive expressions when she is praised in interviews give me the impression that she doesn't have the exact notion of the phenomenon that she is. Yes, she has a bit of an introverted profile, but dude... She REALLY good!
lotanerve 12 giorni fa
Kudos for spelling the complete word. Instead of the cringe worthy shortening of phenomenon.
pedro navarro
pedro navarro 3 mesi fa
Jenna is destined for success beyond words ! Her lovable take on Wednesday Addams proves she has it all. She clearly nails the character down !!!! I mean to the core !!!! multitalented and I cannot wait to see what she will do in the future . Such an incredible talent !!!
Azurovydrak 2 mesi fa
Imagine being a goth kid in the 80s, dancing drunk in a night club, doing random disoderly moves, and finding out that 40 years later a global superstar based her viral dance moves off you
Tamla Myles
Tamla Myles 3 mesi fa
I just wanna applaud Jimmy. This interview seems way more comfortable to watch and she seems to be enjoying herself just telling all the stories of her behind the scenes! So glad she came on this show
NYC Mese fa
@rowsan ara oh yeah
NYC Mese fa
Love wednesday
Shantrese 💜
Shantrese 💜 2 mesi fa
@palemoonlight96 o
Petrouska Mosimann
He‘s a creep😳
skipdude37 3 mesi fa
The girl just nailed it.
Free Range Girl
Free Range Girl 19 giorni fa
I definately caught a glimpse of the Shuffle right before they cut away. I jumped out if my seat! I grew up watching the original and i loved that she put that into the routine.
Milos 13 giorni fa
She is amazing. She totally owned the role, and is the best Wednesday ever. And yes there is something about her face, I know what, but can't say because it's not appropriate.
Red Rocks 1983
Red Rocks 1983 3 mesi fa
This young lady deserves to have a long and rewarding career. She's wise beyond her years, attractive, hilarious, a great actress, and an old soul.
Makenzie Skidmore
They way she talks so intelligently about the acting industry I just know she is going to be one of the best actresses of this generation
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 3 mesi fa
The fact of how young and talented she is blows my mind. She deserves the world and the fact that she’s so humble about it
KT Ryushi
KT Ryushi 2 mesi fa
@Dominik Mačuga Some people are just sheep, what do you expect? Most people are followers....
FastFoward Button
She is a good actor really and she will go far in the acting industry, but the hard truth is that she will make it if she sells her soul especially since she has and will have influence over a lot of people.
BxbyCloudii 2 mesi fa
The Soul Crisis
The Soul Crisis 2 mesi fa
@Alan Lee Yep......she reminds me of the amazing and focused actors that want to do GOOD roles and keep politics out of their ventures. That is exactly why her roles and series are bomb for so many people.
The Soul Crisis
The Soul Crisis 2 mesi fa
Talented or hard working, you gotta give props to Jenna for the incredible amount of time, energy, passion, and effort she brought into that role and series! She worked her butt off, just killed it.
Aabid 3 mesi fa
did she really say horror is 'therapeutic' i love her
Jenna is such a lovely and down to earth person. I like that she is articulated and hard work ❤️💖
Gravestalker 3 mesi fa
She definitely has a sense of dignity and not the usual self-entitled narcissism.
Manjusha Sahu
Manjusha Sahu 2 mesi fa
I'm already waiting for 2nd season!! She is Amazing👏
Raghav Pathania
Raghav Pathania 26 giorni fa
My prediction is that she will win an Oscar in the very near future
fallonswife 2 mesi fa
Love how jimmy always talks about something personal, instead of just one thing. Jenna Ortega did so well in Scream and Wednesday aswell❤
Farzan Hashmi
Farzan Hashmi 3 mesi fa
The thing I just realized is that some people find Jimmy's enthusiasm fake and whatever but it really hypes up a guest if not in terms of praise then in terms of talking more and more about the show. Jenna looked shy and very straight to point and by the time we came to the dance part, she was going all in with the details of the prep work. I loved that
Angel Wings
Angel Wings 2 mesi fa
Yep he is fake
Farzan Hashmi
Farzan Hashmi 2 mesi fa
@yourcouplehighlights thanks for this !
loudaddy2001 2 mesi fa
@Tyrus Charles what-T-F are you on about!?
Rafaela G
Rafaela G 2 mesi fa
Even if he's "faking", he's kinda fake it till you make it", i mean it's not really faking but a habit of his, he just know how to hype himself and his guests . This is why he got his job
She really killed it as Wednesday--took it to a whole new level.
Roshill 3 mesi fa
Really wanted a full reboot of the Addams family but, she did put the family back on the map. With the effects of today they could've gone bonkers with their Castle.
Donald DeGaetano
I watch the Addams family when I was a baby it’s a nice spin off. She nails it
Mohammad Sh
Mohammad Sh 2 mesi fa
Jenna was really extraordinary and made the show special 👏
moviedetective303 19 giorni fa
She has incredible work ethic.
Kr 3 mesi fa
she's so humble and well spoken, I hope the hype doesn't freak her out too much
M.C.Martin 20 giorni fa
@Euphrasie Polly She was more like a “light famous” but she’s massively famous
NightBlazeX 3 mesi fa
@JustSkum Yeah I know that. Been watching her since the little rascals. But still, a lot of people don’t wanna be idolized
Euphrasie Polly
Euphrasie Polly 3 mesi fa
I mean, she's already been in a lot of famous movies before wednesday. She's also was already famous before wednesday. So she'll be fine.
JustSkum 3 mesi fa
@NightBlazeX nah she's been an actress half her life she said, she'll be fine
narsaku canada
narsaku canada 3 mesi fa
Hey all, I want to share a few experiences I've had.
KitKat 3 mesi fa
Anyone gonna talk about how absolutely beautiful her new hairstyle is
Hggf DC bn
Hggf DC bn 2 mesi fa
Felix speaking Italian makes me laugh so hard even when his pronunciation is on point
She’s so humble! Go, Jenna!
Sheila 2 mesi fa
Jenna is WONDERFUL as Wednesday Addams. Her portrayal and delivery are perfect.
Brill8 Debate
Brill8 Debate 2 mesi fa
I love the dance 👌 I don’t know how she kept a straight face…great actress! 👏👏👏
KhylisTheory 3 mesi fa
For her to research "Goth" in the 80's and how they moved and danced, speaks volumes pertaining to her work ethic. She definitely deliverd! She played this role 👉 "The Best It Could Be Done" 🏆👏
SoppingClam Mese fa
@Badoing which would have been provided by the many teams working on the show. A perfect list of suggestions and people willing and able to perform any function for her. . not to take anything away from her ability to perform on demand
Badoing 2 mesi fa
It really doesn't "speak volumes about her work ethic" researching for a role is one of the very basic things that all actors do.
Zepyrus-G 2 mesi fa
@Santiago Junca Don't chat with people who just randomly spout offensive stuff like this with no context. Either report or ignore them and move on with your day. They're looking for a reaction, not a conversation.
Santiago Junca
Santiago Junca 2 mesi fa
@niggatron I think you must be thinking of a different conversation
Lekiam Smoo
Lekiam Smoo Mese fa
I think Jenna is gonna be a great actress! One day win a Oscar probably 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
seeia 2 mesi fa
jenna is so talented , I can watch her talk all day, I’m happy to know that I knew I her since yes day, she’s so down to earth and she’s one of my favorite actresses 🫶
Luis Sabathie
Luis Sabathie 2 mesi fa
Mesmerized by the dance. It’s her eyes that make her hypnotizing.
Ana Melendez
Ana Melendez 3 mesi fa
the way she dedicated herself to this role is impressive
Petr Fiala
Petr Fiala 2 mesi fa
I don't know if there is any award for the people who do the casting. But whoever found Jenny and Emma for the show, who are an absolutely amazing couple, deserves such an award.
fia 3 mesi fa
Jenna is definitely going to become one of the best and most iconic actresses ! (guys chill i’m not comparing her to anyone, it’s my opinion stop being mean in the replies)
I 💖 Stranger Things
@IceSpiceDaily ikr
Lilly J.
Lilly J. 3 mesi fa
Don't listen to these people being negative for no reason in the comments. I agree with you. She has the potential to become one of the greatest. She loves acting and has been working hard since she was a little kid to get here. People see her on a netflix show and think she got famous overnight and is "overrated", when she's been doing this for years. People can't stand it when someone reaches this level of success, so they always have to try and bring them down. Happens to everyone, not only Jenna. Well, sucks for them, because we'll be seeing a lot of her in the future! Shes extremely talented and just got nominated for her first Golden Globes! She's only getting started :)
Mike High
Mike High 3 mesi fa
Damn y’all some haters 😂
UAreShort 3 mesi fa
@barbielivinginthedreamhouse aint no way bruh💀
Mars 2 mesi fa
Jimmy basically fangirling over her is the sweetest most endearing thing ever!! ❤️ Anyone who says his enthusiasm is fake needs to rethink that lol
Just a Villain
Just a Villain 3 mesi fa
Imagine coming up with something on the spot and even that little spec of talent that you put in goes viral. What a gem of a human.
Doors GamePlay
Jenna Needs A Oscar For Best Actor
Kay 3 mesi fa
Honestly the dance made me watch this movie and I absolutely loved it
Dodoka Leech
Dodoka Leech 3 mesi fa
Its series
Angelo s
Angelo s 2 mesi fa
Me enamore de Jenna como me enamore de Millie Bobby Brown 😍❤️‍🔥
☆luv 3 mesi fa
She was the most perfect person to play Wednesday her blank expressions and acting was amazing and shes genuinely such a sweet person
Hilda T
Hilda T 3 mesi fa
At 207 likes
majourpayne 3 mesi fa
I promise those expressions and her eyes is what got me hooked on the show
Lovey 2 mesi fa
Jenna is so talented! I can't wait for another season of Wednesday!!!!!!
Sandeep Kamath
Sandeep Kamath 3 mesi fa
Jimmy making her feel comfortable is good
shubhangi bhaskarwar
She is so humble and down to earth …..in such a young age….this maturity …wow😍
Joe Legg
Joe Legg 3 mesi fa
She is on the way to becoming an A-lister actress love her in Wednesday she killed it.
Kiki Dee
Kiki Dee 2 mesi fa
She is is incredibly hard working. It's not just about her being talented - she EARNED her amazing performance through all of her research and dedication!!
LonelyDriver 3 mesi fa
Jenna Ortega’s acting was so good in Wednesday, Wednesday the Character almost seems like an entirely different person to Jenna it’s almost like it’s not even her, And just a completely real other person apart from her, Jenna Ortega is such a Phenomenal Actress and will win a Oscar in the future she’s so insanely good and gorgeous.
Cycling God
Cycling God 2 mesi fa
@backinblack She is very different to most actors like clint eastwood who play the same part in every film , just with different lines.
backinblack 2 mesi fa
Well put. It is striking how different they are. Which says a lot for her stellar acting.
Cycling God
Cycling God 3 mesi fa
Most actor's like Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson , play the same part in every film which suggests that they are just playing themselves. Jenna though quite clearly does act, and well , as becomes a completely diffferent person.
Rajah Macaumbang
@Meowbahh "lol meow" most cringe shit I've ever heard, kids nowadays bru
nessie 3 mesi fa
@Meowbahh You think you can act better than her?
srivers1000 3 mesi fa
Just watched Wednesday and she killed that dance. The show was really good.
Seeker64 3 mesi fa
I've always loved anything to do with Tim Burton, so I was eager to watch the Wednesday series, it surpassed my wildest dreams and that was due to the superb performance of Jenna, talented, beautiful, this girl is a true star, Netflix simply have to make a 2nd season!!
The Notorious N.O.E.
She wasn't even fake about it. It sounded like she really did her homework in researching bands and dances
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva 3 mesi fa
Ela foi fantástica!!
Zero Garden
Zero Garden 2 mesi fa
She really is playing this role with her life ! I like her very much, she has her own personality and ideas. Especially the kind of concentration when playing the cello, let me be there! Thank you Jenna Ortega
TN 3 mesi fa
she's one of the few actress that can pulled off looking scary but beautiful. :) her acting is perfect on Wednesday. to think that she's not even a seasoned actress yet is beyond wild. I'm looking forward to more of her work.
Dont read my name! 👍
J Mika
J Mika 3 mesi fa
@Jordan Storm cope harder
Jordan Storm
Jordan Storm 3 mesi fa
@J Mika Ortega is not going to sleep with you
J Mika
J Mika 3 mesi fa
@Jordan Storm and you have no real friends
Jordan Storm
Jordan Storm 3 mesi fa
Nahhh she couldn't deliver convincing enough Wednesday lines. She pulled off the face and the dance wasn't bad.
William Mese fa
I have to agree, she totally rocked out Wednesday!
Devon Cox
Devon Cox 3 mesi fa
I really think that Jenna is really a fantastic actress and I also think she did a great job as Wednesday and her short hair is pretty ❤
tinglytingles ASMR
I love Jenna. She's so bright and hopeful and she doesn't let fame take over. 🥰
Mrs MR
Mrs MR Mese fa
Love this show and how he tries to make people comfortable ❤
LibraAndPisces Productions (Crush on the 80s)
Jenna - you made an entire legend from all your sleepless research for this dance. A sincere thank you for your effort.
Sajal Jaiswal
Sajal Jaiswal 3 mesi fa
I love how Jimmy is completely fangirling over Jenna and she can't take a single compliment without getting awkward.🤣 Gotta stay humble. Absolutely love her personality.❤
Brent Stewart
Brent Stewart 3 mesi fa
Oh he was so obviously simping. But hey, if I were gonna simp for someone, Jenna would be at the top of my list too.
Sarah Leidhold
Sarah Leidhold 3 mesi fa
He seems flustered 😂
stephen wood
stephen wood 2 mesi fa
She really is fascinating. I hope she has a long career. You can tell that the audience is hanging on her every word
heresheis 206
heresheis 206 3 mesi fa
I knew about the Addams Family back when it was an animated series on CN. I also watched the Addams Family movie. I'm so glad they casted Jenna Ortega for this role. She did a great job. And she's so naturally beautiful and looks great with dark makeup.
apope06 2 mesi fa
She looks like shes 12 because shes so tiny! But shes actually 20 years old. But what impressed me here is she is a true artist who does research and fully understand and appreciates the history of her art.
Caligiuri Callidus
That's literally how every dancer became a dancer 💚
Trina TotalBeauty
I loved her in the show ❤
Witchyqvfx 3 mesi fa
She’s so well mannered, and I love the way of her talking, it brings charisma and she’s well spoken. Love how much she describes with one sentence.
Witchyqvfx 2 mesi fa
@Stuff sorry I didn’t understand??
Stuff 2 mesi fa
3:06 ???
Witchyqvfx 3 mesi fa
@Meowbahh 💀
Samantha Venhaus
@Meowbahh you're obsessed
Alex Torres
Alex Torres 2 mesi fa
Jimmy is the best talk host, he makes everyone so comfortable and feel good!!
After this series she became my favourite actor and specially in this series she became my favourite character and when I'm watching the scenes again and again it feels something new for me and I never get tired of watching them:)
Frank W
Frank W 2 mesi fa
Jenna was brilliant Wednesday was the perfect role for her !!!! Can't wait for season 2
no 3 mesi fa
i’m glad she’s getting more recognization again, she’s truly so amazing
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Bro ascended 👁️👄👁️ #comedy
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