Jenna Ortega Spills On How She Came Up with Her Viral Dance in Wednesday [Extended] | Tonight Show 

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Jenna Ortega talks about making scary movies and working with Tim Burton on the iconic dance in Netflix's Wednesday.
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Jenna Ortega Spills On How She Came Up with Her Viral Dance in Wednesday [Extended] | Tonight Show
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15 dic 2022




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@absorber Anno fa
bro she’s so well-spoken, love her sm ❤️😭
@realixx9375 Anno fa
@kk-if1hu Anno fa
you’re everywhere lmao
@meowbahhyt Anno fa
Jenny Ortega is cringe and her voice is yikes lol meow 😺
She's my wife back off
@RT4_30 Anno fa
Yo broo ! What you doing here !! 😂🤣 Last time I saw you was in the faze5 submission lol
She was extremely good In this show. Can't wait for season 2!!!
Season 2 is comingggg.
@@earlvillaros631 in nov. 2024....
@@user-de9ws1tb1jyea right 😂
@ini9558 Anno fa
@@user-de9ws1tb1j fyi it's coming on 23rd jan 2023. stop misinforming people on the internet.
@@ini9558 It is the best joke for today))))
@yuh5960 Anno fa
She's just so refreshing and pleasant to be around. Well spoken and articulate, humble, doesn't fake a laugh and overall just keeps it real. I hope the industry won't take that away from her. She's gonna be one of the greats
She’s so humble, cute, and talented. Hearing her talk extensively about how much research she’s done for her character is also very admirable on her part
@gantz0949 10 mesi fa
Humble? Ru serious? Hard to work with
@Jackattack359 10 mesi fa
@@gantz0949 and where is your proof of that?
@Jackattack359 9 mesi fa
@@gantz0949 as expected, you got nothing. Shoulda guessed it
@earlhollar1906 11 mesi fa
In my opinion what makes Jenna perfect for horror movie, is the way she wears her hair. Along with her makeup and that devious look in her eyes!
Love her so much. She's like the Johnny Depp girl version and her dance is stupidly hilarious but I'm loving them. She's really good at what she does. I hope she'll be given the Best Actress Award.❤
@Strobaaa 5 mesi fa
Thinking same here.
@jimmydaddo9357 3 mesi fa
She kinda looks like the fem version of Johnny
@alliedodero Anno fa
her talking about choreographing the dance scene, practicing cello and fencing, and even making a spotify playlist for wednesday… you can really tell how much she cares about her character and it paid off so much
The spotify playlist is amazing!!!!!
@@user-ej7zw2lm8y DO YOU HAVE IT??
@FaithHailey Anno fa
@@user-ej7zw2lm8y link?
Imagine if she was black 🚬🤔
@@goodnightmunchie my man where did this come from what
Some people are just naturally gifted. If you love your work, it isn't work anymore. It becomes infatuation and you lose track of time because of your immersion. This is exactly how I perceive her preparation for this role. She will be a hot commodity for producers and directors for future projects because of it.
@@samusiran2243 Understand context. Understand the English language. There are 267 thumbs up from people that understand the intent of this post. But for the people, like you, that lack critical thinking skills, let me clarify. She was complimented entirely within the realm of her dedication to her craft and for her professionalism. Never once with reference to her sexuality or gender. It is YOU that made this connection and it shows where YOUR head is at. Not mine. Your lack of observation and comprehension is EXACTLY why there is a brewing "anti-woke" movement in America. A movement I don't necessarily agree with, but people like you make it easy for me to understand why. People, like you, that search for reasons to be offended. Small, petty reasons that don't exist anywhere else except for within your head. I suggest you learn a new word today. Look up the definition of Semantics.
@@samusiran2243 Just stop. Quit playing victim after your "super cringe" comment. It is extremely revealing of your fragile self-perception. Regardless, internet bullying does not suit you because at the first moment someone fights back you melt like a snowflake. The more you talk, the less convincing you are.
@@samusiran2243 Too funny. It isn't a measure of support. It is a measure of reading comprehension. And you failed. Don't fret. I would say that there are numerous people "worldwide" that would fail at it as well.
@@samusiran2243 Twist yourself into more logic pretzels. As if I believe that English is the only language, yet here we are having dialog in........ENGLISH. A dialog that I grow weary of. In all honesty, I think YOU are cringe worthy. Not joking. Have a good life being offended at every little thing that you cannot comprehend and compounding the problem by making yourself look like a fool with feigned internet outrage.
@@samusiran2243 Your false equivalency is revealing. A reply isn't a counter argument. It is simply a reply. I don't give participation trophies for simple replies as your counter arguments are nothing more than a tossed word salad of confusion. There is no "yin and yang" here. There is simply your inability to comprehend basic composition.
Hearing a young person mention artists like Siouxsie Sioux Lene Lovich Nina Hagen fills me with hope for this generation ! choosing The Cramps was a stroke of genius also loved that she paid homage to the original Wednesdays moves within her routine
The fact that she’s heard of these singers is wonderful.
@Ms0rtega 6 mesi fa
Her acting was actually the best I’ve ever seen, you can tell by all the work she put in, learning the cello, fencing and more. It’s so obvious how much work she put in and she deserves so much!
This girl is totally awesome.. Beautiful...talented...committed and super humble... She is going to be a phenom!!
@noodels4383 Anno fa
A legend !!!
This girl did so much work for this role. She deserves an A.
Respectfully, that's what all good actors and actresses do and that's what makes it a job. Things have come allot easier for the newer aged "celebrities" we see now a days so when we see someone actually doing what they are supposed to be doing, people tend to glorify it, but to me, this is the "norm" I grew up with artists like Michael Jackson and Prince. I love to see Young talent like Jenna actually put in work, it's refreshing to see. 😊
@@OfficialJessikaStarr lol please give examples of newer actors having it easy and not putting in the work. You just made that up to bash the newer generation. Examples please, I'll wait...
@ohFitZz Anno fa
@@daisysfield5456 Stranger things cast lmao
@OfficialJessikaStarr I love MJ too my favourite idol.
@MrCerir Anno fa
Jenna Ortega is an incredible human being! It still blows my mind that weird and goth and geek and all these things that when I was a kid were SHAMEFUL and embarrassing are now mainstream and cool. I was obsessed with Tim Burton when I was a kid, especially Betelgeuse, as well as vampires and other things people thought was weird. I even remember convincing myself I was a missing member of the Addams Family that my actual family had adopted to which my mum responded, "if you were adopted we would have given you back!" 🤣 She portrayed Wednesday perfectly and her commitment to the character is unlike anything I've ever seen. She's beyond fabulous!
She’s so humble and real she’s just someone talking about their job which they obviously love
There is a tiny moment in which you can see her doing The Droop (the original Wednesday dance) if you know what to look for. Also, regarding her eye contact during the scene, I saw a comment on the video that said, "It's like she's dancing _at_ him, rather than _with_ him." I thought that summed it up perfectly. By the way (spoilers) if you listen to the lyrics and pay attention to the scene, the self-description in "Goo Goo Muck" applies both to the vampire DJ _at_ the dance _and_ the boy she's there with.
I think it's a reference to the era of the original Addams Family back in the 60s when the show first appeared in black and white. https //itvid.net/video/video-F3jnymeJof4.html However Wednesday as a child in the 1960s did I think a different dance from the same era though Goo Goo Muck also came from the era.
@@WinoaKaronhiatens You are correct. Unfortunately, whoever edited the scene cut in and out of that dance move so quickly that it's barely noticeable. I just love that she worked it into the scene, even if it's only visible for a second.
@TransGuyShane 11 mesi fa
You can tell just how passionate she is about her work ♡♡
I just wanna applaud Jimmy. This interview seems way more comfortable to watch and she seems to be enjoying herself just telling all the stories of her behind the scenes! So glad she came on this show
@meowbahhyt Anno fa
Cringiest interview ever Jenny is so bad
@Joker-zc6fj Anno fa
Yes. It was one of His best Interviews because Here he seemed genuinely happy to have her there and interested in her. That's Not always the Case.
Hot former disney starlet? Of course fallon is interested. Probably in the worst way.
Yeah that Kimmel interview was a tough watch unfortunately
@@stevenlopez1255 omg absolutely.
It was a nice series. Jenna, Burton, and also the entire supporting cast did some great work.
I love Jenna. She's so bright and hopeful and she doesn't let fame take over. 🥰
Not only is Jenna Ortega a Great actress. She is Freaking adorable
@VaderJ818 Anno fa
Love her character and how much she researched for Wednesday. No matter who reimagines Wednesday’s dance and the background music..hers is above all others. And let’s give credit to The Cramps which no one else has.
She really is fascinating. I hope she has a long career. You can tell that the audience is hanging on her every word
I love Jenna’s personality, and she’s also unreasonably beautiful and talented.
Unreasonably indeed
@meowbahhyt Anno fa
Jenny Ortega is none of those she is like 4 ft lol meow 😺
@@meowbahhyt ???
@@meowbahhyt lmao tf
@ogmaxi-- Anno fa
@@meowbahhyt My Little Peachy Cub...Meow.
@buster6063 11 mesi fa
She does Wednesday perfect . And her dance was perfect .
It’s so funny watching Jenna getting praised on her job, she always looks shy and modest about it, even with cast members, when she is literally a genius and deserves all the recognition for it. I’m totally fascinated by her
Agreed 👍 she's honestly amazing
@larryw1279 10 mesi fa
@Leticia Miranda - You should listen to her on the Armchair Expert podcast. She has very big self esteem issues and doesn't watch her own work. It was fascinating to listen to.
Excellent interview they have perfect chemistry
@anasshahid224 9 mesi fa
Jenna Ortega was amazing in Wednesday, super excited for season 2 👏👏👏👏
How she worked so hard for this role, no wonder it became viral
@kiikat Anno fa
She is is incredibly hard working. It's not just about her being talented - she EARNED her amazing performance through all of her research and dedication!!
@nhlpa17 Anno fa
This girl is a star. I swear it. She is very talented.
@reaboo17 Anno fa
she deserves the recognition everywhere, i wish the interview is longer her charisma is so captivating!
@Zareyizn Anno fa
you can watch the full interview on his show
@reaboo17 Anno fa
@@Zareyizn i did but the interview is still short hahaha
@meowbahhyt Anno fa
Jenny Ortega is cringe she can't act lol meow 😺
@@reaboo17 wood you say that if she was black 🚬🤔
What is her natural hair? I think in wednesday her hair was painted. And at this tonight show to!
Jenna's expressive expressions when she is praised in interviews give me the impression that she doesn't have the exact notion of the phenomenon that she is. Yes, she has a bit of an introverted profile, but dude... She REALLY good!
@lotanerve 11 mesi fa
Kudos for spelling the complete word. Instead of the cringe worthy shortening of phenomenon.
@merkinat0r Anno fa
did she really say horror is 'therapeutic' i love her
What an amazing young lady. A truly bright future ahead...
She actually deserves an applause her dance was superb
Super talented and dedicated actress! Her future is so bright tbh!💯
@fia7953 Anno fa
Jenna is definitely going to become one of the best and most iconic actresses ! (guys chill i’m not comparing her to anyone, it’s my opinion stop being mean in the replies)
Nope the cast of henry danger is better
Calm down
@EclipsTV Anno fa
Giving her way too much credit there bud.
Guys calm down she only became viral because of this little trendy dance she’s talented but people seem to be overhyping her right now.
Was already liking her....but fell in love when she mentioned Siouxsie and the Banshees :)
@marijayc Anno fa
When he mentions TikTok at 4:00, would’ve been hilarious if she repeated her line, “I find social media to be a soul sucking void of meaningless affirmation.”
She's straight killing that role.... so proud of her. Every time somebody shows a clip, I have to look it up and watch the whole thing......amazing. .................GRIM
She’s really good at what she does..hope for the best in her future
She is great and we all love her.
She's so humble. She's not fazed at all with the hype and fame. Love it.
she is in show business since shes a kid
Devil worshipper
@some4319 Anno fa
Of course she's humble before Merlina nobody knew her XD
@Petetherip Anno fa
Humble? Didn´t like her attitude at all...
@pearnn01 Anno fa
Love how jimmy always talks about something personal, instead of just one thing. Jenna Ortega did so well in Scream and Wednesday aswell❤
Lol.. Shows my age,but the "Original " Wensday's dance was Epic watching it growing up, but Ortega is Great too !
@segaman5668 Anno fa
Jenna, приезжай в Россию, мы тебя любим♥️♥️♥️🤗🤗🤗
@skipdude37 Anno fa
The girl just nailed it.
@jo7449 8 mesi fa
Jenna Ortega as Wednesday was absolutely BRILLIANT..... Can't wait for season 2
The thing I just realized is that some people find Jimmy's enthusiasm fake and whatever but it really hypes up a guest if not in terms of praise then in terms of talking more and more about the show. Jenna looked shy and very straight to point and by the time we came to the dance part, she was going all in with the details of the prep work. I loved that
I find it weird that he calls a 20 year old stunning
I don't get how anybody can think Jimmy is fake he's been fangirling fanboying over everyone that is genuinely a fan of
@Imxel21 Anno fa
@@spencerklein9410it’s not that deep
@@spencerklein9410 she is stunning, Spencer! It doesn't have to be weird. I'm as straight as an arrow, and have ZERO issue admitting if another man is attractive, even to my GF! I imagine there's something in you that makes it uncomfortable for you, and I'd recommend lookin in to that, if I were you. Jus my 2 cents 🙂
Am I the only one who imagined "The Thing" right after reading the first two words of this comment?) Lol
As a goth, I appreciate her taking inspiration from Siouxie and the Banshees for her dance.
I loved her in the show ❤
@S4suKe24 11 mesi fa
He said he was not a dancer but he danced very well and when he watched himself he was happy he's really cute. ❤😊
She is amaziiiing im in love with her
@mrs.usa2022 Anno fa
Love this show and how he tries to make people comfortable ❤
Jenna Ortega’s acting was so good in Wednesday, Wednesday the Character almost seems like an entirely different person to Jenna it’s almost like it’s not even her, And just a completely real other person apart from her, Jenna Ortega is such a Phenomenal Actress and will win a Oscar in the future she’s so insanely good and gorgeous.
@meowbahhyt Anno fa
Jenny Ortega is cringe no she made Wednesday so bad lol meow 😺
@gm.8805 Anno fa
@@meowbahhyt okay troll
@@meowbahhyt Not you writting on every comment becouse you don't have attention at home... 🤡
@kosaft Anno fa
@@meowbahhyt how many hate comments you wanna write please.💀
@nicatina Anno fa
@@meowbahhyt You think you can act better than her?
She is so humble and down to earth …..in such a young age….this maturity …wow😍
I definately caught a glimpse of the Shuffle right before they cut away. I jumped out if my seat! I grew up watching the original and i loved that she put that into the routine.
Love you Jenna n jimmy ❤
I love the dance 👌 I don’t know how she kept a straight face…great actress! 👏👏👏
@dab4035 Anno fa
The should definitely cast her to play Joan Jett
Jenna Ortega is genuinely a very nice and amazing person, love her so much.
@meowbahhyt Anno fa
Jenny is cringe you mean lol meow 😺
@@meowbahhyt you’re obsessed
@@rakelrail4909 this meowbahh is everywhere
@awesomball Anno fa
@@meowbahhyt who are you bro💀
She’s a dumbass
Loved her acting since her role in "You"
@ddome1991 Anno fa
She is so stunning omg, I am obessed with her!
OMG she's beautiful.
@user83719 Anno fa
i’m glad she’s getting more recognization again, she’s truly so amazing
@mastmonja Anno fa
I'm already waiting for 2nd season!! She is Amazing👏
@TN-ow7yd Anno fa
she's one of the few actress that can pulled off looking scary but beautiful. :) her acting is perfect on Wednesday. to think that she's not even a seasoned actress yet is beyond wild. I'm looking forward to more of her work.
@meowbahhyt Anno fa
Jenny Ortega is cringe and her face looks scrunched lol meow 😺
Nahhh she couldn't deliver convincing enough Wednesday lines. She pulled off the face and the dance wasn't bad.
@jmika5984 Anno fa
@@jordanstorm7684 and you have no real friends
@@jmika5984 Ortega is not going to sleep with you
@jmika5984 Anno fa
@@jordanstorm7684 cope harder
Wednesday all day! 🔥🏆🥂
@LordEskay Anno fa
Jimmy making her feel comfortable is good
@gaumuc5125 Anno fa
Không đế ý lời ra tiếng vào và tôi vẫn quý cô ấy nhiều
@anuhyasayya Anno fa
I love how she choreographed the Wednesday dance so 🤌
@ajithkohli7106 9 mesi fa
She is amazing 😍😍😍 she did amazing work in Wednesday ❤❤❤I love her facial expressions and reaction.
For her to research "Goth" in the 80's and how they moved and danced, speaks volumes pertaining to her work ethic. She definitely deliverd! She played this role 👉 "The Best It Could Be Done" 🏆👏
She watched the queen of all Goths (before the genre was born) Siouxsie Sioux
A lot of us lived that. I remember disco from the 70's too. There were girls in my class doing that to 78's in 2nd and third grade back in 78-80.
@niggatron I think you must be thinking of a different conversation
@Lazarultos Anno fa
@@santiagojunca4600 Don't chat with people who just randomly spout offensive stuff like this with no context. Either report or ignore them and move on with your day. They're looking for a reaction, not a conversation.
@badoing7390 Anno fa
It really doesn't "speak volumes about her work ethic" researching for a role is one of the very basic things that all actors do.
Her outfit!!! SO in love with it.
@youparejo Anno fa
I absolutely love her fashion choices since she has been promoting Wednesday
Cant wait for season 2😆😆😆
@DarylAnnDeRoche 11 mesi fa
Jenna - you made an entire legend from all your sleepless research for this dance. A sincere thank you for your effort.
I seen this interview live when it came on NBC and it was the first time I seen Jenna Ortega and I fell in love. I went straight to Google search on my phone and wanted to know more about this beautiful woman. Next I started seeing the dance vids and really thought it looked quite unique. LOVE YOU JENNA!!😍💖
@luvusm111 Anno fa
She was the most perfect person to play Wednesday her blank expressions and acting was amazing and shes genuinely such a sweet person
@majourpayne Anno fa
I promise those expressions and her eyes is what got me hooked on the show
@hildagruss Anno fa
At 207 likes
That ending was definitely worth the waits
@indrabora8575 10 mesi fa
She's so mature and talented....I like her😌♥️
@jon87583 8 mesi fa
I was already super-impressed with how she, well, crushed her role as Wednesday - such a fun and complex character. Even more impressed now - Jenna is so well-spoken, poised, not full of herself, and likeable, too.
@srivers1000 Anno fa
Just watched Wednesday and she killed that dance. The show was really good.
That's literally how every dancer became a dancer 💚
I love how Jimmy is completely fangirling over Jenna and she can't take a single compliment without getting awkward.🤣 Gotta stay humble. Absolutely love her personality.❤
He seems flustered 😂
Oh he was so obviously simping. But hey, if I were gonna simp for someone, Jenna would be at the top of my list too.
@meowbahhyt Anno fa
Jenna Ortega is so cringe she has no social skills lol meow 😺
@Silva-il3wi Anno fa
Amazing Young Lady!!!! God Bless her!!!
She absolutely nailed Wednesday, she’s extremely talented. Tim Burton needs to do more work with her.
She’s so humble! Go, Jenna!
I loved this show!! She rocked that dance. When it started, I was like, "Oh s_ _t! This is funny as hell." The whole show is awesome...GREAT JOB!!!
you see the shuffle for a split second - but I can tell you nailed it!
The dance scene was just so refreshing and took place at the right time in the season. Wednesday comes off as this sullen teenager with some very niche skills like fencing, and the cello, and archery, but she's been refusing to show too much of herself to the other Nevermore students. When she finally cuts loose, it reminded everyone that she is not a wallflower, or some shy character who is standoffish in social situations, she commands that dance floor by parking herself and her date right in the middle of it so she can show off, just like how her parents Gomez and Morticia would have done. Being a fan of dance, and a dance student for years, hearing Jenna list off her inspirations for the choreo she put together made me smile! She took some very quirky and iconic dance styles and made them feel new and exciting again, without breaking character for a second. Everything she drew from was totally in keeping with the Wednesday Addams we've known for decades. Bold, subversive, unique, a touch of humor, and totally entrancing. There's a good reason why so many people are drawn to that scene from the show.
Settle down loser
She is the Katniss Everdeen of Nevermore. She is a lot like Jennifer Lawrence in terms of her skill set.
She stole that dance from she's all that
@@geoffreyharris5931 That's a good comment. I heard JL was nominated for an Oscar for an early role, so I watched the movie, and could see she was exceptional. I feel the same way about Jenna. and the touches she brought to the Wednesday role. Her walk improved from the opening high school scene where she swung her arms and wore high heeled boots. Her pithy laconic comments. I think she smiled once in the whole of Wednesday. I'd like to see her in a straight dramatic role.
@@geoffreyharris5931 she is BETTER in every way.
@thanie7090 Anno fa
Ей всего 20 лет, совсем малышка) А уже звезда.
@lcruz8432 Anno fa
She’s the frickin cutest! I love her outfit!
I love you Jenna❤❤ 🇧🇷
Jenna was really extraordinary and made the show special 👏
she’s socially intelligent, she so well spoken and never gives short answers
She's so talented!!! She deserves all that recognition 👏🏼❤
@meowbahhyt Anno fa
Jenny Ortega is cringe she deserves a nine to five job lol meow 😺
@AnnaF33 Anno fa
She is terrible actress ffs😂 yall find everything is viral, talented
@catmixo Anno fa
@@AnnaF33 omg trying to special and quirky gtfo outta here I didn't watch the show but I love her dance
@AnnaF33 Anno fa
@@catmixo stfu idiot. Ofc im special coz i don’t like what all the sheeps like.. yall make everything viral, stupid americans
@neilmch Anno fa
I loved the show. I am so Looking forward to seeing the next season.
@mars7612 Anno fa
Jimmy basically fangirling over her is the sweetest most endearing thing ever!! ❤️ Anyone who says his enthusiasm is fake needs to rethink that lol
I think Jenna is gonna be a great actress! One day win a Oscar probably 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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