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When Jennifer Lopez wrote ‘This is Me...Then’ she had just met the love of her life: Ben Affleck. After much public scrutiny and an engagement ring, the two famously called off their wedding. Now, 20 years later, Jennifer Lopez is married to Ben and sitting down with Zane Lowe to discuss her upcoming ninth studio album ‘This is Me…Now’.
J Lo reflects on the conversation behind the title of the album 'This Is Me...Then', which spawned the hit "Jenny from the Block" and captured the chapter of her life where she met her soulmate. In a wide-ranging conversation, she discusses the uncanny experience of writing the future of her love story with Ben, feeling most musically inspired when she is in love, facing heartbreak publicly, and reuniting with the love of her life.
‘This is Me…Now’ is Jennifer coming from a healed perspective and wants to let people know how in love she truly is.
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00:00 - “This Is Me… Then”
10:10 - Relationship with Ben Affleck
17:45 - Break Up and Self Love
29:27 - Recording New Music
38:39 - Representing Latino Culture
45:22 - “This Is Me… Now”
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"If you at times like me lost hope, almost given up - don't. Because true love does exist" - as if JLo knew that I needed to hear this
@vc5472 Anno fa
I cried when she said that....hit me to my core!
Yes true love does exist. It’s if your lucky enough to find it, and it be the right time.
This gives me some hope still, since I am still single and 65 years old now. I love her positive outlook on life, really do! I still believe in true love, am a hopeful romantic myself, too!
@Dan-di9jd Anno fa
@@bettyekey3781 I’m nearly 40 and already know I’m going to die alone. I’m a bit surprised you’re at 65 and still think you’ll find someone. By then I think I’ll be more worried about mobility and staying healthy than finding some love that would probably abandon you right when you’re sick.
I don’t know who the interviewer is but it’s really refreshing to see an interviewer who seems like a friend and a fan
This dude's interviews are amazing. Almost like therapy.
@souel2428 Anno fa
I love her, her mindset, her strengh and determination. She's an amazing woman and artist, such a source of inspiration
You should get a better role model.
@ashrafjulies 9 mesi fa
❤ I love to I can eksplan how mats I do😊
Don't kid yourself, this is NOT unrequited love. But an exhibition of possessive behavior; the idea of wanting to posses an individual for selfish reasons without regards of consequences or impact of disrupted feelings of others. That No-care attitude; of ' I want that' and I'm going after it no matter what - or who it hurts! Like a stubborn idea! Very childish and out of line !
Best interview yet. She is amazing constantly saying the love of her life referring to Ben. Wishing Jen and Ben to grow old together.
This was so inspiring to me. Jennifer’s transparency and humility is so rare in Hollywood. Her passion is so raw and how Ben inherently fans the flame so she can become the Phoenix so to speak is such an inspiring love story. I love it, I love how Zane was so connected to her experience. What a well done interview. Thank you
Zane done such a great interview and good that their friends to as we got to hear about some of the pain men have put Jlo though.
She's addicted to him.
Dr Jenn I am additive to my husband to it called true loved.
One of the most honest and vulnerable interviews she’s ever done. Can truly feel her pain, love, and joy.
YES!!! exactly! I'm so Happy for her!!!!
Yes..i'm so happy for her💚💚💚💚
Oh my goodness yes most vulnerable I ever seen her like this.
Wow she said that for 18 years after breaking up with Ben she struggle to find true loved after they broke up the first time. So basically saying Marc Casper and Alex were not her true loved but it was always Ben was her true loved. I heart broke when she said I felt like I was dying when me and Ben break up and ended their engagement. Crazy now Jennifer back to her true loved. So cute that till this day Ben knows all the words to the songs from this me then.
She's at her most vulnerable because she's getting tired of believing she has found "true love" just to realize that it's over. She's much older now so to be proven wrong yet again would be devastating to her. She's had multiple marriages where she felt she had found her "happily ever after"...only time will tell.
@Nazaba09 Anno fa
‘Oh my god!’. The internet ABSOLUTELY BROKE when these two got back together and I love that they felt the love. Soooo happy for them. ❤
Yes so special that they felt the same loved when getting back together that they had 20 years ago. I think Jlo ex Alex hated Jlo getting all the spot light that why he would agree to go on all these talk shows to make him self famous again lol.
I love how she just opens up to the interviewer like he’s a friend so she’s not holding back. You can see she is completely letting out all of her true feelings.❤
@eliza6470 Anno fa
Oh...100%..." I am real"...
He's the best interviewer!
@Nazaba09 Anno fa
Like she said, she doesn’t know how else to do it. She’s an actress but not a liar.
No she’s a liar who puts on a good act!
Can't stand her! Never practice wat she preaches,,.about TRUE LOVE.. DON'T KNOW THE Meaning of it
@stacynp90 8 mesi fa
Obsessed. I will always root for these two together. True love exists.
So will I Jlo and Ben have shown us true love does it exists. Unfortunately with Alex I felt like she was settling and Alex the last few years of there relationship only wanted to be with her for the fame and attention he got from dating someone so famous like Jlo now aka Mrs Affleck.
@OMich-jb6fw Mese fa
We were so fed up of them 20 years ago. But they proved us wrong! ❤
@ZEBEEtheoriginal 26 giorni fa
Wow I would never sit for this long to watch an interview with a celebrity, as I kept watching, I couldn’t turn it off. Easy, natural, vulnerable, truth, determined, strong. I love hearing any person finding their self and their self love and transformations psychologically and mentally. Well done Jennifer and so happy for you. Wish you the best of luck in this next chapter. 🌸🧡💜🙏🏽🙏🏽 It was like watching my friends talking on my balcony lol, I could’ve watched more. Also the interviewer was so cool and easy and understanding to talk too. ❤
I don't know why I can't help but just warm up to her every time she speaks. Her answers just always seem really honest. She doesn't contribute anything to genetics or blessings or miracles or being God's favourite... she just tells you what she does to make things work in her life, whether it's related to work, doing stunts, family, love, beauty. Something about her is just really honest and genuine and it's really inspiring. She actually makes happiness and success look attainable. Of course some of it is luck, but never all of it. I kind of wish she'd talk more about her and Ben and how they know they're right for each other. As you get older, that becomes harder I think to define - what is 'the one', what is 'true love', when love has so many forms and shapes?
Probably her most raw interview, she sounds like everything shes saying is being pulled straight from within her soul. She sounds like shes gonna cry at certain parts but not from sadness, from pure emotion. This is me… then was one of my fav albums ever produced so im so hype for this next one
@gl3936 Anno fa
Exactly. She got these moments were she wanted to break down in tears like if she is still in disbelief that her happily ever after came true and she’s really with the love of her life. This is the most honest raw interview she does, where she’s actually speaking from the heart.
Yess I was crying and smiling the whole time
@Nazaba09 Anno fa
I did hear in her voice she sounded like she was gonna cry. I was BAWLING so she can go right ahead.
@SusanM. Anno fa
I wanna cry for her lol I’m so happy for both her and Ben ,
This new album is a "need!" I love her albums!
I think we're all really happy for them because we've seen the whole journey. She's obviously a very passionate, emotion driven person. Some of the things she's been through could have broken a person like her. Thankfully her children came along and held her up to keep building and here we are.
Nice interview! It came with the flow very natural, it's like two friends talking in their backyard and we all are just listening. Happy for Jennifer, her whole family, friends and staff. Keep going girl! I hope their marriage is forever and the media can leave them alone and let them be.
I am really happy for them to.
I am so happy for them to.
She is SO relate able! Beautiful, successful, rich but yet with such a real and raw quality that you feel her emotions and find yourself cheering her on and wanting her to WIN always. Like many of the characters she portrays...an underdog that we fall in love with! Now that she found true love I can feel she is peaceful, happy and complete. Thank you Jlo / Jenny from the block for sharing your journey with us...not just the good parts or the bad part but all of it with a vulnerability that connects us in a way that we all want to hang out with her. God bless you Jennifer. You renewed my faith in finding my true love at any age it's never too late for my own love story with a prince and happy ending. 💋💞💃🕺👑♥♥
@mjg1708 Anno fa
Really! Are you really thinking this way
@@mjg1708 what's your point?
@mjg1708 Anno fa
@@susanheller4532 asking how can you think that way! She’s an entertainer in a very much out of this world lifestyle, her daily anything is def not relatable to anyone. She’s an actress in much denial always trying to just look good, and for herself to make money! Do you do the same and your love story is like hers? Get real up there relatable is a joke with such a woman that is so over rated already
@@mjg1708 you are entitled to your opinion as am I. She is still very human and has gone through heartbreak as many of us have. Money doesn't buy happiness. Yes, she has a better closet, cars, home, bank statement and experiences than most BUT she hasn't been lucky in love. She said she felt like dying when they broke up and struggled for 18 years to find love. There are many in Hollywood as well as athletes, high powered execs and other professions that can be financially successful but emotionally broke or depleted. She seems happy now as I have seen sadness in her eyes in the past in spite of all the trimmings. I believe she's worked hard to get where she is and she appears to be a giver. The comment right below mine by Elizabeth Y said.. One of the most honest and vulnerable interviews she’s ever done. Can truly feel her pain, love, and joy." ." I can definitely relate. At least to what I see or believe. Maybe we just need to agree to disagree. Curious...what about my comment bothered you enough to respond the way you did?
@elle782 Anno fa
I have the same sentiments! i could feel her pain, endurance, sadness and joy in this interview. It’s really not easy to be viewed as an underdog by others and to constantly prove ur seat in the table requires so much will power. Respect, love and happiness is what she truly deserves 🤍
Loved, loved, loved this interview! I remember seeing JLo perform with Marc Anthony in concert when she was pregnant with her twins (before she had announced her pregnancy). She is the consummate performer! Everything she did in this interview makes so much sense. She was fortunate to find her love of dance and music so early in her life. It's been a great focus for her and that big, open heart of hers, grounded in reality. I know what she means about keeping that little flame of hope alive for that ultimate dream of one's best life. I'm about to jump off towards my dreams, with the biggest belief in myself and my raw abilities. Wish me luck, JLo! I think YOU are my spirit animal!!! Lol! You inspire me to keep going! Thank you!
I have loved J.Lo since I was a little girl and I just love her more and more as time passes. THANK YOU to Jenny from the Block for being the inspiration we all so desperately need and for powering through till the very end. Love you girl, everything you stand for, and that you finally get your happily ever after.
@pascale110 Anno fa
I love the fact she’s so passionate and optimistic about love itself. I truly hope for her and Ben to last this time around. I know she really loves him, it’s obvious.
I've got together with my husband 17 years after we first fell in love. And I was only ready for it after I learnt how to really love myself. She's so right in what she says. You have to love yourself first.
Omg tell us more! Also what? Didn’t you got through so many heartache? 😢
@@brooklyn3299 I did. I was in very unhealthy relationships and was a victim of domestic violence. Meanwhile my now husband moved on with his life, got married and had 2 children. But we both think we are now in a better place for each other than when we first met.
I can so relate!! I was 18 then and she was 26. We got together recently. I'm 64 and she's 71 💕💯💕 Never give up 💕💕
@Nazaba09 11 mesi fa
I don’t believe you have to love yourself for others to love you. People have trauma and people should love you anyway. You don’t just love someone when they’re perfect.
Very wise things said there but you misunderstand us. Not that people don’t love us, more like we’re not open to being loved (not in a healthy way). When you love yourself, you know how you should be / deserve to be loved and you won’t settle for anything less. Emphasis on “deserve to be loved” because personally I always thought I didn’t deserve my husband.
This interview was so beautiful -- the comparability between interviewer and interviewee. Jen is being her introspective self, while Zane is perceptive -- made for a fuller and more enjoyable conversation. Also, very tactful with her words, that Jen!
@kimberd5399 Anno fa
Without a doubt, the best celebrity interview I've ever seen. They both BRAUGHT it. I truly love her and am so genuinely happy for her. But you really don't even need to here her say it. You can see how in love she is just by her face.
Her most raw and honest interview ever. I was always a fan, and seeing her finding her way to Ben again, and being so happy just warms my heart. 🥰 Thank you for this conversation, Zane. An hour flew right by!
@saraspano Anno fa
Love JLO and Zane Lowe is the best interviewer I've seen in a really long time. He is able to get these incredibly iconic people to completely let their guard down and have a relaxed and intimate conversation. Bravo!
In 2002 I fell in love with my best friend, the love of my life. When the album “This is me…then” came out I was able to relate to that album. My dream came true and I married my best friend and my name was changed to Jennifer Lopez. That album I cherish and describes when I fell in love, married my best friend, my one true Dream came true and this album always takes me back to that moment. And what a trip when I took his last name I am now Jennifer Lopez. I love this album, Thank you Jennifer Lopez for capturing a memory that I will forever remember and can always be taken back to that moment that feeling and emotion that I will never forget. You have no idea how thankful I am for this album as we both fell in love with our soulmate. THE ONE… ❤
This is how a diva should present...humble, passionate, honest. Can't wait for the tour. JLo just keeps getting better and better.
@momogi8519 Anno fa
Amen, Amen, Amen. She is genuine. One can feel all her emotions, especially the love she expresses for Ben. It's an incredible story to find your true love after going their separate ways, 20 yrs after. I wish her forever success, may her love with Ben last a thousand years.
Would love to see her live. When’s her tour?
Definitely not humble look how she treated shakira
@@katebetancourtclc8527 did something set her off? I think JLo was to do her own performance, solo. For some reason that did not happen. JLo is a big enough star to have her own stage imop.
@lykn6929 Anno fa
@@swissplatinumrubygold7132 But are her vocals really near Whitney Houston's tho!!😬
One of my favorites interviews with her . She’s glowing since they got back together . ❤ waiting impatiently for .. This is me , now ..
@RubyADiaz Anno fa
I really felt her in this interview!! I love Jennifer Lopez then & Now!! ❤
i love this!! The story of her and Ben falling in love and then coming back together🥹And the way she talks about being inspired by that love! So deep and beautiful❤️
When Jennifer talks about her heartbreak from Ben 20 years ago, it literally puts tears in my eyes! I was so excited and happy they got back together 🥰
It’s sad though that they have had to go through other marriages and divorces and had children. I wonder what they think and their ex partners.
@Nazaba09 Anno fa
She talks about self love but I think Ben is the one who had to learn that. I think he felt threatened by her back in the day and had to get to a place where his ego wasn’t in the way. He now loves and accepts her for her, knows who he is with and the ride he’s on, and he’s like ‘I love you so I don’t care. Let’s go’.
Me too 😍🥰
I love to keep in touch American people American people are nice .I love to keep in TOUCH WITH AMERICAN MODLERS
Well soon we’re find out on Feb 16th and hopefully what really went down between her and Alex finding out his true colours God exposing him in Covid time and giving Jlo back the love of her life Mr Ben Affleck.
This interviewer is such a great person he is truly listing to her n doesn’t see her as the artist but as a person who’s had it bad n good and supports n understands her so well❤ such a beautiful video
I love how anytime she talks about Ben she lights up and can’t stop smiling😊
Yes I notice it to her face light up when she talk about Ben and indeed can’t stop smiling.
Same! I’ve never seen her light up this purely with any other man! I’m so happy for her!🥹🥹❤️❤️❤️
Her face did light up when she spoke about Arod and called him her soulmate and true love. This is just the most recent example of her and there are many many more before that where her face lit up calling her then man the love of her life.
A lot of people face this light up when they talk about their abusers called Stockholm Syndrome
@@louisedemello9994 yes,because she was truly in love in those relationships but with Ben it’s a whole different aura.She can’t even keep a straight face when his name is mentioned and it wasn’t like that with Arod.Also…if you look back on one of her old interviews she did say she believed that you can have more than one soulmate but ultimately I believe that Ben is that for her.
JLo's voice is so soothing. I can hear her speak all day. ❤️
She and her exx
Traducir en español
@amgooder Mese fa
​@@estelaaleman3225dijo que eres chismosa😂
I love her so much. She's truly an inspiration and this interview being so open and vulnerable is motivation for all of us. I'm so glad to see her and Ben find their way back to each other. I don't get caught up in celebrity relationships and break ups but their love was so big and overwhelming that you couldn't help but see it and my heart broke a little when their relationship it ended. As hard as relationships are for us regular people, I can't imagine having a successful relationship in the celebrity spotlight.
I love Jennifer Lopez & her honesty. I’m hoping that she & Ben will stick it out forever this time. ❤ you go girl!
That was one of the best music interviews ever. All interviewers should aspire to this kind of thing. Man she is so so inspiring . To be open about LOVE
Through the years she really shows me how amazing she is as a woman, she really surprised me through her journey, I love her mindset, I love her determination and passion
I love this interview so much that I've watched it three times already. One of the best interview of JLo ever.
@tiffany9616 Anno fa
Some facial expressions can only come to life when there is real emotion. I can see the heaviness in her eyes when she talked about how her relationship with Ben impacted her long ago. Bless her heart.
@Katie-bt2nt Anno fa
I really love Zane, I watch all his sit-down's even with artists I'm not particularly interested in just because he makes me interested in them! He is such a thoughtful interviwer, he asks real questions that make you see the actual person not just the singer/band. Not to mention he has voice as smooth as honey and i could listen to him read a phone book! Great job Zane, we got a really honest conversation, great to see J Lo back 🙂
@bronnyd Anno fa
I was just thinking the same thing! Personally, I'm not all that interested in J Lo (don't dislike her, I've just always been kind of neutral about her) but I loved this conversation. He's a great interviewer.
Gotta love Zane! Best interviewer♥️
@mlz5268 9 mesi fa
These were her deep emotions being shared. She inspires me. Shes so dedicated to everything she does and an amazing person. Love her! I'm so happy for her and Ben. Thank you for being an inspiration to the NY Ricans/Puerto Ricans. So proud of you
@AD-um9kc Anno fa
Jenn, you're such a soulful being. I deeply admire your courage because you consistently move towards the things that scare you - that are even painful - and you do it in spite of the fear. That is the definition of courage. The work shows - you glow. Congratulations on your reunion; I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together.
Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous person but this video is so open & honest it takes her beauty inside and out to a higher level. The vulnerability is so intense it's written all over her face . A total romantic , an honest love who found her soulmate twice
There was real content in this interview! Loved it! She has so much character! Extremely happy for her! I want to hear the now and then music!
It is really, really, REALLY interesting how everything fell into place for Ben and Jen to get back together in time for the twentieth anniversary of the album that was the celebration of their love the first time. It almost feels like Fate. I love them together. I love HER. 💞💓
😂😂😂😂ritual can we here bens truth
@@Drakefangirl 🤫🤨
I loved Bennifer Jennifer and Ben make a great couple my favourite couple true loved.
@nn-oe3vh Anno fa
It’s a PR stunt and a ritual y’all
@@nn-oe3vh it’s a classic twin flame template. Separation for years or decades leading up to reunion.
I love her. As much success as she has had, she is still Jenny from the block. So authentic, real, and so naturally BEAUTIFUL inside and out.
@Ddiakova Anno fa
I grew up listening to her music and seeing her transformation into this amazing woman just inspires me to be like her in a sense that I too am a woman, I too am a mom, I too am a creator (although not musically) and I too love and am authentic with all my heart. This interview felt so real and raw, especially the moments when she talked about recording the new album. You could feel her passion through and through! Amazing interview, thanks for making it ! ❤
@Azwad Anno fa
I had never seen her so heartfelt in her conviction. Congratulations and God blessed.
This interviewer is exceptional. His empathy, vulnerability, how articulate he is, he's so great!
@AK-xl7xz Anno fa
@la_jefa_j 11 mesi fa
I’m in love like that right now at 26 and he came back. I know he’ll never let go. When I listened to that album I could relate to how she felt so much. He’s truly a manifestation of my dreams ❤
@verar7060 Anno fa
I normally don’t watch celeb interviews, but this is definitively the one that got me to watch to the end. It reflects the essence of life, what we need to go through and what we need to do to get to where we truly need to be. It’s what it means to live authentically from the deepest part of our heart. I hope this inspires millions of people. Much love to her and an amazing interviewer. ❤🙏🏻😇❤️
Well said true love has its little turmoil but it could come to u..
same here....Watched till the end
@a_martin Anno fa
I'm thinking in the same way as she is telling it, and I have a feeling today's world can not understand what is truly said❤️
@hyun808 Anno fa
She needs to honestly recognize all the wrongs she took part of during her music career with Sony like how she assisted with Sabotaging Mariah and stole vocals from black singers... she should've formally apologized. Even though Mariah did say that was more courtesy of the musical director , she was still part of it and she still stole vocals and agreed with it.
@kelyerose Anno fa
@@hyun808 if you are referring to Ashanti situation irv gotti has already addressed this in many interviews. Jlo didn't steal any music the song was given to diddy for jlo and diddy, irv and jlo never denied Ashanti doing the background vocals for jlo in that 1 song and Ashanti was paid for her involvement. In the music business songs are written and sold or given to the artist that is why some artist use ghost writers. People ( bc they dobt like jlo) are always trying to say jlo has stolen this song or is a diva but people that have worked with her or for her says she is the hardest working and nicest person that have ever met. How did she sabotage Mariah? You can't believe everything you read online.
This interview was THE BEST! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2015">33:35</a> was so cute. Not going anywhere... we're rocking until the wheels fall off energy! I love that for her! She's been so transparent through the many iterations of her life and I adore it.
This is Me Then was my favorite album of hers. I have been listening to it for the past 18 years! I always though it was completely underrated especially since I was a fan of the producer, Corey! And yes, this is a great interview.
Loved this interview. Love JLo. Soooo happy she and Ben found their way back to each other
This was a great interview! I really enjoyed it. I am so happy for Jennifer & Ben! God bless them!
Oddly, I had listened to the “This is me Then” album tonight and shared it with a bestie. He had told me it was weird I sent it to him because Jlo is releasing a new album. I was explaining to him how you could hear her love for Ben in her voice with the original album and why it was so important to her. And now to hear how I explained it to my friend, come from Jlo’s mouth is just 🤯. I called it when I was a kid. I always knew they were soulmates and they’d find their way back to each other ❤🙏🏽. I wish y’all the very best!!!
@ivette638 Anno fa
I remember when Ben explained that every time she was alone he was with someone and viceversa and I was keeping track because I knew she was his real love.
@@ivette638 Sounds like an excuse from his part. She was married when they first met and THAT didn’t stop them the first time.
I totally agree with you. I was left with an emptiness when they broke up. I couldn’t understand why it affected me so much being that I don’t know them personally. But it did. They were young and inexperienced in handling the pressures of envious, cynical people when they saw their love, one could say. I’m 63 years old now, I’m glad I lived long enough to see their new and stronger connection. The break up was painful, but this new chapter more than makes up for it. 🥂🍾🥂To true love!❤
@ivette638 Anno fa
@@picilocarnal I am 66 and already read about there being trouble, but now I know better, too
Such a beautiful album this is me then and as you said you could hear in her voice the love that she had for Ben back then and the whole album being about her love for Ben. Now 20 years later there back together and again inspire by the love that she has for Ben this second time round and writing another album this is me now again all about her relationship with Ben and the loved that she has for Ben.
@val445 Anno fa
Loved her ‘then’ love her ‘now’ 💕
Very inspirational. Thank you for being survived and making it happen, and of course, thanks again for making everyone believe a happy ending is TRUE. We love you, Jlo.
This was a truly amazing interview it was open and true and very caring, she learned to really love herself again and become stronger for herself and her children . It's beautiful and a very Happy ending. I'm glad they found their way back to each other again and finding their true love. Love it congratulations and I'm so happy for you both .xoxoxo 💗 ❤️ 💖 💕 ♥️ 💜 💗
I loved This is Me...Then. I loved her energy. This interview makes me a huge fan. I can relate. I realized the love of my life was at 23 and we were on and off for a good decade maybe more with tons of heartache mixed with joy and happiness. We ended up married and still are 17 years.. A life long story. I feel connected to her after watching this and cannot wait to hear This Is Me Now.
This is me my favorite Album hearing how Ben help her with the name for the album was beautiful moment in the interview and Ben knowing all her songs. Arod only knew dance on the floor.
I know I met the love of my life 10 years ago and it wasn’t the right time for the both of us but I have never ever felt so much love towards anyone ever again ….when me and him parted ways I thought I was going to die and i felt so so empty and broken ….10 years later I still feel crazy about him even tho we haven’t seen each other in that long we only talk and a lot has happened in those 10 years but I believe he is the love of my life and if we’re meant to be we will be ❤
This is why I love JLO! She's always poured her heart out in her work. It shows too! She never backs down from the hate. She keeps it moving. Still a fan, over 20 years later!
@momogi8519 Anno fa
This is why the World loves J.Lo. She's the really deal. Love her.
haha she’s so phoney
@@mauraodonoghue4115 keep it moving, hater......
@@mauraodonoghue4115 Nop...
Two people in the same career. There will be immense competition and jealousy. It has NEVER worked before, why should it work now? This is a big time BUSINESS ARRANGEMENT!
I was holding back sobs this entire interview. I don’t usually watch celebrity interviews but this one had me from the short reel I found on TikTok. JLo I love you!!! There was something SO amazing and nostalgic happening when I found out you and Ben were back together. I cannot even explain it. I’ve been silently (and really unconsciously) rooting for you two ALL THESE YEARS!!! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU. AMAZING INTERVIEW!!!!!
Same here when cheating rumours after cheating rumours with her ex Arod i thought enough ready. God just give her back Ben he will take care of her love her for who she is won’t used her. Even her Mum pray for 20 years for her to get back with Ben which means Jlo mum never like Jlo dating Alex Marc or Casper.
A great interview could watch over and over again.
Beautiful! This was a fantastic interview. Very honest & inspiring. This is what I appreciate about her- more than even her art but, her willingness to be so transparent/vulnerable so that others may benefit, too. We’re all flawed but, when we’re willing to be honest with ourselves these flaws help us grow into who we’re really meant to be. I’m so happy for her! Thank you for sharing a part of your journey with us! Life is a journey! God Bless you! 🙏🏼
I'm happy for her and I wish her the best 💞✨ The entertainment industry has destroyed a lot of people over the course of her 20+ year career. Glad she's still here and shining ✨
@chnkymnky05 Anno fa
No wonder I love that album...we all deserve love to the fullest!!!!!
@Veronhamtea 5 mesi fa
I love how relaxed and raw at the same time. So true do the work I am trying too. I am still married to the love of my life 20 yrs. Even though we have never separated or divorced we need to do exactly what she says “do the work, you both need to do the work”. The love is there we need to open our eyes and be present in every aspect. ❤
I loved “this is me….then”. I remember buying the CD back in high school. Zane is such an engaging interviewer! He really brings sides out of artists we often don’t get to see.
What’s not to love about her? She’s awesome in everything she does….music, movies and love. Staying honest to yourself is the key to love. I’m happy for her.
"When I sat by that hospital bed, You were worthy". This song has literally come into my life the hour I needed it most. My wife Melanie of 5 1/2 years was killed 6 months ago after shots were fired at our home, one of which struck her while she was reading a bedtime Bible story to our 6-month-old. I now find myself a single father with two daughters (1 & 2 1/2 years old) at the age of 26. But despite the immense pain/loss I feel, I know God is good, faithful and worthy to be praised; even when I don't understand it. So instead of cursing or blaming Him, I choose to be like Job, saying "The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord". This song is beautifully written and a wonderful reminder to never stop singing His praise!
I am so grateful this interview popped up on my feed! I needed to hear this! Thank you JLo for reminding us that hope and true love are real and do exist! ...and on with the work ✌💪
OMG she brought tears to my eyes, "you can get there, if you do the work, you can get to somewhere amazing." I felt that. I am so happy for Jennifer!
@monalisa5460 9 mesi fa
Never give up, and love yourself. Wow, I love her! She is my biggest inspiration on love and life. This interview is everything and I'm glad I stayed till the end. Zane is also amazing. Great interview. In her story I imagined it one day being one of Hollywood's greatest love stories movie and I will fall in love again and again.
Her voice is shaking ,she’s so honest and real ! If she only knows how much respect and love we all have for her🥰❤
Love her so much
One of the.most honest , open hearted, real conversation I have seen lately ..💜 thank you for sharing !!
@joytothew0rd 9 mesi fa
This is the most realest, most sincere interview ive ever heard. I love JLO!!!
I love this interview. Real. Raw. I feel the genuine passion. I feel excited for this new album❤
I am obsessed with this woman, not in a creepy way. She has remained genuine and humble in every way.
@perrieargent9997 24 giorni fa
With a new outfit every hour and rampant materialism being her thing, she doesn't fit the bill of 'humble' in my books. I like her, she's stunning, but her model of living is really a bit crass.
@kelyerose Anno fa
Some of these comment's are comical, bc I don't understand how people can dislike someone they don't know personally. I love to see everyone( celebrity or not) winning and succeeding. If more people spread more love,positivity and kindness the world would be a better place!
I have always said Ben was the love of her life. I'm so glad they got a second chance, so many people think that just because she married other people and had children with another man that automatically means she never loved Ben. Wrong. I'm here to tell you that, even though I had children with someone, the love of my life was not the father of my children. It happens to so many people. If you get a second chance at true love, you are blessed. I'm so happy for them, I know they love each other truly. Anyone that's been following Jlo's career, can clearly see how affected she was with their break up.
That makes me so sad though.. Not being with the love of your life.
That’s the story of my life.
@r.m.90 Anno fa
Agree but people thought it meant she never loved the men she dated and married after the break-up with Ben. I think they are soul mates. JLo loves love but she has never showed the same level of pure love for a man the way she did with Ben. He is something special and different to her.
True true. I have to agree. No man affected Jen the way Ben did. I was always sad for her.
Gabrielladarling Please don't ever let your children know this.
@lgunton4108 Anno fa
I love how real and emotional she is.
This interview felt like warm hug :) 🔥❤🔥
I grew up listening to Jlo and still love the songs!!! Proud of her as a Latin woman, glad her love story had a happy ending 🙏🏼✨🥹💖
Thank you for sharing this authentic, pure, conversation. I love that she shared the creative process of the new album and I relate to how she feels about her children and their ear. It's important to listen and hear them. I feel the same about my 30 and 24 year old. Their insight is important and rewarding. I'm completely happy for her and her journey. Now I'm going to listen to her entire last album and excited to listen to the new as well.
@maggief1851 Anno fa
I love this woman so much;her drive, passion, charisma, and hard work.
Her voice in constant “im about to break mode” is so honest. Never seen her so open about her pain and reflective ❤❤❤
This is what i have missed about music artists the BODY of work and the meaning behind the project just releasing singles doesn't cut it because you don't get the rawness and the full story. i cant wait for the album
That was an amazing interview ! I'm so inspired, I'm going to put my laundry away now . Then ,I'm going to dye my hair . Then ,I'm going to get my clothes ready for tomorrow. Then, I'm making lunch for tomorrow and beans for the week. This weekend I'm going to work and make alot of money on my deliveries.
I have watched this more than 3 times . This is amazing . Looking forward to her album
@mimi-xj2xl Anno fa
I’m so so happy for her! She deserves happiness ❤
@livs1313 Anno fa
Her message was super inspiring. Love how she is authentic and real. I wish her nothing but the best for her and Ben and family.
@nyxiebaybe8141 11 mesi fa
I love this album i still sing those lyrics to this day❤🎉
Wow this is the most amazing and candid interview I have ever seen. Jlo you're a super strong 💪 woman despite all you have been through emotionally you're still here . I admire your fate , courage and sense of judgement . Am so excited about this interview cos it has re-awaken my fate and hope . Hugs🥰😘 ❤️ from Nigeria 🇳🇬
@getit5196 Anno fa
Amazing interview... Jennifer is Amazing.. thanks for sharing. Happy New Year 💖🎉
@EN-li8jg Anno fa
At this day i don’t know how are people who wish bad for Jlo, she’s one of the most inspiring hard working women out there that’s admirable, dint know why back then why people got mad with the relationship she and Ben had, these are people human beings who felt deeply, so happy for them now that they manage to reconcile and be at last happy and complete with each other. Amazing interview. Love you Jlo you make us puertoricans very proud. I’m fan since I saw you in Selena, my boyfriend now hubby , gift me that album with the Still perfume❤ go guurl you’re doing amazing
I'm only halfway through but I really resonate with this conversation. Crying actually. Great conversation.
@Anduaful Anno fa
I can listen to her for days and never get bored. Funny, authentic, brave... such a special human being. ♡
This is the best interview she's been done
This interview is amazing. The interviewer is really great!
This made me smile. The two back together makes me smile.
Love is what you make it, and it takes two to make it work. Sometimes you give your whole heart and it works out great but for others maybe, it's the guys we choose, probably we put too much on the chopping block, maybe they aren't ready for commitment or they just want to play around and miscommunication in those playing around, is the downfall for those who want a commitment. That's what hurts is the amount of yourself that you put in, just to end up broken hearted again, but that doesn't mean to give up on love or relationships. We also have to give ourselves time to reflect, enjoy being single for a bit, when your not looking for love is when you look the least desperate, relax and enjoy your space with family, love could be around the corner if your not so in a hurry to get to there, he'll be waiting for someone just like you... I wish you both well, you two belong together, soulmates 💖💖💕🥰
I am so happy for her, and everything really resonates with me. I do believe every woman has had a love like that, that love as strong as a storm, that you want to protect from everything/everyone! That love that can destroy you as an earthquake. You can see how committed and into it she is, and I prey that Ben doesn’t screw it up one day
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