Jim Carrey Speech At The Golden Globe Awards 2016. HDTV

At Close Range
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11 Millions views and amazing to see all the garbage and stupidity some people can wrote. For Christ sake, Jim is the Man!




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Commenti 80
Hicham ieksdrei
Hicham ieksdrei 4 mesi fa
thank you for this video my dude, i laughed my ass off first on another video, and then i looked it up on ITvid to watch it again.
Axhiro Madlander
@Sammy Sosa did you know him before hollywood?
Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa 2 mesi fa
Hicham ieksdrei I love him man but Hollywood has changed him ... something’s wrong I feel it
holdmybeer 4 mesi fa
yes thanks.
Baqer Ali
Baqer Ali 2 ore fa
ما ادري ليش عندي احساس راح ينتحر نفس روبن ويليامز
David Marshall
This is so funny because deep down its true about probably close to every single person in that room. All good humour has an element of truth.
Gaskinmoo79 Giorno fa
Jim is comedy gold.
An absurd Channel
An absurd Channel 2 giorni fa
00:37 Katy Perry is 🔥
89strangelove 2 giorni fa
guys is this improvised or not? I really want to know
Harè à
Harè à 13 ore fa
probably improv
Youssef Belbacha
Youssef Belbacha 2 giorni fa
Viral Virus
Viral Virus 4 giorni fa
katy perry's rack is distracting
prashant damale
prashant damale 4 giorni fa
I watched this more than 100 times but still laugh as watching first time
David Marshall
His delivery is on point.
Vedran Bošnjak
Vedran Bošnjak 5 giorni fa
You will be always my favorite actor ,always...point is nobody even you dont know your full potenial...be well ❤
lilbooppearl pearl
lilbooppearl pearl 5 giorni fa
Am laughing soooo much thank you
ЕVG QUADROCORE 6 giorni fa
Де перевод??
saagar sharma
saagar sharma 6 giorni fa
Love u Jim Carrey sir. 😍😍😍😍
Roudeep 6 giorni fa
😆😃👍 Best Jim
anurag mishra
anurag mishra 7 giorni fa
His sense of humour is on anothr level
Nathan Nathan
Nathan Nathan 9 giorni fa
Ace ventura😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹.
PRClimb Studio
PRClimb Studio 10 giorni fa
Even though he does not says anything special, everyone still laughs and looks at him with warm smile, that's because everyone loves him and Jim brings this funny vibe which makes people laugh, even if he does not say anything funny...
rakesh chopra
rakesh chopra 10 giorni fa
Tariq Sarwar
Tariq Sarwar 11 giorni fa
this speech is rather too short, should have been little longer
Tariq Sarwar
Tariq Sarwar 11 giorni fa
then i would be enough
easy wasp
easy wasp 9 giorni fa
You are Rudy the wank
JEWTUBE 9 giorni fa
easy wasp im easy d
easy wasp
easy wasp 9 giorni fa
@JEWTUBE who R you
JEWTUBE 9 giorni fa
Ok chicken carry
easy wasp
easy wasp 11 giorni fa
thank you Tariq
James Rideout
James Rideout 13 giorni fa
Jim Carrey is against guns, yet he himself has armed bodyguards.
clifton james
clifton james 3 giorni fa
@Shamone it doesn't take a genius to figure out how a gun works and how dangerous they can be...
James Rideout
James Rideout 12 giorni fa
@ShamoneI am a Millenial but yes most Boomers are idiots I agree.
Shamone 12 giorni fa
The regular fat American boomers does not even know how to use their dicks, what make you think they are able to use an object that can take the life of innocent people? Jim's bodyguards at least have professional training
Exterminador de Otaku
always the same excuses for having guns...
Emily Loves Life
Emily Loves Life 14 giorni fa
When you realize this man is living in a real life Truman Show. The movie never ends. The character is all we see.
Aurongay 14 giorni fa
man i just laugh about the fact that he's making fun of all of them and they are all laughing LOL
Siyami Acar
Siyami Acar 14 giorni fa
My Man 👍
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 17 giorni fa
Ace Ventura you are 100 time golden globe winner for me
Maximo Manabat
Maximo Manabat 13 giorni fa
@Dead Pool can't take criticism?
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 13 giorni fa
@Maximo Manabat are you infected with virus better check up
Maximo Manabat
Maximo Manabat 14 giorni fa
But then the point is not about the rewards
the ghost
the ghost 19 giorni fa
His speech has meaning, golden globe big bullshit ..
ХЕЙТЕРЫ 15 giorni fa
Actually he means any award is.
Mayur Koitiya
Mayur Koitiya 20 giorni fa
*No SIr* 😂
Venty 22 giorni fa
Jim Carrey is just a legend👑👑
Rajat Bhardwaj
Rajat Bhardwaj 24 giorni fa
am i the only one who thinks Jim is looking and talking like David Letterman.
Avinash V
Avinash V 2 giorni fa
Behen ke laude kahan se
Far Cry
Far Cry 28 giorni fa
trolling lvl max
splinter360 Mese fa
"This...this terrible search" 😭😭😭😂
abdullah eliyev
You winner millions people loves Jim Carrey, you will allways be in ours heart🥰🥰🥰🥰
skietzdude110 28 giorni fa
abdullah eliyev I couldn’t have said it better myself
Alfonso Soto
Alfonso Soto Mese fa
E cepcional actor, realmente maravilloso!!
Antonis Bavas
He's dead serious right here and everybody laughs..They just can't get the point.
General Herpez
General Herpez 25 giorni fa
@M.M that being a celebrity doesn't automatically make you better than other people. That people are more interested in fake events than real life events. That Hollywood is a sham. Among other things.
M.M 26 giorni fa
So whats the point
General Herpez
General Herpez 27 giorni fa
Some of em get it. I like how Denzel stares as if wondering whether Jim is making a joke or making a good point. And the way he says COMEDY there at the end is awesome.
CresinZero 29 giorni fa
they are laughing because he's doing it in a very humorous way. i would say most, if not all, of the audience is well aware of what's going on there.
Some of them get it.
Jonathan Ares
Look how old my man has become
sycho sid
sycho sid Mese fa
This has to be the greatest award speech ever
e.b MC5
e.b MC5 Mese fa
Dgsn Dmt
Dgsn Dmt Mese fa
😂😂😂😂he kill me😂😂😂😂
Far Cry
Far Cry Mese fa
every time i feel sad or depressed i watch this
Akash Awasthi
Akash Awasthi 14 giorni fa
Doesnt everyone✌️
Eva Kollarova
Me too.again ....and again 👌👌👌♥️
Quensel Lawrence
Mm k
Mm k Mese fa
I'm here for brad pitt
Ellie MM
Ellie MM Mese fa
Alas, I think this was the last time he was funny.
bmcg8888 2 giorni fa
@joebutcallmejoey Hahahahahaha ZING!!!
joebutcallmejoey 14 giorni fa
we're all waiting for your first time
Yugesh Takachhen Shrestha
Lmfao i love u😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Great milkers at 0:37 anyone has sauce for science?
@TheK1ng I must take a quick leave of absence. Thank you for your sevice faptain.
TheK1ng Mese fa
Katy Perry
Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar Mese fa
He is the guy who is just awesome
Mariane Santos
Jim Carrey is a genius!
J P 24 giorni fa
Mariane Santos He isnt a genuis. He is 2 time golden globe winning actor Jim Carrey.
At Close Range
Flipup556 Mese fa
Jim Carrey is definitely high 😂
Haytham Kenway
Love denzels look to jim carrey☺
virgil solozzo
NO SIR !!!!! hahahahaha
Aon Lazio
Aon Lazio Mese fa
Dude gets philosophical man..and I love it
Sibtain Farooq
Wow. He made all these people feel so small about winning an award.
Isaiah Castillo
Sibtain Farooq only bots would say that, others would say he’s speaking the truth
Chris Flux
Chris Flux Mese fa
He’s aged a lot in 4 years
Warren Beatty
I laughed so hard that night, I peed myself.
shah baz khan
In hindi this would called as... Faaduu bezati
Mks Mks
Mks Mks Mese fa
I love 2 times golden globe winner Jim Carrey
Cool Name
Cool Name Mese fa
Me too, I love future 3 time golden globe winner Jim Carrey
z Stelmasiak
z Stelmasiak Mese fa
Depresja:( dawno nie spotkałem takich oczu;(
Karabela22 Mese fa
to spójrz się kretynie w lustro.
77 Drizz
77 Drizz Mese fa
i dont think its mentally possible to hate this man
Holden Afart
Holden Afart Mese fa
@Andi Spahi no, i meet him in 2017 and he was a very nice guy My brother use to work in his house (If my english is bad, sorry, I'm learning)
Andi Spahi
Andi Spahi Mese fa
In fact, it is.. He is a terrible person out of the camera.. I love him, he's my favourite actor, but this is true.. I don't hate him, but many people do..
At Close Range
77 Drizz well say
R D Mese fa
I guess Jim could have picked his 3rd Golden globes directly from Katy sitting right in the front😎😜🤣
Leandro Mese fa
Amit Ranjan
Amit Ranjan Mese fa
A true legend
seeking 4truth
Denzel cracking up loo
Dav Apar
Dav Apar Mese fa
Interesting, Kate Winslet didn't laugh, she understood what he was saying, and knows all he has been through
13thMonkey Mese fa
Lol you nor i have a clue what she was thinking at the time.
frying paan
frying paan Mese fa
Always smilling.true human being.vcz he gave happiness to peoples.
A Rey
A Rey Mese fa
Jim Carrey is perfect for conveying such a message to the masses for he doesn't care his image as a comedian is crazy enough and he can bring such stuff up in a very humorous way the humor makes them really start to think that's why they seem so nervous Thanks for the upload Btw I just edited some of his greatest "woke Iines" together including some brand-new interviews if anyone wants to see them
A Rey
A Rey Mese fa
Thank you for uploading Btw I just edited many of Jim`s awesome lines ( also the brand-new ones ) together in one video in case anyone wants to see it
At Close Range
go ahead, give me that
Jim looks like a young David Letterman
Akram Momin
Akram Momin Mese fa
I am not saying that only becoz of we blow up the entire solar system,none of us from the human history can be recognized from naked eye,but from our perspective ,it is huge
Akram Momin
Akram Momin Mese fa
@At Close Range ok,thanks
At Close Range
Akram Momin this is huge. I’m french and i understand better.
Beardy Ry
Beardy Ry Mese fa
This speech is godlike,its almost like he is roasting Jim Carreys ego.
Beardy Ry
Beardy Ry Mese fa
@A Rey One of the greatest speeches of all time,he should be the next Oscars presenter.
A Rey
A Rey Mese fa
yes he is roasting everyone's ego including his own
He's not mocking anyone, it's just a bit of standup with some existential truth thrown in about how our search for happiness is often a wild goose chase, and true contentment comes from within.
Ghost Wolf
Ghost Wolf Mese fa
And little we realize in the end. That are perfectly fine no searching necessary
Chris Sousa
Chris Sousa Mese fa
0:52 the flash kkkk
CarReborn Mese fa
Jim Carrey breath in Everybody: HAHAHAHAHAHAH
McSauce Mese fa
The melancholy here is just
Marce Pajsi
Marce Pajsi Mese fa
*It's Kratos*
John khumba
John khumba Mese fa
11million views for 1:58 mins.Damn!!
At Close Range his whole cosmos knows
Arun Patteri
Arun Patteri Mese fa
@At Close Range yes you are right... my favourite celebrety
At Close Range
indeed, Jim is one of the most loved and popular guy on this planet. And maybe on all galaxies.
Shubham Kawade
Jim is speaking the language of gods - Vegeta
brand robert
brand robert Mese fa
Ace ventura is dope tho ngl
A. Apio
A. Apio Mese fa
0:37 is that Kate Winslet?
abdellah tahiri
@A. Apio yes thats kate
A. Apio
A. Apio Mese fa
@abdellah tahiri no, the blond one in the back
abdellah tahiri
no katty perry
Andy D
Andy D Mese fa
Outstanding. Ya'll ever read the childrens book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - This reminds me of it.
Adam Amador
Adam Amador Mese fa
It is truly something to be found so hilarious by almost all of Hollywood who has some incredibly comedic people in it of itself. There won’t be another Jim Carrey in our lifetime.
Huntsy Mese fa
I was upset when robin williams died, When Jim Carey goes I’ll be fucking devastated..
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