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Jim Rohn will teach us the true power of personal development and how it can change your life forever, it will make you think and behave like a millionaire and give you the mindset for creating massive wealth and success.
Check out the best self-help book by Jim Rohn on creating WEALTH and HAPPINESS - amzn.to/3VN3BlH
In today's video, Jim Rohn will teach you how to finally stick with discipline and make it easy.
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Speaker: Jim Rohn
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The goal of the Educational Fuel is to teach, motivate and inspire you to become a better and more successful person in the financial areas, self-development, better self-discipline and focus.
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Educational Fuel
Educational Fuel 24 giorni fa
👉Check out the best self-help book by Jim Rohn on creating WEALTH and HAPPINESS - amzn.to/3VN3BlH
Antonio Aj
Antonio Aj 10 giorni fa
rosine armelle NGUEGANG
15:48 15:49 😮hh N
x Cortez
x Cortez 2 mesi fa
Prayers for myself n my family as Im developing and working on lifting my business to get out of debt fix my credit and buy a new car and home for my wife n family 👪. With God's help nothing is impossible.
Josie Grikepelis
Josie Grikepelis 25 giorni fa
One of his books helped me changed a few things in my life...big things! I passed the book to my 2 nephews who are engineers and I saw a lot of big changes in their lives too! Thank you!
𝐹𝒶𝒾𝓈𝑒𝓁 𝐹𝑀𝑀_𝒬𝓊𝓇'𝒶𝓃
That is good to hear. Which book was that? Who knows it changes mine too.
El Mher
El Mher Giorno fa
Eat that frog?
𝐹𝒶𝒾𝓈𝑒𝓁 𝐹𝑀𝑀_𝒬𝓊𝓇'𝒶𝓃
@El Mher The Author for "Eat that Frog" is Brain Tracy, not Jim Rohn.
Fighton Busenga
Fighton Busenga 24 giorni fa
You're an amazing speaker. Thank you so much for the life changing lessons.
Veronica Wunum
Veronica Wunum 22 giorni fa
Thank you. This is my message to follow. I am in this situation currently. It helps me to solve the problem now.
RICHARD ACHIE 17 giorni fa
This clip is emotionally motivational.
Beemnet 3 mesi fa
its simply amazing "stand at the gates of your mind because you got to live with the results!" powerful.
Emmanuel Nchia
Emmanuel Nchia 24 giorni fa
I believe, claim and receive it. Many thanks for this very important life changing and inspiration messages. God bless you. Amen
valeria haihonya
valeria haihonya 25 giorni fa
My God give you more knowledge and wisdom you are teaching and you change our life please long life
Wake Up Positive
*Wonderful video. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the great work! 💪*
HolidayThatPays 2 mesi fa
You are running a great chanel sharing a lot of wisdom of ages. Keep it up!
Vanessa Somuayina
this video is such a gem ❤ thank you
You are also a gem 💎
Educational Fuel
Thank you Vanessa!! ❤️
Tom🇯🇲 3 mesi fa
@little_transgirl You too💎❤️
Ed Shuman
Ed Shuman 3 mesi fa
I love the fact that we can designed a life and I have through Personal Growth and Realestate
Zhila Haghbin
Zhila Haghbin 2 mesi fa
Wow, this is amazing talk, thanks so much
Raymond N Kamugisha
I will have to go for a second helping with this video. I have got to maximise all this information against the backdrop of all the opportunities that have presented themselves to me.
The Sushma Home Selling Team
Be doers, read more, learn more and go for it. Simple words may have great impact if applied. 🙌🙌
Chresani Garcia
Chresani Garcia 2 mesi fa
I love to listen to can learn our life You are amazing speaker
HolidayThatPays 2 mesi fa
The late Jim Rohn was a great speaker. His legacy lives ever, for the next generations to come.
mohammed chowdhury
mohammed chowdhury 18 giorni fa
its wonderful Life Changing Video which i mean quality of Life
Asif Munir ( Universe)
Yes I did myself all that work without any doubt
00 CD
00 CD 2 mesi fa
Never deleted or private this video please😊
Rome ond day I will be motivational speaker
Thank you very much!
Soheil Saadati
Soheil Saadati 3 mesi fa
Make a living or design a LIFE!
Sobad Twentyone
Sobad Twentyone 27 giorni fa
God pless you all
Steward Emmanuel
Ha this is more than advice, keep moving, keep the dream.
Peter Murray
Peter Murray 17 giorni fa
19:43 goal lists
Wayne Jones
Wayne Jones 2 mesi fa
16:10 I "put too much on myself" as it is. Most call it "Beating Myself Up," and I don't need any more of THAT in my life-I'm too adept to it. :(
El Array Hesohit
I’m turning up this year.
The Daniel Drew
The Daniel Drew 3 mesi fa
What does it exactly mean why Jim said “what’s got you turned off” ? 🧐
Brandon Dabney
Brandon Dabney 3 mesi fa
Why do you not want to become better? Why are doubting it? What has you beaten down and “turned off”
Peter Murray
Peter Murray 2 mesi fa
Lack of sleep, alcohol, sugar, bad thoughts, no exercise, unhealthy food. These are all examples.
The Daniel Drew
The Daniel Drew 2 mesi fa
@Peter Murray appreciate it
MrMosoani 2 mesi fa
Can I still catch up at age 38?
Tolu Omodara
Tolu Omodara Mese fa
You can, it’s never too late to start over
Helen Mubanga
Helen Mubanga 10 giorni fa
Mary Mutyaba
Mary Mutyaba 3 mesi fa
My husband is resigning from his job to go full-time in trading. I don't earn a lot in healthcare but he will stay home with the kids. It's time for change as we both tired of our jobs.
lamar williams
Cris Maker
Cris Maker 28 giorni fa
Wow! That's great to hear as same hobby as mine. Goodluck to your husband's trading journey!!
RICHARD ACHIE 17 giorni fa
wow, trading full time while quitting your job isn't advisable unless you have saved at least a year's living expenses. Best of wishes to your husband
Mary Mutyaba
Mary Mutyaba 17 giorni fa
@RICHARD ACHIE yes he has savings
Esteban L
Esteban L 2 giorni fa
Great, fear and take action, that's all. Tell him I said that.
Justyna K
Justyna K 8 giorni fa
What is someone doesn’t care about being a winner ?
I hope this helps whoever reads it. I followed this for 30 days. My goal was to change my self image and it worked. This is what I did. 1. Write out a statement of your Short Term Goal AND your Chief Aim/Main Goal... on a "goal card" or paper. 2. Write it out 50 times a day for 30 days preferably around the same time each day. After the 30 days, you go back and write it out ONCE a day. This is your compass in life. 3. Set your phone alarm to go off every 3 hours (to disrupt your daily routine) and when it goes off write down your statement and then close your eyes and see yourself with your goal for 2 mins. 4. Record your statement in your voice on a voice recorder on your phone, and play it back to yourself on loop while you sleep and as often as you can daily, example... in the shower or when you are using the rest room. 5. Find an accountability partner. If you cannot find someone, then you MUST write out your statement DAILY. By doing this you make yourself accountable to YOURSELF. 6. Find a community or FB group/group chat, etc and from that community form a Mastermind with one or two people who have studied from REAL Mentors and are giving VALUE. There is a "Law of Giving" and many people are using it. Andrew Carnegie told Napoleon Hill this back in the early 1900s. Its a LAW and it works. Its what I am doing with this post. 7. Auto-Suggest (Think and Grow Rich Chapter 4) to yourself in front of the mirror in the bathroom at least twice a day. Look directly INTO your eyes OR one eye and recite your WRITTEN statement. Then splash cold water on your face. This sudden shock seals the thought into the subconscious due to emotional and physical shock from the cold water. 8. Write out ten "I AM" statements a day. example. I AM happy, I AM more confident. Use the word MORE; implying you already have it, but want more. You trick the brain. 9. Write out 5 things you HAVE that you are grateful for and 5 things that you are grateful for that are coming to you. Mix up the list one after the other. 10. When in public tell people you see that you love them in your mind. Simply say "I LOVE YOU" to them as you pass them, especially when driving, because their subconscious hears and FEELS the intention. Say it to about 10 to 15 people daily. This increases your Good Karma. I hope this helps at least two people. It might seem like a lot. But it took me less than two weeks to incorporate the list into my life and 32 days later I started getting massive results. Thank you for reading. I hope this is of value to you.
From Pelo To Your Heart💕
Thank you for taking the time🙏🏽💖💖💖