Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West

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Kanye talks about his passion for music and fashion, what he thinks of Donald Trump, Kim’s trip to Washington D.C. to meet with him, the two motivating forces in the world, overcoming fear, being too caught up in the past, how he feels about people being mad at him, his daughter, his fashion brand, the meaning behind some of the songs on his latest album, his porn preferences, recording his latest albums, mental health, being bipolar, and wanting everyone to be able to express themselves without fear of judgment.
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Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West


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10 ago 2018

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Commenti 34 078
EduArdo 29 minuti fa
It looks so fake when he smiles ahahaha
Dr. Gonzo
Dr. Gonzo 34 minuti fa
Wow amazing speech.. let's become fearless again
nnbb hh
nnbb hh 41 minuto fa
hate Jimmy Kimmel Live
Xkingslayer Gaming13
Whoopity poop scoop
James Mead
James Mead 48 minuti fa
Love this dude
The Griz
The Griz Ora fa
I really think they didn't ho into the need of expressing yourself enough I mean that is one of the bigger problem in society is people will keep things in to keep other people happy when mainly their just preventing themselves from being happy and when people especially men keep things in like that and it just builds up that's probably why majority of school shooters and serial killers are men
Donald Trump
Very cool Kanye...very cool
BOMB.COM 2 ore fa
Jimmy Kimmel doesn't know what he's talking about. Bill Clinton is the one who enacted the border policy that separates family members. Donald Trump is the one who ended it as soon as he was made aware of it! Typical.
Kasper Viggo Jensen
Just don't sort videos on PH by most viewed of all time, Ye.
Ray johnson
Ray johnson 2 ore fa
this ass Kanye fruity west must have rehearsed how to answer every single possible question cos he knows hes so predictable cheap ass kid who craves for any attention he could get
toby Golding
toby Golding 2 ore fa
Kanye needs to make inmates outfits psychiatrist, doctors, nuns, and priest outfits, if you seen his plain Jane attire, and seen the house he designed and furniture looks like a 'commune' house inside looks hollow ..furniture walls all white like an insane asylum Saw Kims old place on KUWK she went back to see it after it sold the smile on her face cause they left her furniture and everything it had her taste new place is all Kanye very dull hollow
Phil_Insane 2 ore fa
I always assumed this guy was a bit of an idiot, i was wrong how about that
toby Golding
toby Golding 2 ore fa
Two motivating factors is money and fear my dear .. There's no such thing as love anymore !! that's long gone with our grandparents when people would love you forever and even when one died the other would never look elsewhere.. they were soul mates, now that money electronics is all that matters.. there is no love!! Poor people know how to love and appreciate water bread small things in life.. When grandparents had to scrimp and save never waste water food or bread that's when everything was real true love!
Deckard Cain
Deckard Cain 2 ore fa
Ive never liked Kanye but this interview definitely changed my perception of him in a positive way. He comes across as vulnerable and genuine rather than arrogant. I think fatherhood has really helped him, now he just has to find the balance between the old and new Kanye.
Itumeleng Manaka
This interview shows how many people in this world still need to learn how to resort to love. Kanye is in a place where love is what he's choosing to exude, whereas Jimmy is coming from a place of anger. Which I get, there's a lot of things Trump has done which are infuriating. But rather fight back with love than hate - it does more harm than foul.
Boaz Groenendaal
Kanye's point about the simulation at 7:55 is basically Jean Baudrillard's point in 'Simulation and Simulacra' and portrayed in 'The Truman Show', but now all of a sudden everyone's interested because KANYE said it. I love his music, but not everything he says is as genius as he thinks...
Kix Musaid
Kix Musaid 3 ore fa
I don’t like jimmy at all but he handles this one great.
keith barthe
keith barthe 3 ore fa
Dont cross the border illegally and go through a point of entry and the family's have nothing to worry about.
jobbie 1111
jobbie 1111 3 ore fa
don't follow 100% of what West has to say, but I think he gotta a point...
157dodgers 3 ore fa
Yee is fake woke
Sage999 4 ore fa
13:22 🤣🤣💀💀
Shalit Wentz
Shalit Wentz 4 ore fa
21:19Jimmy Kimmel’s a savage 😂
Luke Evans
Luke Evans 4 ore fa
I like smart people
Jose Misael
Jose Misael 4 ore fa
Iwas a big fan but now dude supports trump marry a hoe & think he is a God I know u gota be half blind & retarded to support trump but this dude takes the cake.
be real black for me
"George Bush doesn't care about black ppl, so what makes u think that Donald Trump does" Jimmy got him there. They never picked up the conversation after coming back from a commercial break...Hmm🤔🤔 In any case, Kanye's a sweetheart & beyond talanted
Abdoulaye Ly
Abdoulaye Ly 4 ore fa
Kanye is a deranged guy for sure
Sabeen Ahmed
Sabeen Ahmed 4 ore fa
@fousey watch this.
I've got one piece of advice for you Kanye. "Don't ever, for any reason, do anything to anyone for any reason ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you've been... ever, for any reason whatsoever..." -Michael Scott
Catherine Ahern
I love this Guy.........Kanye that is.
Priscilla Pie
Priscilla Pie 5 ore fa
The assimilation example he gave was not at all explained well! If you cannot explain it simply and concisely you don’t understand it well enough!!! He is fake woke !
Jimmy is SUCH a tool that it's mind-blowing sometimes.
Priscilla Pie
Priscilla Pie 5 ore fa
Guess everyone in the comments forgot how kanye sold out his community and ancestors!
El Granto 21
El Granto 21 5 ore fa
Love the way he says “pushing” at 9:48 for some reason...
Anastasia France
its like kim media trained him not to actually answer any questions
Xavier Jackson
EclipZe Muzik
EclipZe Muzik 6 ore fa
good job!
M V 6 ore fa
Jimmy kimmel is such a damn sheep, Kanye is a leader quite the opposite of kimmel... awesome
el Giron
el Giron 6 ore fa
Mamon 👎
6:15 lmao!
... and 7:30 omg
ADeazy_Soa 1
ADeazy_Soa 1 7 ore fa
See what Ye is saying I hate trump but if we could see past the hate we would be something entirely different but we are human we hate more than anything we do in our life whether it’s big or small short period of time or long periods of our life. Hate is what we all do best.
PM WTF 6 ore fa
ADeazy_Soa 1 you are right, I can't hate enough, I wish there was a college course I could take on hate to be a better heater it's so much more fun than loving anything blindly I've tried that and I kept bumping into f****** assholes
MzMelinda Peace&Love
My son really admires Kanye and I have had conflicting emotions about this. We have had several conversations about it. This interview has given me a little more insight of the complexity of his personality.
TooCool2Khan 7 ore fa
The Earth is Filled with Protons,, Neutrons,, Electrons,, And Lots Of MORONS!!
hadi abbas
hadi abbas 7 ore fa
how much ya'll think that white t shirt cost?
Chris R.
Chris R. 7 ore fa
It’s so funny to see how Kanye is literally telling kimmel and everyone in that room how people keep trying to tell him how to think and change his mind about trump and kimmels response to that is trying to change his mind about trump lmaoao
Kratos 8 ore fa
Dragon Energy
Dragon Energy 8 ore fa
Kanye in his “simulation” bit is on about “Universe A” vs “Universe B” - Scott Adams has covered this a LOT - where two sides can watch the exact same news report and see completely different things.
i think i lost a braincell
Nadia Hossain
Nadia Hossain 8 ore fa
The white majority audience claps
Dragon Energy
Dragon Energy 8 ore fa
Kanye designing Space Force uniforms - I can honestly see that really happening. They’d be the coolest uniforms EVER.
Lance C.
Lance C. 8 ore fa
But does he scoop the poop?
TheA CAN 9 ore fa
Kendra Elliot-Sobral
Misunderstood cause he’s ahead of his time
xtal adores KT
xtal adores KT 10 ore fa
Sun revolves around earth??????
Accelerationist 10 ore fa
Trump 2020!
emma 10 ore fa
am I the only one who notices the fact that kanyes top part of his mouth barely moves when he talks ??
Ben Lee
Ben Lee 10 ore fa
Gallileo said the sun DIDN’T revolve around the sun, thus making Yeezy’s point even stronger.
Yung Senatra
Yung Senatra 10 ore fa
Fashion designer for the homeless lol
It's Awesome
It's Awesome 10 ore fa
13:30 i still watch Pornhub😝
Ze Push
Ze Push 10 ore fa
when you finally spot the guy that you want to kick his a## 2:34 - 2:42
It's Awesome
It's Awesome 10 ore fa
Sir. 😝
It's Awesome
It's Awesome 10 ore fa
He is king that's it.
B Caldwell
B Caldwell 10 ore fa
If I’m wrong let me know because I missed it. Jimmy asked what he said about what he said Bush hating blacks and he sat there stuck looking real confused. But I see comments saying he’s smart. Yea he is smart! Smart ass dummy you do know they are out there.
TheWiLdOne Daniela
Here we have Kanye talking about deep stuff, and Jimmy asking such boring questions like "Are you an workaholic?"... Kanye, they're not ready for you!
Augustine 11 ore fa
Body language like Trump's​ arms crossed.
x1AmazingPlayer 11 ore fa
Classic jimmy, every chance he gets he has to say a joke about president. Like get some new material my man
Augustine 11 ore fa
Let the 2 year okd do what he wants.
Augustine 11 ore fa
the 2year old
Augustine 11 ore fa
You don't have to be a democrat or republican. fool. Both parties are corrupt.
David Zucco
David Zucco 11 ore fa
never heard of a class to balance checkbooks... are you kidding.... thats all college is is those type of classes.
Ava Dennis
Ava Dennis 11 ore fa
this is NOT kanye. youre a fool if you think this man even looks enough like him
D B 12 ore fa
Not in the least interested.
KitKat Power
KitKat Power 12 ore fa
I finally understand him. He is a kind empathetic person ,Who wants to help everyone. He wants the world to b kind to each other and to themselves. Wow he’s deep and I think I love him.
_ Vulther
_ Vulther 12 ore fa
Asia Jung
Asia Jung 13 ore fa
“I’m waiting to die because then y’all will understand” ol dirty bastard
eyemall ears
eyemall ears 13 ore fa
I’m a white European. I used to laugh at Kanye but I’ve come to realise we need people like him to keep stepping out of the media bubble
Asia Jung
Asia Jung 13 ore fa
The mans wife is already on pornhub he’s got the porn star at home 😂😂😂😂
amstrong 13 ore fa
God help kanye 😂😂😂
Gameplayer 119
Gameplayer 119 11 ore fa
amstrong With what?
Movie Clips
Movie Clips 13 ore fa
Kanye is WOKE
Ed Silver
Ed Silver 14 ore fa
I thought he was awesome before he said this and even more awesome after showing support for Trump. Black people keep voting Democrat because it's what they are "supposed" to do. We are all individuals and that makes each one of us complicated and special. That uniqueness is lost if we get lost in the fact that we are black or white and go along w what that is supposed to mean without considering our own deeper individual feelings. No one big has really publicly questioned why blacks are supposed to just go democrat. No one talked about Trump being racist before he ran for Republican party. So it's just stereotyping and I feel like that is what Kanye is going against. Black people don't have to all think and feel the same exact way about political issues, but it seems like that is what is expected based on the reaction to Kanye supporting Trump.
iOS 14 ore fa
George Bush doesn’t care about black people
olivia mefi
olivia mefi 14 ore fa
'thru the wire' needs his own podcast 👍
Chad Gross
Chad Gross 14 ore fa
You just don't do that all the time this all the time say that all thee timess,, you just don't do .do that?
calem thornton
calem thornton 14 ore fa
Kanye’s th goat facts
Ayyoli 14 ore fa
Kanye is so smart but so many people just over look his intelligence and pick at stupid things
Aaron Young
Aaron Young 15 ore fa
Kanye West has always been a class act, in my opinion. Even when he cut off Taylor Swift. He has always created thoughtful music and she makes crap. When you're right, you're right.
Black Berries
Black Berries 15 ore fa
This is the first time I really truly understand Kanye West... I’ve always known him to be passionate and intelligent in his feelings and thoughts. But he’s a Good Good Guy with a Hugh Heart ❤️ for Love . Respect given
Fellas 16 ore fa
You should not talk about simulation in usa they are too stupid to understand the concept.
Gameplayer 119
Gameplayer 119 11 ore fa
Fellas wut
Jan Lamprecht
Jan Lamprecht 16 ore fa
Not bad, it seems I was wrong about him.
Alex vella
Alex vella 16 ore fa
Good for you Kayne! don't know much about you but your right brother its about love!
TheHidalgo99 16 ore fa
"We're all unpaid actors in a script we didn't write" Man the level of wokeness this man has reached!
YMANGT GAMER 16 ore fa
bOI, whOMs't
Andreas 16 ore fa
Everyone. Support Kanye by listening to him more on Spotify and youtube. Support him and show the world that this increases his popularity. Strength and courage should be rewarded. Im not a big fan of his music, but "Through the wire" goes on repeat now.
Ruben Spyckerelle
he is too woke for them.... hahahah it's so great
Nelly Morales
Nelly Morales 17 ore fa
I love him
desmond tapuvae
desmond tapuvae 17 ore fa
Would've made more sense with crickets chirping.
Helen Of Troy
Helen Of Troy 17 ore fa
KANYE WEST was in the studio today recording a verse for West Wes project IG: LIFEOFWESTWES
John Vu
John Vu 17 ore fa
Trump literally signed a thing to stop separating families wtf is Jimmy talking about
h2flow1 17 ore fa
Kanye has a designer white T, that costs 3000 dollars. And Gucci cargo pants.
orangecrushaa 17 ore fa
The more I hear Kanye speak the more I'm believer that he definitely thinking and has realize the media / liberal power don't want hear anyone speak against their point of view. I hope he keep at it. He make a great point I can't even say I support trump. Why is that? You know why. It about control and eliminating free will. The media constant tears down people like him
katy k
katy k 18 ore fa
So he never answered.. The.. Question.. I wanted to know
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