Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West

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Kanye talks about his passion for music and fashion, what he thinks of Donald Trump, Kim’s trip to Washington D.C. to meet with him, the two motivating forces in the world, overcoming fear, being too caught up in the past, how he feels about people being mad at him, his daughter, his fashion brand, the meaning behind some of the songs on his latest album, his porn preferences, recording his latest albums, mental health, being bipolar, and wanting everyone to be able to express themselves without fear of judgment.
Kristen Bell Explains Medical Condition and Pool Gloves itvid.net/video/video-cFgqZb9O-TE.html

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West


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10 ago 2018

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Commenti 30 553
Genevieve Trevino
Genevieve Trevino 33 minuti fa
His calmness and smile are so refreshing to see.
leslie telles
leslie telles 3 ore fa
I never was a fan Kanye, but you articulated yourself over and over again. I'm about it. can you and Candice Owens make babies??? xoxo keep going I'm sure most of America appreciate it
leslie telles
leslie telles 3 ore fa
you are literally an a hole jimmy, to make him look stupid for having a broader opinion embarrassing for you and unfortunately your own children
Repture YT
Repture YT 4 ore fa
So he basically said he put on the hat so they know “ye” is the man and no one can tell him what to do
Sonia Thomas
Sonia Thomas 5 ore fa
Wow he’s really intelligent than a regular person
popeLicker 7 ore fa
man he is such a weird dude
ling ling
ling ling 7 ore fa
Shimmy Kimmel NEUTRAL
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 7 ore fa
He's definitely more controlled. Never have liked him, but, I'm proud he's getting the help he needs to get well.
erinesj2000 9 ore fa
Kanye is medicated. He needs to come off those meds, he’s having trouble expressing himself.
Morten Kalland
Morten Kalland 12 ore fa
Sleipe Jimmy
BlackWizards 18 ore fa
I like how fast Kanye's smile disappears from his face lol
Ess 18 ore fa
what happened to Kanye at 2:35 ?? 🤔
Cerome Sands
Cerome Sands 18 ore fa
That Kardashian cruse..1 Lamar=crackhead..2Scott=drunk powder head...Kanye=pill head🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
mr NlightNment
mr NlightNment 21 ora fa
kao long hang
kao long hang 22 ore fa
"Wearing this hat makes me feel like superman" said kanye "Superman didnt wear a hat you stupid idiot" said jim brown LMAO!!!
Rajan Waterman
Rajan Waterman Giorno fa
Great how Jimmy played devils advocate and asked sone really thought provoking questions to Kanye West. Also, was a nice change of style/pace for this show. Became an interesting thought provoking interview rather then just entertaining. Great interview!!!
Johanna C
Johanna C Giorno fa
Mental illness displayed and sense of grandiosity given air time, sad times in the world
Laquisha Benit
Laquisha Benit Giorno fa
I feel him on this Interview though
Laquisha Benit
Laquisha Benit Giorno fa
He is a genius at his craft I wish people stop putting him as the status of a leader he’s not a leader he’s entertainer which is a puppet
Valerie Newby
Valerie Newby Giorno fa
I liked everything he had to say. That was a first
Adam Wagener
Adam Wagener Giorno fa
This one paragraph will cure anyone from bipolar disorder, if they truly understand it, and then follow my directives. Number one: the thought of you being bipolar is actually correct. You are made up of atoms. Atoms have positive and negative poles. For this reason, every single living being on the planet is technically bipolar. Now let's address the mental issue. Your mindset is a reflection of how you interpret reality. If you get very angry or very sad easily, this is all controllable, if you are patient and mature enough to handle your situation. I know for a fact that initially this is not easy. It takes time to shake this stigma when people begin labeling you. I have been through it myself. You will not carry a disease with you your entire life, if your will to win is greater than the disease.
Darker Star
Darker Star Giorno fa
that was wonderful. alot of heart and truth from Kanye, and Jimmy seemed very hospitable. great stuff:)
117MCT Giorno fa
cartiereign Giorno fa
why does he talk like that 😂😂
Daniela Badino
Daniela Badino Giorno fa
Stop making stupid people famous!
Colin Mackey
Colin Mackey Giorno fa
Kanye and I watch the same porn channel.
Coley3782 Giorno fa
I don't think Kanye is crazy. I hope he finds peace.
Raman Bham
Raman Bham Giorno fa
Sacred Waves
Sacred Waves Giorno fa
I am impressed with Mr. West. He is nothing like I thought he would be. I was buying the media's "mental illness" line. I believe his "illness" is his ability to see past societies norms. He is his own person, and strong in his beliefs. I am so impressed. Much love to him, and MAGA on!! 🤗
The Rainmaker
The Rainmaker Giorno fa
These self-righteous hyptards! There isn't more hypocrite than celebs who would do anything for that £$€paper including "trash talk" on Kanye to make a good impression. I hope he's is not losing sleep for any of those trendy mothefuckers.
ojasvi chaudhary
Ugly shoes
Sean Williams
Sean Williams Giorno fa
all the right wing nuts are saying kanye is woke, hes insane, he just weirdly rambles on, going from one random subject to the other, if he wasn't a rich rapper people would avoid him in the street 🤪
Ange Giorno fa
Great interview
MFUnicornBey Giorno fa
Sometimes it seems like Kanye is too thickheaded to be framed.
Karel karel
Karel karel Giorno fa
Crazy nicker
Ange Giorno fa
Kanye’s more intelligent & thoughtful than I think many realize, preferring to label him ‘crazy’ for his ideas.
praduck GGO
praduck GGO Giorno fa
Since he's on love trump doesn't show love
Lisa James
Lisa James Giorno fa
Kayne my God keep u praying for u
Noah Salcido
Noah Salcido Giorno fa
He off the sherm
Akeem Masha
Akeem Masha 2 giorni fa
How can anyone hate Kanye after watching this. It really is a cruel world!!!!
Weisenup 2 giorni fa
10:44 Jimmy stumped his ass and forced a commercial break lol. Kanye never addressed the question.
Josh Cruz
Josh Cruz 2 giorni fa
I’m still speechless especially after watching the meeting at the White House lol
asdfgh j
asdfgh j 2 giorni fa
in the minet 11:17 kimmel he realy kick ass kaney by words 👏👏👏👏
Brandon Mullen
Brandon Mullen 2 giorni fa
It's just great how jimmy makes a bs comment on Trump and doesn't allow Kanye to answer. Perfect timing for a commercial break.
Lemmings-Gaming Giorno fa
Kanye couldn't answer it...never even try to after...gottem
Pablo Ibarra
Pablo Ibarra 2 giorni fa
Eminem dissed Modern Day Rappers... Kanye dissed on the entire Industry. Em still on the same flow everyone in his industry is on, but Ye swam up the waterfall of his Industry. Major Respect from Southeast Asia!
Cassie Nunez
Cassie Nunez 2 giorni fa
I completely agree with Kanye, why don’t we love each other and make the past the past and move forward. So, how come Trump doesn’t believe the same? Why do you support someone who believes the exact opposite?
Hello Hart
Hello Hart 18 ore fa
Thought so. No real proof.
Hello Hart
Hello Hart Giorno fa
lmfao...i thought so
Cassie Nunez
Cassie Nunez Giorno fa
Your question was what is the proof that Trump believes the opposite of loving everyone and moving from the past. So, I answered you. I never once said anything about Democrats not being racist, I never even brought up anything about Republicans or Democrats. Your just assuming that I favor Democrats I don’t favor any racist people. Also the proof of Trump being a racist are very racist comment that he has ever said! He’s not even afraid or ashamed to admit he’s racist! He has multiple times said to bring back Operation Wetback and he has also said so many other racial slurs if I named them all I’d be here arguing with you all day. Also, they don’t want to build a wall to bring back jobs to American Citizens. They want to build a wall so that immigrants won’t be able to come here and have families because by 2060 they’re precious racist states will be minority states and they’re precious racist comments won’t work to get those votes they so desperately need to win. They’re going to have to come up with something new.
Hello Hart
Hello Hart Giorno fa
Also, black unemployment has been the lowest in decades... Trump donated more money to HBCU (black colleges if you dont know) than any other president in history... he wants to build a wall to keep jobs for american minorities and to reduce human trafficking... he has a problem wit ILLEGAL immagrants, not the legal ones and if you go back in time, Bill Clinton said the exact same thing.... but people are brainwashed
Hello Hart
Hello Hart Giorno fa
Where is the proof of all of these claims? All through history, the democrats were pro-slavery, pro-racism, they are the founders of KKK, the democrats locked up more black people, especially the clintons- look it up, what exactly did Trump say or do that was racist? Because I can find where blantant racism from Clintons. Even so, please tell me which President wasn't? I'm not excusing it at all but people act like Trump invented racism... also wheres the proof where he said women should not be treated with respect? If you're talking about the grab pussy thing, did he lie? He said when you're a celeb groupie bitches let you do whatever- like grab by pussy- that sounds to me like women disrespecting THEMSELVES....What about when Clinton told her husbands rape victims they are bimbos, liars and just want 15 min of fame? Bill Clintons rape victims were told to shut up. Google "Bill Meher take one for the team" if you do extensive research, you will find soooooo much corruption on the democratic side. The media covers all of their BS up and brainwashed you to believe Trump is the devil. He may not be some saint but he sure does look like one compared to the dems.
Bobby Kevil
Bobby Kevil 2 giorni fa
Damn Kanye was awesome in this interview
Zae Duggins
Zae Duggins 2 giorni fa
I love him
Cheezeburger Walrus
I have mixed feelings about Kanye. Is he truly a Trump supporter or is he just trying to go against the flow to create controversy?
Cheezeburger Walrus
+Hello Hart but is he really? Or is he just trying to ruffle feathers? I seem to remember this same guy declaring on live TV, during a natural disaster no less, that the president hated black people. . . Can a tiger truly change his stripes, or is he just laying low, waiting to pounce?
Hello Hart
Hello Hart Giorno fa
Does it matter? His point is to let go and love.... to move forward instead of focusing on the hate.
pauz 2 giorni fa
I ask that we replace pride with gratefulness. Yes, Kanya Love is a great place to live in, Truth is first and above all, Truth is God. Thank you for speaking of LOVE!!!!!!!!
BlockChain BoardShop
No American Family's are Being torn Apart at the boarder
Rakieb tw
Rakieb tw 2 giorni fa
I like he like Trump but He need Jesus more
floex831 2 giorni fa
I could not stand more than 5 minutes with this guy.
Duru Cilsal
Duru Cilsal 2 giorni fa
cant hate him
Dann Flores
Dann Flores 2 giorni fa
You might say anything. But I didn't hear Kanye answering to Kimmel's last question on the first segment. He mumbles, he talks lots, but answer the simple question.
Camilla Kristensen
Camilla Kristensen 2 giorni fa
Porn :/
Oculta 2 giorni fa
At the end of the video when Jimmy said "...and be the president of the United States" Ye says "Yeah" not because he is thinking in Trump but because he is thinking about himself in the future.
Erik Merrill
Erik Merrill 2 giorni fa
Kanye 1; the World 0
Joshua Batts
Joshua Batts 2 giorni fa
Why is Kaepernick the enemy, but Kanye is the savior. Please!!!!
VSS 2 giorni fa
11:20 kimmel pwned him
Lex Vrod
Lex Vrod 2 giorni fa
Kanye speaks his mind that was all there was to it. Like it or not thats why people have different views, just agree to disagree others opinion is just that opinion to form a positive opinion about someone else means you must have good reason to support him/her sometimes people just dont get it but someone else does hell even Kardashian, Beverly hills house wives, athletes wives, doctors wives all have never been so completely agreeable and conform as one but infact they all go against each other talk "sht" about each other.
All HailHailey
All HailHailey 2 giorni fa
the fact that even while sitting among all of Kayne's valid thoughts, Kimmel still had to reach around to the bullshit hat and pluck out " Donald Trump specifically is separating kids from families at the border" says literally everything about his agenda with this interview. Even in the beginning, you could tell Kayne wasn't laughing at that Space Force joke and Kimmel pushed it further just to shame him for his political beliefs.
Free Trump Maga Hat
Trump and Kayne :)
Badhan Halder
Badhan Halder 3 giorni fa
Everyone is thinking wrong about kayne west. His intention was not to hurt black community but end up doing that due to wrong choice of words.
Robin R
Robin R 3 giorni fa
Kanye gave an excellent interview, a view of a thoughtful and caring man. He’s speaking up about the most important things and according to most of the comments on here, people are too ignorant and shallow to comprehend. He’s very intelligent, creative, and empathetic, character traits we say we want people to have but when they do, people are too ignorant to respect the thoughtful loving people. It’s sad people are so full of hatred and mockery.
Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa 3 giorni fa
WTF happened why didn’t that guy in the suit let the brother answer the question about Trump🤔
Elijah Haven
Elijah Haven 3 giorni fa
You can tell he's medicated here vs not whatsoever in the white house
Richie Hill
Richie Hill 3 giorni fa
When do Black People get to ride in the middle of the bus? At least?
Richie Hill
Richie Hill 3 giorni fa
So now Black People need to ride in the back of the bus to illegal aliens?!
Lisha Lewis
Lisha Lewis 3 giorni fa
11:20 " when you mentioned 🔊"Bush doesnt care about BLACK people" WHAT makes you think that TRUMP does?? Or any1 does???????😬
Lisha Lewis
Lisha Lewis 2 giorni fa
+Truther Revolution this quote was not in any way directed towards TRUMP.. It was simply a question that made YE freeze with no answer and since people were making a meme of this gesture. .i thought it was rather funny😬
Truther Revolution
Truther Revolution 2 giorni fa
Lisha Lewis Bush perpetrated 911 trump is trying to bring jobs back and help the economy and stop us from sending ppl over seas to die. Wake up.
jasavak 3 giorni fa
@10:50 . I have the answer for Kimmels question: Although the Obama administration separated thousands of families from mass deportations , the Trump administration is now looking into the problem . BTW , we shouldn't be blaming either president because no one forced these people to abandon their families. Also no one is keeping them from returning to their home country to reunite with the people they abandoned .
Robbin Bailey
Robbin Bailey 3 giorni fa
Families are torn apart daily when a law is broken and consequence is delivered. How are these families any different? It isn't you break the law and there will be consequence it isn't Trump's fault they put their family in these positions anymore than it is your fault. Think people think.
lalotz 3 giorni fa
attention disorder is a real thing
Natalie Uhlik
Natalie Uhlik 3 giorni fa
Really Jimmy 🙄🙄?
Com Tube
Com Tube 3 giorni fa
The Wests are So unoriginal and fake.
Young Gushungo
Young Gushungo 4 giorni fa
Kanye has valid ideas when he expresses himself eloquently like this..The thing he said about simulation makes sense..He just needs to pick his spots and platforms wisely if he wants people to understand his views better..
Vinayak Pande
Vinayak Pande 4 giorni fa
Coffee tables??? Trust me, Superman never jumps on coffee tables.
Nikhil Somvanshi
Nikhil Somvanshi 4 giorni fa
13:21 Ma man
Vinayak Pande
Vinayak Pande 4 giorni fa
"I've never heard of a class that tells you how to balance your chequebook or manage your finances." - There is. It's called economics dipshit.
Shivan Anirudhra
Shivan Anirudhra 4 giorni fa
Kanye and Alex Jones should do a show
Emil 4 giorni fa
Kanye West is truly an idiot.
Vinayak Pande
Vinayak Pande 4 giorni fa
Kanye is a space cadet.
Shivan Anirudhra
Shivan Anirudhra 4 giorni fa
At the very least he's serving a great lesson by exposing how the democrats and the fake progressive people want to hold everyone back and keep everyone to one thought Good on him for stating that, he obviously cares for the black community if he's willing to take so much hate
Dilan Skr
Dilan Skr 4 giorni fa
Still waiting for the question to be answered
Raitzi 4 giorni fa
He is crazy but I like him because of it :D
Alien 4 giorni fa
Kanye is very honest and I like his philosophical point of view, but they overcome some simple logical facts. You can talk all you want but you still need to see reality for what it is. Ppl are hurting and suffering, and a rich rapper can like him can help and support them instead of talking about love yet ignoring the world around us.
Snyded187EPIC 4 giorni fa
Galileo said the Earth revolves around the sun not the other way around Kanye smh...genius my ass
Franklin NJ
Franklin NJ 4 giorni fa
Why are so many Black brothers like Kanye who were raised in the South so messed up. Mostly athletes and rappers and political analysts you see defending Trump and the GOP and blaming all the ills of society on Blacks, come from the South. They were raised having been bullied and shamed by racists white people into thinking Blacks are at fault for crimes, drugs, broken homes etc. I am a Black-Hispanic and I see the GOP and Trump as people who want to take this country back to the 1850's deny rights to women's right to choose, loving and living with whoever you please, deny climate change and modern technology. They rather spend their money buying semi automatic rifles and bazookas living in the back woods and living in fear that others will take their land away. Then you hear them complaining and being jealous of hard working people from bigger cities that live better then they do in their town of 800 people.
Andrew Blackadder
Andrew Blackadder 4 giorni fa
People being arrested for entering the USA illegal are put in detention so perhaps Jimmy thinks the children should be put in there with them. However this program now was started by Clinton, upgraded by Obummer and is trying to be ended by Trump, as it was Mrs Trump that went down to Texas to see for herself what the children were put into but I didnt she Hillary or Michelle go down there during all the YEARS of their husbands being in the White House. The outright lies the Left vomits out each and every day is disgusting.
Jacqueline Van Bierk
Kanye is brilliant, most people are to dumb to see it.He's got great intentions and a big heart.
rob eberly
rob eberly 4 giorni fa
All I see is a man standing up for himself. Against the left wing mentality. Even sacrificing his career for his own beliefs. Way to go Kanye!!
Ginna Vanalden
Ginna Vanalden 4 giorni fa
He is very smart.
Kitty Kitty Meow Meow
And Jimmy that laugh! Ugh EEEEEE... EEEEEE... EEEEEE... 🇺🇸💋
WoodBeast onyoutube
Kimmel's laugh is scary.
Hans J
Hans J 4 giorni fa
King Kanye! What kind of questuion is that? Does Trump Care about black ppl?! MTF! Kanye should spit on him!
Lisa'sLife815 4 giorni fa
Kayne is the furthest thing from genius there is. He's preaching love, but can't answer why he idolizes a hate filled man who's tearing families apart. His thinking is that of a 10 year old, whoever thinks this man is a genius is child like themselves or very simple minded and are being fooled by this narcissistic idiot.
jesenia serranolizardi
Lisa'sLife815 who is tearing families apart?
Truther Revolution
Truther Revolution 2 giorni fa
Lisa'sLife815 what makes you think he’s hate filled?? Obama did that! He ever signed that law! He actually signed to keep them together. You only think that because you are being programmed.
alt knight
alt knight 4 giorni fa
The only thing surprising to me is how many ppl are hearing beginner level redpill ideology for the first time. I mean I understand that normie america only listen to pop stars like will smith and beyonce on Jimmy Kimmel live or Conan for their intel and political views but the reality of the matter is still surprising to me.
Chris M.N Sarille
Chris M.N Sarille 4 giorni fa
Love the judgement on this man when more then most aint worthy of his lvl.. fck trump but when yall open you eyes maybe!!
Sandra Natali
Sandra Natali 4 giorni fa
I'm just becoming familiar with Mr. West, boy, I really like this man.
Bastiaan van Beek
Bastiaan van Beek 4 giorni fa
He has good views here. But at other times he thinks he is the reincarnation Jesus Christ. Or even God himself. So please don´t spoil your positive view on him to research him more. ;)
Sandra Natali
Sandra Natali 4 giorni fa
I have a sort of confession, I live in an area where we have a large tourist trade. Also, a very small black community. With all the racial issues and comments made on social media. Sometimes when I see a black tourist. I want to just give them a hug. I don't because they'd probably think I'm a nutcase. However I give a big smile, and a big Aloha greeting.
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