Jokic Being the Most Skilled Center Ever for 9 Minutes Straight 

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7 giu 2023




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Is Jokic the best european NBA player of all time ?
@pointguard_5 6 mesi fa
@prettycool1752 6 mesi fa
He ain’t even the best European nba player currently
@maf969 6 mesi fa
​@PrettyCool ohh then tell me why giannis isnt in the finals
@MarshonJLynchh 6 mesi fa
​@@maf969 injury. Also he had a chip 2 years ago Better than jokix
Spins like Hakeem, passes like Magic, shoots like Dirk. Insane.
@cappy2282 5 mesi fa
...With the disposition of Tim Duncan lol
@Donschningo 4 mesi fa
get the killer instinct from kobe .. the handle from kyrie cool your talking about Joel the best big ever embiid
@cappy2282 4 mesi fa
@@Donschningo lol Embiid is awesome but he folds like a cheap tent ⛺ in playoffs. (Not on Jokic level)
@pulsebear 4 mesi fa
@@Donschningo Joel "2nd round Exit" Embiid.
​@@Donschningo i wouldn't say so, he definitely can score, but watching from the Finals, imo he should've demanded the ball more in the clutch when his teammates were shooting poorly.
@JustSomeStoner 6 mesi fa
i could watch hours of this man play basketball, one of the most amazing talent's ever to ever play the game.
@Dreas_Diaz88 6 mesi fa
Chill spaz lol
@ajd_chew 6 mesi fa
wipe your mouth when you’re done
@usernamesrlamo 6 mesi fa
Yep, like Jordan is the GOAT not because of rings or records but because how fluid, natural, even artful he made every move and play seem. Jokic has that same gift.
@@Dreas_Diaz88 chill? why can't we hype current players?
@coman. 6 mesi fa
Who else thinks he deserves that 3rd MVP? Jokic is honestly underrated even though everybody knows he is insane.
He's getting the finals mvp
It’s over. Let it go. He didn’t win it
@juna61 6 mesi fa
Still going at it? Yes he deserved it and so did Embiid so did Giannis... now Embiid won. Not a big deal. MVP's has always had flaws in selection and how the title is looked at.
@CallMeBezzy 6 mesi fa
Voters fatigue for jokic and giannis team was playoff bound without him embiid was gonna win by default and Perkins making that racist claim sealed it
he didn't get mvp cause he is white
Jokic is one of the few players that can make me laugh out loud in disbelief on a constant basis.
@ronbonora7872 5 mesi fa
Wilt did the same mate!
@@ronbonora7872 Maybe with his jumping and stuff but it's not the same. Jokic's passing is utterly ridiculous as well as his incredible post moves sometimes.
@@ronbonora7872 the people who saw wilt play are all grandparents
@OJC6 6 mesi fa
I can't imagine how fun it would be to play on this guy's team. Unselfish excellence that sets an example for everyone on the team.
@erikmarkus7467 6 mesi fa
all you'd need to go is to just run up to the basket and magically the ball would be waiting for you as you get up for the layup
@GARRY3754 5 mesi fa
What the game is suppose to be. Team game.
he made a superstar from an average Gordon
@ziginaigra Mese fa
@@erikmarkus7467 that is happening because defense is crap lol
@BWalker-rc7eq 6 mesi fa
The elements of Magic, Hakeem and Dirk in his game is insane. NEVER seen another player like him. A true unicorn. Best player in the world right now
@alifchief 5 mesi fa
And a bit of Bird too!
@LIONTAMER3D 5 mesi fa
​@@alifchiefThe Dream Shake 2.0
@jp3813 5 mesi fa
Needs to improve his defense though.
@BWalker-rc7eq 5 mesi fa
@@jp3813 does he? They just won a ring. Clearly not that important to his game
Those threes he hit against the Lakers are iconic.
@Ash-kb9hn 5 mesi fa
Especially when AD is looking at him in disbelief and he just shrugs his shoulder. 😂😂
@GoatedGoose1 6 mesi fa
Jokic does everything so effortlessly
japan still use war criminal flag and pray for japanse war criminal. we korea hope tokyo earthquake.
@cobble3231 6 mesi fa
​@@risingsunflagnaziflag839 are you under every jokic video? This the third time i see you around a jokic vid lol
@neilfabay11s 5 mesi fa
He does it so effortlessly with the same exhausted look in his face
@wes2262 6 mesi fa
This man is single handedly bringing the NBA back
@Tom-du4vw Mese fa
I don't like watching this drama focused ego stroking show(biz) Jokic makes me watch it, because he's how sports should be. And he's funny af
I'm late, but this comment sums it all up!
@gejau3638 5 mesi fa
I'm so happy that he has now a ring in his collection. He deserves it so much, what a champion 🤴
@iMoreAsianR 6 mesi fa
Watching Jokic unconsciously run the triangle offense with Murray and Gordon in an era of 5 out iso ball is a thing of beauty.
@altaego1364 Mese fa
Imagine if phil was coaching him
This man is an excellent passer. He sees all of their positions and makes the best choice all the time. What a talent! Jokic for Finals MVP.
@DJKHOTTA 6 mesi fa
True, he tackles every play with the goal of creating the most effective play possible, his only stat padding is his shooting %, because if he sees that a teammate has a better chance to score, he will pass the ball. I had never seen a center playing like a PG with such effectiveness. If Chris Paul was 6'11" and couldn't jump high, he would play like that.
@robp9746 6 mesi fa
Should have won the regular season MVP . He was robbed but I’m sure he’d rather have a title.
@marka1000 6 mesi fa
the way I heard it mentioned is that he sees all the passing lanes that the opponent sees from him but chooses to pass on the one they didn't see. Most of the time he has 2-3 passing options and it's always either a cutter or a corner three
@CallMeBezzy 6 mesi fa
​@@robp9746 voters fatigue but I'm happy for embiid
@JayZoop 6 mesi fa
It's crazy how reliable he is. Most players make 3 mistakes before they make a good play.
@tonyhawk3122 6 mesi fa
The way he makes the game looks soo easy is just insanely ridiculous😅
@jaylucas8352 6 mesi fa
Reminds me of Leo Messi w soccer
@AzxkGtek-mc9vz 6 mesi fa
Jokic > shaq
@ziginaigra Mese fa
@@AzxkGtek-mc9vz 😂
@KDRusha 6 mesi fa
I would advise anyone that reads this to do whatever you need to do to watch this man play live. I’ve seen him 3 times in multiple cities and he’s yet to disappoint. Always the best player on the court regardless of his matchup.
@sars0285 5 mesi fa
I started noticing Jokic back in the 2018-2019 season. At first I just heard the name once in a while in sportscenter and shows like that, but it kept increasing steadily. Then before the bubble I paid more attention and watch more games and I realized this dude was something special and became a fan. It hurt when the Lakers won in the bubble over them and then when Jamarl and MPJ got injured but I was feeling he would do something special one day, and that day came this season. People who call him "boring" are just stupid or salty fans that got beaten by this monster of a player
I had stopped paying attention to modern basketball for a long time except for the finals and even then - meh! Then I saw some random video showcasing his passing in 2019 and was instantly back in just for this guy. He plays like the old timers played. Somewhere, someone went into a cave in Sombor, Serbia, and there was a block of ice. And they chipped away and out popped this prehistoric basketball player, Nikola Jokic... Tommy Heinsohn said that about Bird a long long time ago and it fits Jokic even better I think given how long it's been since we've seen real basketball like this
@BC-ni3sk 5 mesi fa
I had given up on the NBA decades ago because of arrogant over paid, dramatic, self-centered players and the list goes on. Well along comes Nikola Jokic and he renewed my interest with the recent title series for the Nuggets. What a humble gem of a guy. And it took a foreigner to bring class back to the game, what a shame. By the way I hadn't watched a game in probably 30 years until now. Thanks Nikola!!
@denver15 4 mesi fa
Oh I'm with you all the way BC. I stopped watching since 2004 hoping my Sac Kings would make it.... no luck there until my son said " watch Freakola Jokic, he's the best right now" Never heard of him until Game 1... LAL vs Den Nug......just keep going back to watch all his games - NJokic is the reason for this renewed interest...... so talented, unselfish and humble. Fiji loves Nuggets❤❤
@joenichols3901 6 mesi fa
I've never seen a player have such amazing passes every game. Its every game. He makes multiple passes, every game, that make you yell "ohhhhh". Thats not even mentioning all his other skills
@VaanRavi 6 mesi fa
But is it every game though
@@VaanRaviofc always, you probably ask that cause you a lakers fan. and they destroyed them, so yeah every game😁
@@VaanRavi yes
@joenichols3901 6 mesi fa
@@javierasenjo7071 I was surprised by it but the entire playoffs he has done it every single game. I think it genuinely is. Dude is crazy good at passing
@Anthonydu01630 6 mesi fa
Lebron and Doncic in this era, and Trae Young also but he can’t make every type of pass because of his size, and Magic, Bird and Kidd back then. So yeah Jokic is basically in the Top 5 best passers of all time
@Sulashua 5 mesi fa
He just throws the ball in various random directions but apparently he's an extremely lucky guy.
@neoraime7759 6 mesi fa
He can truly have the same impact as MJ, incredible skills, IQ, he's literally a basketball god.
@ziginaigra Mese fa
mj would avg 45 now😂
0:23 Dirk would be proud of that Fade Away 2:04 Hakeem would be proud of that Dream Shake 2:10 Magic and White Chocolate would be proud of that Showtime pass
@bdkq1902 4 mesi fa
Fr tho. This man has all of that combined. This feels like a 2K custom build in real life.
@surveyor1515 6 mesi fa
The last entire NBA game I watched was Kobe’s last game in 2016. Now, Jokic has my attention, I love his game & style, seeing him hit that off-balance three against the Lakers (which was ultimately the difference maker point-wise in completing the sweep) then casually running back to defense was hilarious and refreshing in an era where too much celebrating after each three goes on.
You took my word...to be even funnier, he scored similar three over Lebron, then over AD again...and God knows how many times in the regular season, including the buzzer-beaters.
Why would you stop watching because Kobe retired?
Great center. He can organize the game of the whole team, he can shoot, super under the court, super from distance. Absolute game winner!
@jr5296 6 mesi fa
Hakeem doesn't exist? SHAQ?
@nicb7350 6 mesi fa
As a nuggets fan, he ain't the best center ever, at least not yet. Maybe by the end of his career he will be. Wilt, Kareem, Hakeem, Shaq and Russel are ahead of him currently.
@robp9746 6 mesi fa
He’s up there but not ready to give him that title just yet. His story is not yet complete. Could be one day. That said, he definitely may be the best all around ever.
@samsinking7292 5 mesi fa
He plays simple way as possible. No unnecessary move. That's what's made him great.
@mristicm1 5 mesi fa
like a water... always find a fissure ;)
@ogposer 4 mesi fa
I wouldn't say so. A lot of the fakes, a lot of the complex post moves. For example he adds fakes where hypotetically it would work just as a pass without it. He is just efficient
@mristicm1 4 mesi fa
@@ogposer always in focus. That "serbian" focus like Novak Djokovic has, for most people looks like they are arrogant without smiles, but its not true . 😅
Well done. no cheesy talk or unnecessary hype. Let the man play and showed it with some epic music. Love it.
@matthedlund502 6 mesi fa
Great collection of Jokic's magic - I could watch this all day. Hope the Nuggets can keep this team together next year.
@moody4624 6 mesi fa
They will loose Bruce Brown almost certainly. He has got a player option which he will most likely decline. Other teams will be willing to pay him 10-15 million. But the core of the team will stay together. Maybe Denver could sign Will Barton in free agency. He is not Bruce Brown but he knows the system and can play reasonably defense. And they could get him for the minimum.
With all due respect will Barton is trash and one of the reasons the nuggets struggled. Nuggets will not be bringing Barton back
If you don't think he is a highlight reel, you are missing one heck of a show every night. He makes it look so easy.
@6reps 5 mesi fa
Just like the generation of kids Steph inspired with the 3pt shot I hope kids around the world start copying Jokic's game even more, will be a great era for basketball
@tompriceusmc 5 mesi fa
Dear Lord... No wonder the game died.
In the future we will have many mentioning him in the GOAT conversation. This is a team sport where guys with personal goals shouldn't be welcome. For too long this game was under the influence of these selfish guys worrying about their personal legacy, getting attention, sponsors, money etc. And each of these guys needed World class teammates (like Pippen, Shaq, Rodman, Gasol etc) to achieve greatness. Nikola is whatever you need him to be but most of all he's going to make everyone around him feel good and overperform. There's a reason why this kind of basketball is beautiful to watch - it's because your instincts are telling you that this is how it's supposed to look like!
@GelatoBoii 5 mesi fa
This man not only deserves 3x mvp goat status, but he literally earned it! Real recognize real! Kobe Bryant said jokic would win an mvp, & he went on to win 2 consecutive mvps! Unreal.
@n1c98 6 mesi fa
He's a monster with strength, speed, intellect, and pure dominance in the paint and outside the 3pt line.
@miros1 6 mesi fa
That's the best big man in NBA I've ever witnessed, he does absolutely everything! and makes it look absurdly easy!
@jr5296 6 mesi fa
You must be new to basketball
​@@jr5296 you must be too old
@DOPEdwarf 4 mesi fa
@jonq8714 5 mesi fa
I'm a Knicks and, and my dream is to see this sort of basketball at MSG someday (I mean the Nuggets style). Jokic is awesome, but his teammates know he'll find them if they get open so they are incentivized to make cuts, screens, run hard on the break.... it's so much fun to watch.
@student99bg Mese fa
And then I have heard people say Jokić and Nuggets are boring to watch
@markcook3570 5 mesi fa
His passing skills are a thing to behold, shout out to his fellow players for connecting the dots to help make it all happen,,,,HAT TIP....
@DrToke5 5 mesi fa
Nikola Jokic! The Joker! Big Honey! The Serbian Savant! The Janitor! The Big, Big Fundamental! The Son of Sombor! The People’s Champ! And let’s not forget…The MVP!
Having watched the game in the 70’s he brings back memories of Pistol Pete and the Celtics the way he passes. There’s very few times teams can defend him, and then he adapts. Nuggets rallied behind one of the best Centers in the game now.
@cvijanovic1 Mese fa
Well pistol pete was serbian also
@DrMjenno 6 mesi fa
1:49 he threw a look away pass that the opponent anticipated, tried to get to, but NJ threw it so well just using peripheral vision that it got to his teammate over the defender’s outstretched fingers. I’ve only ever see one other person who could do that - and they called him Magic …
@Ella-to5vi 5 mesi fa
yeah the dude knew Jokic’s game and was so excited to catch that option… his passing is just impeccable, some people don’t even pass that good while looking at the target
S/o to morant for jumping that. Just better offense. Perfect pass
We've run out of adjectives to describe this man's talent.
@danielw1419 5 mesi fa
Live in Denver, went to game 5-unbelievable talent and a better person. He is the NBA.
@jralonzo711 5 mesi fa
I stopped watching basketball since the end of the Jordan era. This kid makes wanna start watching again
@milkysundaez 6 mesi fa
Should’ve been a 3x MVP this season. Jokic had an outstanding performance not only in the regular season, but also in the post season as well. It’s ashamed that the media gave a sympathy MVP to Embiid who went out sad. Jokic rightfully deserved this ring for his amazing run he had, congrats to him and the Denver Nuggets!
he's the best player in the NBA and it has looked so in the playoffs this years. tipple double almost every game.
@Joscope 6 mesi fa
This guy is going to go down as one of the all time greats when he's through.
Damn Bruce Brown was on the receiving end of a lot of those incredible passes. Gonna miss him
@LeftCoast_TomP 5 mesi fa
I can see his team mates love being on the receiving end of those trick passes which elevates the whole team spirit.
He can see everything at the same time and can read the situation immediately to decide what he should do next. He is definitely going to influence how the game will be played in the future.
@rebeltvr6046 6 mesi fa
I don't think he'll influence much. This level of genius is impossible to replicate. There is only one Gretzky, MJ, Pele, Zidane, you can't teach this.
@chevu_2 6 mesi fa
​@@rebeltvr6046 FACTS
@RRRRRRRRR33 5 mesi fa
It's not that simple. Bill Walton had a similar skill level and he influenced centers to pass the ball from the post, that can be "thought" to some extent, but the playmaking ability, the vision and awareness... this is natural talent, Jokic pass off the dribble and in transition, only Sabonis kinda get close, but that's it, it's super hard for a big and heavy players to perform like this
@rebeltvr6046 5 mesi fa
@@RRRRRRRRR33 Walton had 6000 career pts, and Sabonis was too old to show how good he could be in the NBA, so those are bad comparisons. Jokic is doing something no big man has EVER done, as a long-time starter.
@RRRRRRRRR33 5 mesi fa
@@rebeltvr6046 Both Walton and Sabonis struggled with injuries, it's unfair to compare career accomplishments in the long run. But their skill level in the rare instances that injuries were not limiting them, the skill is similar. The difference is the consistency, Jokic never gets hurt, he is playing for a long time, the core of Jamal, Gordon and Porter is a thing for years now, etc.. And again, Walton did inspired other centers to use the post not only to attack 1v1, but also for passing. Sabonis was more a flashy passer... the basic fundamentals for passing in the post, it can be "thought" as I said, but the court vision and overall playmaking skills, that's not something Jokic can "inspire" others to do, you can't learn this kind of stuff. The upcoming center will not pass the ball more because of Jokic, it's not that simple
He can do one of the best plays ever and not show emotion
kawhi effect
japan still use war criminal flag and pray for japanse war criminal. we korea hope tokyo earthquake.
​@@risingsunflagnaziflag839 wtf
​@@danielmerritt5014 free Jussie Smollett
@khalilcook3018 6 mesi fa
Best Passing Big Man I've ever witnessed 💯
At this point, this is disrespect.
@pat99121 6 mesi fa
One of the passers period. Regardless of position
He even a better passer than lebron
whatever you can imagine in basketball to be done, this man can do it. And still doesnt need athletic look neither speed. Everything looks effortles and easy to do when you look at him
@dbanks128 6 mesi fa
bring back the big man in the NBA! thank you jokic
@RomnysGonzalez 5 mesi fa
8:06 one of my favorites passes every. Through 3 defenders a fast ball right on the money
@vinnytesla9731 5 mesi fa
a basketball genius .... I'm a huge Jordan fan, but this guy may be more skilled as an unselfish floor general ... everything is effortless.... makes no mistakes
@DOPEdwarf 4 mesi fa
LMFAO you guys are hilarious
@ziginaigra Mese fa
​. Compare prime Jokic stats (2021,22,23) to prime MJ stats and Jokic wins. Jordan scored more points but had a much worse field goal percentage so not really a win if you ask me. Jordan more chips but Jokic is just hitting his prime the last 3 years. Jordan started hitting his prime in 87 and it wasnt until his 5th season of playing at that level that he won his first chip.
@ziginaigra Mese fa
@@lapocasini1246 did u rly just compare stats of player who is playing now with someone who played 30-40y ago😂game and rules was much different u cant compare that,mj would avg 40 today,nad jokic would avg lees than now,now its much easier to score+defense is shit lol
@@ziginaigra Whatever, i still think Jokic brings out more in a team.
Jokic: "No 3rd MVP? Okay, I win ring and FMVP, then I get 3rd MVP!"
@palmtrees9474 5 mesi fa
Ao true😂😅
@ziginaigra Mese fa
hakeem was much better,he play defense too lol
@rubren9683 6 mesi fa
This guy Jokic is crazy.. Unbelievable talent.. Fun to watched.. Champ soon
@Cindoreye 5 mesi fa
I love Jokic and love to watch him play, but I still think Hakeem Olajuwon might be more skilled in some parts of his game. While they both had great touch around the basket, they are very different players otherwise. Jokic is the far better passer and three point shooter, while Olajuwon has better posts moves and coordination. Olajuwon had the speed, coordination, hops, and handles of a guard while being 7ft tall. His footwork and moves around the basket were poetry in motion, much like Jokic's passing. It crazy to imagine how different two players playing the same position can be and yet both dominated the league. Jokic looks slow and awkward, and while slow, he sure as hell isn't awkward. He has an impressive level of body control and awareness at his size and weight. Olajuwon was the polar opposite athletic and quick as can be. He flew around the court on offense and defense the way no 7 footer should be able to. His blocking ability was by far the best of his era. I look forward to seeing how Jokic plays in the coming years. He is certainly climbing the list of all-time greats.
@Jonteponte71 5 mesi fa
Basketball poetry in motion! The only other player I have seen doing those insane touch passes consistently was Larry Bird. And that's only one of the things he does on an elite level. It's going to be a wild ride the next few years! And I'm not even a Nuggets fan...
The dude literally got 6 game winners in one season, the joker is HIM 🔥
@therealestg9 6 mesi fa
Himkola Jokic
@natureboy6268 5 mesi fa
Jokic must be such a fun dude to play with. I bet his teammates love it.
@viperstrike0 5 mesi fa
Gordon Jokic is a blast to watch.
Jokic is one of the very greatest to ever touch a basketball. Enjoy the ride while it’s here, we are witnessing basketball history and a legend being born. Long Live Nikola Jokic!❤❤❤
@LIONTAMER3D 5 mesi fa
The fact that he can casually throw the ball completely across the court, one handed, accurately enough to assist o.0
2:00 Ja just knew what jokic was gonna do I think that's very remarkable for a rookie player against a really smart experienced player like jokic
@rcwilson9510 5 mesi fa
This guy is Larry Bird, Bill Walton, and Kevin McHale all rolled into one player.
@ziginaigra Mese fa
bird and walton tryhard on defense
@LucianRudeboy 6 mesi fa
I just hope the media accepts the ridiculous L for the disrespectful storylines and not giving this man MVP this year. Embiid, despite his greatness, is now forever the poster boy for sympathy MVP
The real MVP and it's not even close !!🔥
@bobfeller604 5 mesi fa
I love to see the great passing, now that's teamwork.
This is what we call a team player
@crovax17 5 mesi fa
Team is a word we all just take for granted. Joker makes it the actual reality. No wonder his team absolutely loves him. He is a play making scorer rebounder. Yikes.
im thinking man how beautiful is it, jokic leading these movements and passes, and this team can finish man i realized im watching one of those beautiful times in basketball like so many times in the past i didn't see hey great edit guys. watched a few videos and yours is really really good. the music, the announcers, the clips, the replays, the vibes. very well done. learning from you
@brettsymons604 5 mesi fa
I like how Gordan can read plays well enough to sneak into spots for the amazing passes.
@rwmcmullin 6 mesi fa
And the best part of watching Jokic do what he does is the casual air of nonchalance as he walks away...
It would be so funny to see AG play for another team and seem so much worse because no one other teammates can lift him up as high as jokic can
@moses9426 Mese fa
He should be the next face of the league what he's doing is insane. He comes and just gets triple doubles because as a Center his passing IQ, his Footwork, his shooting and his ability to involve every one of his teammates is so good that he makes them all look like stars.
Before Jokic, there was one equally tall guy that could play all the positions and all the tasks. His name was Kresimir Cosic. He was playing in the college basket (Brigham Young University). He was offered to enter NBA but never did, drafted twice as the first European ever in 1972 and 1973. Instead, he lead Yugoslavia to two titles of World Champions, two second places, Olympic gold, and two Olympic silvers. He was drafted twice, by Portland Trail Blazers and LA Lakers. He was a Croat, a Mormon and a legend.
@unseemly917 6 mesi fa
He's a point guard trapped inside a 7 foot tall body !
@RRRRRRRRR33 5 mesi fa
It's OIajuwon all over again. I would never imagine Olajuwon could be surpassed in the offensive end, but Jokic is building a strong case. I wish the NBA tough up the rules to allow more physicality, to make things harder for Jokic. At the current rules, it's just too easy for pure playmakers, defense and offense moves freely, Jokic can predict 5 plays ahead, it's unfair (just like it was unfair for Olajuwon to abuse the 1v1 matchups, the rules are twisted by the alltime great talent)
@rumjungdokja 4 mesi fa
he's not only a good passing big man, but his passing skill is same level as Nash, Kidd, Stockton
@Buasop 5 mesi fa
He's watched Bird and Magic pass the ball. That behind-the-back pass while going out of bounds looked like a pass Magic dished to Jordan in the Olympics. Those outlet and baseline passes are pure Larry. He is the best passing center ever. If he develops the hook shot, he would be unstoppable
I love his use of eye contact. It lets him bluff his passes so easily.
@snydmark 5 mesi fa
He is definitely one of the best nba players right now! BUT HE NEEDS TO DO IT FOR A FEW MORE YEARS TO BE CONSIDERED ONE OF The best ever!
@macmac6064 6 mesi fa
Jokic lookin like colossal titan that can run 😱
Most pure skills of a center EVER - and couldn't be a greater team player and couldn't be more modest.
His passes remind me of Kevin de Bruyne🔥
both are europeans
@chevu_2 6 mesi fa
There won't be better passers ever than Xavi and Iniesta.
@vuk let's not turn this into a football debate please🙏
@japoncik11 5 mesi fa
not gonna compare him to MJ but in a class of his own.full standing ovation. even Shaq has his back, definitely an all time great. thank u for mjing bbal a game again. just phenomenal👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
@Lingeroni 6 mesi fa
He is definitely the most well rounded NBA player
what an honour to watch that T A L E N T playing ball with the TEAM and what stings me the most: civilised behavior, humble..not like usa circus behavior🔨💚🙏🏼🌍✨✨✨✨✨ thanks for your work
Jokic is on his way to be one of the best center of all time PERIOD.
@dbsti3006 5 mesi fa
Sometimes, I forget he's a center.
@RomnysGonzalez 5 mesi fa
BRO!. How can people say this man playstyle is boring?! 💀
@SuperDejjan 5 mesi fa
Its just unbelievable what he is doing on the field 🎉🎉🎉
@ookk9322 6 mesi fa
crazy how he's now getting respect but Jokic has been great since day1 his iq is right the wit brons and is fundamentals with his game a Tim Duncan but with a shot and his passing is top notch
@ghytd766 5 mesi fa
I'm a 40 year long bucks fan, I'm 53. Jokic is not just the most skilled "center", he's possibly the most skilled "player". I watched Larry Bird in his prime, I'd take Jokic now, over Bird in his prime.
@billyjean5934 5 mesi fa
legends say jokic created as a nba 2k prototype who was brought to life
This is the most consistent ITvid highlights channel I’ve ever seen
You already know some tomfoolery is about to be committed when jokic gets the ball in the high post
Jokic not getting his 3rd MVP this year is just robbery. As much of a robbery is Aaron Gordon never winning the dunk contest. Now together they're putting together something special
Wow. What a young Phil Jackson and Tex Winters would have done with this walking triangle offense 7 foot man , that is like Bill Russell and his 8 straight NBA Championships.
@XChronicHash 5 mesi fa
His passes are jaw dropping
The only thing that worries me is every time he comes down from a dunk he looks unbalanced or lands on one foot makes me feel like he’s gonna hurt himself
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Is Nikola Jokic the best passer ever?
When Diego Costa Loses Control
Bro Kicked Lgbtq flag#shorts
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