Jordan Klepper Sees It All at The Capitol Insurrection | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Pitchforks, Proud Boys, and a one-man “Tyranny Response Team.” Jordan Klepper saw it all at the Capitol insurrection. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Capitol
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12 gen 2021




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Commenti 100
Cristian O
Cristian O 4 ore fa
The producers of this show are so glad they chose to put Kepler here 😂😂
Dr. Wowwee
Dr. Wowwee 4 ore fa
I like how Trump was saying: "WHERE going to march down to the capitol". But, he was nowhere to be found.😆 Then, the MAGA's destroyed, and Trump was like: "These people don't represent us and they need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law".🤣 -Its great how Trump throws his own people under the bus and manipulates them to do his dirty work.
Longmatey 80
Longmatey 80 4 ore fa
5:02 - Need to re-think my stance on hover scooters...
I feel like I've seen this stuff in a movie,ONE SPECIFIC movie.
K Sal
K Sal 4 ore fa
This is the BIGGEST bruh moment in American History
Skinjob 4 ore fa
I sincerely hope he is getting paid enough for his commitment to throw himself in the middle of these events and roast idiots subtly.
Patricia NoceraBrandy
Keep on informing us!
dee's 4 ore fa
Tiffany Holman
The "Cabella street team." Lmao fabulous!!! 🤣😂
Whatever TM
Whatever TM 4 ore fa
This should hav been done in INDIA. But as always Indians r really accepting. Elections r hacked each year and Indians accept it blindly !!
Thony Costanzo
harny goodle
harny goodle 4 ore fa
Anyone else happy to read the comments and restore their faith that there’s decent people out there We’ll get through this everyone, it’s a dark time but we will 💜
Cade Carman
Cade Carman 4 ore fa
I aspire to be the segway guy
rma6684 5 ore fa
As did my dry January haha 😂
laura yanez
laura yanez 5 ore fa
Wow Jordan can tick off people stupid answers Awsome work and dangerous my respect to his work. Funny when he ask if the guy read the constitution lol. Omg is really short 😂 People love America by hurting other Americans 😂 (we do not consent) 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hugo Chavez infiltrated lol!!! Jordan knew best how to proof any one had a reasonable idea to be there’s!🧐
Jo Pemo
Jo Pemo 5 ore fa
That not America, man America is bigger than a country full of hate, America is indigenous, not descendant of western fuck up minds colonisers
TiqueO6 5 ore fa
169,000 likes to 4000 dislikes is a pretty good representation so far, and good on you Jordan! I wouldn’t of stayed any longer too, especially for the safety of the crew who were definitely a target.
Caroline Paul
Caroline Paul 5 ore fa
I’ve just realized how good Klepper is. 🔥🔥🔥
Hashmat M
Hashmat M 5 ore fa
0:07 Afghanistan map on the back of the guy with black hoodie. I can't read whats written inside the map?
Logical Libertarian 1776
Dont be shy. Unblur their faces.
The Haverel
The Haverel 5 ore fa
I hope everyone looks to Rumble and sees on Jovan Pulitzer's page the conversation the election workers were having down in Fulton about rerunning the ballots through the three machines later that night, they were worried about whether they'd be able to do it, they knew they were going to have to stay all night and they spoke of the "set up close down so they could run the 30,000 ballots through" they also spoke of "speaking quietly" because there were people around It is INSANE the massive evidence of a completely fraudulent election. Gov. Kemp has been kept in a bubble by his handlers and family, he does not even know what is going on since first of Nov (@/harrisondeal @/jaimeo'Brian) and past deals with CCP make him hush hush. Geoffe Duncan the Lieutenant governor and Brad Raffensperger are being paid off to steal this election. BTW Ruby said she was being paid 100 dollars an hour to steal Georgia's votes. From their own mouths. ....
evelyn sy
evelyn sy 5 ore fa
MI HO 5 ore fa
MI HO 5 ore fa
LOL . the fake media will not play where Trump told the crowd to be peaceful . nor will they state that the creowd was still at the trump rally while the antifa idiots dressed up in Patriot get up and cAUSED HAVOC IN THE CAPITAL.
MI HO 5 ore fa
When will the blind see that Chinese CCP is controlling their way into the media and the government. Biden is a puppet for the CCP. You want to sell the United States to China.
Eddie R
Eddie R 5 ore fa
Hats off to you for making fun of those slack jawed yokles in their faces as they reenact a civil war battle lol!!!!
Qerd Zamen
Qerd Zamen 5 ore fa
Really pitch forks. Some of you are just as hypocrites as Republicans when you're with riots at BLM 8 months ago with much more than a pitchfork but now you're infuriated by much less than what happened before. I hope you stop being the opposite hypocrites of the original hypocrites
alicia ramirez
I love your content Jordan !
PiratesLuvRum 5 ore fa
Bro I love Jordan but watching this I was so scared for him. These people are fuckin insane
Virgil Castaneda
THE STUPIDITY and HYPOCRACY of these DOMESTIC TERRORISTS is astounding, but NOT surprising. If this crowd would have even had a SUNTAN, the deaths would have been in the HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS.
TruthAlways Prevails
Camouflage is used every where
Matt Moreno
Matt Moreno 6 ore fa
White privilege at its best folks. Hope no one subscribes to this guy and his biased journalism 😂😂😂😂 i guess we will see on a few weeks who is on the right side of history
TruthAlways Prevails
You ALL BUTCHERED THIS FAMILY FROM DAY ONE, He deserves a send off. He WILL ALWAYS BE MY PRESIDENT! Biden....NEVER...they were afraid of what he would reveal. Crooked bunch of people. ANTIFA did this. There’s proof all over internet.
Peter Wood
Peter Wood 6 ore fa
Klepper man!!!! You’ve got some big balls!! KUDOS to you bro!
TruthAlways Prevails
You ALL BUTCHERED THIS FAMILY FROM DAY ONE, He deserves a send off. He WILL ALWAYS BE MY PRESIDENT! Biden....NEVER...they were afraid of what he would reveal. Crooked bunch of people. ANTIFA did this. There’s proof all over internet.
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo 6 ore fa
ego echoing all their grievances as if he felt and knew theirs.
Jack Burton
Jack Burton 6 ore fa
Why blur faces?
Siti Amirah Kamarudin
Why there are some blurred and some are not?
Shopcash Cashshop
How do all votes matter if they dont count them all?china loseing trillons pay state billons make trillons and get world power.
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo 6 ore fa
MAGA - Now stands for “ my ass got arrested.”
Natural2BMii 6 ore fa
It's not even funny anymore. I would look at these clips and be floored at how ignorant to facts and truth these people are and I laughed, but the longer I look the more sad I became because this is the state that the country is in. That's a lot of people that don't know nothing about nothing and are willing to die meaningless deaths for nothing (a lie).
Ed Field
Ed Field 6 ore fa
Most of them not very bright and would not know the truth if it bit them in the ass
Jay dubbu
Jay dubbu 6 ore fa
Dirty ass people left a virus there they did
Sayada Ramdial
oof, I worry about this man going into these situations and interacting with some clearly unstable armed people. Kudos to him and the rest of the crew on site!
Jaime N.
Jaime N. 6 ore fa
Bless you Jordan. One of the few token white guys
Sharon USA
Sharon USA 6 ore fa
It was primarily Antifa & BLM that incited the aggression. * If the Trump supporters.. ALL the armed Trump supporters.. if they really were to bring it, OMG, it would be intense. However, Trump supporters are mostly law abiding, law respecting people. They are the ones that merely wanted their voices heard & counted.
Zachery Jequinto
"You assaulted me" You ran into me by blocking me running towards you.
John Lewis
John Lewis 6 ore fa
No one in their right mind would ever take creepy joe as president
John Lewis
John Lewis 6 ore fa
Stop the steal
SAL ORTES 6 ore fa
Despite having lost the 2020 presidential election, President Donald Trump is seemingly doing everything in his power to maintain control of the White House. Surrounded by Republican political leaders who are bolstering his lies about widespread voter fraud, the president has refused to concede to President-elect Joe Biden, and has kept himself busy by replacing senior Pentagon officials with loyalists. While the president’s apparent attempt to shore up his influence with military leaders is certainly dangerous, few experts believe he is likely to stage an actual coup. Instead, consensus is that Trump will be leaving office one way or another and that even he knows that. What Trump also knows, though - and why he is perhaps so desperately clinging to the fantasy that he won - is that, when he does leave, he could face prison time. And it's that risk of prosecution looming over him that is making Trump tighten his iron grip on the presidency. Indeed, once the president leaves office on January 20, he will be vulnerable to a dozen legal investigations and civil suits involving his business practices, as well as his taxes. He is under investigation for insurance fraud, criminal tax evasion,
Jeannie Sherman
Susporiea Harris
Lord forgive them for for they know not what they are doing
SNEAK SNEAK 6 ore fa
Pull a page out of BLM book these were paid actors by the leftist extremists, to agitate and change the narrative 😆. Can't tell me differently. Either both sides admit their fault and mend or go to war.
Loser Nobody
Loser Nobody 6 ore fa
The real insurrection happened in 1969 by our own government when psychedelics became illegal. The real insurrection happened by our own government happened with the “marijuana” tax bill came into existence. That’s the real insurrection
Super Yacht Chef
MAGA - Now stands for “ my ass got arrested.”
David Bailey
David Bailey 6 ore fa
Okay I think the daily show is s*** now there is no show without Jon Stewart but this was a good piece and much respect for being out there and doing a dam good job jordan
Ann k
Ann k 6 ore fa
Wow the editing on this is despicable. Why don’t you show Trumps full speech? Jordan is kinda racist for sure.
Naheed Flake
Naheed Flake 6 ore fa
They were tough guys storming the Capital and Cry babies at the airport.
hila kummins
hila kummins 7 ore fa
The Chosen One: "WE are going TO MARCH down to the Capital" --- (what do you mean WE Kimosabe?) as Cap'n bone spurs hops in a limo and drives in the other direction. What will it take for some people to learn? Banging my head... It's impossible... banging my head...
Ady T
Ady T 7 ore fa
"The Last Stand" thinking X-men and Xavier (Professor X) 😅🤣😍 I love Jordan K🙆🏾‍♀️❤
The Vuldronaii
2:03 LMAO fuck
Austin Covey
Austin Covey 7 ore fa
Rip Jordan's dry January... I'd need a drink too
hila kummins
hila kummins 7 ore fa
"Let's not wait to find out" hahahahahahha
MondoBeno 7 ore fa
The reason for the lack of security (compared to the BLM protests) is that the pro-Trump protestors don't have a reputation for spray-painting monuments, assaulting opposing voters, punching Democrats for wearing BLM caps, smashing store windows, throwing rocks, and attacking the police. But there's always a first time for everything.
shockofgod 7 ore fa
Jordan you can't even hear with the gay mask on man take it off for your videos it's gay and lame
AD3000 2
AD3000 2 7 ore fa
Lmao I found the uneducated!!
shockofgod 7 ore fa
I 1000000000000000000000000000000000000% support the Capital March. We own that building it is the peoples building.
Paige G
Paige G 7 ore fa
Jordan and his crew dont get paid enough to deal with these people.
John Hamilton
John Hamilton 7 ore fa
It was Biden that stated, "We have put together, I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics." He was right. When he's on the Daily Show why don't you ask him what he meant by that. Trump had nothing to do with the capitol riot. That happens when you don't have free and fair elections.
Jeffrey Balkaran
All those shitholes are going to jail
jordon blackwood
United States of America?America was never United
Jordan should get an actual segment on news I would watch him.
Ronnie Alston
Ronnie Alston 7 ore fa
It's funny how people calling the March on the Capitol one of the Darkest Days In American History White America Maybe But for Black Americans & any Minorities will agree I can think of Atleast 1500 Days Darker than January 6 2021 for US
Dorken Spache
Dorken Spache 7 ore fa
Isn't it kind of racist to assume everyone who is black or a minority race hates Trump? Because there are quite a few prominent black people, such as Candace Owens, the Hodge Twins, Anthony Brian Logan, and Brandon Tatum to name a few, that support Donald Trump and voted for him this election. Even support for Trump in minority groups is up from 2016, with one of the bigger categories being Latino voters. Not all black people think the same. Not all white people think the same. To assume that every black person or person of a minority race agrees with you shows that you, sir, are a racist.
Dave Alton
Dave Alton 7 ore fa
just more liberal BS...
South Shore Boi
Yo cia do it job bros
sara khan
sara khan 7 ore fa
I am not a trump supporter but saying , we muslim outside of America have peace of mind for no new terrorist attack allegation in Trump's presidency time. He didn't declare a war against muslim countries in the name of democracy and I think everyone should agree on that.
Robert Jackson
Goodness. So glad you had some big dudes to keep you safe, Jordan.
Jason H
Jason H 7 ore fa
This is how I thought Season 2 of The Boy was going to end.
Lord Osirus
Lord Osirus 7 ore fa
Except Democracy COMES FROM the people. If the people take over, they can change whatever they want. The US political system is f*cked anyways. You guys need some severe changes or you'll completely collapse. Trump didn't BRING division, he REVEALED it. Now let me be clear, i'm no Trump supporter, but if you think Joe Biden will change anything, you're the worse fool on this planet, except Joe Biden himself. I'm not american, but you deserve far better than a senile version of Emmanuel Macron. You need someone who will actualy get things done. You were given two chances to vote for REAL change and you voted for Hillary and Biden. Wake the hell up, America, turn your f*cking TV down and get your brain cells back ! I mean no offense, but for some reason... i do. C'mon bitches. Kick all these clowns out and change your system. 2021 is revolution time.
T Sta
T Sta 7 ore fa
Don't let the Mainstream media and fake news dictate your freedoms
Kit Kit
Kit Kit 8 ore fa
I agree 100% but that camera guy shit was kinda funny. You’ll say it isn’t but it is😂
Kim Sutter
Kim Sutter 8 ore fa
Why haven't Don junior, Rudy and dump been arrested??? The hypocrisy is unbelievable??
Look, I am not against those that peacefully, lawfully protested. That's American's rights. What I don't get are the ones that broke laws and claim they're still right. Sorry but you cannot live in a just or fair country if you only abided by some of the laws that suits you. Especially when your actions fuels others to the point that people losing their lives.
BLM/Antifa protesters: burns cars, tears down statues, beats people to a pulp: UNDERSTANDABLE. Trump Supporters breaks into Congress, steals some stuff: INSURRECTION.
Deshbhakt 7 ore fa
Leftists try to protect them and these people don't even try to portray them blockin roads or making chaos
Anything possible. Give a possible reason against their beliefs... 'Absolutely' not possible. Uhhhhhhhhh what?
DiAnna Steele
DiAnna Steele 8 ore fa
In typical Fake News fashion, Scumbag Trevor Noah (or Jordan Klepper?) EDITS Mr. Trump's remarks at 3:49 and conveniently omits his words: We're going to march down to the Capitol and "peacefully and patriotically and make our voices heard." READ THE SPEECH and you'll know the TRUTH. Who's REALLY inciting violence???
Seth 8 ore fa
I love Klepper, man.
A RRomine
A RRomine 8 ore fa
if you're going to use farm equipment as a weapon i recommend the rogue Travis tool
James Dick
James Dick 8 ore fa
Thank you
Djooodie Amazeballs
Dude, I don’t know how this guys does it. Maybe cause he’s white, he has a somewhat higher tolerance to this level of stupidity. But I feel like if I were there, my head is just going to explode from all their dumb shit.
Nor Iza
Nor Iza 8 ore fa
Trump supporters.... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Matthew Qualls
I guarantee this dude couldn’t quote the 18th amendment....jackass
Christine Lee
Christine Lee 8 ore fa
Hahaha “you can really see how much these ppl love America by the number of weapons they brought to hurt other ppl” hahahahahahaha
Ty Lee
Ty Lee 8 ore fa
It is funny, .... love this guy.... a bunch of angry nuts...
Dave Q
Dave Q 8 ore fa
Wait so those guys probably were military for real. Chills.
Julie Arnold
Julie Arnold 8 ore fa
The left has been blocking roads and hiding behing racism.
Julie Arnold
Julie Arnold 8 ore fa
The left wants to give everything for free wtf. Please argue?
Julie Arnold
Julie Arnold 8 ore fa
Meet me Trevor! Meet me! Think about what you are doing.
Crybaby Pepper taster
Is there an uncut or longer version of this
Annie Vazquez
Annie Vazquez 9 ore fa
The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity. (PROVERBS 11:3)
Annie Vazquez
Annie Vazquez 9 ore fa
They are terrible and dreadful
Praying that all gas no brakes was also there interviewing ppl
Leah Vogel
Leah Vogel 9 ore fa
The amount under educated morons n that crowd is overwhelming PS: typical cult leaders: rile people up, promise to help with the violence & then dip out like the chicken shits that they actually are
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