Journalism's Corporate Sponsors | May 22, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
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Corporations are snatching up news outlets and cleaning house, but now you can buy toilet brushes from the same place you get your headlines!
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Commenti 1 322
KrimsonVagus 2 mesi fa
Let me guess... Some youtube "skeptic" type guy made a video "debunking" this one, and then all his viewers came here to throw a tantrum.
alw87642 2 mesi fa
Idk I feel like she and Jason actually go to fuddrucker’s
It's Okay To Be Clown Pilled
This was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.
Sam Matarelli
Sam Matarelli 2 mesi fa
is this supposed to be funny?
xpatzorsx 2 mesi fa
Ah yes, that last bastion of independent journalism: TBS.
avid Non
avid Non 2 mesi fa
Freedom of the Press is Integral to the Survival of Democracy. The Printed Press allows all people to attain factual information. Journalism is our Freedoms Survival! God I really hope you comprehend it!
Jordan Grant
Jordan Grant 2 mesi fa
🐸 2020
cbmbdb 2 mesi fa
I bet the irony of this whole situation is lost on this yahoo.
Andrew Sullivan
Andrew Sullivan 2 mesi fa
Why is this trash showing up on my feed? Unfortunately for you samantha b, I don't have an IQ of 12 like most of your viewers
Girzz 2 mesi fa
"Anti-capitalist" on a capitalist medium. Okay. Welcome to Idiocracy.
I wonder who owns TBS the Capitalist Company paying you. I wonder who sponsors this show which makes me wonder who this is payed for. Thanks Canada, you are so witty and funzor.
Conner O'Neill
Conner O'Neill 2 mesi fa
Remember when she was funny?
Jason Ryan
Jason Ryan 2 mesi fa
Samantha is 😍😍😍
Chad Costello
Chad Costello 2 mesi fa
This is why abortion should be banned cuz when they don't work you end up with people like her
Blake Clark
Blake Clark 2 mesi fa
Can't stand this woman or what ever she is.
jaymont1984 2 mesi fa
Using capitalism to bash capitalism...
bait clicker
bait clicker 2 mesi fa
Too much propaganda presented as news. This ITvid channel could well be the best place to get news.
Grug Urgh
Grug Urgh 2 mesi fa
Here at our Corporate Media outlet we don;t like Corporations or Media Outlets. Communism now State enforced homosexuality.
Khum Dhan
Khum Dhan 2 mesi fa
watching this vid shows me why people are watching less and less tv. just accept your death.
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 2 mesi fa
I hate political shows. Who watches this trash
Terminal Sarcasm
The demand is high but nobody wants to pay for it. Entitlement at its finest.
SteveTheFazeman 2 mesi fa
The problem with many female comedians is their overly exaggerated emphasis and deliveries. They come on like teachers talking to students rather than just hanging out with the gang.
Pheunith: Psychic-Water Type
Anti capitalist yet they still love reaping the benefits of it.
Derrick G.
Derrick G. 3 mesi fa
Imagine thinking women are funny.
Pup Pup Man
Pup Pup Man 3 mesi fa
everyone hates you
Ted Goebel
Ted Goebel 3 mesi fa
Totally clueless brainwashed liberal twit!
BerzerkFilms 3 mesi fa
I mean no demand for news paper means they need to adapt or go out of business and that's fine
Mike Ferguson
Mike Ferguson 3 mesi fa
She's isn't aging well
kurt Knispel
kurt Knispel 3 mesi fa
Capitalism is here to stay in sorry to say. But its staying and theres no getting rid of it.
F. O.
F. O. 3 mesi fa
#SamanthaBee is just awful. Hey #SamanthaBee what do YOU have to do/sacrifice to get YOUR nationally televised show?🔺️⚠️🔻
Universome 3 mesi fa
Help! We're losing our domination over the public space
Marcus Bullock
Marcus Bullock 3 mesi fa
I was expecting a bunch of clucking and trump-bumping but found intelligent life instead.
Dainier Garcia
Dainier Garcia 3 mesi fa
Yea lets complain about the thing that has allowed for best standards of living since ever. Socialism = collectivism = your brought down to the level of the weakest link in society. Ill keep my capitalism = individualism and the only factor of my success is how much i work for it.
M E 3 mesi fa
The BEST! I knew America was still here, I just knew it! This lady has almost as many subscribers as all three major news outlets. I have to stop and continue laughing and laughing and laughing
Phill Simmer
Phill Simmer 3 mesi fa
Capitalism is not a big deal.
Al Wolf
Al Wolf 3 mesi fa
zanechaos 3 mesi fa
I miss myspace
Not Carlos Maza
Not Carlos Maza 3 mesi fa
Ichijo Festival
Ichijo Festival 3 mesi fa
In hindsight, not terribly surprising. We've set up an information superhighway where news can be shared freely. News traditionally charged for the dissemination of information and so the cheaper option won. The difference being that one was held to standards and laws, whereas the other spews forth literally anything and everything, and no one can be held accountable. I am shocked that the general public isn't better informed. Shocked!
Brian Jankowski
Brian Jankowski 3 mesi fa
Samatha Bee is pure trash and not funny. Nothing more annoying than a Canadian with dual citizenships giving their opinion on what America needs to change
JamesHLanier 3 mesi fa
Is she still pretending to be anti-capitalist?
Sandy 3 mesi fa
Eat the Rich
Eat the Rich 3 mesi fa
my lord the dislikes did they actually watch the vid
Russian Bot
Russian Bot 3 mesi fa
I remember her from the fail compilation 😂
Ltbo 67
Ltbo 67 3 mesi fa
who watches this hag
Autistic Beverage
Without capitalism you wouldn’t be able to make this video
Frankie Cal
Frankie Cal 3 mesi fa
Anti capitalism but I still make millions off this show.
Golo 3 mesi fa
Have y'all ever heard of sarcasm?
NPC# 6664206969
NPC# 6664206969 3 mesi fa
"her" tiny brain can't process much "she" just does as told.
Frankie Cal
Frankie Cal 3 mesi fa
Gulag for her.
Daren Walker
Daren Walker 3 mesi fa
Maybe if traditional journalism improved it's journalistic integrity it would get more support. People are going to underdogs and support them directly and I can't blame them
Toranpu Donarudo The Blasian
Congratulations sam on your failing show. One show per week between sam and her writers, they cannot even be funny for 6 seconds
Saṃsāra's Light
What are you even salty about? Lol
Neal Capuchino
Neal Capuchino 3 mesi fa
can tbs come up with a hostess thats more pleasing to the eye than this dried up piece of roastbeef...horrible horrible horrible to watch along with that annoying voice..like nails on a chalkboard
Nicholas Sway
Nicholas Sway 3 mesi fa
This girl is to comedy what Amy Schumer is to comedy...
TheEmmaHouli 3 mesi fa
You claim to hate society but you happen to live in a....society! hypocrite!
Njörun Ránsdóttir
Samantha Bee, would you consider interviewing Marianne Williamson? I know she’s unconventional and perhaps not entirely appropriate as a candidate, *but* she has passed the benchmarks to be included in the debates, and she’s even bringing up some policy ideas to the left of Bernie Sanders: she supports full benefits for part-time workers, mandatory paid vacation for all, she introduced the idea of no less than $100 billion in reparations for descendants of African slaves and Native Americans, and she supports universal basic income, as well as the now necessary Medicare for All and free university education and universal pre-k policies. Plus she has a gigantic social media following, so it seems weird that the media won’t take her seriously in the age of Trump. Her message of love defeating hate could be the counter-Trump ticket.
Robert Richard
Robert Richard 3 mesi fa
She does a good job getting some of the people out of their trances and to then start thinking if not living too hand to mouth.
polemius01 3 mesi fa
Print media is dying because reading is dying.
Staniel Smith
Staniel Smith 3 mesi fa
Samantha you're deliciously yummy.....
Forget Me not
Forget Me not 3 mesi fa
You have left out the most important word in the title of your show, it should read “Full frontal lobotomy, with Samantha Bee!” The least informative or entertaining thing you’ll ever endure!
Daniel Marsala
Daniel Marsala 3 mesi fa
Fox isn't news.
lily blu
lily blu 3 mesi fa
This isn't even remotely funny.
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