Journalists SLAM Cyberpunk 2077, Outrage Over White Male Character & Stereotypes/Representation

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★ Following CD Projekt Red's latest reveal of Cyberpunk 2077, many are bringing up past incidents & finding new ways to get upset! ★
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14 giu 2019

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Commenti 11 988
*So much misguided anger...It's honestly just ridiculous!* If you haven't already join the discussion on Discord: discord.gg/mXa5rRv Aswell as stay up to date with all gaming news and upcoming videos on Twitter: twitter.com/LegacyKillaHD
Tiny Rick
Tiny Rick 27 giorni fa
I'm starting to believe that the SJW movement may actually be a marketing move by companies, because of the paradox effect that the movement has on products/services. Be me, popular company with good product and customer satisfaction. Cunt stain of a human with agenda comes along to shit on my latest product. yoUrCoMpAnYiSpRoBlEmAtIc.png Customer base responds by tripling sales. Profit increases thanks to guerrilla Capitalism. I thank cunt stain for sustaining my sales into foreseeable future.
Uncle_ricky 28 giorni fa
Did you just assume my gender?
Aphorim 29 giorni fa
@Salt Efan well shit, that is fucking true lol
Wyatt Branscome
Wyatt Branscome 29 giorni fa
These SJW's need their politics in games they dont play so it's best to just ignore them.
BALLS OF STEEL 29 giorni fa
you are just as bad making a video putting it all in one place. like you said the articles were made to get clicks. you have then took that to turn into clicks for you. so you are an arsehole like the people you are complaining about only your hypocrisy levell has hit 99 with this bruv....
Noka-San 22 ore fa
I like to think how the people who "hate" this game are all from america trying to tell a non-american company what they should and shouldn't do
Anthony Richardson
OMG, are these gamers or soccer mom's..??!
Benjamin Kline
Benjamin Kline 3 giorni fa
Liberal degenerate beta cucks want to ruin everything that makes America great! Arthur Morgan didn’t die for this!
Islam is cancer
Islam is cancer 3 giorni fa
Never apologize to SJWs. If they demand an apology, hit them even harder!
Fifty Shades Of Clem
I can’t wait for creator creation where most people won’t go for a scruffy white guy with a gun so does it even matter when half the player base is gonna look like a deformed black guy with red clown hair
Radiance 7 giorni fa
Uhm......The game is not even out yet till next year....and uhh...you can actually customize your character gender and skin color......and there’s gonna be lots of storyline in the game too....you know??
DefendUSA1776 7 giorni fa
Fuck the SJWs. They have the opposite of the Midas touch. Everything they touch, they turn to shit.
Spacenoid Veterano
Spacenoid Veterano 10 giorni fa
Wait a minute... are they mad because an ad shows a trans person? Wouldn't that actually be a good sign in terms of representation? That stuff is getting accepted and things got to a point where no one gives a shit? Why the hell does depiction equals hate? I really don't understand the outrage or the thought process of these people...
DeezNutz 10 giorni fa
Game Jounalist hate the game: ✅ SJW complain about the game: ✅ Epic store involvement : ✅ Well, cyberpunk must be quite a masterpiece, then.
Venice Lockjaw
Venice Lockjaw 12 giorni fa
I can't wait to see how trigger this outrage community is, when this game moves a ton of units. Nobody is buying into this fake outrage, because the thing is it's never enough. It's never enough pandering, it's never "woke" enough for this community. They will find offense in anything. Add in the internet, that incubates these echo Chambers that become amplified. This game is going to sell huge and all of this fake outrage is going to be background noise, that most people won't even give credence to.
Venice Lockjaw
Venice Lockjaw 12 giorni fa
Despite the Creator stating that the game is progressive, it's never enough for the cultural authoritarians on the far far left, and I'm saying this as a person who considers themselves a social Democrat. It's just a cheap pack to feel Superior, just say everything is racist (based on nothing and you feel like you're some cultural crusader). It's a race to the bottom to who can be more outraged. And the circle gets smaller and smaller, because those who were once progressive are no longer towing the line and are cleaved from T the herd. and the fucked-up thing is it's a bunch of people speaking out for other cultures. As if they are the qualified spokesperson for another culture. A bunch of white rich girls, acting offended for native Americans and Black communities. Because they took a cultural studies class once in college.
Alpha Six
Alpha Six 13 giorni fa
All the gamer sites like euro and pc gamer, rock paper shotgun and polygon all are tied to epic. Coincidence, naw I think not. They are trying to kill CDPR because they don’t want digital platform competition
Alpha Six
Alpha Six 13 giorni fa
“Outraged!!” Same week: Steam and GOG see cyberpunk 2077 become highest sold copies a year before its even out.
Teresa hikes
Teresa hikes 14 giorni fa
lolololololol i'm a lesbian, but since when did cyberpunk become just for 'queers'
Gray G
Gray G 14 giorni fa
Sounds like a bunch of salty EA devs masquerading as journalists to me? probably because they know this game is going to be epic!
Faysal Bin Sadique
Faysal Bin Sadique 15 giorni fa
People just like to criticize on everything.🤦‍♂️
Silvia Moan
Silvia Moan 15 giorni fa
Game is a game it’s not real and some people don’t realise that it’s all code and IA, Game design god why do I bother it’s a game most people probables just run around and kill everything and everything they come across without looking around unlike layers of fear where your taking the time looking around and taken in the surroundings and see the pop up jump scare witch isn’t scary it’s just weird so yeah next people will jump at DOOM Eternal doing the same thing without realising it’s just a game I don’t get why make a big deal
IIIFadedinkIII 16 giorni fa
Despite what they claim, gaming writers aren’t really journalists. They’re not held to the same standards of real journalists; they’re just SJW bloggers - fuck them.
Jesse David
Jesse David 17 giorni fa
Truly we are a snowflake generation
Andrew Findlay
Andrew Findlay 18 giorni fa
Everyone complaining about these "issues" needs to just stfu. No matter what CDPR does, these loud mouthed idiots are going to find something to take offense with. It's a game, if you dont like how CDPR portrays something... dont play CP2077.. its really as easy as that.
Rikard Nilsson
Rikard Nilsson 19 giorni fa
I used to read reviews on rock paper shotgun back when they were new and...actually about games...when the hell did they become this sjw woke retardation?
Michael Bell
Michael Bell 19 giorni fa
Why not enjoy the game and take it as it is, a game! Y'all a bunch of dandelions covered in fabric softener.
Emilia Hardej
Emilia Hardej 20 giorni fa
I like how the author of the article wanted more moral dilemma but didn't like the moral dilemmas
Vitan89 20 giorni fa
Who is taking these outrage media seriously anyway?
Mister Nobody
Mister Nobody 20 giorni fa
These morons making a thing out of nothing for their own publicity...
Ronald Duplanty
Ronald Duplanty 20 giorni fa
Nobody called out Final Fantasy X for their portrayal of Islanders
Sadistic Overlord
Sadistic Overlord 20 giorni fa
Things need to stop being left leaning and political in general it just needs to get kicked out of entertainment.
Chili 21 giorno fa
Just announced... Gay relationship options in Cyberpunk. That should settle the libs down a bit. Although, LegacyKilla will probably get his panties in a wad.
B1 battledroids Lives matter
Who else but the SJW Scum
the boat
the boat 21 giorno fa
I was gonna buy for Keanu Reeves anyway, my decision got a whole lot easier
Bear 24
Bear 24 21 giorno fa
Attention weak minded Twitter sheep: The creator of the game is black. That is all....
JJs GameStash
JJs GameStash 21 giorno fa
People want to say we are all equal, but then those same people get pissed about the idea of playing a white character. well guess what... GET READY TO PLAY CASPER THE GHOST YOU RACIST FUCKS.
JJs GameStash
JJs GameStash 21 giorno fa
Finally a game that capitalizes on my white privilege.
amar 5saga
amar 5saga 21 giorno fa
I guess those dudes are just jealous
Ryan Huron
Ryan Huron 21 giorno fa
Since when did furry's acquire such a deep understanding of cyberpunk? or regular punk in general?
Zero 22 giorni fa
Smh they're just looking for something to gripe about now its rediculous. Get over yourself snowflakes, cus we dont give a fuck about your sad opinions about the game lol 🤣🤣
john mack
john mack 22 giorni fa
I'm mad that everything is racist and sexist anymore. If you want a Cyberpunk with a different race as the main character here's a tip.... wait for it.... Fucking make it yourself.
Matthew_ 13754
Matthew_ 13754 22 giorni fa
I miss that time where we could say anything. Life was simple.
Jack Arnold
Jack Arnold 22 giorni fa
You know what I love about all this? It's just creating more publicity for the game that'll end up turning into more sales.
saud alhathal
saud alhathal 22 giorni fa
i wouldn’t even play it, first person??? really??? worst aspect ever, it will only appeal to ppl who always play online multiplayer games, not us the story driven games fans, guess am saving 60$, am probably buying avengers project
Jeebus23 2 giorni fa
Riiiggghhtt. The open world single player RPG will 'only appeal to people who play multiplayer games' just because it's set in first person. That makes *total* sense. Wait, no it doesn't.
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee 23 giorni fa
At the LGBT community lashing out at CDred for having anything gay in their game... fuck off. Honestly, just because of ya'll bullshit to jumgun CDred, if I was in charge of this game, I'd delay it a few more months and take out anything having to do with gay. A straight utopia, then when they complain about that, I'd tell them look up their criticism in the past and that's what you get.
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee 23 giorni fa
"Boring white men are not extinct yet"...? Wtf? I'm willing to bet that he/she still has their job after saying such an evil statement. Willing to bet they are a far left Democrat. FYI, that's a Hitler like statement. Thefuq is wrong with the left lately... smfh
screenmonkey 23 giorni fa
Wait... the game has levels ... triggered CP2020 did not use levels,it was a skill based system.
Mykl R
Mykl R 23 giorni fa
The more they publish this shit, the more I want to pre-order it.
Jae Phillips
Jae Phillips 23 giorni fa
People really raging over he character being white when it's confirmed that you can customize the character...to be any gender and skin color...
marvin tinaco
marvin tinaco 23 giorni fa
hahahahaha 😂😂😂
Euripides Soteriou
Euripides Soteriou 23 giorni fa
Just leave pointless crusades and political correctness out of games. Has any of these critics played GTA, ever? That's a parade of stereotypes, and it's a great game. Why is everyone so self absorbed that they have to dictate how other people make games? Don't like it? Don't play it and shut up. Stick to fortnite and candy crush, but remember the latter is offensive to diabetics
Takoshi Hitsamaru
Takoshi Hitsamaru 24 giorni fa
That title is everything that's wrong with our society in 2019. "How DARE you be born the skin colour you are!"
124Nightwing 24 giorni fa
I hope these journalists and the other big AAA publishers are knocked on their asses when the sales from this one game goes through the roof.
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