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Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist

joyner lucas
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28 nov 2017

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Commenti 366 028
thelivingmeme hehe
thelivingmeme hehe 7 minuti fa
Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins 16 minuti fa
Shows what lots of whites think about blacks and the other way around
Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins 16 minuti fa
This is really deep
big sway
big sway 19 minuti fa
Why did this not win awards? This is next level! Amazing
Realistic 36 minuti fa
Instead of this ☝🏿 or this ☝🏻 let’s see this ☝️
Nate Brandl
White 🗑
Powerful. Thank you.
Luke Molter
Both sides made valuable points
Jhaidyn Coleman
He really be speaking facts he snapped on this and he telling the truth 💯💯🔥
Austin Tanner
Who else thought Joyner Lucas was white because of this video. 😂😂
Anthony Picinich
White people liked the video Black people liked the video Mexicans disliked the video Koreans disliked the video Jk lol
gvnqa 2 ore fa
Im not racist, my little sisters friend, tracy, has a brother whos girlfriends shadow is black Cringe/10 iknow
cxldlxrd 2 ore fa
Idk ab the almost 200k people that disliked this but it was probably people that didn't get the song
Big Deuce
Big Deuce 2 ore fa
This is a fucken awesome video
Kacey Gabriel
Kacey Gabriel 2 ore fa
Fucking racist ass
All day Cj
All day Cj 2 ore fa
This is dip
TheEthanplays 2 ore fa
ajani carty X
ajani carty X 2 ore fa
I'm not rasist because my girlfriend tatto is black so make since 🤔
ajani carty X
ajani carty X 3 ore fa
This true i wish that we could stand as one United ✊🏻✊🏾
Daniel Pelagio
that’s deep
Deshun Ross
Deshun Ross 3 ore fa
It’s so DEEP..
Mei Da panda
Mei Da panda 3 ore fa
Damian Berg
Damian Berg 3 ore fa
“Tupac has been respawned”
Marquise Kelker
First I'm not racist
Fine Bag
Fine Bag 4 ore fa
Showed this to some guy name lil nas x He got the horses in the back now
kakashi 6ix9ine
Dont let words hurt you or hurt anybody, all of us are the same people, humans but different colors and dont let any color of race change how you are if u black, mexican, asian, white or any other race or color and i dont blame people its just how people are they just judge without thinking of how they would react if they were made fun of there skin color😭 thats just how people are unless we get shit together and just notice what happened back in the days, there shouldn't be a white only restroom or a black only water fountain all of us are the same inside, people, humans and so thats why dont judge other people by race or color just know were all the same people and humans and we should be greatful for that and not start a race war or a color war😭
Kyle Csiki
Kyle Csiki 4 ore fa
Although the lyrics to this song are very aggressive, I respect this man for taking the opportunity to try to help tackle an issue as old as time. Good job man. Respect.
:3 imalive
:3 imalive 4 ore fa
We are all shades of orange Lol
Delta 4 ore fa
Love y'all idc if you're black or white or yellow. If you're Mexican -German - American - Russian etc.
Phil Swift Is My Dad
Joyner Lucas sounded so awkward when he said the n word with the “er” at the end instead of the “a” at the end
Peggy Sue
Peggy Sue 5 ore fa
Shadow The wolf
All Trump is doing is keeping Manifest destiny alive if u don't know what that is search it up but ik and I'm Mexican and that just fucked up
Dirtysouth 210210
Saying nigger doesn't make you racist, your ignorance does.
Ekemini Umoren
Everyone that disliked this didn't finish the track. Coz racists are always Impatient.
G G 6 ore fa
The Troubles Album by Jun Tzu listen thank me later
Mike Hernandez
I Love this video :)
GADZOU 6 ore fa
You do not know what it's like to go for the little white guy in the neighborhood You can not be proud of your origins because you are just slavers and you can not change anything To judge you for acts that you never did I'm not racist I love you but hate you from sometime (sorry for my english, I'm french)
CooJaden 6 ore fa
And People Call Us Asians Orange Chicken and Small Eyes
Asiankid R_d
Asiankid R_d 6 ore fa
We Asians are just chillin with popcorn
time drop
time drop 7 ore fa
Boi you racist I'm black
Pat beast Patbeast
I am not racist he says the n word
Michael Stephan
192K people didn't watch the whole video
Lonelyy 7 ore fa
Surprised more people arent mad at the fact he said nigga
fizz 7 ore fa
Joyner Lucas is rapping about his points for both races. Hes not trying to be bias like alot of people are 🖕🙄
Andre den
Andre den 8 ore fa
this is classic 👏👏✔
Brandon Novoa
Brandon Novoa 8 ore fa
Nigga said you don’t know about fried chicken😂
AJ_YT Perkins
AJ_YT Perkins 8 ore fa
Blacks complain about discrimination look mexicans over here not complaining as much as blacks
kan 31
kan 31 8 ore fa
just epic
Yvng Amazing god
U are racist
Aoued Chibani
Aoued Chibani 9 ore fa
Wow... Just wow....
Blueberry Blueberry
There’s two parts to every story. Neither is right but also neither is necessarily wrong.
dRizZy dRe
dRizZy dRe 9 ore fa
Joyner knows how to get a powerful message across. You have no choice but to respect his craft.
Treyyy Tha goat
My dad is white and my mom is white and somehow I’m lighskin but there was a mailman that was always leaving the house wen I got home from school and he was black so Idk what that was but fuck racism we all human💪🏽
Leonard Kipkering
Wow wow wow.enlightening ,educating and entertaining 100%
thilo kopp
thilo kopp 9 ore fa
this is so important
Vlad Alexandrov
Vlad Alexandrov 10 ore fa
Has anyone ever noticed the white argument is a lot more compelling while the back argument is just kind of contradictory?
Joe M
Joe M 10 ore fa
2 sides...wow..this is amazing
I don’t know a name
I am
John Stones
John Stones 10 ore fa
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie 10 ore fa
All this song doing is starting war and s***like white men don't do the samething
A killer Gets bigger
What about Asians oh wait I’m Asian
Ramona Alaniz
Ramona Alaniz 11 ore fa
Yo this shit got me in tears !! Man speaking on some real ass shit in this world that stays happening..
Kevin Bourke
Kevin Bourke 11 ore fa
How can anyone dislike this
CarlitoJr888 11 ore fa
But oj did it?
Edgy Assassin
Edgy Assassin 11 ore fa
Isn’t Joyner black.
Rebecca Edward's
This is amazing xxx
Black women love white men
Everyone starts of white Everyone turns out the same after death.
Keelen McAdoo
Keelen McAdoo 11 ore fa
Wilton Lopes
Wilton Lopes 12 ore fa
why tf I'm emotioned fuck
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 12 ore fa
Is that Crypt
Roxy Valenti
Roxy Valenti 12 ore fa
Aren't we lucky to have freedom of speech ,for good or bad,but we all know ,hate will always be there if you are different.
100 sub without content challenge
This song are probably the biggest statement in the rap world
Clancypastas 12 ore fa
Darth Gale
Darth Gale 12 ore fa
Who’s still here
Soup Time
Soup Time 13 ore fa
I am amazed
F2 Slayer
F2 Slayer 13 ore fa
Nah bro he is racist
Andre den
Andre den 13 ore fa
eminem kno.. this joyner would be the best story teller after him and so be it!!
Christian Cupitt
Only just heard this OMG what a tune
Boss Killa
Boss Killa 14 ore fa
The fact Joyner is so clear minded to bash his own race then he turns it around and shows his POV of white people. Just no holds barred, just 2 men in a room sharing their POV.
eugene mosely-brazille
Now that's real only the dumb niggaz get offended
Mauro 15 ore fa
I miss this Joyner
Devin Turner
Devin Turner 16 ore fa
Not going to lie like this message didn't hit home and I couldn't help but get choked up. If we as the human race took our pride and what we thought we know and put it to the side and actually listened to one another this country would stand alone above all. Our country can be great but it will not be "again" it'll be for the first time.
hold- bolding
hold- bolding 16 ore fa
did the white man say the n word if you did not put joyner voice
TitanUp23 16 ore fa
That fat MAGA guy can really spit!
Halle Monteiro
Halle Monteiro 16 ore fa
imagine disliking this i-
who there?
who there? 17 ore fa
I eat the white cream off the Oreo fire,is that racist?
GLG Lee Ghaba
GLG Lee Ghaba 17 ore fa
im black shut up and im reach
TURAN GAMER 17 ore fa
The white guy was kinda right
who there?
who there? 17 ore fa
I popped a black head on my nose today. is that racist?
don't just don't
i don't really relate to this song because i hate everyone equally
playboi 18 ore fa
This shit deep af
bryant rush
bryant rush 18 ore fa
The 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 bars 😲😳😳😳😳 OMG
Zaa kirah
Zaa kirah 19 ore fa
Yeah we gonna have to keep this guy locked up somewhere .... For his own protection you know ... For his own protection... See what happens to guys speaking truth out here 👀
Zaa kirah
Zaa kirah 19 ore fa
Wow!!! 👀👌 How did I miss this guy... 👀👌
Cryptonian 19 ore fa
the racial 'issue' is that minorities think they still live in the opressive pre-60's
Leezy 19 ore fa
0:10 10 Minutes after he got the N Word pass
Kayden Maclean
Kayden Maclean 20 ore fa
U r racist and stereotypical
San Leo
San Leo 20 ore fa
fhr0 21 ora fa
im a mixture of yellow, brown and white so I can't be called racist for anything xddd
Prossimi video
The Huawei ban is just the start...