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Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist

joyner lucas
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28 nov 2017




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koopex 2 minuti fa
Shows both sides of the battle.
Devendra Singh Choudhary
I am not even white or black but why the fuck I am crying ....oh cause I am a fucking human...human created the discrimination not God...even religion was created by human not God.....the day we start seeing other as human this world will be a Paradise
3JG9 7 minuti fa
a six minute video can speak a thousand words
Rhiannon Ruth
Rhiannon Ruth 8 minuti fa
Who disliked this?? Finding a common ground is awful right????
Anthony Urb
Anthony Urb 9 minuti fa
I asked my whap teacher if he supported the song he said no it’s stupid smart dude too😂
Prolifik3nt 18 minuti fa
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller 19 minuti fa
This shit gave me chills man. I should have listened to this song a long time ago when I first seen it.
Lamar Constantine
Lamar Constantine 21 minuto fa
the white dude said nigga
Lamar Constantine
Lamar Constantine 22 minuti fa
the cracka is racist
IM BORED 26 minuti fa
This is fucking awesome
MX RAZOR 29 minuti fa
Love your work with this video. Really have me the chills.
Klap S
Klap S 37 minuti fa
i hate niqqers
insomniagfx 40 minuti fa
Fuckin A
Bones Malone
Bones Malone 44 minuti fa
I'm white and my grandmother picked cotten Edit: she's not white
Cargwe Daniels
Cargwe Daniels 45 minuti fa
Dawg word, powerful
KenDrei 49 minuti fa
Bones Malone
Bones Malone 47 minuti fa
Que no
Prakash Mani
Prakash Mani 53 minuti fa
I am Indian and I really like this rap but why is the white guy shown so dumb ?
Bensonezz Ora fa
hes fat guys
roblox da gamer
wo.w this suck ass. wow, man i hate black people.
Ghost of Samuel
Dripin Beats
but he white tho
Beast Pyatt
I really need someone to tell me why this is godly
kamaria kai
That’s like I have a white friend and he always says nigga like he’s black like he will just say it out of no where also he’s sister told me to go back to Africa once when I was born and raised in England and my family is Jamaica my grandma is a maroon and the thing is racism happeneds everyone especially in England and America it’s fucking sad in England all the young black boys are killing each other in America the police are killing black men for no reason what so ever do we not see they are trying to kill of all the black people because the fear us as a team they know if we eve get together we will be to strong also am not saying every white person is the same but almost all f you are almost every Black Country goes through fucking poverty it kills me to know when I have kids they might go through a lot more rascim than I will being black in this world is terrifying and a white person will never understand
Hello There
... I actually have no words(cuz of how amazing and troo it is)
M G Ora fa
Nigga, nigga nigga nigga, nigga nigga, ya know, shit, nigga, like oh my god, nigga, like nigga you know? Nigga
Zach G
Zach G Ora fa
Ethel Miller
I guess....
Pig Fucker
Pig Fucker Ora fa
When he says about putting Mexicans in the ghetto, you know it isn’t an actual Trump supporter but a liberals imagination of what a Trump supporter thinks.
xxOGxJAYSE 2 ore fa
xxOGxJAYSE 2 ore fa
2:15 dead
RenSuzugamori 2 ore fa
Well Today The First Time I saw this and Imma say everything he said when someone said I'm Racist
Onyai Crenshaw
I vote the black dude won
so did they give a n word pass to white dude
?何がファック 23 minuti fa
+ZIPPY ik that im just saying after the song
ZIPPY 27 minuti fa
It was rapped by a black guy. He was lip syncing
Bryan Nguyen
Bryan Nguyen 2 ore fa
wait black and nigga mean the same thing.
fearreavers 2 ore fa
Where is the behind the scenes shit. This is an amazing song.
Kainius The Great
I love all people but I am so tired of being told I don't understand being held down because of the color of my skin. I lived it, gunshots off of the projects roof, not being able to get emergency workers when we need one because a black drug dealer decided to shoot a cop in the head because he didn't want to get caught, I ate the mommy casserole with mac & cheese and whatever we had left in the cabinets/ freezer stirred in, paper foodstamps, watching my family get destroyed by CPS because some bitch wanted her bonus check, never having a chance to move up in life and attend college because my family was poor (rich black kids go though, but privilege, right?)...sure, I can be pretty sure cops won't target me but that's all the privilege I have. THIS IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE ABOUT RACE! IT'S ABOUT ALL OF US GHETTO TRASH BEING HELD DOWN BY THE WEALTHY AND HAVING ANY HOPE OF MOVING ON UP SMASHED OVER AND OVER. THEY ARE DIVIDING US FOR THE EASY CONQUER. WE NEED TO STOP THE HATE, THE BITTER, AND COME TOGETHER AS HUMANS OR BE HELD DOWN FOREVER. I love all of you. My greatest wish is for everyone to have a profoundly happy life. Until then, keep your head up.
BullShark 2 ore fa
The only issue is when he said my grandmama was a slave that’s just not accurate
Shadark The Shadow Shark
Can we get one with White, Black, Asian, and Latino? Now THAT would be awesome.
Kristian Gibson
Hey yo don't miss em
Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore 2 ore fa
I was about to dislike but I saw the end
Oguz Demir
Oguz Demir 3 ore fa
this guy must be rich because he has like 50 N word passes according to google one N word pass costs about 100,000 dollars
Jeremiah Green
Hit this like if you like this
Jane Donoz
Jane Donoz 3 ore fa
Apparantly, they both fight in a white-black war. This is showing the ways we STILL treat each other after the law that seperated blacks and whites. Even if the law is broken. People are still out there, being racist and causing problems. With our racist president, this war will end not shortly. When they hug each other they show the way how we are all meant to be... Being racist is what cuts that relationship.
CHAWIT CH 3 ore fa
I don’t know if the white guy was supposed to be the obvious bad guy but to be completely honest both of them made a lot of good points and both of them had logical fallacies and bad opinions, which makes the video more meaningful because it shows that not everything isn’t, if you’ll excuse the pun, black and white.
Frosty 3 ore fa
white dude looking like randolph
Guy ultimatecyberdog
Can we just quit drawing and emphasizing these lines? Focus on what makes us alike, not what makes us different.
derper derp
derper derp 3 ore fa
At least it's not mumble
Matthew Varga
Matthew Varga 3 ore fa
This is so fucking true everytime I say night (I'm white) some black dude gets mad and I have to show them I can beat there ass and gets annoying
Matthew Varga
Matthew Varga 3 ore fa
Every time I say nigga
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 4 ore fa
CuteBoyo 4 ore fa
I was thinking that this is just gonna be about how white people and trump are bad but ending made me understand.
Gekyume 4 ore fa
yo, is that crypt?
sunshine James
Ik when he said that first line everybody blacked🤣🤣
Peris James
Peris James 4 ore fa
That was so powerful, but do you think it could become reality....of course maybe if they paid us our 40 acres and mule! ( we might be able to talk).
Ward Abdoh
Ward Abdoh 4 ore fa
I actually cried
WierdMadi 90
WierdMadi 90 4 ore fa
As a black person, I respect him.
Chaz Allen
Chaz Allen 4 ore fa
Wait a minute this a song
Michelle Mykel House
Psalm 139:8 I refuse to fight far too! Amen
Lil Crispy Tenders
Good meaning at end man
conner_the_ beast21
i am
akuscg 4 ore fa
akuscg 4 ore fa
percy2008x 4 ore fa
Conservativ's = like Black's = like White lefti's = dislike
Athanasia St. Eugene
Ew this is so disgusting!
froipi 5 ore fa
we live in a society where skin color divides people.
shadow slasher 202
This is america
Alex Simios
Alex Simios 5 ore fa
Yes you are
Gustavo Rodriguez
White peoples always trying to act like they all innocent....this is a native land not America you stupid get you shit together....
Gustavo Rodriguez
White peoples always trying to act like they all innocent....this is a native land not America you stupid get you shit together....
Cody Atchley
Cody Atchley 5 ore fa
Jesus, right in the feels with this. I love you all!
Swess2908 5 ore fa
damn. Im mexican. I side with the blacks.
Monkeybutt 5 ore fa
Thank you You spoke the truth
Tuning_With_ Neptune
My friend showed me this and it's all so true.No matter in what way you look at it it's true!
Domingo Torres
Dashawn Sims
Dashawn Sims 5 ore fa
The only reason that he hit his is hat because he had make America great again
Dawn Brown
Dawn Brown 5 ore fa
this song touched me know to me your like 2poc and im 9 years old by the whay
ChuckyEpic // DYƆE
A song where the left and right can come together, something that needs to happen more often.
Nobukira 2
Nobukira 2 5 ore fa
2 pac is a god
토두 5 ore fa
The song we need, but not the one today’s fucking sensitive world deserves
Nathen Romano
Nathen Romano 5 ore fa
So a fat hill billy is supposed to represent all white peoples and a Somalian pirate to represent all black wtf is this shit 😂😂😂🤣☠️
M4DM4X05 5 ore fa
Listen i know the message That the video is trying to spread but i just don’t think it was put out and explained in the wrong way
ANT_Smithyyy Boi
This will change America.
Isaac Williams
Honestly people keep picking sides ya'll are missing the ENTIRE point of the video
Linkin Paul
Linkin Paul 6 ore fa
2:13 nigerrrr
Tracy Osimowicz
Just a side note: I was a comment that said “I’m not sexist is next” or something and that made me realize that this conversation only happened between two men. Men are definitely thought to be more explosive on both sides of the race issue, but I think another topic of interest for us to approach with love eventually is throwing female voice into the mix too
Logan Wheatley
bars 1:38 to 2:05
Meikhi Stuckey
This is kind of bringing us together thumbs up if you agree On the oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo ooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Jesper Schultz
What kind of a human being would you have to be to dislike this? Honestly???
Michael Mendoza
Latinos have been going through the same shit... WE DONT CRY!!!!
Simon Kuhlmann Ruuth
Bbkirby1212 6 ore fa
This song is important because it’s not only showing the one side, it shows both, everyone, no matter political stance, can relate.
Tracy Osimowicz
Michael Mendoza
Happy Doggo
Happy Doggo 6 ore fa
mi393mi _YT
mi393mi _YT 6 ore fa
Nigga where is the Mexican u are racist
Lynns Covers
Lynns Covers 6 ore fa
The only reason this didn't win is because people are dumb as hell and don't wanna except hard facts
Gilbert Ventura
Song popped up next randomly. Its got a powerful message and gave me tears...fuck...
TooManyTaco 2000
You shouldn’t hold a single slur of a higher dominance to others because it has history, they all do.
Forrest Sprouse
Tru folk wtf we need dat white history day
Dáire óhAodha
The is the non offensive version of black people vs white people Winner: everyone and no one
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