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Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist

joyner lucas
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KEEP IT REAL 10 minuti fa
Racism is beyond words it's history shit already happend you cant fix that so we cant fix how we feel 🖕
Jamaica Channel
Jamaica Channel 19 minuti fa
JM Family
JM Family 20 minuti fa
I would have done slapped him
dragonnite fifa
dragonnite fifa 32 minuti fa
Shut up bitch you fuck fat ass You fucking fat bumlcktay
Kuris Kuris
Kuris Kuris 39 minuti fa
Jeff Manzi
Jeff Manzi 45 minuti fa
This dude is on another level
nicky rude
nicky rude 50 minuti fa
joynah's first Grammy
Sophie Renee Ferguson
This fire but I love how he’s wearing a MAGA hat 😂
Lexi Luthur
this schit hard man
fahad mohamed
Its my birthday!!!
No No
No No Ora fa
I said nigga
No No
No No Ora fa
Nigga suck dick
addiskiddan Ermeyes
Who the FUCK are you to talk
I am speechless...one of the most beautiful rap
Mohamed Kaddah
I saw and heard and see the white guy racist sorry white guys it’s the fuckn truth. Shit he was defending Donald! racism is not a social disease.... racism is a government policy! Why is it always a white cop who kills a black guy?
Jamaican Soldi3r
It’s an equal argument
Jamaican Soldi3r
Mohamed Kaddah are you sure
Danielwx00 2 ore fa
I wish I could make this my ringtone
R3Y4N89 3 ore fa
3:53 ‘ay man that wasn’t part of the script’
Last Patriot
Last Patriot 3 ore fa
I agree with the white man. And of course. The black man gets to hit the hat and flip the table. If the white mad did that everyone would flip their shit
Major Wo0dy
Major Wo0dy 3 ore fa
Bull shit !!!!!!! but a nice try
Y2K Kevin
Y2K Kevin 3 ore fa
This is the type of rap we need stop all that mumble rap
Yosbany Cuik-Cano
Bro this is so deep I swear this song is on another level
Toxic Slipknot
📁documents L📁 music L📁Joyner Lucas L📁 bad music L⚠️this folder is empty
Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis 4 ore fa
Ario Mortazavi
Steven Lorenzo
Reminds me of Ill mind of hopsin 4
Archie Woodhouse
The photography in the song is so good like things such as the bar being between them as the person changes over showing there not able to be on the same side and are not able to agree
LifeIsGood 5 ore fa
See how neither was fully correct in what he was saying. Two sides to every story gotta know them both to know the truth. Neither one was racist and neither one was the bad guy.
Aidan Bason-Mitchell
Who is here before 2019? Can we get a little love in the world as well? Why tf everyone so damn angry all the time?
Larry Hansen
Larry Hansen 6 ore fa
creativ A
creativ A 6 ore fa
Shane Reierson
Wow. I’m glad I watched the whole thing. This is art
PRO _GAMER 6 ore fa
I liked it and I understood it , amazing it's more than a rap
Rapid Fireman
Rapid Fireman 6 ore fa
this vid came up after watching a PewDiePie lol b ut I like this
J P 6 ore fa
Spider Punkz100
Literally in our blood we are all the same it’s literally just 1 organ that’s different and that’s skin(yes skin is and organ)
Cj Allen
Cj Allen 7 ore fa
"Yea I praise Tupac like he was a fuckin God, He was fighting for his life way before he fuckin died"
Daylen Clark
Daylen Clark 7 ore fa
This is the most real thing I’ve witnessed in a really long time.
TF Hahs
TF Hahs 7 ore fa
I like how there's elements of truth in both verses
White people really bumping this shit
Robert Burnham
Logitekz 6 ore fa
And what happened when they were freed? Over a century of ingrained racism and prejudice. Your logic dictates that when someone buys a gun and kills someone we should blame the gun store. See how stupid that sounds?
Robert Burnham
White hater
United rebellion
Holy shit he evens sounds like Marshall mathers.. Brainwashing is real... P.s.we had a black president how in the fuck can you say white people control this country? We have black cops black judges black cops now stfu and join the fight against hollywood and the queers there that want to rape your kids.
SeculaRxHumanisT 26 minuti fa
Obama is white too and he's not the president anymore.
ImaFinneseYew 8 ore fa
I’m white. I’m not racist
Ali Cessay
Ali Cessay 9 ore fa
Who came here before 2019 comes
Erma Gerd!!!
Erma Gerd!!! 9 ore fa
Oh jesus christ black dudes always acting like they're the only ones who get fucked with by the police. You know how many times I've been pulled over the last 5 years for "seat belts"? Fourteen. The police don't give a fuck about your race. They just want that ticket money. Fucking pigs.
Holden Mills
Holden Mills 9 ore fa
Anthony Jenkins
Maaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn I swear this shit right here is a heart touched. If u disliked this video..... u have no soul
Anthony Jenkins
Toucher *
Gavin Johnson
Gavin Johnson 9 ore fa
when a black person says “nigga” or “nigger” I think *he thinks he’s cool when he says that* or *he uses his skin color as an advantage an that’s tuff*
Fiorella Marinos
I I I have no words right now 😨😭
Amar Mehta
Amar Mehta 9 ore fa
Words can’t describe what I am feeling right now, so I’m going to say one word: awesome!
Chief Clashofclan
I was like a white guy cant say that lol just found out he is black
fatninja193 9 ore fa
What happened to brown people
Shelby Dancy
Shelby Dancy 10 ore fa
Cool meme doge is dead DEAD!
hes "rapping" stereo types of black people not all black people do drugs you know that right? I have a black friend who is honest to god one of the nicest people ive met and I don't usually hang out with people that are nice cuz im one of the bad kids im white and I don't do drugs but I know white people who do almost everybody in highschool does but not my friend Amari he doesn't wanna do drugs and he will and has never same for me but again not all black people do drugs and a lot of white people do so stfu white dude who says the n word...... btw I don't do drugs never tried them and never will
Stephan Cooper
Stephan Cooper 10 ore fa
This what I'm rapping about/wait for 2022
SuperYasuhito 10 ore fa
Its probably the deepest lyrics in a rap songs ever
PoixyBob 10 ore fa
Alyssa if you find this hello youre racist
Nina K
Nina K 10 ore fa
Fuck you Bitch
Cosmic Gaming
Cosmic Gaming 10 ore fa
Bro pick up his hat and fix the table
Dogdude10 10 ore fa
This is real music
Cayden Wooten
Cayden Wooten 10 ore fa
*Racism has left the chat*
Aedan Mccarty
Aedan Mccarty 10 ore fa
A dirty rap, followed by a clean melody and a brotherly hug. To me, this is the embodiment of the closure so few of us get.
J ROD 11 ore fa
Puerto Rico and blacks
carolina savage
carolina savage 11 ore fa
i hate this guy
sugurr wolf
sugurr wolf 11 ore fa
Wtf happened to the end
sugurr wolf
sugurr wolf 11 ore fa
Racist Beep Beep my Racist Detector gone off
Rainer Erdmann
Rainer Erdmann 11 ore fa
I heard 'Wakanda shit is that'
Zoivod 11 ore fa
Holy fuk..was watching on my phone and didn't realize the white guy was lip syncing lmao. I was getting so uncomfortable haha
Rainer Erdmann
Rainer Erdmann 11 ore fa
PiousMoltar 11 ore fa
PiousMoltar 11 ore fa
Mainly I'm agreeing with the message at the end.
Jerry Lorosae
Jerry Lorosae 11 ore fa
We need to reflect back on the definition of being humans...that hug in this video represents a lot...
Fake CNN Bomb
Fake CNN Bomb 11 ore fa
They probably played Fornite after this was done
Cnote 4581
Cnote 4581 11 ore fa
he said the n-word. We must ban him from this
TSM_Lynkyz 11 ore fa
Starts making racist jokes White guy: I’m not racist
me eating
me eating 11 ore fa
TSM_Lynkyz did u like your own comment
Tia Henderson
Tia Henderson 12 ore fa
this touched my heart and this prooves you should never judge people cuz their choices Hope yall have a good day *leaves chat*
MistaCaliber 12 ore fa
this is powerful.
JetBawks [GD]
JetBawks [GD] 12 ore fa
this song is...
Reaper Gaming
Reaper Gaming 12 ore fa
I'm not racist my brothers friends mothers cousins sons dog is black
Flippin Jace
Flippin Jace 12 ore fa
Havent gotten this kind of emotion from youtube in a while, great job
Tim Kuhns
Tim Kuhns 12 ore fa
He doesn't speak for me. His views are different than mine.
Lord Jeff
Lord Jeff 12 ore fa
We were all humans until race disconnected us Religion separated us Politics divided us and wealth classified us..... Medz it... (Think about it)
Fortnite tricks and Treats daily
No he is something retarded
Ty Lopez
Ty Lopez 12 ore fa
it dont matter what color you are pepole got to trat oyther pepole the same it not frara the white pepole get trated lake thay do something wong and blck pepole get tredet how evere thay what to be trated
Dylan Cook
Dylan Cook 13 ore fa
This song gives me chills
andre hall
andre hall 13 ore fa
This isn't just a song.. this is real as a mf
dominic hernandez
kyle lynch
kyle lynch 13 ore fa
I love you if I was gay I'd give u a reach round
Jordany Mejia
Jordany Mejia 13 ore fa
Good stuff
I bless the rains down in Castamere
When you watch the whole thing it's litty
April Brown
April Brown 13 ore fa
Mercedes Andresen
This is art. So beautiful, both sides are right, one does not invalidate another. I'm not crying, you are!
Caden Schoch
Caden Schoch 13 ore fa
Both are right we need a balance
David Moore
David Moore 14 ore fa
White man from Alabama just passing through comments to tell my darker friends how much I really love, respect, and care about them! I love you brothers and sisters! I want to give you a hug!
Sceptr e
Sceptr e 14 ore fa
Joyner sang all of it the white guy lipsyned
SeculaRxHumanisT 23 minuti fa
The black guy was lipsynching too
Joseph Reynon
Joseph Reynon 14 ore fa
This is mf real rap. I hate these mf white people that make the rest of us look bad, don’t hate all white people cuz not all of us are like these bitch ass cops and people who don’t think black people should be allowed in they’re own home 👊🏻👊🏿
Angel D
Angel D 14 ore fa
Brooke Wynter
Brooke Wynter 14 ore fa
It is racist.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 14 ore fa
Favorite song got you thinking
MRTsquared Productions
Can we stop wit this all police are racist bull shit. Cops are here to protect us and they have to deal with this shit wile they risk their lives for all of you. Show some respect for our men in blue. Obviously there are gonna be racist ones but pretty much all of them are doing it because they want to help others.
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