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I'm Sorry is a song from Joyner's newest upcoming project:
I'm Kind of A Big Deal Tour: www.joynerlucas.com/tour/
Instagram: @joynerlucas
Bookings: bit.ly/1N4C2iF
Available on Spotify and iTunes.

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General ZodTheGod
I think about killing myself
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia 4 ore fa
Aw man who else can't stop crying right now
Bliss Stimson
Bliss Stimson 4 ore fa
This is so under rated. I've just lost my dad to suicide and the lyrical play he can do and interpret exactly how it feels.. talent👏.. thankyou for this.
Trippa Snippa
Trippa Snippa 6 ore fa
This can break the strongest of people .. enough said
Jam3z_Gaming 11 ore fa
I tear up when I listen to the song but watching the video makes me full on cry. I can relate bec I’ve gone through depression and the feeling you have is empty and awful. So many people take their lives and it’s so sad.
Theweirdkid Comedy
I was also thinking about suicide since I was 9
Brenton Stevens
Brenton Stevens 13 ore fa
I dont know why but I know this song is about suicide but for some reason it helped me when I was going through suicide and I had suicidal thoughts. This song caught my attention and when I heard it made me cry little bc now I know that if I commit suicide a lot of people will be hurt unlike I thought. So thank you for Joyner Lucas for making this song. My life is much better now without suicide in it now. And I am just really happy. Thank you everyone for making me realize this.
mega man
mega man 13 ore fa
People who talk about suicide wont do it people who wont talk about it will look for the signs
Omi Shrestha
Omi Shrestha 14 ore fa
How can someone be so talented? 👏
Breanna Nechelle '
My dad murdered my mom & my family on both sides gave up their rights & I was raised in foster care.. being in foster care fucked me up.. I hate myself so much.. I hate bring sad everyday.. I always have a smile on my face but I'm fucking dead inside.. I hate my fucking life.. I hate waking up & being in this shitty world.. 😭
CripticShooter 15 ore fa
i've not really talked about this since it happened, either through repressing it or just not wanting it to be a part of me anymore but i have an extremely vivid memory of when i was about 10-11 and i was with my dad and brother in the living room and an ad about suicide prevention came up on the tv and instead of saying it in my head, i blurted out that i wished i did die sometimes and then both my dad and brother turned to me, visibly worried about me, and i remember what my dad said still and im now 23, he turned and, almost without thinking, he said "as if i would let that happen". i know it seems a small thing to say but it just hit me like a brick and i know that, even if i have those thoughts, which i still do from time to time, i cannot act on them for the sake of those i care about
Aryon Bryant
Aryon Bryant 17 ore fa
I can't help but crie and usually i dont
Toto Sakigami
Toto Sakigami 17 ore fa
Damn, crying
William Terrell
William Terrell 22 ore fa
Please make a song with Taylor Bennett...
this song always gives me goosebumps
Justin Hodge
Justin Hodge 22 ore fa
I was like crying listening to this song and i never cry bc of songs.i got chills listen to it. Talent and truth
But Then What?
But Then What? Giorno fa
I can feel the pain when it goes from the one reading his note, to the words of the note repeating in the others head. The feeling hurts but it’s so important, makes you wanna keep going.
Astha Inoue
Astha Inoue Giorno fa
So after 2 years here I am once again, feeling suicidal But this song saves me everytime. Thank you so much for that ♡ I MUST NOT COLLAPSE
Daniel Humphrey
Daniel Humphrey Giorno fa
R.i.p to my friend daveon 01-5-98 - 5-17-19 😣😣💔
catur prasetyo
catur prasetyo Giorno fa
Jessica Porter
Jessica Porter Giorno fa
Whoever needs this... you ARE loved and you WILL get through this. Email me- I am here to talk. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. jessicaporter890@gmail.com A few years ago I would listen to this song and contemplate taking my life. Now- I’m not suicidal at ALL. I was at the lowest of lows. Had nothing but suicidal thoughts. I got through it... so will you.
ProtecterGaming Giorno fa
This song speaks to me so much. I wanna end it. It’s been years since I’ve felt joy. Or even if I have ever felt it. It’s been so long I don’t really remember what it’s like. I just wanna end it. But I’m afraid I’ll leave this hell to go to another. But that one won’t have a way out. I don’t have the money to see a therapist. Don’t have enough money to buy drugs to numb the pain. I just have time to suffer
Keereeto uzamaki
" I think the world would be better off without me..."...that's how I'm feeling right now...
Melissa Hall
Melissa Hall Giorno fa
I fill the same
Horse lover36
Horse lover36 Giorno fa
Every time I listen to this song I cry so hard 💔
wackydelly84 Giorno fa
if you cannot hear me than it is too late. . . . . that line transcends any religion or atheism or anywhere in between. . . . everyone feels personally responsible after it is too late. . . . I love that this song references robin Williams just cuz, almost everyone has someone they know who did this and feels personally responsible. . . . . but robin was so beloved by everyone that we all feel at fault . . . . as we should.
Matt Krcma
Matt Krcma Giorno fa
I have never been this moved by a rap song... wow
Who Cares
Who Cares Giorno fa
The best rapper of this generation, period.
Rose Lippert
Rose Lippert Giorno fa
If this song saved my life it will save yours
Justice Helpingchangelives
Thank you Joyner for this song. It stopped me killing myself thank you
Justice Helpingchangelives
I rap myself . Trying to put simuler music out there. As I got ADHD bipolar disorder and PTSD Joyner's helped me see I can make it if I fight hard enough. Blessings bro
C H A I N Z Giorno fa
First time i listened to this song my i never felt thesame again
Ahmed Homie
Ahmed Homie Giorno fa
I'll suicide, much easier, cheaper, quicker than calling the NSP😂
I39s Giorno fa
Anyone else call the number ... 😂
Jennifer Feix
Jennifer Feix Giorno fa
I love everything about this 🖤🖤🖤
Desiree Wideman
Desiree Wideman 2 giorni fa
This song hits me Everytime I feel like I don't belong here no more and i feel like my mom don't want me here and I hate it
Brandon Baker
Brandon Baker 2 giorni fa
Real spill
Leah Fadel
Leah Fadel 2 giorni fa
This song explains me
Acelee Dunn
Acelee Dunn 2 giorni fa
My brother just took his own this month, shit forever hurts😥
Texting Storyz
Texting Storyz 2 giorni fa
Suicide is a permanent solution to an temporary problem..
KSI Kid 2 giorni fa
Lucas is actually one of the rappers worth listening to. I mean his awesome If you agree Sub to me. 😂😂
Christopher Aguirre
The second verse. Love you tio✊
faze igloo
faze igloo 2 giorni fa
For those who dont uderstant most of his songs hes showing that god is realand that he took the easy way out
marley the greatest husky ever
Bradley shoemaker... I miss you brother. The world is less without you.
Florida Man
Florida Man 2 giorni fa
I feel like I just swallowed my tongue. Like my throats swelling up. I hope everyone reading this is doing ok. Know that I love you ALL.
She’s a Freakyfreak
The talent is real with this one 😍❤️❤️
richard d.
richard d. 2 giorni fa
when you shot first but still die
Miha J
Miha J 2 giorni fa
We need more music like this
Stephen Will
Stephen Will 2 giorni fa
Powerful song
Stephen Will
Stephen Will 2 giorni fa
Powerful song
Goat Gang
Goat Gang 2 giorni fa
Tired of ppl bullying me about how I look
Astha Inoue
Astha Inoue Giorno fa
Don't let them get to you You are beautiful in your own special and kind ways!
derky6 2 giorni fa
If you're being real and I don't mean with anger, if you kill your self and you didn't even look for help you are "weak and selfish" as lucas said it. Because Stress never goes away it just passes on to the next person you can cause trauma just because you wanted the easier way out and let your friends and family behind. And you are weak because you didn't really try to come up with a solution thts not killing yourself. If someone kills themself because no one love them/other problems that are caused by people, I *_understand_* it but I definetly do not support in any way I'm just saying that if there is only one way to end your suffering and it's suicide and you've tried your best then, I'm very sorry but then it's your choice. And the reason that no one will miss you in 100 Years, is like saying if we nuked every country there still would be a chance that new lifeform can be created on the eath, you see how big of a comparison that is? Well it's the same with you, in the whole universe we don't matter nothing does, but you matter to the people around you. Please if you're suicidal think about ways to solve your problems. Suicide isn't an option it's just extending the pain that will come onto people that love you once you die.
Lisa Laquay
Lisa Laquay 2 giorni fa
rip to my uncle
EminemPond81 Studios
This song hits harder when you lose someone to suicide
Dallas Peterson
Dallas Peterson 3 giorni fa
RIP Wayne bang
James Hudson
James Hudson 3 giorni fa
I was about to end it all today but this song n my 9 year old cousin saved me
BFM ARJ08 3 giorni fa
if you see this video and you don’t cry you have emotion for suicide or suicidal people R.I.P to all those who have lost an important person in their life because of suicide
mel grein
mel grein 3 giorni fa
if you ever need someone to talk to, @melaniegrein on insta or (516)4341494 ❤️
P9INE official
P9INE official 3 giorni fa
I would but it gona be to late
Miles Webb
Miles Webb 3 giorni fa
Am I the only one who saw J.Coles cameo
Keith Ross
Keith Ross 3 giorni fa
i have a son whos 10 months, i listen to this song daily because it helps me realize i got more to live for. i get emotional when i listen to this song cause ive been at that point and im glad i never did but heres to anyone who struggles with those thoughts.
Byron Oliver
Byron Oliver 3 giorni fa
awesome dude. :)
chahine 12345
chahine 12345 3 giorni fa
Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem ...
Dato Yt thing
Dato Yt thing 3 giorni fa
Great song
I fifahd
I fifahd 4 giorni fa
This is fucking amazing #UNDERATED
Ailanna Lagmay
Ailanna Lagmay 4 giorni fa
2017 my dad passed away due to suicide I cut him outta my life priof due to drugs one day I woke up to a phone call that he passed after visiting him in the e.r I bumped this shit so hard I rapped to the 2nd verse ballin having the hardest time tryna drive myself home cried for months just wishing I could reverse time and to this day this song still hits me where it hurts suicide doesnt fix nothing it just passes it on to the next person
Slept On Squad
Slept On Squad 4 giorni fa
I’m so disappointed with my life. So dissatisfied with the person I’ve become. I’m 19 and I feel like a failure. A bum. I’ve tried being motivated by hitting the gym and working hard in school and with friends. However, life always has shit to throw at my face. When he says “I feel like the world is better without me” I take those words to heart. I truly think the world is better without me. After all, I’m only a good for nothing scumbag who’s scared of falling behind in life even though I already have. The truth hurts to the point where a bullet to the head doesn’t seem so bad after all. I’m a failure and I don’t know how long I can stand this worthless life of mine. I pity pity and I’m not a bitch. But damn this hurts.
Bobby Harrell
Bobby Harrell 4 giorni fa
Why the number in the title?
Maddie Hypers
Maddie Hypers 4 giorni fa
This reminds me of my friend who sadly committed suicide on January 22nd of this year. He never left a note and his best friend found him hanging on a tree. I just wish he knew he had an outlet and that he was not alone. It makes me very sad that he didn’t think he had any other choice 💔
Demetri Rivers
Demetri Rivers 4 giorni fa
Real shit nigga 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤧🤧
Julian Vanderford
Julian Vanderford 4 giorni fa
As one true legend that left us said “well six minutes isn’t forever darlin.” - Freddie Mercury.
bobbymeetsworld 4 giorni fa
I suffer from depression. Life is tough and every word hits a spot to me in this song. I'm still here to this day though and I know I will get by this tough funk. I've gotten by it before and the demons come back but I still put my fight up. To those who are suffering like me just try to find the light for the next day. The next day could end up being darker and I have had those days but the sun will shine one day and the dark clouds will clear up. The demons will fade away and you will crack a smile on that face. Just hang on.... Just hang on for another day is all I ask.
IBuildRinxz 4 giorni fa
I hope you be better man💯I’m 13 and I don’t know what’s to do😭
Jonathan Goyens
Jonathan Goyens 4 giorni fa
Nice track ps Refnet.fm
Mark Sid
Mark Sid 4 giorni fa
I nearly cried! 😢😢
ʜ ᴏ ɴ ᴇ ʏ ʟ ᴇ ᴍ ᴏ ɴ
"We Dont wanna live... But were too scared to die"
KEEP it100
KEEP it100 5 giorni fa
Just two weeks ago I had a friend kill himself. Ive never experienced that feeling before, but one thing I can say is it isnt cool, its not race related, its not sex related, and its silent. Suicide for the people that have to react to it is in one word, lost. Stay positive, be humble, and be nice to others(it wont cost you anything). RIP Davis.
futt bucker
futt bucker 5 giorni fa
I'm tired man.
Savannah G
Savannah G 5 giorni fa
Who else cried
subsandwich100 5 giorni fa
I don’t want to live to see another day. I’m sorry
This hints really hard I have this feeling sometimes I felt like no one could relate 😞
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet 5 giorni fa
when he says " just make sure to tell my family its okay" that shit gives me chills
Cloud whodini-314 Ttv
This shit made me cry
Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson 5 giorni fa
Holy fucking shit!!! Wow that was extremely deep and passionate. Holy shit!! Joyner Lucas you are truly an awesome person! And I’m filling your music. Extremely deep video! My heart goes out to all the family’s in these comments and across the world, who had ever lost someone!💎💜💯💯🙏🏻🙏🏽
Colin n
Colin n 5 giorni fa
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem STAY STRONG🙏🙏🙏🙏
1000 subscribers without a video
All of you comment niggaz don't know how a suicidal person feels Edit: and why did someone like this
CraZe Zim
CraZe Zim 5 giorni fa
Wow blacks finally learned to multi task hanging theirself and rapping 10/10 !
Cristofer Jimenez
Cristofer Jimenez 4 giorni fa
JshNas x
JshNas x 6 giorni fa
never going to be the reason my family cries
JshNas x
JshNas x 6 giorni fa
this hits harddd asf, damn!
Maximus Aralieous
Maximus Aralieous 6 giorni fa
Man this song hits hard. The Robin Williams reference was difficult, anyone who knowns someone really close who killed themselves also knows how deep this song is. While he expertly portrays the man who commits suicide, the actual passion and intensity he portrays as the grieved is incredible. That anger is for real. Joyner is an artists, forget rap or hip hop, man is an artist period.
Killa Beez
Killa Beez 6 giorni fa
R.I.P My best friend
Brandon Bright
Brandon Bright 6 giorni fa
Trying to not do crazy shit but i feel my life slipping. Shit this the only person i felt like this man. Kept me from not doing harm to myself. Coming from chicago and living in Indiana and me i just can't even breath and focus right.
Gage Mullins
Gage Mullins 6 giorni fa
ya know i think it’s fine
Ale ena
Ale ena 6 giorni fa
rest in piece dad 😩💔. 5-4-82 / 5-18-18
Fan.Angel 2002
Fan.Angel 2002 6 giorni fa
You don't know how many times that I do pray for you 2004-2019 2002-2017 1995-2013
Consider Your WeAvE sNatChEd
This is to close to home. R.I.P Vicky.. I miss you. I'm so sorry I didn't see through that fake smile of yours.
Derek Hall
Derek Hall 6 giorni fa
itvid.net/video/video-ZcbVIWFaWY4.html, Youngzealous is my brother, his music is very uplifting, and it heals, and bring alot of love. We are spreading his music, and he is a Christian rapper. We are from Missouri and he have alot of talented. If you can just check him out and subscribe to his channel that would be great. Follow him on Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, FB, and his name again is youngzealous thank you
Samy DM
Samy DM 6 giorni fa
R.I.P Dad 😢🙏🏻 01/10/1959 - 10/12/10 ❤️❤️❤️
Adam Ridsdale
Adam Ridsdale 6 giorni fa
I'm sorry man
FC 7 giorni fa
This song saved me and I'm sure a lot of other people. Thank you Joyner
dayum son
dayum son 7 giorni fa
neil degrasse tyson cameo at 5:42
The Real Marlboro Man
May 12 2019, I got word you were gone and today I buried you, “we could have prevented this shit”. Second sibling to suicide now, what am I supposed to do without yous
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