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Joyner Lucas - I'm Sorry (508)-507-2209

joyner lucas
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I'm Sorry is a song from Joyner's newest upcoming project:
I'm Kind of A Big Deal Tour: www.joynerlucas.com/tour/
Instagram: @joynerlucas
Bookings: bit.ly/1N4C2iF
Available on Spotify and iTunes.


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12 ago 2016

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Commenti 54 660
?????????? 26 minuti fa
Your songs and many songs like this is the only reason I still have not taken my own life and I tried a lot
Dre Sparton
Dre Sparton 38 minuti fa
listening to this reminds me of what I was going thru when I was younger and felt like killing my self was depress i needed to vent and I told my grand mother she hug me that's the most love I've ever felt in my life first time I heard this song felt like crying still do even tho I feel depressed sometimes and that cross my mind I remember what my grand mother said and did and it makes me stronger to get thru my emotions...trust me if your feeling depressed and suicidal just tell someone.
The Smasher
R.I.P ☹️
PokéTuber CT
Boys don’t cry boys don’t cry boys don’t cry boys don’t cry...Shit I’m crying
Linda Bradt
Linda Bradt 2 ore fa
I hate life it's ben like 3 years since my grandpa past away I'm suicidel if your the same then plz plz plz plz plz get help for your self don't be like me people love you it passes the pane to someone else if you take it people care
iHoriz -Fortnite & More
my pain is gone.... because i'm dead
Lmao Idek
Lmao Idek 2 ore fa
One of the most inspirational and emotional songs ever. This is true rap and not that mumble rap drug shit,Joyner is one of the best artist in rap.
Luis Flores
Luis Flores 3 ore fa
This song saved me today from jumping off a bridge into traffic.
Nevaeh Brathwaite
We love you so much like this song im sorry
Strong Bone
Strong Bone 4 ore fa
a sucidal song done right. No over generalizations, not WHO CAN RELATE WOO. no over sugarcoating. I love logic and all but imo he is not better then joyner
trinity tigner
I busted out crying when he went to his knees😪
Amber Thompson
God this dude can make you think. No wonder Eminem loves him
golden salmon
golden salmon 5 ore fa
Holly shit
MYSTICC fortnite
I’m in 5th rn and I have no friend I was all lonely by myself and people would make fun of me so I tried to commit Suicide and my mom caught me hanging myself, you don’t know what I’ve been through.. I miss my dad I don’t have my dad here with me my parents have a Divorce my mom doesn’t want me to see him I do but I’m scared she will disown me......
MYSTICC fortnite
MYSTICC fortnite 31 minuto fa
Trey Woods thx 👌🏽🥺 I’ll try
Trey Woods
Trey Woods 56 minuti fa
MYSTICC fortnite keep yo head up thug
Marc Young
Marc Young 6 ore fa
Probably the 20th time I’ve watched this and I cry every time
J6 Clan
J6 Clan 7 ore fa
Who else relates to this ? I do
About a year ago my sisters friend joe shot himself.He was like a dad to me.He would play basketball with me.He did it all because of a girl.I tried to hide how i was feeling.But fuck,every single day I think of him.I always try to hide my emotions.But it’s hard.Sometimes I don’t even think life is worth living.
Parkour POV
Parkour POV 7 ore fa
Music has never made me cry until now👏👏
Sheky888 7 ore fa
hey you random person scrolling through comments...you are AMAZING,keep your head up!
Megan Lake
Megan Lake 8 ore fa
Suicide is not selfish! People genuinely feel like no one cares when they are like depressed they feel like they will be better if there dead. It is a illness please remember that...
ナヒメ 2 ore fa
Megan Lake justifying suicide isnt the right way to say why people commit suicide. someone very close to my heart committed suicide and all it did is pass on the pain to others. hell, even i thought about it everyday. suicide shouldnt and isnt your last option. depression is an awful illness, and it makes you irrational in your decisions
Nick C
Nick C 9 ore fa
I'm watching this at the lowest point in my life....yea I need some help
Ebrahim Hoosain
I feel this song i mean i been there and before i got there i use to think its so cowardly to take your own life but nobody ever knows what's going through ones head when suicidal for me i knew i never really wanted to take my life but just wanted the pain to stop and taking your life would be the only way at that moment i got through all the suicidal thoughts it was 3 fucked years but i survived it trust God and everything will be ok
D M 9 ore fa
To J.R.R. its ok brother, its ok. One day I'll see you again in a better time and a better place, and when I do, there will be no chains binding us down. I hope your free my man. Much love until then.
Dieuz 9 ore fa
*I m not **-suisidal-** i dont want to fuckin die just wanna be able to close my eyes and fell alright*
SHADOW NINJA 10 ore fa
This song for some reason reminds me of my little brother. I get that feeling from him when he's down & out.. Don't worry brother I'll be around....
23tvang3463 12 ore fa
i dont wanna live to see another day,im sorry.My life is a disaster because my parents are divorced and haven't seen my sis for 4yrs,my dad took all of the boys and my mom took all of my sister,the only way we can see or talk to each other is face time,I just wanna end my life sometime because my sister and my mom have beeen gone for 4yrs....................
Vivian Diaz
Vivian Diaz 13 ore fa
Wow, very very powerful depression is no joke😢😢😢
Will The Cook
Will The Cook 14 ore fa
Whoever is reading this remember God loves you
The Odia Toka
The Odia Toka 14 ore fa
Couple of years back ! I didn't do well in my 12th grade! Which brought me down infront of everyone! My family, my friends, my society I didn't get admission in any better college or a better stream! The only option I had back then was cry and suicide just to end every suffering! But look 😊 after 2years I'm here! Happy and regenerated ! Don't worry fam ! Everything will be ok It's never been late to start a new begin! Just don't sit back and repent Do things, do mistakes, do anything Love all of u out there
Ameya Shrivastava
This song made me cry. Reminded me of my friend who hanged himself a few months ago. Pray for his family 🙏
Keri-anne 15 ore fa
The whole idea if you didnt know the depressed person keeps on asking asking for help but no one sees untill he finally kills himself then pasts on the pain to someone else
brotty11 18 ore fa
I once heard a line about depression it's like a cloud it blocks out the light and makes us feel alone , in the dark and sadness but we all have to remember their is gonna be a sunny day behind that cloud a day a month a year always remember that their is a sunny day after the dark
Chandara Phanouvong
we think just like that when we feel like dead
Alexninja03 21 ora fa
Fucking hell. This song fuckin' hit me hard. Half the people here have been/are suicidal. I eventually found myself and put it behind me, I pray that those who are in hard times right now can get past it.
Black Guy
Black Guy 21 ora fa
I felt his emotion through my screen
Sumedh Nandan
Sumedh Nandan 22 ore fa
Thanks.... For saving my life.. Again 😂😭🖤💔😞 ✌🏻
Kayte Thomas
Kayte Thomas 22 ore fa
This song has helped me so much lately Ive been in a dark place this song has put things in a new veiw thank u Joyner Lucas💖💖
_trippy_ Lashae_
this song really hits home for me 😔😟👌
Anna Pattanasang
If you ever feel Suicidal I love you and you are doing well even if youre not but i am proud of you that you are breathing
Jesse Salinas
Jesse Salinas 23 ore fa
My cousin did sucied I'm crying so hard right know .
OiBoiGaming OI
OiBoiGaming OI 23 ore fa
i cried ;(
Linda Hernandez
Linda Hernandez Giorno fa
Okay, I got something to say. All you depressed and hurting people. Don't harm yourself or end your life. Remember god put you into this world do something big, go look for that big thing. Be THAT person. Make a meaning. Don't think that you're worthless or unloved.. Because Jesus made you because you deserved a life. Make your life big. Make mistakes, party your nights out, fight with your parents, beg for money. That's all life is. But you'll make it something huge if you try. Most people won't read this all, but if you did, thanks.
Emerson Martin
Emerson Martin Giorno fa
Dammit its my third time watching this and I've cried Everytime
castine bridges
castine bridges Giorno fa
I would say the world would be better off with out me but truth is the world won’t even notice I’m gone 🤷‍♂️😂🤣😭
castine bridges
castine bridges Giorno fa
So am I the only one that thinks about killing myself everyday 👀
Lone wolf McQuade
Not at all its a struggle fr
Aids for free
Aids for free Giorno fa
When everyone else in the comments all suicidal but your just awkwardly here, feeling just fine listening to song cuz u just like it
castine bridges
castine bridges Giorno fa
Aids for free 😂🤣😭 🖕🏾 get yo normal ass up outta here and go listen to some other shit
braxx001 Giorno fa
14k dislikes are Logic fans
J&M ASMR Giorno fa
Im 11 and have been feeling like this for 4 years it sucks tbh I cut myself and I tried to kill myself plenty of times but nothing works but I feel like the world will be better off without me
J&M ASMR Giorno fa
Ethan Landes thank you I rlly needed to hear that from someone at the moment.
Ethan Landes
Ethan Landes Giorno fa
I don’t know you, but I have friends who tried committing suicide. I have personally went through a depression state and it was horrible. It’s an emptiness inside where you don’t know what to do. This can happen from difficult things, but trust me, the world is not better off without you. I hope this helped you, and I will be praying for you. God bless
Xavier Jones
Xavier Jones Giorno fa
In the thumbnail it looks like that guy is getting raped
Noob Modz
Noob Modz Giorno fa
your a sick bastard jk it does look like it
Everardo Arriaga
RIP Joyner Lucas
The Official Young K
I whis i was dead if i did not care about going to the devi i would of been dead god and my family keeping me alive
JoshuWa Giorno fa
DONT KILL YOURSELF! I've been in your place before. For a solid 6 months of 2018, I kept thinking I was worthless, undeserving of love, stupid, a burden on everyone my mom, my dad, my sister, my girlfriend. My girlfriend didn't even support me, which added on to me thinking I was a burden to her. We broke up, I was sad, angry at myself but eventually, everything got better. I took it one day at a time. You're depressed now but you WILL get better. Look at me, thinking I was undeserving of love and the only person that I felt loved me was my girlfriend, then she left me. I felt like I had no one. But I overcame it and now I'm the best version of myself. This depression is that climb that feels like you'll never reach the peak but you will. Things will get tougher before they get easier. Everything I'm saying may sound cringy or that I'm saying it just because, but you have to believe in them. Have hope, because without it you are nothing. I don't even know you but please PLEASE don't kill yourself!!! Everything I just said might've meant nothing but I don't want someone to take their life.
Geek_of _Century
6 months no cuting trying so hard but for the past few days I've been really struggling and I feel like tonight I'm just ready to finally break down
Geek_of _Century
+vxniy I'm so sorry for everything your going through I can't say it'll get better cause I don't know your story but I can say try and fight it I'm still fighting it and haven't given in yet but the thoughts are strong I love you and anyone else fighting the urge distract yourself
vxniy Giorno fa
+Geek_of _Century I understand how you feel it's been about like 7 months I promised my sister's and my mother I'd stop cutting but honestly crying gets old and I just barley cut my wrist a few minutes ago, I'll totally regret it later but my scars remind me of the things I've been through. ( I love you <3 )
Geek_of _Century
+Crazy Motherfucker named Ice Cube It's hard to believe that when everything stresses you out so bad that you want to quite life and give in nothing can save me I just tried talking with my parents about how I feel and it only made me feel 100 times worse
Crazy Motherfucker named Ice Cube
Hey man I know how you feel but please don't kill yourself remember there's always a reason to live
Justin Burris
Justin Burris Giorno fa
To all of you guys with depression, if you are willing to kill yourself its not worth it. Because many people will miss you and knowing you can't rewind that sucks. If you are bullied, they are jealous to have a amazing personality like yours. If you lost a loved one due to suicide (Which is my problem) keep on... It's hard... But just hang on, talk to people about it, even if you do just keep on. All I'm saying is that is suicide is not worth it, life is beautiful. You don't see it? Well just keep on. Cheer up and go do good.
ValorMVP Giorno fa
14k dumb people disliked a beautiful song/video. Get off the internet.
Loading Reality
Loading Reality Giorno fa
Someone will always be there for you, just talk to someone about it.
JoshuWa Giorno fa
Easier said than done for a lot, but you're right. It's not easy to open up and be vulnerable but its all worth it in the end💯
Reko 13
Reko 13 Giorno fa
Loading Reality And lies
Bean Alysa
Bean Alysa Giorno fa
Y is everyone saying this now, but it is sooooo 😥 sad
Bean Alysa
Bean Alysa Giorno fa
Ha no one ever liked my comments
Typical H
Typical H Giorno fa
The bullet hole in his head made it look sooooooo real, 😥😭
Nocturnal Gaming
Good to see people want to help
Lol remco
Lol remco Giorno fa
I found my nougbour after he got a drive by he had 22 Bullets in him . Il never forget his face
The all mighty Potato :D
He even used *the **-belt-*
Abe Lane
Abe Lane Giorno fa
I am feeling this....i am sooooo done....
Nick Olivo
Nick Olivo Giorno fa
I'm at my wits ends I'm so lost
Jaden Watson
Jaden Watson Giorno fa
The 14k dislikes just pure haters
TylerD Wyatt
TylerD Wyatt Giorno fa
21 minutes ago lol
bambam 2122
bambam 2122 Giorno fa
bambam 2122
bambam 2122 Giorno fa
The fuck
TylerD Wyatt
TylerD Wyatt Giorno fa
eat my ass
DylanShizzNit IsCool
this is my depressed song.
mine too
jordan_afk Giorno fa
Damn this hit hard he deserves a Grammy 🅿️
Tony Playz51
Tony Playz51 Giorno fa
He is this year joyner said himself
Jeremy Dotson
Jeremy Dotson Giorno fa
Can't listen to this song without shedding tears.... Fuckin Joyner damn you! Thanks
Avxizz Giorno fa
Walter Anderson
Walter Anderson Giorno fa
JUST AMAZING!!!100000000000%
YellowBathTub gone zen.
To me, Joyner isn't just a rapper. He's a preacher.
ברק יואל
ברק יואל Giorno fa
Demonte Jones
Demonte Jones Giorno fa
This sad put me in my feelings drunk or sober THE REALEST 💯💯
Hell No
Hell No Giorno fa
Its just so hard to be alive, i dont wanna feel this pain anymore, i wanna be free and not captured in my own mind, fighting my own demons. To be the clown that everyone thinks nothing is wrong with, i dont want to fake my happiness anymore. Im tired.
Wavey Don
Wavey Don Giorno fa
anyone know what his white baseball cap is in the vid and know where i can get 1?
Brandom Lee
Brandom Lee Giorno fa
If your reading this your amazing and have a great day!!
Dirk Jacobs
Dirk Jacobs Giorno fa
verse 1 is the depressed me who I am when I'm alone. verse 2 is the other me that ppl know. This song represents the two sides of myself in conversation
Heather Patterson
Thank you for this...
this is my world
I understand the impact it had, but 1-800 doesn't come close to this as a track describing suicidal thoughts
Shadow Butcher
Shadow Butcher Giorno fa
damn I just let ITvid play on some random playlist for background noise while I write and this comes on. my faith in rap is restored
Benjamin D
Benjamin D Giorno fa
Joyner you are the truth man. I became an instant fan after Em featured you on his album. Your lyrics are insanely intricate and emotional. This song definitely reached me. Keep up the good work. I guarantee you'll be best rap artist in 2019. Your sh*t is so real
Mina Banoub
Mina Banoub Giorno fa
Most meaningful rapper
justin auvil
justin auvil 2 giorni fa
rip stev man i love you brother
Andrew Court
Andrew Court 2 giorni fa
Why do we live in a world with so much fucking conflict? Imagine a world where everyone is accepted for who they are. But that's the fucking point, we can't, but I wish we could all be happy. We need more people like Joyner who encourages people and who reach out to those in need. Everyone reading this, try to make someone happy, every day, one day at a time. Live your life the way you want to live, fuck the haters.
Emely Maldonado
Emely Maldonado 2 giorni fa
can't express how I feel when I play this song but Joyner your a legend brother
Rant Therapist
Rant Therapist 2 giorni fa
I haven't even lost anyone to suicide in my family but this hit me real hard.
Joshua Armendariz
Joshua Armendariz 2 giorni fa
What is this number?
Gavin Halsey
Gavin Halsey 2 giorni fa
He's so confident you got this this Joyner Y'all get so much fame keep going Man like if you feel so dap depressed But wanna close your eyes and say a pray For this by the way this song is a true story That's why Joyner is such a good rapper Raps About true story man tier dropping down my face
Idonotcare202 2 giorni fa
Ay Ay
Ay Ay 2 giorni fa
Broc Alexander
Broc Alexander 2 giorni fa
I lost my babysister june 28th of 2018, i love you baby & miss you everyday. Cant wait to hug you again. #gonetoosoon
2704Michael 2 giorni fa
I wish i had the guts to do this......
Adrian Alla
Adrian Alla 2 giorni fa
Hey guys! NF is back again with his new masterpiece! Go check out his new dropped music video called "If You Want Love"! You won't regret it! 😉👍
Yoshi Wall
Yoshi Wall 2 giorni fa
so deep bro I'm LITERALLY crying rn ;((
02dchris 2 giorni fa
One of my good friends from high school committed suicide this past weekend. It really shocked me, I didn’t wanna believe someone I actually talked to on a daily basis at school did that. I wish I was there to talk him out of it.
Wild Rose
Wild Rose 2 giorni fa
❤️💜 I listen to this daily ... speaks to my soul.
Michael Barnes Jackson
better than logics 8002738255
Phily Ossai
Phily Ossai 2 giorni fa
2018 and this is still popping ........ this is so deep .....
Rachel Gomez
Rachel Gomez 2 giorni fa
man frls this song he me frls it so fukn sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Glorpinboopin 2 giorni fa
Rachel Gomez yea ok well let’s talk about how your pic is x its not cool no more
Bican Cristian
Bican Cristian 2 giorni fa
True fuckin art ❤
LoneRaven1411 2 giorni fa
I dunno what to do
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