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Joyner Lucas - I'm Sorry (508)-507-2209

joyner lucas
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I'm Sorry is a song from Joyner's newest upcoming project:
I'm Kind of A Big Deal Tour: www.joynerlucas.com/tour/
Instagram: @joynerlucas
Bookings: bit.ly/1N4C2iF
Available on Spotify and iTunes.


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Commenti 57 883
Elijah Libby
Suicide is amazing
Edegelord_xx 4 ore fa
Jerome Smith
Jerome Smith 5 ore fa
How does this not have billion views dead ass
Savage Girl
Savage Girl 9 ore fa
i know how you feel man
Giles 10 ore fa
Sucks that now all of us have had thoughts like this because of school. School. And adults don't understand. It sucks fr :/
Try hard Chicken nugget
Am I the only one that is still obsessed with this song in 2019 like if u agree
it hurts so bad why did I have to go through life like this 💙
Phantom Rogue
Phantom Rogue 18 ore fa
Suicidal people are angles that wants to go home
Coryn Elizɑbeth
I have cried each and every time I’ve listened to this since the time I first discovered it. It’s never become less heart wrenching. I feel this so much on a painfully deep level. and I can distance myself for ɑ small amount of time from this issue but it always comes back full circle to these feelings and thoughts. It’s scary for me to see this reflected when it is exactly my feelings, my mind and my truth. 😔
Brandon Peterson
Suicide doesn’t take the pain away...it just passes it on
Cooper Ross
Cooper Ross Giorno fa
People are asking for likes but im not I'm just saying please just read this depression is a sad thing and don't let anyone put you done. They don't mean anything to you, your family is who matter. Think how devastated they would be if they found you dead. You are a great person don't let anyone else tell you different!!! Thanks for reading 😌
Will Thompson
Will Thompson Giorno fa
2017 my brother passed to suicide. I’m here on his birthday. 2 years laters almost. Miss you big homie. 4/3/17 💚
Michael Mzee.
Michael Mzee. Giorno fa
This song hits so close to me. Cuz I play my self as both party’s. No one understands the mental health an the stress you feel but your self. I guess I’m going to hell
Aurelio urzua
Aurelio urzua 20 ore fa
Same here
Dawson LaFrance
Dawson LaFrance Giorno fa
I watch this video every time i feel suicidal and i dont know why because i dont feel good after or releived i just think about it more and how people who say they love me will never know what goes in my head or why i hate myself everyday
Jabattack gaming
My best friend hung herself one year ago. I miss her so much
Yohan Khamissi
Yohan Khamissi Giorno fa
THIS is rap
Robi Flo
Robi Flo Giorno fa
Thanks G!
NoahAttacker Giorno fa
Where the true Joyner fans at? Joyner’s part of history.
IGIHE TV Giorno fa
Fuck this bullshit life I wish I was gone
Vanity Glitter
Vanity Glitter Giorno fa
Yeah I like these song people that bully stop this could happen
anakin armstrong
This shit made me cry and i dont care, when people commit suicide they are selfish, they may free themselves from the pain but then it spread to everyone one who has ever loved them.
- Dopeland -
- Dopeland - Giorno fa
One of my best friends and probably the smartest man I know sent me this text once that I’ll never forget: “Honestly your lying to yourself if you think you can't kill yourself because of the people you leave behind. It's really not about those other people at all. It's the love you could have had to love yourself. Do you realize how much deeper a person can love another person. when you take care of yourself like you should. If you show yourself you care by treating you with respect? Give unconditional love to yourself. But in the way that no one else can, because they can't live YOUR life. Not even God can live your life. That's why having a relationship with the universe around you. Is a co-creating existence. Instead of a life that is pushed on a person.”
Frederick Gillyard
Eevvaa Marsden
Eevvaa Marsden Giorno fa
The best song to kill yourself too thats no lie word twice
Tevin Tarso
Tevin Tarso Giorno fa
Somebody hit the like button for the second verse please
Andrew St378
Andrew St378 Giorno fa
it's an attempt if it fails....=\ i remember back when i was 8 i tied a belt around my neck and tried hanging myself in my closet and the fucking wood broke. Bullshit because i tested the strength of it with my hand on it and hung from it
Skyler hope
Skyler hope 2 giorni fa
i dont know what to do.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 2 giorni fa
best thumbnail ever
Lytahh Baybee
Lytahh Baybee 2 giorni fa
I been suicidal since I was 11 years old so many failed attempts repeatedly thinking maybe if I had a baby I would be fine because my baby would love me unconditionally but now I'm 23 years old and I had my baby boy who is now one and I still feel like I would be better off dead i don't wanna feel like that but I can't help it my bro said he wanted me to hear this song now that I did I still feel the same I dont know what could make these feelings go but I pray one day that they do thou
Curt Burgoyne
Curt Burgoyne 2 giorni fa
This music makes me proud to be a rap fan; not like the mumble-ass rap about money drugs and sex... WE NEED MORE LIKE THIS!!!
Pelon131904 2 giorni fa
My lil bro actually walked in on me when i was trying to hang myself back i 2010 i stopped in That moment when he asked me what was i doing ... The look of hurt and sadness he had in his eyes are what stopped me .. I couldnt leave him alone
Oxi Clean
Oxi Clean 2 giorni fa
Makes me shed tears every time.
Alaysia Rollins
Alaysia Rollins 2 giorni fa
This song always saves my life
Alaysia Rollins
Alaysia Rollins 2 giorni fa
I don't know if I told u this but February 28th 2018 I texted everyone and I told them I loved them and then when everyone went to sleep I cut a lot and now it's back February and my depression is literally fucking me up because I was supposed to die that day
polished rust
polished rust 2 giorni fa
Still my fave rapper in the modern times all these other clowns have no care for a person with feelings and only rap about shit that makes people feel worse about them selfs.2.13.2019
matt cat
matt cat 2 giorni fa
Logan should have seen this before he made is suicide video!
Ms Ikonge
Ms Ikonge 2 giorni fa
the fucking blackness consumes the mind like a plague...
Code99Designs 2 giorni fa
Who else gets goosebumps when he collapses into the pastor.....?
Craig R
Craig R 2 giorni fa
Shit this hits me deep the day I found my best friend hanging. Was the day I felt part of my soul leave my body. Still miss the days hearing him laugh and greeting me. Shit 😔
lizard 2 giorni fa
This song very sad
Patrick Rick
Patrick Rick 2 giorni fa
That part where Joyner cry in the church so emotional 😔 😭😭😥
Priest by day Pimp by night
Dude speaking real shit I don't understand why this has any dislikes
Mario Aguilar
Mario Aguilar 2 giorni fa
I've been fighting depression since I was like 15. Honestly it ruins my life, it affects my daily life. I just want to be normal I want to be able to love and receive love and actually accept it. My mind is lost and im pulling my family with me. Any others suffering with the same problem ?
Spydertrex OG
Spydertrex OG 2 giorni fa
Joyner is so underrated his songs are so impactful
illu minati
illu minati 2 giorni fa
Daaaamn this song deserves more than a like or subscribe and 51M views
Silentpepe 2 giorni fa
Everyone can have an opinion but 15k dislikes is undeserved
Yash Dev Solanki
Yash Dev Solanki 2 giorni fa
Whoever wins the video of the year, this is a winner for me. PS Sorry for being three years late
Trippy Da Klown
Trippy Da Klown 2 giorni fa
My brother took his life on Jan 9th of 2019 he wanted an escape to be happy and I have mixed feelings all the time and I always feel like im being followed and watched
Ryan Tavares
Ryan Tavares 3 giorni fa
This shit brought me to tears, I’ve been battling depression recently and have thought about suicide more than once. I felt this hard
Good Vibes
Good Vibes 3 giorni fa
My father was black but my mother was white.how could you just laugh at me .I can't go into class without someone tryna make fun of me .smoking wasting my time.yea I was tired of doin these crimes.just for a nickel or dime.i couldn't see. momma we running out of time .I don't wanna watch us die.your face on the news saying u got shot like 9times . damn so believe me I will follow my heart .put my soul in this world ever since the beginning of the start.pick your self up when they stomping your heart .look I'm not even mad at you . I'm confused how u never learnt anything that applied to you. your brothers and ur mother trust me we here for you. We pray that God takes you by his side..imsorry but I can't stop screaming why..
Miah 0207
Miah 0207 3 giorni fa
The first time ive actually cried from a song
SE7EN 3 giorni fa
Wish i had a gun..
Jessie Arturo Thunder
Goddamn I miss my big brother Named my son after you Jesse mom dad and I all love and miss you everyday
sad boi
sad boi 3 giorni fa
Lost friends, lost family, lost a lot of things. I somehow survived all that shit.
CR 3 giorni fa
51 million views is way too low on this song... especially since about half of those are mine. This song is so deep!
Forrest Van Alstine
This should of won a Grammy
Whoever disliked are people who don’t know and are probably people who don’t know and are bullies that cause the fuckin suicides
Maximilian Sus
Maximilian Sus 4 giorni fa
Wish the Grammys actually listened to music
William Fife
William Fife 4 giorni fa
1:59 when you step on a lego
REFAEL DAVID 4 giorni fa
I’m gonna be honest I cried so much I cannot see my little brother do this shit to himself
Julian Cotto
Julian Cotto 4 giorni fa
Im literly crying
Hunter Jones
Hunter Jones 4 giorni fa
Man I’m 18 and I’ve felt willing to commit suicide twice but don’t worry I’m better now I may have been through the worse but I feel like I’ll Never commit suicide
Hunter Jones
Hunter Jones 2 giorni fa
Mercedes Oliver there are a lot of fake people at my school but I’m happy with the friends I got
Mercedes Oliver
Mercedes Oliver 2 giorni fa
We have friends ig but they're fake i can see if i leave ima be alone sad
Hunter Jones
Hunter Jones 2 giorni fa
Mercedes Oliver it’s pretty much because I have friends now cause one of the reasons I wanted to die was because I had no friends but now that I do all of the other stuff that bothered me doesn’t get to me anymore
Mercedes Oliver
Mercedes Oliver 2 giorni fa
What made u feel better
Queen Nic
Queen Nic 3 giorni fa
Hunter Jones u made an amazing choice ... Believe me life will get better never give up and love life it's the best gift ever ❤️❤️
The Lad
The Lad 4 giorni fa
Javier Reacts
Javier Reacts 4 giorni fa
*I Still Can’t Believe The Seahawks Didn’t Run The Ball*
Elijah Aren
Elijah Aren 4 giorni fa
People need to be nice to each other.
King Hieena
King Hieena 4 giorni fa
I just want to be in peace 😞I'm tired of not being happy I've always been selfless so why cant I be selfish for once? For me.
lilreezy87 4 giorni fa
How can to thumbs down this damn I dnt understand ppl smdh
Kennedi Castillo
Kennedi Castillo 4 giorni fa
I play this song when I’m really depressed and even though I’m battling my mental health I think of my beautiful daughter and her brother will be her in 6 weeks THIS SONG SPEAKS VOLUMES TO ME and I don’t ever want them to wonder why Mommy isn’t here
Sauca Gang
Sauca Gang 4 giorni fa
Kennedi Castillo Stay strong everything will be fine‼️😤
IAshural 4 giorni fa
We're Just Suicidal kids trying to tell others that suicide isn't the answer.
Makumbha Shanti
Makumbha Shanti 4 giorni fa
That just goes to show, people living in nice ass homes don't have nice ass lives. Hell is the reality of this type of excape from reality. Yall don't think heaven awaits you for murdering yourself. God is not onboard with that. Exercise some spiritual knowledge. There is a grievous penalty for sucide. Allah knows best. He forgives whom he wills. This makes killing yourself seem easy but it's not. This makes living an uncomfortable life seem impossible but it's not. Whatever you struggling with ain't that deep get out your feelings and get into your prayers. Keep ya head up. This too will pass.
Cj024 4 giorni fa
Iam at the point where i either end my pain and pass it on or keep it and hope it goes away
Evan Bahan
Evan Bahan 5 giorni fa
I randomly came across this song and when the second verse hit it sent me back to a flashback of when I found my best friend hanging and had a massive panic and anxiety attack at the same time... and I started playing back everything from the past and the fact I have no one here for me I feel so alone... I don’t even talk to anyone that I was buddies with in high school that helped me through a lot including my deceased best friend... hell out of my group of friends I had only 3 are left including me and all I have are memories and I wish I could go back and re live them again just one more time...
Nik Felz
Nik Felz 5 giorni fa
Who's here after joyner didn't get any grammies 😭😭😭😭
Marks walks
Marks walks 5 giorni fa
Man this makes me cry
Cam tf Down
Cam tf Down 5 giorni fa
Damn this is the first music video and song to make me cry
DJ Skip150
DJ Skip150 5 giorni fa
How else is listening to this 1956
Ali Costa
Ali Costa 5 giorni fa
Dam... I heard this for the 1st time today... just I feel this way to hard
Emdf Fore
Emdf Fore 5 giorni fa
Damn this gets me in my feelings
Willie Jacobs
Willie Jacobs 5 giorni fa
My cousin & best friend committed suicide his senior year of high school. This song touched me deep. Depression is real folks. Tell people you love them❤.
Connor McCord
Connor McCord 5 giorni fa
Why you gotta make us cry like this bruh this song his so fucking hard
Ash Ilo
Ash Ilo 5 giorni fa
My cousin has just taken this route RIP BABY GIRL
xdSwerveZz 5 giorni fa
This hit hard
kimmiebear 5 giorni fa
Obed Martinez
Obed Martinez 4 giorni fa
Yes he probaly did
Sauca Gang
Sauca Gang 4 giorni fa
This song has saved many people with the second verse, please don’t say you hate joyner
Sauca Gang
Sauca Gang 4 giorni fa
kimmiebear He didn’t kill himself because of this song, he most likely mentioned this song in some way because that was the only way he could show someone how he was feeling.
S R 5 giorni fa
Influx Eren
Influx Eren 5 giorni fa
I’ve watched this so many times and I cry every time 😢
carter davies
carter davies 5 giorni fa
i have depression what should i do i am thinking of killing myself but i am holding back plz help
Sauca Gang
Sauca Gang 4 giorni fa
carter davies don’t do it bro trust me it’ll all be good in a few months just trust the process
Star Don
Star Don 5 giorni fa
I actually thinking about suicide
BegoXx 5 giorni fa
don't do it you think life is too good to be ended by suicide.
Ryder21 5 giorni fa
Suicide is something I have fought with for years, always in the back of my mind. Lack of oxygen was the least of my worries, finding peace within myself found prominence. It overtook my mind, most days that I lived were behind a false door. I yelled, I screamed out for someone to fucking answer, no one ever came. I sat there telling people they shouldn't kill themselves, that life is worth it while I fought within myself. I sat there and screamed beyond that closed door, trying to keep these people together when I couldn't keep myself together. I remember driving 120 to my best friends door, banging on it and screaming until i went hoarse. Been told I had the world in front of me yet I spent most of my time trying to save another when I couldn't even save myself. As I sat there, he was brought out in a body bag, as I sat there, still screaming I could somehow save him. I could show him that this life was worth something, that one bitch wasn't worth his life. Him and I could've figured this shit out
Journie McIntyre
Journie McIntyre 5 giorni fa
What r those numbers for
MmsdSaint61 6 giorni fa
i was about to pull the trigger to my gun until this song popped up in my recomended i would have been dead like not even 2 seconds ago
Sauca Gang
Sauca Gang 4 giorni fa
MmsdSaint61 Gods plan bro trust me don’t do it bro in a few months thing will get good trust the process
Some Guy
Some Guy 6 giorni fa
Idk why but the part where the brother gets mad at him for committing suicide always gets me. I've never had someone commit suicide and never have actually wanted to myself but damn that shit always gets me
Nadiya Mcclinton
Nadiya Mcclinton 6 giorni fa
Do a song about sexual harassment 😩😭
Tony Green
Tony Green 6 giorni fa
All the comments that posted I really needed to read. It's a rollercoaster battle. I tried too many times, No matter how happy I was outside no one seen what was inside. Always was smiling or laughing and making other people feel love other than myself. All the pain I lived with daily fighting with myself, my thoughts, my demons. I tried therapy, counseling, religion, 1800numbers, meds and nothing took away the pain inside of me. I seen this video hundreds of times and all I can think about how my family would've felt if anyone of those attempts actually was successful. Last attempted was 10 yrs ago involving a Train. I was even mad at God for not taking me and God still saved 🙏 me many times. People that are suicidal don't want to die they just want the pain to go away. Loosing my twin and loosing 💔 one of my brother's who was murder. I never thought I would be here. I was hospitalized, died and had 64 stitches from the top of my head, eyes, mouth and neck. I couldn't walk talk or even use the bathroom on my own. I can remember everything like yesterday. I appreciate all the comments everyone posted because this is not a condition it's a disease that attacks all ages. Honestly these comments made my spirit speak out on my testimony. Normally I wouldn't post anything like this anywhere but this is too real to sugar code or ignore. To anyone feeling this just know your not alone and from personal experience you don't know who is feeling the same way until you speak up. Pain is temporary but if you allow it, it can last a lifetime for you and others. You don't know who truly loves you until it's too late. After all the pain I still have flashbacks. Please, please... if you or anyone you know is experiencing this, don't rush them or scold them, just hug them and don't let go. Took me year's to understand I needed love. I use to hate love. God is love, so everyday I'm dedicated to surrender myself to him and let his love take over. It's never easy but if you do what is easy your life will be hard. If you do what is hard then your life will be easy. I found out the hard way that people cared and the ones I thought really cared.... walked away. This message is from my Soul to yours. 💓 I'm here now.
The Lad
The Lad 4 giorni fa
Do you piss on the side of the toilet seat to make less noise?
Tony Green
Tony Green 6 giorni fa
Thank you Joyner. When I meet up with you I gotta hug you brother 💯 👊
Ivan Gonzales
Ivan Gonzales 6 giorni fa
Live4Gears 6 giorni fa
Priest: ooh fresh meat
Armz2022 6 giorni fa
"Hope your in God's place behaving yourself" that hit hard
Johnathan Baccus
Johnathan Baccus 6 giorni fa
We all just need to support each other and live till we pass away
Angel Wolf
Angel Wolf 6 giorni fa
Honestly it really has been rough sometimes I just want to end it I feel as if no one cares so I stay to myself this song is very relatable
darkDeath 6 giorni fa
this song is so true and the pain will never end.
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace 6 giorni fa
Who's here?
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