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Joyner Lucas - Keep It 100 (508) 507-2209

joyner lucas
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New release from The 508 project by Joyner Lucas.
I'm Kind of A Big Deal Tour: www.joynerlucas.com/tour/
Instagram: @joynerlucas
Bookings: bit.ly/1N4C2iF
Available on Spotify and iTunes: atlantic.lnk.to/508-507-2209


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16 giu 2017




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Commenti 10 042
Darksie 2 ore fa
To think more generosity could lead to more death
landon playz gamez
The homless guy was at the first part 0:10
Influx Eren
Influx Eren 4 ore fa
Yo! I just noticed something. This is (at some points) another POV of winter blues!
Michael Brosnan
He’s just incredible
Randome Guy
Randome Guy 10 ore fa
Deep 😶
Siyabonga ORIGIN Mbele
you are the best joyner...we follow you bro...from south africa
Jaiden Sniper
Jaiden Sniper Giorno fa
She looked up and saw the hand of God oh my god 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Drippy is me
Drippy is me Giorno fa
He robbed a store for a 100 dollars💀🐐
Rudy Mulamba
Rudy Mulamba Giorno fa
Joyner Lucas is a genius. Simple and plain
Tristan Gurreo
Tristan Gurreo 2 giorni fa
That felt like a movie
Keyoni Reid
Keyoni Reid 2 giorni fa
Ay Who that girl doe
Anthony Dean
Anthony Dean 2 giorni fa
that nigga aim at the end would've choked the nuclear medal
Trey Tatum
Trey Tatum 2 giorni fa
This better be on spotify, too damn good not to be
Keeton Link
Keeton Link 3 giorni fa
"Meet me at park ave"? Joyner did you shoot this video in Mansfield ohio? Haha
Overloaded Electrons
Dominic Gayubas
Dominic Gayubas 3 giorni fa
The coolest song ever!
It's Mr.NepTune to U
5:19 Real or Fake ??????????
Malik Prince
Malik Prince 5 giorni fa
What an amazing concept shooting the whole video from moneys' pov. Sad story about the homeless man being toyed with by money. Only to end up dying because of the same Frank he was denied before. Joyner Lucas unknowingly killed that man. Bottom line is that this sad, entertaining, & simply FUCKING AMAZING!!!
Lewis topham
Lewis topham 6 giorni fa
Your content is so deep 😴😢😢😔
HANE Mhmd  Alhmod
HANE Mhmd Alhmod 8 giorni fa
The art of story telling
Kappaccino19 8 giorni fa
Who thinks that the pimp at 5:23 looks like Tory Lanez?
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 8 giorni fa
This video deserves fucking AWARDS.
Amaya 8 giorni fa
- -
- - 8 giorni fa
why would you pay the man the same 100 you robbed of him?
- -
- - 7 giorni fa
+Daniel Moser i know that was why i asked
Daniel Moser
Daniel Moser 7 giorni fa
- - it was a different guy
SpicyBoi 23
SpicyBoi 23 9 giorni fa
Why was the end like that im so cnfused
SpicyBoi 23
SpicyBoi 23 5 giorni fa
Samuel Valdez o thx
Samuel Valdez
Samuel Valdez 5 giorni fa
SpicyBoi 23 the cashier remembers seeing the bill and putting it in the register right before he was robbed, so when he saw the homeless guy with it he assumed that was the person that robbed him. It probably doesn’t help that there is a homeless person walking around with a $100 bill, bringing his attention to the details of the transaction( I.e. noticing the numbers)
SpicyBoi 23
SpicyBoi 23 5 giorni fa
Samuel Valdez why he shot him
Samuel Valdez
Samuel Valdez 5 giorni fa
SpicyBoi 23 what part confuses you
SpicyBoi 23
SpicyBoi 23 9 giorni fa
i hate that begining part i feel so bad for him
Dagger Death
Dagger Death 9 giorni fa
Oliver mclaughlin
Oliver mclaughlin 9 giorni fa
Where's 2019 squad at? 💪
Instagram Models
Instagram Models 9 giorni fa
People sleeping on Joyner. Joyner x Kendrick would be a great collab
TheOldMe 10 giorni fa
Aye, I HIGHLY recommend you watch this video while stoned.
YouTubeHotdog 10 giorni fa
this is fucking amazing!
Aja Swain
Aja Swain 11 giorni fa
Did anyone actually call the number in the title?
Aja Swain
Aja Swain 3 giorni fa
+Daniel Moser Ik I was just saying if anyone called it
Daniel Moser
Daniel Moser 7 giorni fa
Aja Swain it's Joyner Lucas's number. He has an album called 5085072209
kaan 11 giorni fa
"...few grams of coke thats for right now uh, she rolled the 100 up and stuck her up her nose like, *sniff* thats what you call heavens door, thats what you call snow white, the white without seven dwarves..." DUDE THATS SICK
feri sticki
feri sticki 11 giorni fa
Poor guy at the end
gabi numb
gabi numb 12 giorni fa
I wish I was a 100 $ bill
WaltIsBald 12 giorni fa
Dollar cam
Glen Johnson
Glen Johnson 12 giorni fa
The velocity of circulation in this video is high...which most likely means prices are high.
Pengz 14
Pengz 14 12 giorni fa
The intro is tight
Alberto Salgado
Alberto Salgado 12 giorni fa
Dam this shit tragic
molly •
molly • 13 giorni fa
Lil pump does not deserve the following he has when there are people making things like this
Tyler Mendoza
Tyler Mendoza 13 giorni fa
B B 13 giorni fa
Where he come from very intelligent person.
Rakims Dreamwave
Rakims Dreamwave 14 giorni fa
Cool twist
stonedidears 14 giorni fa
Blauer Samt -- Blauer Schein
alvin magtoto
alvin magtoto 14 giorni fa
the priest realtalk in realife 😅
Xenity Music
Xenity Music 14 giorni fa
Wanye Kest
Wanye Kest 15 giorni fa
Did this man really steal 100 dollars from a full register?
Brianna Davis
Brianna Davis 15 giorni fa
Wow 💎😢😶
Seventh Centaur Lad
Seventh Centaur Lad 15 giorni fa
i want this to be turned into a movie so we can see the ending
MinnTee`s 17 giorni fa
That shit is fucked up I respect that
Hoffer T ッ
Hoffer T ッ 17 giorni fa
Homeless man walks up to a store to buy stuff after stealing 100$ Gets shot in the head
The333er 16 giorni fa
the homeless guy didnt steal the 100
JOHN GRIGORAKOS 17 giorni fa
I was today years old when i found out that the homeless guy at the end is the same homeless man that appears at the beggining
All About Entertainment
man, you're a genius. good nice
João Linhares
João Linhares 18 giorni fa
i got many playlists. but my mains are "music" and "docs". Is it normal to hesitate about where to class this clip? Cause i sure was about to class it as a documentary, fuck that Nat Geo shit
Gay Boii
Gay Boii 19 giorni fa
I wouldnt be suprised if the government has micro cameras in bills
Yoshi ???
Yoshi ??? 20 giorni fa
this whole vid is a metaphor for the circle of life
ismael Nuru
ismael Nuru 20 giorni fa
Circle of life man
Dart Southall
Dart Southall 20 giorni fa
I think we found the new eminem
So glad theres no "oh yes yes
MonkeyTrain48 21 giorno fa
John Ocampo
John Ocampo 21 giorno fa
Bro, that plot twist tho. Man i love you. These stories make me cry everytime. Hands down one of the best.
Qizhang Zhao
Qizhang Zhao 22 giorni fa
the first 18 seconds was really broke my heart. Hope everyone could be nice to homeless people.
Christopher p.
Christopher p. 22 giorni fa
Im never touching cash again after watching this
Yoel Chrstopher
Yoel Chrstopher 22 giorni fa
I got eminem feeling from 5:54
branden johnson
branden johnson 24 giorni fa
yo y is it that this 100 dollar bill has been through more shit than anne frank
So sad but so true
Jorn Vidsandanimation
Who susan
Shorty MTMG
Shorty MTMG 25 giorni fa
Wooow! This man amazes me.
Real. KmagiK
Real. KmagiK 26 giorni fa
Any body ever tried calling the number
WayNeHeAd 26 giorni fa
4:02 he said he really needs it but he uses it for a hooker like umm???
Samuel Valdez
Samuel Valdez 5 giorni fa
WayNeHeAd it’s his way of justifying it to a higher power(God in this case). He tells god he needs the money because he’s been struggling, and we all assume he’s struggling will bills, but it’s his other sins he’s been struggling to keep in check. He worded his plea for forgiveness in a way that he could convince himself he needs the money to help him financially, but also asking god for forgiveness for what he knew he was going to do with the money. Technically, he didn’t lie.
Lawson McReynolds
Lawson McReynolds 26 giorni fa
Damn that’s deep
Pillz Therealest
Pillz Therealest 28 giorni fa
i have a brand new song this is just how i was feeling at this time if you have a sec please check it out and hit me back with some feedback it's very much appreciated even though it's friday night lol itvid.net/video/video-g244tMqLbGk.html
Lafayette Love III
Lafayette Love III 28 giorni fa
Ya boy is a genius and so so underrated
Karan Puri
Karan Puri 29 giorni fa
1:44 best lyrics
William Glass
William Glass 29 giorni fa
His video's all have such good production value... Great story teller. Joyner isn't going anywhere. Great music!
Calvin Ouhadi
Anyone here for 2019?
Pyxidus Mese fa
5:21 bruh is that Tory Lanez
grave suka
grave suka Mese fa
[Intro] Keep it a 100 Uhh, yo [Verse 1] Somebody told me money rules the world, I know you heard that shit Money the root to all evil, blessings and murder shit I slaved away for ten hours a day at work and just finally got my check But the ATM isn't working, shit Oh, there it go (oh oh oh oh oh) damn, it's hot as hell Punched in a pin code and grabbed a hundred dollar bill I snatched it up and went back to my wheels Hit up the plug and said "I know you got some bud, I need that with some pills" Meet me outside the gas station on Park Ave, I'll be waiting Then put the cash in the glove compartment as I sat waiting Damn, yo where's this nigga at? Bout to light a cigarette while I-, oh, there he go Opened up the glove compartment, told em to light this Come around and drive inside and act normal like we ain't making a transaction Take that (what up, what up?) I dapped him up and got to sliding He crinkled it up, walked off then put it in his pocket Off to the strip club with some drinks and some orders He pull that hundred out his pocket, uncrinkled the corners Stageside, watching this one bitch shaking and twirling Busted it open all exotic and maybe she's foreign She making eye contact, she got on eye contacts She sees that Benjamin Frank, she keep her eyes on that She's thinking "I want that", he takes a sip from his glass She bend over, he slaps her ass and puts some ones in her crack He whispered in her ear "How long are you here? Tell me you single Oh, you got a man? Fuck, I don't care, tell him I'm queer Save my name as Susan in your contacts, hm And fuck your relationship, I ain't worried about that, heheh Can I use that red marker, sir? Let me write my number on this hundred for you Make sure you hit me up when your boyfriend can't do nothing for you (508)-507-2209" She got home and opened her purse as soon as she gets to the door Counting them dollars, smoking tree while she sit on the floor I don't think she like how this shit make her feel But you gotta do what you gotta do when it's time for paying bills For real, she wanna get high now, uhh Grab the Benjamin off the floor, she feeling alive now, uhh Few grams of coke on the table, that's the right now, uhh She rolled a hundred up and stuck it up her nose like That's what she call Heaven's door That's what she call Snow White, the white without seven dwarfs She throw a hundred back at her purse and headed down to the store She needed blunts for the gas, she needed gas for the Ford She needed eggs and some dill, she needed cheese and some milk She needed change "What what number is that? I said what number is that on the bill, what is that? Yes, in red, it's like a phone number What is this? Never mind" [Verse 2] "Aye aye, don't you make one mothafucking move Empty that register, I know you don't need my help Hurry the fuck up, look, don't make me repeat myself Gimme the cash, follow instructions, don't be fucking moving Cause I'd hate to kill you over something stupid Now hand me the bread and place your hands on top of your head Take my tough advice Turn around and count to a hundred if you love your life" [Hook] Now keep it a 100 Uhh, keep it a 100 Yeah, keep it a 100 One hundred Keep it a 100 [Verse 3] Yo, somebody told me money rules the world, I know you heard that shit Money's the root to all evil, blessings and murder shit He put that hundred inside of collection plate on Sunday too Hope that it'll take away your sins, maybe someday soon But anyway, they covered the plate and just continued praying After church, the pastor opened it up and started saying "Lord forgive me but I need this, I've been really static" And he grabbed the hundred off the top and started staring at it Held it up to see if it's real or fake Then looked around to make sure nobody was looking, and then he took it, damn Off to the streets with the Lord, off to go find him a whore A hundred bucks in the dash and now he riding the course He see some bitch on the corner, he told her hop in the car And then she opened the door "Come on bitch, yo hurry the fuck up, I ain't tryna get caught up" Then continued driving and stuff, looking for a spot in the cut "How much for head?" (A 100) "Now how much for sex?" (A 100) "Damn, a 100?" (Come on, that's not a lot) "Fuck" (Why you playing?) "Nah, I'm just saying, that's a lot bitch, like gotta calm down, damn" Now she making eye contact, she got on eye contacts She see that Benjamin Frank, she keep her eyes on that She's thinking "I want that", he pulls his dick out his pants "Ooh God is good" Transaction complete, and she went back to the streets Back to the cash at the leash, she back to get back on her knees And she don't like how this shit make her feel But you gotta do what you gotta do when it's time for paying bills For real, she wanna retire soon, she swear to God (*smack*) She looked up and seen the hand of God, oh my God... Forgot she had a pimp That nigga been looking for her ass for days Took every single dollar and left her eye black and gray He be on the corner jamming, getting drunk that-a-way 7-Eleven gambling, throwing all his cash away, yup Some say that money rule the world, I know you heard that shit Money the root to all evil, blessings and murder shit Yeah, that pimp just lost that hundred dollars in that dice game He said "I should've just bet that shit on tonight's game, whatever nigga, nice game" The homie who won it walked off with the hundred Then opened up his wallet, stuck it inside and then put it in his pocket Started stomping and running Feeling so good, started hopping and jumping, money flopping and rumbling His eyes is as big as his smile, no stopping him from the prow He's jogging, skipping around, 'til his wallet fell on the ground A hundred sticking halfway out, in the back of a halfway house For like three weeks so don't even ask me how, check it A homeless man walks by, sees a wallet, opens his eyes And then grabs it, opens to check what's inside and to his surprise It's money, a couple dollars, a hundred bill with some writing A number written in red, if he had a phone he would call But he doesn't, so he says "Fuck it, it's mine And I'm really hungry and thirsty, I want some beer, a beef jerky Maybe some ten percent juice, mm And if the store's open, I need some cigarettes too", true He walked into the same store on the block Just so happen to be the same exact store that got robbed What a coincidence, that shit is just as weird as I thought The clerk rang him out and said, "That'll be 18.25" And then he held that hundred out with the red number written on top Then everything stopped [Voicemail] Yo wassup, this is Joyner I'm unable to take your call right now Leave me a brief message and I'll get back to you, peace Mr. Lucas, Officer Michael Bradley with the police department Trying to get a hold of you now, this is the third time calling I need to speak to you with regards to some serious charges You need to get back to me as soon as possible Or we'll be showing up at your door With about 10 officers and some handcuffs Choice is yours
zoltan Mese fa
The twist at he end of the story/song, fucking genius!
SlimT Design
SlimT Design Mese fa
I wouldn't say that Eminem was the one who made Joyner Joyner...He was this good already..And after all Chris Brown can also say he is the one who made Joyner famous but the track was Joyner's right...Talking of Em, Em put Joyner on his 'Lucky you' track cos he saw him fit for it and Joyner got famous cos he was good...Think of this he is not the first person that Em has put on his track right and it's not all of them that got famous...
This on some illuminati lmao, but fr damn love this song
Pranav Puranam
Wait why did the guy rob the store just to put his 100 dollars into the donation pan
ja3 St0n3
ja3 St0n3 4 giorni fa
It wasn't him who put that 100 into the donation pan. It was some1 else
The one who knocks
Where tf is that random guy who puts the lyrics on comments section?
Evelyn Vrsek
Evelyn Vrsek Mese fa
anyone else relize that thats his phone number
Woow just woow
sfsfsf grsgsrrgrsegresgdfg
Who else been watching joyner for years way back when he started way before he was as well known as today
NRadiation Mese fa
That pimp was savage af tho
Steven Mejia
Steven Mejia Mese fa
wow joyner should do movies too much talent
A Really long Peen
hold up, so the clerk really thought the robber saved the same 100 bucks from over 3 weeks ago to go back to the same store and spend it there?
Nauris Merk
Nauris Merk Mese fa
2017 the fakkk, I still remember seeing the notification for this.
lala gang for life
Damn this shit be reall true yall need to learn god damn this had me crying
Anthony Mcgillthat
any one actually called that number
bigtan622 Mese fa
I don’t know who started rapping first but him and token are similar by what they rap about, like they both rap about a story
Ozz Gagne
Ozz Gagne Mese fa
So what is that number posted on all his videos
iMagic Gamer
iMagic Gamer Mese fa
Moral of the story: use a credit card
GasmaskThe Sage
Poor imaginated old homeless man
Tamas Nagy
Tamas Nagy Mese fa
Did any of you noticed that the robber wears a joyner jumper? 3:06
J-train fitness
3.2k people didn't keep it 💯
Joshua McMurray
This is genuinely the most real thing ive ever heard.
1 nasty STi
1 nasty STi Mese fa
Best story im going to hear all year...
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