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Joyner Lucas - Keep It 100 (508) 507-2209

joyner lucas
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New release from The 508 project by Joyner Lucas.
I'm Kind of A Big Deal Tour: www.joynerlucas.com/tour/
Instagram: @joynerlucas
Bookings: bit.ly/1N4C2iF
Available on Spotify and iTunes: atlantic.lnk.to/508-507-2209


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16 giu 2017

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Commenti 9 705
ProBot 204
ProBot 204 Ora fa
5:43 to 6:04 godly rap sceems
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 6 ore fa
thumbs up if you knew Joyner was gonna make it 3 years ago. Joyner, we made it!
Docs World
Docs World 8 ore fa
I Spy With My Little Eye.. Tory Lanez 😂
Michael Devoe
Michael Devoe 10 ore fa
This is one of the best songs ever made
Cayetana Arboleda
the life of a 100 bill
Your twiztid Klown
keep it %100 real
ECHOisagecko YT
ECHOisagecko YT 21 ora fa
Damn the end tho he 2as like bấm not again
Twitchy Makes Music
What's the number for?
Jamaar Douglass
Jamaar Douglass Giorno fa
Paul austin
Paul austin Giorno fa
Bro. Hands down one of the dopest music videos I almost ever seen
Jamaar Douglass
Jamaar Douglass Giorno fa
Miguel Fierro Gutierrez
I love your songs
alekis dinglechak
5:19 one fat ass
Uwe Suender
Uwe Suender Giorno fa
That shit is actually dope though
Lambo Music
Lambo Music Giorno fa
Does Joyner write for EM or Em write for Joyner?
DJ Zelada
DJ Zelada Giorno fa
Stop.. bro just stop.
LU Kayz
LU Kayz Giorno fa
*wow...... Just....... WOW! *
Chad Hansen
Chad Hansen 2 giorni fa
"Money will make your ass mindless snakes Slytherin in the grass spineless" Eminem
Ilona L.
Ilona L. 2 giorni fa
Why would one possibly think that's the person that took the bill? Like, I get the whole thing, but that's just so... Goddamn illogical.
Loyal_Fan Fan
Loyal_Fan Fan 2 giorni fa
Who else called the number on the bill
Tshepo Ledwaba
Tshepo Ledwaba 2 giorni fa
nigga u should consider writing a movie you are hella dope!!!!
Alvin Kamara Number one fan _
This so good
Joe Burton
Joe Burton 2 giorni fa
Very powerlful
Chidz Hustle
Chidz Hustle 2 giorni fa
This is some crazy lyricism and story telling. honestly it felt more like a novel than a song. Reminds me of Kendrick's "Keisha's song" but with a more varied storyline
Richard Asanov
Richard Asanov 2 giorni fa
I got chills damn ...
DrewCliippo 2 giorni fa
wow fuck... the end tho
When someone got roasted
when you realize cash has more interesting life than you
Dice Is Back
Dice Is Back 3 giorni fa
Jeez black people and there clout
TheHeatedVirgo Giorno fa
Dice Is Back what’s suppose to mean?
Clarissa Kagoro
Clarissa Kagoro 3 giorni fa
DAMN the creativity👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 on point
Intelekto MC
Intelekto MC 3 giorni fa
Thats crazy how that bill just came right back to where it was stolen from imagine how the cashier feels like
Spooky Sis
Spooky Sis 3 giorni fa
My favorite of yours 🔥🔥🔥
Ron Palmiter
Ron Palmiter 3 giorni fa
I'm not much of a fan of rap but wow Joyner Lucas has some powerful music!
Byce BYRON 3 giorni fa
Joyner lucas’s most underrated record!!
Aqua Dyngus2723
Aqua Dyngus2723 3 giorni fa
Robber was wearing a Joyner hoodie
Lee Davis
Lee Davis 3 giorni fa
Why does this sound just like an old Eminem song. The flow is just like a track off the slim shady lp.
Smookey Beats
Smookey Beats 4 giorni fa
never knew the life of a dollar bill was this intresting
skipper 9
skipper 9 4 giorni fa
Nice vfx Says sarcastically
Crystal Downs
Crystal Downs 4 giorni fa
Pixel 4 giorni fa
this is intense
ItsShowTime ___1213
End upsets me
Nesta Wylde
Nesta Wylde 4 giorni fa
5:20. What's Tory doing here? 😂😂😂
Menalium 4 giorni fa
Buddy, money = Access Points
Jerry Wtf I don’t have a last name
The pour homeless man he did nothing
Oppttimuspprime 7
Oppttimuspprime 7 5 giorni fa
The love of money is the root of all evil not money itself.
Phuong 5oh
Phuong 5oh 5 giorni fa
Anyone know the prostitute's name at 4:30?
KweneX 14
KweneX 14 5 giorni fa
"Thats what you call heavens door thats wat you call snow white the white without seven dwarfs"🔥🔥😭😭😭
Korean Peninsula
Korean Peninsula 5 giorni fa
The person that played the hobo is the same one who played the robber.
Lucas Possnien
Lucas Possnien 5 giorni fa
me at the end "NO!"
Tai Vitolo
Tai Vitolo 5 giorni fa
The robbber i think is the same actor as the homeless guy
Donovan Berry
Donovan Berry 5 giorni fa
That’s crazy
Elias estes
Elias estes 5 giorni fa
I thought 5:22 was torey lanez
livylovekitly 5 giorni fa
This song explain the way of life so well.
fakeaname 5 giorni fa
Damn and y’all think tax breaks gonna bring people up? Just dump cash outta helicopters in the hood and watch the world work.
SKY KAT 6 giorni fa
Ooh shit the ending
Alizzei Ramirez
Alizzei Ramirez 6 giorni fa
5:05 is me I'm the pimp
WolkenKind 6 giorni fa
Thats sad 😢
Tom Treacy
Tom Treacy 6 giorni fa
Lol, somebody likes Eminem.
Ruxian 6 giorni fa
the poor homeless dude got splashed with water and accused of being a robber
Anthony Range
Anthony Range 7 giorni fa
He shot tha homeless guy WTF YOO
The King Of Bananas
This isn’t good
Kaden Caffyn
Kaden Caffyn 7 giorni fa
K.K KRISP 7 giorni fa
every song this mofo makes either tells a story or is a god lvl rap either way hes amazing
L J Vids
L J Vids 8 giorni fa
thats sad how the it ended it shows how money can move around and get someone random messed up
Brin Scotts
Brin Scotts 8 giorni fa
I called the #
Justin Clay
Justin Clay 8 giorni fa
you can tell he kinda jocked dance with the devil by immortal technic
NASyR MUSIC 8 giorni fa
Goodness that just opened my eyes smfh damn #joyner
Coraline Gaming
Coraline Gaming 8 giorni fa
That homeless guy didn’t deserve to get shot 😔😔
LT_D3STROY3ER 8 giorni fa
That beginning is really fucked up
Dom Squaaa
Dom Squaaa 8 giorni fa
Xzyllx Studios
Xzyllx Studios 8 giorni fa
A Joyner Lucas song about the travels of a $100 bill and real life situations - 11 million views Lil Pump and Kanye West dressed up in roblox outfits talking about how much they love hoes - 340 million views This world is messed up.
Josiah Mattei
Josiah Mattei 8 giorni fa
Anybody realize this was shot in worcester mass
Mohammed Kortam
Mohammed Kortam 8 giorni fa
"Save my name as Susan in your contacts" lolol
iztjust sad
iztjust sad 8 giorni fa
He shot the homeless man after seein that dollor again😥😥🙏i had no words
nodank memes
nodank memes 9 giorni fa
Alistarry 9 giorni fa
God is proof of how weak we are mentally. The real God is the one with most money ..
Bradley 9 giorni fa
That ending tho :O
UnKnOwN SnIpEz
UnKnOwN SnIpEz 9 giorni fa
Robert McCarthy
Robert McCarthy 9 giorni fa
Keep it 💰💸💰💯
Hash Crab
Hash Crab 10 giorni fa
what an uplifting song
Therapeutic Conversation
This shit was amazing! The impact of how he tells a story! The videos could be movies
Blank 10 giorni fa
This is a true story teller
fan girl 123
fan girl 123 10 giorni fa
she see the hand of god lol :D
[AAA] BONES 10 giorni fa
2018 and I’ve still only seen a couple of meaningful lyrics in my lifetime and I’m 12
Sooraj Punniyamurthy
DEEP af❤
Lincoln Deckard
Lincoln Deckard 10 giorni fa
so real
Morescore lol
Morescore lol 11 giorni fa
i wonder how much he could sell that 100 for
Morescore lol
Morescore lol 11 giorni fa
Needs $100 from a collection plate so bad he asks god for forgiveness = Head Money
Jacob Ard
Jacob Ard 11 giorni fa
This is best music vid i"ve ever watched, its so creative.
Nathan Heinrichs
Nathan Heinrichs 11 giorni fa
The end tho holy crap
ActuallyBasse 11 giorni fa
Retard robbed a store for 100 dollars
z eades
z eades 11 giorni fa
I do graphic design n direct as well
z eades
z eades 11 giorni fa
Why would u put a fake number if I was dying n needed u ur not there... My lifes terrible. Hmu man. I just got clean n sober I got 8 months. N I make music been rapping since I was 9 I'm good.. 9092442196
Vortex - Fortnite
Vortex - Fortnite 11 giorni fa
Mind blown 🤯
five seven
five seven 11 giorni fa
Cant lie this dude is talented he can rap.
David Hatt
David Hatt 11 giorni fa
Well done
Christopher Mclaren
Christopher Mclaren 11 giorni fa
Why did he shoot him?
5UPR3M3 SAVAGEE 11 giorni fa
Joey Martinez
Joey Martinez 11 giorni fa
It's sad. I'm a cashier at a gas station and I noticed he put the 100 in the register on the far left that where I put mine when I get them.
Kurt Rosenthal
Kurt Rosenthal 11 giorni fa
At 6:34 the guy just shoots him without asking questions f.cking Americans
CharlieBrown 11 giorni fa
Dam crazy story Joyner on some Emenim shit
Quality Vids
Quality Vids 12 giorni fa
Holy shit, the poor guy got it 😂
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