Justin Bieber Why

Danny Gonzalez
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This just in: this Justin
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ITvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.




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Commenti 80
makenna eh
makenna eh 2 mesi fa
i think the biggest problem about justin’s yummy was that there wasn’t any walugi “waahs”
Kaden20197 Giorno fa
Mom I hate you
Kaden20197 Giorno fa
Shrek he knows that
Sapphire Citrus
Sapphire Citrus Giorno fa
Hell ya
Cool Awesome1234
Definitely would be better with waluigi waaahhs
layla E
layla E 2 giorni fa
@Mom i would like, but its at 69
kambria newton
kambria newton 50 minuti fa
I did not like the part about hitting it from the back.
Evan Falls
Evan Falls Ora fa
Lets make yummy the most disliked song
Lydia Lewthwaite
Why was the song at the end actually better than yummy Yeah that’s right, I watched till the end
gelli frong
Danny: "chewy chunky gummy wummy tasty little treat" Me, in sweats, getting ready to kick down my own door because quarantine: FOR THE MOCHI
gabrial leasum
Awwwww man, justins singin in this one? Awsome!
Game frame21
Game frame21 2 ore fa
The end song was pretty good
AdeAB 3 ore fa
Hey Danny! Your hair be lookin nice in this video Greg forever 😔👌
I.Have.Hands 3 ore fa
13:35 for music video replay
Whiny B
Whiny B 5 ore fa
He should have partnered with that movie Food Fight
Jamil Khan
Jamil Khan 6 ore fa
Justin Bieber: Get yummy #1 Roddy Rich: I'ma bout to end this man's whole career
YourMother 8 ore fa
I think Justin is saying that his wife is a good cook
meowman no furry tho
bruh baby pics with caption "yummy" what if he wanna make people listen to it while they sleep is to frickin hypnotize them to be like him or sth
Elizabeth schreiner
Justin Bieber is actually a cannibal that’s why he said his wife and the babies are so yummy he only eats his wife and babies nothing else
LilacSinger 10 ore fa
n e a t d a n
Erika G
Erika G 10 ore fa
I thought I was the only one who didn't like Justin bieber 😂
Laureen 10 ore fa
Plot twist: Justin bieber is a vampire, so everyone got that yummy yummy that yummy yummy, blood
Lapree Martin
Lapree Martin 10 ore fa
heart on fire
heart on fire 11 ore fa
Justin beiber = baby eater
Crack-ilton -Hamilton Parodies-
I like the part where he says yummy
Kleyoh 13 ore fa
This song is about pizzagate , not about his wife
Kleyoh 13 ore fa
Do you guys ever heard his "intentions" ?
Kleyoh 13 ore fa
is this guy thinking he is better than Justin?
jimin park
jimin park 13 ore fa
Do you guys even know what's the meaning behind that's song
Sarah S
Sarah S 13 ore fa
Ooo baby got a body like a dead fish By the time the video is over, I will die from laughter HAHAHAH
Sarah S
Sarah S 13 ore fa
My baby girl's a crazy horse LMFAOOOOOOOO, my ass is flat now
Yadira Lesley Perez
I feel like Danny Gonzalez should do a collab with Emma Chamberlain
Aiden Toth
Aiden Toth 16 ore fa
Why the fuck is Danny's version better?! Like, I didn't actually like the original song... but the parody is actually enjoyable...
mario plush world 2
13:34 your welcome
Rachel Wolf
Rachel Wolf 16 ore fa
we have the same flannel idk how to feel lol
Powerpuffgirl chats
You missed a huge pun at the beginning where you could of said.” This is already off to a *yummy* start.”
Let's get Danny's song to number one instead
Krazykdl !
Krazykdl ! 18 ore fa
Turns out Danny is six people
Nevaeh Ramos
Nevaeh Ramos 21 ora fa
This song is better than any Justin Bieber song (in my opinion)
Tinna Ròs Gunnars
All Of Justin Bieber's songs start kinda alike. Also if you listen to the first 2 seconds of all of them they sound like ringtones
Sid Heffler
Sid Heffler 22 ore fa
🤤 yummy 🤤
Matthew Rzn
Matthew Rzn Giorno fa
Not gonna lie the song in the end is more better than the original song
Thatcher Giorno fa
Danny:It’s kinda bad Me:Kinda?
Frogdog Giorno fa
Ye the original better than Justin’s version
Nasheeta Rahman
Nasheeta Rahman Giorno fa
lmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmao ok ill stop, but still, LMAO
Scooby Da Dawg
Scooby Da Dawg Giorno fa
eat babies
Merel Marjieh
Merel Marjieh Giorno fa
Omg I died of laughing, lmao. You're so funny I just subscribed
W w w WaterMoonon
cheesecake human
how is Danny’s version better? I could unironically listen to it for hours while awake
Arayna Gupta
Arayna Gupta Giorno fa
I Greg
Arayna Gupta
Arayna Gupta Giorno fa
Read more
pinkinkstudio6 Giorno fa
This song is better then the actual yummy 🤣
LightYagami Giorno fa
My boyfriends cat gave birth to two dead cats and the mother cat *ate them* ,even worse the cat got pregnant by her father. Noice
Mrdarkmode77 7
Mrdarkmode77 7 Giorno fa
I subbed and turned on notifications,and also creg is chasing me
Madison Monteith
Be control of your own day
Rigato Frequenza
So my friend likes romance story’s, but the same friend hates “yummy”. A Justin beiver offensive song about his wife.
Book Giorno fa
this song isn’t about hailey, it’s about Hollywood and the abuse children experience in Hollywood.
Scribble Cloud
Scribble Cloud Giorno fa
i was hoping he was gonna talk about when they stretched his jaw for some weird reason 😂
your version reminds me of the gummy song from 1st grade
Tamara Dijkman
Tamara Dijkman Giorno fa
I just know this song because of Jungkook...
peachy keen
peachy keen Giorno fa
"NOOOOO. we didn't like it! it wasn't very good justin"
Polio Giorno fa
-ya- -yee-
Emma Heart
Emma Heart Giorno fa
I’m so happy he added “body like a dead fish” in the actual lyrics! Good Job Danny! 😂
Hunny Giorno fa
why is danny's version better than justin's-
Adagio Giorno fa
Wtf now i need the lyric video of your yummy
Kayla the Weeb
Kayla the Weeb Giorno fa
Danny's song was catchier than any of Justin Bieber's songs.
Izzzy Belle
Izzzy Belle Giorno fa
Boiiiiiii why am I watching this?, I'm legit 10😅
Jewels Giorno fa
Anyone else listen to the country version (it has Justin and Florida Georgia Line)..... no one..... just me...... okay
elbarto ltu
elbarto ltu 2 giorni fa
Tbh your song is better than yummy
Weeb Review
Weeb Review 2 giorni fa
Wait Justin Bieber is married?
Makenna Burgess
Makenna Burgess 2 giorni fa
I just found out our birthdays r a day apart...
i can't
i can't 2 giorni fa
His wife is having a baby maybe?!
pink panda
pink panda 2 giorni fa
Danny if you dont know why justin posted baby photos and wrote “#yummy” watch sherliza moé. She made a reaction on the music and went really deep in the music. I recommend
rubix betrix
rubix betrix 2 giorni fa
it would be such a shame to Justin if Danny's song hits number one
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 2 giorni fa
New sub good shit 👍😂😂😂😂
Connie Stephens
Connie Stephens 2 giorni fa
See, Justin's yummy would have been good if Danny did it because then we'd know it's for laughs. But Justin… seems to be under the impression that it's genuinely good. It's a similar vibe to if someone was trying to pass off Bad Boy as some real gangster shit
Marisa 2 giorni fa
Tbh that song at the end got me crushing.
Trix aRiaz
Trix aRiaz 2 giorni fa
A true gamer moment would be Danny putting #yummy on the video
27 Club
27 Club 2 giorni fa
Why don't you ever show us Laura?
Mae 004-314
Mae 004-314 2 giorni fa
So is this for Danny’s wife?
trickyflipper_ 2 giorni fa
did he get slapped by legal for this?
just a thing in a place
You know who is the only truly Greg? GREGG THE EGG
eva t
eva t 2 giorni fa
why did he call his WIFE a fertile male horse!!!!!!!!! I think about this nearly every day
Faith vg
Faith vg 2 giorni fa
I love your videos and laughed throughout this one, but I believe his video/song has a much deeper meaning in what evil has gone on in the industry. And I think some things are about to be exposed
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin 2 giorni fa
If it was wouldn't he be dead by now?
Emma Paige
Emma Paige 2 giorni fa
I subscribed and hit the bell icon
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