Kai Havertz, Jorginho & Giroud on 🔥 Head tennis, free-kick shoot-out | Chelsea Unseen

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Take a look at how the squad prepared for this weekend's match against West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthornes.
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Welcome to the official home of Chelsea Football Club on ITvid. It’s the only channel where you’ll get an authentic look at life at this great club. Every week we’ll be uploading fresh content from the training ground, our famous stadium and much, much more. Nowhere else will you get closer to world-class stars like Christian Pulisic, Kai Havertz, Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner & N’Golo Kanté.
Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.


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Dadang Digombret
Dadang Digombret 3 giorni fa
retire for a while "ngolo" Kante, play Kova - Jorginho
Dadang Digombret
Dadang Digombret 3 giorni fa
retire for a while "ngolo" Kante, play Kova - Jorginho
Dadang Digombret
Dadang Digombret 3 giorni fa
retire for a while "ngolo" Kante, play Kova - Jorginho
halima remawa-fufore
Good goals and a lot to make sure you are champions
Nabs gilo
Nabs gilo Mese fa
Kepa shud stay no need for him to leave he can always start same games like we have different competitions
bas Kana
bas Kana Mese fa
Biak Nowluck
Biak Nowluck Mese fa
What about Hakim and pulsic we want to see to day mach very2 good inspiration 💙💪
Nally Biz
Nally Biz Mese fa
I love these training videos but, for heaven's sake, haven't we been weaponizing our opponents by exposing the weaknesses of Kepa? I mean, he's hardly making any saves from these long distance shots! Other teams may be spying!
prince classy
Kepa is flop...he wasn't even saving any... Almost the shots hit the net 😒😒😒
Ilies Du69
Ilies Du69 Mese fa
Kepa is so bad😂
London Woodberry
The behind the next filming is so wack! So annoying to watch
Hanh Hoang
Hanh Hoang Mese fa
Let's quickly complete the Declan Rice deals to Chelsea. Hurry up Chelsea
Abbas John
Abbas John Mese fa
Kepa you can do better
edy brights
edy brights Mese fa
Tammy should seriously work on his heading...he loses almost 90% of his area duels...for this height am just disappointed...if he really wants to be a top striker, he has to work on his heading abilities because our games lately are characterised by lots of crossing...
Groovy 1970's Channel
Even the yellow dummies are putting the ball past Kepa!
1:13 James: Lets give a save to Kepa 1:17 James: Imma about to end his whole career
muhd aidil
muhd aidil Mese fa
They need time and support from us to became a great squad
Raulito Mares
7:33 next academy player to come thru
Boru Galgalo
Boru Galgalo Mese fa
Kepa even in training is nothing
Young Sinatra
These videos are all well and good but we need to sort out the defence ASAP, that first 30 mins against West Brom was a complete joke, seriously cannot wait until the new keeper is in with a consistent back 4 of Chilwell, TS, Zouma and Reece, Christiansen HAS to go
Nezioo Araujoo
Damn kepas letting all them go in haha
Eddy Raves
Eddy Raves Mese fa
How does the first drill help Kepa.... everyone is spotting away
chris Lovett
chris Lovett Mese fa
With kepa it’s like shooting on the jv goalie
Soccer Bro
Soccer Bro Mese fa
It must be so pressuring for people shooting against kepa in games, if he saves their shot they’ll never hear the end of it
Nehemiah Berhanu
Even in training highlights, Kepa's still trash😂🤦
Стефан Филипов
Kepa 📭📭📭
Linka Mese fa
No wonder that goalkeepers lose confidence... Standing in goal getting shots blasted at you for ages, it's bound to do your head in?!!
Jonathan Cabral
Our academy is sick
iwan hamdani
iwan hamdani Mese fa
Where are you hakim ziyech
Panji Fahmin
Panji Fahmin Mese fa
In the kitchen
Rama Irawan
Rama Irawan Mese fa
Boikot chealsea he is support israel yahudi
Rama Irawan
Rama Irawan Mese fa
Chealsea pendukung israel boikot
Jacob K
Jacob K Mese fa
This is all the wins Chelsea will get this season
buithang bui
buithang bui Mese fa
Let's quickly conplete the DeclanRice deal to Chelsea. Hurry up Chelsea
Short Clips
Short Clips Mese fa
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life....
jonathan eversley
5:06 Sam Kerr the GOAT yelling XD
Isak Thorsen
Isak Thorsen Mese fa
Frank Lampard hindering Chelsea's greatness due to his inexperience as a manager!
AlsBeatz Mese fa
WHO are Those women
Cinema Memes
Cinema Memes Mese fa
I know we have Mendy now but we all still love kepa deeply....Admit it
King Tshilobo
Mount is our best free kick taker. He should play our set pieces too. Kepa really can’t make any saves. He needs to play our reserve games and build back his confidence on from there
Lucky b
Lucky b Mese fa
Messi messi messiiiii 😂
Mukasa Franklin
Scoring as many goals as possible in training especially when scoring against kepa and Willy doesn't mean that we are good enough to challenge man city or Liverpool ,we need to work on our defence .
Nishant Satish
Who's here after 3-3?
junior garcia cabarcas
You are trash chelsea and lampard and mount and james get out 3 a o in firs time what decepción 👎👎👎👎👎
10 000 subscribers with 1 video
You are trash
bikei chai211
Just suggestion: Film more of their shooting sessions from behind the shooters not behind the keeper. It's more cool to watch their shooting skills from behind.
Intel Sucks
Intel Sucks Mese fa
We are getting destroyed by west Brom I never thought this would happen:(
mohamed bssm
mohamed bssm Mese fa
Mintyyy Mese fa
3-0 lol
Lauty Calderon
Están perdiendo 1 A 0 Toy triste
Anime 27
Anime 27 Mese fa
Hahahahaha havertz the most overrated player 😂😂 chelsea got robbed
EN Fredd
EN Fredd Mese fa
Good video would have been better if you had cut the women’s football at the end
Chris A.
Chris A. Mese fa
We need kepa and Jorginho out NOW
Subin Sherry
Subin Sherry Mese fa
Guys as much as Kepa messed up for Chelsea just know it isn't entirely his fault.... Kepa can keep better than he can now but the pressure given by the fans is discouraging him.... Give Kepa a chance to improve himself..... All of us make mistakes but whether we learn our lesson from those mistakes or not is what defines who we are..... Not the mistake.
Fran Healy
Fran Healy Mese fa
Giroud is very very underrated in this team
The Chelsea Stand - A Chelsea Fan Channel
Everyone scores against kepa I think if kepa was taller and quicker and had longer arms he would probably be a very good goalkeeper
Alex Haneman
Alex Haneman Mese fa
great to see Kepa training with Chelsea women
Али Сипуллаев
WTF Kepa?????!!!!!!
Bhasty 1
Bhasty 1 Mese fa
FFS please stop showing Kepa missing everything that goes to his left. Omg as if things aren't bad enough!
nirosh kumbala
Looks like we should stop mount taking freekicks anymore .. good work team
Peterpumpkin Eater69
Kepa doesn’t move and it’s so annoying
เกรซ ชยากร
Feri Setyawan
One shot one goal
SweetBoi Mese fa
nice seeing kepa smile
Jake Key
Jake Key Mese fa
As a major Chelsea fan, it's practices like these that we don't win more silverware
Athallah Adiva channel
Dislike Chelsea pendukung Israel, penjajahan di atas dunia harus di hapuskan
junior garcia cabarcas
Los partidos importantes son los que tienen que ganar .no es jueguitos contra equipos de 3 division
Humaid Am
Humaid Am Mese fa
I am very disappointed as a Chelsea Indonesia fan with the news that the Chelsea boss (roman abramovich) is donating US $ 100 million in funds to support Israeli settlements as an act of expelling Palestinians in East Jerusalem. and Indonesia🇮🇩 & Palestine🇵🇸 are our brothers
Virgilio Samaniego
Lol almost every player of chelswa score to keppa
Kos5022 Mese fa
boby lookie
boby lookie Mese fa
We are all Cambodian we supported you guys please have 5 goal for to night game . Because we betting on your team 5 boxes of beer if you guys team win . Please !
VIPIN T Mese fa
Why this all taking shooting practice... the only players shooting in games is tammy, werner.. all others are only for passing
rayz par
rayz par Mese fa
I saw emerson as aguero lol🤣
Stewart Leslie
Funny to see liverpool reject werner in fabinios pocket last week. Millions spent and still no where near Liverpool.
Rayan Morgan
Rayan Morgan Mese fa
Kepa is doing good at training but not good at the matches
bdentist Mese fa
Stop wasting our time in showing the women's training unless they are in undies
hicham elhassani
I'm Ur Dad
I'm Ur Dad Mese fa
Last day we won 6-0 cuz of absence of two world class players.. Kepa Abcdefgh aka worst keeper ever! And Jorginho - brazilian Italian who's the Jeremy Lynch of Chelsea
Adam Abs
Adam Abs Mese fa
Kepa is unless can't see the ball
Shaffaallea Mese fa
Emerson improve under lampard
Robin Hood
Robin Hood Mese fa
Kepa getting packed left right and centre
Jojo Peterson
Kepa is too slow!
Lost Dharma
Lost Dharma Mese fa
Kepa NÃO PEGA UMA 😒🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Higuita Santos
There is nothing wrong with Kepa actually, he still got the skills. Guess its his confident and personal problem that makes him play bad. Hope all be better for him.
Firdaus Maulana Abdillah
Kasian Kepa, kebobolan terus.
mount Mese fa
Video ends at 4:47
Mohamed Saciid
In Chelsea we trust . keep up the good work lads . let 's display a good performance on matchday. Blue is the color football is the game
Ctrl alt De Ligt
I reckon we should play Tammy ST Timo at lw since no pulisic and Kai at CAM as him and Tammy link well, this will add much more firepower in attack and hope chilly can start soon too
Favorite Clips
Seems like kepa can only save in training
Muhamad Satori
Kepa lol 😂
Bakas Sulaimanov
Even in training session, free kicks for Kepa is too difficult to move..
Yg Cargo_SA
Yg Cargo_SA Mese fa
Is it just me or kepa can't save shots to his left🤔
Dobleh Pak
Dobleh Pak Mese fa
pray for palestina... im out from chelsea fans
LOL all those shots against Kepa, literally about 90% of them hit the net. Training I know, but still...
Marko Frankfurt
Dont put womans football in this video ..this is not interestimg
Unknown Life
Unknown Life Mese fa
Reece James should be striker🤣 like his youth days
Mango Girl
Mango Girl Mese fa
We could put Emerson as a winger...🤔
ZNineZ Mese fa
Happy to see Kepa's smile.
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