Kane Brown - Worldwide Beautiful (Lyric Video)

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Benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of America to advocate for justice and equality for the millions of youth that are counting on us. For more info and to learn how you can support, click here: BGCA.org/KaneBrown
Kane Brown “Worldwide Beautiful” is available now.
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3 giu 2020




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Commenti 80
Mxavvy 4 ore fa
1 love 1 god 1 family Not everybody gets that line, or takes it to heart..
Grind Sultan
Grind Sultan 7 ore fa
Joshua Barnes
Joshua Barnes 8 ore fa
God is a black man
Chelsea Putzier
how can you not like this song? It's amazing!
Alisia Cardenas
Alisia Cardenas 11 ore fa
PRAISE GOD 🙏 For using such amazing talent to reunite every one.....
Teresa schaeffer
Kimberly S. T.
Kimberly S. T. 22 ore fa
I liked where you were going with it but the one God one family. I absolutely like the Unity but our body’s and minds are our own. We all have different religions. I refuse to bow down to anyone but my lord.
tina thompson
tina thompson 23 ore fa
I luv all Jane's music and I love him. All day listening to his music
chris arnett
chris arnett Giorno fa
Maranda Merritt
Maranda Merritt Giorno fa
This song needs to be heard everywhere all over the world. Perfect right now to stop all of this hate! We are all beautiful in our on special ways. Love and Hugs to all. Spread love NOT HATE!! Great job Kane Brown....this song is gonna be huge for you. ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏
Maranda Merritt
Maranda Merritt Giorno fa
Stop all the hate!! We are all God's children.
Ashley Waller
Ashley Waller Giorno fa
Would You Rather Live With Or WithOut All Your People?!?!
Alyssa StMary
Alyssa StMary Giorno fa
And this is why kane brown is my favorite
Mxavvy Giorno fa
We are all the same
Eric Fernandez
Eric Fernandez Giorno fa
I wanna see Trevor Noah interviewing Kane Brown and have them share their perspectives growing up as being mix
Alpha omega
Alpha omega 2 giorni fa
it’s a shame that the singers are writing songs about serious things just to make money off of it do they even really care they can at least donate the money to make off the song to some kind of charity
Renee Jones
Renee Jones 2 giorni fa
Kane your great I love your voice,songs and the your beautiful family. Well said come on ppl we all bleed the same
Cody Kickery
Cody Kickery 2 giorni fa
White churches, black churches Different people, same hearses It's kinda hard to fight with each other Laying down in the ground, six under At every show I see my people They ain't the same, but they're all equal One love, one God, one family You're missing every color If you're only seeing black and white Tell me how you're gonna change your mind If your heart's unmovable We ain't that different from each other From one to another, I look around And see worldwide beautiful Thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God Oh, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God Coast to coast, city to city Reach out your hands if you're with me Still got some work but we still got a dream Every shade, every heart come together and sing Oh, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God (woo) You're missing every color If you're only seeing black and white Tell me how you're gonna change your mind If your heart's unmovable We ain't that different from each other From one to another, I look around And see worldwide beautiful One love, one God, one family (one family, y'all, c'mon) One love, one God, one family One love, one God, one family One Love, one God, one family (sing it with me) You're missing every color If you're only seeing black and white Tell me how you're gonna change your mind If your heart's unmovable (we're not that different) We ain't that different from each other From one to another, I look around And see worldwide beautiful Look around and see worldwide beautiful (so beautiful) Look around and see worldwide beautiful (Worldwide beautiful) (Worldwide beautiful) (Worldwide beautiful) Look around and see worldwide beautiful
Brandon Love
Brandon Love 2 giorni fa
I love this song it is so amazing great Job
Carol Parnosky
Carol Parnosky 2 giorni fa
Who ever dislike this song need to understand that God made us the way we are and everone is different but that personally that different and that what make everone who they are it what that make them perfect
Joshua Goodbrod
Joshua Goodbrod 2 giorni fa
Hahaha worst song ever from the worst artist ever 🙄
Kay Lynn
Kay Lynn 2 giorni fa
888 Thought Equality isn't the solution.
Fabien Havas
Fabien Havas 3 giorni fa
Kaila Flory
Kaila Flory 3 giorni fa
i sing his song
Becky Roberts
Becky Roberts 3 giorni fa
Love this song❤❤ all lives matter ❤❤
Austin Atteberry
Austin Atteberry 3 giorni fa
This is a great song I wish the world would stop fighting over a color of skin we all equal and can do the same regardless what color we r god is looking down on us saying I didn’t make these people to do this
Leigh Hayes
Leigh Hayes 4 giorni fa
Go 'head on and PREACH Kane!!
Shadey Lady
Shadey Lady 4 giorni fa
God, I love this guy.
Savannah Fellows
Savannah Fellows 4 giorni fa
Just remember your beautiful no matter what 🥰😍 also you belong in this world! 🥰
Marie Stately
Marie Stately 4 giorni fa
I like how he isn't just going "black lives matter " he is pointing out every color , every person , everyone is equal. I'm not dissing BLM but they forget that is not just about black and white .
Jessica Fallen
Jessica Fallen 4 giorni fa
Beautiful song Kane being biracial love it
Oraldo Mullings
Oraldo Mullings 5 giorni fa
Awesome song bro oneness one love straight up bro just like dat
Angel Cockrell
Angel Cockrell 5 giorni fa
He has a new fan
Pamo Thumy
Pamo Thumy 6 giorni fa
Beautiful song
Latress Williams
Latress Williams 6 giorni fa
I love him. Preach Kane Brown. One love, One God, One family...
Delois Webb
Delois Webb 6 giorni fa
God bless us all. We all are family. Give us all respect and help each other. This is when we all need to stick together! God bless the world, BLACK and WHITE, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, ETC.. BE HAPPY AND BLESSED. LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Arlene Lipata
Arlene Lipata 6 giorni fa
Powerful - what we need right now! Repeat, repeat, please!
Sälstafïr Bìbä
Sälstafïr Bìbä 7 giorni fa
I love this song... Peaceful
Byron Scrivens
Byron Scrivens 7 giorni fa
That song made me stronger 💪🌟
Lillie grace Campbell
Damn u spare so hot you are on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Brayden Hanson
Brayden Hanson 7 giorni fa
If I had the money I’d donate🙏
Jenny K.
Jenny K. 7 giorni fa
Terrible vocal 😃😃😃😃😃
Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin 7 giorni fa
I wish i could see you awwww nd im 7
SuperLift Rick
SuperLift Rick 7 giorni fa
Rio Banfill
Rio Banfill 7 giorni fa
The world today needs to listen to this song. The world wants changes maybe you should play this song durning your protest instead of burning your cities down.
Kat N
Kat N 8 giorni fa
One every one of us. No one is missed to Jesus. He loves everyone us, let’s love the same way he loves us ❤️
Venus Hot
Venus Hot 8 giorni fa
He still sounds terrible. Seriously, if he wants to stay in music business, he needs to take some vocal lessons from Luke Bryant or MattyB. 😆😆😆😆
1sick95venge 8 giorni fa
With all the freakin NONSENSE goin on right now this song is perfect. Anyone who can’t see it needs a reality check.
JJ Chaudoin
JJ Chaudoin 8 giorni fa
This is the best song. My favorite
Sonia Cortez
Sonia Cortez 8 giorni fa
Another AWESOME song! Kane Brown 😉
Andrea Tirado
Andrea Tirado 8 giorni fa
just found this song love it so much, probably going to sing it at my school talent show next year sadly my last year there i will miss every one and cant stand the though of losing them
Faron Kampf
Faron Kampf 9 giorni fa
This song is what our whole word needs to hear
fairy 9 giorni fa
Joli Rp
Joli Rp 9 giorni fa
Beautiful song this artist has a beautiful heart. His songs are profound great truths told through songs.
Donna N
Donna N 9 giorni fa
Eden Abraham
Eden Abraham 9 giorni fa
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 9 giorni fa
Mathias Jørgensen
Mathias Jørgensen 9 giorni fa
I dont to miss a thing
Princezz Martinez
Princezz Martinez 9 giorni fa
Its so beautiful to see him live out God's purpose for his life... look at his life and the things he's been through and now where God has brought him to. Circumstances, color, and obstacles didn't change the heart God gave him. Stop seeing black and white, and learn to see the color of love for human beings... we are all one race... The Human Race!!!
calvin j cortez
calvin j cortez 10 giorni fa
This is so right
calvin j cortez
calvin j cortez 10 giorni fa
Everyone needs to here this song
Reece Finlay
Reece Finlay 10 giorni fa
I coment on every song this man rights ...there just always relevant, the meaning in the lyrics tell a story or making a point. As always well done 👏
Sheba Wilk
Sheba Wilk 10 giorni fa
Black lives matter people that thinks this put a like if you don’t think that than dislike black lives matter
Yvonne DeAcosta
Yvonne DeAcosta 10 giorni fa
This song really touched my heart ❤ 💔 😢
Lizz Teh Purple Wolf
The people who disliked this are the racist people
Channon Cropps
Channon Cropps 10 giorni fa
Just amazing! 👏 ❤
Nouri In The Matrix
Nouri In The Matrix 10 giorni fa
Oh my god , hello all I'm from Morocco, and I so love this Song so powerfull hearth touching , omg what an artist ❤
Iris Rivera
Iris Rivera 10 giorni fa
Here cuz his bet awards show new fan 😍
Dejah Cooper
Dejah Cooper 11 giorni fa
jojo siwa
Harry Barnes
Harry Barnes 11 giorni fa
He sucked again
Jerry Gil
Jerry Gil 11 giorni fa
This song is SO MOVING, every human needs this song💜
Tammy King
Tammy King 11 giorni fa
He needs to go! He can't sing country
Sophie Ervin
Sophie Ervin 11 giorni fa
we all need this song thank you lord for kane brown!
ONDAT AZZ!! 11 giorni fa
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Carla Marie Mills
Carla Marie Mills 11 giorni fa
Marissa Vlogs
Marissa Vlogs 12 giorni fa
I love this song it’s so beautiful your a great singer Kane I’m a big fan I always like to listen to your songs everyday and my kids love 💕 your music to
anthony johnson
anthony johnson 12 giorni fa
Just seen him on BET. A new fan and this song is beautiful.
Milo Perrault
Milo Perrault 10 giorni fa
Me too, its touches your heart and make you feel good!
Jerry Gil
Jerry Gil 11 giorni fa
That's beautiful💜
Elva 12 giorni fa
Kane Brown may God bless you always! 🙏🏻 💕💕💕
Lauren Griggs
Lauren Griggs 12 giorni fa
Tell me how you gonna change your mind, if your hearts unmovable...
Sitting In My Chair
Sitting In My Chair 12 giorni fa
Regina A. Lang
Regina A. Lang 12 giorni fa
I heard it tonight...Love It!!!
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