Kane & Son goals secure North London Derby win in CRAZY atmosphere | HIGHLIGHTS | Spurs 3-0 Arsenal

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Watch two-minute highlights from an INCREDIBLE North London Derby win at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - with goals from Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son securing the win!

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11 mag 2022




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Commenti 2 702
tony ktf
tony ktf Giorno fa
What's more surprising about Son Heung-min is his shooting number. The number of shots is very small than other players, and he shot half of Salah, but the number of field goals is higher. His scoring rate per shot is the highest in Europe.
Praise Osawaru
Praise Osawaru 23 ore fa
I really love Son. Honestly, he's the reason why I support Tottenham. He's an outstanding player. I feel like he isn't rated enough, maybe because of lack of trophies. I hope he wins the Golden boot this season.
ddong 2222
ddong 2222 Giorno fa
I really like son's reaction after first goal. He was two goal behind for golden boot at that moment, so he might want to take the penalty he made, but I can see that he want to win as a team not as a player. What a dedicating player 👏7
Pushpender Gusain
The lethal duo, Kane and Son are almost unstoppable. Kane is in super form these days. Son has scored 21 goals, only behind of Salah. But Son has all field goal to his credit, no penalty.
hololololololo 23 ore fa
Sonny is currently competing for top scorer. But he wasn't greedy for pk and gave way for Kane to kick. World class
Guts 23 ore fa
Son is just too good. His contribution in this match was immense. I hope Tottenham finishes top 4
Cole Haan
Cole Haan Giorno fa
Son’s finish is just UNREAL.
Peter Yen
Peter Yen 23 ore fa
The best son every mom and dad could wish for - Heung-min Son
n RaNu
n RaNu 23 ore fa
Sonny's quick response is so good, off-the-ball moves are fast, so the defenders are going to be a disaster
dajalsejakdini 23 ore fa
Son is such an underrated player, scores bangers, provides a bunch of assists, makes runs to support his defenders, and most importantly he is loyal. Raise his wage and give him a better squad. Back Conte this summer or we'll never see a chance on taking a trophy any closer.
He can score
Adrial Sagadia
Adrial Sagadia 23 ore fa
Forget about the fact that we won 3-0, with Kane scoring a brace and Son scoring a goal. I'm more surprised about the fact that Son made it out alive, I really thought that Son was going to get killed, by Arsenal players, like Holding's aim was not to take the ball, but to take Son down, he deserved that red card. Good thing Conte subbed him, or they could have injured him, which is not good at all.
Football Fans TV
It is impossible to hate Harry Kane.He is just a killer finisher and when they combine with Son they are fantastic
As we all know that, Son Heung Min is highest rating in Tottenham Hotspurs players and he scored 21 goals this season and still counting. But why till now he's the most underrated player in Premier League History! Imagine if Son Heung Min was a English man or Europe Player many English Media wrote his name everyday, everytime and they nominated him in Ballon d'or list!
Gilho Ahn
Gilho Ahn 20 ore fa
Son was the Man of the match. He won the penalty, he got Holding dismissed, his corner led to Kane's 2nd goal and scored the 3rd goal. He's been the best player in Tottenham this season at the very least.
Garcia 23 ore fa
South Korean star Son Heung-min is heating up at the right moment for Spurs
zizinga godfrey
zizinga godfrey Giorno fa
One of the most underrated players of all times... He delivers he scores he carries the team and compliments the partner in strike...
eRK8 23 ore fa
Hope he get Golden boot this season. He's just an amazing player
mlb 7
mlb 7 Giorno fa
Son this game
kiaser Sozez
kiaser Sozez 23 ore fa
Kane’s work rate , quality of passes, hold up play and his uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time to finish off a goal is second to none ..
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