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Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens - "I Love It" (Official Music Video)

Lil pump
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"I Love It"

Kanye West and Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens

Record Labels:
Warner Bros Records / Tha Lights Global & Def Jam Music Group
Directed by Kanye West & Amanda Adelson

Executive Producer:
Spike Jonze

Kathleen Heffernan

Co- Producer:
Laura Klein

Production Company:

Director of Photography:
Sam Levy & Jason McCormick

Production Designer:
Tino Schaedler

Costume Designer:
Renelou Pandora

Marcia Hines & Kristin Heitkotter

Jo Baker & Jennifer Hanching

Jeff Buchanan

Assistant Editor:
Bye Dillon Stoneburner

Beau Leon, Framestore

Gloria FX
Booking/Business Inquiries:


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7 set 2018

kanyewestkanyelilpumpiloveitadelegivenslil pumpkanye westi love iti love it songrap musichip hop musicpumpadele givensyeezyspike jonzeroblox rappersroblox rap video




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Commenti 568 905
Major James
Major James 54 minuti fa
I remember when this first came,so many memes including Roblox memes I cant believe time goes so fast bruh
Andres Beltran
pewdiepie finn
I dont love it bitch
Steph Jade
Steph Jade 2 ore fa
Your such a fucken ho i love it 💙😍😂
Farid Orucov
Farid Orucov 2 ore fa
Music:F...k Words:F...k Clips: F..k
andrew lozande
*this what happens when you play Roblox for 74 hours.*
Gurpreet Singh
Kids this what happens when you play to much ROBLOX
ღNeri Vlogsღ
Bryant Cruz
Bryant Cruz 3 ore fa
Your lit every day
Vicente F
Vicente F 4 ore fa
Hello Livers
Hello Livers 4 ore fa
Roblox confirmed
Zoiket Nebulous
i love roblox
Brittany Thompson
Bitch is gay as fuck but I like the pot low but I love my dick.
Ganesja Ryan
Ganesja Ryan 5 ore fa
Kanye ruined it
Klayver Soares
I'm Brazilian and I do not understand anything about the song but I like it Liu pump
Daniel Garcha
Daniel Garcha 5 ore fa
Angela Cantu
Angela Cantu 5 ore fa
Never heard of Lil Pump til this song...
Alex Gettsel
Alex Gettsel 6 ore fa
AdrianDaGamer 6 ore fa
Wow this robot update is awesome
M St.M
M St.M 7 ore fa
DO YOU KNOW HOW FUNNY YOU COULD BE WITHOUT THE EVIL LANGUAGE IN YOUR VIDEOS Kanye West? YOU have so much character and creativity why don't you do something to build up the little ones and cut out the vulgarity? itvid.net/video/video-dfuevbrAjWw.html Why don't you and P-Diddy and the rest of the brothers rapping, help the little brothers and sisters overseas or in the inner cities, PLEASE💖 With Jesus crucified Mary 🇺🇸💃✝️🇻🇦🇮🇱
Sir Frog
Sir Frog 7 ore fa
I wonder what his agent thought when he pitched this idea
Jason R.
Jason R. 7 ore fa
these lyrics are written by a fucking third grader......i love it!
Hend Mohamed
Hend Mohamed 7 ore fa
العرب الي بيتفرجوا علي الخرا ده زمانهم بيلعنوا السبب الي جابهم للفيديو ده
Val 973
Val 973 7 ore fa
This song makes me single why I can't get a woman 😭😭
Island Boys inc
NICE VIDEO CHECK OUT Island boys inc itvid.net/u-axxeldoublexx
widxwromanoff 8 ore fa
2 dumb bitches, holy shit.
Theanimekid 6 ore fa
I would rather kanye then lil pump
Anny Penilla
Anny Penilla 8 ore fa
They forgot to put in the title-sponsored by roblox
Los Duenes
Los Duenes 8 ore fa
Wtf is this shit
Reuel Alleyne
Reuel Alleyne 9 ore fa
Omg he is actually saying words
General Forrest
Are they retarded?
Love & Success Follows Me
This must have been Kanye idea because Pump looks uncomfortable and it just an awkward vibe.
Ana Caroline
Ana Caroline 9 ore fa
Anime crack
Anime crack 10 ore fa
I don‘t get it why these days most of the people rather listen to bullshit lyrics with a lame beat and bad rapping instead of listen to bands with meaningful lyrics and songs with emotions. But no hate I‘m just kinda disappointed.
Donika Donika
Donika Donika 10 ore fa
Anyone here in June 2019? Tell me I'm not the only one
Morgan Parrish
Morgan Parrish 11 ore fa
New Roblox update looking sweet
Samir Shamseldeen
Maryam Ayoub
Maryam Ayoub 11 ore fa
اشوفكم يا عرب
Rehab Abdelkader
Kanye at 1:01 and i ooop
Jacob 11 ore fa
June 17 2019 and I'm watching this video for the first time 😳
Ein Flugzeug
Ein Flugzeug 11 ore fa
*roblox has enterd the chat*
Rita Difranco
Rita Difranco 12 ore fa
Vero è
Blanka Lengyel
Blanka Lengyel 12 ore fa
98%roblox 1%random things For me: 100%good music
Rocio Medina
Rocio Medina 12 ore fa
If Filthyfrank was here he make a hate vid on this
no name
no name 12 ore fa
'Cause you know in the old days they couldn't say the shit they wanted to say They had to fake orgasms and shit We can tell niggas today, "Hey, I wanna cum, mothafucka" You're such a fuckin' ho, I love it (I love it) You're such a fuckin' ho, I love it (I love it) You're such a fuckin' ho, I love it (Love it, love it) (I'ma fuck a bitch, tell her cousin) Your boyfriend is a dork, McLovin (dork, McLovin, ooh, ooh, ooh) I just pulled up in a Ghost (Ghost) Fucked that bitch up out in London (up out in) Then I fucked up on her cousin Or her sister, I don't know nothin' (uh-uh, woo) And my niggas gettin' ignorant Like a lighter, bitch, we ignant (ignant, yeah) All this water on my neck Look like I fell when I went fishin' (fell) So much diamonds on my bust down Ooh, fuck, what's the time? (where we at?) Me and Smokepurpp sippin' drank (aye!) Ooh, fuck, she take lines (lines) You're such a fuckin' ho, I love it (scoop!) (I love it) You're such a fuckin' ho, I love it (I love it) You're such a fuckin' ho When the first time they ask you if you want sparklin' or still? Why you try to act like you was drinkin' sparklin' water 'fore you came out here? You're such a fuckin' h- I'm a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck (whoop!) I'm a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck (whoop!) I'm a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck (whoop!) I'm a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck (whoop!) I'm a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck I like my dick sucked, I'll buy you a sick truck I'll buy you some new tits, I'll get you that nip-tuck How you start a family? The condom slipped up I'm a sick fuck, I'm inappropriate I like hearin' stories, I like that ho shit I wanna hear mo' shit, I like the ho shit Send me some mo' shit, you triflin' ho bitch (bitch, bitch, bitch) You're such a fuckin' ho, I love it (I love it) You're such a fuckin' ho, I love it (I love it) 'Cause you know in the old days they couldn't say the shit they wanted to say They had to fake orgasms and shit We can tell niggas today, "Hey, I wanna cum, mothafucka"
Zahir Daza
Zahir Daza 12 ore fa
This song I love it 😂🤣😅
Duolingo 12 ore fa
Maria Ahava
Maria Ahava 13 ore fa
I am love
SörösMartin 13 ore fa
Roblox in 2050
jpgr. mmt
jpgr. mmt 13 ore fa
Wen I seened that 45 millen people done wathed this hear video I can’t beleeve it!! That just crazey!! I want to see Kane in a live concrete sooo bad!!! 👍👍👍👍
TautOfficial ¡
TautOfficial ¡ 13 ore fa
i had your poster, but it got robbed
Lama 11200
Lama 11200 13 ore fa
Wtf is this
Ben cherewyk
Ben cherewyk 13 ore fa
That was.....not a good song
Mystic_Frawls 13 ore fa
Soon they are going run into a lava strip and OOF
i thought roblox was family friendly
squad dislike
squad dislike 15 ore fa
Карл Клару
приве русские!
Я МЕМ 15 ore fa
ПЕЛЬМЕШ 15 ore fa
Apenpelivideot 16 ore fa
CatsOnPluto 16 ore fa
GAME ON 16 ore fa
Pastell Rosie
Pastell Rosie 16 ore fa
Lil Pump And Kanye west: *playing minecraft* *mum walks in* Kanye and Pump: *GET OUT I’M PLAYING MINECRAFT*
Dimitrios Tzovaras
Rayane Souza
Rayane Souza 17 ore fa
No de deslike!!!!!!
Bruno  Campetelli
ded meme gamer
ded meme gamer 18 ore fa
No one: Not a single soul: Not even a ghost: Lil pump and Kanye West: wE lEt OursELves iN rOblOx
ten tego
ten tego 18 ore fa
New roblox update
*ELGONZALO* :V 19 ore fa
Minecraft or roblox is tacking all the world xd
*ELGONZALO* :V 19 ore fa
Minecraft or roblox is tacking all the world xd
Аника Силвер
Лил пип: ты ведешь себя как шлюха, мне это нравиться
Ashley Gillespie
This beat is the best. But lyrics suck lol
Jay Remí
Jay Remí 15 ore fa
Ashley Gillespie Kanye killed it tho
Mohammad Faraj
Mohammad Faraj 19 ore fa
I unlike that's song...for reason that girl 🤮🤮🤮
Emir Gültekin
Emir Gültekin 19 ore fa
3deryk 20 ore fa
🤦‍♂️ Is that even possible to create such a crap? I mean even for west who is not a genius, this is just pathetic piece of...
GaceK 20 ore fa
polska 2k19 meldować się
Влад Сим
Влад Сим 20 ore fa
Кто русские, лайкните пусть думают что-то умное написал😉😁
Aaron Baker
Aaron Baker 21 ora fa
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur 21 ora fa
Damn I'm glad I died before I was featured in a Kanye West song.
{ʆɑʀɑ Wolf}
{ʆɑʀɑ Wolf} 21 ora fa
0:15- roblox na vida real
Astro Punch
Astro Punch 21 ora fa
Adults playing Roblox be like-
NoName_27 21 ora fa
Meglio quella di hindaco
MR. MADON 23 ore fa
Tess Tsim
Tess Tsim Giorno fa
I love that Kanye can’t stop smiling
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk Giorno fa
Everyone is talking about Roblox but we're all ignoring happy Kayne
TYWI hi Giorno fa
Ok so ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 1 word *OOF*
David Garza
David Garza Giorno fa
Song: "u're such a **ckin ho" ITvid: Remember to keep comments respectful and to follow our community guidelines
Angela Cantu
Angela Cantu 5 ore fa
Perry Giorno fa
Roblox gold edition
Jay Lel
Jay Lel Giorno fa
This is an artistic rendition of two brothers who have a hooker as a mom. (I'm stoned)
JJs on fleet Gaming
Whats withs conyas faces
яαïð Giorno fa
*Pump is the type of person who open a glass door to look outside*
Dean Champlin
Dean Champlin Giorno fa
When your parents say what do u think of us
Str8Ruthless Giorno fa
Lil pump your weak, your style your wannbe rich ass swag.. gett outta the rap game ya lil punk..
Auroros Giorno fa
I remember when this was such a meme
brod5380 brod5380
Dictionary on shuffle
kris 369
kris 369 Giorno fa
Cancion 0% Ritmo 0% !!ROBLOX!! 100%
Prossimi video