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Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens - "I Love It" (Official Music Video)

Lil pump
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"I Love It"

Kanye West and Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens

Record Labels:
Warner Bros Records / Tha Lights Global & Def Jam Music Group
Directed by Kanye West & Amanda Adelson

Executive Producer:
Spike Jonze

Kathleen Heffernan

Co- Producer:
Laura Klein

Production Company:

Director of Photography:
Sam Levy & Jason McCormick

Production Designer:
Tino Schaedler

Costume Designer:
Renelou Pandora

Marcia Hines & Kristin Heitkotter

Jo Baker & Jennifer Hanching

Jeff Buchanan

Assistant Editor:
Bye Dillon Stoneburner

Beau Leon, Framestore

Gloria FX
Booking/Business Inquiries:


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7 set 2018

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CHNLX GAME Minuto fa
полина Life
полина Life 2 minuti fa
Я одна ищу русский комментарий
Sillybelius 2 minuti fa
These guys are living in 2050
Shadwan Mockbil
Shadwan Mockbil 6 minuti fa
whos here before 1 million dislikes? (not hating)
Sabrina ElHouch
Sabrina ElHouch 14 minuti fa
What's Lil Pump looking🤔
Zach Ward
Zach Ward 25 minuti fa
You can tell Kanye wanted no part of this
사람 34 minuti fa
Llander Santos
Llander Santos 41 minuto fa
such a fu*ky noob
Gerald Schiele
Gerald Schiele 42 minuti fa
Gaming Princess
Gaming Princess 44 minuti fa
How much robux did they spend for this?
Jamie Cannon
Jamie Cannon 45 minuti fa
this is amazing 😉 bless me!:3
Jamie Cannon
Jamie Cannon 43 minuti fa
blees rolbox
Kindera Ora fa
0:19 what happend to him ?
*english has left the chat* *spanish has joined the chat*
future factory
И лофе ит
You have been reported from being inappropriate lol
Hha Jja
Hha Jja Ora fa
Hha Jja
Hha Jja Ora fa
Oh i forgot that Kanye is from pornhub xd
Lucas Tekin
Attack Zombies Zombirs
omg You Roblox
Ilias Elouali
Ilias Elouali 2 ore fa
Юлия Иващенко
Didii Mtz
Didii Mtz 2 ore fa
Robtop saca la 2.2
Izabela Kazmierczak
Panda Gaming
Panda Gaming 3 ore fa
Lucia Gallione
CatPlayz 13
CatPlayz 13 3 ore fa
This Is Roblox With Better Graphics
bro gaming
bro gaming 3 ore fa
Dis song fire
bro gaming
bro gaming 3 ore fa
Can you all stop fuckin talking about roblox biscut
Viper Gaming 360
Retards My own kind has arrived
Adelina Enache
Play игры
Play игры 4 ore fa
говно я тут один русский
Tragic Chicky
Tragic Chicky 4 ore fa
Bad song Bad rhymes Bad lyrics Bad music video What else? 🙄
Mr Weider
Mr Weider 4 ore fa
Ребят го поставим лайки на комент чтобы американци думали что типо я написал тут что-то годное
Даниэль Рахенов
Раша ту дэй ёпта
GoldModdy ツ
GoldModdy ツ 4 ore fa
Lol roblox
Milly Judd
Milly Judd 4 ore fa
Lol the clean version is like your such a flipping girl😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
SO NIIKO 5 ore fa
If anyone from 3019 is watching this song then hit the like button pleas i am someone use to live 1000 years ago
Ice Knack
Ice Knack 5 ore fa
This is one of Kanyes biggest singles...
Karen Szerszyn
My emotions to describe this 😐🤦‍♀️☠️(rip)
Justin and Conor
ROBLOX lil pump aviator
Daniel Tran
Daniel Tran 5 ore fa
I thought ROBLOX is supposed to be fattttffhfjjjd
Daniel Tran
Daniel Tran 5 ore fa
Your boyfriend is s D O O R mclovin
Daniel Tran
Daniel Tran 5 ore fa
Why u have smaller people but girl is bigger foot
Mr bush
Mr bush 6 ore fa
I hate it
Omaha Joe
Omaha Joe 6 ore fa
I think pump looks like a scuffed version of a Franco brother.
CatBoyGaming 6 ore fa
0:20 when you see that not lady in school
Pip Boy
Pip Boy 6 ore fa
Поставьте скорость 2x XD
faiz syazwanz
faiz syazwanz 6 ore fa
Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert 6 ore fa
This video, and it's likes are a key reminder of how fucking stupid people have become.
Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert 6 ore fa
How the fuck did this get 5.1mil likes? Are people really that lacking in intellectual interests? This world needs a new plague, and I hope it only infects those with questionable intelligence.
Ice Cream
Ice Cream 6 ore fa
Sorry you’ve been banned for cursing on this Minecraft Christian Server
Ashley Asvitt
Ashley Asvitt 6 ore fa
I love you so much 🤩sick bich hoe
1 Hyperion
1 Hyperion 6 ore fa
roblox likes it because they are *thicc*
Thrifty KiddYT
Minecraft...Vs...I wanna cum motherfucker
Mhmmd Reza
Mhmmd Reza 6 ore fa
I like it
Duvj Xhgj
Duvj Xhgj 6 ore fa
Я не касался писи козла я не касался он все сделал сам
Corruption M
Corruption M 6 ore fa
jajaja roblox
Ale Favale
Ale Favale 6 ore fa
No busquen más, borraron ese comentario
Ale Favale
Ale Favale 6 ore fa
Donde puta esta ese comentario
Rape GT
Rape GT 7 ore fa
Are they walking in a *Museum?*
Milly Judd
Milly Judd 7 ore fa
1:44 that look when you call a girl a bitch and you instantly regret it lmfao
Try explaining whats going on in this video to aliens. Scratch that, try to explain it to HUMANS.
Rob Bob
Rob Bob 7 ore fa
Almost forgot to watch this today.
Fénix 7 ore fa
How many robux did this cost?
シ ごの おかあさん
Wait does lil pump have the n-word pass?!
Mateus Yuki
Mateus Yuki 8 ore fa
Is this the roblox diss track
Nana Oliveira
Nana Oliveira 8 ore fa
Quando você baixa desenho do minecraft na deep web
Marcus & Stuff
My rapper name is lil Marc
dino lover10
dino lover10 8 ore fa
master sage Daddy uzmaki
Who did he suck
master sage Daddy uzmaki
Creep y as f..
master sage Daddy uzmaki
His face was funking
plum sauce
plum sauce 8 ore fa
Kanye.. what happened?😢
Fonut 8 ore fa
What in the fuckk
HardSessions Games
Kanye west menudo imbecil...
ღмysτicαl crysταlღ
*roblox has banned you*
Pobre, Este Video Quedó Infestado De Xpress
Disclear Quests
ground hog
ground hog 8 ore fa
This dumb as fuck
JaySidouMusic 8 ore fa
i made a remix to this song and used the beat properly, would you like to hear it?
Bostinha Legal
Amelia Preza
Amelia Preza 9 ore fa
Eve West
Eve West 9 ore fa
Where is Susan? Why "Susanisha" ALWAYS gotta be a whore. Thanks Kanye handlers for perpetuating the idea of the black female hoe. I'm sure this makes black little girls see themselves in a positive light. Let's thank Kanye West's handlers for shaping consciousness to create future "black" whores of America. Bravo! :( Please look at the lyrics for the song "Kinda Like a Big Deal" by Kanye West and the Clipse. He says in the song, "I'm the reason the hood need a dental plan." Clearly, his music, and Hip Hop in general, is designed to destroy the divinity of the black community which makes us focus on the divine instead of our divinity that makes material. Satanism at its best! SHAME ON YOU SLUT MAKERS!
Iaman Rifay
Iaman Rifay 9 ore fa
0:30 Que es eso Lil :v
Bảo XZTM 9 ore fa
*I hope Roblox create game **_I Love It Simulator_*
Khadiza Kamal
Khadiza Kamal 9 ore fa
this is the best ever roblox update wow
Dawin Rodríguez
Bangtan Daengg
This makes me laugh😂😂💀💀 nice mv tho I actually like it
Itz Jade
Itz Jade 9 ore fa
dang a bunch of little kids would be doing this on roblox lmao
Spice. E
Spice. E 9 ore fa
*reported for cursing in roblox*
ASAP PARROT 10 ore fa
I love listening this before school 🥳❤️ I hate school -_- my teacher sucks she’s a sassy bitch 😂😩😡
ThreeTechPlays 10 ore fa
Your boyfriend is a door, Mc love it
Forever Dailyne
Forever Dailyne 10 ore fa
Your such a oofing oof I love it , your such an oofing oof I love it . Your such a oofing oof ... Uh I'ma sick oof I like a quick oof I like my oof sucked 💀
AuronFeik YTB
AuronFeik YTB 10 ore fa
Thicc Sis
Thicc Sis 10 ore fa
Best costume of the year
JaySidouMusic 8 ore fa
ima dress up like this on halloween
MrRegya 10 ore fa
Everyone likes quick fuck
JaySidouMusic 8 ore fa
that makes everyone a sick fuck
SKIP Davis
SKIP Davis 10 ore fa
I Fuck'n Love It!!!
Eepop The Performer 7u7
You’re such a ####### ###, l love it, *oOF*
Ashley Lamp
Ashley Lamp 10 ore fa
Is it just me or is Kanye a dick
JaySidouMusic 8 ore fa
he could be whatever he wants he is a musical genius
Lil Pan :v
Lil Pan :v 10 ore fa
Like y encontrarás el comentario xd
Amie Jobarteh
Amie Jobarteh 10 ore fa
0:20 When I need to pay a bill
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