Kanye West - Runaway (Extended Video Version) ft. Pusha T

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Music video by Kanye West performing Runaway. (C) 2010 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC


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22 ott 2010




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SwirlyJoe 11 ore fa
Kanye is a douche, but he's talented
InceptLion 11 minuti fa
No, Kanye is a nice guy compared to many rappers. Kind of crazy of course, but not as asshole as many other rappers.
Queeny2012 diva
Queeny2012 diva 22 ore fa
This was before he lost his dam mind😔😔😔🌹🌹🌹
Christy Michalenko
This is the first time I have heard this song or seen this video! lol
pesh wilson
pesh wilson Giorno fa
Now take a second look, as Mr West (Kanye 2 U) takes this massive financial risk, who has got his back the entire time? Nah don't go all q anon on me . lets drop the naïve act a minute> Who has Mr Wests Back the entire 8.28 of this extended track? That's called Love, all in , from an old man who Sees Everything, including After Degas. What a performance and What a Wo/man. Men one of them is worth 10 of ours. so when you knock , criticize as you thumbs downers always will, well that's all u got, . Remember if Mr West looses everything in his bank account tomorrow, he is still rich, you still have nothing,. Way it was, Way it Always Will Be. Thumbs down, you mf, are poverty...Could say more but well haven't got the time 57 seconds in in to me 2, 786 spin, nah idiot only discovered this trak last coupla months, Nah moron q anon, google, soz utube only counts me once. Sunday Service ENDS...
David Benavid
David Benavid Giorno fa
This is art. ♥️
Badd Giorno fa
You can be a Genius at one thing, but an idiot at another and it’s okay
Anton Davydov
Anton Davydov Giorno fa
Trayvon Monden
Trayvon Monden Giorno fa
This is the bohemian Rhapsody of Hip Hop and Kanye west is the only artist that has made a song like this💯. Amazing🔥
Jennifer Kokoska Kadash
Every time cause she forgets and he loves her so much it hurts and vice versa...she amps him up to WATT land and that is. Awesome sauce...i love him the most cause him tell it like it is and he. Came through a rough path he went boom with grenades behind him he rises above N ...listen.....anything ok?🔑 ❤ lol...need you so hug yourself your so pretty
Wenotmemusic13 2 giorni fa
This song and “Clover Cage - On My Mind” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better.
Living Tammy
Living Tammy 2 giorni fa
Ye is musically gifted. Blessings to him and all his future endeavors. He is a great artist who seems to be misunderstood lot... but I get him..
Claire 2 giorni fa
Gerardine Cizmar
Gerardine Cizmar 2 giorni fa
He’s a genius and was capable of creating masterpieces before he became so ill. Looks like no one is taking charge of his mental health seriously. I know people who are Bipolar and doing well and Medicaid is paying for their treatment. His wife is a failure.
Демис Кашеев
I like this melody , my hearths feel this melody.
The Life Of Cydre
The Life Of Cydre 2 giorni fa
I will never get tired of this song. EVER!
julie lockwood
julie lockwood 2 giorni fa
Esd Esd
Esd Esd 2 giorni fa
Tanye Fest
Smokey Robinson
Smokey Robinson 2 giorni fa
This fu's an artist
cheryl cheryl
cheryl cheryl 3 giorni fa
GENIUS..BLACK SWAN!!! DON'T HATE...LUV THIS JOINT ..HE KEPT IT REAL!!!💕💕💕😂😂🤗🤗😳😳🥰🥰👍👍😪😪😪🧐🧐🤨🤨🥂🥂🥂😇😇😇😳😳😳🤔🤔🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾
cheryl cheryl
cheryl cheryl 3 giorni fa
He Also put Ballerinas in the video to make it CLASSY!!!
cheryl cheryl
cheryl cheryl 3 giorni fa
I think he was singing to Kim many years ago!!! He knew his DEMONS AND REALIZED THAT SHE WOULD NEVER LEAVE...
cheryl cheryl
cheryl cheryl 3 giorni fa
Brang Ja
Brang Ja 3 giorni fa
Whos here after West posted pissing on grammy award clip.
Harsh Arya
Harsh Arya 3 giorni fa
Me 😂
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 3 giorni fa
Kanye West sucks
Erin Dyck
Erin Dyck 4 giorni fa
shia labeouf
Renz D'Haese
Renz D'Haese 4 giorni fa
All kanye needs to do is play this live at an election and everyone will just shut up and vote for him, even Trump and Biden will.
Mark Gustowski
Mark Gustowski 4 giorni fa
This song has carried so many people through hard times, heartbreak, and pain. Tortured soul, musical genius.
Lee Michael
Lee Michael 12 ore fa
Uu uii 8 joyous t k took Uu uu 75 loo 56
Akansh Wadhwa
Akansh Wadhwa 4 giorni fa
Pure art
VV8C 5 giorni fa
Almost 10 years later first time seeing September 16 2020
Duh Blaq Guy
Duh Blaq Guy 6 giorni fa
This hits that spot.
Carl James Castañeto
press number 3 quickly to see kanye west headbang
Susanneh Nilsson
Susanneh Nilsson 6 giorni fa
Best song you created Kanye.
Charles Chikomwe
Charles Chikomwe 7 giorni fa
lets toast to the douche bags............ love this part
Ms.Michelle Marie Gill,Daniels
I ment don't fire him! I ment he's on fire he putes out controversial amazing videos out I appreciate that he's a true artist from way back and when I was young I remember says how it is for real thank you!
Ms.Michelle Marie Gill,Daniels
Oops my words come out wrong! The text tells something way different ! Forgive me😞
Ms.Michelle Marie Gill,Daniels
hey don't forget it's grandparents day September 13th to all the grandparents out there and to the ones that are gone now! If anyone, family has Lost there Mom and Dad this year !!! There our All that we look back to for guidance, There the middle piece ceepers ! Between siblings, raising there grandchildren , Maybe they didn't have all the right answers raising my siblings! We have to stand up ! For our children of the future I'm having hard time! but we need to live the Lagacy ,and virtues! My was the Glue to keep tribe! Dad's use the Duck tape cl calling are my kids so everybody hope you had a great day and worship and happy love and black forgiveness I still believe things can change 🙏!
Ms.Michelle Marie Gill,Daniels
He inspirational for the world and for humanity please fire!
J. E. Spence
J. E. Spence 8 giorni fa
Garbage! Why am I here?! 🤬
Chancetek, LLC - MSP
This song and video hits different in 2020... Epic!
king andrew
king andrew 8 giorni fa
I love it
king andrew
king andrew 8 giorni fa
I love ot
krzysztof dziduch
krzysztof dziduch 9 giorni fa
mugm2 9 giorni fa
This video is brilliant. Snatch a mic from Taylor Swift for the culture.. Yes, I know this wasn't the video he did it for. Single ladies by Beyonce. Calm Down
OllieGod3 4 giorni fa
Weird comment
Marc Felix
Marc Felix 9 giorni fa
In Nyc.
Marc Felix
Marc Felix 9 giorni fa
A toast to the scumbags*everyone that I know.
Marc Felix
Marc Felix 9 giorni fa
U know who Im talkin to.
Marc Felix
Marc Felix 9 giorni fa
U cant take a day off*being an Assho.
Marc Felix
Marc Felix 9 giorni fa
U fuckin with me*:-)
Marc Felix
Marc Felix 9 giorni fa
Itd go8ng to get Crazy*
Marc Felix
Marc Felix 9 giorni fa
Run Away*
Marc Felix
Marc Felix 9 giorni fa
The Asshos too
Marc Felix
Marc Felix 9 giorni fa
The Scumbags everyone I know.
Miyir Miyir
Miyir Miyir 10 giorni fa
The greatest song ever to be honest
MouldySponge 10 giorni fa
I love this how did I ever
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
Smells it or Rock
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
'Hinku Oete
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
Top Snickaaa.. You're A when you can't get snickers
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
Do anything because you other 1
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
It's another A EYE
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
Crossed eyes are same... Boo!
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
Uncle Phil...
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
Little D.J Well smell
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
Not another one. We won 1
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
We one 1!
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
N Lee
N Lee 10 giorni fa
Kittle 2nd Friend
weston saathoff
weston saathoff 11 giorni fa
Pharaoh eventually died Kanye think about it.
Puppet Master
Puppet Master 11 giorni fa
like a the greatest artist?
Giovane Junior
Giovane Junior 11 giorni fa
the ending is perfection
Charles Faraday
Charles Faraday 11 giorni fa
Ms.Michelle Marie Gill,Daniels
Pute your 💰 on s Spirit the children match it 5000 whatever you know what to do for the children that are by our future!!!!!
shubhneet 11 giorni fa
Is there any one who is still listening to this song like me...??
Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov 8 giorni fa
Yeah like a a thousand people or something
Yung KM
Yung KM 11 giorni fa
We no you ain’t want to run for president it was the devil and you took the fight I’m proud of you west keep fight and we will watch god was us in his blood
Adrian Vargas
Adrian Vargas 11 giorni fa
I learnef how to play thid on ghe keyboard
Sherviliano Frans
Sherviliano Frans 11 giorni fa
zenen miraval
zenen miraval 11 giorni fa
You are the GREATEST artist of our generation I love you kanye thanks so much
Lady Genesis
Lady Genesis 13 giorni fa
100% that's Kim at the table 0:19
Wenotmemusic13 13 giorni fa
This song and “Clover Cage - On My Mind” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together......
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt 9 giorni fa
You also posted this exact comment on gold digger and no church in the world amongst others.. Seems like a lot of other songs are keeping you sane right now. Hmm
Adrian Vargas
Adrian Vargas 11 giorni fa
True yes we are
this is racism, because white girls dancing for black niggas
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 13 giorni fa
Stfu dude
Da Oracle
Da Oracle 14 giorni fa
Wow, its like am seeing ballet dance for the first time..... this is some beautiful S#~t
Dee Smith
Dee Smith 14 giorni fa
Just saw this BRAVO! Hot man.
keorapetse ngewa
keorapetse ngewa 14 giorni fa
A tear lirerally just dropped ..this will always be my favourite kanye song 😖
THE BUBBLY Q 15 giorni fa
There’s like one almost black ballerina here 👎
Margaret McLeod
Margaret McLeod 15 giorni fa
I love you K I know you been crazy since your mom passed but find you a nice middle class sister and you will be alright
Jon Response
Jon Response 15 giorni fa
yeah i can west
Bolton Griffiths
Bolton Griffiths 15 giorni fa
Good song but I would not categorize him as a genius in any way
Bolton Griffiths
Bolton Griffiths 15 giorni fa
@Tyler Needham darn
Tyler Needham
Tyler Needham 15 giorni fa
Bolton Griffiths well then youre just wrong
Cécile Bertucat
Cécile Bertucat 16 giorni fa
Braitaman 16 giorni fa
now sound that
Temitope Adeoye
Temitope Adeoye 16 giorni fa
MrSeaboma0 17 giorni fa
Cool, cool, cool.
I. O.
I. O. 17 giorni fa
Kanye is a genius, I miss him ☹️
Satoshi Guy
Satoshi Guy 17 giorni fa
Kanye is a gift to society. We're lucky to have him.
Chico Montana
Chico Montana 16 giorni fa
just music, but gotta stay out of politics
Tobi Gbadamosi
Tobi Gbadamosi 17 giorni fa
Markela Moss
Markela Moss 17 giorni fa
@6:15 I'm in tears like I can feel his pain and mine lawd have mercy
Cyrax 64
Cyrax 64 17 giorni fa
no entiendo porque busco "Runaway" en youtube y me sale primero la poronga de canción de Yatra
Kevin Chanderpaul
Kevin Chanderpaul 17 giorni fa
You can't really dispute old Kanye
Moe _RVA
Moe _RVA 18 giorni fa
Kanye til i die boi
SURLOOKMEDIA 18 giorni fa
do versace sofa's actually exist?
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