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Kendrick Lamar drops his long awaited album "Mr Morale & The Big Steppers" after a 5 year wait. Will it please everyone?

Kendrick Lamar - MR MORALE & THE BIG STEPPERS Full Album Tracklist
01 “In Grief”
02 “N95”
03 “Worldwide Steppers”
04 “Die Hard” Feat. Blxst & Amanda Reifer
05 “Father Time” Feat. Sampha
06 “Rich” (Interlude)
07 “Rich Spirit”
08 “We Cry Together” Feat. Taylour Paige
09 “Purple Hearts” Feat. Summer Walker & Ghostface Killah

01 “Count Me Out”
02 “Crown”
03 “Silent Hill” Feat. Kodak Black
04 “Savior” (Interlude)
05 “Savior” Feat. Baby Keem & Sam Dew
06 “Auntie Diaries”
07 “Mr. Morale” Feat. Tanna Leone
08 “Mother I Sober” Feat. Beth Gibbons Of Portishead
09 “Mirror”

Best Tracks - Mother I Sober/Mirror/Savior Interlude/Silent Hill/We Cry Together/Father Time/In Grief

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Commenti 6 093
This album seems like an album for himself, he didn’t make a piece of art to sell he made it to truly express himself and all his issues and history.
I love how Shawn has the backbone to stick to his guns and stand on his opinion, even when he is overwhelmingly wrong
Sami Sellam
I have never been more in a disagreement of a album like I don’t understand how people think it’s bad I personally love it.
K Lamar’s Discography Explained:
StrawHat Zora
This album felt a lot more emotional, powerful, thematically deep, and versatile than DAMN. I personally believe that Kendrick took a lot more risks here than he did with DAMN and overall I liked the songs a lot more here than on DAMN. The album was very beautiful in the Melodie’s and themes kendrick conveyed with each song and it definitely isn’t a radio friendly album, but that’s what makes it so beautiful and enchanting. This was Kendricks raw, emotional therapy session and I love it!
Telmo Silva
Khutso Montja
i hope this doesn’t come off wrong but this album also humanised kendrick, he discussed his faults and shortcomings but he spoke so bluntly and emotionally about himself here and it gave me a look inside the pressure he deals with, sonically this aligns with my taste as well
Parsa Rathernotsay
Fellas were really upset at DAMM for not being super deep like TPAB, now upset at this album for not having a bunch of bangers and radio-readys like DAMN...
Chef boyarbae 🌱
Everyone says it’s not an album you can play over and over again but I havent stopped listening since it dropped and fall more and more in love every time this is a phenomenal album
Jash the Brash
This isn't an entertainment album - it's a therapy album. I don't really see myself replaying individual tracks, but I'll be listening to the whole thing over and over.
Carter Oxley
Sonically, N95 was phenomenally pieced together and executed.
Logan Parkison
As a therapist myself, I remember during our training we are taught that genuine change only happens through honest discourse. If you are racist, sexist, homophobic, you have to speak about your attitudes and beliefs fully and honestly. BUT you have to recognize and validate the anger that comes from marginalized groups during your conversations. If you let people that have stereotypes or prejudice beliefs continue to hide their genuine thoughts, there is ZERO possibility of changing that persons perception.
Allen Bell
“When shit hit the fan, is you still a fan?”
talk with me
On United grief (1st song) he started off the song by saying he has been going through something for 1855 days. That is how many days ago he dropped DAMN. At the beginning of the song Whitney (his fiancé) tells him to "Tell Them what's been going on". Them being the therapist and now us. You can clearly tell he is reluctant to open up and talk to the therapist. This is his first session. Then the whole album he continues to take us through his sessions and his growth. Growth is not always an upward projection. A lot of the time it's anger, denial, it's ranting. It is realizing things you have not realized before. And sometimes it's saying fuck what everyone else feels. And that is exactly what the first side of the album is. Then the second side of the album starts with" Session 10. We reached a breakthrough. And the second album is that breakthrough. It is him admitting his guilt, his anger, his hurt, his wrongs, his trauma, his family trauma and accepting it and healing from it. And loving himself. Again this is not an upward trajectory either. But the album ends with him choosing himself. This whole album takes us through his self-love journey through trauma and pain. And he shows this process is not easy, pretty, or conventional. It is personal and it is the hardest journey anyone would have to take in their life. But it is so rewarding.
Nah Shawn missed a lot! You made the one mistake that ordinary Kendrick fans would make which is to “expect” a certain type of album. Your expectations were not met and that’s fine. But that doesn’t make it a bad album or a miss from Kendrick.
HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE N95 someone hold me back
talk with me
I truly believe that as time goes on more and more people will consider this album a masterpiece. Feels like theres already so many different messages to unpack. None of the tracks were made to be bangers to the level of DAMN. It felt more like Kendrick had to get things off of his chest and expose himself for his flaws, his sins and his problems. If people are going into the album expectign to hear anthems they're gonna be extremely disappointed because like TPAB that's not the point of the album at all.
Off first listen, I was reeeeeal iffy on this album. But after listening to it over the weekend, it’s already grown on me SIGNIFICANTLY. That’s what I love about Kendrick, his music is SO TIMELESS.
This might sound weird but I’m glad this album is divisive. Kendrick needs something like this in his discography. This project has some of his best songwriting ever and is so intresting the direction he’s going for on here.
I don’t understand how you’re not into this album musically. The instrumentals are so rich with some of the best cord progressions I’ve heard. This is probably gonna end up as one of my favourite Kendrick albums next to TPAB and GKMC
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