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In 2019 Kevin Durant ruptured his achilles in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. That same year he would make the decision to leave the Warriors and join the Brooklyn Nets. While leaving behind a dynasty in Golden State, little did we know a new one would be built in Brooklyn. After 18 months of rehab, training , and preparation, Kevin Durant is ready for his first season with the Brooklyn Nets.
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Erickson Joel Rodríguez Rodríguez
see y’all in part 3 when he wins the chip
E that's it
E that's it 3 mesi fa
Big talks
Big talks 2 mesi fa
Next year? 👀
The Clips
The Clips 2 anni fa
You’re work is truly phenomenal. My goodness, this was special. I cannot wait for more of your content.
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Thanks for all the support‼ Already getting videos ready for the start of the season🔥
Rizki Akbar
Rizki Akbar 2 anni fa
damn bro such a great content. KD is on another level. best player in the world for sure. one of the greatest scorer ever. handling like guard, can score from everywhere, high release shooting point, elite help defender, good facilitator, efficiency, effectiveness, and clutch. he’s unguardable.
Kabir Pasricha
Kabir Pasricha 2 anni fa
this man is GOAT Best offensive BB player ever he can do every thing! shoot the ball , pass it, dunk it , beat the buzzer , just play with the defender , bolck it never doubt this man U know who he is , I know who he is...........................................................................he is KEVIN DURANT...
Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson 10 mesi fa
He ain't better on offense than Jordan or Kobe period.
Kabir Pasricha
Kabir Pasricha 10 mesi fa
@Bob Anderson that's wrong man
TheFireOfTheSaints 28 giorni fa
He is a taller AI with more efficiency no defense no other skills other than score
Devotion 2 anni fa
Beautiful Master Piece! Please keep this series coming your storytelling with the editing is top tier plus the soundtrack FIRE!!!
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Definitely got a lot planned for this series🔥 Thanks for all the support‼
Debra Newton
Debra Newton 2 anni fa
Love kd, he is a spectacular & great player!! Coming back from Achilles injury, is unbelievable!!! Never can tell he been hurt. Thank God he is back & stay healthy. 🙏
Josh Lapis
Josh Lapis 2 anni fa
I hope KD watch this, his greatness. He doesn't need to prove himself to anybody. He' KD! This movie is really amazing and props to the creator! 💯🔥 KD will love this if he watch this for sure. 💪🏻💯👌🏻🔥 I'll be a KD fan no matter what 💯❤️
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Thanks for watching man💯 Share the link to KD if you get a chance‼
Process This
Process This 2 anni fa
best basketball documentary out there, you are extremely underrated, keep it up and you will go places my guy
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Appreciate it bro‼‼
Julius Mugo
Julius Mugo 2 anni fa
i completely agree
Samuel Aghedo
Samuel Aghedo 2 anni fa
@EyeZAyah...You did it again my gee..You gon' get a golden plaque..The video is perfect,at a point it almost had me in tears.What a valiant effort by KD against the Bucks,all by himself..Everyone knows whats coming this year,all cobwebs are blown off plus an Olympic Gold medal to get his mind right.Like the man said 'You know who i am'KD..nuff said.
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Everybody knows who HE IS🔥Thanks for watching my guy‼
Detroit 1911
Detroit 1911 2 anni fa
Steve Nash eyes @47:41 literally gave me chills 🔥🔥 he knows that was one of the gutsiest performances he's ever witnessed by a single player
Quay McDowell
Quay McDowell 2 anni fa
This was a masterpiece 🔥 like a nets hard knocks ready for part 3 already much respect #NetsWorld
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Thanks for watching my guy💯
Phillyfan21 2 anni fa
Sooooo amazing bro 🔥🔥🔥 u have true talent and dedication, Ik this took u an insane amount of time and it stays amazing throughout, massive amounts of credit to u bro 💯
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Thank you brooo🔥‼
Joseph AL Ibañez
S K Anno fa
Work of art, the selection of music is crazy!!!!! Can’t wait for part 3🙌
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Appreciate it man‼🔥
Siddhanth B.Hoskeri
man u deserve more views , yo u made a hell of movie appreciate the effort and hardwork
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Appreciate the support my guy‼
Sp Tof Rodrigue
Kd thank you for giving us all this memorable games.. And thank you eyezaya for this great vid
Fughet Abowdit
Fughet Abowdit 2 anni fa
Wowwwww. This is the type of shit a real KD fan always wanted to see. Dope vid. This like a documentary 💪🏾🔥
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Thanks for watching🔥‼
Forgotten Son
Forgotten Son 2 anni fa
*You honestly make me feel pumped up & hyped for the next season!*
The Elite Squad
The Elite Squad 4 mesi fa
Well put together documentary .. one of the best I’ve ever seen .. incredible work 🙌🏼
Juan Luis Ayala
Juan Luis Ayala 2 anni fa
Nah if this dosen't get atleast 10k views and likes it ain't fair! This shitt a masterpiece.. and definitely the best offensive weapon of all times..
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Thanks for watching man!! Share it to as many people as you can🗣💯
Chaz Brewer
Chaz Brewer 2 anni fa
Hands down best KD documentary i seen! Short but informative and straight to the point💯💯
amir ahmad
amir ahmad 2 anni fa
Kd and kawhi had the greatest performances in the playoffs i ever seen greatest personified
Tyronto 2 anni fa
another masterpiece 💯 can’t wait for part 3 after the chip this year
Yessir we locked in
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Thanks for watching‼ This season gon be a good one👀🏆
Rom Sawyer
Rom Sawyer 2 anni fa
I'm Giannis fan, and i hope brooklyn is healthy mext season and get what is destined for them 🏆 bounce back next season
Ilyn Estrelon Sepulvida
I'm happy that they're still some fan's
Real-Berto Anno fa
My thoughts exactly. Also, love how he ends with an NF song
King JamesIII
King JamesIII 11 mesi fa
Shoutout king! This was a superb documentary. KD is a MVP in his sleep!
J Rose
J Rose Anno fa
Much props to whoever put this together. Shiet was dope as hell, super clean and well put together. 🙌
David TheLoneWolf20
World Class editing and production🙌🏾👏🏾🔥🐐. Hopefully the next one has KD as League MVP,FMVP and with his 3rd ring🏆.
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Wow!! Appreciate it man💯
GhostOfSJ 2 anni fa
This is movie level production. Great job man 👍
Bolt-Maniac 5 mesi fa
EyeZAayah… this was fire part 1&2.. I’m a huge suns fan from Cali.. I had to reach out to give you major props.. I know this wasn’t easy but you did ur thang.. best documentary past 2years hands down.. like we all I’m waiting for part lll… since the trade with my suns heading into a clutch playoff series with the clippers but EyeZAayah imma huge fan of urs also.. being a suns fan I never watched part I let alone part II. Man just finished both and now itching for part III.. is it the works ? Holla atcha boy.☄️☄️☄️
EyeZAyah Entertainment
What's good man! Thank you so much for your support!!! Great game last night tying up the series! But YES, Part III has been in the works for about a year now🔥 I really want this next one to end with KD holding up that Finals trophy🏆 So we'll see what happens in these playoffs👀🍿
amir ahmad
amir ahmad 2 anni fa
I'm with this shit if anybody deserve success it kd I want the haters and they hearts to burn when the nets lift that trophy 🏆 💯
Brandon Calero
Brandon Calero 2 anni fa
Durant is a perfect player
Xavier Fernandez
We need you on a major network!!! Phenomenal!!! God gave you a gift bro keep working this will be in history this is better then a 30/30
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Wow that's so dope‼ Appreciate it man💯
Sturdy 2 anni fa
“We gotta beat him as a team“ chills every time
the truth
the truth 2 anni fa
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Joey_BK_86 2 anni fa
Dope video fam!! Loved the first one ✊🏽✊🏽 Brooklyn is gonna shut the haters up in 2022 finals. Injuries f**ked us hard like a lot of other teams. It is what it is, this will be our redemption year. 🖤🤍💙❤️🖤🤍💙🗽🖤🤍💙❤️🖤🤍💙❤️ 🗽Brooklyn nets finals champions 2022!!!🗽 🤍❤️🖤💙🖤❤️✊🏽🖤🤍❤️🖤💙🤍❤️💙🖤 Just a add in….Flakers didn’t get this amount of hate, scrutiny or any if that for getting 5 hall of famers to ATTEMPT to take us out. It’s all good though because now knockin them TF out will only make our championship that much more meaningful!!!
Any Takers Podcast
this is a movie. Excellent work my friend. Captures the essence of the journey , I started to become KD in my brain 20 minutes in...
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Thanks man‼ Thanks for watching💯
Trigga Tre
Trigga Tre 2 anni fa
You really do deserve a award and some more Recognition for this film 💯 this is dope🔥🔥
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Appreciate it my guy💯‼
T'as produit une vidéo incroyable sur le parcours de kd. Merci de nous fais revivre ces grands moment de notre joueur
Christopher Brown
Braaaaaaaaah ‼️Even tho they're in a slump right now this is by far one of the best documentaries I've ever seen these pieces was well put together the music the effects the visuals the doubt the hype everything and Ima huge warriors fan by the way, I think you may have just made me actually like KD again lol can we please get one on steph and the warriors no one thought they'd be this good again they definitely deserve one please 🙏🏿
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Appreciate it man!! Thanks for watching💯 The Warriors? hmmm🤔👀🔥
Christopher Brown
now as I was saying can we get one on the warriors 😭😭🤧 I was thinking all the way from 2019 to now 👁️
Dean Meier
Dean Meier 2 anni fa
Wow! What an awesome production. Nice work. Go Nets! Go KD!
Capper Carti
Capper Carti 2 anni fa
Absolute Masterpiece !
King Dongo
King Dongo 2 anni fa
someone at ESPN pls give this man a contract, world class work from you, keep it up ma g!! :)
EyeZAyah Entertainment
@ them for me lol Thanks for watching my guy‼
Soul Tembiné
Soul Tembiné 2 anni fa
Great job💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 I mean that dude is the best player on the planet... can’t wait to see next season🍿🍿🍿🍿
amir ahmad
amir ahmad 2 anni fa
Literally the best player in the world is kd I had kawhi as that man but injuries ruined him from that opportunity
Somebody needs to send this video series to KD....
Diego Rosario
Diego Rosario 2 anni fa
This video so fire, props my guy you killed it
Will Smith
Will Smith 2 anni fa
Gotta give props where it’s do! This is dope as hell, good job!
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Thanks man‼‼
etc. 2 anni fa
Driven to tears. Great video.
Niklas F
Niklas F Anno fa
Sooo well made. Incredible
Phobia 2 anni fa
I loved the first one and this one is just as amazing much love to u bro 🖖🏾🦥
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Appreciate the support my man🔥
Amzoby Kane
Amzoby Kane 2 anni fa
He's the best of the league since 2017 to be honest
amir ahmad
amir ahmad 2 anni fa
Him and kawhi kd has the slight edge cause of resume
amir ahmad
amir ahmad 2 anni fa
Kawhi is in the shadows cause of injuries and load manageing
Kd's Mindset
Kd's Mindset 2 anni fa
Topinka Hatt LOL
amir ahmad
amir ahmad 2 anni fa
Coming back from a career ending injury better than ever who does that shit oh my lord slim reaper
Meta PeAce
Meta PeAce 2 anni fa
The greatest Kd vid, waouh 🔥😍. Once again, you put it the level very very high ✌🏿. I mean, this is another masterpierce 🔥🔥🔥. Bruh, you're definitely a genius. Keep it up the hard work 👏🏿🙏🏿.
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Wow!! Appreciate it man💯
Donaldo Laurenceo
This video along with the one you previosly put out deserves some sort of award. Good stuff. Better than an A+ on this one.
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Thanks for watching💯💯
LegoCustoms24 2 anni fa
Insane video 🔥🔥
Andrew Kabugo
Transition at 46:53 was a nice touch👌🏾
The Elite Squad
The Elite Squad 4 mesi fa
Need more documentaries .. need one for Chris Paul from his Houston short comings to a finals appearance.. pls give more documentaries this was incredible
Saint Steez
Saint Steez 2 anni fa
An hour?!? outdone yourself bro 🔥
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Appreciate it man‼ Had to go all out💯
amir ahmad
amir ahmad 2 anni fa
I'm praying for the kd vs kawhi match-up 🙏 plz make this happen
Mike Jay
Mike Jay 2 anni fa
I had that wish but then something happened
Son WukongTheWarriorGod
Please do Part III 🙏🏾
samfisher170 2 anni fa
My 3rd time watching this vid from beginning to the end, @ 39:00 is when this video goes from Good to Legendary!
Chris Rossi-Conaway
so fye bro hope part 3 end a lil differently🙏
Ib 2 anni fa
Nah you defo deserve millions of views 😭 talented as hell
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Appreciate it man‼‼
6Man 2 anni fa
This is incredible, great stuff
Amzoby Kane
Amzoby Kane 2 anni fa
Great job Sir🙏🙏
Jackson Montano
Jackson Montano 10 mesi fa
Thanks to this documentary now i know how kd doin amazing game on the court love this Godbless bro
jeffrey woodruff
KD is a freak of nature and is laser focused. Hopefully KD, Kyrie, Harden and the rest of the team comes into the season focused and healthy. Just ball out, play aggressive defense and set the league on fire. This team has Dynasty potential.
tlqw tlqw
tlqw tlqw Anno fa
When KD comes back he is going to be electric hands down !!!!😊
Milo Langro
Milo Langro Anno fa
that's dope man well done 👍👍
Itachi Uchiwa
Itachi Uchiwa 2 anni fa
Great Job , Awesome video 💯💯💯 . Bravo 👍👍👍
Corleone Anno fa
He dropped 51 yesterday Greatness is infinite
amir ahmad
amir ahmad 2 anni fa
Oh my lord I'm hyped great promo
Melvin Odoom
Melvin Odoom 2 anni fa
26:47 is GOAT level stuff. Big ups mehn!
RedHigh BlueHigh
This was brilliant!
Mar-Kee Sims
Mar-Kee Sims Anno fa
I’ve watched this a million times. It’s the real life cinematic noises n music that makes this video so good to watch.
Bolt-Maniac 5 mesi fa
Markee I feel you… just wanted to comment also we have the same first name spelled the same and errrthang I hope part III reflects on him being hated on by the media and Charles Barkley..but bringing the VALLEY it’s first CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!
Patria Silleza
Patria Silleza 2 anni fa
i never hated KD i always love to see him play!!.
TJoe H
TJoe H 2 anni fa
That clip of kyrie in the club got me rolling LMFAOOOOO
Robert L Jones
Had to sub after the first one. Legend🙌🏿
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Appreciate it my guy🙏🏾💯
Ilyn Estrelon Sepulvida
Giannis is just lucky because he has help and he don't need to play every single second of games 5 and 7. KD is still the best player in the world
Larry Fourz
Larry Fourz 2 anni fa
This was notoriously dope🔥
TheRandomSZN 2 anni fa
you should be paid a hefty sum for these videos. amazing work!
Amzoby Kane
Amzoby Kane 2 anni fa
I'm watching this amazing video almost every day
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Wow man!! Appreciate the support🔥
Bold xacaa
Bold xacaa 2 anni fa
Damn hope the part III will be championship parade 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
EyeZAyah Entertainment
amir ahmad
amir ahmad 2 anni fa
Harden is in shape about to put fear 😨 in people's hearts
Roses&Orchids 2 anni fa
Awesome Kd The GOAT🥰
jb🃏 Anno fa
True respect kd!
MrGwap23 2 anni fa
Yo the editing on this video was so fire Shìt was lit great job man
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Appreciate it man‼
gab riel
gab riel 2 anni fa
U earned my subs mate, respect for this one of a kind
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Appreciate it my guy‼ Welcome to the channel🔥
raks 2 anni fa
I literally tried to rehit the like button like 5 times.🤣
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Appreciate it man🤣‼
Rufus Samuel
Rufus Samuel 2 anni fa
Yooooo this was so good! I hope you do a giannis championship run
oliver likama
oliver likama 2 anni fa
Incredible video editing bro wish you could do one on soccer
amir ahmad
amir ahmad 2 anni fa
Clearly the best in the 🌎 kd kd the reign is back
Aidn Azeez
Aidn Azeez 2 anni fa
Amazing work fam
James Hardy IV
James Hardy IV 2 anni fa
Part 3 please 🧐😏🤔
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Christ-André Gnafoua
I think to the next season
Donnell 2 anni fa
His docs be so fire and the score of it was crazy
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Thanks man‼‼
amir ahmad
amir ahmad 2 anni fa
Kyrie and kd could not be stopped wait till we see James harden in the mix shit I'd over with
Nets Kingdom
Nets Kingdom 2 anni fa
Amazing Work bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥 jus Subscribed
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Welcome to the channel my guy🔥
Haidyn Soto
Haidyn Soto 2 anni fa
This man has done it again
Mike Jay
Mike Jay Anno fa
I came here because KD playing tonight against his former team the GSW and KD might have payback in mind also.
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 2 anni fa
I fuck with this shit..props to you man keep up the good work waiting for part 3
EyeZAyah Entertainment
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 2 anni fa
@EyeZAyah Entertainment your playlist selection as well 🔥
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