Kevin Durant RETURNS! 16 PTS 4 AST Full Highlights vs Timberwolves 🔥 

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28 mar 2023




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Bro be playing like nothing never happened!!! 😂😂😂 He literally always pick up where he left off 😂😂😂😂
trispy cream
trispy cream 2 mesi fa
Shot 5/18.
BIGFella S4L
BIGFella S4L 2 mesi fa
No lie my boy was off tonight 😂 he still spaced the floor for everybody.
Tyler west
Tyler west 2 mesi fa
Was trash asf tonight wym
howdy 2 mesi fa
5/18 16 pts 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 goofy ass team quitter
E G 2 mesi fa
Man his footwork in the post is smooth AF, no travel beautiful pivot.
Makayla 2 mesi fa
And this is why u don’t look exactly on highlights he was 5-19.. he played terrible
LiiOQ 2 mesi fa
@Makaylawat do having foot work have to do with him playing horrible we all kno he played horrible
E G 2 mesi fa
@LiiOQ thank you. What's with people these days jeez
Jude Mese fa
@Makayla Lol. Go get some happiness man
Drew V
Drew V 2 mesi fa
My man’s took no warmup shots lol
He actually did
young o
young o 2 mesi fa
Jeez man
Brad Montgomery
Glad seeing KD back felt like he’s been out the entire season 😂 came back st8 to buckets
mekl9 Mese fa
This is a surprisingly good crew. Isiah Thomas is great in these segments.
Steven Kraft
Steven Kraft 2 mesi fa
I hope that KD's health (every NBA players health, really) holds up, so we can see what the Suns can do in the playoffs.
jonyboi21 2 mesi fa
1:15 idk if they’re saving this play for the playoffs but nobody is stopping this
Zach Ealy
Zach Ealy 2 mesi fa
Warriors will easily
Wick3d 1
Wick3d 1 2 mesi fa
How did that even happen?!🤦🏿‍♂️ I know he's missed games, but... never mind🤷🏿‍♂️😒
ckaiborbor 2 mesi fa
That was just terrible defense
Skizzy Skiz
Skizzy Skiz 2 mesi fa
you dont know basketball because a simple switch and communication would defend that, both men followed the ball and no one covered the screener (Durant).
jonyboi21 2 mesi fa
@Skizzy Skiz you’re going to keep a guard on kd? He can post up at the 3 my guy
2k 2 mesi fa
He is truly the goat
G Smoke
G Smoke 2 mesi fa
My man’s thought he was playing for the nets in game 7
ckaiborbor 2 mesi fa
Phoenix’s DJ is hard lol
Jiggafromstatefarm 99
Said the same
Mr All-Purpose
The west so wide open rn.. but this one man KD makes things look a lot clearer on who to beat.. says something about KD we all know is true.. he’s best player in leagues and most feared player today bottom line.. odds shift drastically when KD on court
Fateh Fini
Fateh Fini 2 mesi fa
4-0 with KD
Kenneth Burnett
Kenneth Burnett 2 mesi fa
Ain't no way Bismack Biyombo still in the league
Standup Guy
Standup Guy 2 mesi fa
He a little rusty but give him some time to gel he gone be dangerous
Kalo Young
Kalo Young 2 mesi fa
Ain’t that dude that claimed himself to be the best defender in the league? Getting scored on like that having 4 fouls 😂😂
Zach Paige
Zach Paige 2 mesi fa
Straight hating first game back😭
Stef Jr
Stef Jr 2 mesi fa
Kd shot 5-18 this game cmon now he proved it
Tedster B tv
Tedster B tv 2 mesi fa
The refs did Minnesota bogus tonight. They just didn’t want KD to return to get spoiled by Minnesota.
tapatio man69
tapatio man69 2 mesi fa
Tell GoChina not to foul offensively every possession
AzMadeClutch 2 mesi fa
Stop it, they were calling bogus moving screens on the suns
nydibs 2 mesi fa
@AzMadeClutch - they called maybe 1 bogus moving screen on Ayton. The whole second half was littered with traveling and offensive foul calls against the wolves 27-12 free throw advantage for PHX, Booker alone shot more than the entire wolves team. As soon as the wolves hit a 10 point lead in the 3rd, the officiating was very one sided the rest of the way
Tacodude 2 mesi fa
@AzMadeClutch youre delusional. Must not be watching the same game. How many free throw attempts did you guys have compared to wolves?
Wavey sports
Wavey sports 2 mesi fa
Pls start playing more replays
nydibs 2 mesi fa
I’m a big KD fan but he was off tonight. Wolves were better, they took a 10 point lead in the 3rd and then the refs took over from there
AzMadeClutch 2 mesi fa
Huh? Refs were terrible all night for the suns lol
nydibs 2 mesi fa
@AzMadeClutch - 27-12 free throw advantage for the Suns, multiple traveling and offensive fouls called on the wolves after they went up 10 in the 3rd, you’re delusional if you think the refs favored the wolves
Dudz 2 mesi fa
He will not shoot this bad again
ThatBoiChris 2 mesi fa
Bro was putting up bricks 😂 but they got the win regardless
Fateh Fini
Fateh Fini 2 mesi fa
He came back from an injury obviously he was gonna be rusty
trispy cream
trispy cream 2 mesi fa
@Fateh Fini it’s not a given a return from injury will result in 5/18 shooting lmaao it was a bad game
Gota bee
Gota bee 2 mesi fa
KD knows wassup, he gonna take a good guess, and know that Suns ain’t going far on any playoff series 🧹
William Durant
William Durant 2 mesi fa
My Goat 🐐 was rusty but hey we won thats all that matters at the end of the game
nydibs 2 mesi fa
Game was won at the free throw line. Booker shot more free throws than the entire wolves team, what a joke Wolves took a 10 point lead in the 3rd, and the refs took over
William Durant
William Durant 2 mesi fa
@nydibs stop he earned those free throws they were clear fouls
Jameson Edwards II
@nydibs the NBA hates Ant for whatever reason. If he shot 8-10 free throws like everyone else that drives as much as he does he’d be averaging 35 points 🤦‍♂️
R M 2 mesi fa
​@nydibs you know how many times suns had way less free throws than their opponents alot
nydibs 2 mesi fa
@R M - it happens to the wolves all the time too. But what does that have to do with this particular game?
16 pts come on now 🤦🏿‍♂️ gotta do better Kevin!
Frank Waya
Frank Waya 2 mesi fa
Y'all can't wait for a KD post to start shite.
SlayerZerg Mese fa
SUNSet retirement home
LOM Mook
LOM Mook Mese fa
Why the 🔥? Dude had a horrible game. If your my homeboy on Nba 2k23 and u go 5-18, u not my homeboy no mo 😂
Best edit
doublez_2423 2 mesi fa
We’re celebrating off 10 games, having an off night and putting out a minute and a half highlight video? That’s sad as hell
Mathias Bates
Mathias Bates 2 mesi fa
Russell Westbrook 36pts 72%fg 5-5 3p 10ast 4reb 2blk
JB Tré
JB Tré 2 mesi fa
Why y’all even post this lmao
Destream 2 mesi fa
Snake 🐍
Epic Thunder_
Epic Thunder_ 2 mesi fa
ksuperfly55 2 mesi fa
Ez money
Basketball Plays
Lil Sancho
Lil Sancho 2 mesi fa
Jason Forester
Jason Forester 2 mesi fa
Andy Ramnarine
100QT UrAQY attt boy
Butt Luvr
Butt Luvr 2 mesi fa
Lmao he sucked this game and still gets highlights.
TJ 2 mesi fa
trispy cream
trispy cream 2 mesi fa
Do y’all not realize he shot 5/18??? Around 30%?? What is this meat riding??? He was terrible…???😐😐
Lil Sancho
Lil Sancho 2 mesi fa
AzMadeClutch 2 mesi fa
Bad game lol still it was his return from injury, you’ll be quiet next game
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