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KILLSHOT [Official Audio]

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14 set 2018

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Youtube Only
Youtube Only 2 ore fa
*had to give you a career to destroy it*
Jason Frazier
Jason Frazier 2 ore fa
I wish he'd put out more Diss tracks. He can really tear someone's dignity up and pull their heart out at the same time. Smh crazy...
ADRIAN 2 ore fa
Awesome Wizard 8
First lyrics mgk died the other lyrics made him vanish
MCWP Rebirth
MCWP Rebirth 2 ore fa
This whole song summed up the entire game, rap? I can't tell if it even is... between the mic and spitting mcs. I don't give AF vee about the Crap Gaime. Shot em all down like a deer.. They even play the clicks, as I hoard all the cliques. I type two.. to you, you rhyme half a elderly apparatus es voidal to the marrow, thinking narrow.. Contra dispersal of these verses filling all wins valiantly. Fee'dare'Oh spinning off d'top of the name.. Re-Framing Massive T-rack off d' T'rap , T'Flaming Mails swiping off the scales.. of my voice #Blunt as a Face glaring down realistic automatic freqqin quency eery in the weary .. Be Laming, See Flaming, Gee waning in the raining... all speak all of none of rails had .. in this time. My turn... nea an drr tic a'ppisit material. Futuristic e facts, Restating is Demoralistic in the view. Y'see in the under on velope in veils spoke. Joking the streets into shifting petes, com fleets.. stringing the note. Of which you THINK, is RE - ALL = Cecively ME. Decisively n Precisively strafing, the shafts from the rings.. i'd say holy mails chaining the sale away to straight transparent movements.. thinking jacks, when im swears D AC -1 Dimen-Shun, 2 Inventions.. kills or uses. WIllis!!!!!! I'm Zealous of your coordination of coll'apse all nuts nane nanes.. haven't yet earned Name. Copy? Probably are some jelly floppy OH! Snappe when needing ALL in u r al hands. I seepin the creepin in the machine before the twist, misting jist? I make the fist bunch the above into li ne ar. 1 five, 2 alive, 3 striving, 4 chores.. t'de left of me, I see the Drowels hanging the panels converting the Averting! Controversal pinching dollar behind y'eye. Maxing Packs, Practicing Wrath, Lotto's are Whackin Odds. Taccing those eve's through so many n's making m's, in my ol' stems lays my relays relying only on db rains..
lil dementia
lil dementia 2 ore fa
Should've said "knees weak from cocaine, the real Kelly can't stand up"
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia 2 ore fa
Like eminem
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia 2 ore fa
Like mgk
Jeff Vezina
Jeff Vezina 2 ore fa
Murdered MGK BITCH ASS lmao
This song has as many likes as MGK subscribers on ITvid.
Thot Slayer
Thot Slayer 2 ore fa
The fall of Jake Paul is almost getting passed
Pretty Bee
Pretty Bee 2 ore fa
halsey and. That iggy. Hoe are here like ....
Mewtwo Mikey
Mewtwo Mikey 2 ore fa
1:50 OOOF
Exotic Stormx
Exotic Stormx 2 ore fa
Best part 0:00 - 4:14
Clifford Bennett
I love your song the name is kill shot
Excubi 55
Excubi 55 2 ore fa
Still think MGK did better, that’s fact.
Stacee Deltiempo
I’m somebody likes Eminem please like
Esther Thomas
Esther Thomas 3 ore fa
That Rap tho he has that flow tho
randomme098 3 ore fa
Who won? Like: Eminem Comment: Slim shady
Telikott 3 ore fa
Do you love Eminem Like - Yes Reply - No
daniel demitro
worldstar 3 ore fa
only the real STANS are still here .. come on soldiers and give thumb up
Andrew Vito
Andrew Vito 3 ore fa
Eminem beated MGK harder than how chris brown beats rihanna.
Tsukai 3 ore fa
Who's still waiting for Diddy to "handle this".
boyd castillo
boyd castillo 3 ore fa
R.I.P mgk fuck u bitch Eminem rocks
noemi garcia
noemi garcia 3 ore fa
this got me dead
Diamondnoob Delaronde
I tried putting this on pornhub but they don’t allow rape
Diamondwolf 13
1000th time listening to this diss and still shook after the roasts
Professor 3 ore fa
I still get the feeling that this is fake beef. whether it is or not though i think Em just misses the battle rap scene and took a shot at a bunch of people in hopes that someone would respond and he'd have fun battle rapping by making diss tracks instead of doing it in competitions on stage. He definitely shines brighter with writtens naturally rather than coming off the top as is the case with everyone.
joakin bravo
joakin bravo 3 ore fa
Mgk got reckt
Jayda Park
Jayda Park 3 ore fa
U dress better I rap better and I have to give u a career to destroy it
Andrew Booth
Andrew Booth 3 ore fa
I thought murder was illegal
Dat Nilla Von Dizzle
@3:48 mic drop. Done. And I didnt even used to be an Em fan.. still juggalo fam as well.... shit this is a great time for music again. Cheers to Em, juggalo family and the rest of the 'free thinking' world. Woop Woop!
Jordan Kennedy
Im with the doc still. But this idiots boss pops pills and tells him hes got skills. But kells the day you put out a hit is the day diddy admits that he put the hit out that got pac killed..best bars on the dis.reason why he ended it that way. This line wouldve murdered anybody. He put deep hip hop roots in it.best rapper alive
일격필살 3 ore fa
2019? (Welcome Time Travelers!)
Gustavo Vargas
Little white toothpick 🤣
Joseff Mohyddin
hailey jade
hailey jade 3 ore fa
Make a tombstone and write these lyrics on it underneath the name "MGK" 😂
Paul Kemp
Paul Kemp 3 ore fa
And I’m just playin’ ladies, you know I love you. And I’m just playin’ America, you know I love you. And I’m just playin’ Diddy, you know I love you.
Lil Savage 29
Lil Savage 29 3 ore fa
Feel like I'm babysitting lil tay/gay 👶
don 4 ore fa
Yo Slim
Regan Bond
Regan Bond 4 ore fa
I come back 2 months later and he’s still winning in views
ninja tfue
ninja tfue 4 ore fa
that why nobody want to fuck with eminem
iiGalaxy Games
I just listened to this and my house... Is still normal
TooHighhUup 4 ore fa
Lil Yachty and Lil Peep laughed at eminems diss to them knowing that if they acted serious about it like MGK did they would lose their career.
Steven Hillman
Machine gun Kelly more like squirt gun Kelly
Dallas Ivory
Dallas Ivory 4 ore fa
KAY CRAZY MURDERED THE REMIX🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 itvid.net/video/video-ZdWxvc_cSGY.html
MindYour Business
em did 6ix9ine numbers ha
zoro 4 ore fa
I showd this to my dog Now he is dawg
Jay Double (Mint Dollar)
💭⁉Who Won 👍 for Eminem or comment for MGK👀
Dallas Ivory
Dallas Ivory 4 ore fa
KAY CRAZY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 itvid.net/video/video-ZdWxvc_cSGY.html
Donald Hammons
This shit really digs in deep. He really hurt Kell's feelings with this.
Dallas Ivory
Dallas Ivory 4 ore fa
YOU SHOULD HEAR THE KAY CRAZY REMIX HE BODIED A MAN 🔥🔥🔥🗣️🗣️ itvid.net/video/video-ZdWxvc_cSGY.html
James Chisolm
James Chisolm 4 ore fa
I love your songs
Jacob Eure
Jacob Eure 4 ore fa
MGK won , Don’t @ Me
Colton Ssj
Colton Ssj 4 ore fa
em: as long as im shady he is going to live in my shadow MGK: ummm....... your beards weird
Harry Wornell
Harry Wornell 4 ore fa
thank you MGK for awakening the beast🙏🏻❤️
Colton Ssj
Colton Ssj 4 ore fa
mfk: yo slim em: got more fans then you in your own city little kitty
Xx b
Xx b 4 ore fa
Baby Superman
Baby Superman 4 ore fa
Like my comment 😠😠 . . . . . Thank you 🤪❤️
Erick montes
Erick montes 4 ore fa
I feel like Eminem is way better than 70 percent of rappers
maximo deleon
maximo deleon 4 ore fa
who was here before mgk died
king steve
king steve 5 ore fa
Diss king steve and that is me
Chicago Life
Chicago Life 5 ore fa
Dax: yo Eminem hit me up bro Eminem: no response
Jonathan T
Jonathan T 5 ore fa
Out of all the amazing punchlines, the dictionary one was the best
Cosar Tv
Cosar Tv 5 ore fa
MGK suck
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itvid.net/video/video-lNaqWp0UXUI.html Go Go Go and Check Killshot 2 out ( PewDiePie diss track )
Lil Supreme
Lil Supreme 5 ore fa
This makes me wanna eat cereal with a fork
Ahmed Iyad
Ahmed Iyad 5 ore fa
Can someone explain this 3:30 to " Killshot I will not fail"
Cannabitch Indie
*Feeling like i'm babysitting Lil Tay*
Ahmed Iyad
Ahmed Iyad 5 ore fa
Em says he is the billy goat, what does this mean ? who is Jade ? What did Em do to Ja and Benzeno ?
Jason Hart
Jason Hart 5 ore fa
"I had to give you a career to destroy it" ouch M didn't hold anything back, he went ape shit on MGK
Aybek Khamrayev
I come back to listen to this everyday
The Gamer H
The Gamer H 5 ore fa
This got more views then MGK’s and its way better
Dallas Ivory
Dallas Ivory 4 ore fa
Tobse Kroni
Tobse Kroni 5 ore fa
schon nich schlecht
Aman Singh
Aman Singh 5 ore fa
Eminem needs to notice DAX
Mira Hall
Mira Hall 5 ore fa
Thank you MGK for awakening the BEAST
Name and other assorted letters yes
200 Million of us need witness protection now
Justin Burris
Justin Burris 6 ore fa
Why is esskeetit in the autoplay >:(
Ahmet Yaman
Ahmet Yaman 6 ore fa
For God sake feeling like a young again
Camryn Anderson
I showed this to my dog Now he's my dawg
qxkin 6 ore fa
Showed this to my cat... Now it’s a furry
Tridactyl ash
Tridactyl ash 6 ore fa
Young gerolds balls deep inside inside of halsey... Perfect.
gumma9 6 ore fa
Rap devil sucks killshot is the goat
Cesar Molina
Cesar Molina 6 ore fa
I showed this to a pussy now it is a BBC
Ana Marino
Ana Marino 6 ore fa
Eminem I just listen to machine gun Kelly’s he is no rap devil he’s bull shit
SDR Slick
SDR Slick 6 ore fa
My biggest flops are your greatest hits 😂😂😂
the beginner beatboxer
He fucken killed mgk
Ci kay
Ci kay 6 ore fa
200M/2 months
Savage Fox
Savage Fox 6 ore fa
Eminem wins against Machine Gun Kelly
Kayden A
Kayden A 6 ore fa
Tbh i just wanna see a diss battle with someone who actually has a CHANCE against Em😂😂 not saying Em wouldn't win, cause he obviously would
Bubby FT
Bubby FT 6 ore fa
Feel like I’m babysitting lil Tay Weird flex but ok
Bubby FT
Bubby FT 6 ore fa
I showed this to my potato He is now a bag of chips
Jacob Phillips
This is fire😈
Cameron Pitcher
Hold on, you go into mgks track and say its fire, then come over here and say this one is fire, im on to you jacob phillips
Kaiden Whitt
Kaiden Whitt 7 ore fa
Will ofcorse
Kaiden Whitt
Kaiden Whitt 7 ore fa
You beat mgk
pig facts
pig facts 7 ore fa
I showed someone Read More
Emre Asmaoğlu
Akoutei Mohammed
Cool kill thim all emenem hhh thé boyraper GPS or fuck him
Prossimi video
Eminem - Fall
3 mesi fa