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KILLSHOT [Official Audio]

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Kamikaze is out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze


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Diønh :v
Diønh :v Ora fa
Slim shady
tmntfan1900 012
Benjamin_ Yoo
Benjamin_ Yoo 2 ore fa
Em : I'm gonna End MGK whole career listen .... bamn ........bob ......... balapop .........bomb.........phao ! ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Em : But i'm not a Rapper 😂😂😂😂
Hunter Hajaistron
There can be only one
Mark C
Mark C 2 ore fa
Back in Eminem’s day he was cool but since djt. Became president slim got told to do as he’s told like a bitch if your paying attention you’ll loose respect
Mitch Lecapoy
Mitch Lecapoy 2 ore fa
Shady wants every best rapper coming after him in words because he's best he's mastered the art he's goat God come to the art. He's proving it so challenge him you fucking bitches it's what you fuckers wanted. Everyone wanted shady back.so challenge him like everyone wanted like he wants. Piss me off is everyone fucking blind. Shady challenges everyone and only mgk replys. Wow pussy to new rappers that aren't even better then email slash shady
Magic 6172
Magic 6172 2 ore fa
Arturo Martinez
I still feel like there Beef just happend
Kelly Gray
Kelly Gray 2 ore fa
A loop of dog farts and beats is better than this bullshit
Mark C
Mark C 2 ore fa
I remember when Eminem wasn’t a paid shill bitch for the libtards if y’all get your civil war2.0 Eminem’s on the killl list for being a kapernick bitch
I am the one Djones Rex
What rap should sound like
Moto_GirlShy ash
this shows not to mess with em&n
Dane Sears
Dane Sears 2 ore fa
Fuckin deliver it Em!
no skoolz
no skoolz 2 ore fa
Oh my god, Ronny Ay, somebody grab him some clippers His fuckin' beard is weird Tough talk from a rapper payin' millions for security a year "I think my dad's gone crazy, " yeah, Hailie, you right Dad's always mad cooped up in the studio, yellin' at the mic You're sober and bored, huh? (I know) About to be forty-six years old, dog Talkin' 'bout "I'ma call up Trick Trick" Man, you sound like a bitch, bitch Man up and handle your shit (ugh) Mad about somethin' I said in 2012 Took you six years and a surprise album just to come with a diss Homie we get it, we know that you're the greatest rapper alive Fuckin' dweeb, all you do is read the dictionary and stay inside Fuck Rap God, I'm the Rap Devil Comin' bare-faced with a black shovel Like the Armageddon when the smoke settle His body next to this instrumental, I'm sayin' I'm sick of them sweatsuits and them corny hats, let's talk about it I'm sick of you bein' rich and you still mad, let's talk about it Both of us single dads from the Midwest, we can talk about it Or we could get gully, I'll size up your body And put some white chalk around it Let's talk about the fact you actually blackballed a rapper That's twice as young as you (let's talk about it) Let's call Sway, ask why I can't go on Shade 45 because of you (brrt) Let's ask Interscope How you had Paul Rosenberg tryin' to shelf me (huh?) Still can't cover up the fact Your last four albums is as bad as your selfie Now tell me, what do you stand for? (what?) I know you can't stand yourself (no) Tryin' to be the old you so bad you Stan yourself (ha) Let's leave all the beefin' to 50 (please) Em, you're pushin' fifty Why you claimin' I'ma call Puff? When you the one that called Diddy (facts) Then you went and called Jimmy (facts) They conference called me in the morning (what?) They told me you mad about a tweet You wanted me to say sorry (what?) I swear to God I ain't believe 'em (nah) Please say it ain't so (no) The big bad bully of the rap game can't take a fuckin' joke Oh you want some fuckin' smoke (what?) But not literally, you'll choke Yeah I'll acknowledge you're the GOAT But I'm The Gunner, bitch, I got you in the scope (brra) Don't have a heart attack now (no) Somebody help your mans up (help) Knees weak of old age, the real Slim Shady can't stand up I'm sick of them sweatsuits and them corny hats, let's talk about it I'm sick of you bein' rich and you still mad, let's talk about it Both of us single dads from the Midwest, we can talk about it Or we could get gully, I'll size up your body And put some white chalk around it Hello Marshall, my name's Colson You should go back to Recovery I know your ego is hurtin' Just knowin' that all of your fans discovered me (hi) He like, "Damn, he a younger me Except he dresses better and I'm ugly Always making fun of me" Stop all the thuggery, Marshall, you livin' in luxury (damn) Look what you done to me Dropped an album just because of me Damn, you in love with me! You got money but I'm hungry I like the diss but you won't say them lyrics out in front of me Shout out to every rapper that's up under me Know that I'll never do you like this fuckery Still bitter after everyone loves you Pull that wedgie out your Dungarees (hey) I gotta respect the OGs and I know most of 'em personally (ayy) But you're just a bully actin' like a baby So I gotta read you a nursery (nursery) I'm the ghost of the future And you're just Ebenezer Scrooge (facts) I said on Flex anyone could get it I ain't know it would be you I'm sick of them sweatsuits and them corny hats, let's talk about it I'm sick of you bein' rich and you still mad, let's talk about it Both of us single dads from the Midwest, we can talk about it Or we could get gully, I'll size up your body And put some white chalk around it Ridin' shotty 'cause I gotta roll this dope It's a fast road when your idols become your rivals, yeah Never hesitate to say it to your face, I'm a asshole Bitch-ass motherfucker We know you get nervous, Rabbit I see Momma's spaghetti all over your sweater I wish you would lose yourself on the records That you made a decade ago, they were better Accordin' to them, you're a national treasure To me, you're as soft as a feather The type to be scared to ask Rihanna for her number Just hold her umbrella-ella-ella "I'm not afraid, " okay, Oscar the Grouch, chill on the couch (fuck) You got an Oscar, damn Can anyone else get some food in they mouth? (for real) They made a movie about you, you're in everybody's top ten You're not getting better with time It's fine, Eminem, put down the pen Or write an apology Over the simple fact you had to diss to acknowledge me I am the prodigy How could I even look up to you? You ain't as tall as me 5'8" and I'm 6'4", seven punches hold your head still Last time you saw 8 Mile was at home on a treadmill You were named after a candy I was named after a gangster (brr) And don't be a sucker and take my verse Off of Yelawolf's album, thank you (thank you) I just wanna feed my daughter You tryna stop the money to support her You the one always talkin' 'bout the action Text me the addy, I'm pullin' up scrappin' And I'm by my fuckin' self, what's happenin'? EST captain, salute me or shoot me That's what he's gonna have to do to me When he realizes there ain't shit he could do to me Everybody always hated me, this isn't anything new to me Yeah, there's a difference between us I got all of my shit without Dre producin' me (ayy) I know you're not used to me Usually one of your disses should ruin me But bitch I'm from Cleveland Everybody quiet this evenin', I'm readin' the eulogy (shh) Dropped an album called Kamikaze So that means he killed him Already fucked one rapper's girl this week Don't make me call Kim I'm sick of them sweatsuits and them corny hats, let's talk about it I'm sick of you bein' rich and you still mad, let's talk about it Both of us single dads from the Midwest, we can talk about it Or we could get gully, I'll size up your body And put some white chalk around it
cole frye
cole frye 2 ore fa
calm down there fella
Bela 2 ore fa
Axel Perez
Axel Perez 3 ore fa
*"Had to give you a career to destroy it"* that got me.
TheYonadas 3 ore fa
Alguien habla español?
sukrill 3 ore fa
Just came back to visit MGK’s grave...
MLG Subways
MLG Subways 3 ore fa
2019 anyone?
Emily Humphrey
Machine gun Kelly was better
shivam lather
shivam lather 3 ore fa
What will upcoming rapers do They will listen killshot and they are dead
bcanderson100 3 ore fa
What happened to mgk for real tho
bill beachbound
'gonna put ya in a bow and arrow' slim you roll?!!
Jokerzwild 13
Jokerzwild 13 3 ore fa
Anyone else here from my comment on mgk diss? Saying "anyone else here from z NA8TIONS diss on mgk"
J 3 ore fa
Ems lyrics are always slick but why do VERY few of his songs have decent bass???
Leah Jones
Leah Jones 3 ore fa
Molina 3 ore fa
Reao shit.
Jonathan Deleon
Heard this day one and I come back every so often to listen and get amp!
Liam Rodgers
Liam Rodgers 3 ore fa
As lyrical as this is it’s a shame. People should lift eachother up.
free mind2001
free mind2001 3 ore fa
Listened MGK diss then this from Eminem I am so very embarrassed for MGK. Omg 😲Eminem just got awakened to the lyrics of an amateur.
Alex Watkins
Alex Watkins 3 ore fa
When you get dissed so bad you star in Netflix Originals.
Gladys Sosa
Gladys Sosa 4 ore fa
He brought Benzino in this
Siddharth Sabhari Shankar
Who noticed the smile on his head?
Dylan Geist
Dylan Geist 3 ore fa
literally just did and then read this
Your Help Friend
LOL dislikes are at 142,999 have to make it 143000 but
G4 Gaming
G4 Gaming 4 ore fa
i want to dig my own grave
Richard Hardon
I'm a em fan but this is not better then mgk diss
Brandob Sarver
Killshot f****** accurate
50000 Subs with no videos challenge
Me: listens to this Me: I watch it again 30 minutes later Me : repeats every day I have a promblem
Robert Costain
who else watching yet again because of nordic track ads?
why do you need my name
EMS a good rapper, he new stuff sucks ass except kill shot. But when he made that pathetic diss to trump. I lost all respect for him.. he was the biggest black wannabe queer hating rapper ever. But it worked for him. Then he tries to call out trump lol. Such a joke
Ethan Bonefas
Ethan Bonefas 5 ore fa
Who’s here before 1 trillion views?
"I'd rather be an 80 yr old me than a 20 yr old u"
Donald Philbeck
This whole beef garbage both ways
Adam & Rado Play it Safe w Us
Im the only one that thinks this diss was meh- I want mgk to go back at him cause i wanna get the 6th gear em. Em as much as i love him lost this battle in my book I dont even like mgk like that but im happy to see the rap battles come back--Fuck yeah
Desiree Ramos
Desiree Ramos 5 ore fa
Mgk made 172k accounts to thumbs down haha
Aw6ken 5 ore fa
Eminem will forever be the greatest 🔥 I'm a rap artist and he really Inspires me. I just dropped a diss on Tory Lanez and would appreciate anyone willing to give it a listen.
VT Watchdog
VT Watchdog 5 ore fa
We’re in the greatest timeline!
Youssef Maarif
Thnx MGK for waking the sleeping giant
AJ Fabris
AJ Fabris 6 ore fa
He wasn’t named after the gun he was named after a gangster. So Eminem needs to get his facts straight.
Zeljko Kostic
Zeljko Kostic 6 ore fa
RIP Machine Fun kelly :D
tammy miller
tammy miller 6 ore fa
Just because Eminem is getting old does not mean he can't go off on somebody.
Sad Cat
Sad Cat 6 ore fa
I love the start. "Weird Beard". It sounds so dumb and it works so well because he basically takes every point MGK made in his track and turns it around by using the same lines with slight alterations.
Jonathon Olivarez
Beard is werid
Crumpet Louder
João Gabriel
João Gabriel 6 ore fa
Agora que notei, estou ouvindo esse som todos os dias 😂❤️ te amo Eminem
Christian Brittain
Feel like baby sitting lil tay lol
ali ninja HJ
ali ninja HJ 7 ore fa
The real slim shady is standing up
ali ninja HJ
ali ninja HJ 7 ore fa
Lil Tay has left the chat
This is how much points your good at rapping 👇
mr spookiness
mr spookiness 7 ore fa
Why does someone wear a fish for a ear ring
Cinnabar Student 17
i hope 6ix9ine didnt drop the prison soap😅😅😅
Nolan Hawkins
Nolan Hawkins 7 ore fa
RIP Water Gun Kelly lies here👇🏻
Aka Neymar
Aka Neymar 7 ore fa
SnipeGhost 7 ore fa
these are the rap beefs that make rap great
Isaiah 53
Isaiah 53 7 ore fa
Revelation: 20. 1. And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. Talk about a killshot. Run beast run Get the false prophet Let's have some fun Awake my remnants of Israel. I come for what was promised to us. To do what has been for told since time began.
Kyle Mullins
Kyle Mullins 7 ore fa
Love MGK but Eminem killed him
Jack Delves
Jack Delves 8 ore fa
Eminem is from another fucking planet
Jack Delves
Jack Delves 8 ore fa
MGk has left the chat
Mista Clyde
Mista Clyde 8 ore fa
Lol EM don’t need world star or anything his name brings the people in 240 million over MGKs 199 million 😂🤣
Michael Wilson
Listen to this everyday brother
flambo 2420
flambo 2420 8 ore fa
This flow is to die for
1:47 *dEad*
GiantsJets718 8 ore fa
Wrote the song in 13 minutes, didn't really give That much effort in mgk, felt like he didn't need to, I don't even blame him
Samuel Mapenzi
Lengend he end the beef Fucc MGK
Maty 8 ore fa
ITS DAX who copied the beat. Thank me later.
Filler Name
Filler Name 8 ore fa
This diss is fire 🔥 🔥 🔥!!
Ben Ladds
Ben Ladds 8 ore fa
Mgk got murdered
Mhx 9 ore fa
This is the best Eminem's song and just proves how effortlessly he can make great pieces.
George Toma
George Toma 9 ore fa
Eminem is the true rap God silence 2013
Jürgen Iila
Jürgen Iila 9 ore fa
1:32 weird flex but okay
Three- M
Three- M 9 ore fa
Fuck MGk
*Man Bun*
Dean O'Brien
Dean O'Brien 9 ore fa
Never get tired of listening to this 👌🏻 the GOAT
game player ?
game player ? 9 ore fa
Mp tappo laukaus
Brick Mccarthy
Think shady being crazy not lazy I been listening since MYSELF WAS a baby why the hating Canada do absolutely not hate yuhs just want a chance son by myself after I get enough money under my belt truck in my shoes I know you ain't gay fool no you is a gee despite everything I hope for real happy black history month equality runt I'm a cunt ok bye Imma fly off the y'all I'm not bullshiting at all I do not want anyone to fall I want everyone and them all safe white house I do not understand news what bruises are you going threw? Boooo I need to get this stage, out my face walk out I ain't a legend of the turtle race I'm dissing my own face so forget me and make your money happy Easter Mr Manison funny
shana stegall
shana stegall 9 ore fa
Not gonna lie i listened to this so much i know almost every word lol
Brick Mccarthy
Not me bro
I Do Monologues
Yep, great diss.
PTL FG2 10 ore fa
shit gotta comeback again and again here ;) listen to KILLSHOT "Guess who's back, back again Shady's back, tell a friend"
nick the-greatest burns
Giraffe Cartoons
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Life N Poetry
Life N Poetry 10 ore fa
Giraffe Cartoons
This is one of the few channels that still puts out quality rap
Ricky 10 ore fa
chopin2712 10 ore fa
Click right > Loop playback. OK ! Perfect ! Volume UP to 150 % . Heaven.
Luchex Lee
Luchex Lee 10 ore fa
me: don't know what actually brought me here today after 5 moths my mind: cos you wish to see mgk being dead the second time
Victory Combat
Victory Combat 10 ore fa
Why you yell at da mic!?!
Dr. Haxxx
Dr. Haxxx 10 ore fa
Who’s better Like=EMINEM Comment=EMINEM
Will these root commercials fuck off
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