Kobe Bryant Scores 33 Of His 65 PTS In The 4Q Of OT Thriller |  

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Kobe Bryant went off for 65 points, including 33 in the 4Q and OT, in the Lakers OT win over the Trail Blazers on March 16, 2007.
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1 apr 2020




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Listen to how the analyst, the crowd, the reporter responds to Kobe. The BEST player in the league, MVP chants, MOST clutch in the league even by the GM standards, one of the best two way players in the league. Can’t erase the Kobe era!!! 8🐍 24🐐🟣🟡
@thesun5924 2 anni fa
65 points in 50+ minutes was nothing less than spectacular BUT it’s also unbelievable how he also was very aggressive defensively on every possession. 😱
@conkk250 Anno fa
i think you mean AND it's also unbelievable :)
That's what made him mamba
@carmenduhon293 8 mesi fa
Kobe is absolutely awesome!
they played kobe so stupid defensively the last minute of the fourth . you’d think trailblazers run 3-2 zone the way kobe & the lakers was shooting 3s . it was common as day what they were wanting . then yu don’t double/triple team kobe @ the inbound with 21 secs left .
@@gswdubnation2023 zone dont stop nun when you hot
Blazers had a squad in the late 00’s. Most amazing thing is how down the stretch Kobe started picking up the primary perimeter ball handler full court for the last 5 minutes of regulation while going nearly 100% from the field possession after possession. He and MJ the only two players who could do that in the history of the NBA.
Excellent comment
One of Kobe's greatest games and his second career high which is absolutely insane when you talk about 65 points. He is sorely missed but his legacy will always live on forever. R.I.P Mamba, you will never be forgotten. 🏀8🏀24
@flonkas Anno fa
@@madimpatientcautious2524 who are you ? I’m his babe
59 fg%, 66.7 3pt%, 91.7 ft%
@@lastgen8807 bruh no it wasn’t, it was 62 against the Mavs. I watched that whole game.
@kingjohnson6040 11 mesi fa
You know why he scored so many points? Because passing was a foreign idea that he completely disgraced for the majority of his career. By far the most overrated superstar ever
@BOSSDONMAN 2 anni fa
Honestly, I know everyone hates the Lakers for giving Kobe such a shitty lineup to work with in 05-07. However, I kind of like it, because we got to see a full display of his skill across the board.
Yeah in a crazy cool way bro 😂 giid comment
Unguardable Unforgettable RIP Kobe
When Kobe is feeling it, he’s the best player I’ve ever seen.
@retrocny5625 2 mesi fa
One of the greatest. And this is such a small thing but I love the way Kobe and MJ shot the ball. They put a lot less arch on the ball when they shot. It was like a line drive and because of it, the ball would often hit the back of the rim and then shoot down and you'd get that awesome "thump" sound combined with the swish. As someone who played basketball a lot when I was younger and watched these guys religiously, I always sorta tried to emulate that kinda shooting. You need a lot of lift with your legs to elevate high enough to shoot with that little amount of arch though, and I didn't quite have that(nor was I 6'6 lol)
@darksavag3981 3 anni fa
8 reasons why we miss Kobe He was awesome He was clutch no matter what He was inspirational He was never gave up no matter anything that happened He wasn’t afraid He was a great father He lived He is Kobe Bryant R.I.P 💜Mamba💛
@mariogv4083 3 anni fa
@dustin24001 3 anni fa
Nike SB Dunk Low Wheat Mocha, cop or drop?
Hell he scored 81
@enigma104 Anno fa
He lived
U forgot legend
65 points and clutch at the same time. Damn I’ll miss you Kobe
You absolutely Spot on what fine player and more importantly he was great person RIP my brother we will miss dearly 🙏
@kingjohnson6040 11 mesi fa
He couldn’t pass
Hell yea👍💯👍💯
@VaddyFC Anno fa
Miss Kobe a lot, it's a new year 2022 and we should all be fortunate and grateful to be alive. His moments on the basketball court will forever live on.
I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it. Unbelievable. Kobe went full Kobe in this game
1:46:18 ARE YOU KIDDING ME? UNREAL!! This Mamba moments.. Thank you for all, legend. Never forget you, your mentality, your legacy. Mamba live forever.
Kobe went on a 4 game scoring tear during that season. When you're a legend like Kobe you do legendary things. RIP Kobe 💛💜 #8 #24 1978-2020. March 16, 2007 - Lakers 116, Trail Blazers 111 (OT) Kobe’s stat line: 65 points (23-of-39 shooting, 8-of-12 on threes), seven rebounds, three assists, three steals. March 18, 2007 - Lakers 109, Timberwolves 102 Kobe’s stat line: 50 points (17-of-35 shooting, 4-of-9 on threes), six rebounds, three assists, three steals. March 22, 2007 - Lakers 121, Grizzlies 119 Kobe’s stat line: 60 points (20-of-37 shooting, three-of-seven on threes, 17-of-18 from the line), five rebounds, four assists. March 23, 2007 - Lakers 111, Hornets 105 Kobe’s stat line: 50 points (16-of-29 shooting, 2-of-5 on threes, 16-of-16 on free throws), seven rebounds, one assist.
Atano Desvarieux this guy will do everything to win. That’s why we will miss him
@@lightningjimmyjoejohnson8499 #MAMBAMENTALITY
@ega1758 3 anni fa
Absolutely ridiculous, so good
He's not dead hes alive in our hearts.
Atano Desvarieux like OJ !
I'm always here for Kobe, man I'm just loving this and no matter what anyone say Kobe's the man, he's got! We got him! So, here's to Kobe. R.I.P. Kobe, we will always love ya!
@justinb3499 Anno fa
@CK-xx4bd 3 anni fa
Kobe had carried his team for whole season. What a legend.
My man did quite well in the rite things Daley he's my boy an I miss him..
@GoatReactz 3 anni fa
Josh Meza hush weirdo. Wtf were odom and bynum. Odom was ok, and bynum never healthy. You acting like they kyrie and kevin love...or wade and bosh, or Ad. You acting real suspect rn.
he is man i cried at the end of this
@kermit1 2 anni fa
That makes him a legend? Lebron carried an even worse supporting cast to the finals the same year as this game.
@nery6810 2 anni fa
@@GoatReactz iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.mķļiiìuuuuúu
@JoanneJaworski 3 anni fa
Masterful is an understatement! I never tire of watching Kobe's games and his unbelievable shots! WOW!!!
@andythomas9564 7 mesi fa
Unbelievable shooting from Kobe…..they could’ve triple teamed him
What a game by a Legend, we miss you kobe 🙏
@lilanthony21O_ 3 anni fa
One of the best game Black Mamba has ever played in his career. RIP KOBE. We'll Miss you and won't forget that your still a legend.
@iqmar4301 3 anni fa
RIP Kobe Kobe was gonna hard in that game no cap and he won a lot of championships
@lilanthony21O_ 3 anni fa
@@iqmar4301 Yes he did.
@lilanthony21O_ 3 anni fa
@Francis Lindsey Right. Don't want to forget her too.
@Ari19904 11 mesi fa
@carmenduhon293 8 mesi fa
I absolutely love watching Kobe play. He is definitely the goat!!!!!!!
How physically defended he was in 2000s Kobe still made these points.
@mentalityclips 3 anni fa
Emotionless after every shot. Classic Mamba mode.
@geromodeo2648 9 mesi fa
Kobe on fire, in the zone, is the best ever!
Kobe Bryant was the heart and soul for La lakers and he went through anyone that was in his way and make history by dropping 50 or more points on that week R.I.P. Kobe Bean Bryant the greatest player of all time and a man that inspired us all and is our hero 🐐😢❤️💜💛
Unfogettable, legends never die😢😢😢😢😢
@nbamydream6302 3 anni fa
1:46:20 "you can’t guard me" let’s go Kobe 🏀🔥
@Leon-cd1iy 9 mesi fa
Is that what he said though? Or are you making this crap up
@callumbrowns 3 anni fa
What a fantastic player to watch at his best!
I enjoyed Kobe and the Lakers game. Always they all play well together. Kobe is always amazing. He's the greatest player that's in the NBA. Thank you, NBA for sharing with us. I rather watch Kobe's games than the games they are playing now. Kobe is the BOSS and THE GOAT. He's Legendary on the court and off the court. Always the professional player. RIP Kobe, the Legendary Visionary. Thank God for you Kobe and the Lakers. Thank you.
Finally Kobe. Kobe got this team to playoffs with no help at all. If only Gasol came early. Rip Mamba. We miss you.
@chrisgould101 3 anni fa
If only Metta world peace was on this team back then
@Oooooghst 5 mesi fa
Rip Kobe I miss you man you were considered the goat but to me the goat is you
@stvnna1k835 3 anni fa
His dedication is unbelievable
@KevinTaNet 2 mesi fa
Both this 65 point game and his 81 point game, Kobe's team were trailing most of the game. Unlike Devin Booker's 70 point game where he scored in garbage time, Kobe needed to score to win the games.
Nobody does it better than Kobe from his spinning left and right and goes to fadeaway behind the arc. That's his signature move. Goat👆🐍
It’s 8/26/2023 watching this game and asking myself why I never got lebron over Kobe and I understand why I would never have bron over him. Kobe was special and a great father. I really miss Kobe. To me lebron would never be better than Kobe and nobody can change my mind 💜 💛 💜💛
@jej0228 2 anni fa
NBA should put the game where Kobe outscored the Mavs in 3 quarters 62-61 iirc. That was freaking better than the 81 pt game. Playing also against a great Mavs team that made the finals. Just unreal.
Damn its been a whole year since i cried my eyes out We miss u guys LONG LIVE KOBE AND GIGI😭
@bigwhitedwarf 3 anni fa
I watched this game live. The 4th quarter was unbelievable. This is like yesterday. Sigh... Kobe. My man.
Kobe is a player of its own, not replicable. ♥️♥️♥️. I love you Kobe. Rest in peace Gianna.
Just look at how hard kobe went on defending his man straight from the first possession. No one had more heart.
That's what I'm talking about! Kobe the Legend. R.I.P. Kobe, you're amazing'
Hearing Kobe just brings back memories man
@Iggy3 3 anni fa
Difference between this and most other 60+ point performances is that Kobe HAD to score that much for his team to win. Most of the other times it's a blowout win
@liveesunflower 3 anni fa
Rest in Power Legend
@tyshawn5983 3 anni fa
Imagine 65 points being your second highest.
@dqreps 2 anni fa
Uh no. Nuts right.
@prankninja3539 2 anni fa
In the nba
@sassysalmon93 2 anni fa
And 3rd highest being 62 in 3 quarters
@thebrukfella 2 anni fa
“imagine 65 points being your 15th highest” - wilt
@Jh-xs1og 2 anni fa
Imagine it being your lowest
@jeffmvalenzuela 26 giorni fa
been watching a lot of Kobe highlights for a long time now and I notice everytime Kobe made plays his teammates don't cheer for him, this game only Sasha stands up after every bucket of his teammates
I remember watching this game live. We were not doing well. And I felt so bad for Kobe. In a couple of months, they would trade for Pau Gasol. And the rest is history.
@MubarizRocky 2 mesi fa
I remember we had lost like what 5 or 6 straight before this game? Kobe looked like he was zoned in before the game I remember
Crazy how no matter what they did the blazers always had a response!! Underaged team spectacular game
@Madmax-yu8vh 11 mesi fa
I just watched this full game for the first time. This crazy!!! Rip kobe
@salem927 6 mesi fa
He’s alive
@wadygarcia 4 mesi fa
Can we please get more full Kobe games?
Facts bro. Bean was different and I was looking forward to what he still had to offer the world after basketball.
@salem927 6 mesi fa
He’s alive
@riondude8 Mese fa
​@@salem927I know you want to believe that he's still alive but he's gone man
How can you be dead when I watch your 15 years before game and enjoy it and get excited even I know whats gonna happen Kobe?
@Fleeceyy Anno fa
THE GREATEST EVER bro picking up broy 94feet then scoring on doubles and triple teams miss ya kobe
@antoniocaire 2 anni fa
mannn, kobe had 4 portland guys all over him, and the legend still makes his own way to get the bucket. I JUST LOVE MAMBA MENTALITY
R.I.P. Kobe and Gigi, but you guys are sadly missed. Kobe, you play hard to win these games and I know the Laker Nation, will truly miss you. Lord I just wish you were here with now. We love you Legend, you gave your games your all and you left it all on the floor. What a great leader and Legend.
@johnokakpu 3 anni fa
Im sorry but no other basketball player EVER could do what he did!!! Moves on top of moves and clutch level to 1000!!!
@TimWing23 Anno fa
MJ was my all-time favorite, so when he retired it was tough at first to watch the NBA. It wasn't the same without him. But it wasn't long until Kobe took over as the best shooting guard in the NBA, and eventually the best player in the NBA. When he was on fire he was unable to stop! He was alot of fun to watch. Closest we got to Air Jordan, but with his own style and swagger.
RIP an absolute legend Do 81 next
Torin O'Connor itvid.net/video/video-zcVPLnR-c3g.html
@mc1013 3 anni fa
Kobe was GR8 all the time and played his heart 💜💛 24seven
@aschofield735 2 anni fa
When he made that half court shot in the 2nd quarter I was shell shocked
This game proves why Kobe is top 3 all time…
More of Kobe's greatest game! 😍🏀
@CFALLIS0002 2 anni fa
Man he has NO help. And the Lakers defense was trash this year. Kobe was an absolute assassin man. I sure do miss watching him play!!
Kobe! RIP! Still can’t believe your gone! You had so much more to give! Why I don’t get it?
Kobe played hard every time he was the court , so I feel for those two guys Smush Parker and Kwame Brown what would they do if they weren't playing with Kobe. Heck what would the whole team do? Kobe is a winner no matter how you look at it, he's the winner always. Only Kobe can keep people on their feet at the game and they are loving it and so am I. Kobe always on his team, the Legendary Visionary Kobe Bryant. MVP, MVP, MVP, Kobe!
@teewhy6069 3 anni fa
Yoooo I'm so glad you guys put this kinda stuff up 4 the people that run their mouth and never even seen this man perform..🤦🏾‍♂️.. Mamba 4life🙏🏾... Only person compares Is Mike!!!!!
True, only player that had the "class" of mike
2 minutes in🎥 4 points 2 assists #RIPKOBE #GREATESTLAKEREVER
@turnerherb Anno fa
Bynum should've been starting over Brown, just in the first quarter he was more productive. I know he was young but his confidence would've only grew with playing time on the floor. Young dude straight out of highschool when he came in and wasn't bad offensively. One of my favorite Laker centers, that '08 finals would've been different if he came back.
@GiriRam 3 anni fa
Kobe had 41 with 5:21 remaining and the Lakers down by 1 but finished with 65 and wins the game.
Seeing Brandon Roy here makes me sad that his NBA career got cut early. I like his game back then.
@xoxo_keianna 2 anni fa
Kobe literally gave his ALL!
@sports3117 3 anni fa
This was back when Kobe didn't have much help until the Lakers traded for Pau Gasol during the 2007-08 season
"Didn't have much help" is an understatement. Take Kobe away and this team might just go 0-82
@tonym.5223 3 anni fa
@@ivanklimenko2818 Precisely.
@anhiirr 3 anni fa
we also added fisher
@VersionBest 3 anni fa
Exactly. I was like where is Pau then I remembered this was before Pau was traded to the Lakers. Pau was a godsend.
Sports 311 are you serious??kwagoat brown and smush the king parker, they even had that freak of nature luke walton
October 2023 and still not over it. We miss you Bean. The game ain't the same without Mamba. May he rest in peace 🙏🏽❤️
Most clutch player in nba history, not even a debate.
This kids just don’t understand. Kobe use to do this all of the time. Whenever we needed a bucket, he would just hit some ridiculous shot with two hands in his face. The only other person that I seen do that night after night consistently was Michael Jeffery Jordan. It’s a shame these years were wasted. He was incredible. Luckily, Pau came later this year.
@KBFilmRoom Mese fa
We were in the #1 spot right before Pau came
@charlovvre 2 anni fa
Love u for life Kobe 💯🙏🏾
@nbamydream6302 3 anni fa
30:23 this shoot kills me 😱😱
@chasugc3740 Mese fa
Kobe was a phenom.
Kobe may yoh and your your beatifaul daughter rest in piece. Your legacy is here forever and we all send prayers to your beautifaul family. That game is why for me the black mamba is the goat. The abillity to single handly alter a match and carry a team the amazing defense and offense, tough shot making and just killer instict. Wow the G.O.A.T! #24 #8
@domk2993 Anno fa
Nobody, I mean NOBODY could hold Kobe Black Mamba Black Assassin Bryant in his Prime or Ever…for that matter. Not even Michael Jordan could guard him. He gave MJ 55pts!! Kobe was that dude and had No flaws in his game. He was so talented, athletic, a bit thin until he bulked up. He was locking your best player down on defense and scoring 50pts on you. Imagine Kobe Bryant playing through the “Steph Curry 3 pointer” era. He probably would’ve averaged 40ppg. Easily. He averaged 35.6 with 3’s not being a hot commodity. Think about that. Same goes for M.Jordan. Closest thing to MJ is Kobe And there probably won’t be another. His mentality alone was Unreal. He had a crazier mentality than MJ. MJ was naturally more athletic and gifted than Kobe. But I think Kobe was more “skilled” than MJ. People might think I’m crazy but think about this…the “original” the “goat” Michael Jordan , Kobe Bryant was able to mimick and literally do every move that he did…and MORE!! He perfected Jordan’s moves and added more. Which is crazy. MJ was just the original and naturally athletic as hell!! He came in the league like that. Kobe didn’t. Kobe worked* to get to that point which is more crazy to me. I’m a Laker Fan and Kobe is in my top 5. He is the second best ever behind Mj in my eyes. As far as skill level, style of play, and overall just assassin. No disrespect to the older players. The ONLY reason why some people don’t consider him in the “G.O.A.T.” Conversation is for a couple reasons: 1. Bcuz of what happened early in his career with the money hungry groupie who was trying to say he R-worded her. Bunch of BS. 🤦🏽‍♂️ 2. Some people (fans, critics, reporters, media) weren’t necessarily too fond of his personality. He was very short fused and kind of “stand-off ish” bcuz he was so dialed in to his craft. Locking to be Great. So it didn’t sit right with ppl but I must say…as he got older then eventually retired, he grew on the media and started becoming more personable and a people person. He would open up more and people started to like him more. Especially being the “#GirlDad,” bringing awareness and light on the #WNBA, and winning an Oscar for his #DearBasketball effecting all levels of ppl. No matter if you played sports or not. Young or old. Pure Greatness. He just makes you Challenge Yourself to Be Great. One of a kind. Personified Greatness Kobe was. 3. Lastly, going back to on the court. Bcuz he didn’t receive “multiple regular season MVPs” which was BS. He should’ve had a minimum 4 like LeBron. He was the best player in the league for a good 10-12 years, then injuries took over and his teams weren’t that good. He easily should’ve had 3-4 MVP’s. Everyone knows and says it. That’s the ONLY reason why some ppl don’t consider him in the Greatest Ever convo with Jordan. Either way, he’s in the goat discussion for me. Definitely Top 5. Rest In Peace Black Mamba, Gigi Bryant, and others who lost their lives. Rest well King and Queen. You will be Forever Missed. Live on Black Mamba ♾ 🐍 💛💜💛💜 #ForeverALaker bro
Dopeness...He's a God..
@BIG-ld7ld Anno fa
I’m reading a biography about him called Showboat and I have so much newfound respect for him even though I already respected him a lot
@Redav1 13 giorni fa
Kobe and MJ are both on top, there is no one that comes near them
@chibill467 3 anni fa
For a squad so infamous... they were actually playing very solid defense, Kwame was doing good on Zach, and Odom was doing good too, they were just tragic in offense
@swavey4435 Anno fa
Odom was low-key nice on offence just inconsistent as fuck
I remember watching this game and cussing at Kobe, i hated Kobe for a couple seasons after this game. It was the last knife stroke, I had already had to watch that NBA commercial time after time. The one where it shows the clip of kobe lobbing to shaq in the game 7 blazers calapse, also featured in the commercial is the Jordan shrug as cliff robinson looks demoralized. This game was heart breaking. Kobe would not let the lakers lose. Mamba was so special. .......... Shout out Brandon Roy, he doesnt get mentioned enough. He was a great ball player.
Kobe king of the court! R.I.P.Kobe, R.I.P.
@DeeDee-Sweet 3 anni fa
Legend. Forever 💜💛
@robmontana7451 5 mesi fa
1.62 pts in 3 qtr 2. This game for 65 3. 60 at the garden 4.81 pts 5. 60 vs mem
@osiris1071 2 anni fa
Kobe was helpless he lead and carried his team he is clutchest and people still consider him as top 10 bro he is top tier he is goat you only can compare him to mj kareem or wilt
@evaetevana5948 2 anni fa
30:22 he just a legend 💯❤
The most crazy part my favorite basketball player to ever play the game did this the day I was born, possibly the moment I was born as well.
@WOLF_2K24 3 anni fa
Do *62* next. When he out scored the mavs 61-62 in 3 quarters
Joey Wolf It was actually 62-61 HAHHAHAAHHA
@WOLF_2K24 3 anni fa
@@legendarygaming2179 I always remembered it 63-62 lol just like I say 82 instead of 81 idk why.
@WOLF_2K24 3 anni fa
@@legendarygaming2179 I been a Kobe fan since he played in high school. I was 10 when he got drafted. But i always make that mistake lol
Joey Wolf Kobe drafted at #13 then got traded wore 33 for Lower Merion and I wasn’t even born yet HAHHAAHHAHA
Kobe’s 81 was amazing
wish i could have witnessed this in real life
@TheKuzuri 3 anni fa
I think all people who leaves kobe out of top 5 should watch this game
@Jevonechy Anno fa
They still don't care either , he was probably the greatest and most hated player of all time, some don't even put him in the top 10 , like they just forget all of his performances , they base things on awards and accolades, but forget he played in a Era of superstars and legit teams with starting fives that are all hall of famers!!
@@Jevonechy yeah, people easily forget or just have no clue how dominant and unguardable he was despite double teams. Kobe's level of skill sets is unmatched.
@REFcoc 9 mesi fa
@@Jevonechy kobe is not top 5
@Jevonechy 9 mesi fa
@Ros Wong you're not top 5 but who cares ? 🤷🏽
@seankeady 5 mesi fa
1:30:42 This moment lost Portland the game. Jared Jack made his team lose focus at a pivotal moment and at the same time fired up Kobe by going at one of his teammates and running his mouth
@hw2211 2 anni fa
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